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Saturn in AQUARIUS could look like this team! Hard at work high in the sky!

Saturn in AQUARIUS could look like this team! Hard at work high in the sky!

No longer on foot, or on the ground. Saturn has bought the plane and we’re flying now in Aquarius! Some are closer to being in the commercial space business. Drones will replace some-on-the ground deliveries. 

Truly NEW! Spring Equinox the 19th Pacific/20th to the East, Saturn new in Aquarius the sign of the change maker the 21st, New Moon in ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac, the 24th!

Saturn enters Aquarius Mar 21! At this point there will no longer be three outer planets in Capricorn. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn July 1 through Dec 16, then again making three outer planets in Capricorn. Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, Jupiter follows 3 days later Dec 19! They will both then be in Aquarius until Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces May 13 2021. Jupiter and Saturn will both again be in AQ when Jupiter retrogrades back into AQ July 28 through Dec 28 2021.

The sign changes into AQ have more significance than at first glance. The Dec 16/19 shifts into Aquarius start a long chain of 17 Aquarius/Uranus (Uranus being the Aquarian planet) events from then through Feb 2022. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 7 2023, just days before Pluto’s sign change into Aquarius March 23, 2023! This long term intense sequence prepares us for Pluto entering Aquarius!

There are planes, birds, clouds, weather and storms, stars and space. Electronics, social media, networking in neighborhoods to planet wide! Evolutionary development, migration patterns, immigration, personal and cultural changes/shifts, economic and environmental adjustments. Frequency, seismic shifts, airwaves, sound waves, radar and laser, computers and internet, electric cars. Humanitarian upkeep from children to elders – disaster rescue and recovery, growing food, distributing food and water, establishing businesses, addressing climate change/sustainable living, human and animal rights to a safe life. Saturn/Cap is big biz; AQ is humanitarian. Cap is Earth with a capital E, while Aquarius is Air and ethers! Saturn in Aquarius will mingle them and may work in or research any of these.

Aquarius is a sign of genius, evolution, awakening. They can be loners or engage people in planet wide causes. At first Saturn may be a little shocked by AQ’s exotic out of the box ideas and style, but soon realizes it is he that must keep up! AQ is smart, increases efficiency quickly without much effort! Saturn is jotting down the solutions as quickly as he can because they are bringing more than he had hoped for results! He will also find Aquarius needs time out just to be free. Let him off for the weekends, at odd times, let him work odd hours. Be grateful and tell him so. It will pay off.

Saturn in AQ will improve vehicles with further computerized driving, no dashboards, driverless cars on their way – cheaper to produce in the long run. Electric cars will take precedence. Saturn will regulate electronics, make laws for driverless cars, press research to explore, assist and collaborate with humanitarian efforts. Internet problems will be challenged, he will make wizard like micro technology in the lab! Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will build huge networks, restore communities that have failed. Space ventures will have mixed success.

Friendships! Aquarius friendships help us learn how to work together, bond, in time form groups, community to international organizations! Saturn in Aquarius will end connections that are spent, that no longer work for us. Saturn wants more than ‘frivolous’ friends. It wants to be able to work together for a meaningful goal. It guards us from entering non productive connections that take our time for little return. In right combinations friendships have tremendous value. We learn, have gratitude, make room for new innovative friends. There is some sadness as we leave others behind or they leave us. We progress beyond perceived limits into remarkable new zones! One, or some, of the new friends we make will be super productive, profound in Spirit and gloriously entertaining to boot, LOL!

Relationships ~ You may clear up relationships that no longer are able to meet your needs, and/or find yourself in the most profound relationship of your life. Saturn the Scientist may seem a bit cold, have cold feet, and Aquarius often likes being alone, absent minded. But still. Most of us like a little love and appreciation if its the right kind. This combo needs a little more compatibility than average. It may be a puzzle for partners because Saturn often likes a steady comfort zone, but Aquarius needs a lot of room to maneuver. if you are both good with this, you might be happy to live near each other and take separate vacations. You may marry; you might not. But dear friends you will be and sometimes you might enjoy being a little bit kinky, LOL!

Health! Sometimes Aquarians carry a bit of weight, but Saturn may help you trim down if you want to. Turning your ankle can be painful. If you are taking up some exercise, book it with a group. Some good friends will keep you coming back! You might enjoy the speed of a motorcycle! Saturn will help you know your limits and stay lawful. Try out some hang gliding ~ makes you feel free up there floating and looking out over the terrain. If that’s not for you, try out different kinds of volunteer work. You can always quit. No obligations, but Saturn is pleased to feel useful. Keeps your molecules humming.

For those of you with Saturn in Aquarius, it will be time for your Saturn Returns – every 28/29 years! Saturn can bring you to your knees or make you stand up proud and swagger around a bit, LOL! You may need to get rest and take extra good care of yourself, not see so many friends, or let go of some of them. You may form a new support network for yourself or your business that has your best interest at heart! Finally! You always knew you were different, but it has taken some time to name it and grow into it.

If you are older than 28/29, wherever Saturn is in your birth chart right now is where it was 28/29 years ago! Do know that the other planets are NOT where they were 28/9 years ago, so there will be some the same and a lot not! Each of your houses or sections of your chart have special purpose. Whatever ways Saturn is aspecting planets or factors in your chart, it is often memorable, sometimes profound.

Aquarius with other signs! Aquarius is a challenge with other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. They can all be stubborn, even Aquarius. Aquarians are so smart they always think they are right. Or they need to stick to their guns because they are so ahead of their times! Other air signs, Gemini and Libra are a flow though genius Aquarius may find even them way behind him and disappointingly not able to keep up. Fire signs Aries and Leo may be less humanitarian, a bit too into themselves – depends on the person, but Sagittarius is used to traveling new places and wants to learn everything and everyone to learn! Virgo wants to know how it all works. She will have to let go of the standard organization to follow this wild Aquarian leader! Capricorn is a lot by the book, but will loosen up along the way because his planet Saturn will BE in Aquarius and get used to a few zig zags with no warning! Cardinal sign Cap has quick recovery goat feet in high places like Aquarian thin air!

Thank you all for taking on this extraordinary adventure! Nothing will ever be the same again!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….


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American Red Cross founder, Swiss Jean-Henri Dunant, was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.

ARIES is the first sign of Astrology’s first cross of the 3 Grand Crosses of Matter. Its cross is the Cardinal, as in the red bird, Cross. It’s four points are first, itself, Aries, Mars, the Warrior, Protector, Rescuer, Initiator. Opposite is Libra, Venus, the Beloved, partnerships of all kinds, equality, balance, respect, fairness both in beauty and in Spirit. The vertical axis is of Cancer, Moon, at the South, warm at home’s hearth, Mom’s nurturing. Opposite is Capricorn, Saturn, of the North, hard at work out in the world, building, fortifying, at times scrabbling for a toehold, maintaining.

The symbol of the American Red Cross, is red on white, Aries’s two colors! It was founded in Switzerland, a politically neutral country, for humanitarian purposes, to help soldiers. It was brought to the United States by Clara Barton after the Civil War. The symbol was chosen in gratitude to the Swiss founder, Jean Henri Dunant, using the reversed colors of their flag.

The Cardinal Cross is truly a cross of Matter. Without life, it doesn’t matter. Aries gives us that option for life and inspiration. Once gathered up, we can go home, be cared for, be loved, find productive outlet for our creative ability. Bravery and physical prowess are standard equipment for Aries. Standing up to a bully, in behalf of the underdog, when the odds are stacked pretty high, is merely a challenge. They wink at you over their shoulder as they lean right into the fray! Follow tight through the crowd, you’ll make it to the other side, or be first in line at the grocery store!

Ok, so not all Aries are that gallant. In fact there are some complaints they only think of themselves. And that may be true. Yet, we can learn to balance ourselves more appropriately. Take courage, say NO once in awhile. Say YES when you want it. Stand up. You can. Even if you fumble or are wrong. You can sort things out. At least you got started. Do you need to apologize? Would your Aries friend? Probably not. Should you apologize for just being yourself? Probably not.

In this time of needing great courage, stay steady in the Light. If you need help, be wise, ask for it. If you can give help, do it the ways you have that are so special to give, exactly as you can. I wish you and your loved ones the very best, with every breath.

In Dedication, and in Gratitude, to all those in Japan who are risking their lives to make things safe for us. They are Angels of a kind, heroes and heroines for sure.

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Aquarius - Ahead of the Times!

Chiron has ventured into Pisces for a preview, to set things up for the future, since April 19, 2010. On the magical planes, Pisces is our spiritual home, a space of insights, epiphanies, visions, often in films, making music, dreams. Pisceans often dedicate their lives to a great cause that carries on for aeons, crossing all boundaries of time and space. Businesses can be anywhere from the local bar on the corner, to the most fanciful island spa, wine making, film making, eyewear, sail making, ocean voyages, metaphysical gift shops, churches, the summer psychic reader on your vacation!      

Today the mystic healer returns to Aquarius

…for six plus months to wrap up its Aquarian matters. Chiron is teacher/healer, and per the Magi astrology, the astute business person, and THE marriage planet! Aquarius is friendships, community organizations, professional associations, the worldwide net! It sizzles! It is the awakener, changemaker, sets us free! It is the lightning strike, the earthquake that sets us loose from the daily repetition, helps us step beyond fear. Get connected in behalf of the changes you want to see happen. See how others have done things similar to the kinds of things you want to do. Be with people who are going your way or who are in related fields. See if you can merge and get more support, get investors to fund you, whether that be in Spirit or financially.      

Consider your intent in relationships.  Stay single, work toward a relationship, stay in your relationship, heal, renew, a relationship, leave a relationship in a healthy way.  Consider your family relationships, friendships, business associates.  Chiron, ever the teacher, gives opportunity to learn and heal every step of the way.  Every connection is meaningful.  Every loss of connection, or choice to end connection, brings a life skill – how to do it with grace.      

Aquarius is fascinated with research and invention! Just let your ideas flow, brainstorm. Do different! Give it a try, one thing leads to another! Take time to be a little more wild on the far edges of your line of sight! Remember that curvature of the Earth? Well, if you keep going, you can see more! Evolution just keeps right on going!      

Aquarian enterprises are anything computer and internet, singers and sound, vibration, seismic, ahead of its time, flight, space and astronomy and astrology, intelligence, humanitarian organizations, and would you believe, bartending and banking?!       

Think about what you dream of. How can that come true? What can you do? Who can you connect with to help you?      


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