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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice June 20/21!

Venus Gemini/Mercury Cancer, both in Station, are plowing through the piles of information for what it all means and what to keep!

Capricorn – Cancer Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse!

This is a working Moon activated by the brightest star in the Heavens!

Second Cancer New Moon July 20
Hard work is showing rewards, Venus/Mercury are moving forward, time to move on!


Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice/Father’s Day June 20/21!!

Saturday June 20 Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse New Moon at 11:41 PM Pacific, 0 Cancer 21! Heads up: The New Moon will be on Sunday the 21st in Mountain, Central and Eastern Zones, on Father’s Day!

Venus Gemini and Mercury Cancer, both in Station, are plowing through the piles of information for what it all means and what to keep!

Cancer 2020 New Moon Canyonlands Cave Milky Way

The cave where the tribe used to meet… The False Kiva archaeological site is located near the Upheaval Dome area of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. By Christopher E Herbert. Finished shooting the Milky Way at 2:00 am before hiking back out with my friend and two other photographers.

This is the second eclipse this season, not visible in the US. Viewing: Partial Eclipse: Africa, southeast Europe, Asia  Annular Eclipse: central Africa, south Asia, China, Pacific. 

We start with the first Cancer new Moon at ZERO degrees, totally fresh! It’s a time for new ways of caring. Cancer is our family at home, our home in the world today. New Moon is seriously engaged with Saturn, the planet of Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn, also at ZERO degrees! Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, about to return to his own sign. They are askew by angle and Saturn is in an unpredictable sign not always comfortable to Moon, the 27 day planet who tends the hearth fires. Yet she herself changes a lot every 27 days, keeps her fingers on the pulse of the people, so, in a way, there is always something new afoot, and both Cancer and Aquarius are community minded. In AQ Saturn is making required changes to things that were anchors to our ethics, laws, necessities. We have had two ‘pandemics’ to face recently, COVID-19 and the worldwide George Floyd protests.

Cancer is not just your Mom, but our community, our culture. Cancer is the number one sign of business and they are terrific stock traders, sensing the nuances of the mood of the people. They 100% understand commodities, the daily household supplies we all need. They know when we are troubled and bring that casserole over to help us get through it. They wait until we are ready to talk or give us a talking to! Femininity is key. Our matriarchal lineage affects us more than we realize. We are our mother’s children, yet they nurture us, their instinct hoping we will surpass them.

Jupiter’s June 29 retrograde conjunction with Pluto will bring more deaths from both COVID and residual protests. At the same time people are stepping up to heal each other. As with environmental disasters, the playing field is leveled. We come to stand up to a common threat, and when you are drowning, you are glad for help from anyone no matter their skin color. We make new unlikely friendships and allies. These matters open us to interact more widely, get to know each other in different ways. Our new goal is not to restore, but to excel to new levels long overdue. Saturn’s preview in Aquarius sees potential that will cost a lot less. When it retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1, serious work will be done to implement significant changes. 

Both of 2020 Cancer’s New Moons are in Bowl charts.

This Bowl chart is less than 180°, planets spread across 7 signs with grouping and pairings! The first group is Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, the base planets of the Bowl, close with Saturn, Capricorn’s planet. Saturn is now in Aquarius, to retrograde back into Capricorn July 1! He is previewing Aquarius then will return to revamp and solidify Capricorn’s techniques before Saturn’s final entry into Aquarius and prepare for Pluto into Aquarius March 2023! The transition from traditional building to evolutionary humanitarian planetary work is so apparent with pandemic COVID-19 changes and worldwide protests for freedom.

Jupiter with Pluto was first exact April 4. It is now retrograding back to make its second/retrograde conjunction with Pluto June 29. They have been close since March 12, shifting perceptions back and forth, tweaking Capricorn structures, laws, responsibilities, extreme economic twists, environmental and human rights, COVID-19 concerns. There are secrets, revelations, lies and truths, bald faced power jockeying, greed, fear, deaths and saves. Many are seeing the potentials of incredible new options.

Jupiter makes things best, bigger or exaggerated, the worst – like C-19. Pluto is at his microscope looking for that vaccine. Pluto can resurrect or save your life, make money or take your life and all your money, bankruptcy. It can bond your relationship for a lifetime, or there you are filing divorce papers against that cheater! Jupiter can be schooling, trips, publishing, truth and the consequences if you have been a liar no longer getting away with it. Jupiter is so much the traveler, but with the Virus, and Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of limitations, necessities only, no such luck for now. Pluto can be the scandal, fighting over inheritances, funding, or fund the most amazing healing research and a center with exceptional care for victims. We have been seeing amazing caring and people stepping up to the plate. You see this aspect has a great range, extremes. And both can happen at once. Keep your life clean or Jupiter in Capricorn the law, Pluto the Police, will be knocking on your door. If you have the means, do what you can to help survivors, heal the environment long term, provide significant education. Apply for help if you need it. Sometimes we just can’t do it all alone. One day you will be the one that’s doing the giving. Bless you and keep you. When you can, pay it forward.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto will continue in their close conjunction through July 30! The third and final aspect is Nov 12, THE aspect of the Nov 3 Presidential Election. You can see how crucial this aspect is. In Capricorn there is much long term work of necessity. Set your goals and stick with them, revising and updating as you go. DO what makes a difference.

With Mercury’s retrograde that started June 17, we are in a week of the double retrograde with Venus until Venus turns forward June 24! Both are in Station! Station is when a planet appears to be standing still in the sky. A Station offers a pause, a focus, deepened perception, emphasis. Venus is in one of Mercury’s signs Gemini. Together they are whirling with thoughts, ideas. The word is getting spread by social media at the speed of light!

Mercury Retrograde is going back to sextile Uranus again. As some say, Friends (Uranus) are the family we choose! Uranus in Taurus is Earth herself, organic. Our Networks are vital to the new works we need to do among our people and for peaceful sustainability. 

Though retrograde, ‘going backward,’ Mercury in Cancer is leading the Bowl chart! This form of leadership gives you pause to consider just how that is done! Sometimes a leader has to take a few steps back, wisely retreat from a position that instinctively doesn’t feel right or the advance has not quite hit the time to move forward. Go back, strengthen your position, double check your information. If things need changing, update your approach tactics. Use that retrograde well. 

Moon is in her own sign! She feels the feelings, her patterns and passages. She is in Sun’s Heart Light, feeling stronger with his support. He in her sign understands her better, sees how important her nurturing is, not just to children and family, but to all of us. She is a model of that unconditional givingness. It’s like a Mother’s caress wherever she goes. Moon will quickly bring her feelings, insights, awareness of cycles to Mercury for his consideration. Sun will meet up with Mercury on the 30th, illuminating Mercury’s thinking processes. Mercury will see what can stand the scrutiny and pass muster. He will be charged with getting the information to all the right places as soon as possible. 

Mercury is conjunct the amazing fixed Star Sirius! This is important because the July 4/5 Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse SUN is conjunct Sirius too! What Mercury gleans from Sirius now will be spread widely by the Full Moon, springing from their positive relationship with Uranus, the evolutionary Networker, who unites Humanity for the greatest well being possible! The Sun in Cancer is all for it! Robson say of Mercury conjunct Sirius: ‘Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident.’ Please see more about Sirius in the Full Moon section.

Venus squares Neptune three times during her retrograde cycle. It is a significant aspect because Neptune is activated NINE times during the Venus retrograde cycle! One of the cycle’s most important aspects is the Jupiter conjunct Pluto’s companion aspect Jupiter’s RX sextile Neptune! It is July 27, the day of Venus’ last square to Neptune, the day before Venus’ RX cycle ends! It is the goal of the entire cycle! Being an outer planet sextile, it is likely to prevail beyond passing doubts with great promise. But happening three times, those small niggly doubts will be remembered for a while and double checks will be made to be sure progress is better than it was feared it wouldn’t be.

Neptune, in his own sign Pisces, represents a psychic/spiritual dimension beyond average, is the Great Guardian of Spirituality. He is of a very different element, water with no definite form. Gemini, Venus, nor Mercury in Gemini, one of his own signs, are immersed the same way as water, but they are heady in air, logical. Water and air have currents and winds, flow that carries you along their streams, but the view sure is different! At worst Neptune in Pisces is the suffering out of control addict. At best Neptune has empathy, extraordinary visions, does magic and Soul Saving miracles!

Venus is adding her Grace. Neptune hardly notices because he is focused on the intensity of his work. Jupiter in Capricorn sees the special value Neptune offers and give Neptune as much support as possible. Jupiter may publish essential historical documents to record changes and how various decisions were made at any given time. Some of it will be hard despairing news to look at. Some will be hopeful and inspiring as long term changes are finally possible and come true. There will be fumbles and fuming, but Jupiter what is good and best for all. Education will figure in prominently to open people to what could be better ways and show them the benefits. Trust may come quickly or need to be babied along. Do what you can. Keep an open heart; keep empathy handy.

Mars in Pisces recently swam with Neptune, Pisces’ planet, senses the currents, the easiest ways to get where he is going. He is immersing every molecule in the Dream that he may function wholly in its initiation when he gets into Aries, his own sign. In Aries he is the leader, the first responder, consultant, inspires others to take action. If he can do it, they can do it! He will start in Aries June 27 and step up the pace! Mars in Pisces is now leading from behind and within in behalf of the underdog, to help their suffering. He wants us to remember we were once there too. He’s encouraging them to call their formidable talents together to help themselves significantly change this planet.

Mars in Pisces is super sensitive to pivot points that can be used as springboards to areas that need attention to speed progress in a good way. Neptune in his own sign Pisces is a powerful visionary! Music, art, dreams, movies, seeing each other on our cell phones, are all potent ways of seeing, inspiration! Just seeing the sea, ocean sports, ships, seeing the magic of oceanic weather and creatures of the reefs, the depth, not seeing land, gives a broadening perspective that requires a certain faith in the unknowable, unconquerable. We can see further, forever, not know and still continue. Mars can be a silent partner in Pisces, but make no mistake, he is always a leader, even if from behind, no name given. The vision is bigger than any one of us and it will carry itself by its own Spirit!

Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus are neighboring, only 15 mins apart! June 10 as they made their third from the last semisextile of their 13 yearlong sets of aspects that completes in 2021! Chiron is sizzling in fiery Aries, a good business person as well as a healer/teacher, terrific consultant! In this combination a promotional organization would suit his Spirit! Supporting new students, think tanks, getting groups started! Avant-garde ideas, exotic explorations on land or in the lab, unique sports, research for new cures, looking for leaders! All would be exciting ventures! They have been closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect.

Sweeping change is often started with chaos and discomfort. This is our chance to step up for things that will introduce new possibilities. Uranus in Taurus is working for stable global union. Taurus is Earth herself, her lands, indigenous peoples that inhabit them, the Standing Tree People, Stone People, the Four Leggeds, all. Uranus is working for planetary freedom for all beings. Networking is key and Uranus rules electronics, computers, cells, social media as well as planes. All are important means to connect valuably with each other. Friendships open gateways. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

If you use Chiron and Lilith in your interpretations, they make a wild pair. In Aries, Mars’ sign, they have their own power of Leadership. Chiron as healer never promised healing would be easy. In fact, you really have to want to live, to heal and have to step up to the plate. You are not the only person on the planet and at the same time we need you to do your special part. People you don’t even know are counting on you! Lilith says Amen! She can be a tough old bird or a formidable innocent, strong at minimum. She brings women to power that never expected to be there! Some have been so trained to think they aren’t strong it is a shock for them to find out what they can do. What’s even crazier is when they realize they always could have done it!

Cancer is such a deliciously personal sign as well as the sweet neighborhood busybody who looks after everyone.
Thank you, Dear Cancers! We are so blessed by you.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice Astrology Chart!

Cancer 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse Summer Solstice Father's Day

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Capricorn – Cancer Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Saturday/Sunday July 4 at 9:44 PM Pacific, July 5 Eastern 13 Capricorn/Cancer 38

This is a working Moon activated by the brightest star in the Heavens!

2020 Cancer Mother Moon Woman laying on ground before her

Feeling the July hot Summertime Eclipse, own the night……!

4th of July in Pacific, Mountain and Central, on the 5th in Eastern, but all on the same night! This is the third eclipse this season: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse  Barely perceptible…

Our July Full Moon axis defines a perfect 180° Bowl Chart, Cancer the sign of Bowls! The Full Moon axis is past the Chiron midpoint at 9 Aries. Nevertheless, with Mars now in his own sign activating Chiron, Chiron is still a potent factor in the time frame! Chiron is considered to be the wounded healer/teacher. We learn from our troubles, take a look at our mortality, vow to be a better person and help others, especially children, when we can. Chiron can be great in business, in Aries a leader to new goals and new ways of getting there. Some think Chiron is the number one marriage factor in our charts. Cancer and Capricorn want security, trust and support. Aries is holding the position that your backup Ace is always to be able to support yourself by yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The base of the Bowl is Mother Moon in a potent four planet Capricorn Stellium including Jupiter at the same degree as Pluto – just past their June 29 conjunction, and last, Saturn newly returned into his own sign Capricorn July 1! This puts us back into a three outer planet Capricorn stellium until Saturn makes his final entry into Aquarius Dec 16! We are standing in Jupiter/Pluto’s companion aspect Jupiter retrograde sextile Neptune July 27 through the third one, October 12, before the Presidential Election. This grouping carries awareness of great responsibilities, takes a hard look at the past, wants a realistic working system. We can learn wisely from the past. Sadly, some we are sorry for. Other we have outgrown, are done with it! Gladly we have hope for building changes together, collaboratively to make important and timely upgrades. Remodeling and sustainability factor strongly. Capricorn is ace at rebuilding better! Some we keep, some we let go and joyfully replace! 
Sun in Cancer in its annual conjunction with powerful fixed Star Sirius leads the Bowl, lighting the way. Father Sun in Mother Moon’s Sign is a blend of their energies. Cancer is strengthened, noting where to clear the cobwebs, proud of her successes. She shares her blessings with Sun and his heart expands! Mercury in Cancer is assisting, going back over the ideas that have been deep within, helping to bring them to the surface for updating. Things and people need extra care these days. Sun is generous and Mercury tells the stories that connect us. 

SIRIUS, the Dog Star in the constellation Canis Major is the brightest star in Earth’s Night Sky. The name means “glowing” in Greek. For the Egyptians, Sirius was revered as the Nile Star, or Star of Isis. In mythology the dog Sirius is one of the watchmen, celestial guardians of the Heavens. It is fixed in one place at the bridge of the Milky Way, keeping guard over the abyss into incarnation or in other beliefs, it guarded the dead and guided them to the afterlife. 

  • Space.com:  …the actual Dog Days, or “Canicular” days as they’re known, are defined as the period from July 3 through Aug. 11 when the Dog Star, Sirius, rises in conjunction (or nearly so) with the sun. As a result, the classical Greek and Roman belief was that the combination of the brightest luminary of the day (the sun) and the brightest star of night (Sirius) were responsible for the extreme heat that is experienced during the middle of the northern summer. Other effects, according to the ancients, were droughts, plagues and madness.
  • Researcher Elsbeth Ebertin says: ‘Sirius in conjunction with the Sun and well placed in the chart will be found to be the case with numerous important and famous personalities. Possibly, the rise in station is made possible by protection from people of influence.’ If you have this Eclipse’s conjunction in good relationship with your chart factors, or have it so in your birth chart, wonderful! See more about it with other factors.

Sun is in Moon’s sign Cancer, warming Cancer’s heart, giving her strength to do all the caring she is want to do, forever and ever. She makes us the best shelter within her means, raises/teaches children – makes sure we get the best education, homeschooling to college, feeds us from body to Spirit, loves us no matter what from sorrows to success! She may be an artist, a skill sharing business person, a community and cultural leader, an advocate for women and children’s rights, volunteering at the local safe house. She makes sure we have good water.

Moon herself is in her opposite sign, Capricorn. She is an excellent community organizer, has an exceptional instinct for business. Capricorn works hard to build what our families and community needs, to gain respect by professional excellence, often has an outstanding reputation. He excels in law and order, dependability. Cancer brings feelings to him, that law is law, humans are human. She shows him how important background is, how to help rather than only categorize and dispense with. Humans need time to learn and time to grow, often to overcome their past. They need to be shown what can be done and how to do it. One who can be costly to us in our communities can become one of our greatest contributors given a chance. Yes, it usually takes time. They are an investment and it is our part to learn how to be an effective teacher, guide.

Venus now direct is semisextile Mercury in Cancer still Retrograde. Mercury is still perusing and turning mental soil about how we feel about the world today and what to do. We have the Virus, civil unrest, environmental discord. Cancer is all about security, nurturing those who suffer for any reason. Our environment is our ultimate home. Taking care of it is a big job. Mercury was sextile Uranus June 5 and 30, will again July 22. Sun also sextiled Uranus the 30th and Moon trined earlier today at 3:19 PM Pacific. Though past, they are all still close, carrying the messages of innovation, humanitarian efforts, the value of networking and philanthropy. Many have new friends, are looking to places in the world family where proven and productive changes have been made.       

Venus never made that sextile with Mars! She turned forward at five Gemini while Mars was still in Pisces and left Mars behind. They have been traveling closely however… They were within 5 degrees of each other when Mars shifted into Aries. July 4 they become 3°, and stay 3° or less through July 21! There is a side by side effect, sharing ideas. Venus gives grace and longing that spurs Mars to action! Venus tells of how heroic Mars is, inspiring people to take his lead!

Venus does sextile Chiron July 10, Mars makes the conjunction to Chiron July 14! In horary astrology this constitutes a connection of all three, Chiron ‘collects’ the light of Venus and Mars. Venus sweetens Chiron’s leadership, enhances his healing and teaching skills with her gracious ways of saying things and brings valued information. She praises him and he takes a greater stride forward! Mars energizes Chiron to stay true to his cause, not be influenced by distractions or payoffs. Mars is a pro at new beginnings and Chiron has to be medically careful with the healing aspect of his work, but new ways are being called for with the Virus, and even with political and police matters. It is important not to be stopped at important junctures of your work or to be ill, injured or disabled yourself. Stay safe and be well. Take care of yourself first that you may serve.

Mercury Rx in Cancer is leaving his July 1 square to Chiron in Aries, retrograding back to square Mars July 8. Mercury shared updated information with Chiron alerting him to current changes in needs and setting new priorities. Cancer is traditional, but a sign quick to make sensible adjustments. Aries can be so full of straight ahead fire that you have to get his attention first, quickly impart your three liner to-the-point info then see how that goes. If needed, check in again to be sure the whole thing got taken in. If it is an emergency, do your best, but be big about it! Mercury will make the third square to Chiron July 21 the day after the second New Moon in Cancer! By then there will be more news to share. Stay progressive.

Mercury in Cancer can seem like drip to Aries who can quickly dodge raindrops, and there could be some heated words. Ask if there is a better time to talk. Even if there is disagreement and a seeming blow off, know that Mars in Aries is hella fast at taking things in, possibly especially if they make him feel to fight, LOL! He loves challenges! So don’t be surprised if you find him doing what you asked when you thought he didn’t hear! Give it a little time… Caring communications, checking in are essential.

Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus are in neighboring signs less than a degree apart! Those of you with chart factors at 8, 9, 10 & 11, especially in Aries or Taurus, will feel the touch. Chiron is sizzling in fiery Aries, a good business person as well as a healer/teacher, terrific consultant! In this combination a promotional organization would suit his Spirit! Supporting new students, think tanks, phenomenal networking, getting groups started! Avant-garde ideas, exotic explorations on land or in the lab, unique sports, research for new cures, looking for leaders! All would be exciting ventures! They have been closely together in the background…a small but potent 13 year aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto are still in close connection since their second conjunction June 29 and will be on through July 30! The third and final aspect is Nov 12, THE aspect leading up to the Nov 3 Presidential Election. You can see how crucial this aspect is. In Capricorn there is much long term work of necessity. Set your goals and stick with them, revising and updating as you go. DO what makes a difference. Team up with people who are making a difference. Learn from them.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is the most powerful aspect of 2020 after the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto. Saturn and Capricorn have brought the wrecking ball. Pluto brought the Virus and Jupiter is prejudice, but also outing the truth of the violence of racial injustice. Pluto in Capricorn is the Police, both good and bad, and hired killers. Jupiter often exaggerates conditions in initial situations not much is known about. We keep learning as different perspectives are considered. In Capricorn historical situations and what other governments have done can be profitably compared. Tradition is being reassessed. Old icons are tumbled. Jupiter looks for what works better at less cost. Sustainability is a strong factor now due to environmental concerns. Time to make a clean sweep and build much, much better.

Jupiter makes things best, bigger or exaggerated, the worst – like C-19. Pluto is at his microscope looking for that vaccine. Pluto can resurrect or save your life, make money or take your life and all your money, bankruptcy. It can bond your relationship for a lifetime, or there you are filing divorce papers against that cheater! Jupiter can be schooling, trips, publishing, truth and the consequences if you have been a liar no longer getting away with it. Jupiter is so much the traveler, but with the Virus, and Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of limitations, necessities only, no such luck for now. Pluto can be the scandal, fighting over inheritances, funding, or fund the most amazing healing research and a center with exceptional care for victims. We have been seeing amazing caring and people stepping up to the plate. You see this aspect has a great range, extremes. And both can happen at once. Keep your life clean or Jupiter in Capricorn the law, Pluto the Police, will be knocking on your door. If you have the means, do what you can to help survivors, heal the environment long term, provide significant education. Apply for help if you need it. Sometimes we just can’t do it all alone. One day you will be the one that’s doing the giving. Bless you and keep you. When you can, pay it forward.

Jupiter RX sextile Neptune Jupiter’s companion aspect to its conjunction with Pluto soothes the waters, yet keeps the dream alive! Jupiter is publishing and that’s the video, Neptune, of George Floyd, a clearly suffering (Neptune) human at the unkindness of bullies. Jupiter can be bullies – opinionated, condescending and prejudiced. A sextile represents an opportunity. Jupiter also wants the truth and Neptune is what’s hidden. Though a very sad circumstance, Mr Floyd becoming a martyr at the cost of his life, good will come from this man giving his life. Neptune is Spirit. Jupiter is Justice. It’s about time for some Spiritual Justice. Worldwide people are rising. Jupiter is retrograding back to meet Neptune again July 27 and will be in close continuous connection through the third aspect Oct 12. This isn’t over yet. And it all will affect the elections. Do your part. Be kind. Above all, help your mates to register and VOTE.

Seek visionary thinkers with sensible long term plans! We can do this!

Capricorn – Cancer Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Chart!

Cancer 2020 Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse 4th of July

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SECOND Cancer New Moon! 

Monday July 20 at 10:33 AM Pacific 28 Cancer 27

Hard work is showing rewards, Venus/Mercury are moving forward, time to move on!

Cancer 2020 Second New Moon Double Moons, Majestic Mountains Clouds!

Some call it a Double New Moon. If there are two New Moons in a month the second is called a Black Moon. Maybe this too, in the same sign, could be called a Black Moon?

We started with the first new Moon at ZERO degrees, totally fresh! It was seriously engaged with Saturn, the planet of Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn. Saturn was retrograde at ZERO degrees Aquarius, about to return to Capricorn, his own sign. They were askew by angle and Saturn was in an unpredictable sign not always comfortable to Moon, the 27 day planet who tends the hearth fires. Yet she herself changes a lot every 27 days, so, in a way, always something new afoot, and both Cancer and Aquarius are community minded.

This second Cancer New Moon is at 28°, very close to the end of Cancer, experienced. Moon and Sun are imminently exactly opposite Saturn now IN his own sign at 28° Capricorn! Moon is in her own sign, so both are potently in their places of power. Cancer is not always considered a ‘powerful’ sign, but personally I wouldn’t mess with her. She can call the tribe and all her ancestors! Sun is right there with her, and he is the Man! Cancer is food, home and family while Capricorn works in the world, provides protection and shelter. He carries the law while Cancer nurtures with feelings. He makes her aware of their responsibilities, the need for children to grow up successfully. Cancer makes him know how people/children are different, have different timing than his. Both are excellent at business. Cap is a hard worker, takes care of necessities. Cancer broods, at times like a broody hen maybe, but has her finger on the pulse of the people! She knows what people need, and when they will want it, the best emphasis for business.  

With Saturn back in his sign Capricorn we again have a 3 Outer Planet Stellium! Jupiter/Pluto are still at the Bowl chart base, still close after their June 29 retrograde conjunction. Saturn will remain in Capricorn until his final change into Aquarius Dec 16. For the moment, all three are retrograde, but Saturn is now within 5° of Pluto putting all three in working distance of each other. Saturn goes back to 25°, traveling closely within 3° of Pluto until they turn forward. Saturn turns Sep 28/29; Pluto turns Oct 4. Saturn travels more quickly and soon leaves Pluto behind. Jupiter, however, has already turned Sep 12 at 17° and quickly catches up with Pluto for their final Nov 12 conjunction! While together the threesome have many similar ideas but tend to work toward them separately until Pluto and Jupiter get close. Then there is a perhaps a surprising merger, unexpected funding tips the scales. Whatever it is, Jupiter will make it famous. It can be very bad or very good, likely both. 

Important matters will continue to include what’s already on the table: learning, careers, healing/vaccine, free speech, laws and enforcement, justice, human rights, sexuality and gender, money and defunding or funding, boycotting harmful people or businesses, finding new ways to long held matters that have needed changing. Please be kind to each other and do what you can in a good way. Step up to the plate. Sometimes we marvel that such a simple solution wasn’t seen before. Just takes one person to say it, but it might have taken a lot of ideas to make that one finally pop up! 

Another Bowl chart!

New Moon, Moon in her own sign Cancer are leading! Mercury is with them in Cancer following along behind, acting as the sweep. His duty is to help other followers, keep the trail clean behind them. There may be joiners that want to know what’s happening and what they can do. Mercury is logical and credible, while in Cancer more personally concerned, combines thoughts and feelings making nurturing connections. The newcomers join in. They become a family of a kind. 

Mercury and Venus are both now moving forward after their double retrograde June 17 to 24. They complete their entire retrograde cycles July 25 and 28 with the Jupiter RX Sextile Neptune, Venus square Neptune right between them on the 27th! Mercury and Venus retrograde sorted and sifted, thought and talked, smelled the roses and baked bread. So much has changed we are all adjusting and it isn’t done. But they moving forward are putting their ideas into action, exploring new ground in today’s world. Working together is comforting and we can all contribute in our own special way. New alliances are being made as we find certain people want more of the same things we want than what we knew about them before. Circumstances have leveled the playing field and we have the blessing of more mutual goals.  

Jupiter RX Sextile Neptune and Venus square Neptune are making the vision of major planetary changes apparent to many. It will be how we treat our Earth and her beings, including each other. Jupiter wants the whole TRUTH, draws deep from Neptune’s dreams, the fathomless well of Spirit. There are lies, scams, prejudice, judgments, but many will be revealed. Jupiter ultimately wants the long term best for all. This is a time to teach through parables. We can’t all be there, but a well told story makes us feel like we are. Venus is questioning the dream, picks out what she deems worthy. She knows how to ‘dress up’ ideas that at first may appear unpalatable or impossible. She gleans important points that many overlook. That’s one of her special graces. She gets to know people through her appreciation of them and so much more is revealed. Even if you don’t understand, you can appreciate someone’s effort. See also the Full Moon’s last paragraph above.

As with the Full Moon, though still close, Venus never made that sextile with Mars! She turned forward at five Gemini while Mars was still in Pisces and left Mars behind. They have been traveling closely however… They were within 5 degrees of each other when Mars shifted into Aries. July 4th they became within 3°, and stay 3° or less through July 21! They exchanged glances, there was a side by side effect, sharing ideas, but they didn’t collaborate. Venus gives grace and spurs Mars to action! Venus tells of how heroic Mars is, inspiring people to take his lead! Mars liked her, so he is sad to see her go even though he’s very independent.

Mercury does square Mars now and exactly on the Jupiter sextile Neptune the 27th. Mars is now in his own sign Aries! Impatience is likely. Mercury may be going about grumbling under his breath. He tries to be nurturing in Cancer, but Mars may be too pushy or too personal too quick. Mars may prod relentlessly, noisily. He wants new now, but Cancer is traditional. My Mother always did it that way. He likely means well, but Cancer is a more tender sort. She may be looking for security and she intuitively knows he can be gone in a minute to an enticing new opportunity. Mercury may be a little confused at some news and not in the mood, tired and worried, yet has to deal with events as they come. There could be an accident, an upset tummy. Mars just wants to get going! He thinks Cancers just need to make up their mind and get over it! Well, that could be true, but there is a human in there doing the best they can. Take it easy – you don’t want to have words. If you push too hard you may lose their friendship forever.

So Mercury, get your rest, talk when you feel up to par. Mars, just know everyone isn’t like you. You are terrific, but we are all here together. If you are saving a life, then do what you do. Mercury, appreciate what a leader this person is. Hear them out, then per the time frame available, let them know where you stand. Your intuition will serve you precisely for the circumstances at that time. Things can change later. You can too if that’s your choice. Mars, keep standing tall and proud! We couldn’t do it without you!

Mercury is about to sextile Uranus and square Chiron for the third of three times! Sextile Uranus is good connections with friends, such great strange but genius ideas! Good Sci Fi! Square Chiron, it may not sell right away, if ever. Oh well, it was fun. Or, unapologetically write it and keep writing. Get past the business hurdles. Save and keep each version as you go. What doesn’t fit here may be the lead for a second episode, be part of a series, or stand well alone on its own! Give it some time. Work out any publishing problems. The retrogrades undoubtedly brought some new options! Check in with friends, face your business/employment/financial security matters. Check in with proven advisors. Develop a more sustainable outlook about your future. The world is changing as we speak. Some old ways are being rooted out, some new ones are having growing pains. Goes with the territory. Smart networking makes a huge difference. We can put our heads together ~ as they say, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

The continuing Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus are in neighboring signs less than a degree apart! Those of you with chart factors at 8, 9, 10 & 11, especially in Aries or Taurus, will feel the touch. Chiron is sizzling in fiery Aries, a good business person as well as a healer/teacher, terrific consultant! In this combination a promotional organization would suit his Spirit! Supporting new students, think tanks, phenomenal networking, getting groups started! Avant-garde ideas, exotic explorations on land or in the lab, unique sports, research for new cures, looking for leaders! All would be exciting ventures! They have been closely together in the background…a small but potent 13 year aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

This concludes the Saga of the Three Cancer 2020 Lunar Events! Read them carefully, note their differences and the underlying ongoing aspects they ride on. Set your long term goals, then fill in with the steps you will be taking to complete or sustain your Mission.  

Good luck, be safe and be well. Thank you for your good work.

SECOND Cancer New Moon Astrology Chart!

SECOND Cancer 2020 New Moon Astrology Chart!

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Next is the August 3 Full Sturgeon Moon 8:59 AM Pacific at 11 Aquarius/Leo 46!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Dec 15, 2019 Jupiter Trine Uranus Martha's Vineyards Luxury Cottages - Tiny Home Community

Martha’s Vineyards Luxury Cottages or a Tiny Home Community that saves land!

Jupiter trine Uranus was preceded by Jupiter square Chiron Dec 8, only a week before. They have been functioning concurrently. While Jupiter challenged Chiron, he has also been tickling Uranus’s feathers and friends! Jupiter challenged Chiron to come up with current healing news coupled with forgotten traditional herbal wisdom so Jupiter and Uranus can get that information out to broad networks! See more about Jupiter square Chiron!

Jupiter trine Uranus is one awesome combination! This one too, like Jupiter square Chiron, is while Jupiter is newly in Capricorn, less than two weeks!

Jupiter was considered to be the fame & fortune planet, good luck and gambling! However, in a trine, the favorite comes in, winnings are small. Uranus came along in 1781, and it rules friendships, networks, humanity – that’s lots of bodies! And these days it also rules all the electronicery – that’ the computers, the internet, cell phones, another form of lots of bodies! Since Jupiter is also abundance, expansion, phenomenal growth, you get mega fame when Jupiter and Uranus are combined in a lucky trine as well! You become the favorite! This type combination is common in charts of celebrities.

Uranus is the planet of Humanity and Taurus is Mother Earth, the great home of all her inhabitants. It too is a large combination. Jupiter is the largest planet and it makes things bigger than life, has a natural gift for abundance, travels and takes the best from wherever it goes! Taller, both in body and Spirit, it has far vision and is most often right in estimating what’s to come, choices to make. It seems lucky, but it knows a lot from experience, and always aims toward wellbeing. As a terrific athlete, Jupiter makes time and has fun doing it! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with them?!

With Jupiter in Capricorn, all that mojo gets directed where it will do the most good at the best time in the least time! Education is more specific, travel to potential places to do business is successful. Sustainability ensures long term success. Offices, plants, don’t need to be as large, and are more productive. In this position, Capricorn is downright provocative, one project leads to another, an excellent reputation attained.

From the Uranian cutting-edge point of view it is inspiring and satisfying to see his ideas come true! Communities are formed putting people of like mind together. They may live on the same grounds communally or be linked through the internet, cohesive, yet never having met each other. Communities of different purposes may be linked to work on a universal purpose, each contributing a necessary aspect of expertise.

Taurus makes everyday business is a pleasure, shoulder to shoulder, being practical and creative! Fields can be plowed or music can be made, or both! Capricorn is the composer, Uranus the singer with an exotic melodious Taurus voice, loves electronic instruments and overtone singing! Hypnotic. Jupiter will be the promoter who will make it known. Internet excursions could go viral! Work with your astrologer for the magic moment to launch your website or post an exceptional series of videos. Taurus makes sure we walk in beauty. Massage, physical therapy, beautiful bodies flowing freely. Touch and Grace, a kind, sweet patient Spirit. Cosmetics, hair, nails, soft comfy clothes. Organic food good for our health when at home or on the road.

The more your topic is related to these planets and signs, the more likely fame could be yours. Again, check with your astrologer to see if this aspect ties in with your personal astro chart in a good way! It’s at 2 Degs 56 Mins. Earth topics can be real estate – grandiose to tiny sustainable homes, construction, stones, farming the low fertile fields to icy elevation with spectacular mountain views. Animals are specifically goats and cattle, but pigs are earthy too. Jupiter and Uranus are many – herds, a string of horses, flocks of sheep or birds. Big dogs. Jupiter is fire and initiation – teaching, universities, learning by world travel, exotic cultures. In Cap, it is the scientific gambler who loves gaming of all kinds – board games, internet solitaire to multiplayer action videos. It’s the timely publisher! A Pulitzer! BE some place where the luck can happen, especially Dec 13 and 15!

Uranus is the genius ahead of his time, not necessarily social, but very accomplished. He can be the one so odd you don’t know if it is gibberish or intelligence. Those eyes, that hair, the posture, those clothes. Some Uranians can gather millions of people through music, politics. They can be idealists that can lead life saving groups to cults! As change maker evolutionists they can be researchers finding out about pollution, climate change, sustainability – they are always looking ahead to make a difference. In social conditions they are always seeking freedom, for themselves, gender matters, stopping human trafficking and child abuse, animal rights. They look for humanitarian medical cures.

Health and relationships can be related. Doing what you are fitted to do makes for good health. A glowing person attracts a partner who loves you just the way you are. Now that doesn’t mean times don’t change. As an astrologer, we know a good relationship may cause each partner to grow. A lot. Our capacity and capabilities increase and make more things possible than we ever dreamt. It may lead us apart. In the Spirit realm, it’s a win when we step up to our true place. Some lifetimes have many levels. Other people are meant to hold the backdrop in place, be stable, a way station for other Souls to rest at, catch their breath as they proceed. It takes a singular kind of strength, a development of a central Peace, for the Light stabilizers and place holders to maintain their dedication in a good way. Bless them to the core.

And it all could be so simple as learning how to save money growing your own food, having a party to share wise and crazy things with your friends, lots of friends! If ever there was time for group travel tours! Your group could be 3 or 30. It all starts exactly where you’re at. It is all symbolic of potential. And there is always the place your Soul holds among your fellows. If you are a grassroots leader on your home ground, you are right where you are meant to be. If the Great Spirit takes you to bigger places, may you hold that position equally honorably, well and strong. And so it is.

What a salutary last aspect for 2019! Honor to all for our special differences that make us whole together. There is SO much to celebrate!

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Any of these outer planet factors may be activating your Sun and/or other factors in your chart. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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Capricorn Adventurer Bruce Kirkby Backpacks with Goats, Capricorn's animal!

Bruce Kirkby is a dedicated family man, and backpacks with GOATS – the Capricorn animal! ‘Amid the clatter of hooves and tiny bleats, we were under way.’ In the 100 mile pack trip with his 4 year old son Bodi, one of the goats he selected for the trip, the snowy white one, was named Capricorn! Read the story!

Jupiter is an athletic adventurer, loves the challenge, elevation and the great big views! Trekking the mountains, exquisite solitude, are naturals for Jupiter in Capricorn. Capricorn, like the Capricorn animal, mountain goats, has sure footed strength in these rocky areas and isn’t afraid to ice climb! Being in the vastitudes provides a great relief from dedicated Capricorn’s daily work. Of course, you could run the ski resort and do both on the same day every day! Hallelujah!

At this Dec 2 2019 mark, instead of 3 outer planets in their own signs, we will have 3 in Capricorn until March 21, 2020 when Saturn leaves and enters Aquarius! Three plus months. Pluto has been shifting power right and left, especially recently with its conjunct the Ecliptic. That was Oct 30, 2018, but is a long term aspect still in effect. Saturn is powerfully in his own sign, building from the rubble up, fateful challenges, one test after another, sustainability one of the goals. Jupiter keeps the faith going for these hard workers. When they get bogged down, Jupiter comes in with the perspective of the moment to keep them aware of how much they have already accomplished, helps them stand back to reassess processes, and gives them some new ideas to help things go more smoothly. He keeps them mindful of the long term goal.

This is not an ordinary time. Nov 8 Jupiter into Sagittarius followed the 248 year Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic Oct 30, 2018. That event links to the Nov 11, 2019 Transit of Mercury that on average happens 13 time a century, and its sister event the Nov 19, 2019 Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center! Sagittarius is a traveler of time and space genetically arrayed to link with the GC in a nonjudgmental receptivity, always curious. Once these two transmissions are made, Mercury with Solar Light, Jupiter with Galactic Light, Capricorn aims to build what they saw! The divine architect intends to bring them into existence in the most elegant and sophisticated ways possible. He will use the most up-to-date inventions and materials, and you can bet they will be sustainable! 

Everyday Jupiter in Capricorn can be seriously funny! He can exaggerate so ridiculously and outrageously that at times you don’t know whether to believe him or not! And Capricorns can make you laugh until you cry. They know what there is to cry about and make terrific comedians! They nail it! I can just see Jupiter mimicking Cappie’s serious face!

I can also see tall buildings in tall places! Jupiter is frequently tall, that is how they can see where we are going and make those ‘lucky’ choices! Capricorn has no fear of heights or high altitude climates! He will build stout lodges that no snow or wind will ever get through! Jupiter loves the views, his heart swells, loves coming back to a roaring evening fire. Skiing and climbing are great! Sag is fearless, and Capricorn judges to the millimeter and they make those turns on the slopes at top speed. No wasted motion, and perfect timing – first to the finish! Jupiter has made their bets and, yay, they have won again!

Capricorn - Switzerland's Lara Gut Skiing
Switzerland’s Lara Gut-Behrami Skiing 

Jupiter is innately a traveler, so they will build then go to the next site. By summer they are teaching sustainable architecture and construction in Buenos Aires or are in Africa restoring the desert, surfing Australia’s Gold Coast. Jupiter blogs as they go, makes maps, shares hard won tips, time and back saving shortcuts, where the best surf spots are. You either travel with them or are the partner who waits or you never see them again. But what a fascinating combination of amazing storytelling and heroic efforts that make a profound difference! It’s delicious when you do see them and share time!

Sports, in reasonable doses, are a great outlet both for health and keeping our mind fresh. In this case, tired hips, thighs and knees or injuries, might be a problem, likely from a lot of use or a lot of speedy action! Not likely to be overweight unless those hips, thighs and knees are unhappy. Rest will probably be prescribed, and that drives Jupiter nuts! He longs for the outdoors. Cap goes crazy restless grumpy when he can’t work. Sigh. At least, as you age, super memories will be plentiful. Jupiter goes for optimum health and Capricorn research and science can bring the breakthroughs needed for age related matters. Bring it on!

Jupiter can be lazy, easily distracted, runs away, is loud and rudely opinionated or is a fun loving exploratory truth-seeker, friends with all, an amazing promotor, faithful, determined to spread hope, takes the good word the maximum distance possible! Capricorn can be fearful, depressed, sickly when young, or focused like a laser, dedicated, determined to keep their word, be on time, finish a high quality job for top recognition! With the best of both Jupiter and Cap, they could be the wise master or the Oracle with the Truth. Anyway, put them together and you have Jupiter in Capricorn!

Work and play are their MO. Jupiter plays with total abandon, makes living, learning and working a game. Kids love it! Adults find themselves laughing joyously, big, like they haven’t in years! Capricorn learns how to take time out productively, LOL! Business travel with an after trip and an open ticket home works for them. And Jupiter is happy because the trip was a seminar and they learned a lot, shared dinner stories, made new friends and biz connections from all over. Caps work hard, and sometimes the Jupiter hum or singing a song they learned recently makes the time go by faster. Plus Jupiter has a nifty sense of perspective and makes just the right suggestions for adjustments as they work. They get the best results for where they are and what’s available at the current time.

Jupiter gets along with most anyone but others don’t always return the favor. Jupiter is a fire planet of fire sign Sagittarius. Other fire signs and the air signs usually like to play too. Hard worker earth signs may be skeptical of this fun lover. It may take some time to get to know you. Water signs can rain on the parade or make the dance more fun between the raindrops!

Capricorn loves the other earth signs and could be a wee bit cautious of water signs that could wash his building away… He may want to contain them and they might not enjoy that. Water is used to natural flow. Fire and air signs are hard to take seriously, depends on the person. They don’t always seem commitment oriented the same way Capricorn is. But when things just get too doggoned stuffy, they help lighten things up, come up with new ideas and we’re off to the races again!

Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn on Dec 2 is immediately challenging to Chiron in Aries Dec 8. See more about their surprising connection! Concurrently Jupiter gleefully trines Uranus in Taurus Dec 15! If your chart is well connected, it brings great good luck! Though this connection is in earth signs, things are happening fast! Be ready to keep up! Don’t miss this read!

Jupiter shall previously have been in its own sign Sagittarius. Think on what you would like most, that would be best and blessed to do for yourself and the planet. Would you like to learn it or teach it or both?! It’s time may come to be put to work while Jupiter is in Capricorn! They want to make it so!

Adventurer Bruce Kirkby with Family in the Mountains!
Adventurer Bruce Kirkby with Family in the Mountains!

Get the job done and have a great time doing it!

Any of these outer planet factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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Pisces HighLights 2016
Pisces ~ Magical Dimensions, Landscapes of Nether!


Happy Birthdays, Pisceans!

Pisces Joanne Woodward YoungPisces Joanne Woodward Senior

2.27.1930 Pisces, Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward! Numerologist’s delight! LOOK at all those double letters and three letters twice in her last name! Doing the Three Faces of Eve was an easy feat for her! That and being a Pisces chameleon!

Pisces is a sweet lovely sign, though even when Pisceans smile there is a wee bit of a sad cast to their eyes. Their empathy is far more than for any one person; they see the sorrows of the world. But with Venus conjunct her Sun, Joanne was and is a standout beauty! From starlet to white haired senior, she has worn her age well. Capricorn rising didn’t give her and old look, but a wise look. Though considered an ‘old’ sign, they often soften and look younger than their age in elder times. Her Jupiter is in Gemini in good aspect with her Sun. Jupiter is a warm spirited teacher. Gemini scintillates, has instant perception, the gift of an array of voices, is forever young!

Jupiter in Gemini also has an uncanny intelligence to see the outcomes of several futures and picks the one that gives the best return. She sure did with Paul Newman! They were married 50 years, and you can believe they had sympatico charts! Both have Capricorn Ascendants. Her Moon and other factors are in his Sun sign Aquarius; his Moon is right with her Sun Pisces! What bonds. There are other great aspects as well, plus favorable declination combinations to back it all up!

Ever learning, in 1990, Woodward graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, along with her daughter Clea! Newman delivered the commencement address, during which he said he dreamed that a woman had asked, “How dare you accept this invitation to give the commencement address when you are merely hanging on to the coattails of the accomplishments of your wife?”

Philanthropy is a strong suit for savior Pisceans and humanitarian Aquarians. In 1988, Newman and Woodward established the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a nonprofit residential summer camp, and year-round center named after the Wyoming mountain hideaway of the outlaws in Newman’s film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The camp, located in Ashford, Connecticut, provides services to 20,000 children and their families coping with cancer, and other serious illnesses and conditions, free of charge.

Joanne has won Best Actress at the Academy Awards, at the Cannes Film Festival, and two Emmys as well! Quite a woman. Wishing her continued successes.

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Pisces 2016 Highlights!

Astronomy February March 2016 Moon Mars Saturn Antares

Use the moon to find the planets Mars and Saturn, and the star Antares in late February and early March. The green line depicts the ecliptic. Mars will eventually catch up with Saturn on August 25, 2016. As EarthSky.org says: May you be blessed with clear skies!

Pisces TimeLine!

  • December, January, most of Feb, that is Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, there were no exact outer planet combinations, but now there are FOUR in 30 days! Feb 23, Mar 6, 16 and 23, with the one on Mar 23rd holding continuously through May 26!Feb 22 Full Snow Moon 5:46 PM Pacific at 3 Leo 29.
    Feb 23 Second Jupiter Rx opposite Chiron, 20 degrees. FIRST outer planet aspect of 2016!Feb 29 Leap Day! Babies born on 29 February are known as “leapers” or “leaplings”.Mar 6 Second Jupiter Rx inconjunct Uranus. The Jupiter/Chiron/ Uranus threesome continues through September 2017! See more
    Mar 8 First 2016 Eclipse, Solar Eclipse Pisces New MoonMar 16 Second JUPITER TRINE PLUTO at 1:26 PM Pacific!
    Mar 17 Saint Patrick’s Day
    Mar 19 Spring Equinox! Sun into Aries!

    Mar 23 Jupiter square Saturn, first of two times, holding closely through May 26!

    • Uranus and Pluto continue in a close range square. Though no exact aspect will be formed again, the reminder of happenings since 2010 remain with us, many taking years to work through.
    • Chiron & Uranus continue in their many years long journey closely together in the background. More….

2016 Outer Planet Transit Aspects with Pisces! 

Pluto is in mid Capricorn through 2017. Pluto is Scorpio’s planet and Capricorn, is a harmonious sextile sign, an earth and water mix. Pisces is a couple of signs beyond, as sensitive and flowing as Pluto in Cap is intense and sharp! That doesn’t mean Pisces doesn’t get things done. It is so intuitive it saves time, so Capricorn loves that guidance. When Pisces needs a leg up, Pluto senses the need for an overhaul, and Capricorn lends a hand step by step. They have all seen their share of difficulties and are powerful in their responses. Sometimes Pluto and Cap get lost in their moneys and reputation, but Pisces reminds them it has to mean something more or the Soul left behind gets dim. When they all team up, Spirit prevails.

Neptune is in its own sign, still in the first third of Pisces. It is a water Planet in the last water sign seeking a deeper side of life. The Sun’s annual course lends Light to subtle places, our vision is brightened. We stand a little taller, think of ourselves as a beacon in the storms, a master of the tides of Being. Neptune’s immersion makes us know we are all a part of each other. Neptune’s rise on a sea swell lifts us to see glimpses of the possibilities. As we rise and fall, we carry the understanding among us, as natural cycles unfold and at the same time, we are carried further and further into realms we never knew existed. We can be a tidal torrent or in silent suspension. When the Sea is calm, there is a peace beyond anything, anywhere, anytime. We are so still, we can feel ourselves, who and what we truly are.

Neptune brings a pure fusion of choate being. What you denied before becomes apparent. Old seams unravel as the tides of spirit rift the veils. The whole truth seeps in, then pours through us. We are washed clean, freed from residues of what even an old Soul thinks is true. Revelation becomes a verb, and we forevermore know now how to use this technique of evolution. The awakening of Aquarius becomes the seeing of Pisces. Some of this happens gradually over years of time, water over stone; other times it is the Miracle in a moment.

Uranus is just past the mid of Aries, moving into the final half of the degrees. Uranus is the planet of Aquarius and Pisces is the next sign. Aries is the sign after Pisces. Uranus makes the bold proposal. Pisces is not really surprised, but may miss a beat with the wild lightening approach! It absorbs and records the frequency, the vibration, noting its instinctual preliminary reaction. Some think of Pisces as a pushover wimp, but I would respect them. Though generally kindly, if they feel abused, back to the wall, you may find yourself at the bottom of a wave being pounded, or subtly undermined and you never find out where from…. Word to the wise. If your ideas are understood and appreciated, they will give you everything they have got to help save the world!

Chiron is also in Pisces, starting the last third of the sign. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business. Pisceans are feeling the old mythological pains, of body or psyche. They are being called to learn how to heal, often in difficult seemingly hopeless situations. Teaching often entails the healer learning when to let go, move on to plant seeds in fertile ground. Business depends on whether it is Soul inspiring. Otherwise it is a drudgery to Spirit and escapism prevails. Sensitive Pisceans usually do better with partners who are in supportive and encouraging accord, in clean and gentle surroundings, rather than dark confrontive situations requiring constant recovery. Chiron can knock you down, pick you up, and bring a remarkable life!

Saturn is a third to half way through Sagittarius in 2016 as it retrogrades from 16 degrees back to 9 degrees. Factors in your chart from 9 to 16 degrees will be activated one after the other, the 2nd and 3rd times! Saturn is Capricorn’s planet, expecting seeable results on time. It can have a harsh manner, be cool and aloof. In Sagittarius it is more flexible, but still wants a good job done. Sagittarius squares Pisces, a challenge. Pisces can be elusive and illusive while Saturn wants conclusive. Pisces can see right through Saturn’s insecurities, why they need to be so in control. It may take awhile, but Saturn sees that the world doesn’t come to a halt when things, people, don’t go as planned. A little leeway opens doors! Sag likes traveling anywhere and Pisces doesn’t mind. If Pisces needs to get a grip, Saturn is the perfect character builder type to help. Sagittarius reminds them the purpose of the game and encourages them to stop whining and get going! LOL! This combo calls for Pisces to be most understanding in the beliefs department. Saturn in Sag likes to build churches for the true believers, do it by the good book. Pisces meditates and claims to have talked with God.

Jupiter in Virgo is opposite Pisces, and in a manner of speaking is a pseudo T Square, Jupiter representing Sagittarius. Sag is the sign at the midpoint between Virgo and Pisces. All are what we call Mutable signs – changeable, adaptable, moving. Virgo adjusts the schedule to financial standing, health needs. Jupiter seeks a greater range, changes direction when it discovers a more promising opportunity. Being opposite, Pisces may sense this is not for them and widens the gap. Jupiter and Virgo are way too picky, too busy for solitude loving Pisces and they can’t agree on the purpose of the venture anyway. Or, Pisces is drawn along by Virgo’s impeccable data and Jupiter’s generous intention. They may offer Pisces funding to help teach the disadvantaged, save lives with health programs. It may be time for Pisces to hire an assistant to manage events, chauffeur, write their scripts!

Jupiter in Libra (Sep 9) is a Fire and Air combination, SO social and Pisces is so not! But what is an artist, a musician, without their attorney or media manager?! It’s good to open our Spirits more to others around us. Balancing our inner world with the world as it is, scary, amazing, rich, is a maximum fulfillment. We feel more alive. We find ways to buffer our sensitivity while among our fellows. We are glad to offer our perceptions to help others through the nuances of their relationships. We see similarly to Libra in that we can put ourselves in another’s place, be more forgiving and understanding. Teaching is more eloquent, even poetic. Opinions, though often disparate, find ways to coexist as all learn from each other. Jupiter in Libra offers beautiful and inspiring invitations. We feel honored to be among the chosen.

Any of these factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologer for the whole picture!

See the 2016 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns! Make your changes count.

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Pisces ~

Magical Dimensions, Landscapes of Nether! 

Pisces Ocean Fantasy Mermaid Unicorn Fairy Castle

To many Pisceans fantasy is an elemental part of life, all is blended, merged, connected. At the edge of the worlds, beyond within, moving to stillness. No molecule is left behind. We are swept in the tides of all being, shuffled and polished in the tides of life. We merge wholly with some for a time, wave as others pass by. Part of us is part of them, goes with them yet we are still here. Pisces is all and entirely nothing.

Being in love with a Pisces is a union well beyond words. Twin Flames, Soul Mates are terms we often hear. There is knowing with no thinking. Spirits are swirled like a teasing ice cream, the eddies in the tide pool. There are times when each IS the other. Other times there is a disconnect as one or the other wanders into another fascinating world. They may be gone a few moments, years, or simply never return, vanish. It is speculated the Soul takes them where they are needed most. Sometimes there is a need for solitude, to find one’s own center again, then they are back.

Pisceans may be mystifying, no discernable hard facts. They certainly aren’t bookkeepers like their opposite sign Virgo. Earthly organization is not their need, they are on Divine schedule. Definitions are in the moment and depend on who you are with. Time is irrelevant. Money isn’t a matter. Sexuality may be ambiguous.

If Venus is in Capricorn, perhaps there are more standard mores, gritty work accomplished, a platform built for the entertainment, future outcomes levied in. Musicians, composers of excellence.

If in Aquarius, and with Mercury there too, life and sexuality are likely to be different. And that’s putting it mildly. We don’t usually think of Pisces as rebellious, but in this case, watch your mismatched socks! Don’t be too surprised if they are spiritually radical – that can be dedicated to atheist! Either way, those beliefs are super important to them. Oh can they play and sing! Melodious or off key, bizarre to exceptional, they are enchanting. Bright colored birds of many iridescent colors.

If Venus and Mercury are in Pisces with their Sun, they will more truly please themselves, be the most unpredictable as they morph to whomever passes by and catches their fancy, experimenting with the nuances of life. Early in life they may be very vulnerable and naïve, and when older you can never fool them. They know before you do. This combo is most susceptible to sorrows and addictions. It’s important to keep company with people who love who you are, celebrate and encourage you. This magical mix loves the night and has phenomenal dreamtime!

If Venus and Mercury are in Aries, you might never guess them to be Pisces! Aries is blink-of-the-eye fast, first and furious! Of course, Pisces helps with that because their intuition responds before Aries senses the need to act! Double time quick! In Aries any meditation or sitting still, being dreamy and wondering, doesn’t last long! Aries wants to DO, be there, get things rolling, lead the troops! Pisces believes in the cause, Aries puts it into action. A walking, or better yet, running meditation suits.

If Venus is in Taurus, things are steady and true blue. There’s a slower pace, flowers and danger of wine and chocolates. Sweet voices, an elfin face, whimsical Spirits. They may have a garden by the sea, harvest the seaweed at the shoreline, sit at the foot of a tree, spend hours lost in contemplation of nature. Sometimes money matters more. Touch may calm them. Beauty pleases them.

And, of course there can be mixes of the above that give different flavors and talents. There are flavors with Pisces, and with any sign. Venus is up to 47 degrees from the Sun, within the same sign or up to two either side. Mercury only up to 28 degrees, in the same Sun sign or its neighboring sign. Go to Astro.com, Free Horoscopes, to find where your planets are. If you don’t know your birth time, use 12 PM, midday.

Doing business with a Pisces is not by the book. Imagination takes them and you on amazing rides. If it’s a serious gotta sign these papers, a deadline, keep sessions short and focused in an undistracting place. If they are bored, they simply change the channel and they escape! If it’s a brainstorming session you’re in luck! Open the doors and windows, cater the lunch, record, put your feet up on footstools, go to the beach! If it’s bookkeeping, report simply and get to the point. Human Resources are always a challenge. Pisceans forgive and understand, want to help, and be sure to give a good severance if we must let them go. You may have to do a takeover and offer to do it for them.

Pisceans do better with work that helps others – charities, saving animals and people, the planet. Many of them have been down themselves, and with their empathy at high volume, see the needs. They see the future as it could be if change isn’t made. Prevention is a key part. Some of them are down on their knees, one on one with children. Some are in great hardship at disaster sites doing recovery work. Others are in research labs tinkering with tiny things that mean a lot. Others are on stage blasting the message through story and poetic songs, both heartbreakers and inspiration that moves hearts of stone!

Health matters are sometimes obscure, hard to define. Other times, if obvious weight, drug or alcohol addictions, who needs a doctor?! It’s self evident. Feet, the part of the body that stands under, understanding, are Pisces’ domain. Swelling, allergies, sleep, dream disorders can be concerns. If you are a sensitive, you may be psychosomatically susceptible to other people’s illnesses. Since Pisceans have such acute hearing, are so sensitive to music and sounds, hearing and ear issues may happen at one time or another. Pisces is considered visionary, and that applies to your eyesight as well. It can be both psychologically or physically. We can be blinded, in denial. In astrology, people with important or many factors in the 12th (Pisces) House, Neptune with Moon, Sun, or at the Ascendant or Moon or Sun in the 12 House may have these issues as well. Get some good grounded help from reliable healers with a proven record of success.

Meditation, rest, music are helpful healers. Hydrotherapy, negative Ions by the sea, swimming, floating take you away. Doing service, volunteer work, the ‘Mission,’ takes your mind off things, and builds an aura of confidence as dream becomes reality.

Psychic Pisceans can be anybody’s twin. They know you, have many talents. Clairaudience is clear hearing. They can be clairvoyant, have clear vision as they view the sweep of life or location around you as events unfold. Their dreams are often predictive. Clear guidance is given in the ideas upon awaking. Levitation is not unheard of. Shapeshifting is common. It’s pretty funny when Pisceans are looking for a psychic. They have a hard time finding someone who sees more than they do themselves!

Neptune, the Pisces planet, will be IN Pisces until 2026, another 10 years! You might say, oh I have plenty of time, but it depends on what the degrees are in your personal chart. It will activate different factors as it goes along, or if your factors are in the first third of the degrees, it will be done with yours this year!

It is magical to have your planet in your sign! The romance of the ages dances before your very eyes! Neptune takes 168 years in its orbit, so it will be a long time before it is in Pisces again! Really take it in, be alive to it, ask for it to be in your dreams, in the mist of the surf you breath on the incoming tide! Feel the salt on your skin. Take a cruise to a sacred site. Open a seaside restaurant or sport business. Spend time at the beach, listen to the waves. Try windsailing, paddle boarding, or get a kayak. Walk under the starry heavens at night….

It’s an elemental embrace. And you are part of it.

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Happy Birthdays, Pisceans!

Pisces Coral Idaho Grape Montipora capricornio
coral polyp is an invertebrate animal! This is Idaho Grape, Montipora Capricornis.

You are the Beauty of our Souls!


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Jupiter square Saturn Hurdler Leo Rollins, Virgo Pearson

Sending earlier this year so you can plan ahead for important life events. Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar! With your appointment book/calendar in hand…. Remember, each of these factors activates each person’s chart differently. Check with your astrologer for how they affect your personal chart!

Here is the line-up!

Chinese Year of the Blue Wood Sheep!
Astronomical Treats of 2015!

Planetary Backdrop – Sign Changes
Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!
Potently Timed Jupiter YOD Chiron & Pluto, Trine Uranus!
Months long Saturn square Neptune
Summer Jupiter square Saturn, Last in Leo!
Jupiter opposite Neptune, Jupiter’s First Aspect in Virgo!
Jupiter Opposite Chiron, Inconjunct Uranus!

Retrogrades – Mercury Air Signs, Venus
Stelliums – Powerful Gatherings of Planets
Chinese New Year, NEW Moon, SIX Planets, Chart!

GrandMother Moon – Eclipses and Otherwise

Read it all in Cerena’s 2015 Newsletter!

Blessings, and have a great 2015!

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Scorpio – Fires Within

Wednesday Oct 26 | 12.56 PM Pacific | Super New Moon | 3 Degrees Scorpio   This is the 5th of 2011’s 6 Super Moons.  Super Moons are when the Moon is 90% or greater of its closest approach to Earth.  When it is a full moon, it appears as much as 15% bigger!  They indicate more intensity, higher tides, strong storms if there is one, higher seismic activity.  This is a NEW MOON, and Scorpio is noted for intensity of the deep dark water variety!  Records could be set, relationships could start or crumble, there could be revelations about money sources, resurrection of old alliances, brushes with death, healing through saturation/immersion, miracles!  Time alone may be deeply needed and appreciated, a transfixion of quietness.  This is happening midday, so you may need to get away, take a bit later lunch, to meditate or have a private meeting.  Being a new moon, perhaps it is small beginnings, let things grow in their natural way.  The temptation is to use force, but avoid pushing at it, causing a distortionate break or growth ahead of its time.  Being only two days before the Jupiter trine Pluto puts it in that aspect’s hot zone!  There may be an ebb then a leap!  Read on….

Thursday Oct 27:  Occultations are Eclipses too, not just Moon/Sun Combos! They occur when planets are lined up both horizontally and vertically, exactly in the line of sight! Some years they happen again and again, often to the same planet. 2011 there are only 3, all formed by the Moon to different planets – 6.30 Venus, 7.27 Mars, 10.27 Mercury.  Oct 27’s Moon occultation Mercury is our last of the year.  Moon is emotional, Mercury is logical, and they are making a merger!  Feel what you think, say what you feel, but be really careful because this one is in Scorpio.  You can’t take back what you have said, and it may cut deep.  If a conversation even hints at turning South, let it go, NOW.  There may be an unanticipated price down the road, even revenge.  And it takes a lot of effort to repair, sometimes can’t be repaired.  The other side is someone may tell you something more valuable than you even realize at the time.  You may be healed or given a key piece of information that transforms you, your situation, relationship.  And it may be a blessing in disguise.  There could be an ending that serves you well in the long-term, and actually has been overdue.  Be able to engage, listen big, disengage if needed.  It’s a life skill worth having.  This is especially true this occultation because first Mercury is activated by its direct alignment with the Moon at 22 Scorpio at 7:08 PM, then the Moon passes over Venus at 23 Scorpio at 9:23 PM, just a little over 2 hours later!

First the New Moon quiets us, making us thoughtful in behind-the-scenes observant Scorpio, on the 26th.  Then the Moon, Mercury, Venus combination makes us extra aware of home and family, about love, the 27th.  It opens our capacity to attune, speak our love and affection, to kindly and potently tell what we want, both personally and in business, to see more clearly how we can make the money to support ourselves, loved ones, do things we naturally love.  These are the catalysts and a poignant part of the forming Jupiter trine Pluto, exact the very next day, the 28th, at 9:46 AM Pacific!

Friday Oct 28 Second Jupiter trine Pluto at 5 degrees Taurus and Capricorn.  This and the Jupiter sextile Chiron (the next one will be Dec 6) have been the aspects that have kept the Stock Market up this year.  Jupiter is expansionary, lucky, wise, foresees the directions things will take, is optimistic, will take long odds and win!  It has an extraordinary ability with perspective, watches the big picture, is playful.  Can’t keep a good Sag/Jupiterian down!   Pluto is the planet of wealth and Chiron of business!  Pluto cleans up messes, is expert at rebuilding after losses, recovery from illness, never says die!  When in top order, it is a clean machine!  Deep and internal cleansing, firing people who are not able to make the returns needed, are its forte.  Though at times painful for the recipient, in the long-term, the move is usually the best and reform and transformation happen.  Jupiter wants space; Pluto wants mergers and deep intimacy.  So, if a merger happens, it is probably a better deal than usual.  There has to be a real attraction for Jupiter to see a future in it and accept the transaction.  It will likely be a long-term value.  See more at last month’s pre Jupiter trine Pluto post.

Jupiter is fame, fiery, education, and speed sports; Pluto is death and healing, charisma, power.  The first trine was July 7 – on  July 8 we lost Betty Ford, died at the age of 93. She was known primarily for her work post-whitehouse and for founding one of the most famous rehabilitation facilities (The Betty Ford clinic) in the world. Widow of former president Gerald Ford.  Coming into this second trine, we have lost two.  1) Steve Jobs Oct 5 (4 degree trine): Chairman and Co-Founder of Apple, died due to  complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 56. Jobs was known for his keynote speeches that were given each year to update the loyal Apple followers, as well as his enlightening interview style.  2) Oct 16 (2 degree trine): IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon died after suffering severe injuries in a spectacular 15-car wreck at the Las Vegas Indy 300. He was 33 years old. The two-time Indianapolis 500 winner (including this year’s event) was critically hurt when his car sailed over the top of another during a massive, fiery wreck on Lap 11.  Ironically he had been driving test cars to avoid exactly that.

All of these people made powerful contributions, each in their own way.  May they rest in Peace.  And may we LIVE this aspect well, and carry on its teachings with Grace.

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Lights on, heads up!  Get out your Jupiter thunderbolts and let’s dance!

July 2, Dec 6, and Feb 14, Valentine’s Day 2012, Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Chiron in Pisces! This one will be while Chiron is at 5 Pisces, the first of the three times. July 2 is the last day of the Sun Grand Square, so the build up to this sextile will be challenging, and the challenge will be helped by the teaching healing perspectives the sextile brings. In addition, the Grand Square will be helped by the concurrently building first-time July 7 Jupiter trine Pluto in Capricorn only 5 days later! That will bring phenomenal growth, power, possible wealth, and potential teaching healing, intensify complex situations. I doubt solutions will be simple or immediate, but they will certainly be fascinating! July 7 is the first day of the Venus Grand Square through the 13th, so the follow through needs a bit of finesse. Let love soften the obstacles even, perhaps especially, when the going already seems good. This will be like a little super challenge. Make a point of loving it uP!

Chiron and Pluto are both thought to be healers. Chiron is concerned with teaching, marriage and business, all partnerships of a kind. Teacher/Student, you and your mate, your business/customers – clients/partners.  In Pisces, they need to be magical!  Fiery spirited Jupiter likes teaching too. It travels about, goes to college, gathers a plethora of knowledge, stories, experience, inter cultural sharing, and brings it to the table for exchange. Jupiter is not so often interested in marriage, can be hard to catch. They are off to another adventure. They can be truth tellers, having points of view acquired on the road.  They see you well because they don’t know you, yet are astute observers since their survival depends on instant appraisals. Whether it be about you, your attitude, or the dynamics in your relationship, they likely have at least a part of the truth. True, they can project, seeing through their own lens, but still, what in you called that up in them? Jupiter is not as interested in money as Chiron and Pluto are. They make do as they go. They laugh and love, have fun, are offered shelter for their stories, do an odd job or two here or there, just enough for food maybe. They have expansive ideas, can see further beyond, since they must anticipate the weather, the temp of the locals, where it’s safe or not. Often their suggestions pan out, quite worth your hospitality, let alone the entertainment value!

Pluto is a no fool-around planet.  It seeks the Great Mystery, unabashedly looks at sex, wants to know how money works, and how it is we come to live and die.  It especially doesn’t fool around in Capricorn, that wants the job done toot sweet.  If things are not working, good, you find that out, done with it.  If you are going up the mountain at a steady pace, good, progress.  Cut losses when it makes sense, less whining, more doing.  It’s all ok.  Focus, use good timing, don’t give up.  Seek coaches and mentors right now!  Jupiter will laugh with you all the way to the bank because it has big ideas and is a great direction finder!  It just knows where the good stuff is!

Both these aspects are positive in classical astrology, so invite a teacher, traveler, soothsayer, to your table. Then listen. Learn about healing – of body, mind, Spirit. Plan a clever party, and laugh because you can and it’s even fun when you are on your knees!  Be free and thankful!

Make your appointment for a reading to see which areas of your chart these and other factors are activating!

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Stand tall, Live deep, Love well!

June 21 we finished the last day of the Mercury in Cancer Grand square with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. Some communications were stressed; there were some breakthroughs, there is still some fallout from decisions made at that time, regrets over contracts made or not made. This Grand Square was the first activation, of the SEVEN time Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. This was the first grand square formed with these planets since Uranus came within 5 degrees of its square to Pluto in the last week of April 2011. This long time, continuous Uranus square Pluto won’t become exact until June 23, 2012! It will continue in a 5 degree or less square with Pluto the entire time until June of 2015! Currently, the Uranus square Pluto has been further activated by two more Grand Squares.  The Sun in Cancer is finishing the June 26 to July 2 set, and will be followed by the Venus in Cancer set, July 7 to 13. Last, during Leo, Saturn having moved on, Mars in Cancer will T Square the remaining Uranus square Pluto August 9/10. Then, the Uranus square Pluto will be fully activated, charged! So, four planets, four different ways of doing, kinds of energy, are in process of activating the Uranus/Pluto square.

These 4 planets are adding the 4th component to the Grand Square, Cancer.  In the US, that is Mama Liberty that stands at our New York gateway, indicating giving shelter, a home that may be far away from loved ones.  Cancer is Mother’s love, unfailing or abandoned, skilled or doing the best one can.  Cancer provides a home in the Soul, and a homestead when possible.  It’s a water sign, irrigates the crops, keeps the nutrients coming.  Emotional, Cancer is onboard with how people are feeling, in sync with natural cycles, number one in business, great at the stock market!  Consumables are its best business, the things we need to live – clothing, food, toothpaste, home furnishings, storage devices, and especially, kitchen items.  These 4 planets ‘speak’ in behalf of our daily needs, a cherished regard that makes our flower bloom.

The Grand Square series opened with Mercury, amazing exchanges of information.  The Sun is bringing a more tender and personal yet creative perception.  Venus will add a touch of sweet, a more kindly attractive rendering.  All have been and will be tempered by Saturn in Libra’s standards, perhaps a taste of reluctance or caution! Mars will have no such constraints as Saturn shall have moved on out of the Grand Square. Mars will spontaneously act in behalf of potential being born right before our eyes! Blending old structures with new internet and electronics, resurrecting forgotten inventions and inventories, deconstructing and reusing secret resources and alliances, thinking 100s of years ahead, will be valuable skills. Retirement opportunities will be like never before. New careers will be invented at a breathtaking pace! The role of Fatherhood and Manhood will be relieved and enhanced. Archaeology will reveal further profound information.

This Uranus square Pluto goes through June of 2015. The face of governments will go dramatically toward sustainability. Protecting green assets and water will become more important than protecting oil interests.  Concerns of right and reasonable uses of resources will be at the top of our list.

May we meet all our challenges, may it go well with you.

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Sai Baba – Astrological Birth and Death Charts

Scorpio - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Easter.  Today, that day of Resurrection, is the day the Great Master, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, chose to leave his earthly body.  What a message.  We are born again.

Here is the chart of his birth.  What is most unique is that he never left India to bring his message to the world.  At 84, he was revered by millions worldwide, with ashrams in over 126 countries.  Devotees included high-placed politicians, movie stars, world-class athletes and industrialists.  Over my lifetime, I have had friends who were with him when he performed some of his miracles.  I am a believer, and am sad at his passing, blessed that he lived, for my friends’ miracles were real to me and changed me too.

Sai Baba – Scorpio Sun & Ascendant, Moon Cancer

Saturn was next to his Sun in Scorpio when he was born, made him like a Capricorn as well as a Scorpio.  One of Saturn/Capricorn, abilities is apporting – the ability to materialize things out of thin air.  My friends saw him make roses appear in his hands, and the sacred ritual ash, Vibuthi, for their foreheads.  With Saturn at Baba’s Ascendant and Sun, he was a hard worker, and likely life was not always easy.  He never married or had children.  They say we teach what we need to learn.  Baba’s Venus and Mercury were in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Aquarius, a love of spiritual teaching and people of all places.  His Mars was in Taurus, an enduring warrior devoted to his purpose, a founder.  His Moon in Cancer gave him a love of home, so he built an ashram, a spiritual home for people to come live and learn with him.  Crowning his chart is Neptune in Leo, at 26 degrees in a positive exact trine with wth Galactic Center, 26 Sagittarius!  Spirituality fit for a king, major fame, though most Scorpios like to operate from behind the scenes.  Another thing that brought this man forward was that four of his planets, Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury were all in his first house, the Aries house, making him sacrifice his privacy for leadership!  Or you could say he led from behind since his medium was meditation and spirituality, both invisible!

Baba’s Death Chart, Easter April 24, 2011, Puttaparthy, India at 7.40 AM

It is thought by many that the sign you die in is the one you reincarnate in!  So here he went with Sun and Ascendant in Taurus, the opposite sign of his Sun and Ascendant he had this life, Scorpio!  Pluto and Moon are in Capricorn, the opposite sign they were in this life, Cancer!  In both instances, he has gone the maximum distance, reach, across the zodiac!  He leaves us during a 5 planet Aries Stellium (cluster of 3 or more planets in the same sign), a champion even in death.  The Ascendant of his death chart is 29 degrees Taurus, a classic degree in horary astrology of something to weep about, the degree of the 7 Sisters, the Pleiades.  Indeed.

Death Chart around Birth Chart 

Difficult Aspects
Pluto in Capricorn at his natal South Node – controversy over past leadership/authority/integrity
Neptune/Chiron Pisces square natal Venus/Mercury Sagittarius – unsurety over management of the Satya Sai Central Trust, estimated to be worth over $8.9 billion, or much more, and issues of fake miracles.  No successor has been named to run the trust.  Venus and Mercury are money and naming.  Neptune and Chiron are spiritual business, the unknowable, miracles.
Saturn in Libra and Mercury/Mars/Jupiter in Aries forming a T square natal North Node, Moon, Pluto in Cancer – controversy over sexual abuse of devotees, fake miracles, the June 1993 killings in his bedroom.  Oops.  Saturn can be rather merciless, wants an accounting.  Mercury/Mars/Jupiter search for the truth.  Moon is bedrooms/at home, Pluto is vast sums of $, death, mysteries.

Positive Aspects
Neptune/Chiron Pisces sextile natal Mars in Taurus
– hopefully things will be worked out with the Trust leadership and the good works will continue
Uranus/Venus in Aries trine natal Venus/Mercury in Sagittarius – world love and leadership will network to carry on teaching the message, helping to focus for the June 5, 2012 Venus Transit and Mayan Crossroads/Sacred Tree Dec 21, 2012
Jupiter in Aries sextile natal Jupiter in Aquarius – Jupiter rules fame, orthodox religion, state ceremonies, funeral rituals, truth, teaching, expansion.  Perhaps much more will come to light about Baba’s life in the next few years.  However that may shake out, he brought millions of people planet wide to spiritual insights and practice.  Millions of people in conscious practice are needed to keep the balance in a frightened world.  They will carry the power of the tipping point to a better life.

Steady in the Light and your Practice.  In Love, Cerena

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Aries rules your head, and red, and hats!  The Aries Jupiter super charged Stellium is still ON!

April 20/21, the Sun enters Taurus as Venus enters Aries, and the amazing 5 Planet Aries stellium continues!
April 29, the Moon joins making it SIX, again!!!!
May 1, we’re back to 5 as the Moon enters Taurus, leaving the 5 planets in Aries until May 10, when Mars enters Taurus.

Aries is like the hot pepper in your cuisine! Spice of Life, invigorating, inspiring, lights your fire, leads the way, no questions asked! New is most excellent! How can we not talk in superlatives?! See both last month’s Aries Stellium write-up and December’s 2011 Super Jupiter Charged, Aries Stellium post!

April 20 on, Mars will be in close conjunction with Jupiter until it is exact April 30 at 9:26 PM! This is record setting energy to the power of ten! There is a strong desire to teach through experience/action, travel, exercise, ride bikes, know the TRUTH, be free and independent! Assert your rights in a clear manner, say what you would like to see happen. Ahem, you may feel more sexual than usual. Ummmm. Fix things up, let no sleeping dogs lie. Clear your closet, do that spring cleaning you have put off for years. Replace guilt with action! Just get started. Sometimes that will carry you right on through the entire project! Just do what you can, perhaps delegate the rest? Let’s roll! The 30th, go to the Farmers’ Market for fresh flowers – you will need them next morning, May Day, celebration of fertility!

As mentioned before in the Sagittarius 2010 Sneak Preview, on April 29th through May 1st, 2011, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, 6 planets, will all be ON FIRE in Aries! Unbelievable passion, magic of Spirit! Your Mother is impatient, your pen is pissed and potent, your Lover is sweet HOT, careful not to run the red light, exercise is a no-brainer, the mighty Truth stands on its hind legs and bites, change is electrifying and defying, a challenge to be alone together!!!!

April 29, the Moon starts with a conjunction with Uranus, a wildcard that can bring family, independence and community together as one!
April 30, Moon conjuncts Venus, then Mercury, while Venus opposes Saturn. Values imperative, brought back to basics. Losses versus accomplishment, love and family aligned across the table with business. Clear-the-air valuable exchange of ideas.
April 30, Mars conjunct Jupiter – see above please
May 1, 7:51 AM, to top it all off, Moon conjuncts Jupiter, then only 30 minutes later, conjuncts Mars ruler of Aries, all at the same degree! That’s a Sunday, May Day, BELTANE! Off for AM bagels and flowers! Better yet, plan for bagels in bed, crumbs and all, who cares, it’s going to be HOT boundless energy! If it goes awry, you could be angry, defensive, or the defender of all helpless women and children! One way or another, it will be a marvel! No running red lights in front of that officer no matter how lucky you feel! But GO! Go somewhere new and fun that you have never been to before! It’s a shot in broad daylight! A great chance of success! Make the launch!

The stellium (3 or more planets in a sign, not including Sun & Mercury) will cover the whole range of Aries, where will this energy spike be in your chart?! Let me pick the best chart for you! The 30th will be better for some of you, May 1 for others!

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