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Aries New Moon March 24!

Last of Six months 4 degree sequence, Saturn IN AQUARIUS square Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter Bundle Chart!

Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon, April 7,8, Largest of the year!

Moon Libra Handle Bucket Chart! Jupiter still close to Pluto. Fixed Star Castor TSquare Full Moon.


Aries 2020 New Moon!

Tuesday March 24 New Moon at 2:28 AM, 4 Aries 12! 

Last of Six months 4 degree sequence, Saturn IN AQUARIUS square Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter Bundle Chart!

Aries New Moon 2020 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night L’Atelier Des Lumières Paris

In honor of Aries artist Vincent van Gogh, his work Starry Night. See his Chart  Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings Come Alive In Paris’ L’Atelier Des Lumières

Our New Moon at 4 degrees Aries is the sixth of a SIX months sequence of New Moons all at 4 degrees! 2019 Oct, Nov, Dec and 2020 Jan, Feb, Mar New Moons are all at 4 degrees! The signs are Scorpio, Sag, Cap, AQ, Pisces and Aries. All these Moons are sequentially resonant to each other! If you have factors at 4 degrees or very close to that, let’s say up to 2 to 3 degrees, in your astrology chart, they will be activated over and over. Each Moon being in a different Sign, your chart will be activated from different angles each time, some more favorably than others. Assess your status, how well you have achieved your goals, what’s next! This last one is in the first sign of the zodiac! Time for putting your accomplishment into the mainstream!  

Saturn is newly in Aquarius for the first time since 29 years ago! This is the first lunar event in his new sign! It is a New Moon of the first sign of the Zodiac in an early degree along with 5 other early degree factors! This New Moon chart happens to be the 3rd of three New Moons in a row having those rare potent Bundle charts. It’s bunched together tightly in only 117 degrees, concentrated like a potent little seed! Blessed with sweet Venus trine lucky Jupiter defining its boundaries, these new beginnings will spring forth with legs! Venus is in Taurus the Bull, having superior strength to carry on, and Jupiter, the Horse, is in Capricorn, sign of clever sure footed goats to take us to the heights! 

The New Moon has just sextiled Saturn, encouraging, showing the way to make a good start! The Lights are with Saturn and so are many people looking for new ways to fix old problems. Saturn in Aquarius is square the Aquarian planet Uranus in Taurus. This combination may need to crack down first, to slow down things that have been out of control. There may be a lot of meetings before a working consensus is reached. Things may need to be dealt with one at a time. Hopefully, gradually a strong and informed coalition will be formed, or it may never quite gel, each distrusting the other. However, Saturn retrogrades May 10/11 at only 1° AQ 57, not making the exact square to Uranus until Feb 18. 2021! This is a prelude of things to come so we can prepare well to work it then. Nor will Saturn make connections with any other of the early degree factors. It won’t sextile Chiron until Feb 9, 2021, just nine days before the square to Uranus. Please see more about the square. The sextile will help with the challenges of the square. The sextile with Chiron in Aries, will give more courage to heal, expeditiously speed things up. It will trial new possibilities carefully!   

Moon and Sun though are sitting midpoint between Mercury and Uranus! Mercury is Direct, moving forward now, finishing up the very last of the Mercury retrograde cycle March 30! Last touches and tweaks are being finessed, new options are being integrated. Mercury is considered to be ‘exalted’ in AQ, Uranus’ sign. They can be intellectual, but with Sun joined with Moon in Aries, sign of the first Light, literally the new Dawn, they can see there is much to be done and are rarin’ to go, even Mercury in Pisces, not usually a go getter! Aries dashes forward and the spark of the day is ignited! Aries is crazy brave fearless and fine! If he can do it they can do it! Besides, Chiron is right there too! The Dr is in the house! If anything happens instant super care is on board! Uranus is ever excited when an awakening occurs, and Taurus farmers roll early! Who knows where they will end up today! It’s a free for all of ideas, each inspiring the next! Chiron is among friends and understanding sympatico thinkers! Time to start a school! Instinct and genius abounds, a few bullets are dodged! They arrive flushed, breathless, laughing with glee! They dared and they did it! Venus trine Jupiter caps their day with blessings and plans!

Jupiter is with Pluto just about exact! Will be April 4, coming right up! This New Moon supports and prepares the way for that exceptional conjunction! Jupiter makes things best, bigger or exaggerated, the worst. Pluto can be save your life, make money or take your life and all your money, bankruptcy. It can bond your relationship for a lifetime, or there you are over filing divorce papers against that cheater! Jupiter can be schooling, trips, publishing, truth and the consequences if you have been a liar no longer getting away with it. Pluto can be the scandal, fighting over inheritances, or fund the most amazing healing research and a center with exceptional care for victims. You see this aspect has a great range, extremes. And both can happen at once. Keep your life clean or Jupiter in Capricorn the law, Pluto the Police will be knocking on your door. If you have the means, do what you can to help survivors, heal the environment long term, provide significant education. Apply for help if you need it. Sometimes we just can’t do it all alone. One day you will be the one that’s doing the giving. Bless you and keep you. When you can, pay it forward.

Mars, our Aries planet, has been lighting up these two! Mars was with Jupiter Mar 20 and Pluto Mar 22/23! They haven’t forgotten its fiery effect! Some got up courage they haven’t shown for years. Principles or finances may be thwarted. Some of us will make fools of ourselves, and that’s ok. We tried. Try not to burn bridges unless your life is in danger. Some rules will be broken out of necessity. New rules may be inaugurated! Jupiter is usually quite outspoken and fearless, but that can be damped down in Capricorn, but when Mars swept by, he got more back into his naturally confident style! 

Mars with Pluto can be a throw down, drop of the hat fight! Could be money or love, an issue from long ago, anything, but holy wow, please be careful. Maybe sensible Jupiter in Capricorn will save the day and both of you from mortal injuries, becoming enemies with no forgiveness in sight. Later you may even laugh. You could be leery of each other for a while. Goes with the territory as you rebuild trust. If you are on the same page working on a project together it could be fast and furious, obsessive and amazing. Obsolete debris and techniques are unceremoniously tossed, which clears the way for a clean efficient finish! Congrats! Sex could be HOT and hypnotic, tantric! Or it could be the worst you ever had, even rape, with the very wrong person! Avoid doing something that has deep consequences. Keep your ethics, stay safe.

Here is another look at Mars with Jupiter and Pluto. They are in Capricorn still anchoring and building a solid foundation! They are the mountaineers of Spirit! Jupiter is Sagittarius’s planet, big hearted teacher and traveler. Jupiter has a great window to the Universe, broadens our senses, lights the possibilities along the way that flourish with potential! Expansion exceeds expectations! Ideas are gathered worldwide, coordinated in a timely fashion with excellent results! Pluto releases debris and toxins, for deeper connections, intimacy and healing to be possible. Pluto handles financial support to protect and promote the greater good. Mars just over them, has been adding spitfire energy, making quick fixes that work and make the outcome even better, even while everyone is holding their breath at the last minute! 
Neptune? He stands alone. Resting, watching the show. Venus phoned Mar 22. She in Taurus now has a melodious voice, so Neptune made music and she sang to the Angels of the Sea, the Mermaids. Venus blessed his Spirit, comforted his Soul, reassured him how important his place is to us. Compassion and empathy, being able to sense what is coming means a lot to our connections with others, the success of our lives, ability to give well. He is the Great Guardian of Spirituality. She heard and felt his dreams and will speak sweetly that others may share them too. 

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus  

Aries, we are delighted with you out in front! You are our heroes and heroines!

Aries New Moon Astrology Chart!

Aries 2020 New Moon Astrology Chart

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Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon, April 7, 8, Largest of the Year!

Tuesday April 7/8 at 7:35 PM Pacific 18 Libra – Aries 44

Moon Libra Handle Bucket Chart! Jupiter still close to Pluto. Fixed Star Castor T Square Full Moon.

Aries Full Moon 2020 Saguaro Guardians Arizona Spring Beauty

Saguaro, the standing desert people, the night guardians, noble spirits of Beauty in Arizona spring time, celebrating the Full Moon!

FYI: The Buddha’s Birthday, Wesak, celebration date is different in different countries. The US will celebrate it Wednesday April 8 in 2020, the day after the Aries/Libra Full Moon in Pacific zone.  

This is the second and BIGGEST Full Supermoon of 2020! Depending on who is deciding, we are enjoying a “season” of 3 full SUPERmoons March 9, April 8, and May 7, 2020, and then have a “season” of 3 new moon supermoons on September 17, October 16, and November 15, 2020. See EarthSky for viewing details! 

supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with perigee—the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit—resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth. The technical name is a perigee syzygy (of the Earth–Moon–Sun system) or a full (or new) Moon around perigee.

Often when there are Bundle and Bowl charts, a 1/3 or 1/2 of a chart having all the planets in a group or on one side of the chart, when Moon (or another planet) strikes out on her own, being the fastest planet, she is what we call the ‘handle of the Bucket chart!‘ The rest of the planets are still clustered behind her. The Full Moon is a classic time, when she is 180 away from the rest. She is the Seeker. She scans for whatever concerns them. She receives information that she filters back to the main body of planets. She carries/sends their messages, information, from them to others as she connects by degrees at any given time. Others outside the chart are alerted to Moon and her entourage. Pretty cool that our second SuperMoon, in Libra, is such an excellent natural ambassador, and holds such an important position! It’s important she represent the group accurately with grace and charm as well.

This is the 4th of 5 Full Moons that are Bucket charts. Each chart’s Moon is the Handle planet, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, now Libra, finishing with Scorpio! We start and end with a Water sign. Very briefly, Cancer is home, family, women and children. Leo is Heart and Light, teacher. Virgo, the only Earth sign, is caretaker in every way possible, healer, spiritual midwife and organizer. Libra makes social connections, negotiates, collaborates and partners. Scorpio tends the finances, saves lives, shares deep intimacy. This is a special sequence about relationships, deep caring for each other from birthing to dying. 

In that planet cluster behind Mother Moon, Pluto with Jupiter are the base planets, Venus still leads. Pluto and Jupiter are wanting power and ethics, expansion, to learn as much as possible in the shortest time ever! There are deals to be made and Souls to be healed, and don’t forget, places to go!!! Venus in Gemini looks for kind words of grace, a brotherly connection. She has attractive valuable ideas! Saturn, now in Aquarius, is working hard for humanity! 

Pretty Moon in Libra, in her pink flower gown, sweeps through the atmosphere, leaving rose petals behind. She at the helm of the Bucket Chart seeks equilibrium with external forces, negotiates opportunities, collaborates with foreign entities. She brings brilliant people to the group for their perusal and if possible to expedite their work together. The group tells her their wishes and she is off on the next sweep to let people out there know what is happening! She is not shy and people are happy to meet her! She is attractive, so comes back quickly with more treasures. Sun in Aries is delighted at the speed they are going!

Moon and Sun are T Square Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn! That’s not considered an easy square, but Moon has her social connections and partners in crime, LOL, and Sun in Aries has a glorious light of independence that is hard to stop! But then Capricorn is the elder, and can show them a thing or two. Life is not just social roses, there is work to be done. Aries can go zipping around, but maybe needs to be reminded why and that there are priorities and deadlines after all. If they all get on board and give up a little for a lot, there can be great accomplishment and satisfaction. Aries, the leader, inspires others to come along and help. Mama Moon parlays like a princess and they are happy they volunteered! She smiles; they cheer! Pluto and Jupiter are quite relieved. The whole IS greater than the sum of its parts!

April 4, the first Jupiter Conjunct Pluto happened, and they are and will be in close connection through their second conjunction June 29 and on through July 30! The third and final aspect is Nov 12, the aspect of the Nov 3 Presidential Election. You can see how crucial this aspect is. In Capricorn there is much long term work of necessity. Set your goals and stick with them, revising and updating as you go. Do what makes a difference. 

Those of you with chart factors 21 through 26 will be strongly activated. Earth and water signs, except Cancer, will find yourselves accomplishing more than you expected. Fire and Air signs will be somewhat challenged. Jupiter with Pluto in Capricorn can be a demanding combination. Big plans, needs, and little time to do it! Jupiter at times may run away. It’s just too much, yet there is the call back obligation, a promise made, and uncharacteristically, he comes back. His oversight keeps much needed perspective. His optimism on a dark day keeps everyone going. Plus he has never traveled so deeply as with Pluto and is curious just how far things will go. As an educator and publisher, he observes Pluto’s healing methods, from money to love, and brings back life saving information to share. Rebuilding, renovation, renewal, the Phoenix rises from its own ashes against long odds. 

Mercury has just sextiled Pluto and Jupiter! Mercury in Pisces is both logical and psychic, has sensitive awareness and makes sense of the unseen! Pluto has his secrets, but this Mercury scans the Spirit and sees the inner intent, beyond the blocks of pain, anger and fear, to the primordial intention of the pure Soul one is born with. Mercury in Pisces whispers back and reminds us how we can give, pay it forward. This all takes a fraction of a second, rather miraculous. Jupiter in Capricorn can have fears he isn’t quite the guy he pretends to be. Mercury sees there have been disappointments, and through feelings of inadequacy, some guilts at having run away. Mercury assures him he is gifted and human. Sure, there are injuries and mistakes by all of us, but learning is Jupiter’s forté! Stay in integrity and use the ‘grit’ part to succeed. Have happiness in every step you take.

This is a terrific business aspect! Mercury advertises, spreads the word of events, writes script, takes the tickets! New job opportunities in our changing world are made known. Important educational programs are posted. Real Estate offerings at lower prices are listed. Personally, important health information, like about Cov-19, is disseminated. Computer life will save money, no big halls or venues needed. Your presentation, blog, newsletter, announcements, backdrops and staging will be super important. 

Mercury has also recently joined with Neptune, the Pisces planet! You don’t get much more psychic than that if you are Mercury! Neptune is deep compassion, empathy, knows both suffering and ecstasy, union with God! There is addiction that takes us, we lose faith, yet there is resurrection that saves us. We steal from others yet we heal the Soul itself. Mercury is ‘the Word of God,’ always near the Sun, the Light. His job is to tell the story, share the discovery, the word of Light, be a sunbeam. Mercury in Pisces absorbs to the fullest, every micro flash to the encompassing entirety of all Being. Nothing superficial about that! He feels every word he says. Those words are the melody of the Soul.

Venus in Gemini starts her Retrograde CYCLE April 9 and doesn’t complete the entire cycle until July 28, so most of her process will be during the Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. She will be finding grace in communications. Jupiter wants Truth while Pluto opts for privacy. There will be some challenging delicate moments. Venus loving kindness will make all the difference.

This is our first Full Moon with Saturn in Aquarius! He retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1, so this is a preview. The 2+ years in Capricorn were crucial. For now, Saturn’s work in Cap is at maturity and has prepared him for solidarity entering a sign that is not the easiest for him to be in. Aquarius is a bit shocking to conservative Saturn at first. He’s getting used to his new shoes and it’s gonna take a bit of time to get steady again. Saturn’s new work will be in behalf of humanity! That’s a BIG job. If anyone can do it, he can! List out the priorities, group related matters, get some leaders on board and get crackin’! Capricorn is expert at being the boss! 

Mars jumped into Aquarius with Saturn March 30, conjuncted the 31st! Mars said C’mon, Baby, and Saturn said Slow down! Mars might slow up a bit with Saturn right smack in his way, but it took only a moment to hurdle right on by! How to get past obstacles is an inborn rebellious Aries talent! Yet he did hear the words. Aries has enough experience and 6th sense to take heed. From time to time the Angels intervene and it saves his life! Saturn felt a little singed, but also a bit excited. He shakes the dust off, stands up a little taller, and by gosh, things are strange in this new crazy sign, but what the heck?! Lets get on with it!

Venus in Gemini has hailed Saturn from a trine away, and he is even happier! She liked his debonair demeanor, Silk and Suit! They agreed to lunch, she interviewed him, and the word is out that he has arrived. He has talent and connections; she has glamour and can skillfully turn a phrase. Blessings for both

The Moon’s North Node in Cancer is inconjunct Saturn in that alien sign Aquarius, of genius and invention. She hopes his new position in such a ‘great’ sign will not make him forget about his roots, the common people, women and children. She wonders how he will govern from his new domain, that he will not be overwhelmed by the expectations of so many. Perhaps she should volunteer and be present to remind him, so she can link with others who have similar needs as hers.   

At the same time, Saturn is square Uranus, the very planet whose sign he is now in! Woops! In some ways there is a kinship. Though different in styles, there is a common goal to help a lot of people. Uranus is in Taurus, a fast planet in a slow sign. Saturn is the planet of earth sign Capricorn, so he likes Taurus common sense, calmness. He might wish Taurus was a little faster, but tortoise and hare, Taurus is steady, dependable and no quitter. Taurus wants Earth things to happen, food, climate, shelter. Aquarius wants friendship, community work, planetary networking – computers and air travel, research and inventions. They can help each other. Aquarius needs on-the-ground human input to be pertinent to current common needs. Taurus needs the inventions that can make real change in a human usable form, not costly or take too long. Aquarius genius will be well used, pressed to perfection! Saturn puts them together, notes priorities and timeliness, checks in on them as they go along. Good job! Well done on all parts.  

Saturn also sextiles Chiron in Aries. As at the New Moon, the square and sextiles are close, Saturn retrogrades, the actual aspects aren’t exact until Feb 2021. They will get the ideas of their connections, but won’t come to definite events. Now through May is a trial period, preparatory. As said with the New Moon, the sextile will help with the challenges of the square. The sextile with Chiron in Aries, will give more courage to heal, expeditiously speed things up. It will trial new possibilities carefully! 

Mars in Aquarius also squares Uranus, Aquarius’s planet, at 11:58 AM Pacific just before the Full Moon at 7:35 PM! Please do be careful from March 30 to now, especially April 5, 6 and 7! Since linked by sign and planet, they could get in even more trouble even though Uranus is in calm Taurus. Mars is pretty wild in Aquarius! If they get momentum together, it could be curtains. There could be news about the virus, possibly a breakthrough, a successful vaccine. Uranus may need a little sparking up in Taurus and Mars reminds him what fun he used to have! Mars may need a resting place and the land, the farm, ranch, may be just the place to go. 

Again, carrying the Starlight is Fixed Star Castor of Castor & Pollux. Castor is at 20 Cancer 14. Moon and Sun are T Square at 18 Aries/Libra 43. Aries is Self; Cancer is family/women & children; Libra is relationships, marriage, partners. The commonality is exploring where you fit in the world with your fellows.

The mythology is Castor is one of the two rival brothers of the constellation (not sign) Gemini, Castor mortal, Pollux immortal. Robson says ‘Castor, the mortal one of the twins, is famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. Sometimes called Apollo [Sun god], and symbolically named A Ruler yet to Come. Has an interest in the occult. Dr Eric Morse: Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to mental breakdowns and neurotic distress. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. Where these geniuses often need help is in not letting their concern for others go ‘over the top’. And modern researcher Elsbeth Ebertin…Linked with the Moon or Mercury, it has the effect of such people being blessed with a good nature and fine morals. It is also supposed to convey refined manners. See more by UK astrologer Deborah Houlding. She says it’s all about the ‘quest for divine immortality!’

Though the Full Moon is in challenge with Castor, Castor also seems quite fitting to this Full Moon chart. It is trine, in the best aspect possible, with Pisces and its planet Neptune. They are concerned with matters of the immortal Soul. Moon is obliquely, inconjunct, related with Neptune while Sun semi-sextiles Neptune. At moments they can be unsure what to do, yet that double checking moment may be just what it takes to fine tune the venture, to keep it truly on course. 

Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus are at 6 and 5 degrees. Chiron is sizzling in fiery Aries in the same sign as the Sun with Mars, the Aries planet, happily sextile Chiron! HOT! Finally someone who understands him! Both are feeling speedy and rambunctious! Opportunities abound! Chiron is a good business person as well as a healer/teacher, terrific consultant! A promotional organization would suit them to a T! Supporting new students, think tanks, getting groups started! Avant-garde ideas, exotic explorations on land or in the lab, unique sports, research for new cures, looking for leaders! All would be exciting ventures!

Chiron is midpoint sextile Mars and Venus! Much as Chiron and Mar are exciting, Venus lends her beauty and bloom from Gemini! She not only leads the cluster of planets behind the Moon chart handle, but blows kisses back to Chiron and Mars! Venus trines Mars, making his hero’s journey into unknown territory with her ribbon on his sleeve. She sends him news, puts him in the papers, celebrates him on her blog day by day, cheers him to victory! His leadership excites so many others they start taking their own journeys! Valiant Mars brightens her day. Venus sextiles Chiron, who can be an old geezer, a dazzling young shaman, a handsome businessman or instructor, a precocious child ahead of her time. There are opportunities from many directions, fascinating varieties! She gives her appreciation, makes images of their stories. Her affection affirms their choices and being exactly who they are. They give thanks and blessings for her art, her kindness for including them.

That lucky Chiron may have suffered wounds, but in this round, between Mars and Venus, he is treated by spiritual first responder Mars and blessed by that Venus sweetie! He stands up taller, lets loose a smile, thanks his stars and continues his work with an extra liveliness in his heart. They in turn treasure his advice and spunky spirit!  

Chiron & Uranus continue humming along in their own semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

Seek out some great new partners, friends, connections! The seeds of change are in your pocket!

Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon Astrology Chart!

Libra - Aries 2020 Full Pink SUPERMoon Astrology Chart!

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Next is the EARTH DAY Wednesday April 22 New Moon at 7:26 PM, 3 Taurus 24!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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