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Full Pink Moon!
Yod Saturn/Venus + Moon’s Nodes Square Full Moon! Jupiter Trine Neptune! 

New Moon!
URANUS Sign Change, Double Earth Stelliums! Jupiter trine Neptune!


Full Pink Moon!

Yod Saturn/Venus + Moon’s Nodes Square Full Moon! Jupiter trine Neptune!

Sunday April 29 at 5:58 PM Pacific, 9 Scorpio/Taurus 39

Stunning Full Pink Moon Crested Butte CO by Stan Rose

Full Moon rising over East Fork, Crested Butte, San Juan Mountains, Colorado by Stan Rose

This is the last Moon before Uranus changes signs, from Aries into its first taste of Taurus in 84 years! The sign change first happens just after the New Moon May 15!

This Full Moon has the Moon in Scorpio. Some say the Moon in Scorpio delves deep into past lives, the meaning of life and death, obsessing and purging, mortification and soul retrieval, subsequent healing. It looks into the crevices, or is that crevasses, of the convolutions of our relationships, financial innuendos, secrets. The fire at the base of the spine, the Kundalini, may be ignited! The Phoenix rises. If you weren’t powerful before, you will be now! Not for the faint of heart!

The Sun in Taurus leads out of darkness into the Light, steady and trustworthy, a safe way and place to go. The wings of the newborn butterfly emerge, are spread wide to dry, gather strength after the transition. They are folded and unfolded, flexing for their ascension. This seems especially true with Uranus, the planet of flight, at the super potent last degree of Aries, the sign of ignition! We need that grounding and centering Taurus gives us. We will need to be strong and dependable to stabilize the coming changes.

Saturn, in its own sign Capricorn, is at the same degree as the Full Moon! Saturn wants a reliable structure, a strong boundary, to keep safe within, to protect from without. It sextiles the Moon, lending business opportunities. It trines the Sun, building a timely reputation of personal achievement. Things get done and on time. This combination is not impetuous, can bring about long thought out mergers and marriages, successful parenting.

Saturn is also Yod, at an ‘opposite’ point between Venus and the North Node. Both Venus and the Node are moving toward Saturn’s degree. Venus is in Gemini being glib or glissando! She shares the gossip and valuable data, introduces you to people who have just the information you need, and spreads the word about what an asset you are! The blog needs updating and some attention. The North Node can be a shy point in Leo, but rather than being so concerned what others think, it’s time to express your unique gift, what’s always been in your heart to do! Step into the light! Shake hands, let that Venus breath of beauty, those sweet words, give you the courage. Shake loose, stand tall!

The Full Moon crosses the Moon’s Node axis at right angles, making a fixed Grand Square! Fixed squares are known to have long standing issues hard to change. Taurus is mine; Scorpio is ours, but I will have some on the side, a personal account as well. Aquarius is the ‘past’ South Node. I had many friends and associates and depend on them, perhaps too much. The Leo North Node calls us to ‘be’ ourselves, in full radiant primal glory, to take our personal place in the Sun. This can be the leader of the tribe! The angle signs have their challenges. Taurus likes peace and quiet while Leo has the rock band rattling the windows! Leo wants you to adore them and show you off; Scorpio admires his investment, but prefers his secrets. Scorpio often works privately behind the scenes, while Aquarius is either the free loner never captured, or stirs up the masses into waves of collective change, no holds barred! Aquarius is electrification, the Awakener personified, genius ahead of its time; Taurus likes the comfort and beauty of our Earth, contemplation through saturation. From the Buddha at the roadside shrine to the Captain of the Rocket! Having mutual purpose is the key to putting all these talents together.

Mars conjuncted, was with Pluto in Capricorn the 26th. He quickly poked around in Pluto’s stockpile and dump, looked at his reserves, assessed the assets, offered some suggestions. Pluto warned him when he got too close to the boundaries, but listened to this upstart intruder who dared. Mars knew he could get away, but knew he would chance it. Pluto has traps set, security, but some traps are more of the psyche. That’s a whole nother story. Mars learned some tricks and even more clever ways to use resources, how to build from decay and destruction, release what has been bound. He carries this all forward. Much needed.

Jupiter in Scorpio was sextile Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, mid April, and that episode is still with us. There are clever uses of funds and the power to rebuild. Capricorn is a renowned renovator, and Pluto reuses materials, knows how to expedite and find the best deals to cut costs yet do a right job. Negotiations were thoroughly considered. Matters of great wealth may be at stake. Some relationships were or will be, as fall out, abruptly ended. Other long term relationships will be forged and be lucrative financially, rewarding personally. Jupiter will sextile Pluto the third and last time Sep 12.

Jupiter is retrograde, on it’s way back to trine Neptune in Pisces the second time May 25! They will be in close aspect until the third and last aspect Aug 19. Jupiter is thought to be fame and fortune, expansion and growth. It’s good faith, optimism and often great luck! Travel, education, teaching and speaking often go with the territory. Imports/exports. Fun and funny, great stories, publishing. Big dogs and horses, gambling on anything! Robust health, vigorous sports, resorts businesses! Put that all with Neptune in its own sign Pisces and you may have the longest ocean cruise, a huge fan following at your concert, an epic movie! Your life may take a spiritual turn into exotic places, both on earth and in your mind. Love may be lighter and deeper at the same time. See more, plan ahead, take the chance!

IN THE BACKGROUND! Oct 30 Pluto conjuncts the Ecliptic! Yes, that is months away, but Pluto is on a 248 year orbit, slow moving, so very in effect right now! Pluto rules extremes. The words Life & Death say it all. Bankrupt or Wealthy. Alone or solidly together. Sexual or never been kissed, ever. We’ve had huge political, economic, civil rights and environmental changes, with more to come.

Right now, strengthen, work together, build, be mindful.

Full Pink Moon Scorpio/Taurus Astrology Chart! 

Taurus 2018 Full Pink Moon Astrology Chart

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URANUS Sign Change, Double Earth Stelliums! Jupiter trine Neptune!

Tuesday May 15 at 4:48 AM Pacific, 24 Taurus 36

Taurus 2018 New Moon Uranus into Taurus

With 4 planets in Taurus, 3 in Capricorn, that’s 7 in EARTH signs, this is a super grounded practical New Moon. Sit with it. Even Uranus, the planet of space is coming in for a landing!

Notice that 00 Taurus 00 in the New Moon chart below! Today Uranus, the God of the Heavens, the planet of Aquarius, goes into Taurus, the sign of Earth herself, on our Taurus New Moon! It takes this planet 84 years to circle the zodiac, so this New Moon is most uniquely a time of special new beginnings. Yes, it was 1934 when Uranus last started in Taurus, but all the other planets have changed signs and positions since then! 84 years ago this moment was the same but very different.

Since then we have been through WWII – the bomb and the Holocaust, the United Nations. Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination. We put a man on the Moon and explore the stars. Socially we can now talk about sex, money, death, food and health awareness, women’s rights, child molestation and abuse, animal rights, civil rights, gay marriage and guns openly. We got television, computers, the Internet, cell phones, film to digital cameras! And now, planetary climate change. That’s a lot in 84 years. We are not the same.

Uranus, Mercury and the Moon and Sun are all in Taurus emphasizing Uranus’s new sign!! Mercury can feel Uranus right behind him, etheric and electric! These two powerhouses of intellect have a lot to think and talk about. Uranus is considered genius, way ahead of his time, sometimes a little incoherent. Mercury is famous for connecting the dots, can spin and spit out yarns and info as fast as he can make his lips move, even in Taurus! He just talks about Taurus subjects instead of other info! Mercury gets the honors, is the first to greet this great and wild one! What we thought is not and no longer, now off the charts of ordinary conception. Keep your Spirit open and upward seeking!

Mercury in Taurus, the thinker/communicator is key. He just semi sextiled Chiron, newly in Aries, is excited about new remedies, businesses, relationships. Mercury trined Lilith, a harmony of intention to build new long lasting vessels dedicated to uphold divine law, create a working world order. Elders will guide and protect. Next, Mercury will trine Saturn, the one in charge, Father Time. Surrender as well as profound integrity and knowing are intrinsic components to their success. Last in the sequence is the square, challenge to the Moon’s Nodes, spanning Aquarius to Leo. Taurus aims to settle them down. Leo’s finery and Aquarius’s exotic untouchability, can put them off the charts. Taurus waits for their attention, eases them to put those factors to good use, and simplifies the how tos. Quite a chain of events, a complicated network.

The New Moon is last in Taurus. Cows and bulls are meant to take their time pondering. They know how to conserve energy. Others are running around while they are watching, chewing their cuds, working through those 4 part stomachs! They are digesting what they see, casting it in the best situation possible. They see if it stands the test of time, measure its value, get the most gain for the least effort. They often see what others don’t and waste little time in the long run. Tauruses can be gentle, comforting and uplifting. They praise us in truth and it means a lot coming from them. They are remarkably strong in temperament and physically. Business may start small, but it grows and grows through the years. They are loyal mates.

The Moon in Taurus makes a lovely home. Natural surroundings, breezes through the windows, flowers wafting their scents, veggies in the garden. She hugs the children, is herbalist to bruises and illnesses. She’s aware of investment cycles, often doing well financially, gives insightful advice. She may have a cosmetics shop, boutique of comfortable clothes, or a specialty foods, bakery, cheeses, flowers or natural foods market.

Sun in Taurus is a champion! He may be the one behind these businesses! He might specialize in native landscapes, run the nursery, drive the tractor at the farm or do urban digging for power and underground lines. He may have a knack for placing homes in harmony with the land, designing with a sustainable flair. Taurus has a 6th sense for textures, matching people with their best place. He has the strength to be a superb caterer using healthy foods. Or what about that restaurant?! Natural cosmetics. Strength to be a bodybuilder! Or to hold peace at the ashram or sanctuary?

Moon offers Sun her support. She makes him know how much she values him. He is her Light, and makes her know how much he appreciates her. She is the Emerald. The bond is beyond words. Affection. Venus, Taurus’s planet, is one sign away. As we talked about Mercury in Taurus, Venus, Taurus’s planet, is in Gemini, Mercury’s sign. When planets are in each other’s signs this way, it is called Mutual Reception. Each is blessed with a commonality of understanding, strengthened, and can be read in each other’s places in the chart. This New Moon linked with Venus, specifically picks up the entire Mercury network as well even though the degrees don’t connect!

Venus, though in Gemini, being Taurus’s planet, has a natural link to the New Moon. She blesses them with her words. She spreads the good word, supplies valuable feedback from the ‘hood, heals rifts. The Mercury links take that word to other collaborative businesses, women of power, opens gates to new options.

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs, feeds and shelters the tribe. Capricorn is the last Earth sign, attaining the heights! Saturn, Capricorn’s own planet is in Capricorn making his mark, collecting the land use fees and profits turning them back into building for the future – he’s already feeling the plans Jupiter has for the dreams and visions of Neptune! He wants to make them happen. Pluto is now in the last third of Capricorn, researching methods for healing problems of aging, cementing special behind the scenes alliances, securing funding. No sense rebuilding the old. He too is on board with creating what’s new and better, insightful and valuable. Capricorn is the master of long term goals and works hard to get there.

Mars sits at 29 Capricorn, the last degree, feeling the urgency to complete the necessities! At base is organizing so the project can continue effectively. He is a tad reluctant, after all he has worked for, since he senses all hell is going to break loose when he goes into Aquarius, Uranus’s unpredictable sign! Granted, it will not be so careful as Capricorn, but will be crazy creative! Ok, just be as ready as you can be. New techniques will turn the tables and the project will morph into something more advanced. The speed will be exhilarating!

As with the April 29 Full Moon above, Jupiter in Scorpio was sextile Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, mid April, and that episode is still with us. There are clever uses of funds and the power to rebuild. Capricorn is a renowned renovator, and Pluto reuses materials, knows how to expedite and find the best deals to cut costs yet do a right job. Negotiations were thoroughly considered. Matters of great wealth may be at stake. Some relationships were or will be, as fall out, abruptly ended. Other long term relationships will be forged and be lucrative financially, rewarding personally. Jupiter will sextile Pluto the third and last time Sep 12.

Jupiter is retrograde, now on it’s way back to trine Neptune in Pisces the second time May 25! They will be in close aspect until the third and last aspect Aug 19. Jupiter is thought to be fame and fortune, expansion and growth. It’s good faith, optimism and often great luck! Travel, education, teaching and speaking often go with the territory. Imports/exports. Fun and funny, great stories, publishing. Big dogs and horses, gambling on anything! Robust health, vigorous sports, resorts businesses! Put that all with Neptune in its own sign Pisces and you may have the longest ocean cruise, a huge fan following at your concert, an epic movie! Your life may take a spiritual turn into exotic places, both on earth and in your mind. Love may be lighter and deeper at the same time. See more, plan ahead, take the chance!

IN THE BACKGROUND! Oct 30 Pluto conjuncts the Ecliptic! Yes, that is months away, but Pluto is on a 248 year orbit, slow moving, so very in effect right now! Pluto rules extremes. The words Life & Death say it all. Bankrupt or Wealthy. Alone or solidly together. Sexual or never been kissed, ever. We’ve had huge political, economic, civil rights and environmental changes, with more to come.

Taurus makes us so aware of our bodies. Take good care of yours, use it with infinite respect.

New Moon – 4 in Taurus, Uranus Sign Change Astrology Chart

Taurus 2018 New Moon Astrology Chart

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The next Full Moon celebrates  t
he Buddha’s Birthday, called Wesak! The date is different in different countries. The United Nations will celebrate it May 29 in 2018 It is Tuesday May 29, 7:19 AM at 8 Sagittarius/Gemini 10!


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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Libra.Scorpio Cusp Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus conjunct Mars.

Libra/Scorpio Cusp Irish Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus, ruler of Libra, conjunct Mars.

2014 started with a back-to-back series of retrogrades involving Venus, Mercury, Mars. We are now in the third part of the series, Mars retrograde through May 19, 2014. Read More!  Please also see Fall-Winter 2013-14 Mercury, Venus, Mars Retrogrades

March 1 Mars Retrograded in Libra the day after Mercury directed Feb 28! Mercury in Aquarius electrified the connections; Mars is taking action on them, warms the Spirit! In Libra balancing, equalizing, evening the playing field. Mars in Libra fights for rights, cultural integration, beauty. Mars leads, cajoles, grumbles, fights, seduces, threatens, has courage, inspires! He invites you to take a first step, but if you don’t get going will quickly leave you in the dust for more return on the effort. If you don’t see it now, they will find someone who does. They might come back to see if you are ready yet, but don’t count on it. Your job will be to catch up! No sleeping dogs! This is a time for vigorous relationships, forays into new business options, restoring balance to your health that you may be a worthy partner! The first relationship is you with yourself. Do your part. When you are ready, seek spirited companions who want what you want, who celebrate you for exactly who you are! But, truly don’t expect them to be just like you! You will each give your part gloriously independently!

This Mars retrograde is important like no other because it is going back to fill the fourth point of the extraordinary Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23. This is not just any Grand Square, because it is formed by three outer planets! They are taking position at the 13th degrees of Aries (Mars’ sign), Cancer and Capricorn. Mars, the LightBearer, The Flame, The Torch, will be at 13 degrees of Libra. The Initiation will cross activate since Mars naturally rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Mars is independent while Libra wants to partner. Uranus in Aries can be contradictory in that Aries is one person, the Hero, versus Uranus that can be all of Humanity. Or is that One for All and All for One?! Jupiter in Cancer is at cross purposes when one wants to stay home and the other likes an extended trip as far away as possible. Many a daring move will be made. Pluto in Capricorn insists on restoration or demolition of the rules. No mercy. What’s a good Capricorn to do?! Everything is perfectly out of control!

In daily affairs, Mars involves sex, hot immediate sex. An old lover may temporarily put some fire in your belly! Your vehicle may need a swift fix – heater, ignition, starters, filters, timing. Be cautious about buying a new car; get the best warranty. Revise your exercise regime until it suits, and keep adjusting it as you get better at it. Take another look at what makes you lose it. Is that attitude working for you, giving you peace? Is it about time you stood up, or have you been predictably hair trigger grouchy? Is an old injury causing you pain out of the blue? Time for a new look at the old devil. Go for the cause this time. What was the first time it ever happened to you, and what caused that?!  Things have changed, it may be time to renew a contract, an acquaintance. Take action on a situation that has been on the back burner. Fire and heat are the Mars mediums. Be sure your home and landscape are fire safe. Double check heaters, vents, attics weather stripping. Cosmetic surgeries are better left until later. Remodel only as you can afford. Just know it may cost more and take more time than you hoped. You could wait, do it later. Have all changes dated and signed or you may find yourself in court.

Libra requests Grace. May the action taken make you want to be a part of it. It must hold promise of blessings to come, beauty to embrace. May there be the surprise and delight at being the first of their kind, with courage and conviction! Strike a new type of balance, a pound of feathers, a pound of red rose petals. Perhaps venturing to the West will hold more answers than anticipated. Whether divorce or happiness, a marriage on the margins, relationships change. Cosmetics make magic. Theater, fine arts and symphonies are exhilarating. You may delight in learning from a first time partnership whether personal or business.

Buy a grand beautiful hat, cap, gown or cape; walk the tightrope, cross the divide, merry be!

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Leo Full Blue Moon August 20, 2013!

Aug 20, the Full Moon is the 2nd in Leo, and, will REALLY be a BLUE MOON by the old definitions! That is, it will be the third full moon in the summer season which has four full moons in 2013!

Since the first Leo Full Moon was at Zero degrees the opening day of Leo, this one is at the end of Leo, the final curtain, at 28 degrees!  It will be at 6:45 PM Pacific.  Time to finish up your Leo affairs – Stand tall, Live deep, Love well!  There are no other planets in close degrees making major aspects with the Full Moon, there is no interference, no assistance; it has clear passage.  Leo knows we are never alone though, because its opposite sign is Aquarius, the sign of friendships, co-ops, associations, world organizations.  Leo knows we are only as strong as the weakest link, so strives to be the best they can be, and to teach others along the way.  We know it takes a village and we all must do our part.  We cross the connection bridge every day.  It is good to give praise, court the good people we know, share when we can.  Gestures of intention mean a lot, make a tremendous difference.  We give that we may give more.

What’s hot in this chart is it is virtually Jupiter square Uranus day!  The Blue Moon square is only 3 minutes of space apart!  The exact square occurs at 0:14 AM on the 21st Pacific at 12 degrees.  This is the first square of 3.  It is part of the outer planet Cardinal TSquare we have been having since July 17!  Jupiter opposed Pluto on Aug 7; this square, coupled with the Full Blue Moon, ends the active phase of the T to culmination.  From here, having created the pieces, we put puzzle pieces in place, allow time to rest, observe, settle.  There will be 2 more sets January 2014 through the April 2014 Grand Cross.  What we do now is setting the foundation.

Jupiter in Cancer  Learning and connections are crucial.  Jupiter is concerned with perspective and meaning, the direction things are going and how far you are willing to go.  It takes Faith to cross, Hope to go beyond your expectations, Charity to pay the way.  Put it out on the table, publish, tour, promote, teach, coach.  Even if you aren’t perfect, are inexperienced, do it wrong, at least you are going, and can be alive and vibrant with learning.  Course corrections are honorable.

Uranus in Aries There are times we are so all existentially alone we can hardly speak, or think.  Times we go so fast we don’t think at all!  Other times we are overwhelmed, even with small things.  And there are times we are on top of our game, with both free time and being able to call on our connections with snap, crackle and pop!  Devilishly unpredictable, in perfect synchronicity, happy to shock the socks off everyone!  People come alive in our presence, catching our ideas as fast as we can think of them, and we are shape shifting this planet every which way!  Global warming is the MOST intriguing challenge to the creative mind!

Jupiter, though an Explorer, has a conservative streak, especially in Cancer, and hasn’t left the church for the ashram, so it may not be quite ready for the wild Uranian winds!  But both are like minded in their needs for traveling the outer realms, and to bring people up to speed.  So catch your breaths, share your excitement, seek solutions together.

A juicy little additional factor is Venus, in one of its own signs, Libra, is continuing the TSquare that Jupiter finished the 21st, making a Grand Square, that culminates the 27th!  See the red lines, Grand Square/Cross, in the chart?  Read about it!

Full Blue Moon Leo August 20, 2013, Jupiter Square Uranus Day, Astrology Chart! 

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2013 Leo Super Full Moon and New Moon!

Moonday July 22, ZERO Degree Leo/Aquarius SUPER FULL MOON at 11:15 AM Pacific 

A lot happens before this Super Moon that is the backdrop for it and part of its Newness! 

  • Rare Jupiter Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune July 17 to 19!  The major results from this trine will give fullness and confidence, a foundation for further esteemed ventures!
  • Mars is keeping the rare trine going through July 20 and 22.  It trines Neptune, then Saturn the 20th, conjuncts Jupiter the 22nd.  Magic is afoot!
  • Mercury Retrograde Directs on the 20th – we are beginning to open forward again.  Stay thoughtful, pay attention, dance to the music!

Now, here, the day of our Full Moon, there is the every 26 to 27 months Mars conjunct Jupiter, and THREE Sign changes!

Mars is still fresh from its near midnight conjunction, merger, with Jupiter!  Jupiter is known for growth and expansion!  Add Mars, not shy at all, and there is an enormous energy boost!  In water sign Cancer, they may enjoy splashy summer water sports the most!  Mars is quite willing to take up Jupiter’s stand for proper ethics, especially for women, children, our homes.  This time is ripe for starting new projects, travels with first timers, new friends, to new places!  There is much to be gained from investing in coaching, trying out different teaching and training styles.  Promote your business or event!  Offer your leadership in your specialty!  At the very personal level, know there will be some hot opinions, religious and political passion and fury, and if you are lucky, hot sex!

5:41 am, Venus enters Virgo!  Venus in Virgo until Aug 16, makes beauty in all the right places!  Every detail enhances the next!  It’s worth the money.  Now that Mercury is direct, pick out your colors, styles, placements.  Relandscape with water-saver plants, catch up on your bookkeeping, decide on your healthcare, select your new pet, negotiate with your tenant/landlord, co-worker!  Go on your diet, buy your work and back to school clothes.  Sign up for specialty training with an expert whose good works you see.  Start your new job!

8:56 AM the Sun enters Leo!  It’s time to be the Star!  :)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _  _ _ _ _ _ _
Finally, on the very day of the Sun entering Leo, only 8 minutes of a degree after the Moon enters Aquarius, the stage has been fully set, at 11:15 AM Pacific, we get our FULL MOON!!

Since it is at primal ZERO degrees, it represents new beginnings as well as the completion or peak of cycle that a Full Moon represents.  Venus, also at Zero degrees on the same day blesses the new contributions!  Leo wants it to come from the heart, and Venus has been in Leo before Virgo, so we are well primed!  The Moon at zero Aquarius is a little wild and out of its ken, but ever the observer, soaks up odd out ideas, just like gravy with a warm piece of fragrant bread!  She recognizes when people are a bit out of bounds and need a little extra TLC.  And to Moon, who loves family, Aquarius is just another great big family, the family of man!  Leo, happy to be there, cheers and wagers on its champion!

Two strong aspects with billy goat Saturn!  Both are adding their ‘she’ instincts.  Venus sweetens the day, wiggles close on the merit of the proven virtues of her offer.  Saturn in Scorpio is hell-bent on saving the day, no frivolous wasted time or effort, coming out on top.  There can be a tad of desperation, but the achievement is solid.  The obsession can pay off, surprisingly attractive results after all.  Moon, ruler of Saturn’s opposite sign Cancer, has a challenge on her hands.  She is both soft, compared to do-it-by-the-book Saturn, and devilishly unpredictable in Aquarius!  She moves fast, and Saturn hangs on tighter, being one who proves value through time.  She is whimsical, cycling about in a tizzy at times, or so it seems to Saturn.  It is her accurate intuition that gives her credibility after all.  Nothing beats it.  It’s free, and saves time.  Saturn approved!  Since Moon is in league with Venus, both at zero degrees, Moon can be guided by how earth Virgo Venus couches her practical ideas.  Saturn, an earth planet, values this sensible proposal.

Venus makes two more strong aspects!  She is coming along after the Jupiter trine Neptune, herself opposite Neptune.  The promise of the dream coming true is set, but for just now, it may seem out of reach until after the exact opposition July 26, and after the Mars opposite Pluto, and Sun square Saturn are complete July 27.  Then it may be clear sailing with Venus sextiling Jupiter July 28, trining Pluto July 30!  These two combinations can be loving, lucky and wealthy!   Don’t stop.  Work this sequence to its success!

This is 2013’s third and last Super Full Moon, in Aquarius – Sign of awakening, change!  The Lights are ON!  Full Moons bring culmination and release, like taking a huge lungful, holding it, then the big sigh and relaxation.  You’ve done your best, maxed out, the infusion complete.  What will be, will be.

Leo Full Moon 2013 Astrology Chart


Tuesday NEW MOON, Aug 6, 14 Leo at 2:51 PM Pacific 

Our Leo New Moon is the day before Jupiter is opposite Pluto!  Jupiter opposite Pluto is the first exact part of the outer planet Cardinal TSquare, the second part being Jupiter’s square to Uranus Aug 21!  Since the outer planets move slowly, the challenging T is in effect the whole time, in fact, it started July 17!  New Moon’s take us down deep, to the bottom of the cycle when the lights are out, the sky is darkest.  So this one in Leo, the sign of the SUN, Light personified, is a bit different.  There is Light in the form of a bright Presence.  Spirit walks.  Love abides.  The Stars are the Lights of many Suns, and they are brightest to us when it’s darkest!  They have always guided the mariners, and hope IS eternal.  This deep place of the Soul is in perfect harmony with Jupiter the Wayshower offering a way out from Pluto’s darkest Places.  And many times, the Dark is our best friend.  We are safe, quiet, comforted.  We hear things we didn’t pay attention to before.  We settle and divine what’s clear to do next.  Once revealed, Leo stands strong to carry it, Jupiter takes it on the road!

The outer planet Grand Water Trine is waning, but not entirely finished – Jupiter is still trine Chiron and the North Node.  4 Planets and the Nodes are interacting – Saturn and North Node in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer.  And they are interacting with the other planets in close degrees!  This is a fiery New Moon, but the chart has a lot of Water!  Both are highly intuitive in their own ways!  Fire is a first and fast responder, quick on its feet!  Leo is totally engaged when teaching and performing, gauging audience response, making course corrections instantly.  It senses the essence of relationships – romance or long-lasting, the quality of a liaison.  Water signs sense your feelings – Cancer knows past and familial ties, Scorpio knows how mates and money matters need healing, Pisces knows the nature of sorrows and the dreams to come.

This New Moon is forging on into new territory.  It is leaving the square with the nodes, the inconjunct to Chiron, and trine with Uranus, those all being at 12 degrees.  The nodes span Taurus, what we owned before, and Scorpio, what we could share with others, our mates.  Letting go of our own, to share, isn’t always easy.  Saturn is with the North Node setting the limits, maybe making the prenups.  Leo is often sooo generous, the Moon in Leo would give everything to nurture the love, so a balance is struck between Leo and Saturn – not too much, not stingy either.  There is a decision whether to be Leo lovers or Scorpio mates.  It’s tempting to step outside your relationship, but at what price?  The Jupiter trine the Node, hopes for honesty, forthright business, plans for happiness.  The Leo Moon/Sun just leaving Uranus in Aries, has had a taste of freedom, and it tastes good.  Aries is impetuous, but also rules purity, besides red, white is one of its colors.  Be clean.  Take care of one situation before leaping to another.  New is not the only criteria.  The inconjunct with Chiron calls for healing, then moving on in a good way.  Blessed be.

Leo New Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

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Jupiter Uranus Pluto T Square

July 17 to Aug 21  Jupiter in Cancer forms 2013’s second outer planet major aspect of 2013, the T Square with the Uranus square Pluto!  It forms the exact opposition with Pluto Aug 7, then the exact square with Uranus Aug 21!  Since these are slow moving planets, the T is continuous.

The rare outer planet Grand Trine during Cancer has led us right into the outer planet T Square of the Year! This is an uncertain time, but full of magic, and oh, so beautiful!  Jupiter in Cancer brings the Mother Light of Heaven, along with the Plutonian nameless shadows, a deepening of Being.  Uranus makes it intriguing to feel life on your skin!

Jupiter ups the amps.  It makes things big enough to see, wants the Truth, and is silly optimistic enough to think it can deal with it!  :)  Unless you are experienced in the field, overspending will likely not pay off no matter how good it looks. Plan ahead for possible big expenses.  Check references, tell the truth. Travel may be too costly but necessary, and the destination not worth the effort unless you need a break!  Maybe you need to cut loose, takes $ to make $!  Sure enough, you made that mess (or were likely a part of making it), you likely can fix it since you ‘know’ it.  Not to fear!  Get on your 7 league boots, mop up, jump high, see long, and get going!  Feelings (Cancer) are a lot like intuition, though sometimes hail from your Past.  Understand what you can; replace old tired worn tracks with new memories!  Bless yourself and live sweet.

Uranus, at the T point, is friends, the ones you do or don’t have any longer, hooray, and they can help or hinder.  Good chance more people will know what’s going on with you than you wish, yet some wild card terrific ideas can come from them, even your sworn ‘enemies!’  Uranus is the awakener, change maker.  Let it rip!  If you join an organization, let it be one that takes you on the tide, free, and healing.  Uranus (free) is in Aries (independent) now, so there is more inclination to be your own friend rather than rely on others, yet when you admire another person’s new perspective (Jupiter), it sets you free, and if you meet a person who makes primordial transformation a way of life, you see freedom sprung from its shackles!  Uranus loves the frisson of that electric moment!

Pluto in Capricorn is often the obsessions we don’t even admit to ourselves.  Clues –  The devil made me do it!  I don’t know why I did that.  I knew I shouldn’t do that.  I couldn’t help myself.  Get the drift?  Take a good look at those areas.  We all have Scorpio, Pluto, an 8th house – compulsion ingredients.  They can be big, bad, innocuous.  Or maybe they add up over time.  Maybe you need a new attitude, have a broader outlook like Jupiter can have.  Perhaps your body needs some different more effective care.  See the specialist, the intense passionate one that can inspire you past your imprisoning opinions.  Let Jupiter educate you.  What have you got to lose?!  If you are going to spend your money, make it count toward a better future. with an expert who knows the way and has a solid track record.  Continue with your research but don’t expect an end-all answer. Things are progressing even if you don’t see it yet. Do corrections, updates, clean up and follow ups after this aspect is over. It may clear the path in fortunate ways you never expected.

Cardinal!  This has more meaning in context of its fellows, Fixed and Mutable!  Fixed is still and standing.  Mutable is adaptable and in change mode.  Cardinal signs get things started!  Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn!  They are action signs when they are happy.  Aries kicks off the whole zodiac!  Cancer makes a nest and has babies – new starts!  Libra easily makes new relationships and alliances.  Capricorn does business, the boss of everything!  :)  This T doesn’t have Libra, but the others hold the 3 of 4 points, with focus on Uranus in Aries at the T point.  The Awakener is on Fire!

Natural Factors!  As stated below with the Grand Cross, there have been, and will be more weather or other extremes, quakes, floods, fire, winds, freezes.  Choose where you live sensibly, factor in for global warming.  Be prepared; do due diligence with your maintenance.

July 20 to July 31 Mars Adds Its Zest to the TSquare 

Mars, in Cancer with Jupiter, is the ‘Do it!’ planet!  It is action, leadership, the first ONE!  Jupiter philosophizing gives you good reason, but may not quite tip the scales to plunge on in, but Mars will get you through the gate!  Put on your red shoes and that cape you always wanted to wear, and super through!  Mars is up for a good clean fight if that’s what it takes.  Bravery counts.  Pluto can be sneaky, but Mars is skinny quick!  Done in a flash!  Ha!  See?  We didn’t die!  Uranus may want to consult with friends, or adds lightning to the laser!  They may not stay friends with Mars types, each is so independent, but they have mutual admiration, a combination of intelligence so fast you didn’t see it!  Downright marvelously dangerous together!

Not a planet of allegiance, yet will champion a cause, Mars is with Jupiter in this TSquare.  Jupiter is a promoter, and Mars likes that forward motion.  If Mars gets with the right program, training, purpose, teacher, it will be a lucky venture!  Jupiter naturally exudes and inspires confidence, does what’s fun or does it in a way that’s fun, reaches further than the immediate space.  Jupiter can give a focus for the long term.  Mars will be so excited to do more than ever before!  The point is to choose your allies and direction well!  Take a chance!  Even if it isn’t perfect, you get in the swing of it, be better next time!

A word of caution!  Mars and Jupiter both often think they are invincible and love to stretch their wings!  Overdoing it sometimes just doesn’t pay.  Dares, provoking the big guy, running the light, not paying attention, getting too pissed (forgive me) – either with spirits or anger, are times to back off.  That often takes more personal strength, especially when you are in a situation you aren’t used to, with people who don’t know and support you.  Take extra good care of yourselves, please.

Down the Road  Dec 14 to 31  Mars in Libra will make its final TSquare of 2013 with the Uranus square Pluto, finishing the year Dec 31 with Mars striking a potent 6 planets Grand Cross!  More later on….

Second & Third Outer Planet, Jupiter Cardinal Ts for 3 Months

SECOND Jan 17 to Feb 25, 2014  The second set is in reverse order, while Jupiter is Retrograde.  Jupiter first opposes Pluto Jan 31 at 12 degrees, then squares Uranus Feb 25, 2014 at 10 degrees.  Though a month apart by date, they are less than 3 degrees apart the whole time.  If you allow a 5 degree effectiveness range, Jupiter is strongly with both Uranus and Pluto starting Jan 17.

THIRD  Continuous until April 21, 2014  Because Jupiter is slowing to turn direct (forward) Mar 5, it stays in close range, less than 4 degrees, in this TSquare continuously until it forms the third set!  It culminates in an intense two day affair, a very tight less than one degree formation!  It squares Uranus and opposes Pluto on the same day, April 20, 2014, followed by the 5th of the 7 Uranus Pluto squares April 21!  This is the completion, the maximization, of Jupiter’s engagement with, contribution to, the Uranus Pluto square.  The Uranus Pluto square occurs two more times, 6th on Dec 14, 2014, 7th and last, Mar 16, 2015.

GRAND CROSS – April 9 to April 23, 2014  In addition to these 3 outer planets being in T, this 3rd time, Mars Retrograde in Libra is in the picture filling the 4th sign position, Libra, making the outer planet TSquare a Grand Square, Grand Cross!  Allowing 5 degrees of range, Mars potently enters the frame April 9, 2014.  It squares Jupiter April 22, opposes Uranus and squares Pluto Apr 23!  Major geophysical events often occur the two days after strong aspect formations like these, so the 24th and 25th.  Mars can spark fires.  Uranus rules air flight, electricity and lightning, wind and earthquakes.  Pluto in Capricorn can bring snow and ice extremes.  Jupiter in Cancer can tsunami your life, flood your street!  Precautions are warranted.  Be up-to-date on maintenances.  Err to the more sensible side.  The reality of global warming may show itself to you and alter your long term plans.  Pick homes with a water supply but without flood potential.  Since Mars is slow in Retrograde, it holds a close position in square with Pluto, turns direct May 19, making the final exact square with Pluto June14, 2014.  This is like peat moss burning.

Mars in Libra is like an opposition all its own since Mars is associated with Aries, the sign opposite Libra.  Mars helps Libra stand up.  Libra helps Mars get some suave!  Mars can be rowdy and growl; Libra is ever so polite at the opera.  Mars whistles as they ride their bike; Libra intricately plays in the symphony with its fellows.  In the rest of the Grand Cross, Mars and Uranus may agree to disagree, yet intrigue each other.  Mars is upfront, Pluto says none of your business, but I would love it if you get this job done quick for me!  Mars and Jupiter are willing to go just about anywhere, taking their chances – Mars daring and brave, Jupiter, usually lucky, just has to see new places.  Mars is spontaneous; Jupiter likes a plan and a purpose, but it doesn’t take much to get them going!

What you do now has effect two more times, and, because they are all connected, through June 2014!  What you do now, how you do it, is the way it all starts.  Stay clear and clean as you can.  There be fallout if it goes awry.  There will be payoff in a good way if you break through and rebuild.  Keep notes during this first set.  Refer back to them before the next set start.  The second and third sets will give opportunity to make course corrections, enhance what you started, grow it bigger and better.  You can secure it, have, at your finger tips, the use of the life tools you have learned.

The last time we had what’s called an ‘in sign’ TSquare with outer planets, was 1993, if you use Chiron.  It was quite different, in fixed signs – Saturn in Aquarius opposed Chiron in Leo, squared Pluto in its own sign Scorpio.  This was happening as Bill Clinton took office – romance, secrets, shame.  The next outer planet T (within a 5 degree range, all coming to exact, not separating) is July 2026, Jupiter in Leo square Chiron in Taurus, opposite Pluto in Aquarius!  Whatever it be, it will be dramatic, hot, maybe earth shaking!

Within this T, is the July 29 GRAND SEXTILE, STAR OF DAVID!  Read about it!

Stand tall, live deep, love well!

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Lights on, heads up!  Get out your Jupiter thunderbolts and let’s dance!

July 2, Dec 6, and Feb 14, Valentine’s Day 2012, Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Chiron in Pisces! This one will be while Chiron is at 5 Pisces, the first of the three times. July 2 is the last day of the Sun Grand Square, so the build up to this sextile will be challenging, and the challenge will be helped by the teaching healing perspectives the sextile brings. In addition, the Grand Square will be helped by the concurrently building first-time July 7 Jupiter trine Pluto in Capricorn only 5 days later! That will bring phenomenal growth, power, possible wealth, and potential teaching healing, intensify complex situations. I doubt solutions will be simple or immediate, but they will certainly be fascinating! July 7 is the first day of the Venus Grand Square through the 13th, so the follow through needs a bit of finesse. Let love soften the obstacles even, perhaps especially, when the going already seems good. This will be like a little super challenge. Make a point of loving it uP!

Chiron and Pluto are both thought to be healers. Chiron is concerned with teaching, marriage and business, all partnerships of a kind. Teacher/Student, you and your mate, your business/customers – clients/partners.  In Pisces, they need to be magical!  Fiery spirited Jupiter likes teaching too. It travels about, goes to college, gathers a plethora of knowledge, stories, experience, inter cultural sharing, and brings it to the table for exchange. Jupiter is not so often interested in marriage, can be hard to catch. They are off to another adventure. They can be truth tellers, having points of view acquired on the road.  They see you well because they don’t know you, yet are astute observers since their survival depends on instant appraisals. Whether it be about you, your attitude, or the dynamics in your relationship, they likely have at least a part of the truth. True, they can project, seeing through their own lens, but still, what in you called that up in them? Jupiter is not as interested in money as Chiron and Pluto are. They make do as they go. They laugh and love, have fun, are offered shelter for their stories, do an odd job or two here or there, just enough for food maybe. They have expansive ideas, can see further beyond, since they must anticipate the weather, the temp of the locals, where it’s safe or not. Often their suggestions pan out, quite worth your hospitality, let alone the entertainment value!

Pluto is a no fool-around planet.  It seeks the Great Mystery, unabashedly looks at sex, wants to know how money works, and how it is we come to live and die.  It especially doesn’t fool around in Capricorn, that wants the job done toot sweet.  If things are not working, good, you find that out, done with it.  If you are going up the mountain at a steady pace, good, progress.  Cut losses when it makes sense, less whining, more doing.  It’s all ok.  Focus, use good timing, don’t give up.  Seek coaches and mentors right now!  Jupiter will laugh with you all the way to the bank because it has big ideas and is a great direction finder!  It just knows where the good stuff is!

Both these aspects are positive in classical astrology, so invite a teacher, traveler, soothsayer, to your table. Then listen. Learn about healing – of body, mind, Spirit. Plan a clever party, and laugh because you can and it’s even fun when you are on your knees!  Be free and thankful!

Make your appointment for a reading to see which areas of your chart these and other factors are activating!

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Stand tall, Live deep, Love well!

June 21 we finished the last day of the Mercury in Cancer Grand square with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. Some communications were stressed; there were some breakthroughs, there is still some fallout from decisions made at that time, regrets over contracts made or not made. This Grand Square was the first activation, of the SEVEN time Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. This was the first grand square formed with these planets since Uranus came within 5 degrees of its square to Pluto in the last week of April 2011. This long time, continuous Uranus square Pluto won’t become exact until June 23, 2012! It will continue in a 5 degree or less square with Pluto the entire time until June of 2015! Currently, the Uranus square Pluto has been further activated by two more Grand Squares.  The Sun in Cancer is finishing the June 26 to July 2 set, and will be followed by the Venus in Cancer set, July 7 to 13. Last, during Leo, Saturn having moved on, Mars in Cancer will T Square the remaining Uranus square Pluto August 9/10. Then, the Uranus square Pluto will be fully activated, charged! So, four planets, four different ways of doing, kinds of energy, are in process of activating the Uranus/Pluto square.

These 4 planets are adding the 4th component to the Grand Square, Cancer.  In the US, that is Mama Liberty that stands at our New York gateway, indicating giving shelter, a home that may be far away from loved ones.  Cancer is Mother’s love, unfailing or abandoned, skilled or doing the best one can.  Cancer provides a home in the Soul, and a homestead when possible.  It’s a water sign, irrigates the crops, keeps the nutrients coming.  Emotional, Cancer is onboard with how people are feeling, in sync with natural cycles, number one in business, great at the stock market!  Consumables are its best business, the things we need to live – clothing, food, toothpaste, home furnishings, storage devices, and especially, kitchen items.  These 4 planets ‘speak’ in behalf of our daily needs, a cherished regard that makes our flower bloom.

The Grand Square series opened with Mercury, amazing exchanges of information.  The Sun is bringing a more tender and personal yet creative perception.  Venus will add a touch of sweet, a more kindly attractive rendering.  All have been and will be tempered by Saturn in Libra’s standards, perhaps a taste of reluctance or caution! Mars will have no such constraints as Saturn shall have moved on out of the Grand Square. Mars will spontaneously act in behalf of potential being born right before our eyes! Blending old structures with new internet and electronics, resurrecting forgotten inventions and inventories, deconstructing and reusing secret resources and alliances, thinking 100s of years ahead, will be valuable skills. Retirement opportunities will be like never before. New careers will be invented at a breathtaking pace! The role of Fatherhood and Manhood will be relieved and enhanced. Archaeology will reveal further profound information.

This Uranus square Pluto goes through June of 2015. The face of governments will go dramatically toward sustainability. Protecting green assets and water will become more important than protecting oil interests.  Concerns of right and reasonable uses of resources will be at the top of our list.

May we meet all our challenges, may it go well with you.

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