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Saturn Square Uranus Sunrise over Capitol Washington DC

Sunrise on the Capitol Building, Washington DC  …and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.  —Abraham Lincoln

It’s one thing to be in an unlike sign. It isn’t going anyplace, has always been there, mostly knows what it is doing and can be helpful to the new arrival. Though, yes, it is being impinged on as planets pass through. But still, it shapes them up as to its parameters, one of the natural parts of life, and it adds to its own repertoire. It is another thing to be square the planet of the sign you are in! A planet can more readily adapt to being in a sign rather than being actively rejected, or rejecting the other planet! A square between moving parts has a push and a bite to it. Saturn and Uranus are old foes mythologically. They were son and father and Saturn wasn’t ‘nice’ to old Uranus, and Uranus has always been hard to corral.

Saturn hates not being in control, so gets good and scared when Uranus does his average thing which is seen as chaos by Saturn! His first instinct is to limit freedoms. Whether it is no allowance and child labor to suppression and oppression, depression of the people, Aquarius is famous for R/evolution! Sooner or later, everybody has to breathe! Though Aquarius is Uranus’s sign and they are sympatico, the struggle is on just the same. And Aquarius and Taurus aren’t easy either. Aquarius, the sign of Humanity, the People, wants change and Taurus has been working the land personally just that way for centuries. He has fed all those people while they didn’t even know who he was. He says no way. It’s going to take some time. They are all strong on their own merit.

Squares don’t have to be ‘bad.’ That’s not to say it doesn’t take work. It does. Saturn is used to being in charge of the family, at work is often the boss or CEO. He tends to be an unquestioned traditionalist. Yet, at times, he uses scientific guidance, and things that have proven themselves over time. He is generally experienced and honored for his accomplishments. What? You disagree?!? Uranus is a genius out of the box thinker and doesn’t care what you think. There is always more in the Universe and the time has come for this part! He’s often not around, so he and Saturn have not had many encounters. But when Uranus invents something significant, you are likely to have to make some adjustments. Uranus isn’t always socially adept, so it may take a little time to shake it out. Once Saturn gets the idea how to use the new stuff to his advantage, he’s all ears! He knows it will save time and increase revenue in the long run. Uranus doesn’t always do much adapting, he just goes on to the next invention. But there is a part of him that may need a ‘Dad’ to help him get his ideas into use. Just a tad of discipline can get a satisfying return! Focusing on a single topic can get the job done. Don’t hover, but do check on him time to time and bring food. AQ forgets to eat. Buying him a new computer, better than the one he’s got, would sure go a long way!

Some time tested old ways will simply always work best. No matter how brilliant you are, how entertaining, you can show off all you want, but it’s just not the best. It’s fun to foray into the ethers to test the principle, but when something like perhaps a better way to handle climate or saving lives comes along, your time could be put to a more humane use. Saturn it is your job to help work the process, provide materials, a work location, and get the time your Uranian friend needs.

On a more personal basis, ‘No, we’re not taking the plane, and you’re not my friend.’ There could be some iffy relationships for quite a while. Some of them never will pan out. Saturn can appear aloof and judgmental, while Uranus simply forgets you exist. Saturn is skeptical, even cynical. Uranus is often brilliant but doesn’t always appear credible, often is way over the heads of other mere mortals. Sometimes their socks don’t match and hygiene lacking when they lock themselves away inventing intricate sequences that require a chain of attention. So Saturnians, put on a smile and Uranians, take a bath, LOL! Neither of you may be able to do it without the other. In fact, on a really personal basis, they could be found putting all differences aside, breaking the rules together, in the back of the law library being kinky!

Saturn is no fool. He sees the worth and will dedicate some of his efforts to get over old fears and take a chance on new instruments, tools, techniques, and get used to planes! Good and brave Soul.

Age may be a factor. On one side it’s physical matters, could be stronger than ever. On the other side, Saturn is known for wisdom. They can be fearful and greedy, or known for integrity and their word, their honor. They can be solid mentors. Uranians can be flighty, ungrounded, forgetful as they get older, even when they are younger! But that no rules, free zone frequency they have lets them find rare connections never tapped before. They are downright etheric and at home traveling that stratosphere!

Chances are you will be pressed somewhere along this sequence to raise yourself up because there is so much work being needed on the planet today. Some friends will naturally fall away, while others will feel betrayed or abandoned. You will likely acquire some new friends against the odds and surprise yourself at not only the extent of the efforts you made, but how much you are so glad you did!

Behind the planets, are their signs, Aquarius, Uranus’s sign, and Taurus. Saturn is already in Aquarius, so a get along is already happening. Saturn is good with fellow earth sign Taurus. Simple, sensible, practical, steadfast. Yet there are moments. Taurus is earth herself. who knows who is more solid or stubborn, Saturn of rocky Capricorn, or Taurus the soil settled in the valleys going nowhere? Taurus farms those fields and feeds us. They know the weather cycles, work all year and sometimes all night, strong as the bulls and oxen they have used for centuries. No one is really pushing them because we all want to eat! Aquarius rules the air that is over the land. Wind cleans the trees, blows leaves and limbs down to fertilize the soil. Air may fly about, but Earth is always there for them, safe and trusted. Yet, their natures are so different. Do they actually communicate? Taurus takes care of his own work. Aquarius is unhindered. Maybe that is their elemental connection. But Aquarius is flight, the birds, that see and need the land for homes that climate change is threatening. AQ is the r/evolutionist that protects the land, takes care of its new climatic needs, gathers like minded people and groups to problem solve. Taurus and AQ consult for the best natural methods and peaceful ways of coexisting.

Uranus in Taurus is bringing many changes to our bodies, COVID-19 being our latest challenge. The long Saturn conjunct Pluto, Jupiter joining them, then Mars of infections, have made a weakness in the valence. Saturn research and Aquarian/Uranian research and networking are working hard to take care of us. Many people will cross old prejudicial boundaries to help each other just as with environmental disasters. Friendships will be formed from shared hardship, equally working human to human regardless of other differences, softening some of those as we get to know each other better and talk things over. We are all evolving and changing to higher laws. Day by day, breath by breath.  See more about Uranus in Taurus

This is a unique situation astrologically. Saturn goes into Aquarius March 21, 2020 and immediately is less than 5 degrees of the square to Uranus! They hover at just about 5 degrees apart until May 10/11 when Saturn retrogrades. Uranus goes on about his business. Jan 2 2021, they are back in 5 degrees range again, getting closer until their first exact square Jan 17, 2021 at 7 AQ! They square their 2nd time June 14 at 13 AQ, and their last time Dec 23 at 11 AQ. So what we have is the close square March 21 through May 10/11 having the ingredients, experiencing the energy. Difficulties are hinted at, dancing around each other. They are getting used to the friction, differences of style, working at solutions, thinking on things.

The first lap in 2020 is from 0 to 7 degrees. The exact aspects are when your planets are 2 to 9 degrees, 8 to 15, and 6 to 13. You see the #7 falls in all of them and 8, 9 in all the last three. If you have planets at these common degrees they will all link up with your chart. The other degrees will be specific to their timing.

Those of you with planets at those degree of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, especially Taurus and AQ, will likely have the most challenges. Aquarius will favor the air and fire signs except Leo, while Taurus will favor earth and water signs except Scorpio. You may need to see your astrologer to sort it all out for you. It’s very possible there will be mixed effects.

Evolution is not a quitter. Best!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….


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Aries New Moon March 24!

Last of Six months 4 degree sequence, Saturn IN AQUARIUS square Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter Bundle Chart!

Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon, April 7,8, Largest of the year!

Moon Libra Handle Bucket Chart! Jupiter still close to Pluto. Fixed Star Castor TSquare Full Moon.


Aries 2020 New Moon!

Tuesday March 24 New Moon at 2:28 AM, 4 Aries 12! 

Last of Six months 4 degree sequence, Saturn IN AQUARIUS square Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter Bundle Chart!

Aries New Moon 2020 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night L’Atelier Des Lumières Paris

In honor of Aries artist Vincent van Gogh, his work Starry Night. See his Chart  Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings Come Alive In Paris’ L’Atelier Des Lumières

Our New Moon at 4 degrees Aries is the sixth of a SIX months sequence of New Moons all at 4 degrees! 2019 Oct, Nov, Dec and 2020 Jan, Feb, Mar New Moons are all at 4 degrees! The signs are Scorpio, Sag, Cap, AQ, Pisces and Aries. All these Moons are sequentially resonant to each other! If you have factors at 4 degrees or very close to that, let’s say up to 2 to 3 degrees, in your astrology chart, they will be activated over and over. Each Moon being in a different Sign, your chart will be activated from different angles each time, some more favorably than others. Assess your status, how well you have achieved your goals, what’s next! This last one is in the first sign of the zodiac! Time for putting your accomplishment into the mainstream!  

Saturn is newly in Aquarius for the first time since 29 years ago! This is the first lunar event in his new sign! It is a New Moon of the first sign of the Zodiac in an early degree along with 5 other early degree factors! This New Moon chart happens to be the 3rd of three New Moons in a row having those rare potent Bundle charts. It’s bunched together tightly in only 117 degrees, concentrated like a potent little seed! Blessed with sweet Venus trine lucky Jupiter defining its boundaries, these new beginnings will spring forth with legs! Venus is in Taurus the Bull, having superior strength to carry on, and Jupiter, the Horse, is in Capricorn, sign of clever sure footed goats to take us to the heights! 

The New Moon has just sextiled Saturn, encouraging, showing the way to make a good start! The Lights are with Saturn and so are many people looking for new ways to fix old problems. Saturn in Aquarius is square the Aquarian planet Uranus in Taurus. This combination may need to crack down first, to slow down things that have been out of control. There may be a lot of meetings before a working consensus is reached. Things may need to be dealt with one at a time. Hopefully, gradually a strong and informed coalition will be formed, or it may never quite gel, each distrusting the other. However, Saturn retrogrades May 10/11 at only 1° AQ 57, not making the exact square to Uranus until Feb 18. 2021! This is a prelude of things to come so we can prepare well to work it then. Nor will Saturn make connections with any other of the early degree factors. It won’t sextile Chiron until Feb 9, 2021, just nine days before the square to Uranus. Please see more about the square. The sextile will help with the challenges of the square. The sextile with Chiron in Aries, will give more courage to heal, expeditiously speed things up. It will trial new possibilities carefully!   

Moon and Sun though are sitting midpoint between Mercury and Uranus! Mercury is Direct, moving forward now, finishing up the very last of the Mercury retrograde cycle March 30! Last touches and tweaks are being finessed, new options are being integrated. Mercury is considered to be ‘exalted’ in AQ, Uranus’ sign. They can be intellectual, but with Sun joined with Moon in Aries, sign of the first Light, literally the new Dawn, they can see there is much to be done and are rarin’ to go, even Mercury in Pisces, not usually a go getter! Aries dashes forward and the spark of the day is ignited! Aries is crazy brave fearless and fine! If he can do it they can do it! Besides, Chiron is right there too! The Dr is in the house! If anything happens instant super care is on board! Uranus is ever excited when an awakening occurs, and Taurus farmers roll early! Who knows where they will end up today! It’s a free for all of ideas, each inspiring the next! Chiron is among friends and understanding sympatico thinkers! Time to start a school! Instinct and genius abounds, a few bullets are dodged! They arrive flushed, breathless, laughing with glee! They dared and they did it! Venus trine Jupiter caps their day with blessings and plans!

Jupiter is with Pluto just about exact! Will be April 4, coming right up! This New Moon supports and prepares the way for that exceptional conjunction! Jupiter makes things best, bigger or exaggerated, the worst. Pluto can be save your life, make money or take your life and all your money, bankruptcy. It can bond your relationship for a lifetime, or there you are over filing divorce papers against that cheater! Jupiter can be schooling, trips, publishing, truth and the consequences if you have been a liar no longer getting away with it. Pluto can be the scandal, fighting over inheritances, or fund the most amazing healing research and a center with exceptional care for victims. You see this aspect has a great range, extremes. And both can happen at once. Keep your life clean or Jupiter in Capricorn the law, Pluto the Police will be knocking on your door. If you have the means, do what you can to help survivors, heal the environment long term, provide significant education. Apply for help if you need it. Sometimes we just can’t do it all alone. One day you will be the one that’s doing the giving. Bless you and keep you. When you can, pay it forward.

Mars, our Aries planet, has been lighting up these two! Mars was with Jupiter Mar 20 and Pluto Mar 22/23! They haven’t forgotten its fiery effect! Some got up courage they haven’t shown for years. Principles or finances may be thwarted. Some of us will make fools of ourselves, and that’s ok. We tried. Try not to burn bridges unless your life is in danger. Some rules will be broken out of necessity. New rules may be inaugurated! Jupiter is usually quite outspoken and fearless, but that can be damped down in Capricorn, but when Mars swept by, he got more back into his naturally confident style! 

Mars with Pluto can be a throw down, drop of the hat fight! Could be money or love, an issue from long ago, anything, but holy wow, please be careful. Maybe sensible Jupiter in Capricorn will save the day and both of you from mortal injuries, becoming enemies with no forgiveness in sight. Later you may even laugh. You could be leery of each other for a while. Goes with the territory as you rebuild trust. If you are on the same page working on a project together it could be fast and furious, obsessive and amazing. Obsolete debris and techniques are unceremoniously tossed, which clears the way for a clean efficient finish! Congrats! Sex could be HOT and hypnotic, tantric! Or it could be the worst you ever had, even rape, with the very wrong person! Avoid doing something that has deep consequences. Keep your ethics, stay safe.

Here is another look at Mars with Jupiter and Pluto. They are in Capricorn still anchoring and building a solid foundation! They are the mountaineers of Spirit! Jupiter is Sagittarius’s planet, big hearted teacher and traveler. Jupiter has a great window to the Universe, broadens our senses, lights the possibilities along the way that flourish with potential! Expansion exceeds expectations! Ideas are gathered worldwide, coordinated in a timely fashion with excellent results! Pluto releases debris and toxins, for deeper connections, intimacy and healing to be possible. Pluto handles financial support to protect and promote the greater good. Mars just over them, has been adding spitfire energy, making quick fixes that work and make the outcome even better, even while everyone is holding their breath at the last minute! 
Neptune? He stands alone. Resting, watching the show. Venus phoned Mar 22. She in Taurus now has a melodious voice, so Neptune made music and she sang to the Angels of the Sea, the Mermaids. Venus blessed his Spirit, comforted his Soul, reassured him how important his place is to us. Compassion and empathy, being able to sense what is coming means a lot to our connections with others, the success of our lives, ability to give well. He is the Great Guardian of Spirituality. She heard and felt his dreams and will speak sweetly that others may share them too. 

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus  

Aries, we are delighted with you out in front! You are our heroes and heroines!

Aries New Moon Astrology Chart!

Aries 2020 New Moon Astrology Chart

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Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon, April 7, 8, Largest of the Year!

Tuesday April 7/8 at 7:35 PM Pacific 18 Libra – Aries 44

Moon Libra Handle Bucket Chart! Jupiter still close to Pluto. Fixed Star Castor T Square Full Moon.

Aries Full Moon 2020 Saguaro Guardians Arizona Spring Beauty

Saguaro, the standing desert people, the night guardians, noble spirits of Beauty in Arizona spring time, celebrating the Full Moon!

FYI: The Buddha’s Birthday, Wesak, celebration date is different in different countries. The US will celebrate it Wednesday April 8 in 2020, the day after the Aries/Libra Full Moon in Pacific zone.  

This is the second and BIGGEST Full Supermoon of 2020! Depending on who is deciding, we are enjoying a “season” of 3 full SUPERmoons March 9, April 8, and May 7, 2020, and then have a “season” of 3 new moon supermoons on September 17, October 16, and November 15, 2020. See EarthSky for viewing details! 

supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with perigee—the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit—resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth. The technical name is a perigee syzygy (of the Earth–Moon–Sun system) or a full (or new) Moon around perigee.

Often when there are Bundle and Bowl charts, a 1/3 or 1/2 of a chart having all the planets in a group or on one side of the chart, when Moon (or another planet) strikes out on her own, being the fastest planet, she is what we call the ‘handle of the Bucket chart!‘ The rest of the planets are still clustered behind her. The Full Moon is a classic time, when she is 180 away from the rest. She is the Seeker. She scans for whatever concerns them. She receives information that she filters back to the main body of planets. She carries/sends their messages, information, from them to others as she connects by degrees at any given time. Others outside the chart are alerted to Moon and her entourage. Pretty cool that our second SuperMoon, in Libra, is such an excellent natural ambassador, and holds such an important position! It’s important she represent the group accurately with grace and charm as well.

This is the 4th of 5 Full Moons that are Bucket charts. Each chart’s Moon is the Handle planet, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, now Libra, finishing with Scorpio! We start and end with a Water sign. Very briefly, Cancer is home, family, women and children. Leo is Heart and Light, teacher. Virgo, the only Earth sign, is caretaker in every way possible, healer, spiritual midwife and organizer. Libra makes social connections, negotiates, collaborates and partners. Scorpio tends the finances, saves lives, shares deep intimacy. This is a special sequence about relationships, deep caring for each other from birthing to dying. 

In that planet cluster behind Mother Moon, Pluto with Jupiter are the base planets, Venus still leads. Pluto and Jupiter are wanting power and ethics, expansion, to learn as much as possible in the shortest time ever! There are deals to be made and Souls to be healed, and don’t forget, places to go!!! Venus in Gemini looks for kind words of grace, a brotherly connection. She has attractive valuable ideas! Saturn, now in Aquarius, is working hard for humanity! 

Pretty Moon in Libra, in her pink flower gown, sweeps through the atmosphere, leaving rose petals behind. She at the helm of the Bucket Chart seeks equilibrium with external forces, negotiates opportunities, collaborates with foreign entities. She brings brilliant people to the group for their perusal and if possible to expedite their work together. The group tells her their wishes and she is off on the next sweep to let people out there know what is happening! She is not shy and people are happy to meet her! She is attractive, so comes back quickly with more treasures. Sun in Aries is delighted at the speed they are going!

Moon and Sun are T Square Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn! That’s not considered an easy square, but Moon has her social connections and partners in crime, LOL, and Sun in Aries has a glorious light of independence that is hard to stop! But then Capricorn is the elder, and can show them a thing or two. Life is not just social roses, there is work to be done. Aries can go zipping around, but maybe needs to be reminded why and that there are priorities and deadlines after all. If they all get on board and give up a little for a lot, there can be great accomplishment and satisfaction. Aries, the leader, inspires others to come along and help. Mama Moon parlays like a princess and they are happy they volunteered! She smiles; they cheer! Pluto and Jupiter are quite relieved. The whole IS greater than the sum of its parts!

April 4, the first Jupiter Conjunct Pluto happened, and they are and will be in close connection through their second conjunction June 29 and on through July 30! The third and final aspect is Nov 12, the aspect of the Nov 3 Presidential Election. You can see how crucial this aspect is. In Capricorn there is much long term work of necessity. Set your goals and stick with them, revising and updating as you go. Do what makes a difference. 

Those of you with chart factors 21 through 26 will be strongly activated. Earth and water signs, except Cancer, will find yourselves accomplishing more than you expected. Fire and Air signs will be somewhat challenged. Jupiter with Pluto in Capricorn can be a demanding combination. Big plans, needs, and little time to do it! Jupiter at times may run away. It’s just too much, yet there is the call back obligation, a promise made, and uncharacteristically, he comes back. His oversight keeps much needed perspective. His optimism on a dark day keeps everyone going. Plus he has never traveled so deeply as with Pluto and is curious just how far things will go. As an educator and publisher, he observes Pluto’s healing methods, from money to love, and brings back life saving information to share. Rebuilding, renovation, renewal, the Phoenix rises from its own ashes against long odds. 

Mercury has just sextiled Pluto and Jupiter! Mercury in Pisces is both logical and psychic, has sensitive awareness and makes sense of the unseen! Pluto has his secrets, but this Mercury scans the Spirit and sees the inner intent, beyond the blocks of pain, anger and fear, to the primordial intention of the pure Soul one is born with. Mercury in Pisces whispers back and reminds us how we can give, pay it forward. This all takes a fraction of a second, rather miraculous. Jupiter in Capricorn can have fears he isn’t quite the guy he pretends to be. Mercury sees there have been disappointments, and through feelings of inadequacy, some guilts at having run away. Mercury assures him he is gifted and human. Sure, there are injuries and mistakes by all of us, but learning is Jupiter’s forté! Stay in integrity and use the ‘grit’ part to succeed. Have happiness in every step you take.

This is a terrific business aspect! Mercury advertises, spreads the word of events, writes script, takes the tickets! New job opportunities in our changing world are made known. Important educational programs are posted. Real Estate offerings at lower prices are listed. Personally, important health information, like about Cov-19, is disseminated. Computer life will save money, no big halls or venues needed. Your presentation, blog, newsletter, announcements, backdrops and staging will be super important. 

Mercury has also recently joined with Neptune, the Pisces planet! You don’t get much more psychic than that if you are Mercury! Neptune is deep compassion, empathy, knows both suffering and ecstasy, union with God! There is addiction that takes us, we lose faith, yet there is resurrection that saves us. We steal from others yet we heal the Soul itself. Mercury is ‘the Word of God,’ always near the Sun, the Light. His job is to tell the story, share the discovery, the word of Light, be a sunbeam. Mercury in Pisces absorbs to the fullest, every micro flash to the encompassing entirety of all Being. Nothing superficial about that! He feels every word he says. Those words are the melody of the Soul.

Venus in Gemini starts her Retrograde CYCLE April 9 and doesn’t complete the entire cycle until July 28, so most of her process will be during the Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. She will be finding grace in communications. Jupiter wants Truth while Pluto opts for privacy. There will be some challenging delicate moments. Venus loving kindness will make all the difference.

This is our first Full Moon with Saturn in Aquarius! He retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1, so this is a preview. The 2+ years in Capricorn were crucial. For now, Saturn’s work in Cap is at maturity and has prepared him for solidarity entering a sign that is not the easiest for him to be in. Aquarius is a bit shocking to conservative Saturn at first. He’s getting used to his new shoes and it’s gonna take a bit of time to get steady again. Saturn’s new work will be in behalf of humanity! That’s a BIG job. If anyone can do it, he can! List out the priorities, group related matters, get some leaders on board and get crackin’! Capricorn is expert at being the boss! 

Mars jumped into Aquarius with Saturn March 30, conjuncted the 31st! Mars said C’mon, Baby, and Saturn said Slow down! Mars might slow up a bit with Saturn right smack in his way, but it took only a moment to hurdle right on by! How to get past obstacles is an inborn rebellious Aries talent! Yet he did hear the words. Aries has enough experience and 6th sense to take heed. From time to time the Angels intervene and it saves his life! Saturn felt a little singed, but also a bit excited. He shakes the dust off, stands up a little taller, and by gosh, things are strange in this new crazy sign, but what the heck?! Lets get on with it!

Venus in Gemini has hailed Saturn from a trine away, and he is even happier! She liked his debonair demeanor, Silk and Suit! They agreed to lunch, she interviewed him, and the word is out that he has arrived. He has talent and connections; she has glamour and can skillfully turn a phrase. Blessings for both

The Moon’s North Node in Cancer is inconjunct Saturn in that alien sign Aquarius, of genius and invention. She hopes his new position in such a ‘great’ sign will not make him forget about his roots, the common people, women and children. She wonders how he will govern from his new domain, that he will not be overwhelmed by the expectations of so many. Perhaps she should volunteer and be present to remind him, so she can link with others who have similar needs as hers.   

At the same time, Saturn is square Uranus, the very planet whose sign he is now in! Woops! In some ways there is a kinship. Though different in styles, there is a common goal to help a lot of people. Uranus is in Taurus, a fast planet in a slow sign. Saturn is the planet of earth sign Capricorn, so he likes Taurus common sense, calmness. He might wish Taurus was a little faster, but tortoise and hare, Taurus is steady, dependable and no quitter. Taurus wants Earth things to happen, food, climate, shelter. Aquarius wants friendship, community work, planetary networking – computers and air travel, research and inventions. They can help each other. Aquarius needs on-the-ground human input to be pertinent to current common needs. Taurus needs the inventions that can make real change in a human usable form, not costly or take too long. Aquarius genius will be well used, pressed to perfection! Saturn puts them together, notes priorities and timeliness, checks in on them as they go along. Good job! Well done on all parts.  

Saturn also sextiles Chiron in Aries. As at the New Moon, the square and sextiles are close, Saturn retrogrades, the actual aspects aren’t exact until Feb 2021. They will get the ideas of their connections, but won’t come to definite events. Now through May is a trial period, preparatory. As said with the New Moon, the sextile will help with the challenges of the square. The sextile with Chiron in Aries, will give more courage to heal, expeditiously speed things up. It will trial new possibilities carefully! 

Mars in Aquarius also squares Uranus, Aquarius’s planet, at 11:58 AM Pacific just before the Full Moon at 7:35 PM! Please do be careful from March 30 to now, especially April 5, 6 and 7! Since linked by sign and planet, they could get in even more trouble even though Uranus is in calm Taurus. Mars is pretty wild in Aquarius! If they get momentum together, it could be curtains. There could be news about the virus, possibly a breakthrough, a successful vaccine. Uranus may need a little sparking up in Taurus and Mars reminds him what fun he used to have! Mars may need a resting place and the land, the farm, ranch, may be just the place to go. 

Again, carrying the Starlight is Fixed Star Castor of Castor & Pollux. Castor is at 20 Cancer 14. Moon and Sun are T Square at 18 Aries/Libra 43. Aries is Self; Cancer is family/women & children; Libra is relationships, marriage, partners. The commonality is exploring where you fit in the world with your fellows.

The mythology is Castor is one of the two rival brothers of the constellation (not sign) Gemini, Castor mortal, Pollux immortal. Robson says ‘Castor, the mortal one of the twins, is famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. Sometimes called Apollo [Sun god], and symbolically named A Ruler yet to Come. Has an interest in the occult. Dr Eric Morse: Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to mental breakdowns and neurotic distress. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. Where these geniuses often need help is in not letting their concern for others go ‘over the top’. And modern researcher Elsbeth Ebertin…Linked with the Moon or Mercury, it has the effect of such people being blessed with a good nature and fine morals. It is also supposed to convey refined manners. See more by UK astrologer Deborah Houlding. She says it’s all about the ‘quest for divine immortality!’

Though the Full Moon is in challenge with Castor, Castor also seems quite fitting to this Full Moon chart. It is trine, in the best aspect possible, with Pisces and its planet Neptune. They are concerned with matters of the immortal Soul. Moon is obliquely, inconjunct, related with Neptune while Sun semi-sextiles Neptune. At moments they can be unsure what to do, yet that double checking moment may be just what it takes to fine tune the venture, to keep it truly on course. 

Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus are at 6 and 5 degrees. Chiron is sizzling in fiery Aries in the same sign as the Sun with Mars, the Aries planet, happily sextile Chiron! HOT! Finally someone who understands him! Both are feeling speedy and rambunctious! Opportunities abound! Chiron is a good business person as well as a healer/teacher, terrific consultant! A promotional organization would suit them to a T! Supporting new students, think tanks, getting groups started! Avant-garde ideas, exotic explorations on land or in the lab, unique sports, research for new cures, looking for leaders! All would be exciting ventures!

Chiron is midpoint sextile Mars and Venus! Much as Chiron and Mar are exciting, Venus lends her beauty and bloom from Gemini! She not only leads the cluster of planets behind the Moon chart handle, but blows kisses back to Chiron and Mars! Venus trines Mars, making his hero’s journey into unknown territory with her ribbon on his sleeve. She sends him news, puts him in the papers, celebrates him on her blog day by day, cheers him to victory! His leadership excites so many others they start taking their own journeys! Valiant Mars brightens her day. Venus sextiles Chiron, who can be an old geezer, a dazzling young shaman, a handsome businessman or instructor, a precocious child ahead of her time. There are opportunities from many directions, fascinating varieties! She gives her appreciation, makes images of their stories. Her affection affirms their choices and being exactly who they are. They give thanks and blessings for her art, her kindness for including them.

That lucky Chiron may have suffered wounds, but in this round, between Mars and Venus, he is treated by spiritual first responder Mars and blessed by that Venus sweetie! He stands up taller, lets loose a smile, thanks his stars and continues his work with an extra liveliness in his heart. They in turn treasure his advice and spunky spirit!  

Chiron & Uranus continue humming along in their own semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

Seek out some great new partners, friends, connections! The seeds of change are in your pocket!

Libra – Aries Full Pink SUPERMoon Astrology Chart!

Libra - Aries 2020 Full Pink SUPERMoon Astrology Chart!

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Next is the EARTH DAY Wednesday April 22 New Moon at 7:26 PM, 3 Taurus 24!

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See the the 2020 Annual Special Edition! Make your plans and make your changes count!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Saturn in AQUARIUS could look like this team! Hard at work high in the sky!

Saturn in AQUARIUS could look like this team! Hard at work high in the sky!

No longer on foot or on the ground. Saturn has bought the plane and we’re flying now in Aquarius! Some are closer to being in the commercial space business. Drones will replace some-on-the ground deliveries. 

Truly NEW! Spring Equinox the 19th Pacific/20th to the East, Saturn new in Aquarius the sign of the change maker the 21st, New Moon in ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac, the 24th!

Saturn enters Aquarius Mar 21! At this point there will no longer be three outer planets in Capricorn. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1 through Dec 16, then again making three outer planets in Capricorn. Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, Jupiter follows 3 days later Dec 19! They will both then be in Aquarius until Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces May 13 2021. Jupiter and Saturn will both again be in AQ when Jupiter retrogrades back into AQ July 28 through Dec 28 2021.

The sign changes into AQ have more significance than at first glance. The Dec 16/19 shifts into Aquarius start a long chain of 17 Aquarius/Uranus (Uranus being the Aquarian planet) events from then through Feb 2022. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 7 2023, just days before Pluto’s sign change into Aquarius March 23, 2023! This long term intense sequence prepares us for Pluto entering Aquarius!

3.19.20 Update:  One of Saturn’s jobs in Aquarius is to govern crowds, protests. In this case, as it turns out, the CoronaVirus has occurred and is now Pandemic. Entire countries are on lock down, Italy the first, to isolate and stop the spread of the disease. Governments are being worked hard or hardly working. Hospitals are taxed to take care of the numbers of cases, have no place to put them, in some places unable as nurses/staff also are infected. Schools, workplaces are closing. Large gatherings of many kinds are cancelled, as places that have daily gatherings of lots of people are being closed. Planes are flying empty, no flights to certain places. Tourism is virtually ended for the time being. We are encouraged to stay home, self quarantine if we have it.

The flip side of this sadness is we are quickly learning how deal with it. Schools are going to online classes reducing costs tremendously. Less need for vast campuses. Lower rates may allow more people to be able to ‘go to school,’ and be safe! Cruise ships may stop and significantly reduce pollution to our environment.

Factories closing clears our air. Working from home reduces costs from accidents, using commuter fossil fuel. Go solar! In many ways we will help each other, friends and family, get to know each other better, form nuggets of companionship. Buildings can be renovated and cleaned for use to house homeless or others. We are called collectively to take better care of ourselves – eat better, get exercise, stay hydrated. Simple, but important things.

New groups will be formed out of necessity. Scientists working together for a vaccine. It will become more apparent than ever what life’s true priorities are. New groups will be formed to carry on the work of living better lives.

Other factors astrologically are part of this. Uranus, air travel, in Taurus, an Earth sign, is literally grounded. Jupiter, travel, in Capricorn, is depressed enough to literally be halted, no profits. Pluto, big money & oil, mass diseases like the plague, extremes, in Capricorn has brought the heights and the Market crash – oil and gas taking a big hit. And as spoken of before, bankruptcy to many. The change may be money funneled into real estate, but if there is a recession…

There are planes, birds, clouds, weather and storms, stars and space. Electronics, social media, networking in neighborhoods to planet wide! Evolutionary development, migration patterns, immigration, personal and cultural changes/shifts, economic and environmental adjustments. Frequency, seismic shifts, airwaves, sound waves, radar and laser, computers and internet, electric cars. Humanitarian upkeep from children to elders – disaster rescue and recovery, growing food, distributing food and water, establishing businesses, addressing climate change/sustainable living, human and animal rights to a safe life. Saturn/Cap is big biz; AQ is humanitarian. Cap is Earth with a capital E, while Aquarius is Air and ethers! Saturn in Aquarius will mingle them and may work in or research any of these.

Aquarius is a sign of genius, evolution, awakening. They can be loners or engage people in planet wide causes. At first Saturn may be a little shocked by AQ’s exotic out of the box ideas and style, but soon realizes it is he that must keep up! AQ is smart, increases efficiency quickly without much effort! Saturn is jotting down the solutions as quickly as he can because they are bringing more than he had hoped for results! He will also find Aquarius needs time out just to be free. Let him off for the weekends, at odd times, let him work odd hours. Be grateful and tell him so. It will pay off.

Saturn in AQ will improve vehicles with further computerized driving, no dashboards, driverless cars on their way – cheaper to produce in the long run. Electric cars will take precedence. Saturn will regulate electronics, make laws for driverless cars, press research to explore, assist and collaborate with humanitarian efforts. Internet problems will be challenged, he will make wizard like micro technology in the lab! Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will build huge networks, restore communities that have failed. Space ventures will have mixed success.

Friendships! Aquarius friendships help us learn how to work together, bond, in time form groups, community to international organizations! Saturn in Aquarius will end connections that are spent, that no longer work for us. Saturn wants more than ‘frivolous’ friends. It wants to be able to work together for a meaningful goal. It guards us from entering non productive connections that take our time for little return. In right combinations friendships have tremendous value. We learn, have gratitude, make room for new innovative friends. There is some sadness as we leave others behind or they leave us. We progress beyond perceived limits into remarkable new zones! One, or some, of the new friends we make will be super productive, profound in Spirit and gloriously entertaining to boot, LOL!

Relationships ~ You may clear up relationships that no longer are able to meet your needs, and/or find yourself in the most profound relationship of your life. Saturn the Scientist may seem a bit cold, have cold feet, and Aquarius often likes being alone, absent minded. But still. Most of us like a little love and appreciation if its the right kind. This combo needs a little more compatibility than average. It may be a puzzle for partners because Saturn often likes a steady comfort zone, but Aquarius needs a lot of room to maneuver. if you are both good with this, you might be happy to live near each other and take separate vacations. You may marry; you might not. But dear friends you will be and sometimes you might enjoy being a little bit kinky, LOL!

Health! Sometimes Aquarians carry a bit of weight, but Saturn may help you trim down if you want to. Turning your ankle can be painful. If you are taking up some exercise, book it with a group. Some good friends will keep you coming back! You might enjoy the speed of a motorcycle! Saturn will help you know your limits and stay safe and lawful. Try out some hang gliding ~ makes you feel free up there floating and looking out over the terrain. If that’s not for you, try out different kinds of volunteer work. You can always quit. No obligations, but Saturn is pleased to feel useful. Keeps your molecules humming.

For those of you with Saturn in Aquarius, it will be time for your Saturn Returns – every 28/29 years! Saturn can bring you to your knees or make you stand up proud and swagger around a bit, LOL! You may need to get rest and take extra good care of yourself, not see so many friends, or let go of some of them. You may form a new support network for yourself or your business that has your best interest at heart! Finally! You always knew you were different, but it has taken some time to name it and grow into it.

If you are older than 28/29, wherever Saturn is in your birth chart right now is where it was 28/29 years ago! Do know that the other planets are NOT where they were 28/9 years ago, so there will be some the same and a lot not! Each of your houses or sections of your chart have special purpose. Whatever ways Saturn is aspecting planets or factors in your chart, it is often memorable, sometimes profound.

Aquarius with other signs! Aquarius is a challenge with other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. They can all be stubborn, even Aquarius. Aquarians are so smart they always think they are right. Or they need to stick to their guns because they are so ahead of their times! Other air signs, Gemini and Libra are a flow though genius Aquarius may find even them way behind him and disappointingly not able to keep up. Fire signs Aries and Leo may be less humanitarian, a bit too into themselves – depends on the person, but Sagittarius is used to traveling new places and wants to learn everything and everyone to learn! Virgo wants to know how it all works. She will have to let go of the standard organization to follow this wild Aquarian leader! Capricorn is a lot by the book, but will loosen up along the way because his planet Saturn will BE in Aquarius and get used to a few zig zags with no warning! Cardinal sign Cap has quick recovery goat feet in high places like Aquarian thin air!

Thank you all for taking on this extraordinary adventure! Nothing will ever be the same again!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….


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Pisces 2020 Celestial HighLights

Pisces ~ Witness, Connection, Transportal!

Pisces ~ Witness, Connection, Transportal!

We witness magical dimensions. We are daily saviors. 

The hug when we go off into the day’s challenges helps steady us. That hug cheers us and we feel stronger. We hug someone else and off it goes around the world. One hug. A gentle kindness will do the same, or a swift insightful kick in the behind may show someone’s belief that you can do the job! Get going! While you thought it was about you and the person you were engaged with, a silent background observer may have witnessed your event and been encouraged themselves. They made a vow in that sacred moment that became a lifetime of meaningful action.

Loving our pets, being loved by them is often an awakening of the heart. We didn’t know there could be love like that. Helping any beings who don’t have a voice or who are unable to stand for themselves – the land, the animals, birds, is a precious choice. As humans, sometimes we just need a hand up, an affirmation that we are worthy, and that we have what it takes to give again. Even our recovery story makes a difference every single day. Being appreciated, if just for trying, helps heal fear. Addictions often need intervention, affection when we are down. Being in spiritual lockdown may be what it takes to get us through healing. And that’s not just for addictions! At times we need time out for various reasons. Being a dedicated healer may bring burnout. We all need to know our personal limits in order to serve well. We don’t want burnout for our people, why would we do it to ourselves? Surrender to being in this body is another kind of Grace.

Do participate in helpful organizations in behalf of children, our environment, social justice, political healing. You can be one member of the team making your special contribution only you can make. You may be the team leader, an inspirational speaker. Your music, art, videos, documentaries may call the Souls of many people. Your work may take you worldwide, linking organizations in empowering unity. Pisces sees possibilities before they are spoken. That is a super skill of visionaries!

Let others know what they can do, like making one phone call, writing a letter, maybe get a blog going. Actions we take inspires others. Tell them the stories of your giving, how your empathy or a special experience got you started. Ask them their stories. Sharing, hearing, caring is part of our empathy. There are many strange, unpredictable happenings that call our name. All of a sudden we aren’t where we used to be! Hallelujah! Shake the old snake skins off; stand up in shining glory! FEEL that power surge!

In the dreamtime or meditation, daydreams walking down the street or while we are exercising, ideas we have while talking with other provocative people, inspire us to be advocates. Like the great waves of the sea, we very naturally break, thunder down, explode and push up along the beach, we retreat and the cycle continues. The beach changes through the seasons, the sands shift, never quite the same again, old stones that are in our way are softened, polished, eventually disappear. Metamorphosis happens as our Spirits shift to match the current needs of our family of Humanity.

We all have Pisces, the Pisces planet Neptune, and the Pisces section – the 12th House, in our astrological charts. If you have been wondering what your special daily grace is, it may actually have 3 or more aspects to it that combine into a greater whole than you realized. You have several options you can unify to serve a single purpose. What if you have several planets in Pisces plus Pisces Rising?! Or several planets in the 12th House?! Even though they may be in different signs than Pisces, they are still in that advocacy House, making their contribution! Sure, you may have had troubles of your own, still do, yet that may be exactly your in depth experience that is your gift! It’s that very ability that lets you see what may be the amazing gifts others can awaken to share from their hearts!

If you still don’t know what to do, just keep asking the question ‘What can I do?’ Keep it very alive! Sometimes things are a matter of timing. We don’t know it yet, but everything we are doing, our experiences, are ‘training’ for that special place you will hold. Others may be working toward you as best they can. Your meeting, when they are ready too, may bring the answer. Both of your preparations are vital, so just keep on until the time is right and your perception pops! That IS your ‘calling’ for the time being. Essentially, being steady in the Light is all that is called for. That example is important for others to see while they too are in progress.

Yes, every one of us is a daily savior. Every breath, transformation matters. 

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Pisces 2020 Celestial Highlights!  

3.15.20 Dawn Astronomy Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn

Happy viewing, Stargazers! Before dawn tomorrow – March 16, 2020 – the moon will be at or near its half-lit last quarter phase, and, before dawn, the moon’s lit side will be pointing directly at three brilliant morning planets: Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Jupiter is by far the brightest, beaming some 12 times brighter than golden-colored Saturn and 15 times brighter than ruddy Mars. Nonetheless, Mars and Saturn are respectably bright, shining at 1st-magnitude brightness. Given clear skies, you should have no trouble catching the moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn – before dawn!

March 18 the Moon will make a rare occultation of Mars, a Conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, [Pluto,] Saturn and Moon only 8° apart! Carefully, in California, at the right time you can watch Mars emerge as the Moon passes over it shortly after Moonrise! Most fantastic of all is the Moon and Mars will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 0.8′ to the south of Mars. Jupiter is 1.6° North of the Moon. Saturn is 2.3° North of the Moon. That’s what I call a party! On the west coast they all rise in the southeast about 2.5 hours before the Sun.

March 26 is the Conjunction of Jupiter, [Pluto,] Mars, and Saturn! See more at California Academy of Sciences!

Thank you always to Doug McClure at EarthSky! As fellow astronomer AstroBob says, We live here – can you believe it?’ 

Pisces 2020-21 Timeline! 


16  Mercury Retrograde
18  Happy Pisces!
20  Jupiter Sextile Neptune
23  New Moon
29  Happy Leap Year Day!


08  Daylight Saving begins at 2 AM – forward your clock one hour
09  Full Worm MoonMercury Direct/Forward
19  Happy Spring Equinox, ARIES, International Astrology Day!
21  The Crown, Saturn into Aquarius
30  Mercury finishes 3 part Cycle


04 to June 29! Jupiter conjunct Pluto first and second aspects

Pisces Overview of  the Year to Come!

Pisces Dolphins Leaping Leap Year!

First, it’s a LEAP Year, and Dolphins know how to do it! One of the most well-known traditions is that women propose to their boyfriends on Leap Year Day, instead of the other way around.

In 2020 we are finishing the sequence of aspects will strongly affect the Nov 3 Presidential Elections. It started with the Oct 30, 2018 Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic, a once every a 248 year event that was at 18 Capricorn! June 16 & 18 2019 Jupiter then Saturn were with Neptune at 18 Pisces. The eleven months of Jupiter/Saturn Neptune aspects finished Nov 8, led up to the Nov 11 Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse of the Sun at 18 Scorpio! And its sister aspect Nov 19 was Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.

In 2020, Jupiter exactly conjuncts the Pluto/Ecliptic position 18 Capricorn 58 on Feb 26! In addition, Oct 12, 2020, Jupiter sextiles Neptune from 18 Capricorn 45! Notice how that 18th degree comes up so many times! We are meant to remember, be reminded not to forget, to work it steadily.

All those before Jan 12 prepared us for the 22 Capricorn Jan 12, 2020 Saturn Conjunct Pluto and the March 21 4 Planet Capricorn Stellium, The Crown! at 23-29 Capricorn as Saturn changes signs into Aquarius! The last Jupiter Sextile Capricorn Oct 12 will carry the energy on late into 2020 just before the Nov 3 Elections. The question will be, just what exactly do we mean to do with Pluto now below the Ecliptic?

The CROWN! March 21 2020 When Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, the three outer planets, along with activator Mars, are in culmination, as close as they will get, all four in a 7 degree Stellium! Pluto will be at 23°Peter Novak has studied outer planet stelliums and found that in the last 2000 years, allowing a 5 degree range, there were only 23 three outer planet stelliums! Yes, if he had allowed 7 degrees, there would be more, but still, they are uncommon. See all about The Crown!

There were/are extremes of prediction for the January, March 2020 events. End of the world, economic collapse, bankruptcy, death, on one side. On the other is resurrection, astounding long awaited revelations through science, wealth beyond measure, serious gains made with climate control! There will be making messes and cleaning up messes. There can be bitter hate to profound regard. You can see there will be dramatic opposites, prolonged controversy. Many will be airing their dirty linen, like it or not, so keep yours clean.

► April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. As Saturn prepped with demolition, Jupiter will clean out the remaining nest then regroup and prosper. The Nov 12, 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto is at 22 Capricorn, exactly the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto. Jupiter conjunct Pluto follows and is the closest aspect to the 2020 Presidential Elections Nov 3! Important things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Whatever demons or glory, tragedies or triumphs formidable Saturn with Pluto shall have faced, Jupiter will optimistically pick up the pieces, repurpose, or create worse! Jupiter can make bad bigger too. If it isn’t worse, Pluto will see the promise of mega profit financially and spiritually. It will be an explosion of clearing for future works, secrets discovered, major funding attained, ‘keepsakes’ will be in the plans to be built ~ like a mini renaissance! Bad will be healed, the rest is hallelujah! LOTS of big news! Super power plays will abound as the Nov 3 Presidential Election approaches.

Heads up! April 4 and June 29 Jupiter conjuncts Pluto the first and second times. From the second week in March through July, most potently April 4 through June 29, Jupiter closely conjuncts Pluto the entire time! Along with the excellent possibilities, sadly, it can be mass tragedy, even evil personified. More powerful secrets made, concealment and lies to cover. Be ready to help, protect yourself and others until this period passes. Seriously start making alliances with capable and trusted family, friends and associates now. Keep your emergency kit and supplies up to date for on-the-ground environmental conditions possible in your area, have a plan in place. The aspects will be potent at 21 to 26 Capricorn. If you have factors at or very close to those degrees you may be called into action. Challenges for Aries, Libra and Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo. More easy for Taurus and Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

The third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto is Nov 12, at 22 Capricorn, the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto! This aspect is the last major aspect link of the whole set that started Oct 30, 2018! It carries the experience of the previous two Jupiter/Pluto aspects, Truth and justice may come. Jupiter empowerment may make it that bad prevails. It may be time to stabilize your wealth for future progress! It is the upcoming aspect when the Scorpio Presidential Elections are held Nov 3 2020. Again, some things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time. All told, this election will have far reaching effects.

 Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune were all in their own signs up to Dec 2, 2019 when Jupiter skipped into Capricorn! Instead of 3 planets in their own signs, we now have 3 outer planets in ONE sign, Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto! The 3 outer planets will be in Capricorn until Saturn enters Aquarius March 31, 2020! Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn July 1, 2020, and again, there will be 3 in Capricorn until Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, 2020. Saturn will be in his own, a more conservative sign, Capricorn, as will Jupiter, for the presidential elections. See more about Jupiter in Capricorn!  Saturn in Capricorn  Neptune in Pisces  

1940/41, 1983, and very briefly in 1998, 3 outer planets were potently together in the same sign but in different signs each time. If you include Chiron, it will be 50 years before three outer planets, will be in a same sign again, and it will be potent right from the start! Jupiter conjuncts Pluto and Chiron at 2 and 3 degrees ARIES, March 13, 2070! With stelliums, like these, the planets bring their different talents together, have like mind, and are in Unity of Purpose per the sign they are in!

Two outer planets, Saturn and Jupiter, change signs during Pisces’s coming year, from Capricorn to Aquarius. Each will strengthen Aquarius in its own way. In old astrology, neither sign is easy with Pisces. Saturn restricts, especially in Capricorn. Jupiter stirs the brew a bit too much for Pisces’ preference, especially in Aquarius. Pisces already makes a lot of its own changes, always moving along with the tides. With Aquarius electrifying those sometimes unpredictable tides, storms, even Pisces may be overwhelmed. ‘Normal’ patterns just don’t exist anymore. That said, read on, please…

Two days after Spring Equinox, Capricorn’s own planet Saturn enters Aquarius Mar 21, 2020. It retrogrades back into Capricorn for a review July 1, returns to Aquarius Dec 16. Saturn, quite at home in his own sign, suddenly finds himself on unstable footage in a sign quite unlike himself. Capricorn is a stabilizing Earth sign, having some quieter moments, enjoying solitude when he’s not working like a whirlwind! If Pisces has a dream to be built, Cap is your person! Pisces lends further intuition, saving more time. Capricorn is good at holding Pisces responsible to himself!

Saturn in Aquarius carries on the good work for all the world and a wise Saturn has more business than ever! Pisces is so pleased with the good works. Aquarius can collaborate with many very different groups, and Saturn can keep them synchronized. Pisces is usually not such a heavy duty work, work, work, type, so may need to take time away, step back. But if those new friends understand, they will make sure that happens. Pisces will guide them to stay with work that is true to your heart and in service to all. With earth changes, we will find ourselves working with many others in diverse environments under unusual conditions. Aquarius will expand your business, mission, if you let the changes work for you. Dreams that Pisces might not be able to do on his own will happen finally, after all! Blessed be.

Jupiter will be in Capricorn almost the whole year. Jupiter is a planet of challenge for Pisces, a little robust for Pisces, laughs too loud and lacks sensitivity. Yes, Pisces can accommodate, but it may not be comfortable. Pisces could just vanish, and Jupiter, thinking there’s nothing going on there might just go on the greener pastures. But if Pisces has been sitting quietly too long, it may be time to stand up and let us know what he has been longing for! At that point, if Jupiter is still around, he is a godsend and cheers Pisces on. Jupiter will use all that Capricorn well earned wisdom to get things done that have been long overdue! He will build the perfect foundation for Pisces and there will be a big celebration with lots of congratulations!

Dec 19 Jupiter will join Saturn in Aquarius just three days after Saturn’s final entry into Aquarius!

Jupiter loves unstable ground, relishes making all the quick clever adjustments! Saturn is experienced in Aquarius now and can handle the boisterous Jupiter Aquarius frolicking. He already knows there are genius ideas afoot sometimes disguised as if there are no cares in the world! He sees it is just that freedom that makes them possible! He is able to tap the connections, make astute changes quickly while they are available ~ also, any moment Jupiter could run off to anywhere! The changes can enhance his business immeasurably! Jupiter’s current sign is where the good fortune is! Be ready to shift certain investments, adjust projects to include new, additional goals, especially those oriented to humanistic and planetary wellbeing. Aquarius will be delighted because as a researcher/thinker he doesn’t always get out to play, and Jupiter plays big. Jupiter even ups the amps on Aquarius’s own far thinking, and that is a rare thing to happen! Isn’t life grand?! Saturn may find himself on safari with Jupiter, or gone on the wind taking the computers to the surf zone when the surf’s up, whichever continent that may be on! Really! Can be done!

Pisces got used to predictable Capricorn, but Aquarius is off the charts! Pisces is either delighted, finally some excitement more unpredictable than himself, or Pisces runs to the quietest corners far, far away just for some peace and quiet. There will be some needing to get used to this wild combination of fire and air. Things will happen quickly, so it’s a good thing Pisces is plenty psychic and a master at adapting, adjusting! They can have just purposes, important planetary needs that need immediate attention. This will be one of those periods when time itself seems speeded up! Pisces can keep the others appraised of time frames, ‘deadlines’ that really need being met. Jupiter in AQ knows the importance of immediate networking planet wide. Saturn has already been laying the groundwork. The possible collaboration of this team can have outstanding results much sooner than expected.

Dec 21, Winter Solstice, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in what is called the Great Conjunction! The conjunction occurs every 18 – 20 years – not so rare. However, this time it is in Aquarius! The last one in Aquarius was in 1405; the next will be in 2080. So when you see people saying it’s rare, it is and it isn’t! Jupiter will cheer Saturn up, get away with laughing with him and at him! They will have fun and Saturn’s business with thrive. When it is serious it will be VERY serious. Then they will laugh again and carry on!

 With The Crown and Saturn’s sign change into Aquarius, a new powerhouse set of aspects begin. Saturn’s sign change has more significance than at first glance. It starts a long chain of Aquarian/Uranian aspects through Feb 2022. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 7 2023, when it slips into Pisces only 16 days before Pluto’s sign change into Aquarius March 23, 2023! All the coming Aquarian/Uranian aspects prepare us for Pluto’s sign change! When Pluto comes, Aquarius will be able and ready. We need to strengthen Aquarius because Pluto rules Scorpio, a sign that can be ruthless, not usually friendly with Aquarius. Even being healed can be uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s tough to get genius Aquarian’s attention. Looks like it is going to take Pluto to get Aquarius to focus and use all his extraordinary mental molecules. Pluto’s role as the Phoenix that rises from its own ashes, mixed with the valence of Aquarius the Awakener’s powers, will have exceptional results. There will be a learning curve, some bad, some great. Things will never be the same as we have known it again.

Pluto will be in Aquarius for 11 years, until January 2044! All those Aquarian flavored aspects will give us a head start. We’ll do Pluto in Aquarius better! Pluto was last in Aquarius 248 years ago, 1777 to 1799, a period of uproar and change all over the world. And it won’t be any different this time! Guarantee! So get your friends and alliances/networks in order, stand up, get used to acting progressively, and be ready to roll!

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They are will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. In Aquarius’s coming year they are exact twice in their signs Aries/Taurus at Valentine’s time, Feb 15, and June 10, 2020! See more about Chiron/Uranus

Those of you with your Saturn’s from 23 Capricorn to 3 Aquarius will be having your Saturn Returns!

See your 2020 Annual Special Edition to plan and make your changes count.

Pisces will hold our Souls to continue good work already started and for the coming work needed. Blessed be forever.

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Outer Planet Transits with Pisces 2020 – Feb 2021!

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter

Pisces KiteBoarder Rose Nicolas Age 67!

This is Rose Nicolas, 67, KiteBoarder from Tarpon Springs FL! She is a member of Project 65+: 14 women aged 65-76 who ride kites! See their special video, their different abilities, at Surfer Today! Let nothing stop you!

Outer planets are the long term movers. Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year. Uranus orbits at 84 years, and Chiron at 51 years. They are advancing about 4 degrees a year for now. Saturn takes 28/29 years to make its orbit, Jupiter only 12 years, a sign a year! Depending on astrological patterns, some ‘events’ in our lives take many years, where others may happen toot sweet, right on or very near the date the event is exact! Some ‘events’ are not physical, but in our minds or Spirits. No one might ‘see’ them but you. Complex planetary patterns may overlap each other or be singular and direct. Some repeat; others are once in a lifetime. Some people have aspects others never have. Others have had aspects you won’t have until much later or you experienced as a child. Your astrologer can help you with your personal timing, understanding and strategies.

  1. Pluto, and while in Capricorn, with Saturn and Jupiter will focus Capricorn powerfully! Pluto is Scorpio’s planet, Scorpio a fellow water sign with Pisces. Pluto seeks what was hidden; Pisces may have denied it, but once revealed, the cloud can be put aside, the dream renewed. Capricorn/Saturn may enforce the rules and Pisces may conform or fishy slither to another part of the territory beyond Cap jurisdiction. Pluto is the inspector. Pisces may be exemplary or finds Pluto easy to fool, rarely done to Pluto. Pisces rolls with the tides and is hard to pin down. Pluto and Saturn are both interested in research, science and may offer to collaborate, support Pisces’ amazing intentions! They just have to work out the details. It’s a Miracle in progress. Jupiter, sometimes lazy, works with zest if he likes the project and the destination! He and Pisces have mutual interests in bringing people to the Gates of God! They want what’s better together, well being for all! Jupiter makes lucky suggestions and keeps perspective as things develop. Do check in with him!
  2. Neptune in Pisces brings seemingly impossible dreams! Pisces either brings more confusion than conceivable, or psychic clarity like on a clear day you can see forever! Confusion is a common state with Pisces because of their endless perception in every direction, past and future times, and into dimensions we don’t commonly experience. It’s actually a super healthy state of mind for them. They have an  astonishing range of exploration ability. It is difficult to confirm or verify their findings. One of their conditions is to sort out whether it is their personal dream, someone else’s, or a dream of our collective souls .
  3. Uranus in Taurus is a contrary combination, both fast and slow, more complex than meets the eye. Uranus is Aquarius’s planet, indicating sudden changes, punctuating lightning strikes. Taurus is Earth herself. There is nothing bigger. She and Pisces can absorb these great changes. Pisces is has always been about change, the cycles of endless tides, storms, seas becalmed. In times of great solitude and peace, Uranian change may be welcome, time to get back into action. Or it can be frightening and frustrating if we want quiet, no changes. But Uranian friends change us and bring support so we in turn may bring believers to the threshold, revelation and inspiration.
  4. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries are planets in fire and air signs. Like Aquarius, Pisces can be put off a bit by Saturn’s rules. Pisces wasn’t born to be in a box. Pisces water, like Aquarian air, by nature, go where they go. If Saturn offers a channel, that focuses Pisces Spirit so the dreams come true, with no greed, equality for all, cooperative profits, Pisces may be glad to collaborate. Jupiter is right at home in Aquarius! Pisces may think they are not very serious, and they may not be. Pisces may ignore them. But if they bring him Super ideas that unite groups in action toward his beliefs and vision, he will add his all seeing perspective and all will have the Faith! What a divine show it will be! Healer/Teacher

    Chiron is moving fast in Aries! Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will keep up, seeing the opportunities flying by! The new moves will make a terrific difference. Awesome new methods of healing will change many people’s lives! Jupiter sextile Chiron will open 2021 on Jan 11!

PLUTO is still in Capricorn but is changed and still changing since Oct 30, 2018 when it made the rare 248 year aspect, Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic and is now below the Ecliptic! The Ecliptic is the Sun’s path around earth! Pluto’s debris was lighted, declared to be outmoded, cleared away. He was not only cleared, but became free to be charged with energy beyond imagination! His healing powers have increased exponentially! He gave that very energy to Sun and the Light itself is now more clear and radiant! So fresh, this is a powerful time for all of us, but especially Capricorns because this HAPPENED IN THEIR SIGN! Those of you with chart factors at or very close to 18 degrees, especially in Scorpio or Capricorn, have also been cleared and infused! Some will go to the Light, others might need some time out to be able to stand up again. None of these factors, Capricorn, Scorpio nor Pluto are light weights. It takes a lot to impress them, and they can withstand high intensity, but this tested and is still testing even them.

Pluto is moving from 22 to 25 Capricorn during Pisces’s year to come. Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, acts according to its being of the sign before Sag. In Capricorn it acts as if it is in the sign after Sagittarius. Their combination represents the sequence of these three signs, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Scorpio seeks what’s within, then Sagittarius travels beyond the within, learning, teaching, meeting the citizens of the world. Capricorn takes that knowledge and puts it to work using Sag’s good looks and spectacular foresight to choose the most favorable pathways. Pluto is water and Kundalini fire at the base of your spine! Cap is earth. Water and Earth can be a dam, the pottery on the wheel, or make adobe bricks for building homes. Both water and earth can put out dangerous fire or make a moat to hold a fire safely.

Pluto’s job is to cleanse, detox and heal. Pluto rates a 10 on the charisma scale – looks don’t matter, sex does. Mates for life. It’s a water planet. It often lives behind the scenes, can be a ninja fighter and make tons of money. Pisces, another water sign, doesn’t care about money per se, but feels so blessed when you donate to their cause! They put heart and Soul into the work of that cause, true dedication. If there are enough people inspired by them, they are a formidable force and may clean up the situation, even sweep into a new level of consciousness! Pluto loves backing a cause they live for, uniting humans and corporations to make the world a better place for all.

NEPTUNE is in his own sign Pisces. He is a water planet in the last water sign, the last sign of the zodiac, seeking a deeper side of life. Neptune is oceanic – is still like glass becalmed, has forever tidal sand polishing cycles, titanic storms, tsunamis! Neptune is dreamer, music lover and maker, the compassionate empath. In fearful times, denial happens and in sorrowful situations can be the addict. Those of you with chart factors 17 to 20 degrees will be activated with this pure energy! Keep the Lights bright!

Neptune enhances his own sign Pisces. The dreams are more vivid, meaningful. If our consciousness can conceive the dream, the amazing dream, it holds a place of possibility in our subconscious. The dream awakens our Spirit to seek others who share another piece of our belief. There are others who know how to bring it to pass. Trust that ‘coincidental’ connection. Keep sharing, giving, going with the tides. Not knowing or understanding pulls our heart strings to find the answers that echo our quest. Rest well, stay fit. Comfort each other. Be strong in your gentleness. If you feel weak and alone, use your intuition to find the perfect expert to guide you to your next step. If you need to go it on your own, surrender to the Great Spirit as your Guide. Even if you do it ‘wrong’ you can fix it later. For now, just take another step. With your intuition, you will learn quickly. Think big. If you could, how would you save yourself, the world? Head exactly in that direction. Others are waiting for you, dearly needing you. Do what you are able to do. Blessed be.

URANUS, Aquarius’s planet, covers 3 to 10 Taurus! In Taurus it will anchor and build on change worthy ideas that need to be instilled, spread far and wide to create a support network. Those ideas need to be cleverly woven into our daily fabric so they become a part of us to be effortlessly be carried on. A lot of earth changes we are witnessing are massive, coming suddenly, hot and heavy, cold and wet! The very land is changing, affecting food supplies, water sources, air quality and location choices about where to live. There is a lot of instability financially. We need to have backup funds, supplies, to stay flexible. See more about the Aries to Taurus sign change.

Taurus invents simple. To freedom lover Uranus, being in Taurus may feel too slow, too close for comfort, so unexciting. Taurus may freak out, and they rarely do, at the sudden upsets to his routines. Or Uranus being in his sign may be the most fun he’s had in a long time! What was ordinary life suddenly isn’t! There are exotic options free for the taking! Uranus computer types are shocked to find walking barefoot tickles your feet! You become so aware of the charge of earth and life, that Earth herself is so very alive! It’s a whole new dimension compared to that desk chair in the still dead-air recycled plastics scented office! Taurus may never have been bored before and now you are?! What is this feeling?! It could be pretty darn heady at first. Maybe the leap is best now, otherwise you never will! Or maybe you need to stay steady and not get carried away at all. But somehow it seems a time of wild chance that needs to be taken advantage of. Put some fallback funds in a safe place, get yourself a headband and go for it! Yoga was never so good! Supercharged divine body electric!

Uranus, being Aquarius’s planet, has flight feathers, surveys the terrain, the Taurus lands and Pisces oceans! He sees how the waters on the lands feed the ocean, how the storms that follow the ocean currents water the land. There is a great planetary seasonal symphony that sustains us. Uranus air waves, winds, clear debris, blow tree seeds to earth, scatter them hundreds of miles, creating a living tapestry. Pisces floods carry minerals from kelp, a manure of small organisms that, in time, restore the land’s fertility. That fertility spreads as the soil grows more greens, waterways form naturally. Taurus is slow, but tuned in to the pulse of greater Earth changes happening.

Pisces is reminded how important this regenerative process is. Researching and simplifying, getting back to natural ways makes good sense, so the challenge is how to do it? How to get humans on board, how to literally physically make the changes needed. This is a heaven and earth project. Aquarius is air and planetary communications – we have the internet and videos. Taurus taps its farmer and permaculture groups. Already people working recovery from disasters of all kinds are trying new methods, not rebuilding the way it was before. Uranus is a futurist bringing ancient ways back into practice! What an astonishing attunement for the better of all!

Pisces is an incredible observer, senses how important this collective metamorphosis is, how profoundly it is affecting everyone. Pisces is a flexible spirit weaver, hinting, sometimes hammering, important bits of information into place at the crossroads of life. Colossal shifts can take place in moments when well placed. It can be in a hit concert, a movie that makes you go home thinking, a viral mini vid! It can be by the teacher at school, a friend who saves you, your spirit mate that loves you, an overheard conversation at the restaurant. It can be love given in response to the plea of a sick child, the anguish of a family that lost their home, an animal crying, your friend who suffers an addiction. There are so many ways we can help, often simple, sweet, and kind. Bless you for all you give.

CHIRON will be in Aries through 2027. In Pisces’s year, he will cover 3 to 9 Aries, activating any factors you have at or very close in those degrees. Chiron has been and will be traveling very closely to the same degrees as Uranus, the Aquarian planet, but in different signs! This has been going on since 2008 and continues through 2021, 13 years. Chiron has become more future and humanitarian minded and Uranus has taken on some shamanistic qualities. There is a subtle camaraderie with Aquarius. See more. In Aries, the first of the zodiacal signs, Chiron is becoming a more fiery shaman, takes unprecedented healing action, leadership! Uranus’s sign change into Taurus is grounding the thunder maker. There has been a shift in the foundation that is starting to hold steady. When one level stabilizes we are ready for the next shift…

If you have Chiron in these degrees, you will be having your 51+/- year Chiron Return! Wounds and vulnerabilities will be assessed, your teaching skills improved. Updated healing systems will be applied with unbelievable results! Medical teaching will be inspiring, especially about the head, brain and eyes. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business too! In Aries, loving independence, he may start his own business and may be reluctant to marry…

Chiron was mythologically a renowned teacher of healing due to personal experience attempting to heal his own wounds. Chiron, in Aries, can empathize, as he has often had to fight for independent rights due to physical ailments, sometimes even head injuries, rashes, accidents. Aries isn’t known for finesse at all times either. Pisces has a deep understanding of lifelong wounds, suffering. Pisces sensitivity runs the deepest and most pervading of all signs. They can be broken, unable to be fixed, like happened to Chiron. So Chiron’s connection with them may reopen sadness from the past, fear of wounding of our loved ones or ourself. It realizes even more poignantly we are all so vulnerable. Also, with Chiron in ARIES, it shows us how incredibly strong we are, still giving when we may be in daily pain ourselves. We may be so humbled and come to cherish what we have that is well in our lives and work harder to be steady and well as an example that it can be done. Many overcome against great odds, may still be damaged, but become great leaders able to make tremendous contributions at the same time!

SATURN covers 25 Capricorn to 7 Aquarius! Sign Change!

Saturn is strengthening the last third of his own sign Capricorn! Saturn will be in Capricorn along with Jupiter and Pluto. Many will have more work than anybody should, or you are let go. In the long term that may be a blessing because new work you get suits you far better, or you start your own business!

Saturn Returns happen every 28 to 29 years. They can bring you to your knees, or make you bring yourself up to your full height, proud of your achievements! The experience you have depends on how Saturn is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Those of you with Saturn 25-29° Capricorn have your Saturn Returns now through Mar 21, 2020 and July 1 to Dec 16! Those with Saturn 25-29° will have a set of three aspects this Solar Return – one forward, one retrograde, another forward. There will be more traditional endeavors.

  1. On your first Return – ages 28, 29, you may find yourself having a lot of responsibility at work, getting married, owning your first home, having a baby! Take good care of yourself.
  2. If you are older, on your second Return -58, 59, keep your networks alive. Right housing, parenting, care of precious grandchildren and elders may be challenging new responsibilities. Age and health may become factors, your retirement. Sometimes Saturn brings losses, sadness, delays. Advice from seasoned experts may be just what you need. Training and studies are helpful and the knowledge you carry backs up your reputation. Alliances may be strong and mutually supportive. Give yourself credit for what you have done, the talents you have acquired! It’s a time to honor, be honored!
  3. Around age 87, many are now experiencing their 3rd Saturn Return! Things don’t bother them as much. They enjoy what they want to, sometimes something they always wanted to do! They say what they think. There are losses of friends and loved ones. Health matters more – they are often quite brave. Family can mean a lot or if alone, friends do. Or just being quietly alone is peaceful. Age can mean honors, even just for making it that long! Capricorn is the sign of time, elder hood. This is generally a strong time for them.

Saturn in his own sign, Earth sign Capricorn, is a force! Young people conduct themselves seriously and old people are more healthy, younger than others their age, strong and cheerful! Saturn adds to the desire to do good work. Saturn recognizes natural law, so its works stand the test of time. Timing is one of its fortes. Steady production, the right people in the right places at the time, being on time, are all assets. They are not only architects, builders and realtors, but understand science and structures – concrete, stones, glass. They can build roads and railways, bridges, homes, skyscrapers! They can do demolition as well as renovation! Saturn is expert at sustainability and conservation – more done with less effort, uses less materials, smaller and stronger, for less cost and storage space needed. They can build tiny homes communities for homeless and seniors, contribute huge land grants to establish legendary preserves. As seniors they don’t quit. They become mentors, and with experience on their side, use new ideas of the times to start the latest businesses! They may be late starters sometimes, but often their later years are truly golden – art awards, health successes, the happiness of long marriages and plenty of grandkids! See more!

Saturn and Capricorn are planet and sign of Karma and Dharma. Karma we think of a payback. You did it good, comes back good. You did a bad and sooner or later there is a consequence. We know you can pay it forward with good payback. Clean up your life, do good with others. Dharma is thought of as doing your life work, your spiritual mission. Many a time the happiest people I have met are ones who dedicate their lives to living what their Saturn is all about! There may have been start up challenges, but they overcome those and they don’t quit. They intuitively know the spiritual laws of that business and it comes to them naturally guided in spite of whatever adversity there is.

Saturn in Capricorn can seem heavy or heavy handed, to Pisces, imposing rules and responsibilities without consideration of individual cases. Pisces, flows by intuition, but Saturn wants science. Maybe Pisces has been skating his responsibilities, and needs to get back into the harness a bit. Pisces can hide and plead delicacy, nevermind those tsunamis! But when poised for a purpose nothing can stop them. It may be time to quit your job and do work that makes your heart sing! There may be some great realistic Saturn facts that will help you perfectly in the direction you want to go! Beauty, visionary music, magical film, ocean athletics, a seaside restaurant! Maybe you and Cap could build a remarkable replica of an ancient schooner and sail around the world together!

Aquarian Saturn Returns start March 21 to July 1, 2020 at 0 – 1° Aquarius! Dec 16 2020 to Feb 18, 2021 Returns will be from 0 – 7 Aquarius. Later, the rest of Aquarian Saturn Returns will continue through March 7, 2023. Saturn is of Capricorn, the sign before Aquarius. Saturn can set the mark. If the goal is amazing enough, all-encompassing enough to challenge Aquarius’s talents, AQ will be on board! He will make a computer, computer diagrams, research materials, legends, why it can work now, for years, even centuries. It has not been possible before. Aquarians are delighted to learn new techniques and learn so quickly, you lose little time while they do. In fact, your results may become 10-fold in a lot less time than usual! If you are working on challenging new sustainable options, Aquarius will love this new humanitarian effort. Being on the same page, whatever it is for the two of you, makes for a healthy Spirit and union. Many amazing like minded friendships may come, or if you are overwhelmed or need time to recenter, you may take time away and enjoy being on your own. Aquarians love their freedom! If you are in business or want to spread the word about a project, your networking can go worldwide through well chosen social media! Concentrate on humanitarian and sustainability facets of your ventures and investments and you will thrive!

At first Saturn in Aquarius may put on the brakes to stabilize and get a breath! Saturn is out of his element, things seem chaotic. Saturn can lack confidence anytime, but this is over his head. Aquarius is not surprised. All his life people have had to get to know him a bit before they relax and get with it. They have to learn the essence of freedom can’t be conquered or legislated into line. When Capricorn gets used to this new dimension, however, bam! Aquarius has a great network at his fingertips and Capricorn wastes no time making use of it. There is a learning curve, but that’s fine! It’s definitely going somewhere very soon! Aquarius’s pure genius is 100% intriguing, on the cutting edge. Capricorn can go either way, hole up and go traditional. Period. Or, he can step up the research, move right into the new zone, try out the new structure, be the first and foremost! Aquarius may have to adjust to the issue of profits, but is otherwise well pleased with Saturn’s keen backing and their accomplishments.

This is the wild environment Pisces will be in! Pisces doesn’t know whether to drop into the deep background for peace and solitude, or shape shift into exploratory mode and run with the wolves! They may be a bit puzzled at this two-for-one person until things level out a bit. Pisces may be glad some soulful planetary things are getting done and offer his psychic assistance. Pisces may be inspired to film and document the adventure!At times Pisces has been on ‘vacation’ for substantial periods of time in his life, and he saw some amazing things that may now be called forward, become part of the current scenario.

No longer ‘dreams,’ the current big changes planet wide are requiring Pisces to get front and center in behalf of his spiritual tribe. Parenting takes another turn as children and friends take up new political and environmental ways, electronics and the internet rouse the sleeping masses into action. Aquarius raises the bar higher than Saturn ever would! It sets a new table and the choices are of the new times. Laws are changing. Some who are retiring will be joining specialized communities in non traditional lands as waters rise and the environment makes new options possible. Keep your life and finances flexible. Keep back up funds to be able to make further changes. Invest with the changes. If you are in an environmental recovery area, check into Permaculture for long term eco friendly, sustainable rebuild. Saturn has climbed the peaks, earth and stone, and is stepping into a new lofty zone. Aquarius is air, and Saturn, who likes order, feels so much is up in the air! Boundaries now need to be bigger, looser, to see, to encompass the potential of these possibilities. Pisces comprehends the extraordinary potential, and can see all the shortcuts!

JUPITER moves from 17 Capricorn to 14 Aquarius! Sign Change!

Unusual and potent combination! There are now three outer planets in one sign. Jupiter joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Dec 2 2019. Jupiter fairly streaks through Capricorn, getting to the 27th degree, almost completely through Cap, by May 20, 2020, only 6 months! At that point it retrogrades and continues in Capricorn until Dec 19 2020. It makes work the most fun it ever was! Jupiter could be the visitor who is remembered for all the amazing work he did! He could be a random traveler, a business consultant, the foreigner who was on a mission to help the people. Jupiter will help you jazz up your home, give you such good advice you can’t help doing it! They might volunteer and you join them to make some kind of profound difference.

Don’t keep your lucky Jupiter charm. Jupiter needs to travel, check out the territories, spread the news. If you hire him, send him to the training seminars furthest away or send him to teach it! If Jupiter has too much routine, he will run away. Poof. Gone. Import/exports they are involved with might work well for you too. Their writings may inspire you to start an outstanding business newsletter or monthly report people count on. Jupiter can overdo, so Cappies beware. Know your personal limits and carefully make small trial investments in great sounding whims. Check things out. If you have doldrums or dours, Jupiter can exaggerate your condition. Yet, Jupiter is a mover, a fire planet that won’t stand still, so in no time at all, Jupiter is likely to cheer you up like a champ. You are encouraged because they act like you can do it, and it’s truth!  

Jupiter in Capricorn can exaggerate the rules, and they are righteous about it, no mincing words or wants! Capricorn may be slightly flustered at his own game of rules, the outspokenness of it all. He could be a little embarrassed, or a lot delighted that Jupiter is speaking what Cap has always wanted to say! Jupiter can be a tad self-righteous or religious and Capricorn could have the same feelings about that. But too much of it doesn’t always give room to get along and you could lose business. But there is also a time to do what’s right and take a stand. It will be up to you. Jupiter can also be magnanimous, open hearted to many, embracing collaboration. If Cap has erred on the exclusionary side, he may find himself expanding to further markets, extending to many cultures and styles of operation, possibly worldwide! It could be a complete revitalization!

Be a little cautious to give over your power or the keys to your kingdom to that big Jupiter habitual smile. They don’t always have your welfare in their hearts, but they look good to the rest of the world, for now. If you have been slandered, you may have to bide your time to let the truth be revealed. Or you may decide not to take it lying down. Put security in place until you get to know them well. Be alert to fraud; check the bookkeeping. If Jupiter in Capricorn is on your side in a good way, and you have clean intent, they can help you get over hurdles, escape being imprisoned by yourself, help you build your future! You could work together in behalf of others who are not able. Keep your chin up, look for what’s best, put it into action. See more

If Jupiter emphasizes the rules in your part of the world, Pisces may feel little room to navigate his perimeter to get instinctive incoming info. His antennae are crimped and the info not as clear or complete. If Jupiter loosens up old Saturn, more time and space given to circumambulate, we’ll be in biz! Jupiter in Cap may want everyone to come to church, but Pisces prefers the Ashram, meditation. You may find Pisces in the back or near the courtyard watching the hummingbirds by the fountain. Jupiter may watch fondly, also loving the outdoors, having faith things will be ok. Jupiter wants success for Pisces and Cap calls Pisces to stand for what Pisces believes in.

Jupiter in Aquarius may try to stay in the computer room, but just hearing Jupiter’s voice makes their wander genes perk up! Aquarius loves change and new perspectives, a look through time. If there were spaceships today, they would be on them! Jupiter brings a palatable education, fun, wide, full of adventurous tales of rogues and heroines! Aquarius may decide to take a motorcycle road trip this year, travel to some off grid shrines or oracles in foreign countries. Jupiter talks of earthly religions and etheric perceptions, aboriginal experiences, timelines of major beliefs of today. Meanings and mercy, monsters and saviors. Never a dull moment. A greater feel, bond than ever with humanity is kindled. One night, sitting in starlight by the campfire, their long term plan unfolds. Jupiter makes AQ feel great and health is better than ever, so together the launch is made. That doesn’t mean Jupiter sticks around. He could, might, but there is a good chance he will visit from time to time.

Jupiter in AQ may run away with anyone, but with Pisces, it’s off to sea they go on a glorious sailing vessel! They may even win the race! Jupiter is bold and daring, quite willing to use the new electronic gear AQ got! The course may be tight and a wee bit dangerous, but Pisces has the navigator genes and feels his vessel’s connection with the sea and they do those turns like they were born to it! Total team! Or, they just go surfing in Africa! In another dream they produce a splendid concert! Jupiter is the promoter, Aquarius is a superb singer/electric guitarist, Pisces makes the music, stage and lights! They can be mournful and make you cry, next minute you are on your feet, every molecule electrified! No sitting around for Pisces with Jupiter in Aquarius! Pisces is rarely surprised or even inspired by average daily affairs, and neither Jupiter nor AQ are average! Only God or Jupiter in Aquarius can do it, LOL! Grab your duffel, pack light, and do what you love!

Saturn, Capricorn’s planet, makes his final entry from Capricorn into Aquarius Dec 16, three days before Jupiter enters Aquarius Dec 19! We already will have some idea what it will be like in Aquarius because Saturn has already been in Aquarius three months of 2020. Saturn, Capricorn’s planet, shall have had some practice already knowing what freedom lover Aquarius wants! Saturn tried to tame things down at first. Jupiter was in Capricorn too, so Saturn knows about Jupiter too. In Aquarius he will undoubtedly be more UNRULY and enjoy every minute of it! Best to get them working on a cause, all their friends included, then they will all be busy doing good things, LOL! In fact, Saturn has already found out about many of their good points, like great luck and pure genius! Aha! It’s doable. If Saturn steers his business and attitudes to the planetary changes afoot, he will find his business will already be operating in place to accommodate and expedite these new boom times! Electronic businesses of all sorts will surge. Micro will be the word. Communications industry, online sales will do even better. Air travel and travel sports, travel in behalf of sports, will all do well. Cater to clients with fame. Emphasize education. Evolution and humanity are keywords!

So what we are saying is we will have Jupiter, Saturn, and Aquarius working together! Jupiter laughs and speeds things up, Saturn holds and guides the horses, Aquarius leads them at the cutting edge!

This is not a usual time for family businesses, marriage, children. Jupiter in Aquarius is not the marrying kind. But friends will bring major contributions to your life. You might meet a swell person, but between Jupiter in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries, you need to check with your astrologer, especially while Jupiter is in Aquarius. It will likely be worth it to wait for a more auspicious time to marry unless you have several other super marriage aspects in your chart. Elope! If you are buying property, select it with a good resale value since you might move sooner than you expected.

If you have factors in Capricorn or Aquarius in your chart at these degrees, this could be prime time to visit the associated positive areas on your AstroLocality map. See your AstroLocality specialist! Not all map lines are positive; some are positive only at certain portions along their length or at certain times, some are positive appearing but have other hidden factors.

If your Jupiter is in these degrees in these signs, you will be having your Jupiter Return! They happen every 11/12 years. The experience you have depends on how Jupiter is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Jupiter will bring you big truths or reveal lies. Sometimes it exaggerates your condition, could make it worse, could make it wildly abundantly better! Plans for the future may be magnified, your course changed significantly. Profound circumstances are likely to impinge on special relationships. Long lasting mergers and good marriages are possible for some of you.

Happy Birthdays, Magic & Miracles to you, Dear Pisceans!

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Any of these outer planet factors may be activating your Sun and/or other factors in your chart. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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Happy Birthdays, Dear Pisceans!

Pisces Padma Sacred Lotus Damselfly

“Self effort and grace are interdependent. Without one the other is impossible.” ––Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) Photo by Danielle Winter at a Ramakrishna Math in South India

Grace for all Beings…


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Mercury Retrograde Aquarius Pisces Wind and Waves Rainbow!

Winds break the sand loose, dust flies, ancient cities are discovered. The tornado picks you up and sets you down gently back where you came from. Waves scroll the ocean revealing treasure. You have a favorite diving place you return to time after time watching the underwater seasons…

2.13.20 Special Note: Mercury is holding Station from today until Feb 20, 8 days at 11/12° Pisces. Mercury retrogrades Sunday the 16th at 4:54 PM Pacific. You have several days to consider what matters right now. Focus, be steady, take it in. Pisces is our dreams, addictions, compassion, service in behalf of the Soul. If you have chart factors at or very close to these degrees, make this time count. It’s sacred.

Aquarius winds and Pisces waves are pure magic. Fresh air can be so clear your brain is electric bright with Spirit! Waves wash our Spirit clean. Our skin tingles! And, Lord knows, wind and waves can take us down. Nothing like engaging the elements in person!

2020’s first Mercury retrograde is a two sign retrograde with a tad of Aquarius and a lot of Pisces. Aquarius sets the stage for Pisces by gathering friends, the tribe, and humanitarian networks of Souls to do planetary service. Pisces can offer a resting place, make art and music that pulls our heartstrings. It’s not just a gathering of power in numbers, but a merging that transcends daily perception. There is a collaboration of sharing based on empathy, compassion. As healings happens, those people join the legion as they are able, to become leaders in their own right.

AQUARIUS  At the daily level we question our friendships, the electronics in our lives, how we do or don’t network, whether or how we care about humanity. Importantly is how we fear or embrace change. Do we lose personal control or stay steady while the process is unfolding, asking pertinent questions to facilitate the best results? Are we stubborn about some things, yet readily accept new and different about others?

AQ loves change, freedom, scientific exploration – especially electrical or flight related. Computers and networking delight them. Humanitarian causes can be their raison d’être! Air sports and birds delight them. They make great bankers and bartenders due to their detachment!

The Aquarian part of the retrograde is only the last two degrees, 28, 29, the ending degrees. Whatever we are finishing will be completed and refined. We may be at the ‘end of our rope.’ We can be so glad to be done, proud of our accomplishment, a little scared to step across the threshold, but excited too! Leo is opposite, Taurus and Scorpio may also be challenged, as well as Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. Capricorn and Pisces are neighboring signs, so are well acquainted, not always delighted. Gemini and Libra may be happy to be lead on to remarkable connections or find Aquarius to be a little too exotic for them. Fire sign Aries loves this freedom lover; Leo may uplevel his colors or be a little embarrassed of his friend; Sagittarius can’t wait to go! But Aquarians often have friends from many walks of life, even with those who oppose!

PISCES is the servant or handmaiden of the gods, sits at the feet of the Great Spirit. Meditation, solitude, tuning in to the dreamtime, visions, often show the way. There is a wordless knowing, a song that hums in the background. The flip side of that is suffering, sometimes poverty, other times addictions, maybe both. Either way, there comes a time of empathy and understanding that makes us ‘hear’ our brother or sister’s distress and calls us to be there for them. We can be in recovery ourselves, praying the waves don’t toss us too far and we be lost. Every once in a while Aquarian thunder and lightning give us a glimpse of a possibility. Pisces is oceanic, both literally, and in vast imagination. It can be overwhelming and at the same time offer many options.

Daily Pisces loves soups, fish, terrific shoes, meandering the seaside, lighthouses, swimming, surfing, sailing. Water sports, a seaside business, cruises, harbors may be on their agenda. Music and huge concerts, resorts, spas and ashrams may offer much needed relaxation and restoration.

Mercury will traverse 0 to 12 Pisces, almost half of Pisces, then retrograde back to Aquarius. A lot of people will experience this Pisces part. Other water signs, Cancer & Scorpio, and earth signs, except Virgo, will likely enjoy the changes the retrograde brings. Air and fire signs will not be as comfortable in this water element.

Expect the matters of these signs to undergo changes. As we/Mercury shift directions, we will see things from a different perspective. Some things we may ready for, like safeguarding our computer. Other things will seem to spring upon us out of the blue. The completion of the whole 3 part cycle, forward, retrograde, then forward again, will leave us in better condition than when it started. We could be a little shell shocked, or right well pleased anyway! If it doesn’t connect with your chart, or connects favorably with your chart, and things are up to date, there may be no big changes at all.

In addition to the sky aspects, look in your own chart to see where 28 AQ to 12 Pisces fall, what house/s are involved. The matters of those houses are the place/s the retrograde will apply. Also check out how AQ/Pisces connect with other factors in your chart – we all have Aquarius and Pisces.

There are FOUR important planetary events during and following the retrograde! 

Most important are any major outer planetary combinations that happen just before, during or immediately after a retrograde cycle. The planetary connections Mercury makes during the retrograde cycle, especially the ones that repeat, flavor the cycle. Mercury helps prepare us for planetary aspects that follow, whether the aspects are in the sky or in your personal chart. And, of course, the connections Mercury makes, or doesn’t, with your chart factor in personally too! See your astrologer if you need help with this!

Stations bring special emphasis! A Station is the four days before and four days after Mercury turns directions, retrograde or forward/direct. It is a pause when Mercury literally appears to stand still in the sky for 8 days! Stations help us slow down, be still to receive, focus, take time to think, anchor important ideas we want to keep.

1. The first Jupiter sextile Neptune (the Pisces planet!) is Feb 20 when Mercury is at retrograde station at 12 Pisces! Jupiter in Capricorn makes business offerings that Neptune would find fulfilling. Might need some tweaking due to the retrograde, but with Neptune keeping the dream in mind, it could be adjusted to everyone’s satisfaction and be better than the original proposal! See more about the Sextile!

2 & 3. The Crown March 21 is while Mercury is finishing the last lap of its 3 part cycle. Things are concluding with Mercury, with Pisces, and with Saturn in the Capricorn Crown! That day Saturn enters Aquarius! Part of Mercury’s job he has been prepping for is to document the potent events at this time. It will take a fearless seer and a professional attitude to keep it clean, free of opinion. On the other hand, Pisces itself has a savior bias, an unchangeable connection to the Soul, and longs to see what’s better for the people, all people, to come to pass. A sympathy for those who suffer will be hard to avoid. Saturn in Aquarius wants to stop certain freedoms and/or secure some freedoms as an option. Both can be good; balance is perhaps what we seek. See all about The Crown! See about Saturn going from Capricorn, its own sign, to Aquarius!

4. The upcoming aspect being felt at the end of the Mercury Rx cycle is Jupiter conjunct Pluto! This can be a make you millions happening or make a huge mistake and lose a few. It can exaggerate your difficult condition or expand a good thing beyond your wildest dreams! It can be sadly obsessive, exceptionally cruel, or a healer with the most extraordinary abilities comes your way. In the US the particular importance of this aspect will be at the US Presidential Elections November 3. Its third aspect, the mature aspect, will be Nov 12 just afterwards, in other words, THE aspect of the Elections, exactly at the same degree and sign as the recent Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto! In the time following the retrograde Mercury will most freshly analyze recent happenings from a Pisces, then Aries point of view while Jupiter makes those first two conjunctions. Some of these observations will be of the history of events leading up to the Election. Jupiter wants the Truth, especially the secret truths. Pisces intuits and Aries follows up, fearlessly probes. We have a good chance of learning a lot.


02  The Retrograde Cycle starts at 28 Aquarius 12, Candlemas
03  Mercury into Pisces
05  Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus -1, Mercury conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut -1
08 Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon! 
16  Mercury Retrograde Station 12 Pisces 53
18  Happy Pisces!
20  Jupiter sextile Neptune
23  Pisces New Moon
28  Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus -2, Mercury conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut -2


04  Mercury back into Aquarius
09  Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, Mercury Direct/Forward Station at 28 Aquarius 12
16  Mercury back into Pisces
19  Ostara, Spring Equinox, Happy ARIES, International Astrology Day!
21  The Crown! Saturn into Aquarius! Mercury conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut -3
22  Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus -3
24  Aries New Moon
30  Mercury finishes 3 part Cycle


04 through June 29! Jupiter conjunct Pluto first and second aspects

Mercury makes only one repeated planetary aspect during its retrograde cycle, Feb 5 & 28 and March 22 – the day after The Crown and Saturn’s sign change into Aquarius! While in Pisces, Mercury sextiles Uranus, the planet of Aquarius!!! Uranus is now in Taurus, the sign of Mother Earth. This gives an Aquarian tone to Mercury’s attention, kinda Spock-like, detached, logical. It looks for changes, cracks in the armor of old ways, quirks, idiosyncrasies, openings to network with spiritually connected people with the planet’s well being uppermost in their minds. It gives Mercury a rather unique and creative approach with his perceptions. His writings won’t all be logical, but deeply instinctual as well. His outlook will be more comprehensive than usual. There will be a mixture of fate and forging a future.

Concurrently Mercury also aspects the Fixed Star Fomalhaut at 3 PISCES 52 (in the year 2000) three times Feb 5 & 28 and March 21! This last date, March 21 IS the day of The Crown and Saturn leaving its own sign Capricorn, entering Aquarius! Fomalhaut was one of the four Royal Stars of Persia in 3000 B.C., when as the Watcher of the South it marked the winter solstice. Vivian Robson says “Many losses and disappointments, unlucky in business, better servant than master, writes or receives secret letters, worry through slander, imprisonment or damaged reputation.” Bernadette Brady says “The poet or the liar.” Modern astro scientist Elsbeth Ebertin says ‘Fomalhaut has a Mercury-Venus character with a blending of Neptune influence. According to tradition, this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure [of your chart]. It is assumed, however, that the helpful influence is the greater one and if in conjunction with Mercury, it is said to stimulate mental capabilities and promise success as a writer or scientist.’ This implies some fortuitous observations and insights helpful to our future. Let it be! People who have it connected with their Mercury: Patrick MacNee, George Van Tassel, Bobby Womack, Dick Emery, Franz Schubert, Bruce Willis, Nancy Spungen, James Joyce, Dane Rudhyar, Holly Johnson. See more about Fomalhaut!

As I said, Mercury will document these happenings, especially The Crown and Saturn’s sign change. Saturn’s sign change has more significance than at first glance. It starts a long chain of Aquarian/Uranian aspects through Feb 2022. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 7 2023, just days before Pluto’s sign change into Aquarius March 23, 2023! All that prepares us for Pluto’s sign change!

Mercury Retrograde DNA

About Retrogrades!  

Retrogrades are fascinatingly complex! The wild dynamics of retrograde cycles are, as viewed from Earth, that a planet appears to go forward, backward, then forward over the same ground three, if outer planets sometime five, times! During that time, all the other planets are moving too, so even when a retrograde planet is going ‘backward’ over the same area, they are ALL going forward, even the retrograde planet! It’s illogical, but that’s what happens. Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year. Mercury actually spends little time retrograde. In fact, only 15% of the population is born during Mercury retrograde!

The good part is where people have retrograde planets they often have a special skill. The most successful Corporations often have a lot of retrograde planets – they keep working it until they are best, and they keep working it as time goes on. They keep up! The type of special communication skills of Mercury retrograde depend on which sign, house and planets Mercury connects with in your chart and what type of connections are made. Check out your own chart and the charts of babies born during Mercury retrograde!

Mercury is the planet of the Mind, thinking, our attention, our breath and lungs, how we learn to learn, communication skills, gathering data, a hand shake, the laying on of hands. All of these are essential. Every Retrograde is unique! As time goes on, the planetary backdrop changes. Context shifts.

What a journey! If you are traveling, what amazing beauty lies around each new bend. Different directions, different views. Maybe what’s behind is out of sight, a memory; what’s ahead is a mystery! Inward turns, like retrograde, give us time to pause, hold steady, slow down. Outward bends like turning forward/Direct, extend our vision of potentials. This one, being with air and water shows us natural flow, keeps our Spirit fluid, makes us aware of deeper channels within us. Each turn, that Station, gives us time to think, recalibrate, prepare for the next stretch. It’s important that there are changes, reversals, old ideas that clogged things up are left behind, revelations have room to occur, new ideas are teased into action! Potential is remembered and we are rededicated.

Classic Mercury Rx is don’t sign those papers about issues of the sign(s) Mercury is retrograde in! Or, do everything to make it possible so it doesn’t fall through. Escrows can fall through. Use experienced brokers who can get it done no matter what. People don’t return your calls. The dog ate it. Your computer has a snit. Or you do, LOL! You lose your cell. You get lost, turned around. Rule is be sure purchases are from reputable firms that have reliable returns/guarantees/warranties. Be sure the company is legitimate before you deal. Date and sign any contract changes and make sure they do too. Get/make copies, save and backup. Generally, you avoid making significant purchases/decisions especially of matters specific to the sign/s involved.

Clearly life doesn’t stop during retrogrades, and not all people’s charts are connected to all retrogrades. If your chart is connected to any given one, you will need to do your best and what you can. You can’t explain this to all people, maybe not your boss or even a good friend. Astrology? You’re nuts! Ok so there are times to find ways to stall or not connect, delay. You can estimate the possibilities of others not bringing certain papers to the meeting and bring them yourself, save the day! You can ask for a review of the current decisions 4 days or more after Mercury goes Direct/forward. If there are important meetings, Dr’s appts, call in advance to verify that the date and right time are on their calendars. Don’t be surprised if the part didn’t come for your vehicle repair. Verify it is ordered!

If you have other favorable prevailing aspects, especially with outer planets, then it is likely changes will ultimately be to your benefit. Do check with your astrologer for your good dates and times of day to make the best of it!

Speak good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds. Pay it forward.

See the the 2020 Annual Special Edition! Make your plans and make your changes count!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Aquarius New Moon Feb 8/9!

Six months 4 degree sequence, Capricorn Outer Planets Stellium, Rare Bundle Chart! Chinese New Year next day in the US!

Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon!

Bucket Chart with Moon Leo Handle! Preparing the way for Jupiter Sextile Neptune! Venus is frisky with Shaman Chiron and wild card Uranus!


Aquarius New Moon!

Friday January 24 New Moon at 1:42 PM, 4 Aquarius 22 the day before Chinese New Year!

Six months 4 degree sequence, Capricorn Outer Planets Stellium, Rare Bundle Chart! Chinese New Year next day in the US!

Aquarius 2020 New Moon Milky Way Bungle Bungles Australia

Milky Way over the Bungle Bungles at Purnululu National Park, East Kimberley of western Australia. The traditional owners of the area are the KarjaganuJaru peoples. 

This is the first New Moon of 2020 and the day before Chinese New Year in the US!! Let the beginnings begin!

It includes our New Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius, the fourth of a SIX months sequence of New Moons all at 4 degrees! 2019 Oct, Nov, Dec and 2020 Jan, Feb, Mar New Moons are all at 4 degrees! The signs are Scorpio, Sag, Cap, AQ, Pisces and Aries. All these Moons are sequentially resonant to each other! If you have factors at 4 degrees or very close to that, let’s say up to 2 to 3 degrees, in your astrology chart, they will be activated over and over. Each Moon being in a different Sign, your chart will be activated from different angles each time, some more favorably than others. Plan out the rest of these months with a goal in mind. Be prepared, do favorable things at each Moon Sign! Check out my write-ups, and those particular Moon write-ups online to get more perspective. 

Our New Moon chart happens to be one of those rare concentrated Bundle charts having all the planets in just over 120 degrees! Mars, the planet of new beginnings, is the engine at the beginning of the Bundle. In Sagittarius he leads with information, tons of energy, makes plans that change a mile a minute as he explores the territory!

Uranus in Taurus is leading the way scanning ahead for safe and sensible openings to use going into new lands. He’s using a solidarity probe to find stable ground to support collective efforts that Moon & Sun and Venus are creating! They just passed a challenging aspect to him, bringing him up to date on feminine and community needs, the heart of changes to come.

They also just checked in with Chiron in Aries, and are inspired by new healing techniques, teaching in new things in new ways, being out in front with clever business consulting that is impressively fast to implement! Chiron in Aries expects us to heal ourselves and keep up with local happenings! 

Those three planets in Aquarius are concerned for the people. Each one of us has an offering that counts and Mercury of communications is in step with Mars, wanting to get the word out to the maximum number of people! Collaboration, finding ways to ignite action anywhere from your next door neighbor, the prof at the university, to the most remote locations. All Souls on Deck!

There are still THREE outer planets in Capricorn anchoring and building from a solid foundation! They are the mountaineers of Spirit! Jupiter is Sagittarius’s planet, having a connection with Mars. In fact, as they passed, Jupiter was just at the midpoint between Mercury and Mars! He encouraged them to go big with their ideas! Jupiter has a great window to the Universe, broadens our senses, possibilities light the way, flourish with potential! Expansion exceeds expectations! Ideas are gathered worldwide, coordinated in a timely fashion with excellent results!

Venus is snuggled with old Neptune, God of the Sea, in Pisces, his own sign! It’s Soul love, but she’s square Mars in Sagittarius the wanderer so will love Neptune while she is there, but leave him. His transmission to her is an imprint in her Spirit, a bit hypnotic, kinda under his spell! She may have a longing for things s/he have dreamed of. Music and Beauty. She senses that part of her is and only ever will be, for herself, the necessities of her life. She can be self indulgent, and in Pisces, so much she can lose herself. Another part of her senses the sadness of all that has ever been lost, the suffering of helpless Beings. She is willing to sacrifice her own in their behalf. Neptune has always been so and knows there needs to be a balance. Some for me, so much for them. Mars is still over there not waiting so patiently, wanting the Truth. So choices must be made or possibly lose an opportunity. Or, never mind, who wants that opportunity?! Never!

Venus in this placement with Neptune means Mercury is also at a midpoint between them and Jupiter! Jupiter and Neptune are about to make their first of three juicy sextiles Feb 20! They are dreaming of huge possibilities, traveling at Soul level, looking for Spiritual Truth beyond daily life. We are part of this greater world too! Neptune, the sea, has great tides, planetary currents, storms and healing calm. Seaside rest, exhilarating sports, silence and solitude at sea. Jupiter has work to do, a business to run, meaningful education to share. He travels forever and everywhere to find answers to profound questions leaving no stone unturned. Mercury has a complex array of cosmic ideas from many levels to try to articulate in a way that intrigues the most hardened minds. Just the quirky way he says them may catch people’s radar.  

These five planets are working together! Mars at 14, Jupiter at 12, Mercury at 13, Venus & Neptune at 13 and 16. Three of them are every day planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus, hanging out with the big guys. The chain is electric with pulses between them, giving them the opportunity to work together though in four different signs, Sag, Cap, AQ and Pisces, the last four signs of the Zodiac! Get ‘er done, kids!

Pluto and Saturn are still tightly meshed, though their exact conjunction was Jan 12. They are still working as one and both are also moving on… Pluto has done his best to remove obstacles, cleanse debris that collected, renovate what can be saved, resurrect to new promise. Saturn, powerfully in his own sign, has seen what can be done and is a dedicated assistant. He will carry his toolbox of wisdom forward, working skillfully toward sustainability, an exponential example for all to see. He will take charge and be a model of our times. He has a lot to do between now and his sign change into Aquarius March 21!

Some things are still in recovery from Saturn and Pluto’s grip. It has been and is an honorable time even when painful. We are humbled, learn to maintain our lives in better ways. We get good at it and in the long term it may literally save our lives…or someone else’s. Some of us have helped ourselves by asking for help. Others can have sensible tips for us. Knowing that support is out there makes us know we are not the only one or all alone. Someone cares for us, even if it is a stranger. Hat’s off to you! One day at a time and be proud of it. Pay it forward when you can.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They are will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

This will be a time of lightening our perceptions after many intense months. 

Thank you, Aquarians for getting us back into Friendship mode. Together we will heal and make steady progress!

Aquarius New Moon Astrology Chart!
Aquarius 2020 New Moon Astrology Chart!

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Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon!

Saturday February 8 at 11:33 PM Pacific. For the US east of Pacific time it will be on February 9th! 20 Leo – Aquarius 00

Bucket Chart with Moon Leo Handle! Preparing the way for Jupiter Sextile Neptune! Venus is frisky with Shaman Chiron and wild card Uranus!

Aquarius 2020 Full Moon & Shrooms

What snow, LOL?! If you are out at night in equatorial latitudes your Full Moon could look like this…

Mama Moon is in Father Sun’s Sign Leo, and opposite wild Sun in Aquarius. The dance could be pretty lively, colorful and a little out of this world! She has traveled out of the tight grouping of the other planets forming what is known as a Bucket chart. She is the ‘handle’ planet. We could think of her as the bright bold explorer, a she seeker, out to meet others, hold them in her heart to bring them home to her friends. She can transmit in behalf of the ones left behind. She can be the receiver transmitting answers and new info back to the others.

Her transmissions and findings will most activate factors in the chart at the same or close to the degree she is. In this case she   

  • Trines Mars in Sagittarius! He may be at the university lectern or church podium and ask for more brilliant ways to teach. She, in a teaching sign herself, may connect him with new students from southern areas who have experiences that open gateways in his thinking.

    Mars is semisextile Saturn, giving him a nudge, pressing Saturn to take a look at the new ideas some of these talented students are proposing. Mars wants Saturn to build them and make them available to all as models of new sustainable structures. 

    Saturn passed Pluto Jan 12 and few have forgotten. Saturn knows what needs rebuilding. Pluto has helped clear the way so Saturn has a clear shot. Bodies are being healed. Finances are adjusting. Rules and laws are being upgraded, changes being fought for. Climate factors are requiring sustainable choices. Human and animal rights are so needed. From prevention to consequence, it’s a long continuum and all are symbolically connected. We breathe the same air. What is happening to one happens to us all.
  • Moon and Father Sun are wanting dramatic, even shocking ideas that get the Spirit moving. She may carry the blueprint of his inventions to others in great need. He is waiting for updates and further requests. We have the Light on both sides, Leo at hers, Sun at his! Part of the challenge is how to transmit all that Light without blowing out the camera, being overwhelming. Send invitations in advance!
  • Mother Moon has just passed her inconjunct (150 degrees) of Neptune. She longed to steep at the spa, but it might not have been in the cards this time. But they shared a hug, he reminded her to take time for herself from her busy schedule. He asked her to cast about for more attunement, that he be in precise spiritual harmony with the dreams of humanity, the Great Spirit. She has perhaps, seen some flickers, like the aurora borealis, how it comes in sheets and waves, and sent him images that open his dear heart even more…

    Jupiter and Neptune are very soon, Feb 20, to be at their exact sextile! They are only a few degrees apart even now, so tuning up the fiddles and contemplating the possibilities! Jupiter in Capricorn is terrific at composing and Neptune is the music Shaman. Happy harmony while working makes the time go quickly and the build is a beauty. Neptune had dreams about it! 

There is an early degree set of planets. Sweetie Venus is newly frisky in Aries, happy to see shamanic Chiron again. They are both spiritual first responders in this combination. She wants the same healing and teaching he does. She feels her beauty in motion, attracting others quickly. She wants change and she wants it now. Chiron has been busy, and she is asking him to up the amps! She may show him some ways to present his talents more amiably. Oddly, taking that moment of grace may save time and get better results! Getting some exercise doing what you love, is great healing. Every once in a while a good shout, kick in the buns, are the jump start into new territory! Chiron knows when she is being selfish, moi?!, and silly. He shows her a thing or two from his experience. He lives there in Aries all year. She is dearly welcome, but only comes by once a year. 

Venus semisextiles Uranus in Taurus. She may barely be a blink in his radar, but one of her signs is Taurus! Uranus is a rebel, forever wanting freedom. Independent Aries will never be tamed! She has his eye. They may have a quick chat. They are both fast. On her way she has been observing him, offers some suggestions. She’s a great consultant. He will take time with those ideas, implement some of them, smooth them out for a perfect fit. She will marvel at his low level sizzling electric attention and his remarkable patience at the same time. It soothes her that he is up on things and trusts his instincts to wait for his perceptions to fall into place.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus  

Mercury at 8 Pisces stands alone though is making his way to sextile Jupiter soon. A keen observer both mentally/logically and in Pisces psychically and spiritually, his mind will be like a vault of treasures being held for the right time of release. Jupiter will be absolutely delighted. Mercury is already in the first phase of it’s three part retrograde cycle that started Feb 2.  See more  Mercury is in progress mulling over the connections, the levels of potential expression. The information will come to Jupiter in smart sharp form, ready to go! Jupiter sees where they fit in the greater picture and drops them succinctly right into a working place that needed expansion! Been waiting for that missing piece! As Mercury progresses through his retrograde cycle, it will be further adjusted and finalized at the end of March.

Thank you, Aquarians for keeping us part of the greater world, being the leader of Change!

Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon Astrology Chart!

Aquarius 2020 Full Snow Moon Astrology Chart

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Next is the Sunday February 23 New Moon at 7:32 AM, 4 Pisces 29!

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See the the 2020 Annual Special Edition! Make your plans and make your changes count!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Capricorn Adventurer Bruce Kirkby Backpacks with Goats, Capricorn's animal!

Bruce Kirkby is a dedicated family man, and backpacks with GOATS – the Capricorn animal! ‘Amid the clatter of hooves and tiny bleats, we were under way.’ In the 100 mile pack trip with his 4 year old son Bodi, one of the goats he selected for the trip, the snowy white one, was named Capricorn! Read the story!

Jupiter is an athletic adventurer, loves the challenge, elevation and the great big views! Trekking the mountains, exquisite solitude, are naturals for Jupiter in Capricorn. Capricorn, like the Capricorn animal, mountain goats, has sure footed strength in these rocky areas and isn’t afraid to ice climb! Being in the vastitudes provides a great relief from dedicated Capricorn’s daily work. Of course, you could run the ski resort and do both on the same day every day! Hallelujah!

At this Dec 2 2019 mark, instead of 3 outer planets in their own signs, we will have 3 in Capricorn until March 21, 2020 when Saturn leaves and enters Aquarius! Three plus months. Pluto has been shifting power right and left, especially recently with its conjunct the Ecliptic. That was Oct 30, 2018, but is a long term aspect still in effect. Saturn is powerfully in his own sign, building from the rubble up, fateful challenges, one test after another, sustainability one of the goals. Jupiter keeps the faith going for these hard workers. When they get bogged down, Jupiter comes in with the perspective of the moment to keep them aware of how much they have already accomplished, helps them stand back to reassess processes, and gives them some new ideas to help things go more smoothly. He keeps them mindful of the long term goal.

This is not an ordinary time. Nov 8 Jupiter into Sagittarius followed the 248 year Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic Oct 30, 2018. That event links to the Nov 11, 2019 Transit of Mercury that on average happens 13 time a century, and its sister event the Nov 19, 2019 Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center! Sagittarius is a traveler of time and space genetically arrayed to link with the GC in a nonjudgmental receptivity, always curious. Once these two transmissions are made, Mercury with Solar Light, Jupiter with Galactic Light, Capricorn aims to build what they saw! The divine architect intends to bring them into existence in the most elegant and sophisticated ways possible. He will use the most up-to-date inventions and materials, and you can bet they will be sustainable! 

Everyday Jupiter in Capricorn can be seriously funny! He can exaggerate so ridiculously and outrageously that at times you don’t know whether to believe him or not! And Capricorns can make you laugh until you cry. They know what there is to cry about and make terrific comedians! They nail it! I can just see Jupiter mimicking Cappie’s serious face!

I can also see tall buildings in tall places! Jupiter is frequently tall, that is how they can see where we are going and make those ‘lucky’ choices! Capricorn has no fear of heights or high altitude climates! He will build stout lodges that no snow or wind will ever get through! Jupiter loves the views, his heart swells, loves coming back to a roaring evening fire. Skiing and climbing are great! Sag is fearless, and Capricorn judges to the millimeter and they make those turns on the slopes at top speed. No wasted motion, and perfect timing – first to the finish! Jupiter has made their bets and, yay, they have won again!

Capricorn - Switzerland's Lara Gut Skiing
Switzerland’s Lara Gut-Behrami Skiing 

Jupiter is innately a traveler, so they will build then go to the next site. By summer they are teaching sustainable architecture and construction in Buenos Aires or are in Africa restoring the desert, surfing Australia’s Gold Coast. Jupiter blogs as they go, makes maps, shares hard won tips, time and back saving shortcuts, where the best surf spots are. You either travel with them or are the partner who waits or you never see them again. But what a fascinating combination of amazing storytelling and heroic efforts that make a profound difference! It’s delicious when you do see them and share time!

Sports, in reasonable doses, are a great outlet both for health and keeping our mind fresh. In this case, tired hips, thighs and knees or injuries, might be a problem, likely from a lot of use or a lot of speedy action! Not likely to be overweight unless those hips, thighs and knees are unhappy. Rest will probably be prescribed, and that drives Jupiter nuts! He longs for the outdoors. Cap goes crazy restless grumpy when he can’t work. Sigh. At least, as you age, super memories will be plentiful. Jupiter goes for optimum health and Capricorn research and science can bring the breakthroughs needed for age related matters. Bring it on!

Jupiter can be lazy, easily distracted, runs away, is loud and rudely opinionated or is a fun loving exploratory truth-seeker, friends with all, an amazing promotor, faithful, determined to spread hope, takes the good word the maximum distance possible! Capricorn can be fearful, depressed, sickly when young, or focused like a laser, dedicated, determined to keep their word, be on time, finish a high quality job for top recognition! With the best of both Jupiter and Cap, they could be the wise master or the Oracle with the Truth. Anyway, put them together and you have Jupiter in Capricorn!

Work and play are their MO. Jupiter plays with total abandon, makes living, learning and working a game. Kids love it! Adults find themselves laughing joyously, big, like they haven’t in years! Capricorn learns how to take time out productively, LOL! Business travel with an after trip and an open ticket home works for them. And Jupiter is happy because the trip was a seminar and they learned a lot, shared dinner stories, made new friends and biz connections from all over. Caps work hard, and sometimes the Jupiter hum or singing a song they learned recently makes the time go by faster. Plus Jupiter has a nifty sense of perspective and makes just the right suggestions for adjustments as they work. They get the best results for where they are and what’s available at the current time.

Jupiter gets along with most anyone but others don’t always return the favor. Jupiter is a fire planet of fire sign Sagittarius. Other fire signs and the air signs usually like to play too. Hard worker earth signs may be skeptical of this fun lover. It may take some time to get to know you. Water signs can rain on the parade or make the dance more fun between the raindrops!

Capricorn loves the other earth signs and could be a wee bit cautious of water signs that could wash his building away… He may want to contain them and they might not enjoy that. Water is used to natural flow. Fire and air signs are hard to take seriously, depends on the person. They don’t always seem commitment oriented the same way Capricorn is. But when things just get too doggoned stuffy, they help lighten things up, come up with new ideas and we’re off to the races again!

Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn on Dec 2 is immediately challenging to Chiron in Aries Dec 8. See more about their surprising connection! Concurrently Jupiter gleefully trines Uranus in Taurus Dec 15! If your chart is well connected, it brings great good luck! Though this connection is in earth signs, things are happening fast! Be ready to keep up! Don’t miss this read!

Jupiter shall previously have been in its own sign Sagittarius. Think on what you would like most, that would be best and blessed to do for yourself and the planet. Would you like to learn it or teach it or both?! It’s time may come to be put to work while Jupiter is in Capricorn! They want to make it so!

Adventurer Bruce Kirkby with Family in the Mountains!
Adventurer Bruce Kirkby with Family in the Mountains!

Get the job done and have a great time doing it!

Any of these outer planet factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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