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Full Strawberry Moon – Sun Cancer, Summer Solstice!
Mutable Cross, Grand Square ~ Jupiter Trine Pluto!

New Moon  – Cancer Stellium, Sirius opposite Pluto, Grand Water Trine!

Full Buck Moon! – Uranian T Square Inconjunct Mars Links to Grand Water Trine!

Gemini Full Strawberry Moon, Sun Cancer ~ Summer Solstice!
Mutable Cross, Grand Square ~ Jupiter Trine Pluto!

Monday June 20, 4:02 AM Pacific at 29 Gemini/Sagittarius 33

Full Strawberry Moon

This luscious Full Moon, the second in Gemini, in the last 12 hours and last degree of Gemini, is opening the Gateway to Cancer with a spread of fully enriched data and the wisdom to know what to do with it! Cancer, ever the scholar, is delighted! Full Moon is 4:03 AM Pacific, the Sun enters Cancer 3:34 PM! Happy Summer Solstice!

SECOND Gemini Full Moon! The May 21 Full Flower Blue Moon was at 1 Sagittarius 14. This Full Strawberry Moon is 29 Gemini/Sag 33! In Blue Moon parlance, the current popular definition is the second Full Moon in a month is a Blue Moon. So in astrological parlance (a sign equates roughly to a month), since this is the second Full Moon in the Sign, I’ll call it a Blue Moon too!

The three Gemini Moons each supported an outer planet transit combination!

  • The May 21 first Full Moon, the Flower Blue Moon, brought in Gemini, and Mercury turned forward/direct the next day, and opening the gate before the May 26 last Jupiter square Saturn!
  • The June 4 New Moon opened the new cycle that set up the June 17 second Saturn square Neptune that remains with us until Sep 10. That square precedes this Full Moon by only three days, the square giving its support to the Strawberry Moon!
  • This June 20 Full Strawberry Moon happens just before, the same day the Sun goes into Cancer, and supports the June 26 Jupiter trine Pluto! 

June 17 Saturn Square Neptune was three days ago preceding the Strawberry Moon
xxxx20 Full Strawberry Moon, Happy Cancer and Happy Summer Solstice! It opens the last gate to the last Jupiter trine Pluto.
xxxx26 Jupiter trine Pluto is an empowering combination, that gives Mars strong impetus
xxxx29 Mars turns forward, direct. A few days after the 29th energy will be released, starting a forward momentum.

That’s the potent and complicated backdrop for this Full Moon at 29 degrees, the last degree of a sign. We reach a maximum maturity, last chance, might feel at the end of our rope, a cycle is ending, we are itching to go on! In Gemini there is a sense that our breath is critical. How we breathe, what we choose to pay attention to that entertains our air space. What we choose to breath back out, release. What is ethical, undeniable, must be spoken for our life to line up with our Soul’s commitment. We are at the threshold. The past is the past, choices are made, we go forward even if we don’t choose and not choosing becomes the choice. And so it is. Breathe well.

Moon and Sun are leaving squares to Chiron behind. Chiron is at the point of their T Square. About five days ago Sun challenged Chiron, the healings, teaching, maybe even added to the trouble. One person’s many ideas, confusing and overwhelming. Or they kept up the dialogue until someone finally listened and a breakthrough was made. There was logic versus intuition, possibly words were finally spoken and understanding dawned. Moon followed late yesterday, emotional, fiery, passionately encouraging, wanting us to look ahead, see the potentials for better or worse, just wanting the truth, meaning well. Chiron may have felt overwhelmed by that too, but infinitely glad someone cares even if you can’t get a word in edgewise, LOL! Will think about it.

Mercury, Gemini’s planet, is forming the fourth point of the Mutable Cross, Grand square! It is same degree opposite Saturn, one degree square Neptune, closely square Jupiter!

  • Jupiter is leaving Saturn, but Mercury is inviting a little more thinking about things. Jupiter wanted big and technically excellent. Saturn wanted to build but perhaps not in the expected location. Jupiter is generally trusting, but in Virgo skeptical. Saturn wants the facts, Sag says oh just let’s get on with it, or suggests yet another location – they love to travel! Saturn may be in denial, but Jupiter isn’t about to let that pass. And on around it goes. Now Mercury has heard it all and in one of its own signs, chats it out, brainstorms, possibly getting an unexpected consensus! Or, so much more input will be added, it all goes over the top, each going their separate ways. Forget about it! Huh. But none will be the same as before….
  • Saturn and Neptune will square June 17, coming right up! Mercury is logical, and downright smart in Gemini! It’s the same degree opposite Saturn in Sagittarius! Saturn may listen, though you gotta weave your way through the Sagittarius opinions, dropping hints and ideas here and there. One thing leads to another. Serious Saturn is keen on reality, and Sag loves another good story, so keep dropping those bread crumbs. Take ’em to the show so they can see it for themselves. Saturn might want you to make an appointment, show proper respect. Gemini is youthful and Saturn can be the cool Master. Keep your dignity, or make them laugh in spite of themselves! There’s no way to sneak up on Neptune. They know you’re on the way before you do! At times their intuition will trump your logic. Fine. Other times your fine logic will show them what a fool they have been and they will thank you for it. Sometimes it will seem like they are a confused mush, you could look right through them like glass, and no one is home. How do you talk to that?! If there are addiction issues, that could be true. But don’t confuse that with their waking dreams, or underestimate them or their dreams. They have magic on their side and it usually will prove out. They can be super dedicated Souls. There will be perfect times for each of you to use your talents.

Mars is potently in station, ‘standing still,’ at 23 Scorpio. If we use a 1 degree range for the station, it started June 18, Mars directs, turns forward, June 29, continues within 1 degree until July 12. It inconjuncts Uranus while retrograde June 18 and when direct July 13. This whole period of time will call for wider awareness, and because of that, adjustments. It makes sense to look aside, check out a side trip, pay attention, not let things slip by. We can be dazed by the wild Uranus in Aries, explosive, entertaining, strange and wonderful. Mars in Scorpio often feels invisible and invincible, inordinately curious! Either of them can have a temper. Uranus goes off like firecrackers; Mars in Scorpio smoulders. If you feel the heat rising, leave right now. Backup may be wise. If Uranus is complacent, not their usual venue, it could be a kickstart from Mars is on cue! If they are valuable but scaring people and losing their audience, Scorpio can show them how to hang onto themselves. Maybe one or both of them needs an adventure to spice their life. Can do! Be aware of how others may feel, be ready to take responsibility for any consequences. The ‘friendship’ may be short lived, but never forgotten!

Whatever didn’t happen when Jupiter squared Saturn, and you might even be glad for that,  will more than be made up for by Jupiter trine Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign, June 26! This will be their last of three trines, so make the very, very best of it! This is MEGA SUPER TRINE! It’s known as a wealth aspect, great for healing! Jupiter itself is considered fame and fortune in old time astrology. In Virgo it can be for writers, any kinds of daily services from nursing to bookkeeping, pet care, landscaping, housekeeping, etc. Jupiter is publishing. Get your blog going. Travel can be for healthcare seminars. Pluto wants healing, Capricorn rules careers and elders. Building and real estate. Pluto rules all kinds of major monies – inheritance, banking, loans, grants, insurance. CEOs, corporations. Think big! See more!

The Full Moon Gemini Sun is in close longitude with Polaris, the Pole star, 28 GE 34! Polaris is at the north pole, never sets, stands almost motionless on the sky, and all the stars of the Northern sky appear to rotate around it. Other stars along this circle were the pole star in the past and will be again in the future, including Thuban and Vega. Polaris has been close to the actual position of the north pole for over 1000 years. Polaris has long been an important star to sailors, caravans of old winding their way over the desert by night and others who navigated their way by the stars. It is currently located almost directly overhead as seen from the North Pole.

The planet, Uranus, was discovered one degree longitude away from this star.

According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and in some degree like Venus. It is said to give indifference and improvidence of spirit, and to lead to many troubles. By the Kabbalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Tau and the 21st Tarot Trump “The Universe.” The Chinese considered the Pole Star as “the great honorable Lord of the Heavens”. Other races too had high admiration for it, and one can draw the conclusion that, in a relevant position in the natal chart, it will give spiritual powers to the bearer, and he will be highly respected. The Pole Star serves as a guide and indicator. It can give a good sense of discretion and you will be able to follow your instinct, clearly recognize your aims, pursue and achieve them! You may find yourself up all night, at the center of things, the heart of the matter!

Take some time, get out in the Moonlight with a bowl of strawberry ice cream, or not! Smudge and clear, make an offering, give gratitude. Think on your dreams, call on your Guides and Polaris, breathe all the old away, breathe in the new Word! If you are in a group, have Circle and, faces up, let the MoonLight bathe you, run through you all as One! Blessed be. x

Gemini 2016 Full Strawberry Moon Astrology Chart
Gemini 2016 Full Strawberry Moon Astrology Chart

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New Moon – Cancer Stellium, Sirius opposite Pluto, Grand Water Trine!

Monday July 4, 4:01 AM Pacific at 12 Cancer 54

New Moon Milky Way Lakeside Summer Camping Lighted Tent

It’s SUMMER! Grab family and friends, take the camera and let’s camp under the holy stars!

After our recent intensity of three outer planets aspects March through June, we can take time now to assimilate whatever challenges and joys came our way. Cancer can be broody moody, and that’s just fine. Someone’s got to do it. Think of it as a hen sitting her eggs. No telling what will hatch! We keep the ideas warm and incubating, we stay fertile. People walk by and add to our clutch. Our feelings swirl and another new idea is born! Cancers are masters at germination.

This is our first Moon after the outer planet aspects. These last 28 days Mother Moon has been collecting and storing all the bits from all the signs and culminations of the aspects, letting them roll in the bowl and merge, knitting their own kind of strength. Moon is full in her own way as she meets Father Sun. He enLightens the brew, energizes the union, new beginning are given the vital warmth to emerge!

Our Cancer New Moon is between Mercury and Venus also in Cancer! A four planet stellium plus the fixed star Sirius in Cancer! Mother Moon and Father Sun are snuggling among the pillows, likely canoodling. Spooning is a favorite whether together or sharing the sweetest meal. Children are often the hoped for outcome.

The New Moon is just over a degree approaching the fixed star Sirius at 14 Cancer 05! Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky in Canis Major, has figured prominently in legends all over the world. The Dogstar, aka the Heavenly Wolf by some, is closest to the Earth in Summer, especially July and August and can even be seen in daytime. That’s where the phrase “dog days of summer” came from. The Dogstar is one of the two hunting dogs of the great hunter Orion. Per constellationsofwords.com ‘Well connected, it promises fame, honors and riches, excellent for military, lawyers and civil servants. …in conjunction with the Sun and well placed in the chart will be found to be the case with numerous important and famous personalities. With Moon: Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business.’ Cancers and dogs are noted for their loyalty and their fierce protection of our loved ones. Opposite Pluto, there could be real reasons to double check security at home and business locations. Prevention and mindfulness.

As much as we think of New Moon’s as a dark time, it certainly isn’t for the Moon and Sun! There is nothing but brilliant Light where they are together! Sun bestows his great heart of Light fully, entirely infusing Mama Moon, recharging her. She gives unconditionally, has the huge responsibility to manage the household – all that stuff, and all those dear humans – and needs every bit of that restoration. Father Sun is always giving as big as possible, not just to his own family, but to all! He carries a lot of weight. Mama puts her arms around him and tells him what a true hero he is and just like that, he is recharged too! Happens every 28 days, but in the sign Cancer more emphasis is on Mama Moon in her own sign. The next New Moon will be his turn in Leo, Father Sun’s own sign.

Mercury in Cancer has already been giving it a lot of thought…or should I say feeling?! Where to live, how to support the family, sometimes considering installing mother-in-law quarters, or a place for Grandma and Grandpa to help with the kids. It can be a good investment to keep the elders happy and healthy, to make them know how much they are valued and still able to contribute. Mercury in Cancer’s intuition is fabulous at managing funds. Through its extensive family and community contacts, it knows when to invest, what to invest in, when to hold, and always has the family’s long term needs in mind. There is always a fall back fund that is untouchable. Through those same contacts, business connections can be abundant and there can be multiple income sources.

Mercury at 9 Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces and inconjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. Neptune is water planet known for it’s intuition. Mercury is logical, more with the facts and data, while Neptune is the dreamer capable of visions that well exceed, transcend, any array of sensibility! Saturn wants to harness the horse and focus on the potential, build the dream step by step, using every bit of data Mercury can dredge up! It won’t always be a comfortable combination. That Saturn and Neptune just squared, a challenge aspect, June 17 for the second time. They will do so again, the last time, September 10. This New Moon will give some insights about how powerfully femininity, women, home & family, culture, feelings, factor in.

Venus in Cancer has a sweet smile and is blessed with an exceptional loving kindness. It can be a little acquisitive, and may be thought of as being selfish sometimes. And that’s likely true too. Gotta take care of yourself. Balance is the key. It’s good to think we are worthy. Good that we model that for our loved ones. Good that we go for the good things in life that in turn will contribute to the happiness of others as well. Venus in Cancer is good in marketing and advertising – art, photography. Historical and old things, geneology, make our story rich, give us an anchor in busy modern life.

Venus makes three exciting aspects!

  • She is separating sextile Jupiter in Virgo. Venus is adorable, attractive in demeanor, seductive at times, highly valued. She loves adornment of all kinds, but in Cancer especially lunar themes, corsets, garments that emphasize her lovely bosom! She loves bed and breakfasts, meals at a sumptuous eatery that feels like home, a snuggly cave-like shelter, likes a camper rather than a camp! Venus makes money, and Jupiter knows just how to manage it to make it more! Percentages are the name of the game. Jupiter wants to teach what Venus does without thinking. Jupiter, now in Virgo, wants to tell the delicious story and bring the nursing department up to par. Together they can give knockout seminars! Traveling in comfort is good as long as the budget stays in line.
  • Grand Water Trine! Venus with Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces! Spas, nurturing healing. Venus will let go of some of her old collections if it will bring a great price for a good cause. Cleansing, letting go, recycling opens doors to greater earnings, simply enjoying each other’s company! It’s clear there is more to life than the material. Scorpio, though a money sign, is the number one sign of therapists, saves your life, awakens the Kundalini, the fire at the base of your spine, bringing a burning passion that must be lived! Chiron knows well we have our wounds, have struggled and suffered, each in our own way, and has become more compassionate, a true healer and teacher. We aren’t just here solely for ourselves. What affects one affects all. Venus’s love is crucial to the courage it takes to be on and stay with this journey.
    Mars inconjunct Uranus in Aries is not at rest. He’s always twitchy in Scorpio. Scorpio is a darkish place, private, more secretive, behind the scenes power, where Mars’ true nature is so very upfront, tell it like it is right now and let’s get on with it! Uranus in Aries is a lot more like Mars! And Aries is Mars’ sign! Uranus may be strange, but it’s new, a genius on the cutting edge and Mars is a leader! So being invisible and waiting in Scorpio is going to be a challenge. But if revelation becomes important, Mars will be the one to spring it! Mars has seen a lot while rooting around, and some of that stuff needs to be spilled. Scorpio is thought to be the one who cleanses, but Mars burns it out, cauterizes the wound and because it’s clean, it heals fast! Uranus is the community, networks of people, the internet, so with all that potential support, Mars may feel like it can do it now. Get a leg up and go for it! Both Mars and Uranus are split second fast, so adjustments can be made as you go!
  • Venus square Uranus in Aries! Believe me, Venus in Cancer is quite different than Uranus in Aries! If she’s bored, she will love it, design and put up the posters, revel in the blast into the future from right when she walks in the door! If she’s afraid, it might take some doing to get her to that party! She may be glad another is leading the good fight and gently lend her energy along the sidelines serving a healthy meal that looks good and tastes good too! If conservative, she may be shocked. Unable to unsee what she saw, she is changed. It may take some time, but she will think on it and find a better way. Some of what happens may be a now or never situation. The aspect isn’t exact until July 7 at 7:24 AM Pacific. I would err to the cautious side. Make test investments; see how it goes over a longer time.

Moon and Sun are at 12 degrees sextile Jupiter 17 Virgo and opposite Pluto 16 Capricorn.

Cancer is a forever scholar sign. Jupiter is college level learning. Virgo loves manuals. The sextile aspect is opportunity type connections, in this case Cancer to Virgo. Cancer is the nurturer, Virgo the caregiver. Growing and learning are happy companions. Making sure people have what they need to learn, that the learning system really works, that there is funding to take care of things, and that there is a safe place to learn, are important. Jupiter and Pluto recently trined. Perhaps some doors were opened for funding options that hadn’t been available before. If the system is too old, reasonable upgrades can be made now. Stay with it and follow through. Perhaps a property purchase is in the offing, a career adjustment or location change. Retirement. There could be an application to change some laws that we have outgrown. Time to let go, reach out, rebuild. Mercury and Sun both complete the opposition July 7, 4:54 AM (essentially on the do business daytime of the 6th) and 3:24 PM Pacific respectively. With those and the Venus square Uranus also the 7th, the 7th brings the culmination of some important considerations. 

This New Moon is sweet but with a little bit of bite too!x

Cancer 2016 New Moon Astrology Chart

Cancer 2016 New Moon Astrology Chart

x x

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Full Buck Moon! – Uranian T Square Inconjunct Mars Links to Grand Water Trine!

Tuesday July 19, 3:56 PM Pacific at 27 Cancer/Capricorn 40

Full Moon Lake Tahoe CA Summer Pine Trees Rocks

Beautiful Lake Tahoe CA Full Moonset by dedicated photographer Mark Larrea!

Cancer and Capricorn both know the importance and strength of the foundation of the sacred Past, and who better to carry the energy forward?! They both recently made a T Square with Uranus, Uranus at the T point. First is the Sun July 16 at 6:31 AM Pacific, then Moon, just before the Full Moon, reminding us, at 10:06 AM Pacific. Change is befalling us and activating growth from and to many directions! Sometimes we underestimate our friends that carry awakening to the future, but often the greatest inventions and discoveries are made when we take that one step beyond our Past, out of the box! Welcome the blessing.

Mars too made an aspect with Uranus, in fact, due to Mars having been retrograde, it has been in a prolonged inconjunct, allowing a 3 degree range, since June 6. The very first inconjunct was way back on Feb 5, but this one is more significant because it is when Mars makes it station direct, turns forward. The second aspect, during Mars retrograde, was June 18, the day after the second Saturn square Neptune. It carries that energy with it to the present time. The inconjunct was continuous within less than 1 degree through its third and final aspect July 13 at 10:16 PM Pacific. It’s still close. A lot of awareness will be triggered. Stay alert to your surroundings. Make wise ongoing adjustments. Some will be slow and reluctant, others in the fraction of a moment!

Though inconjuncts are askew and sometimes take us temporarily off track. Even if uncomfortable, we see new things that open our consciousness. These two planets have kinship. Mars is the current ruler, planet associated with Aries, the sign Uranus is in now. Mars is currently in Scorpio, the sign Mars also used to rule. Both are warrior signs, Aries the front line fighter, with the courage of the first responder fighting fires; Scorpio is the ninja therapist midnight requisition specialist, that saves the day in the dark, from behind and within. Sneaky devil, but ever so potent, revelation on the way. Kundalini and resurrection go hand in hand. Sex is great or not at all! Uranus is a lot kinky, unusual/exceptional to say the least, electric and proud of it! So sometimes we don’t have a clue what’s going on; other times it’s all in our face! Ha! Great to be alive! Unpredictable but definitely on course!

Grand Water Trine! Sun trined Mars July 16 at 8:45 PM Pacific after Sun squared Uranus in the wee hours of the morning. What built up all week long to a possibly unsettling 14th, 15th, gets quickly integrated and swiftly taken care of the 16th! Act on what’s in your heart to do! Sun and Mars are both physical, even in water signs! Take a good swim, snorkel, paddle! Get your molecules humming! Maybe get with someone you love! Then alternate a great hot bath/spa, cold shower routine! Refreshing and exhilarating!

Mars completes the Grand Water Trine! He is sure there is potential because he just had a healthy consult with Chiron in Pisces July 17 at 4:42 AM Pacific (essentially the 16th also). Where there’s a will there’s a way! Scorpio is shrewd, and Chiron in Pisces is insightful beyond measure, together clever! Both have an eye to business, and if there is a healing spiritual component to the enterprise, even better. Mars encourages Chiron to trust himself, instead of stewing, stewarding! Chiron has Mars somewhat at his mercy because he sees the obsessions that hold him prisoner in Scorpio. Chiron sees the potential when freed. Mars is potently in station, about to turn forward, direct, in only 10 days on June 29. It will be a slow restart, but strong. It will clear the conduit to core molten purity. It will be steeped in corrective process, focused on a wellspring of power to release the old, develop what’s innovative.

Moon sextiles Mars just 4 juicy hours before the Full Moon at 12:12 PM Pacific. Moon in Capricorn can seem stone cold, but you can bet there will be a realistic appraisal. If merited, you will get a golden report, your efforts well noted. Capricorn knows hard good work when it sees it and respectfully gives honor. The Mars/Capricorn combination could still be a little testy even though sextiles indicate opportunities, because Capricorn is the father figure/boss, and Mars, especially in Scorpio, prefers not being told what to do and dislikes scrutiny of their private doings, what they do and how and when they do it. Better if Capricorn hires Mars as an independent doing piece work. Mars gives powerfully. He is always inspirational in some regard, sparks the ignition, an initiation. If Moon in Cap has relied on their previous standing, Mars may shrewdly surreptitiously suggest they stand taller, make a bigger sweep, do some inventive research, upgrade, add some new juice!

What a powerful backdrop this Full Moon has!

Cancer and Capricorn are guardians of the hearth, and make sure we have shelter to raise our young. There is no more sacred duty of procreation than to give new beings the opportunity to carry the Light in a good way. Cancer holds the babies with love. Capricorn shows them how to professionally serve their community, take their place in the world in a good way. These signs hold fast the basic tenets of our lives. Full Moons invite us to open our hearts, spread our wings as wide as we can, embrace the potential in ourselves and others.

This Full Moon is the culminating aspect while the Moon is in Capricorn, then the Moon starts what we astrologers call VC, Void of Course. That’s like a free zone. Nothing comes of some things started in that corridor until the moon changes signs. That will be from 3:56 PM to until the Moon enters Aquarius 8:10 PM Pacific. Others speculate there is nothing to stop us. Could be a good time to simply consider things, let your Spirit meander. Blessed be.

Full Buck Moon Astrology Chart

Cancer 2016 Full Buck Moon Astrology Chart

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The next New Moon is on a Tuesday afternoon Aug 2, 1:44 PM Pacific at 10 LEO 58


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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you….

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Venus Retrograde Pink Rose Baby's Breath

June 21, Summer Solstice, the day the Sun entered Cancer, Venus started her 3 retrograde phases! 

First phase June 21 to July 25 – 14 Leo to 0 Virgo
Retrograde July 25 to Sep 6, 0 Virgo back to 14 Leo, 44 days
Phase three, Direct Sep 6 to Oct 9, 14 Leo to 0 Virgo, complete

Venus the planet of Love and Beauty is in Leo the sign of the Heart of Love. Virgo is the sign of Maidenhood, the primordial juicy Virgin, Purity. 0 Virgo back to 14 Leo are the degrees covered. All but one are in Leo. 0 is the degree of Initiation, new beginnings. We will be launching a new system of daily living (Virgo) founded by lots of Love and creativity (Leo)!

Venus in Leo goes from refined genteel tea ceremony caring to robust party-out rock-n-roll knock-me-down LOVE! Presents mean a lot, from the tiniest rosebud to the best sound system in LA or the finest art! The tallest heels, highest laced boots, the most magical sweeping hair, makeup to light the night! Sequins to diamonds, every star must shine! Princess or Queen, a canny lass knows what’s best!

On the home front it might look like the warmest heart in the world, the tastiest sweet treats in your lunch box. A loving sweetheart makes your life easy, fixes things before you ask, brings you little gifts that make your day, makes that I-love-you call, knows who you are and the good things you do and says so.

On the job it is making the world a more beautiful place, a touch of beauty that makes a difference, sells the product. Successful social gatherings share the pride of a job well done. Entertainment, performances exceed all expectations! Poetry tells the story, and if you are really lucky, you win the bet!

Venus in Virgo is the sweetest. Virgo wants to help. They will slave away day after day, long into the night. They care for the sick, clean up messes, manage your money, help the tenants, do yard maintenance, plant the veggie garden, feed the pets, make sure you have quality food. Whatever it is, they take the time and do more than most, better than anyone, in the shortest time! They are super natural organizers and save money, barter like a banshee. They can be Mother, Midwife, Mystic all rolled into one, all while writing the novel or the grant application!

And believe me, this is all possible with the Retrograde STATION at 0 Virgo, the degree of REGULUS the King, one of the four Royal Stars! Regulus has been in Leo until recently. Now in this feminine sign Virgo, having the only female symbol of the zodiac, the King/God has become Queen/Goddess! It is with great honor that this magical 0 degree station is held for TWELVE DAYS+, late July 18 to early July 30! It will be an initiation, a trial period, a time of considering Purity, the primordial essence of Virgo. It is an indwelling absorption, imbibing the perpetual intention to serve. It calls for an innocence, serving without judgment, gratitude for how each gives as they can at the time.

So first we have Leo the sign of kings, then Virgo at the degree of the king of kings!!! If some of your followers have been missing, call a meeting and give orders! :) You women claim your Queenhood, put on a flowers and herb wreath and enjoy every minute. Be of a generous Spirit for you have it to give. Claim the divine power of the Maiden Goddess Persephone. Be the Midwife/Healer who was trained by her Mother, and Mother’s Mother, and trains her Daughter. Be the One to start that tradition. Be kind in your power. Change is inevitable; it just might not happen at your pace.

Another way is to think about this is the background of the transition of Regulus from Leo to Virgo in 2011, how profound that was, still is. The Leo to Virgo link is the transformation that happens every month as the Moon moves from Leo to Virgo, and every year when the Sun transits from Leo to Virgo. It is symbolized by the Sphinx, head of a Virgin woman, body of a Lion! Being first, the Lion is the foundation, support for Virgo. We know the story of Centaurs (Sagittarius/Jupiter), half horse, half man. Well this is the woman part. The Sphinx is less talked about, a greater mystery for the time being. Women are still finding their way out of slavery, having no rights, being abused. Time to call on the Leo Lion’s strength, be grateful for its Heart and Light. As the horse gave men a greater range of freedom, the ‘enlightened’ Virgo heads the strength of the Lion and serves by choice.

RETROGRADE it all takes a turn. Values shift. Your body tells you it wants different. Age might become a factor. Your exercise routine may be interrupted and those chocolates add pounds. It’s 99% not the time for facelifts or elective procedures. Your wardrobe is all the wrong colors and no longer fits, but wait, don’t buy new while retrograde. A person you thought well of is not as expected after all. They aren’t lover material, and you decide you don’t like that job or want that part in the play either! A long ago abandoned lover returns and you don’t know whether to switch or cut bait! Due to unexpected events, the bet is entirely lost, party cancelled. Better to wait on big spending – furniture, remodeling, expensive landscaping, or even that house. You have changed; you don’t even want it anymore.

HEADS UP for late summer, early fall planning! July 25 to Sep 6, while Venus retrogrades from 0 Virgo back to 14 Leo, most wouldn’t choose this as falling-in-love-on-your-vacation time, nor a wedding date choice time. Retrogrades can be unstable with constant mind changes. With this bound in the chart of something started at this time, you always have a sense of unfinished business, there is constant reappraisal. Values aren’t settled. If you love that, the challenges and the Leo dramas it brings, have money to spare for when things change, then life is good, just gets better and better. If aspects are well for you, for you both, at that time, love always returns, better than ever! Leo loves big! If it is at the 0 degree Virgo time, it is probably better to choose a different time. Virgos have enough to do already, and function best in their own routines.

Generally, new needs are in the offing.

THREE PHASES Give it the time it takes. Venus is in the degrees that will be reassessed June 21 to July 25. It Retrogrades July 25, going from 0 Virgo to half way back into Leo, 14 Leo. It will cross this same area the third time when it goes Direct September 6 on to finish the pattern October 9. The whole process will take 3 months, 18 days.

Here’s another way to look at the Celestial Schedule with the Star Regulus!

7/18 Venus at Regulus 1st time
7/25 Venus retrograde near Regulus
7/31 Venus conjunct Regulus 2nd time, Aquarius full moon
8/4 Jupiter and Venus conjunct for the 2nd time at 28 Leo very close to Regulus
8/11 Jupiter arrives at Regulus
8/15 Venus inferior conjunction (Venus transitions to morning star)
10/8 Venus arrives at Regulus for the third time and continues forward
10/25 3rd Venus Jupiter conjunction

Venus also makes aspects with three planets, three times each during its retrograde cycle.

  1. June 28, Aug 19 continuous to Sep 22, the day before Autumn Equinox, Sun into Libra, Venus trines Uranus in Aries. Blessings of friends and community organizations, loves flights, beauty inventions, new hairstyle, astrology readings, extraordinary performances, singers, gifts – especially of the electronic kind! We don’t mind having a great aspect like this three times!
  2. June 30, Aug 19, Sep 21 Inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. These dates are traveling closely with the Trine Uranus dates. Venus in Leo wants love, Chiron wants marriage, but inconjuncts are often divorce due to an askew connection. Things just seem to slip apart. This aspect also calls money and business decisions into question. If timely significant adjustments are made the situation may be saved. Or, just let go.
  3. July 13, Aug 5, Square Saturn in Scorpio, Oct 10 Square Saturn in Sagittarius. In Scorpio, the first two squares, there may be loss of love or money whether stolen, misrepresented, a mistake, or greater expenses. The breakthrough may be not falling for the seduction again, realizing the payoff may not be very much, doing the tough work it takes, admitting reality, reducing expenses. There may be a necessary and natural grieving period. In Sagittarius, your direction may not go as planned, maybe a relief, but soon better! Be careful of over confidence, fearful reactionary over spending. Give it a trial time, modify sensibly. A first step with genuine good intention often leads to another though it may be a challenging passage. Have a backup plan to ease your mind.
As of June 21, many things will not turn out as anticipated, especially ones in the fixed signs, Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius. Fixed sign’s purposes are to stabilize, not disrupt, yet some change is a must, as much as the growth from chrysalis to butterfly. Things you deliberately want to be changed, might need some help getting done, so instead of seeking a conclusion, let them ride, continue on and the retrograde will help loosen the roots and knots. What will be will be. Most assuredly, it will be better when all is said and done! Sometimes there is so much transformation you no longer recognize what it was when it all started! Maybe you won’t remember because the new Light has taken your breath away and filled your mind with new beauty and wonder!

Walk in Beauty.

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Mercury Retrograde Switchbacks of Mind & Spirit. Tomlinson/Harding
Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail switchbacks. Photo by Ruth Tomlinson / Robert Harding

Intricately laid trails of Mind and Spirit wind their way, switchbacking, through our lives. They let us ascend or descend where it would otherwise be too steep and the journey never made. Retrogrades are like that.

The beauty of retrograde patterns is they are an S shaped, forward, back, forward, but it happens while time moves forward, the other planets have moved. Nothing is really ever the same again even though Mercury covers the same degrees three times! Clever, that. Saturated, empowered, we change, can’t wait to move on! In air signs, we can’t actually see that mental process, but there is evidence due to our actions.

Mercury 2015 has the standard 3 Mercury RXs, in all the Air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Airs signs are thinkers, ones who make connections.

  • Aquarius is friend to friend, group to group, invention, computers, awakening, worldwide!
  • Gemini is how you think, mind to mind, handshake to handshake, neighbors and sibs, local errands.
  • Libra is poetic, partner to partner, both business and pleasure, with our peers, social, political and legal.

The first part of our first 2015 Mercury Rx pattern started Jan 5 at 1 AQ 18. From that point it moves on up to 17 AQ 5 on Jan 21, where it RXs back to the Jan 5 position on Feb 11. At that point it turns Direct, forward, completely finishing the pattern March 3. The matters that occur in this rich three-part process may be considered several times before you settle. Takes the time it takes. That can be a blessing as we absorb new perspectives, adjust them into our lives. And Aquarius isn’t boring!

Oddly, Aquarius is a ‘fixed’ sign, and also a sign of profound sweeping change. It’s spread is from eccentrically stubborn thinking, no thinking at all, to remarkable invention and the exploration of electric enlightenment! And that can vary from topic to topic. Their glitz is unpredictability, can change course in a flash! When dedicated to a greater cause, they gather all the troops and a tsunami of tumblers in the locks are loosed, no going back!

Friendships will be shifted. Alliances will morph, new associates will sparkle, change will be lively. Expect some old friends to reappear. Consider what groups you might join, but wait to do it. You will find out more. Keep an open mind that something even better will come along.

Computer and electronics in your life, in your car, are likely to need some attention, especially if you weren’t able to have them checked out before the Rx started. During RXs is usually not a time to make major electronic purchases. Get the guarantee/warranty if you do. Have backup parts and supplies handy to tide you over until after Mercury goes direct on Feb 11. Do daily backups or have an auto backup system that does that. Copyright your writings, inventions. Hand deliver your important papers. Oh, and don’t ‘hide’ them in a ‘safe place.’ It might be another few retrogrades before you find them again!

Like the Aquarian symbol, double zig zags, lightning bolts, frequently and quickly explore your perimeters while keeping a steady forward course! Others may be excited and gather ’round, or be put off center by your variable dizzying pace! Shake ’em loose! Be free! You may lose some in your past as you out distance them. Bullets may be dodged. Intriguing fringe input may enhance your astounding flight!

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Magnificent! Union by Master digital artist Android Jones

In Libra, taking initiative in relationships, actively peacekeeping, inspiring others through respect and equality are traits we have been building. Fighting fair and negotiating keep things on an even keel. A legal representative can save us from so much stress and blunders, when a matter is really just business. They know how to do it and do it for a living. Independence from non working relationships, partnerships, sometimes takes strength and courage, but so worth it. When we disengage, it takes time to grieve, restore self esteem, and is doable. We are better at seeing the warning flags and stepping away when it is not a good connection for us.

Mars is a natural first responder. If an emergency occurs, quick action can prevent further difficulty and save a situation from failure. Let yourself establish new connections at a higher level, and insert new intelligence to uplevel from your current place. If you have been missing beauty in your life, take better care of your body. Get some pretties for your home, paint the place! What you see is what you be! Sign up for an art or dance class!

All these good things will set the way for you to delve more deeply when Mars goes into Scorpio, the sign of Mystery! When we are rooting around in the underpinnings of the Universe, it’s good to have supportive friends and visual talismans that remind us we have good power and can make uplifting choices. That’s true in times we do the hard work of healing too. Healing takes strength at many levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Libra can make liaisons level to level, so Scorpio can cleanse attitudes that build blockages, literal chemicals that stall our progress.

We may have financial options revealed that without good relationships we would have never heard of. Support from our connections encourage us to make our life better when we feel intimidated. And Scorpio can offer more than we ever dreamt of! It helps us through dark times, fear of success, or simply ‘growing up’ to a better life!

Mars in Scorpio is marvelously intense! Just ask anyone born with it about that category of their life! Mars can have mixed feelings being in Scorpio. Mars is famous for being direct, but in Scorpio is called on to be devious at times, for better or worse. It learns more self mastery in Scorpio. Instead of a quickie, its tantric sex and recognition of the sacred feminine. Mars here takes a few more moments to assess the reasons behind the situation. It is aware of more dimensions of personal power, some ominous, some bravely healing. Rather than sending them packing, or leaving them behind, they might gather the troublemakers in for a spirit talk, a healing of all, including the healer!

Mars in Scorpio enjoys poking around where others fear to tread. They take a deep drink at the well. Death is no stranger. Danger they can handle. It is courted for thrill and curiosity. They can find out what’s wrong when no one else could, be it in your body or bookkeeping! They often walk behind the scenes, quiet heroes that would be there for you in a heartbeat. Both Mars and Scorpio are warriors, the therapist that battles for your very Soul, the unseen deadly ninja that protects you, the astute financial adviser that saves you in a nick of time. Silence, privacy, confidentiality can be powerful virtues, though personally you may wonder where you stand with them. If they are hanging out with you at all, you have passed some kind of safety test. At worst they are tolerating you; at best you have gotten under their skin in a good way for keeps.

Scorpio is a ‘fixed’ sign, one that stays with what it says. They simply won’t be pushed off center. If you do push, they might appear threatening, act like they agree and go on as they are, or flat out ignore you like a pesky fly. Do be a tad careful. Scorpio isn’t called the scorpion for nothing! This dedication isn’t of Mars’ nature, so there will be moments of its instant fiery nature. Know that you might be swatted and put in your place, enough that it takes your breath away. If you are mean, don’t expect to get away with it forever. They have their own moments, and know what mean is all about. Retaliation is not one of their virtues. They can be patient literally for years, but they are human and there are limits. Just sayin’.

Given a good cause to campaign for, there can be mighty results. Give major praise to these obsessed beasts. They are spiritual animals who give their lives that transformation happens in this lifetime! If you are considering a relationship, do plan to be on board with the challenge offered. They deserve and need a mate of that caliber. Though they can look formidable and forever capable, they need a deep support to do this strenuous work. If you have a child with this placement, happens every two years, offer them compelling projects. Introduce them to the most scrupulous people you know, the ones that are getting things done in a good way. Don’t be afraid to share your child. They know things you don’t and never will, plus, heck, you can’t do it ALL yourself. Engage them in sacred talk about the Great Mysteries to open their thinking.

It took 7 months of Libra to prep us for this Scorpio time! Let’s make it count! For many, this 2 months of Scorpio will be too short! Mars goes into Sagittarius Sep 13! 

Power up, cherish, and embed these formidable qualities. Sharing is one of the deepest generosities of Scorpio. They enfold you, forgive your petty foibles, give you a spiritual steam cleaning, love you like no other! You will never be the same again. Think of pure butterfly beauty.

See also Mars Still Sweet in Libra

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Here is a little treat for you subscribers! Mercury has been direct since July 1, time to enjoy yourself now that things have turned around! Take yourself on a morning play date! Mama Moon in Aquarius, sweet Venus in Gemini, and handsome Mars in Libra!

Grand Air Trine July 2014, Moon, Venus, Mars!

See the blue triangle that points toward the top of the chart? That’s the one. The chart is for the Moon’s trine with Mars at 10:37 AM Pacific. It is in strong effect as early as 6:37 AM. Moon trines Venus at 12:23 PM. Have a peppery hot Cajun breakfast and a sweet and fruity Polynesian lunch!

The only caution is Sun is already close, about to square Mars on Friday the 18th. Be careful about sex. Watch where you are stepping, drive a little slower, carefully. Back away from tempers and impetuous actions, weapons, pick your battles. Mind your diet, avoid sunburns and heat exhaustion.

That said, have fun chatting on Monday, get the information you need. Set up some special social time or work with public officials, legal affairs. Make amends, be open to forgiveness, for yourself and others. Select some extraordinary designs, colors, adornments, get your hair cut. Make temporary financial decisions for short term gain. Flirt but wait a week to see if its on. Dance! Get good things done; afterwards, be prepared to hold steady through Friday.

Now, of course, always remember, each of our charts are affected differently. If Air signs agree with you, go for it, but also remember the air sign oppositions with fire signs – Gemini opposite Sagittarius, Libra opposite Aries, Aquarius opposite Leo! This Grand Air Trine is at the 24/25th degree, so planets from 22 to 26 will be activated in your charts.

Good luck!

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Libra.Scorpio Cusp Katie McGrath

Libra/Scorpio Cusp Irish Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus conjunct Mars.

Mars went direct (no longer retrograde) yesterday, May 19, the day before the Sun went into Gemini! Some things should be turning around, slowly at first until we get a little momentum. This is the time to be steady and persistent even though it looks like it may never happen. The motion for the next week or so is very slow, and minimal, stays at 9 degrees until June 1. We call that being in Station. It is holding position, contemplating, focusing, absorbing, getting strong in its center for the coming unfoldment. Don’t expect big action immediately. Instead, use this time to consider your intentions, what you are going to do, and who you want to do it with. Libra can be an astute partner picker when motivated.

2014 started with a back-to-back series of retrogrades involving Venus, Mercury, Mars. This is the last part of the last planet sequence in the series. Read More!  Please also see Fall-Winter 2013-14 Mercury, Venus, Mars Retrogrades

In Libra, Mars has attempted to balance, equalize, even the playing field. He has fought for rights, cultural integration, beauty. Mars has led, cajoled, grumbled, fought, seduced, threatened, courageously inspired! He invited you to take a first step, but if you didn’t get going quickly, left you in the dust for more return on the effort. Maybe he found someone who got it asap. He might have come back to see if you were ready yet, but maybe not. Your job would have been to catch up! No sleeping dogs! It’s been a time for vigorous relationships, forays into new business options, restoring balance to your health that you may be a worthy partner! The first relationship is with yourself. Hopefully, you have done your part when you were ready. You sought spirited companions who want what you want, who celebrate you for exactly who you are! You can’t expect them to be just like you, but you will each give your expertise gloriously independently!

This Mars retrograde played its all important part, making the fourth point of the extraordinary Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23. This was not just any Grand Square, because it was formed by three outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto! Mars, the LightBearer, The Flame, The Torch, challengingly cross activated the Initiation. Mars naturally rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Mars is independent while Libra wants to partner. Many a daring move was made.

The core part of the Grand Square, Uranus square Pluto, stays with us continuously through March 2015. As Mars finishes Libra, it will reactivate that square again. The week before June 14 it squares Pluto. The week before June 25, it is opposite Uranus. That will bring back some memories. At worst, Mars/Pluto can be savage and merciless; at best it is a healing combination that succeeds against heavy odds. Pay attention to premonitions, don’t taunt Goliath. Be cautious with investments, sex could be a disappointment. Secrets may out; play a close hand. It may be compulsive for good or bad. Keep your tail feathers intact and clean as best you can.

Mars/Uranus is a classic ‘What happened?!’ Could be what you did, or what they did, or both. It may be intriguing or downright offensive. Innocence is at stake, or a world weary newcomer is temporarily fascinating, until you get to know them, or they simply wander away before that can ever happen. One way or another, however, they will leave their mark, just like a lightning strike, you are both changed forever, no matter how casual the encounter seemed to be, whether they seemed affected or not. Remember your intentions and stay with them.

In daily affairs, now is the time to move forward, finally.

If you have had some sexual matters, they may work out after all. Challenges that week of June 14 may be overcome by a heroic effort that may cost you but is worth it. Go ahead and get that new car now. Get the electronics warranty if you buy the week of June 25. You may have lost a little time on your weight loss/exercise regime. Get back in the game. Getting busy again will take some of the grump out of your day. Stand up, take frequent little walks, shake it loose. Do things in a new way so as not to reinjure yourself. Be proud of yourself if you have acknowledged some long standing things that were hard to face. You may be finding it easier to say some things that have been needed to have been said. Practice in your mirror or with a supportive friend. Take a look around your home. Move the no longer used stuff on out of your life. Check the plumbing, the drainage, and fire safety. Install new safeguards if necessary. Start your remodel after June 14 unless it is a brief fix done by pros with good reps, it’s insured and they are bonded.

Mars in Libra appreciates support, reassurances in relationships. It considers what’s right and in courage stands up in its alliances. It may be threatened, and have to bide its time to wait for risk to diminish. Time brings more Light to situations and often the truth will come without your doing anything. Perhaps you have had to learn some legal things and find other ways to take care of yourself than you expected. Libra is social, expert at taking care of each other, whether personally or legally. There is no sacrifice of the independence Mars enjoys. Libra can see our blind spots, negotiate in our behalf without all the emotions, bring things to the best justice possible, secure your rights! Working together makes good sense.

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Grand Water Trine - Jupiter Cancer, Saturn Scorpio, Neptune Pisces!

Now that April’s mega Cardinal Grand Square is over, a beautiful Grand Water Trine is coming. It’s a perfect follow up. The mega Square was afoot since January, 4 months! It’s last day was April 23. In the next days, months, for some, we will be integrating the events of what happened. May brings a softening, flow, boundless seeking, synthesis, empathy.

Water has always been a mystical force, continually changing form…. Baptism, San Francisco fogs, Tsunamis, ice in the Arctic, clear waters in a lagoon, magnificent falls. It might be up your nose, in your bubble tub, across the road, scuba or surfing, your summer drink.  As horses have carried us overland, water carries us continent to continent. Air holds the airship afloat; water holds up the fisher boats and liners.

Empathy is one of water’s prime qualities. There are three water signs, each holding precious connection, the Mother, the Lover/Healer, the Savior.

  • Cancer: A Mother understands her child like no other. They were one at one time.
  • Scorpio: You and your mate, you and your therapist, have an adult empathy. Healers will help you no matter who you are.
  • Pisces: The Minister, spiritual Masters, know the matters of the Soul and Humankind.

May 4 to 24 If you allow 5 degrees range for outer planets to have effect with each other in trines, May 4, Jupiter starts in connection with both Chiron and Saturn! There is no exact connection of the three planets, but the trines are within close degrees of each other. May 14, on the day of the Full Flower Moon, Wesak, Jupiter trines Chiron at 17 degrees; May 24, Mars now moving forward, Jupiter trines Saturn at 18 degrees. Later, June 12, for the 4th time, Saturn trines Chiron at 17 degrees, finishing this set.

Water Signs start with Cancer, mountain rivulets, creeks, lakes and ponds, shore side houseboats. Scorpio is the mighty rivers, the arteries of a nation, trade along their banks. Pisces is surfing the massive world oceans, harbor communities, huge cruise ships, fishing industries. We start with nurturing at Mom’s breast, warm and snugly, and move toward worldwide assimilation, a gathering of Souls.

  • Fiery Jupiter in Cancer is great for women, homes, children, education. Growth in the face of difficulty is navigated quite intuitively. Improving our abilities to hold a more respected place, surpassing traditional roles is being done. Women in burkas, like Malala, are asking questions. The vigilante activist Gulabi women in India are taking a stand, 20,000 members strong! Men and women in same sex relationships are asking for equality. The first Mongolian girl, 13 year old Ashol-Pan, is being trained to be a Golden Eagle huntress. Pets are becoming to be considered part of our families.
  • Earthy Saturn in Scorpio at 19 degrees. In Horary astrology, this 19th degree was considered to be the most ‘dread degree’ of the zodiac. These days we take it in stride. Saturn in Scorpio alone is considered a tough placement. Hard on love, finances, sometimes even health. But it also matter of factly takes charge of things people are afraid of. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and they do, and well! Kudos. Saturn builds, Scorpio resurrects, restores, heals. What looked impossible is transformed, and like a renovation, becomes quite more valuable. Time may or may not be on your side, but use it wisely as you can. The payoff may not be immediate or what it should be, but wait for it, your efforts will have their rewards in the long term, best as they can be. Establish your foundation securely. Call on the Great Guardian for protection.
  • Chiron in Pisces is at times a suffering, but also healing. Just being able to name our pain gives us a chance to put it in the light of day, inquire about, hire, get the help we need. We earn our stripes through experience, become the compassionate teacher. The Magi astrologers claim Chiron is the #1 marriage factor in astrology. In Pisces, it would be more a spiritual SoulMate union of Souls. And as we bring our arts and talents to the table, it is more than camaraderie, it has business partnership potential as well!

What a wise triad of powers. Jupiter confidently sees the potential, plans, educates for success. Chiron sees possible problems, and knows how to minimize the rifts and unify through natural mutual purpose. Saturn keeps focus on the goal, works hard keeping priorities, stays on time, keeps the money where it does the most good. Very productive. Spiritually accurate. It’s a grand combo of magic and grit!

Dates along the Grand Trine period…

  • May 9 Moon in Virgo and Sun in Taurus, Earth Signs, activate the Grand Water Trine making, by my standards, an almost Grand Sextile! Earth and water are quite fertile together. Plant some new seeds in your life.
  • May 10 the Sun makes his annual opposition Saturn. That means we on Earth will be between them! Saturn will be at his closest and brightest, the most easy to see in 2014! Father Sun and Father Time are facing off, but being furthest apart, able to get a better perspective of each other, are more comfortable to allow differences. Sun is Creator, Saturn the Sustainer.
  • May 19, Mars Directs the last day of Taurus! See more! Do a little pirouette and dance it forward!

Though Grand Trines are considered lucky in themselves, there are challenging aspects along the path of this one and concurrent in the GT Midpoint chart below. For long term projects, be sure they are water oriented and in harmony with the Grand Trine planets. Be sure the transit planets are in harmony with your personal chart planets. See your astrologer to get the complete picture!

May 20, in the last hours of Taurus, Jupiter is at the midpoint of the Grand Trine, equidistant between Chiron and Saturn. Midpoints are considered to be potent, the maximum potential exchange, fusion, a tight knit merging of forces!

Wash your Spirit clean. Be released, refreshed and flowing. Give gratitude for the blessings to come!

Grand Water Trine 2014 Astrology Chart
As always, aspects, even positive ones, affect each of your charts differently, sometimes even challengingly. If their degrees don’t activate anything closely in your chart, there may be no affect at all! 

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