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Venus Mercury Retrograde Zion Angel's Landing Walters Wiggles

Switchbacks at Utah’s Zion National Park, Angel’s Landing, Walter’s Wiggles! If we are going to do two retrogrades in a row, and overlapping – both at once for a week, whether descending or ascending, we might as well do it elegantly in great Beauty!

March 20 Note: Venus has been retrograde since March 4. Mercury starts Rx during Aries, April 9. Venus goes direct April 15. The DOUBLE RX is April 9 to 15!

For your advance planning ~~~ trips, moves, weddings, significant purchases, remodels, elective surgeries, investments, taxes, job changes or reviews. Venus involves your love life, money and values, art and beauty. Mercury typically has to do with signing papers, snafus of all sorts, appointments, mind changes, reversals, breakdowns, electronic failures. Retrogrades have three parts. First is the time the planet goes forward. Next is the retrograde period when it goes back over that same ground. Third is when it turns Direct, forward, and goes over the same ground the third time. Often, having a change of direction, extra work to accommodate the changes, delays, drives us crazy. Given time, from the different vantage points, and as other planets move along, we see the values in these adjustments. Without switchbacks or retrogrades, sometimes we might never reach higher ground had these events not have happened. New vantage points show us how to incorporate new facets in our lives.

Venus Retrograde

Venus sweetens from 13 Aries 8 back to 28 Pisces 54! The whole three part cycle starts Jan 30, finishes May 18 with Venus Rx Mar 4 to 15.

Venus does make beauty and kindness, money and love. Retrogrades make changes, omits, misunderstandings, mistakes, adjustments.

Venus in Pisces dreams, commiserates and blesses, is music, magic and miracles, lives for the beauty of Soul. Your understandings, beliefs and desires will shift, can even take 180 different positions and return back to your original position even wiser! The idea is to flow with the tide, rise and fall with the swells of life. Be as whole as you can, make Magic as your insights and visions carry you forward. Pisces can be a gentle sign, or the deluge of a tsunami! If things come too fast it could be scary confusion, feeling lost. Lay back on sugar and carbs. Avoid overindulging in social drugs, alcohol; arrange to have a trusted friend to see you safely home. Water sports and businesses, especially related to the ocean, can make significant changes, select new teachers.

Venus in Aries wants what it wants, now, and takes the action needed to get it! They love being first, prize being leaders, are quick super athletes, are great dancers, put in stunning performances! During the Rx you may find your style changing as to how you do these things! The warning is not to overdo it, be careful not to hurt your head or eyes. Sweet hot sex if you’re lucky! But have that sex with your established partner. Many don’t recommend first time sex during Venus Rxs. There is a quality of rebellion and you could get in trouble with dares. You may not get away with it this time, so please be careful, and try not to break the law in front of the officer!

Aries is often impetuous, but most astrologers would not pick anytime during Venus (love and marriage) Retrograde to get married, elope. Only if the compatibility charts were exceptional, both parties have exceptional progression and transit aspects at that time, and the marriage chart is chosen for the best aspects it can have that also are in splendid harmony with both birth charts. Otherwise, some unions are karmic and will be as they are.

Mercury Double Retrograde!

DURING Venus Retrograde, Mercury starts its Rx cycle, and part of its Retrograde time is during the Venus Rx time! So we have a double Rx April 9 to 15! This is a wee bit of a complicated time with two overlapping cycles and Venus and Mercury each changing signs as well. Mercury will move through 24 Aries 15 to 4 Taurus 50. Mercury is Rx April 9 to May 3.  It makes sense to see your astrologer for details about how this activates your personal chart.

At the time of the double Rx, Venus will be in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus. The degrees are not close, so they will be operating independently of each other. That means in two different houses of your personal chart, possibly even four houses, will be activated. They may act together for you depending on the personal linkage of your planets.

Mercury in Aries is quick to see what’s happening, often distracted, maybe jumps to conclusions, or it’s all in your head. Its speed can save lives, tilt the world in a new direction, blitz by old hurdles! It can be impatient, angry, get down to head butting! Get going or get outta my way, but mainly it just wants to do things! It is a leader that inspires confidence! New projects may finally be undertaken, or fail because they are ahead of their time, there are more considerations than realized. Plant your seeds then plant more seeds! Caution signing papers, even if an expert advises it. This is likely not the time to be impetuous. If you are never impetuous, maybe you should give it a try! Do your best.

In Aries it is very likely not the time to do electional face surgery, elope, buy a new car or mechanical items. If you can wait, fix the furnace or air conditioner later. Be careful about head bumps, your brain/skull, eyes. Put in fire alarms well before the retrograde.

Mercury in Taurus takes its time, maybe too much time, but is the most stable of these four combinations. Sometimes it resists change and is thrown off by shifts in routine. Yet, if Taurus has become tired without realizing, changes may be just what the Dr ordered! Your land may change, your garden, your flowers, trees – earthy things. Taurus is your neck, throat and thyroid. If there are any questions, have a checkup in advance, especially if singing or entertainment is important to you. In general, Taurus is ownership and a solid untouchable bank account, but what we want may surprisingly change during this Rx. A generous gift may be expected and you might have a dilemma about what, how much, or whether to give.

If you make investments, do only test amounts during both retrogrades because Venus (money) is Taurus’s planet. Your thinking about what is attractive can easily change. Not a time to buy a new wardrobe, furnish your home, do a remodel or buy a comfortable car. Whatever you buy, get receipts, buy from well standing companies with excellent return policies, get the warranty. If you sign papers include a review clause so it can be changed, canceled or extended within a reasonable time. You set the time for your next job review time.

Complete Venus & Mercury Retrograde Timetable

Jan 30 Venus starts Rx cycle
Feb  3 Venus Aries
Mar 4 Venus Rx
xxx18 Mercury conjunct Venus – words of appreciation, noticing beauty
xxx25 Sun conjunct Venus – big hearted Love
xxx27 Mercury starts Rx cycle
xxx29 Mercury trine Saturn – recognition of job well done, on time, keeps a level head
xxx31 Mercury Taurus
Apr  2 Venus Pisces – dreams can come true
xxxx8 Venus square Saturn – less than hoped for
xxxx9 Mercury RxDOUBLE Rx starts
xxx10 Full Pink Moon
xxx15 Venus Direct (forward) last day of Double Rx
xxx16 Venus sextile Mars – opportunity for a fresh start
xxx19 Sun conjunct Mercury – bright words!
xxx20 Mercury Aries
xxx21 Venus Rx square Saturn – reconsider values, high priced or a super bargain
xxx24 Mercury Rx trine Saturn – wise choice
xxx28 Venus Aries
xxx28 Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus – Surprise! Brilliant!
May 3 Mercury Direct (forward)
xxxx9 Mercury conjunct Uranus – terrific idea! Friend, join community assn.
xxx10 Full Flower Moon, Wesak – Buddha’s Birthday Celebration!
xxx11 Mercury trine Saturn third time – venture is secure
xxx15 Mercury Taurus
xxx18 Venus cycle finishes
xxx21 Mercury cycle finishes

Mercury trines Saturn three times. Logical and sensible, productive, excellence.

Venus squares Saturn twice. There are costs and the budget may not be enough. Love is not what it used to be or expectations are too high. Out of work partners may not be chosen.

Mercury stations with Uranus April 27 to May 9! Super intelligence, a friend returns and leaves again.

Plan what you can, the Creator will do the rest. Good luck and Grace be with you.

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Gemini HighLights 2015   Gemini!

Happy Birthdays, Geminis!
xGemini Josephine Baker born June 3, 1906, FIVE planets in Gemini, Gemini's own planet Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars!

May I present the inimitable entertainer Josephine Baker!
Born June 3, 1906, FIVE planet stellium in Gemini, Gemini’s own planet Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars! She was a force! Gemini rules names and she had many, including  “Black Venus,” “Black Pearl” and “Creole Goddess.” She was a funny and risque performer, thought to have had approximately 1,500 marriage proposals! Unusual for her times, Josephine never depended on a man for financial support. See her astrological chart.

Same degree Venus/Neptune in Cancer, she adopted 12 children of different races. Moon in Libra, she fought racism. And she did undercover work for the French Resistance smuggling secret messages written on her music sheets and was a sub-lieutenant in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

Josephine rivaled Gloria Swanson and Mary Pickford as the most photographed woman in the world, and by 1927 she earned more than any entertainer in Europe. However, a 1936 return to the United States to star in the Ziegfeld Follies proved disastrous due to racism. She tried again during the 50s and 60s. When New York’s popular Stork Club refused her service, she engaged in a head-on media battle with pro-segregation columnist Walter Winchell. As she toured, she demanded that her contracts have a non-discrimination clause and insisted her audiences be mixed, resulting in night clubs across the US being integrated. She was by Martin Luther King’s side when he delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech.

At last…. 1973 Josephine agreed to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Due to previous experience, she was nervous about how the audience and critics would receive her. This time, however, cultural and racial growth was evident. Josephine received a standing ovation before the concert even began. The enthusiastic welcome was so touching that she wept onstage.

On April 8, 1975 Josephine premiered at the Bobino Theater in Paris. Celebrities such as Princess Grace of Monaco and Sophia Loren were in attendance to see 68-year-old Josephine perform a medley of routines from her 50 year career. The reviews were among her best ever. Days later, however, Josephine slipped into a coma. She died from a cerebral hemorrhage at 5 a.m. on April 12. More than 20,000 people crowded the streets of Paris to watch the funeral procession on its way to the Church of the Madeleine.

Josephine Baker has continued to intrigue and inspire people throughout the world. In 1991, HBO released The Josephine Baker Story. The film garnered five Emmy Awards. A Gemini heroine with true grit, she never gave up. These are only highlights of Josephine’s life. Books are written about her and she wrote books.

There are several excerpts here from The Official Josephine Baker site.

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Gemini 2015 Highlights!

Gemini starts May 21, the very day of the last Jupiter inconjunct Pluto! This aspect sets the 2015 tone for the sign.

Saturn returns to Scorpio June 14, then come the final two exact aspects of this entire 4-planet set June 22 & 30, Jupiter trine Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! We are continuously in the auspice of the glorious Jupiter trine Uranus until July 21!

Gemini’s own planet Mercury is Retrograde May 18th to June 11, from 13 Gemini back to 4 GE on June 11.

June 21, Summer Solstice, the day the Sun enters Cancer, Venus starts its 3 retrograde phases!

See the entire Gemini 2015 Newsletter!

See the 2015 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

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Gemini, the Breath of Life Itself!

Gemini Breath of Life Books, Writers
I don’t know whose image this is, but I thank them….

Gemini is the magical dancing sign leading to Summer Solstice June 21! It is the time of the peaking of Summer’s long days, the time of scampering little people, faeries and elves! Every time we speak, we breathe. We celebrate the Breath of Life itself!

In the body, Gemini relates to the plane of the body from fingertip to fingertip, your hands, your arms, shoulders, lungs. The condition of your lungs determines how you reach out or take in. On the Etheric plane Gemini is the invisible invincible mind, how we think. Your Etheric condition determines how you look at life. The heart is nestled with the lungs, your breath and heartbeat intricately and vitally related, each creating the rhythm of your life. Heart and Mind.

Gemini’s care deeply about the quality of communication. They enjoy being intelligent, whiplash quick! They twinkle at confusing you with the facts, and stir the brew every chance they get! They keep you busy thinking about scintillating new possibilities and change happens with an easy glide to home plate!

Touch is one of their gifts. They give you the healing handshake with sparkles on it! They size you up quickly and get to it. Their excitement is contagious. Give yourself a time frame for survival, or they will talk your ear off, on and on! One thing leads to another, you know. Time to time ask them to wait a moment so you can share too. Most of them understand their penchant for chatter and won’t be offended at all.

Channeling happens to them frequently. They say things they never knew themselves. Self education, education on demand, is so convenient. It may be information for themselves, or for you. Speaking with focus for purpose is a skill to be cherished.

Sometimes thoughts and feelings get a little mixed up. Listen for the feelings behind the words. Why is the person telling you what they are saying? Are they simply nervous? Are they embarrassed, worried you will judge them? Are they not in touch with their feelings, yet? You can ask, or tell them you are wondering what’s up or if what you think is so. Go gently so as not to stop the flow. They may be on the brink of discovery! Or are they mirroring you?!

Breathing easy, they are quick to smile, Gemini is a Light in your day!

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Happy Birthdays, Dear Geminis!

Gemini Face Time Space Continuum
Complex, Amazing, Spirit of the Time Space Continuum!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value!
Comparison Reading $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com

For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

Need to find your BIRTH TIME?!  Vital Records US & International

See the entire Gemini 2015 Newsletter!

See the 2015 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

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Taurus HighLights 2015   Taurus!

Happy Birthdays, Taureans!

Taurus Boreanaz Bones Buffy Vampire

Taurus is an Earth sign, so no surprise David Boreanaz‘s two most famous roles involve very earthy stuff! As the vampire Angel on the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he rose out of the grave (Earth), and as a Taurus, the sign specific to the neck, his food was blood from those neck bites! As FBI Special Agent, family man, Seeley Booth on the television crime drama Bones, he goes from the neck to forensic, Taurus ruling the body in general and his Saturn (bones) is in Taurus.

Born May 16, 1969, birth time not known, Boreanaz is likely double Taurus, Sun and Moon, they opposite dank Neptune in Scorpio! He was born right after a New Moon. The Moon rules family, business and women, is super sensitive. The women in both series are more prominent than he is. He is strong and gorgeous support, and with Venus in Aries trine Mars in Sag, he is their champion. He is also athletic, loves and supports hockey! Boreanaz has a super Pluto/Jupiter in Virgo with Uranus in Libra conjunction! This is power & wealth, fame from the unusual, unconventional relationships, intense secrets, extreme intelligence, extraordinary details, mojo! Nothing common about this man. His chart!

Classic Taurus staying power! He has done well with his roles, from teens to middle age! Who knows what his next role will be, but you can bet he will do it well and it will do well for him. He has an instinct to know what is in sync with the times, natural.

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Taurus 2015 Highlights!

May Day, Beltane, the first day of Taurus, follows the April 18 Aries New Moon. The next Full Moon, called WESAK, is the Taurus/Scorpio special gathering time in celebration of the Buddha’s birthday! It’s May 3, at 13 Scorpio 23, 8:42 PM Pacific.

Saturn square Neptune finished its first close, but not exact, aspect April 18. Next it runs from Oct 15 to Jan 20, 2016, making its first of three exact aspects on Nov 26, and the last aspect of 2015! It finishes in 2016 April 13 to Oct 31 with its second exact aspect  June 17, and the final aspect Sep 10.

May 18 to June 11 MERCURY RETROGRADES in Gemini!

May 21 brings our 3rd and last Jupiter inconjunct Pluto! It is followed by Saturn returning to Scorpio June 14, then the final two exact aspects of this entire set June 22 & 30, Jupiter trine Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! We are continuously in the auspice of the glorious Jupiter trine Uranus until July 21! 

HEADS UP for late summer planning! This year, July 25 to Sep 6, Taurus’s planet Venus retrogrades from 0 Virgo back to 14 Leo. Most wouldn’t choose this as falling-in-love-on-your-vacation time, nor a wedding date choice time. Retrogrades can be unstable with constant mind changes, or you have a sense of unfinished business, a constant reappraisal. Values aren’t settled. If you love that, the little challenges and the Leo dramas it brings, then things just get better and better. If aspects are well for you, for you both, at that time, love always returns, better than ever! Leo loves big!

See the entire Taurus Newsletter!

See the 2015 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

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Taurus, Heroes of Gentle Kindness, Beauty Be

Taurus Free Hugs

Stand up, gently, for our rights! https://youtu.be/vr3x_RRJdd4

Take your time. Every day. To make loving connection. Taurus is the sweet Master of taking the time it takes. Letting people steep in the pace of their Soul allows their full flavor to come through. Tauruses are magnetic because their pace is non threatening, natural. The can work with children, elderly, animals, by adapting their pace to others. It’s a gift.

Give what you can. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop. Every precious touch, gift, breath, is a connection to the next step. Without it, a chain would stop, the tapestry incomplete, a sector missing, lost. We are all so intricately connected in many ways. Another’s loss is our loss. Taurus does the most simple things, like just sitting with us, no words need be spoken. Taurus can be potent and rich with a touch to a pet, a pat on our shoulder, a few kind words of understanding or appreciation, a few coins, purchasing ‘suspended coffee.’

Face your fears with an open heart. Amazing change can happen. Taurus shines luminously with an internal beauty that attracts others to them, calms distress. The transformation is beyond words. They may give you a job you naturally can do given your inclinations and ability at the time. Taurus has a slow keen eye for true value, the right place, right time, right person.

Beauty be. Taurus plants flowers, magnificent trees. Taureans do your hair, shape your body, your life! Yoga suits. They make your sleeping place so snuggly and safe; you feel spoiled with your down comforter, flannel sheets. We are attracted to lovely things, things with a core intrinsic beauty. Hard to keep your hands off. Taurus is not glib, but real. You can trust what they say. They like to be touched. Tag, you’re it, pass it on! Beauty is a learned skill as much as any other. Practice from your heart out and from the outside in to your glowing Center. Act as if until you own it.

Stay steady in the Light. Highs and lows come and go, but your main reason for being here is always with you, guiding every step. Taurus calmness is an invitation. Sometimes repetition is a meditation. Spiritually, there is no race, everyone is on time. Taurus knows our progress is one by one as well as all of us together. Every step is valued, honorably necessary. Taurus knows being unfrenzied lets us stay centered, on our true course. Their raw strength is legendary.

Taurus Kindness Barnum Hart Portland

Pay it forward. Keep it rolling. Make it count. Let’s do this for each other. Let’s build foundations, make foundations for the future. We all have abiding needs and a million reasons to be here! The kindness and beauty a Taurus gives is a sacred blessing.

“Knowing how he struggled with police, his bravery and courage to catch my eye and approach me were impressive,” Sgt Barnum said. “And it’s a blessing for me that I didn’t miss an opportunity to impact this child.” Devonte Hart was giving free hugs at a Portland Ferguson rally.

Read the whole story.

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Happy Birthdays, Sweet Tauruses!

Taurus Beltane May Day Spring
May Your Life be Blessed with Beauty!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value!
Comparison Reading $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com

For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

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See the entire Taurus 2015 Newsletter!

See the 2015 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

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GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 4 Sag 08
Friday May 24, 9:25 PM Pacific

Our third eclipse of the three this Eclipse Season, is in the 14 day Gemini Stellium, 4 planets in Gemini, and only 4 days after the third Uranus square Pluto!  After some difficulties, there is much to consider.  Spread out your hand, lay your cards on the table.  Talk it over.  Differences of opinion may find common ground.

In Spiritual context, the Aries Full Moon is considered to be the celebration of the Christ Love; Taurus, the Buddha Wisdom; and Gemini, Humanity, the Word.  Gemini is the sacred connections between all Beings, whether it be touch healing, shaking hands, the spoken or written Word.  Gemini is the living Breath of Life itself, you connected to our Universe.  And it has to do with mind.  How you think is how you shall be.  The Mind is a potent instrument.  Awareness, attention, focus.  One teacher says ‘Where your focus goes, your energy flows.’

Vivacious!  Jazzed with the Life force, we are delighted to follow the mosaic, stepping stones take us where we never expected to go!  Side trips are exultant with enrichment!  No complaints!

This Eclipse is honored to tell Neptune’s story through a T Square, Neptune at its T point!  Neptune is currently in its own sign Pisces, the Mystic Dreamer, Visionary!  Gemini has so many exciting ideas, and the Moon in Sagittarius generously places them with purpose, and plans the Path to come.  Neptune can take you across the ocean, or meditate and make music to guide you to your spiritual home.  All are teachers of a kind.  Gemini gives Spider Woman’s fabric (connections) to race around on.  Sagittarius journeys, stretches, to the furthest corners.  Neptune, the Pied Piper, listens deeply, holds silence within, enchantment, until you ‘see.’

Saturn is watching closely, within a degree, from Scorpio, secretly weighing and measuring, estimating timing, steadfastly making decisions, perhaps small, but key and potent.  What may appear to be silly on the surface may be serious after all.  Saturn in Scorpio is astute, doesn’t miss a trick.

The Venus, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction in so few degrees, with Jupiter last, points toward Intention being Kingmaker.  If you have your goal in mind, your decisions will be made in your best long term benefit.  Collective results will add up, the whole being greater than the parts!  To your prime success!

Gemini Eclipse Full Moon May 24, 2013 Astrology Chart

New Moon  at 18 Gem 01
Saturday June 8, 8:56 AM Pacific

Venus and Mercury have moved on into Cancer, the Moon has joined the Sun making the New Moon in Gemini, and Mars has jumped into Gemini!  Jupiter, doing a sign a year, remains the anchor.  Communications are still emphasized.  Saturn trine Neptune June 11 is a potent part of it!

The New Moon at 18 degrees, is in no close aspect with any planets, but inconjuncts the Moon’s North in Scorpio by just over 1 degree.  These nodes span from Taurus, their past, to Scorpio, what needs doing.  The values range from what’s mine to what’s ours.  A balance is sought over being secure in oneself and being able to let go into intimacy, personal power and/or the corporation.  Taurus is right here, right now, a reliable founder.  Scorpio has the ability to be private, obscure at times, able to bide their time, hold a silent position of protection.  Gemini can be a chatterbox, a flit about, so is quite different than these other two signs.  Taurus usually loves a kiss on the nose, and Scorpio can sometimes use a bit of cheering up, even if you can’t tell that happened!  So toss them a smile and let them know you love them no matter what anyway!

Mars has importance having come into Gemini at this time, because in this chart, it connects with the Grand Water Trine formed by Venus to Saturn and Neptune.  This is super important because outer planets move slowly and don’t often make connections.  Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will make their second exact trine just 3 days later, June 11!  A water trine, with quieter planets like Saturn and Neptune can use the spark of Mars!  Grab the Light and get going; be willing to stand for your cause!  In your own way, of course…  Venus is in the Moon’s own sign cancer, so is tied to the Moon, and thereby the Sun, since the Moon is with the Sun, making the New Moon.  Water is the special element of feelings.  Cancer is the Great Mother’s Love.  Scorpio is the love of one’s Mate.  Pisces is the love of God, Soul, Spirit.  These are all profound parts of the harmony of being.  Venus puts sweetness, Grace in the Mother’s love.  Saturn bestows a deep sense of commitment and responsibility in the love of one’s mate.  Neptune gifts us with the great merger, Oneness of all beings, compassion.  Mars in this combination keeps Venus from being lazy, pushes Saturn out of his box, challenges Neptune to do more than sit in meditation, acts on the insights – there’s a cause to be fought for, don’t let us down!

A wild card in the chart is Mercury mixed with the Uranus square Pluto!  Since your recent discovery, you may surprise your self by what you say.  You may be shocked by incoming info, but still delighted, for some crazy thing someone says that makes you know you can be different too!  Could be a child or someone who looks very young, has a childlike demeanor.  It may be something seeps through the layers, revealing a feeling from childhood, or you connect with a friend from way back when.  Be prepared to love it and leave it!  It’s not a keeper.

The New Moon might make you pensive.  You might prefer to think more than talk.  It’s ok just to take some time out, or chat quietly with your family, especially your Mom or daughter.  Love is kind…blessed be.

Gemini New Moon June 8, 2013 Astrology Chart

Our moons this time are in Gemini and Sagittarius, mutable signs like Virgo and Pisces.  The mutable signs form 90 and 180 degree ‘stress’ relationships with each other, have quite different temperaments, and are all different elements.  Our moons being Air and Fires signs, they generally get along with their own – Air Libra, Aquarius, and fire Aries, Leo.  Always consider the whole chart, both of yours and the event, and whether you have factors in close degrees with the Moons.  If you don’t, they may have little effect on you personally, versus a potentially powerful effect if you do!

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GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

Taurus 2013 Lunar Happenings! Eclipses, New & Full Moons, Voids!

April 25, 2013 – 12:57 PM Pacific
5 Scorpio/Taurus 56, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon!

Partial, not visible in North America

The first lunar eclipse of 2013 is in the same signs as the Moon’s nodes, currently in Taurus/Scorpio. The Moon is with Saturn, considered another Karmic factor.  Saturn is thought of as Father Time, the Past.  The North Node (16 Scorpio 50), is considered to be what you may be afraid of yet need to learn, to balance your forces.  Saturn of Responsibility, age, and wisdom through experience, makes it a must.  Scorpio is also considered to be a Karmic sign, of Past Lives, Soul Retrieval.  Mother Moon, in Scorpio, is bringing her nurturing to these intriguing lost places of fear, obsession, that need to be restored to a full rich potency.

Many think the South Node, always exactly opposite the North Node, is what we have done before, overdid, not well, yet definitely skills are there even if you did it that bad!  If there are planets in that sign, they indicate unfinished business, those planets indicating specifically what needs tuning up.  In this case it is the three planet Taurus Stellium, Mars, Sun, and especially Venus, since it is the closest to the South Node.  Mars and Sun hold the Full Moon position opposite the Moon.  In Taurus, they won’t run away, they will persevere forever and outwait the insistent psychological pressure of the Scorpio Moon.  Mars was the old ruler of Scorpio, so there is a resonance between him and Mother Moon in Scorpio.  He accepts her nurturing, feels confident to sally forth, Father Sun lighting the way, head held high and independent, yet free to go home when needs or is ready.  Venus is in one of her own signs, Taurus, of enjoying ownership of physical goods, wanting to be attractive, establishing long term values, aware of intrinsic worth.  Both Taurus and Scorpio are passion signs, of touch and intimacy.  Hotty Mars heats up sensual Taurus and would rather not wait!  Saturn doesn’t mind working hard, and longs for achievement, cresting the mountain with honors!  Give the dog a bone!  There will be secrets, and successes as we gnaw away at the deeper meanings and bring those powers to bear on our intentions.  ¡Buena suerte!

Mars/Sun sextile Neptune; Moon trines Neptune, the planet of surreal beauty, the art of the Soul, the Spiritual Compass.  Sun and Mars are not always famous for thinking of others, are even selfish at times.  Yet Mars leads, sometimes at its own risk and cost, and the Sun is radiant and generously giving, teaching, sharing.  Moon in Scorpio wants to forgive, heal, restore, whether it is the old falling down home, or your damaged twisted hurts and fears.  And it is amazingly successful.  Fools walk in where Angels fear to tread.  Neptune invites a rest, the spa, ocean cruise, time alone, the dreamtime, visions.  Through understanding and compassion, a comforting combination, courage is built beyond what could have remained stuck in a stance of chronic acceptance of suffering.  This is a touching connection, Sun/Mars steady in Taurus offering an arm along the Path, Mother Moon in Scorpio bringing the cuisine of loving support, Neptune in Pisces sensitizing us to just how important it is to heal the Spirit.

Jupiter plays an inconjunct role from the side, askew, tickling, in the same degree as the nodes.  So back to that Taurus/Scorpio balance.  Rather than possession and obsession, perspective, long range planning, choices that move us forward in good cheer.  Rather than Mine versus Ours, a blend, perhaps, allocations of personal monies and shared funds for mutual purposes.  Rather than sitting still, rooted in secret hiding place caves, get out, see/learn something new, have some fun!

April 26 2013 Partial Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon Astrology Chart!

May 9, 2013 – 5:28 PM Pacific
19° Taurus 31′ Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon!

Visible in the Americas!

This is an exciting New Moon day!  Venus enters Gemini, a blessing of Word, spoken with grace.  Time to advertise, blog, share ideas.  There are two occultations preceding the New Moon, Moon of Mars, 6:52 AM Pacific, and of Mercury, 12:06 PM Pacific.  These are mini eclipses, the Moon and those planets lined up both horizontally and vertically, exactly lined up!  This is an action, reaction sequence.  First Mars starts the process, then Mercury reacts, tells the story, inspiring others to join in!  It may not be obvious at first, and Mars may be unusually gentle, insist on caring.  The feelings about the effort are important.  There will be a certain purity expressed as a more inner awareness calls for clarity, no missing the mark.  The eclipse itself will be the Moon’s last aspect in Taurus, then the Moon is Void of Course.  It will be at a low ebb of energy, time to rest, let go, contemplate, be at peace, wait.

The degree of this Eclipse is 19 Taurus, opposite Serpentis at 19 Scorpio.  In old Horary Astrology (divination), 19 Scorpio was considered the most dread degree of the Zodiac!  Clearly people are born when the Sun is at 19 Scorpio, in fact, it’s 11-11!  And those people live fine lives.  Some famous people you probably know of are General Patton, Calista Flockhart, Jonathan Winters (just passed April 11), and Demi Moore.

We have a potent 4 planet Taurus Stellium, all within only 5 degrees!  Mars is almost halfway through Taurus now, it has momentum.  Progress is steady, purposeful.  That’s not generally like Mars, who is usually impetuous, easily side tracked or inspired by a louder, brighter direction.  This time, it tends more to stay with the project, see it through.

Mercury, the one who notices, is just two degrees from the New Moon, there to document the happenings, hold the memory, speak the connection to others of what could otherwise be a very quietly unspoken time.  Perhaps because it is quiet, it is more easy to see, not be distracted.  There can be an unusually centered, well grounded, sensible focus.

The Eclipse is Semi Sextile, exactly a sign away from Jupiter at 19 Gemini.  Gemini is one of Mercury’s signs, so with the link to Jupiter, Mercury prominent, and Venus potently at Zero Gemini, there is supposed to be a telling of the story, right here at home, among ourselves, our siblings, neighbors.  Taurus is often thought of as a founder, the Center, the hub of a long standing organization.  The Word will go out from this strong place.  Its work will be worthy of telling.  Its attractiveness will cause Mercury/Gemini to happily bear witness to the steady achievements that have raised awareness to this point and keep it there.  There will be an abiding loyalty to the profound simplicity that has made this growth possible.

May 9, 2013 Annular Eclipse of the Sun, visible in the Americas!  New Moon at 19 Taurus 31

(The program shortens the chart name – should read Solar Eclipse.)

 Remember, as always, if the degrees of these happenings aren’t connected with
your personal chart, they may not activate you as they
would others whose charts are connected.

MOON Void of Course!

It happens there are SEVEN daytime voids in TAURUS 2013.  April 20, 22, 24, 26 and May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), 7, 12 (Mother’s Day).

What is Void of Course, what does it mean? From the time a planet makes its last major aspect, a conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition, until it enters a new sign, is the time it is Void of Course, VC. The traditional interpretation is nothing will come of anything started or talked about during VC time. You go shopping for an item that is regular stock, and they are out of it that day! Sometimes it’s a good thing nothing comes of your effort, better left unsaid, so to speak, or, oops, thank God you didn’t do that! But not a preferred time for the interview for the job you really want. Yet, another interpretation is there is nothing to stop the matter, it’s a done deal. If the Moon’s last aspect was classically favorable, I would lean to declaring a positive outcome for action taken. Generally, I would postpone if possible.

I have selected the VCs that occur during the 8 to 5 workday. Ones that occur generally on personal time or while most of us are sleeping, I have not counted. If you work nights, be sure to do your own or get some help learning how to do it, or invest in a Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer, Pacific or Eastern, depending on where you spend the most time. Many calendars conveniently list them for you. If you will be doing important relationship work or projects in the evenings, check for voids those dates. All of us need to carefully watch our Lunar Calendars, because there are many ½ day and midday voids as well. Be sure the time is correct or correct it for your time zone.

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The Aries Fire Stellium is OVER.  Now as we enter Taurus, the sign of loyalty and steadfastness, what was new, or did you start, during that Aries stellium, that you would like to continue to have in your life?  What value did you bring in that you are happy to maintain?  I have a new student who is new to astrology, and she is taking in the principles amazingly quickly!  I started sharing some more garden space with another community gardener, and intend to grow crops I will harvest to store for winter food.

Wise old Saturn is holding the fort at his 10 degree Libra station (appears to be stationary, still, in the sky) from May 18 to July 8, turning direct (forward) June 12.  Those of you with planets at 8 through 12 degrees will feel the need to enforce or question the rules, make or break commitments, let go or take responsibility, respond to age issues, make career choices, engage in father/ing matters, build for a stable future.  Being overwhelmed burdens the Soul; timing that fits the deed and your needs and your Spirit makes all the difference.  Focus and do your best.  Make yourself proud!

Jupiter is making his last stand in Aries until entering earthy Taurus June 4, starting off a fine Saturday!  That will leave only Uranus in Aries, the lone wolf on its own again, but happily so in a sign of its same spirit, both Uranus and Aries loving freedom and independence!  Jupiter in Aries gives a last chance these 14 days to start what we will, get educated to be encouraged, have confidence, to lead the way, or follow someone we trust well.  It could be more fun than you have ever had before!  Frolicking is good!  Roller skate, hike, ride your bike!  Continue it with Jupiter in Taurus exercise; do the fun kind!  Long horseback rides, mountain walks, walk your dog!  Endurance and strength sports are satisfying.  Long distance and heavy weight.

Jupiter, good luck, fame, huge growth, in attractive Venus ruled Taurus can attract more money than God – they call it a BULL MARKET when the stock market is going UP!  Jupiter in Taurus can keep that money, hordes of it, may travel to the ashram for an extended stay, found a non-profit organic farm, raise horses, buy fine art, start an imported cosmetics franchise, do melting massages at the spa on the train, drive a huge moving truck, give sculpting seminars!  It may get off to a slow start, but once rolling, it just keeps going.  Dedicated, determined, loyal.  Simple, common sense solutions.  Luxurious hair, earthy beauty, natural fabrics, furs.  It looks further ahead than its own two feet, so makes ‘lucky’ choices.  Well grounded, centered, satisfied, peaceful.  Smooth jazz.

Jupiter may, at this time, be even a bit more languid than just the easy-go-flow of Taurus because it is sextile Neptune (only this one time, not the usual 3 times) upon entry into Taurus, makes the exact aspect June 8!  Both are ‘religious’ in that Jupiter rules churches and sets the tenets of faith; Neptune is the Pisces planet, Pisces being the sign of spiritualism, meditation, meeting God on your own terms, often religious diversity.  Jupiter usually calls for adherence to the church’s philosophy, though can be open-minded and take up religious studies.  Pisces, is perhaps more Buddhism oriented, compassionate, yet can believe so passionately as to give one’s life for the cause, a devotee who lives in silence and service in the spiritual abode 24/7.  This aspect offers what works for you, the best of both, in your everyday life.  Jupiter in Taurus loves the armchair more than the airfare.  There better be a good reason to take that trip.  Probably chooses to make oms at home!  Neptune is now in Pisces, its own sign.  It, like Taurus, is usually gentle.  But don’t let this fool you.  Being gentle is one of the greatest powers on earth.  A good teacher can ask clever questions, sneak right up on you and let you think you thought of it yourself!  Feeling and being safe, opens all the gateways for learning.  Your eyes open right up wide with the happiness of the leap – insights, epiphanies, are the order of the day!  Let it be!  Make music!

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Aries is the ram and lamb; Taurus is the bull, cattle for meat, cows for milk.  Gemini is the first ‘human’ sign, the Twins, an air sign ruling the lungs, our very breath of life, the same breath we use to communicate the Word.  Gemini is also the hands we reach out with to touch heal one another, a handshake, an honoring acknowledgement.  Without communication we wither.  Feeling unheard, unaccepted, so alone, we can just die.  At the least, we stop talking.

In some ways we are all ‘Another yourself.’  We all have all the signs, planets and houses.  There is a harmonic, an understanding, if we know where to look for it.  I believe it is true that Souls are at different levels, making communications impossible if the gap is too large, yet the harmonic is still there.  One of the two can see it, perhaps lay a path of opportunity.  I believe sometimes spirits can be so broken as to be irreparable.  A seasoned teacher/healer learns when to let go and move on to help who can be helped.  We are called because we sense the harmonic, a place in our self that needed a similar healing, even just a simple recognition of suffering, that makes us yearn to put in a seed of change, a comforting touch.  Such it is when we perceive ‘I am another yourself.’

Chatting  you up is often so not casual or frivolous as many think.  It’s a fine diversion, an invitation to change your focus, a time placeholder until your thoughts get in order.  It’s often quite calming.

Geminis are fabulous at keeping us informed moment to moment, current affairs right here in the ‘hood!  Magazines, blogs, the news, newsletters, the letter from your GrandMa, over your fence to the neighbors,  coupons in the mail, your local errands!  Get tickets for two!

Sibs, of course.  Another form of ‘twins’ ‘cause they are in your tribe.  Even though they don’t agree with you, they came from where you came from, and they ‘get’ it.

Sports involving twosomes – tennis is a favorite, an on your feet whole body exchange.  Just like a twin, you must mirror, can even anticipate, the other’s action to do well in the game.  Twins in practice!

Pets come in twosomes – they need someone of their kind to talk/play with, to fully grow.

Contracts are one of Gemini’s specialties.  And calligraphy.  Might as well pretty it up, written words flow just like a living voice!

Wherever Gemini is, there will be curiosity and change as ideas are explored!  Diversity is their gift, adaptability their Ace!  Offer your Gemini children many
opportunities to strengthen their mind muscle to make good choices!  They are not your clone, their planets have moved further ahead than where yours were when you were born, but they still have all those same signs, planets and houses, just in different places.  That crosses all generations.  Take special time with them to understand, for they are the latest version of another yourself.

On another note, how Gemini can a day get?!

Last night, May 19, I went to see the Premiere of Identical, a movie about identical twin boys, one sweet spirited, the other ‘evil’ – a killer who kills to ‘protect’ his twin.  Earlier in the day I had a client who has recently had a facelift.  Isn’t she still ‘identical’ to herself?  Yet, she is ‘facing’ a difficult family situation where she is about to set lifelong needed boundaries, is putting a new ‘face’ on her affairs in other realms of her life as well, including doing some remodeling!  Got me to thinking.  Gemini, to its great credit and advantage, is two-faced, two people, male/female.  Gemini has double the options, and keeps multiplying!  We can be face to face, face off, or have your back, eyes in the back of your head, aware of the many facets of a situation!

Gemini Donald Trump

Gemini, June 14, 1946, Donald Trump, has been in the news lately as a presidential candidate who dropped out!  Trump is a TV Celebrity, real estate mogul.  Bill Gates is at $56B, Warren Buffett at $50B, DT a mere $2.7B per Forbes!  The announcement occurred with Jupiter square his natal Venus, Sun moving in to square his Mars, Chiron with Mars moving in to Yod his natal Neptune, hence the mysteries regarding his dealings, and a lost dream.  Trump has a mixed financial reputation as does June 5, 1951 Suze Orman, another famous Gemini in the money world.

Happy Birthdays, Geminis!

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