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Mayan Alignment Portal 2012, 26,000 Years Calendar!
Whether or not the calendar readers or historians have picked the right date, we do live in magical times! I am very happy to celebrate this special time at Winter Solstice! Out of 26,000 years, I think of our turning time to be a period of time, rather than a single day. At minimum, it would be a hundred years! 50 years on either side would be quite reasonable in this time frame. The 60s in the US were certainly a time of Revolution and awakening. We could even go back not too long ago, 1920, to the first US election Women had the right to Vote! That’s only 92 years ago! Wright Brothers first flight 1903. Again, not so long ago. We have been fighting for sexual understanding, racial freedom and rights, pro-choice, against child abuse, dignified dying, same sex marriage. All of these are huge shifts in social consciousness. Computers have changed our lives exponentially; the Internet is changing planetary awareness. We are truly becoming a global community. And that’s just recently. Consider what the NEXT 50 to 100 years will bring! There will be further important changes as our Planet Herself changes and we cope with global warming.

Here is the DAWN Winter Solstice chart of the Mayan Alignment Portal!
Santa Barbara CA 7:01 AM!

Mayan Alignment Astrology Chart at DAWN Dec 21, 2012

In recent times we have talked about most of the important elements of this chart:

In the Sagittarius newsletter we wrote up two more elements of the chart, Jupiter/Venus Yod Kite with Pluto and Saturn, and Saturn sextile Pluto.

What we haven’t talked about recently is the Jupiter sextile Uranus that happened exact only once July 21, 2012. Jupiter is now retrograde, and will come back to almost make an exact sextile again. Dec 15 it comes within 5 degrees, Jan 1, 2013, it is within 3 degrees! It will be quite close, just over a degree, Jan 30, 2013, the day it turns Direct! It stays in close sync within 2 degrees until it finally gets 3 degrees and passes out of the aspect March 30, 2013. This is a wild and playful aspect plump with possibilities, an adjunct to the Yod Kite! Spice in the making; uncanny good luck for those of you whose charts this aspects well – fire and air signs in 2 to 8 degrees! Reconnect with friends over the holidays, especially those you saw in July, and refresh projects you started then! Jupiter is travel, Uranus air flight. Go somewhere! Take up with a new group, community organization that does what you aspire to. Do some online publishing, start a commercial blog! Games, big animals like horses, a wee bit of gambling! Sign up for some classes that will restore your faith and boost you to a new level!

Moon is in Aries, Spirit and spunk! The very sign of Initiation, new beginnings!

This is a complicated profound time of Fusion and Initiation. Don’t miss a rich vigorous moment of it. I repeat:  ‘With profound intention, we willingly embrace the Threshold of this Divine and Magical Passage. Since Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in each other’s signs, Mutual Reception, the blend is finely done, the Passage powerful. Pluto in Capricorn deeply heals the lame and sometimes spiritually depleted. All people can make this Transition.’

I’ll be seeing you December 22, the first day of the next 26,000 years!

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12:12:12 Leads to Mayan Magic 12:21:12!  Though 12:12:12 is not an Astro*Logical event, it captures the attention of our love of numbers! Astrologers entirely depend on numbers since numbers are what make Aspects, planetary combinations that set us apart from one another. We all have all the signs, planets, and houses, but our time of day (numbers), and time of year, and the differing connections formed numerically moment by moment, are what connect those facets in our charts, like magic snowflakes in a cosmic blizzard! Since we have months only up to 12, this will be the last of the series of repeating numbers that started 2001 with 1:1:1. Many years will pass now to get such number repetitions – 2:2:20 if you don’t count zeroes, 2:2:22, 3:3:30, 3:3:33, and so on until 3001!

Twelves themselves have special significance. Over and over it occurs – organically in nature the 12 lunar cycles/months per year.  To astrologers it’s the 12 signs of the Zodiac, it’s also the 12 Knights of the Round Table, the 12 Disciples of Christ, 12 hours AM and PM, and in modern times AA’s 12 Steps! Twelve is thought to be a number of completion, perfection. 12 is a dozen, 12 X 12 is 144, a gross, or in astrology, a BiQuintile.  BiQuintiles are considered a spiritual aspect with a touch of genius and the luck of the Irish!  In astronomy it is twice the fifth part of a great circle [Pagan pentagram] – that is, twice 72 degrees.  144,000 was considered the number of the ‘saved!’

If you divvy down, and add up, you have 1s, 2s, and 3s – that’s the 1s & 2s of the 12 added to get 3s.  Ones are considered the number of the Initiate, the Spirit of Life, Aries.  Two is the Divine Body, Earth Herself, Taurus, elemental values that keep us alive.  Threes are Humanity and the expression of knowledge, the Divine Messenger, the Sacred Breath, Gemini.  And that leads us to 12:21:2012, all ones and twos, threes…the date of the Mayan Planetary Alignment!  Twenty one is different than twelve.  The numbers are reversed.  With 21, the One is emphasized, since the second number differentiates which twentieth number it is.  One is the number of Spirit.  Hence, the phrase ‘We are all One’ has powerful meaning.  As the Mayans say, “In Lak’ech” – I am Another Yourself.

Here is the 12 12 12 Chart at 12:12:12 PM!  Note, remember, we are having our New Moon the next day!  Also, see the closest active distinguishing aspect, Mercury at 2 degrees trine Uranus at 4 degrees?!  The planet of communications is in harmony with the planet of the Heavens, Genius, and the Internet!  In daily terms, super ideas abound!

Astrology Chart - 12:12:12 Leads to Mayan Magic 12:21:12!

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Throughout the period of the Mayan Alignment Portal, Saturn in Scorpio lends his planetary rings at the Gateway.  With profound intention, we willingly embrace the Threshold of this Divine and Magical Passage.  Since Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs, Mutual Reception, the blend is finely done, the Passage powerful.  Pluto in Capricorn deeply heals the lame and sometimes spiritually depleted.  All people can make this Transition.

Using a 5 degree orb, this aspect started during Scorpio and continues throughout the Holiday season until the day after Christmas. It is the first of 3, this one exact at 9 Scorpio.  Besides happening at the amazing time of the Mayan Calendar turnover, on a daily basis, it is a practical, sober type aspect, with the planets in each other’s signs, each offering the other its wisdom. If you’re in, you’re in; time to be realistic. If you are the working type, and this is activating your chart, you will get tons done! Very professional, no wasted time or materials, precise. A bare bones operation could succeed. Don’t be surprised if there is more work, keep a record of your production for later reviews and raises, to determine return on investment. Holidays or no, there will be needs to be on the job. Though some situations may be intense, career, relationships, health, they may also be blessed by profound touches, assuring a foundation for a new life. Make sure your efforts count, make your Will.

Expect progress to be slow in some cases, but the work of a deeper origin, making it’s way to surface, darker meaning getting used to the Light, transforming before your very eyes! Not a time to abandon what’s started; the creature needs love and protection. Once released, it may spring like from a catapult! Give it all a chance, keep a keen watch, and stay Steady, steady in the Light, for there is much to be done.  Together.

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Dec 1 to 22, 2012, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to their closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree at the Dec 21 Winter Solstice and the Mayan Alignment!!!!

This Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Yod is the core aspect of the December 2012 Yods! It is so rare for 3 outer planets to make a Yod, more rare to be part of a Yod Kite, this one adorned by Ms Venus!
  • Dec 20:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Pluto  1st of only 2   8 Gemini 56
  • Dec 22:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Saturn  1st of only 2   8 Gemini 46

You see how close these degrees are – the three outer planets all at the 8th degree!  The next and only other set will be made late March 2013, at 10 & 11 degrees Gemini with Jupiter also squaring Chiron for the 3rd, last time.

Jupiter and Pluto rule neighboring signs.  Pluto rules Scorpio, the M symbol with an upturned arrow-point tail.   Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the next sign, whose symbol IS the Arrow, springing from the depths of Scorpio’s concentrated power!  Though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter/Sag loves story telling, the Truth will out!  Pluto/Scorpio usually prefers privacy until it’s very ready for revelation, to reveal its secrets.  Pluto researches, guides its financial and therapy clients, helps with Hospice, loves intimate sex and deep relationships.   Pluto can be expert at corporate collaboration, deal making.  Once Scorpio is healed and ready to go, Jupiter is happy to spread the good Word by publishing, touring, teaching at conferences or University!  It’s all about concealing and revealing with due respect as to when.  It takes the Sacred to the Temple to share with All.  However, Sag may want to wander and explore, free itself from heavy encumberments.  So don’t be surprised if they just want to play, and they simply disappear…not wanting commitment at all.  With inconjuncts, the challenge is to pay attention, be aware.  With Pluto going inward, and Jupiter shying off like a spooked horse, it may be a little trick to accomplish.

Jupiter and Saturn rule neighboring signs as well, so three signs in a row are activated, Scorpio, Sag, Cap!  Jupiter rules Sagittarius; Saturn rules Capricorn.  Same story – though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter celebrates life, is joyous, enjoys its travels and the interesting people it meets on the Path!  It makes connections world wide.  It shares anything from chatting around the campfire, to international conferences inspiring leaders to take the information home with them.  It publishes books and blogs, enjoys the perspectives that help people plan and evolve.  They are known for health and optimism, being lucky!  Saturn is the Builder, hunkers down to hard work.  Though not known necessarily for their cheerfulness, they can be very funny while getting the job done, and are timely about it!  No gambling, but law and order, by the book.  They want to be sure good things last a long time, are secure.  They prefer long term commitments.  Fathers, mentors, the boss, can be allies.  Setting boundaries is important, and certainly no running off!  Might be time to get a good buy on a retirement home in a foreign country, to build a mountain lodge with a fine view over the valley.  Saturn helps bring us back to focus, which is exactly what an inconjunct needs as our attention is distracted.  Priorities keep us steady to achieve our goals.  Jupiter may grumble at restraint, but will love the results!

This yod is sweetened Dec 20 – 22 with Venus at the Saturn/Pluto midpoint forming the Yod Kite!  Venus adds Grace, gratitude, affection, and appreciation.  Celebrating the good works keeps it all humming.  Venus is terrific at assessments of intrinsic value, whether your program, product, or relationship is attractive enough to merit its continuance.  The right beautiful images can make the difference in a grant proposal.  A smile and a handshake, a hug, changes the depth of your connections.  Pay attention to your body; it’s your prime possession!  You might enjoy that book The Five Love Languages for Singles by Chapman.  It’s good for both married and singles!  It’s a quick read, terrific ideas for the Holidays!

This is all so special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment!  It IS VENUS again, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. Also on Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus Transit occurred!!!!  It has special function here because Mercury and Jupiter are in each other’s signs, as are Saturn and Pluto – called Mutual Reception.  Planets in this arrangement have an intricate synchrony, and function as if they are in two places at once!   In Mercury and Jupiter’s case, communication will be enhanced 10 fold, meaning both in sheer volume of the Word that goes out, but also in the understanding of the diversity of the purpose of the Portal!

Here’s how the VENUS Yod Kite looks in the DAWN Mayan Alignment Portal chart!

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Happy Birthdays, Leos!

Willie Shoemaker – Small Man, Big Life!
Willie Shoemaker, legendary jockey, 8-19-31 Leo - Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Leo!

The 4 roses are for each of his Kentucky Derby wins!

Willie Shoemaker was a Texas boy, an 8-19-31 Leo!  Weighing in at 2.5 lbs at birth, standing 4’11” as an adult.  He won 11 Triple Crown horse races in his 4 decade career! Even after an auto accident after retirement from racing, that left him paralyzed from the neck down, he continued to train horses from his wheelchair! An extraordinary human, Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Leo, Scorpio Moon.  Horses and the winning Roses are big favorites of Leos! They are a romantic athletic sign, love to bet, willing to take the big ride on Life!

If you love the races, please enjoy Bill in the irons on Ferdinand at the 1986 Derby!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuMp9AjKqf0

Leo, Gold as Wheat

Across the sweeping fields, up the shimmering hillsides, the grasses are drying, the grains are becoming ready for harvest. They are putting on their final full fiery growth, full of life, seeds weaving lovely trails up their proud stalks. Stand tall, let the Light Shine within you in resonance with your true Spirit. Radiance rules!

Coming of age is a time bursting with the sheer joy of being alive! It’s warm. Summer romance, your first time, parties to stir your heart. There’s a generosity of acceptance as we relax and gather. Summer nights welcome our footsteps, hide and seek, brilliant stars overhead. Concerts fill the air with magnificent music, summer theatre plays to our Soul’s longings. And we change. We grow up. We become more of ourself, true. We see we can create our dreams, sometimes simply by Being, just doing what is in our Heart. You ARE who you are, perfect just the way you are. Though Leo is the 5th sign, the first labor of the Twelve Labors of Hercules was to slay the Nemean Lion. It symbolizes slaying the false self – not who you are, but who you think you should be. Some are so frightened of their true power they never get past this first stage, living their lives under a shadowed world of a false mantle. Arrogance, being too loud, needing constant or extremely undivided attention, a general unlovingness toward people, are signs of the price of this insecurity. As we grow into the truth of our own skin, it becomes our golden armor. We’re safe unto ourselves, in the right place at the right time.

Spiritual Selfishness is clean. As you Be who you are, your Self, you prosper in your Soul. You give what you can, your creations that express your core. They are the best they can be, bright, because you love doing that so much, you do the very best you can. You feel good, your health is radiant and loving! People want to be with you, learn from you. Leos are natural teachers.

Championship Gold is the magic that happens! Your prowess shows! You come in first, from the cherry pie to the race! Your partners are specially attractive! You can bet on it! Leo’s is the Labor of Love, Self, and the Self in Others.  Golden.  Blessed be.

The Uranus square Pluto is mixed for Leos.  Uranus in Aries moves Leo right along.  Leo, a ‘fixed’ sign, when not athletic, tends to stay just as it is, the Lion basking on the savannah!  So it might mind being disrupted, but is curious and once going, excited and invites others to join in, especially the party.  The party might be a tad political since both Aries and Leo are interested in human rights, right along with Uranus wanting to awaken, change the world, and spread the word world wide!  The athletic front could be remarkable!  Though Aries and Leos are often in it for themselves, though generous leaders, Uranus might sweep them right into team and group action, multiplying the results marvelously!  Once past the shy or selfish stages, Leos love being the life of the party!  Pluto in Capricorn says please, please, please don’t embarrass me with your unthinking actions, let’s talk things over first, don’t tip your hand too soon.  They may control progress through their power over funds.  They know what it takes and how long it takes to get there.  They can be excellent at placing the right person exactly where they can do the most good.  Often behind the scenes, until the big takeover, they know who to make lasting liaisons with.

2012 Elections  Leos will put their hearts into causes for young people, teachers, self realization options, human rights.  They are good one on one, and better talking to auditoriums of people!  They love color and images, cheers, some great moving music, enthusiastically bring forth remarkable personal talents in others!  They think of their children, and, as outdoors people, enjoying land and sea, they are sensitive to ecological matters, preservation, right use of land, sustainability, global warming.  Put them in charge of video and presentations, demonstrations, let them be greeters and welcomers.  Their warmth and generosity will be so appreciated and get things off to a great start!

The Mayan Calendar  Leo likes the beauty of an exciting magical event!  Get out the cape, hat, gloves and boots!  Do have a special celebration, honor the sacred.  Let’s all dress up and go to the amazing planetarium showing in honor of the Mayan sky.  Then go get some hot chocolate and treats someplace warm afterwards, preferably in a home with a very big view and a grand piano!  We will dance the night away, bring the new cycle in!

Leo, Last of Summer! Perfect for Time for Yourself!

Leo is the only sign that doesn’t have a major holiday. Time to take a break, from everything, even holidays! Snooze on the beach, loll about in the boat, or water ski until you can’t stand up anymore! Have a beach party under the stars.

Between times, finish up summer projects, get ready for back to school. Move and get settled, get ready for your new job, or going to back work. Get your hair styled, a new look that makes you glow! Check out a local singles group; take your Sweetheart to a special place, renew your vows.

When you feel centered, make plans for the year to come – include special places not to be missed during their season, put special people you want to connect with on your list, meet. Join a Toastmasters type group, take a seminar on how to make effective presentations. You have so much to share, do it well! Look into colors and lighting, theatre! Try out your talents! Get some coaching or sign up for coaching training to be a coach! Whether it is for sports or life work, your spirited encouragement makes such a difference. There is no one just like you and the way you do it!

Happy Birthdays, Beautiful Leos!

LOVE it uP!

Leos are Lovers!

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See the entire Leo 2012 Newsletter!

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Serena & Venus Williams sisters - famous tennis champions!

Outrageous Women!  Venus, right, and sister Serena Williams, left, are bold, beautiful, strong, full of life.  They are heroines and not, but most everyone knows who they are – famous tennis players.  Gemini Venus Williams, June 17, 1980, was perfectly astrologically named because she was born when Venus was right next to the Sun!  Her Moon is in Leo, sign of the Sun and powerful athletes!  Gemini rules siblings, and tennis is a favored sport!  [FYI Serena, Sep 26, 1981, has 5 planets in Libra, including her Sun; her Moon is in Virgo.]  I picked Venus in honor of the upcoming Venus Transit Sun!  Not only does she have the name Venus, but she has a Venus/Sun conjunction!

Gemini, the Mind Mender, Spiritual Siblings  Gemini is the master of attention, scanning, finding items that are noteworthy, worthy of a note, news that informs!  They spread the good Word, and we all know words are power, the pen mightier than the sword at times.  How you hold something in your attention, the glass half full/half empty, your attitude to each person, makes a world of difference.  If we see things, people as worthy, a developing Soul, good at some things, not at others, we can give them an invitation, a Gemini gesture.  Let go of contempt and criticism.  No stonewalling, going into silent punishment mode.  Use your beautiful mind to find solutions, don’t delay and cause suffering, feeling sorry for yourself.  Let people know you are in progress, talk it through.  It’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Healing is hard work some times, and it’s a two-way street, takes both of you.  Accept your part in the situation, and do your part.  Lingering is mean, like a cat playing with a mouse.  See what fear keeps you from moving along.  How are you doing on your Grace scale?  Let your affection show. Think how you could be kind and do as well as you can.  Turn the tables.  Ha!  Repent and repair if it is called for!  An in-the-heart please and thank you make a big difference.  Mercury, Gemini’s planet, thinks, free floats mindfully, breathes fresh air and ideas, linking loved one to loved one, neighbor to neighbor.  We become Spiritual Siblings!

Uranus square Pluto:

Gemini loves Uranus in Aries stirring things up!  It’s aflutter with 1000s of fascinating things to take in, adapt to, pass along.  It’s the best merry-go-round ever!  The social networking scene is top of the page with Mark Zuckerman’s facebook at #1.  No one needs to suffer from lack of advertising and marketing.  Just tell your story, sing your song, and ask for what you want.  We’re having our first private venture, Gemini is trade, to take care of the Space Station, a Uranian bailiwick!  It’s practically the Age of Electronics/Digital – Geminis never had it so good!

On the other hand, Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, keeper of secrets, is tough to deal with for a curious talkative tell-all Gemini.  Gemini will have to come in from many different angles to make a deeper connection, to establish trust.  And this is one time they can’t tell.  No gossip or you lose.  Pluto is in serious Capricorn, may show a lascivious twinkle in a stolen glance, but is not cheerful like butterfly flitting Gemini.  If Gemini can keep up, prove themselves worthy, the connection could have great promise.  Both Pluto & Cap can use a breath of fresh air; Gemini can use some settling.

We are all awaiting Gemini 2012’s June 5 rare Venus Transit Sun! The Sun will be thoroughly Lighting Venus, dazzling us with her Love and Beauty! “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is Gods handwriting… welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every flower and thank God for it as a cup of blessing.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The June 5 Venus Transit Sun will be in Gemini.  Loving communications from the Heart of Light in each person!  The Word is Golden wrapped with trailing pink ribbons of streaming love. 
Ok, so that was a bit fanciful, but let it be a Guide, ok?  The story, of the biggest thing you would see, do, or be, needs to be told, in sumptuous bits, your way.  It might be a blog post, an art form, your life work, whatever, but your expression of it in perfect Grace.  It needs to be kept alive, for the enhancements of Jupiter spending that upcoming 63 days, Sep 2 to Nov 4, at the Venus Transit Sun degree, and the final point on Earth Day 2013!  The more conscious, the more potent!  Jot down what you are doing at the time of the Transit, what’s on your mind.  Keep that note around and review it frequently, keep it strongly in play now through Earth Day 2013.  Let that be your day of completion as best you can.  Carry on, Dear Soul.

2012 Elections  Super clever Gemini can see many vantage points, adapting to the needs of the moment quickly.  They are able to point, counter point from a vast array of information.  Give them what they need then let them go.  They are absolutely hot at advertising!  Whether online, or person to person, they will delight and surprise you!  Count on it!

The Mayan Calendar  Gemini will take a look at many points of view and can often see the why of how each different person/group got there.  From synthesizing such a range of concepts, they often come up with whole new ones that can tie several of the previous ones together.  They will find more than meets the eye.  Stay tuned!

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Happy Birthdays, Pisceans!

Ms Takeuchi, Pisces manga artist, Sailor Moon!Naturally, our Pisces 2012 heroine is from across the ocean! She is March 15, 1967 Pisces Naoko Takeuchi, manga artist, creator of the Sailor Moon franchise! She has a degree in Chemistry and is a licensed pharmacist, but as an imaginative woman, she plays for a living!

Her famous comic and cartoon series, Sailor Moon, tells the story of five heroic girls with the power of the solar system against various enemies from the darkness. They have a mission to find the princess moon and silver crystals. The girls have planetary names: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, etc! Yes, another of Naoko’s loves is astronomy!

Naoko’s Chiron (love & business) conjuncts her Sun in Pisces and her Sun trines Neptune, Pisces’ own planet, and, her Mercury is in Pisces! Mother of two, she is blessed by images and a great business she loves.


Pisces, Dancing the Magic of 2012!

A   m o m e n t   o f   t r i b u t e   f o r   W h i t n e y   H o u s t o n,   P i s c e s   A s c e n d a n t….

Pisces has such a range – from elemental acceptance of complete ‘failure’ to outrage for the blasphemy of lack of transcendence! Oh, how powerful, yet fragile, delicate. Just a nuance, a whisper, a whiff, and life is irrevocably changed, diverted. The will to live is beyond all odds when times are so down you can’t see at all. Silent courage shouting from all directions. Mourning turns to celebrating when the brass trumpets play down the street. Only one day ago, life was not like this. Beauty transpires. Primordial moments. There is no difference between life and death. The Silver Cord….

2012 is quite the celebration for Pisces as it’s Planet Neptune starts its passage in its own sign! To fathom the depths of Spirit is a wordless experience, a being of being without necessity of explanation. It just is. To glide over the waters of the shining sea gives a bare insight of what the meaning of the Silver Cord of Life is all about. You are going, but you can’t see the destination. Sacred Trust is the Law. Sometimes it seems we are lost, but our Soul is never not connected. We don’t always understand, and that is a great equalizing force that comes with the choice of coming into a body for a time. We are alone, but among. We sense this great collective, all of us moving together, in a way bigger than any one of us separately can perceive.

The June 5 Venus Transit Sun, 15 Gemini, will square the mid of Pisces. If we were on a giant whale, it would seem too big to turn, yet, as minds and Spirit are One, we only have to think the changes, send the visionary message. Or we could put it into words, or write some music. That would work too. While Pisces ponders, Gemini chats it out, automatic writing, channeling, whatever it takes, the word goes out to Humanity. Pisces can give it all meaning. This mighty infusion of solar light and energy could seem to burn the margins, but perhaps that will release a trapped vapor of curiosity, exploration, into matters of the finest force fields, invisibility…a frisson of what’s to come.

Uranus square Pluto. Uranus in Aries neighbors Pisces, in the sign ahead, but Uranus is the planet of the sign behind, Aquarius. Aquarius gathers the troops, Pisces gives its life to serve the vision, Aries plants the seeds of the vision, an inspirational leader. Community, devotion, action. Freedom, immersion, initiation. There are many ways to say the sequence. Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful drawing together of mature talents, within oneself, corporate. Pisces has never been famous for its drive, yet think of all the immense ocean industries, ocean sports, music and film industries and the mass influence they have, connections all over the world! Think of all the people in, and serving in, institutions of all kinds – hospitals, schools, prisons. These are huge industries. That’s right up Pluto in Capricorn’s ally! That is a terrific fundraiser, financial combination. It knows how to groom people for power positions. It works with law, research, the Presidency, any presidencies, including your local company. Pisces and Capricorn are comfortable signs together, water and earth. Pisces has the intuition to know if a connection is tolerable and will be fruitful. Pluto Capricorn knows if the Pisces is smoke and mirrors, or a worthy investment. Good when the it’s the right combo.

2012 Elections! It so matters. Pisces cares, has visions, from sinner, saint to savior. The gentle listening of a Pisces, one who understands, can help people get beyond rhetoric, to the heart. Pisces, the Fisherman, can gather Souls along the way, a sweeping tide of change, far surpassing expectations. Never underestimate a Pisces. They can often see what you don’t and are hard to fool. They can be out front, or lead from behind. Often the quietest person in the room has the most power. And they aren’t wasting a fraction of energy. They observe and punctuate. They listen to all, let the group go it’s way, do their own thing on their own time, efficiently. Sometimes they are so efficient they don’t do anything at all, knowing what an outcome will be.

26,000 Year Mayan Calendar. Pisceans are often thought of as old psychic Souls. Life is thought to come from the Sea, Pisces’ element. What’s 26,000 years? We see the turn of the tide, a natural cycle. From the tops of the highest waves we glimpse the intriguing future, new times of magical ways of being. Psychic capacity, shapeshifters of all kinds, interplanetary beings, our technologies, mere inklings of potential.


H A P P Y   L E A P   Y E A R!

Hallelujah!  2012, and Pisces have an extra day this year!  2012 has 366 days and this leap year, it shifts our calendar so the equinoxes and solstices occur earlier than in any year since 1896, that’s 116 years ago!!
What are YOU going to do with your extra day?
Nothing is impossible if you believe….
Image passed along from Abraham of NYC

Pisces!  Sign of Magic - Believe!

Happy Birthdays, Pisceans! 
   From the unknowable to at-one-ment!


Here we are venturing into a VERY EVENTFUL 2012! We have some rare events happening, some important events!  There is the Venus Transit the Sun, Neptune now in its own sign Pisces, Uranus square Pluto exact for the first  of 7 times, our Presidential Elections, 12:12:12, the 26,000 year turnover of the Mayan Calendar!  Please see your CERENA’S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2012! about these and more!_____________________________________________________________________
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