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Eclipse Annular 'Ring of Fire' New Moon

Sunday Nov 3, 4:50 AM Pacific, NEW Moon, Rare Hybrid Eclipse at 11 Scorpio 16!

This Eclipse is during Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and follows the Oct 28 Chiron sextile Pluto, Halloween’s Mars trine Pluto, and the Nov 1 fourth Uranus square Pluto! 
See all about them in the Scorpio Newsletter!

  • Mercury will be secretly looking at the chances of several options, none of which will likely make the final cut, but they are definitely intriguing.  Maybe later on.
  • Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, has just gotten action from three planets – Chiron, Mars, Uranus, setting the stage for the Eclipse!!
  • In spite of difficulties, Chiron has offered healing, and possible business opportunities.
  • Mars, used to rule Scorpio, now Pluto does.  Mars is Pluto’s ally and champion at this time.  Pluto in Capricorn is more careful these days, knowing there could be long term payback, karmic debts incurred.  Mars in Virgo has had devilishly quick insights, that sees the patterns clearly and has set Pluto free from some of his concerns.  There are fruitful new ways to use the money.  Relief.
  • The Uranus square Pluto has been with us since 2010 causing all kinds of economic and political upheaval.  It is now at stage 4, of 7.  We are used to it, but this is the tipping point!  There are fewer aspects still to come than we have already done!  Uranus, the ChangeMaker, Awakener, has brought sweeping challenges; Pluto in Capricorn has done its best to manage them.  No surprise one of the biggest counties in the world shut its government down – the polarity is Uranus the genius wildcard futurist and Pluto the conservative controller in Capricorn.  In various ways, both are right.  And, typically, when things go fast, the one scared to move with the flow, digs in their heels.

The US government was back up with the Full Moon Eclipse, and now is on the waning, finishing cycle, much to be done for recovery, laying in a better foundation, roots.  The New Moon Eclipse ends one phase, begins the renewing of Light, now growing above ground for all to see, partake.

This eclipse is a Hybrid and quite rare because it begins with annularity and ends with totality.  Not a surprise that it is hybrid.  Many people are left with deeply passionately split opinions after the government shutdown.   Worldwide, a few will see the annular eclipse, then a very brief total eclipse.  For others it will be Annular, like in the eastern US – the Moon is at its furthest from Earth so appears smaller, hence the ‘Ring of Fire’ effect!  Those of us west won’t see it at all.  Sky & Telescope details!

At eleven degrees Scorpio, the Hybrid will be two degrees of Saturn, planet of Karma and Dharma!  Saturn is not usually in favor of hybrids, too unstable, especially when in Scorpio, a fixed sign that also likes things to stay the way they are.  But Scorpio and Saturn both have to do with natural endings.  They understand life’s realities, so they don’t fight it.  Scorpio is the psychic surgeon, so if the chance is offered, it may try to excise and cauterize the wound if there is a reasonable chance resurrection will work.  Both understand wearing out, breaks and renovation, are adept at rebuilding clean, better than ever.  If it can’t be fixed, they won’t waste your time, often abruptly calling it quits.  That can be tough if it involves your love life or the life of a loved one.

Career matters may be briefly eclipsed, or permanently overridden by a ‘louder event.  Or they may be focused on at a deep level, never to be the same afterwards.  Mars has an important place with the New Moon.  It sextiles the New Moon potently within 4 minutes of space (not degrees!)!  Since Moon and Sun are so close to Saturn, Mars sextiles Saturn too, willing to work hard!  The Sun will conjunct Saturn the 6th – serious and personal. Mars will make the exact sextile the 9th.  Each will carry on the work for several more days after the Eclipse!  This offers new options if you pay attention to details, offer a volunteer hand that could become a job, take steps to better health, making more things possible!  It may become a profound work that becomes closely tuned to your life’s Dharma, the work of your Soul!  Scorpio seeks perfection!

Scorpio Eclipse New Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

Sunday Nov 17, 7:16 AM Pacific, Full Moon at 25 Taurus 26

This Full Moon is the reverse of May’s Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus.  That moon is called Wesak by some spiritual communities, celebrated by most Buddhists as the Buddha’s birthday, and, for other Buddhists, marks Buddha’s enlightenment and death.  In astrology, humble Taurus, one who sits, centers, grounds, there is super awareness of body, a sensitivity so great so as to be able to perceive enlightenment, have peace, be one with Nature and animals.  The decision to be with their Beloved is based on a duration of true insight, is deeply loyal because of the depth of the seeing, is patient as it understands and accepts imperfection as well as perfection.

For some, the April Full Moon is the festival of the Christ Love, May is the Buddha Love/Wisdom, and June is Gemini, the Word of Humanity.  Our Full Moon now is half way, at the apex, of the Love/Wisdom cycle.  While Taurus Moon observes, stabilizes, Scorpio Sun roots out, heals what can be, discards or recycles the leavings.  It turns the soil, bringing fertile, forgotten possibilities to the surface.  As the days get shorter, more time is spent in the zone of the Dark, the Underworld, secret passions are coming alive again.  Find ways to add them in this time, befriend their friends, integrate in remarkable ways for greater return in every dimension!

In our recent Hybrid Eclipse, Mars in Virgo sextiled Saturn, the TaskMaster, got a lot done!  Mars has moved forward now to sextile Jupiter of Fame and Fortune, celebration!  Usually a traveler, Jupiter in Cancer may choose more to stay home, fix up the homestead, get organized.  You could travel in a home – the houseboat or camper, or travel to where your ancestors lived, especially on the Matriarchal side.  Mars in Virgo is ever sensible, so you better get the best buy tickets and stay in budget whatever you do!  Mars would like it if you could take a business trip and write off the seminar expenses, travel on the side.  Virgo is the number one sign of authors, and though Mars hates sitting still, if you are writing something exciting, to you, you could get tons written in a very short time.  Jupiter can take it to the publisher!  If it is about women, families, a health food cookbook with recipes from your very own garden, homes, do it yourself ventures, amazing pets, stories that evoke powerful feelings, it’s likely a winner.

The second close aspect unique to this chart is Venus’s upcoming sextile to Saturn.  So as masculine Mars was sextile Saturn during the Eclipse, he is followed by feminine Venus in Capricorn.  Mars and Saturn worked like dogs, got the main structure in place.  Venus in Cap knows the value of structure, plus, the finishing touches that make it irresistible!  She puts the covers on the sofa, selects the color of paint for the wall, the drapes for the windows, gets the curl in your hair, buys makeup for success!  Venus in Capricorn can be a shrewd buyer, finding long lasting materials at the right price, adds the touch that sells your product, knows where and who to market to.  She has a keen eye for old things that can be refurbished for little expense.  For those of you who love thrift shop foraging, Venus in Capricorn, sextile Cap’s planet Saturn, is like double lucky cheap deals (completes the aspect Saturday the 23rd)!!  Good luck hunting!

From Divinity to Daily, set your sights high and wide, dial up your detectors.  An inch of well placed effort can BE a mile of money and sweet rewards!

Scorpio Full Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

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Lucky Rare Jupiter Grand Trine!

During Mercury retrograde, Jupiter in Cancer
forms the outer planet Grand Trine of the Year with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in his own sign Pisces!  This kind of Trine is rare because the outer planets are all on different cycle lengths.  The last time these three planets connected as a Grand Trine in the exact same signs that they are traveling through now was the 17 August 928 BCE!!!  The last time we had any outer planet Grand Trine within 5 degrees or less, was Feb 25-27, 1974, formed by Jupiter to Saturn and Uranus in air signs.   If you count Chiron, we will be having another rare outer planet Grand Trine in May/June of 2014 with Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron also in water signs!  After that, we won’t have another until 2028, Jupiter trining Uranus and Pluto!

The Grand Trine is considered the most fortunate classical astrological aspect!  This one started the moment Jupiter entered Cancer June 25; it culminates July 17 to 19!  They…went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.  They took some honey, and plenty of money.  They danced by the light of the Moon.  Who knows where you will go, or what you will do?  Especially because this all happens during Mercury in Cancer Retrograde, in fact, right at the deepest part of the retrograde before it turns Direct July 20!  Mercury stations, when it is standing still, right at the turn, completely observes, steeps in, fully absorbs in its thinking, the profound meanings of this Grand Trine.  As Mercury turns forward, it starts to unfold and express what it has beheld, forging new strands of time, making magical new connections, a new sacred web.

We have already talked about Saturn trine Neptune.  Starting June 2, this aspect was and will be in what’s called a Station, meaning in this case that while Saturn turns Direct (forward), it will be in a continuous LESS THAN ONE DEGREE effect until the last trine, July 19, at 4 Cancer 55!  Though these are ‘quiet’ planets, Saturn is determined, and Neptune is psychic in it’s understanding and knowing.  Saturn has to do with Karma, while Neptune tops earthly achievement with a spiritual crown.  Time is your ally, accuracy profound.  It happens so simply you hardly realize, and you are pleased at the effortlessness.  You may not end up exactly where you anticipated, but it will be meaningful, and lighter.  Saturn drops the burdens, less effort for less time spent, and that includes letting go of time consuming clutter.  Neptune has the vision to keep you on direct alignment, and eases you right past distractions.

Jupiter fits right in with these plans!  Jupiter loves traveling light, with its mind and quick wit for its guide!  It too has vision, the ‘long eyes,’ that help us take the very right road.  Jupiter playfully laughs a big song, a ballad, even a legend, of the story of the adventure, Neptune making music for the epic!  Jupiter has the confidence to open doors, meet the new people, set up an international business!  With these three, learning pays off, promotion goes a long way, our work is a joy.  If Jupiter or Neptune stray, Saturn hauls them back to the necessities, the deadline.  Jupiter cheerfully says, ‘Sure, sure, we can do it!’  Neptune says, ‘Got it, understand.’  These three love spirituality – Saturn honorably presiding over Jupiterian celebratory ceremonies at the temple, Neptune meditating at the ashram to find the Dharma/Karma of Saturn’s mission.  Lay it out on the table, what you have been wanting.  It’s time to manifest, make those dreams come true!

Saturn in Scorpio professions, businesses, will likely take a step up.  Real estate is getting its feet back.  Construction and remodels will pay off, especially masonry work, plumbing, drainage and greywater.  Freezing, mortuary, mining metals.  Aging matters, health research, dermatology, funding and living arrangements.  Gov’t jobs, administration, politics, money industries, the stock market.  Jupiter will likely add a travel component, so, for example, real estate could be a hotel or a bed and breakfast.  Construction may be for an out of town firm.  The greywater project might be modeled after one used in a foreign country.  Jupiter will boost things for about a year, so be sure you can pay the rent on that bigger place when Jupiter has moved on.  At least you will be off to a terrific start!

The Water and Earth signs will prosper the most.  But each of these signs is in its own grand square as well, in challenge with each of the earth signs!  Scorpio power struggles with its other, opposite, fixed earth sign Taurus.  Pisces can fear its opposite fellow mutable, earthy Virgo.  Cancer pales at its other cardinal, often a Taskmaster, Capricorn.  Fire and Air signs generally are not easy with Water and Earth, and fill the other points of the grand squares, so if your chart has a lot of those, it will call for some accepting, adjusting and tinkering.

Mars has also been active during the Grand Trine since Mars entered Cancer July 13.  It keeps it active until it also trines first Neptune, then Saturn on July 20, conjuncts Jupiter in the wee minutes after midnight (Pacific) on the 22nd!

  • Mars inspires new beginnings, putting our spiritual images into action!
  • Sign Changes are new beginnings!  The 22nd is the day the Sun goes into Leo, making it personal, and Venus into Virgo, attending to every beautiful detail the new project, way of living, requires!  It is blessed to do so!
  • July 20 Mercury (Mind) Direct Station!  Turn arounds of ideas releasing new beginnings, free to go forward!
  • July 22, 11:15 AM  Pacific – 2013’s third and last Super Full Moon, this time in Aquarius – sign of awakening, change!  The Lights are ON!  Full Moons bring culmination and release, like taking a huge lungful, holding it, then the big sigh and relaxation.  You’ve done your best, maxed out, the infusion complete.  What will be, will be.

I like what Dana Mrkich says, ‘Making The Impossible Possible!’

The Grand Trine leads right into the outer planet T Square of the Year! Jupiter makes an earth shaker when it squares Uranus in Aries, opposes Pluto in Capricorn!  It starts July 17, culminates August 21!  Avoid the volcanos or look for a front row seat!  Within that time frame is the JULY 29 GRAND SEXTILE – STAR of DAVID!  More on both of those to come!

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Venus Transit/Eclipse Chart – 15 Gemini, June 5, 2012!

North American observers can see it the afternoon of June 5, 2012

I’m writing to you well in advance about this event because I think it is important and it precedes the 2012 Mayan calendar event by only a few months.  I am wanting you to hold it in your consciousness, every day be readying yourself for it, put it in your practice.  Be thinking how you can get others ready.  If I could, I would have you see it as sort of like a Soul bath.  You would lay in your lawn chair, facing the Sun, and vision yourself soaking up everything there is to receive, being bathed in loving Light.  You don’t even have to know what that is.  I believe it will come.  Clean your receptors, open your heart.  Those of you who know astrology, study how it will be placed in your chart.  I’m starting to talk about it with every client.

Venus Transits come in pairs spaced eight years apart, but the time between pairs is 122 years, then 105 years. Due to this pattern, only six Venus transits have been seen since the invention of the telescope.  The 2004 Venus Transit was the first of our latest pair. Before that, the most recent transit had been in 1882—which means no living people on Earth had seen a Venus transit when the 2004 event occurred.  Some speculate this rare Transit was one of the reasons the Mayans chose 2012 as their 26,000 year cycle end/start date.

—Image courtesy NASA

The Venus eclipses have been in the first 15 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius since 60 AD!  The previous June 8, 2004 Venus Transit was at 17 Gemini, square Jupiter, widely square Moon/Uranus, trine Neptune and opposite Pluto (a loose Mutable Grand Cross involving 7 planets).  Mutable signs call for diversity, adaptability.  The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is mind and meaning, communications near and far, from here to the University.  The Virgo/Pisces axis is service and devotion, working hard and dreamtime magic, healers of body and Soul.

This Venus retrograde conjuncts/eclipses the Sun at 15 degrees airy space-in-the-mind Gemini, both of them square Mars at 16 degrees  get-the-job-done Virgo.  Venus in Gemini is loving communications, appreciations, expressing affection, valuing diversity of thinking.  Square Mars in Virgo calls for that desire being thought about to be put into action, to break through from pleasure to leadership on a daily basis.  Virgo tends the fort, wants all to be healthy, not too much sugar!   Jupiter is at 28 degrees, finishing Taurus about to enter Gemini, just one degree from the Pleiades.  Mercury is at 27 Gemini, in a one degree semi sextile with this Jupiter.  There will be a lot to say, some of it profound, about the goings on, because this 27 Gemini position is powerfully positioned exactly opposite the GALACTIC CENTER, downloading the information to the people!  This is important because the Mayan Calendar turnover at the Sacred Tree, Crossroads of Dec 21, 2012, occurs only 6 degrees from the Galactic Center!  The Moon is conjunct Pluto, sextile Chiron, square Uranus.  This Moon position highlights Pluto; Pluto at this degree becomes part of the Jupiter three planet 8 degree YOD in the Dec 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar turnover!  All will not go as planned, surprises in the offing, some left behind, inevitable deep-rooted change due to fathers, sadly, something to ‘weep’ about, a longed for professional matter at stake.  Some things, though much talked about, must be done alone, yet profoundly affect our mates, or we are affected by them….

Venus Transit chart, June 5, 2012, 5:09 PM Pacific, Santa Barbara CA

Due to the huge size difference, no way can Venus ‘eclipse’ the Sun – we call it a Venus Transit.  In images it is a mere black dot in a sea of yellow fire as it crosses the face of the Sun!  I think of it as a voyage, pilgrimage, a rite of passage, across this magnificent space being.  It is a merger, an immersion, being imbued, saturated, infused, with the brightest Light our Solar System, our neighborhood in the galaxy, has to offer!  And it is lined right up with US!  Whew!  This is the Kleig Light of Heaven, from our Heart of Light, transmitted, telegraphed, filtered, amped, a direct shot!  Do you think flowers in bloom at that time will have more powerful pollen, seeds, essences?!  Not one pore of Venus will be left untouched.  If your love went cold, those with planets touched by this aspect, will be warmed right back up, solar charged!  You may feel you have plenty to give, more than ever!  Venus matters ‘enlightened’ will involve beauty, the arts, money, attractiveness, our values, love, kindness, graciousness, giving.  Perhaps you will be ‘weeping’ for JOY!

In Gemini, the Word, all those matters will be spoken of, listened for, written up!  Start your blog!  Multifaceted ideas will spring forth, diversity rules!  Marketing and advertising will be blessed with connecting people who love what is being sold.  Contracts will be better for all involved.  How we learn, pay attention, will improve, education be more cherished.  Learning a second language will be more valuable not only to improve memory, but to make special connections with people that used to be out of reach.  Touch healing, massage will flourish.  Sports like tennis, running, may make new records!  Very true, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Words of praise and appreciation make all the difference.  Love formula – 5 praise to 1 criticism.  What we think – what we focus our attention on, how we think – half full/half empty, matters.  Profoundly.

Venus rules first Taurus, Earth, then Libra, Air.  Taurus has a sensual beauty, rules celebrities and common sense, the monies at hand, the sitting Buddha, Earth, our self esteem.  Libra rules classic beauty, the fine arts, etiquette, Kwan Yin, balance, our adult peer relationships, marriage, how we see our value among our peers, legal proceedings.  We all have both signs in our charts.  Find out where they are in your chart, then read the Venus Transit into those houses, and which house the exact Transit is in, to see what and where you personally are activated.

Those of you with birthdates from the 2nd to the 8th of the month, and/or have planets from 12 to 19 degrees of any sign, will be the most affected by the Venus Transit.  Most air and fire signs will be comfortable with it, may flourish.  Other mutable signs, Virgo and Pisces at square, Sagittarius opposite, may be put off by all the ‘meaningless’ chit chat, may not even hear of it, or be surprised by, perhaps at first annoyed by, new ideas that seemed hidden!  Earth signs want to keep their routine, but there will surely be disruptions.  Water signs, though intrigued, may duck under to see what is happening below the surface and to rest their ears.

A client asked me …will all these changes be for the good?  In some ways the World is already better as people seek new solutions (energy production, government).  Any change proves there CAN be change.  With a lot of old world regimes toppling, there will be chaos and clumsy reform that may take years to settle.  That’s normal.  Change of such magnitude takes time.  Flooding with education and information (Gemini) are imperative.  Giving alternate solutions gives choice (Gemini).  Some of those people have been ‘asleep’ for a long time.  Breaking with tradition and psychological habit is scary.  So change itself, though a relief for some, is part of what can stall the very things it is looking toward.  Encouragement and less poverty, the ability to provide for themselves, create a security base that allow the luxury of a more positive choice.  One of the maxims of natural cycles is it is always darkest before the Light.  Now is the time to stay steady – get us through and beyond the chrysalis of this stage.  Though a chrysalis is a hardened shell, to protect the pupa of the butterfly, it is often seen twitching with life when touched….

This Venus Transit comes before the Dec 21, Winter Solstice, 2012 Mayan calendar end/turnover, giving us LOVE first to cap the final achievements.  We finish the final days before the Calendar ends with more GRACE.  This sets the foundation for a sweeter start of the next cycle, the BLESSINGS to come in the new times!

Let love light the dark way, return to the Light, see the Light.  Merge with, emerge from, the Heart of Light, it’s a free ride!  Reverence to all Beings.  Namaste.  Or as the Mayans say, “In Lak’ech” – I am Another Yourself [Gemini, the Twins]. 

Gemini, Sign of the Hands, the Honored Sign of Transference of the Venus Transit June 5, 2012

Please do see more, about the Jupiter Gemini Connection to the eclipse in the months that follow!

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