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New Moon   – Venus/Uranus Grand Fire Trine Galactic Center! Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus!

Full Grain Moon  – Sun-Moon/Uranus Grand Fire Trine/Kite Galactic Center! Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus!

New Moon   – Venus/Uranus Trine Galactic Center! Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus!

Tuesday Aug 2, 1:44 PM Pacific at 10 Leo 58

Crescent Moon Woman Feet Up Olbiński
Sweet surrealism by Rafał Olbiński, Polish illustrator, painter, and educator, living in the United States.

Hot pants Mars leaves Scorpio, enters Sagittarius Aug 2 at 10:49 AM Pacific. We’ve got places to go! It finishes the last lap of its retrograde pattern Aug 22, the day the Sun enters Virgo! Much of what has been waded through the past few months, since it started in February, has reached conclusions, some better than hoped for. People will be generous these last 20 days in Sagittarius. Mars is innovative and it is inspiring to see how much you can do yourself! Keep telling the story of your hopes and that moment when the scales tip! Listen for that inevitable support for things you need help with. It may not come in the package you expected, and there may be a go between here and there! With Mars in Sagittarius it may conclude swiftly, so hang onto your hat!

The New Moon is generally thought to be a quietening time, but in fire sign Leo and with Mars, a fire planet, swinging the bat in fire sign Sagittarius?! And just because it is a moonless night doesn’t mean there isn’t a mighty dance going on! This New Moon is in LEO, Father Sun’s sign! He infuses Mother Moon with all the Love he can give! HE IS THE LIGHT! She is so profoundly ‘enlightened!’ She loves him back, and in turn will be distributing that Light to all, especially the children! Leo is one of the teaching signs, a sign of role models. Remember your important impact wherever you are – at the bus stop, the clinic, in front of the City Council! Your bright smile and a hello may save a life. You saw them and respected them with your love. It makes a difference. It’s time to celebrate!

The New Moon makes two close aspects. 1) It has just trined Saturn. Moon and Saturn both have to do with the past, some think Karmic, old matters of Mother/Father. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us of our intrinsic ethics and responsibilities, our commitments of good faith. Saturn requires our travels to be for more profound reasons, our learning to have purpose and to work hard for our certificates, permits, accomplishments. Leo can be more dramatic than Saturn approves of, but may be the key to getting donations for the cause! A gala! Leo may be late, may be the lazy lion, but when personally motivated, they are unstoppable, sweeping others right along with them, bright inspiration, and it’s fun!

2) Moon and Sun are oblique with Neptune, what we call an inconjunct aspect. Neptune may wither in the glare, and that is noticed. It may not come up in conversation, but a question is posed, what about that? It may be a haunting matter, am I ok, what can I, if I should, do any differently…. Or, Neptune may be immediately on spot, sensing subtle adjustments that make more magic, a support figure you didn’t expect! There may be the reminder not to sell your Soul or disillusioned by too much admiration or drugs that could mar your truest presentation. Some distractions widen our Spirit others are just a bad dream.

The South Node, on a 19 year cycle, is just about to kiss Neptune! Neptune will be a portal to what was a spiritual condition of the past. We may have been a savior or a victim, we may need forgiveness. Current addictions will need addressing. The dragon scales of myths and misconceived judgements will fall away leaving a bare spot, maybe a bit raw at first, a vulnerable feeling. Maybe you need to grab the dragon or maybe you need to be very silent, very still, and just listen.

Jupiter is coming up on the August 12 last opposition Chiron and August 13 last inconjunct Uranus! This is an important set because it will happen in reverse after Jupiter goes into Libra Sep 9. In December, Jupiter will oppose Uranus and inconjunct Chiron the last day of the year! That will be their first encounter in that combination, two more to follow during 2017. What we do now stirs that energy, explores what is needed to make adjustments. Recent events, Orlando, Dallas, bring up the need for a lot more change. The aspect combinations to come starting in December may have more shocking fallout than what has already happened. See more

Mercury in Virgo is making its way to square, challenge Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury is clever and quick, and Virgo considers how to organize every detail. It can create a smooth working system or something that drudges and falls boringly from its own weight. Let it breathe. Step back, cock your head for a look from a different angle. Saturn in Sag wants to get to the point, and get there on time. Once assessed, the job may be entirely dropped, and rightfully so. Saturn may tell a truth you can’t deny. Or, it may surprise you, corral the pieces and shape things up into a divine working order for very little cost! Might take some contributions of your time, but the project may be most happily salvaged!

Put your feet up. Take a little time to watch the stars, contemplate your place in our mighty Universe. Venus is at 26 Leo, Love & Light! It is making a trine, harmony connection with the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius! Venus radiates, sending Bright Blessings! As a receiver, she filters out the shades of gray, anoints with sugar and gold, lets only Love through the Portal. Doesn’t mean Love is always easy, but she does her best to help.x

About the GALACTIC CENTER! It is the center of our great Milky Way Galaxy. Per Paul O Hewit, it is ‘probably the second strongest spot in any astrology chart, following the Sun. It is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration. The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun.’ And, he says ‘Some clients with aspects [planetary connections] to the GC speak of not feeling 100 percent human, or not feeling they have had human ancestry. Their inner dynamic is centered around feeling as if they have come to this planet from some other place.’ Investigative mythologist, William Henry talks about ‘…a race of Stargate time-traveling ascended human beings dwelling at the center of our galaxy, and how each of us can utilize the Stargate through self-improvement. He suggests we are the necessary technology and describes a Stargate technology “kit” that includes a star-crown, mysterious anointing oil and a light-robe called the ‘beaming garment.’ To some of us that sounds like fun! The ultimate trip, time travel and more!

The Galactic Center is considered a point of exchange and huge infusion! The Full Moon August 18 will be at 25 Aquarius 52, almost 26 degrees. The Sun will then be where Venus is now, carrying the Light to that position again! Venus is Love, and Leo, the Sun’s sign, is the sign of the Heart of Light! Take it in, carry it forward.

Walk in Love and Beauty.  

LEO New Moon Astrology Chart

Leo 2016 New Moon Astrology Chart

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Full Grain Moon! Sun-Moon/Uranus Grand Fire Trine/Kite Galactic Center!  Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus!

Thursday August 18, 2:26 AM Pacific at 25 Aquarius 52

Selena Mistress of the night sky, Goddess of the Moon lacquer miniature by superb Russian artist Svetlana Belovodova!
Selena – Mistress of the night sky, the Goddess of the Moon. Sweet miniature lacquer by superb Russian artist Svetlana Belovodova.

Special note: This one is a little confusing. If you are using the Maynard calendars it is listed as a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. But definitions have changed, and per NASA it no longer qualifies. It only grazes the earth’s penumbral shadow and is not visually perceptible.

Celebrating Jupiter Opposite Chiron, Inconjunct Uranus!These Jupiter aspects we just had Aug 12 & 13 are so important because we will be having these planets in reverse aspects starting Dec 2016. Jupiter will be opposite Uranus, freedom matters, and inconjunct Chiron, healing and teaching. Immense changes in store! 2015/16 they were from 18 to 24 degrees but of Virgo, Pisces and Aries. Starting December and during 2017, the aspects will be at 20, 22 and 27 degrees of Libra, Aries and Pisces. Very different tone, some overlapping degrees, some later. See more

Moon and Sun are at 25, just past the Jupiter set that was at 24 degrees, and where Jupiter is now at 25. Mercury is at 23, coming in to reactivate our thinking about recent experiences, reassess, not forget, uplevel another notch. That’s SIX planets in three degrees! Full Moons, Moon opposite Sun, widen our Spirit to maximum capacity! Sun in his own sign LEO is as brilliant as it gets, Light everywhere! Moon in Aquarius is the invitation to expand into extraordinary realms! We can work with others that have great differences and approaches for the same causes! Moon and Sun are in a harmony pattern, called a Bow by some, with Uranus, the planet of Aquarius. Uranus is currently in Aries, the sign of rights fighters, champions, leaders, initiators — new beginnings! May the leaders of leaders join and the battle be well fought and won!

The Full Moon opposition is just leaving, one degree off, from the Jupiter opposition with Chiron. The Full Moon signs precede the Jupiter/Chiron signs. They are considered to give inspiration for the following signs, Virgo/Pisces, to provide a foundation for the work to come. Leo raises the Spirit of the Heart, Jupiter in Virgo seeks the ways to deliver that on a daily basis, to be productive with giving and serving. Moon in Aquarius nurtures bands of friends together in community that those who need it, Chiron in Pisces, will be healed and freed to be blessed by dreams coming true!

Sun/Uranus Grand Fire Trine/Kite pattern with the Galactic Center!
Moon is Midpoint Sextile Uranus and the Galactic Center!

Venus was there first! At the New Moon she trined the Galactic Center! See above Now the Full Moon has moved into position! The Sun is where Venus was, trining the Galactic Center and the Moon is at the Midpoint between The GC and Uranus! She was wearing her tiara, he is wearing his golden crown! Now all those 24/25 degree planets are making a Grand Fire Trine/Kite pattern! That is considered to be lucky and remarkable! Fire can be jubilant; Grand Trines have been know to be lazy, and Leo can be the lazy Lion on the savannah…. When not lazy, Leo can be athletic. How about some summer camping and hiking with friends, somewhere inspiring?! Take your video camera! Try skydiving or hang gliding! Do some creative graphics, write the script yourself! Take on a summer play that shows a better way!

Parallel inconjuncts! [The two purple lines] Parallel and equidistant patterns have their own peculiar potency. Mercury/Jupiter inconjunct Moon and Sun inconjunct Chiron. They truly are parallel because there are factors at each point at 24 and 25 degrees! In this case the parallel is the same aspect, they have the same dynamic. A chance encounter in a glance. An adjustment, course correction likely. Moon is leaving; Mercury makes his connection with Jupiter exactly Aug 22 2:05 AM Pacific. There are lots of details to be considered, decision immanent. In Sun’s inconjunct, he too is leaving. There was an oblique exchange, Sun a little mystified perhaps. Chiron warmed by the visit, but unsure what Sun wanted. Maybe just an observer on the sea…. Now it’s quieter again, but there are things to mull over due to the revelations when Sun put light in the dark.

The two parallel inconjuncts are linked by semi-sextiles. Though a minor aspect I have seen semisextiles be strong! A common one is Sun semisextile Venus bestowing wealth in corporations. Here, Sun is semisextile lucky Jupiter! Both are good natured, athletic, teachers! Jupiter in Virgo takes a health spa vacation, hikes cross country, or takes a leadership seminar or enjoys a writers’ conference! Plays and publishing! Join the Guild! Moon is semisextile Chiron. Moon in Aquarius and Chiron in Pisces both can enjoy alone time whether flying or fishing! If a cause is involved they may find themselves with masses of people, maybe at a concert to raise money. Sometimes it takes a village, an awakening, to do a healing of long held sorrows. Deeper change may require a personal immersion in suffering to open a heart to compassion.

Arrowhead aka Focused Yod! Mercury/Jupiter are the point of the 5 planet configuration. Moon and Uranus are the frame for the standard Yod form, but in addition, Chiron is midpoint between them! Energy is usually thought of its being brought into play by the planet that moves into position, called approaching. In this case that would be Mercury. Though Moon moves faster, it has already contacted and woken all the players, including Mercury, with the feeling of change. Mercury wants to name the change, and in earthy Virgo, to ground it in our thinking, to find practical ways to inaugurate it.

Generally energy goes every direction. All planets are alive always. As another planet has awakened them, they have also given their energy to the passerby. Yod planets ‘behind’ the point planet(s), track the background. Those prongs, the scanner planets, have gathered intelligence, perhaps for aeons, and when triggered by close encounters like this, send it to the planet(s) at the Yod point, which in turn synthesizes it with its own and sends it out potently, three for one style! Mercury and Jupiter at the point, are rulers of opposite signs Gemini and Sagittarius, information, what it means and its purpose. Being together they are working in unity, coordinating the best factors of both. They like a bit of fun on the job, and may juggle things about for a good spitball fight!

That also works in reverse! Mercury and Jupiter are also always scanning, seeking. They snoop out the details in Virgo, organize it to potency better than a vitamin pill or a clean white shirt, and disperse that to the traveling companions trailing behind! Everyone is on the same page! Any one of the points in the triangle may take precedence when needed or if potently connected with your chart!

Aug 19 is Mercury’s first pass of the Jupiter Opposition/Inconjunct point, 24 Virgo, before Mercury retrogrades Aug 30. The Mercury Retrograde Cycle in Virgo started Aug 10. Mercury will cross 24 Virgo again Sep 9, the day Jupiter enters Libra, and October 3. See more These three crossings will keep the Jupiter set’s ideas in mind. The things we planned to do will be reviewed, updated. These are the preparations for the reverse aspects that start in Dec and go through 2017.

Venus, in Virgo now, was just trine Pluto. That can be a wealth aspect or the fears of not having enough. Virgo wants a plan based in actual skills. Pluto in Capricorn may mean hard work to get the training needed. Money to go to school may be in question, but with steady effort, likely doable. Get some help from advisors, seniors, pros in the field you want to get into. You will do better if you do things you love. Virgo and Pluto are up for better health and with right guidance, healing is a good bet!

Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is no easy combo! It may be slow and cold then hot and dry, over the desert into the sea! Mars hates going slow, being blocked, and Saturn can be like a brick wall, even in Sagittarius! Sag does have its opinions. Sag likes getting to the point and moving forward, but the Neptune fog is too thick to see through to take aim. Who knows where that trail is, dagnabit! Don’t be surprised if you get lost. If you are a hiker or at sea, be sure all your emergency devices are working and check in daily. Be a little careful about falls, weather conditions. Stay hydrated. Be patient with others and their difficulties. Be helpful as you can but take good care of yourself first.

The other notes. Saturn teaches us to conserve and in Sagittarius to focus. Scattered energy delays and confuses. Mars can help when Saturn loses confidence or old age is troubling. Mars says pick up your feet, let’s get a fresh start! Look, I’ll show you! Sagittarius can help us laugh even when we are down, and we all do have our foibles. Neptune helps us soften when Saturn can be rigid from habit. Saturn is the doubter but Neptune in Pisces is the dreamer and dissolves all the old boxes. There are no limits. Saturn does remind us the rent needs to be paid, so no running away or slipping into denial no matter how much fun it is! LOL So let them work for you too. Some old stuff needs to be busted, let to fall, less weight to carry. That new building is better!

It may be challenging, but we are so blessed to live in these healing times. Stay steady in the Light.

Aquarius/Leo Full Moon Astrology Chart

Leo 2016 Full Moon Astrology Chart - NOT an Eclipse!x


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The next New Moon, Solar Eclipse is Thursday September 1, 2:03 AM Pacific at 9 Virgo 21


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See the 2016 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you….

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GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

Saturday Jan 26 evening Full Moon 7 Leo 24 at 8.38 PM Pacific

Six planets tie in strongly in close degrees with our Full Moon!  It is comingled, infused, integrated, supported, stretched and challenged. With the Moon in fixed sign Leo, it probably takes that much energy to get it to move to the threshold! The Moon is doing her share to those six by offering a stronger sense of self, giving generously, celebrating their natural worth just as they are. She is challenging the old TimeLord and Gatekeeper Saturn as only a loving psychic Mama Moon can do. Saturn gets scared it will lose control, so if the warm Leo Moon goes gently and honoringly, cold Saturn can be uplifted, raised to rightful glory, with a proper pride in its specialties. If Leo can be on time, the offering will be accepted more gladly.

Yod Kite!  There is Lunar emphasis with Moon at the Yod point, Sun opposite in Aquarius, the inconjuncts (the ‘Y’ sides of the Yod) formed by Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces (the two purple lines joined by the green one). This Leo Moon is looking for a hero, a heroine! Aquarius would like one that can think for itself and offers an electric point of view! None of that blah, blah, blah, it’s all about me. A slight kick in the pants, maybe a reminder from the Past will do the trick. No point in going back for more at a time like this. Enchantment, a little witchery, a good old fashioned spell would spice things up a bit! Healing can come from the strangest places. Keep an open mind and widen your heart. Let the wind flow through, the Light glow Gold, stand steady and true. Some things are not what they seem. Perfect!

Tons of Sextiles, two routes of success! Sextiles mingle the senses. They offer a one, two, three flow in communications, natural sequences that roll, each step is fertile. Revelation is a tonic that frolics like a playful sprite!

1.  Fire & Air!  Sun 7 Aquarius, Uranus 5 Aries, Jupiter 6 Gemini, Moon 7 Leo. The Full Moon itself forms a Bow Pattern (an opposition joined by sextiles)! Peppery ideas, passionate flirting, willing to take a chance, remarkable educational options, spirited change & experimentation, gleeful plans, no standing still!! Have a meeting, mingle with friends, schedule your plans, follow through! Throw a party!

 2.  Earth and Water!  Saturn 11 Scorpio, Pluto 10 Capricorn, Chiron 7 Pisces, all 3 are outer planets, are lined up in a more serious counterpoint pattern, calling for a long term backdrop of responsibility and commitment in order to honor spiritual beliefs, restore what holds true over time, build solidly for the future on that foundation for inevitable achievement. Healing protocols hold promise when you apply yourself. Relationships with fathers and elders can be rewarding. Continued steady attention to careers and finances will bring rewards in time.

Aquarius Full Moon 2013 - Yod Kite, Sextiles, Close Degrees!

Saturday Feb 9 nighttime New Moon 21 Aquarius 43 at 11:20 PM Pacific
This Moon is in the time of the 44 Day Stellium, building to 6/7 Planets in Pisces!

Chinese New Year of the Snake starts Feb 10, 2013!

This New Moon inaugurates the Chinese New Year of the Water Sssssssnake the next day, Feb 10!  It is said Snakes are influential and insightful, quite intelligent, graceful, exciting and dark at the same time!  So do your New Moon ceremonies and celebrations with that in mind and Spirit!  If you are a Chinese Snake, congratulations on your special year!

This New Moon Aquarius is sweetened by having Venus in Aquarius as well.  She blesses the clairsentience of Aquarians, what tunes them in so uniquely, their difference, their specialty, we are so fortunate to know and have.  Though a New Moon is typically a quieter, even solitary time, Venus brings her diverse friends for a gathering, a sharing to be remembered.

T Square with Lunar Nodes   With all the other planets at degrees 11 and preceding, our New Moon at 21 degrees stands alone, its only aspect to the Moon’s Nodes at 21 Taurus/Scorpio.  Like our Full Moon, this is another Lunar emphasis.  Not only is it the Moon’s Nodes, but She is squaring (challenge) her own Nodes!  The Nodes traditionally indicate a past/future (or future as present) effect in that the South, in this case in Taurus, is what we did in past life times, that was not quite right, usually overdone.  The North, Scorpio, points to what is required to balance the matter.  Taurus has to do with our body, our possessions – what’s mine, values.  Scorpio wants sexuality, sharing – ours, merging funds for greater power, values in context of a lifelong partner.  Our New Moon Aquarius, livens the mix with more than what’s in it for me, us, but how does that affect ALL of us?!  Aquarius is humanitarian when it is in full throttle.  Taurus doesn’t like to be disturbed, Scorpio likes its privacy, but Aquarius is saying maybe we don’t have time, the luxury, to neglect others for we are all in this together, what affects one affects all.  The Nodes are on a 19 year cycle; the Sun annual, the Moon is on 27 days!  So clearly, it is the Moon/Sun questioning the Nodes, not the Nodes questioning the New Moon.  New Moons call for the end of a cycle, the beginning of a new one.  We get 12 to 13 restarts, New Moons, a year, each in one of all the signs, twelve different ways to begin again!  This time it is involving fixed signs.  We may see little change, but what takes hold won’t quit.  It will grow, with inexorable progress, steady on.

The question to Aquarius is how free is free?  Taurus can’t own you.  You know your body is yours even if it is in chains.  Scorpio may mightily want you, be jealous of you, try buying you to silence through intimidation or providing for you, but.  You still are yourself down deep.  Again, how free is free?  Have you reduced your circle to the exclusion of all?  Are you so free you are chronically unable to connect?  Have you isolated and become socially clumsy?  Get simple and strong with loving answers.  Explore, let the pendulum swing.  Know that your niche is a living thing and will change.  Allow yourself to go with it.  Freedom can be a prison of its own making, or a poise of self respect and respect for others, for all.

Four Planet Pisces Stellium! Though not connected by degrees to the New Moon, this potent group holds a strong place in this chart in the sign after Aquarius.  The baton will be passed.  Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron are all within 7 degrees of each other!  That’s intense!  Neptune of dreams and visions, addicts and broken spirits, starts the sequence in its own sign!  Compassion, At-One-Ment, is the redemption.  Mars, the planet of Aries, is a charger, but in Pisces is softened, its spiritual sword honed to a psychic piercing of invisible veils of enchantment.  Walking is blundering; whispering allows you to get very close to the wild things.  They will come to you!  Mercury would normally use its logic and mind, but in this placement its potency is to close its eyes and listen in utter silence to the heartbeat of the Universe, what is meant behind ordinary words.  Accurate, pure.  Chiron, half horse, half man, the Centaur, in Pisces, combines the super intelligence of man and beast, lets instinct guide its healing powers.  Teaching occurs through insight.  Prescriptions are unique to each being, changing with the client as healing changes the client.  This is a good time for yoga, meditation, a vacation for a day!  Blessed be.

Aquarius New Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

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Mayan Alignment Portal 2012, 26,000 Years Calendar!
Whether or not the calendar readers or historians have picked the right date, we do live in magical times! I am very happy to celebrate this special time at Winter Solstice! Out of 26,000 years, I think of our turning time to be a period of time, rather than a single day. At minimum, it would be a hundred years! 50 years on either side would be quite reasonable in this time frame. The 60s in the US were certainly a time of Revolution and awakening. We could even go back not too long ago, 1920, to the first US election Women had the right to Vote! That’s only 92 years ago! Wright Brothers first flight 1903. Again, not so long ago. We have been fighting for sexual understanding, racial freedom and rights, pro-choice, against child abuse, dignified dying, same sex marriage. All of these are huge shifts in social consciousness. Computers have changed our lives exponentially; the Internet is changing planetary awareness. We are truly becoming a global community. And that’s just recently. Consider what the NEXT 50 to 100 years will bring! There will be further important changes as our Planet Herself changes and we cope with global warming.

Here is the DAWN Winter Solstice chart of the Mayan Alignment Portal!
Santa Barbara CA 7:01 AM!

Mayan Alignment Astrology Chart at DAWN Dec 21, 2012

In recent times we have talked about most of the important elements of this chart:

In the Sagittarius newsletter we wrote up two more elements of the chart, Jupiter/Venus Yod Kite with Pluto and Saturn, and Saturn sextile Pluto.

What we haven’t talked about recently is the Jupiter sextile Uranus that happened exact only once July 21, 2012. Jupiter is now retrograde, and will come back to almost make an exact sextile again. Dec 15 it comes within 5 degrees, Jan 1, 2013, it is within 3 degrees! It will be quite close, just over a degree, Jan 30, 2013, the day it turns Direct! It stays in close sync within 2 degrees until it finally gets 3 degrees and passes out of the aspect March 30, 2013. This is a wild and playful aspect plump with possibilities, an adjunct to the Yod Kite! Spice in the making; uncanny good luck for those of you whose charts this aspects well – fire and air signs in 2 to 8 degrees! Reconnect with friends over the holidays, especially those you saw in July, and refresh projects you started then! Jupiter is travel, Uranus air flight. Go somewhere! Take up with a new group, community organization that does what you aspire to. Do some online publishing, start a commercial blog! Games, big animals like horses, a wee bit of gambling! Sign up for some classes that will restore your faith and boost you to a new level!

Moon is in Aries, Spirit and spunk! The very sign of Initiation, new beginnings!

This is a complicated profound time of Fusion and Initiation. Don’t miss a rich vigorous moment of it. I repeat:  ‘With profound intention, we willingly embrace the Threshold of this Divine and Magical Passage. Since Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in each other’s signs, Mutual Reception, the blend is finely done, the Passage powerful. Pluto in Capricorn deeply heals the lame and sometimes spiritually depleted. All people can make this Transition.’

I’ll be seeing you December 22, the first day of the next 26,000 years!

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Dec 1 to 22, 2012, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to their closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree at the Dec 21 Winter Solstice and the Mayan Alignment!!!!

This Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Yod is the core aspect of the December 2012 Yods! It is so rare for 3 outer planets to make a Yod, more rare to be part of a Yod Kite, this one adorned by Ms Venus!
  • Dec 20:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Pluto  1st of only 2   8 Gemini 56
  • Dec 22:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Saturn  1st of only 2   8 Gemini 46

You see how close these degrees are – the three outer planets all at the 8th degree!  The next and only other set will be made late March 2013, at 10 & 11 degrees Gemini with Jupiter also squaring Chiron for the 3rd, last time.

Jupiter and Pluto rule neighboring signs.  Pluto rules Scorpio, the M symbol with an upturned arrow-point tail.   Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the next sign, whose symbol IS the Arrow, springing from the depths of Scorpio’s concentrated power!  Though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter/Sag loves story telling, the Truth will out!  Pluto/Scorpio usually prefers privacy until it’s very ready for revelation, to reveal its secrets.  Pluto researches, guides its financial and therapy clients, helps with Hospice, loves intimate sex and deep relationships.   Pluto can be expert at corporate collaboration, deal making.  Once Scorpio is healed and ready to go, Jupiter is happy to spread the good Word by publishing, touring, teaching at conferences or University!  It’s all about concealing and revealing with due respect as to when.  It takes the Sacred to the Temple to share with All.  However, Sag may want to wander and explore, free itself from heavy encumberments.  So don’t be surprised if they just want to play, and they simply disappear…not wanting commitment at all.  With inconjuncts, the challenge is to pay attention, be aware.  With Pluto going inward, and Jupiter shying off like a spooked horse, it may be a little trick to accomplish.

Jupiter and Saturn rule neighboring signs as well, so three signs in a row are activated, Scorpio, Sag, Cap!  Jupiter rules Sagittarius; Saturn rules Capricorn.  Same story – though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter celebrates life, is joyous, enjoys its travels and the interesting people it meets on the Path!  It makes connections world wide.  It shares anything from chatting around the campfire, to international conferences inspiring leaders to take the information home with them.  It publishes books and blogs, enjoys the perspectives that help people plan and evolve.  They are known for health and optimism, being lucky!  Saturn is the Builder, hunkers down to hard work.  Though not known necessarily for their cheerfulness, they can be very funny while getting the job done, and are timely about it!  No gambling, but law and order, by the book.  They want to be sure good things last a long time, are secure.  They prefer long term commitments.  Fathers, mentors, the boss, can be allies.  Setting boundaries is important, and certainly no running off!  Might be time to get a good buy on a retirement home in a foreign country, to build a mountain lodge with a fine view over the valley.  Saturn helps bring us back to focus, which is exactly what an inconjunct needs as our attention is distracted.  Priorities keep us steady to achieve our goals.  Jupiter may grumble at restraint, but will love the results!

This yod is sweetened Dec 20 – 22 with Venus at the Saturn/Pluto midpoint forming the Yod Kite!  Venus adds Grace, gratitude, affection, and appreciation.  Celebrating the good works keeps it all humming.  Venus is terrific at assessments of intrinsic value, whether your program, product, or relationship is attractive enough to merit its continuance.  The right beautiful images can make the difference in a grant proposal.  A smile and a handshake, a hug, changes the depth of your connections.  Pay attention to your body; it’s your prime possession!  You might enjoy that book The Five Love Languages for Singles by Chapman.  It’s good for both married and singles!  It’s a quick read, terrific ideas for the Holidays!

This is all so special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment!  It IS VENUS again, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. Also on Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus Transit occurred!!!!  It has special function here because Mercury and Jupiter are in each other’s signs, as are Saturn and Pluto – called Mutual Reception.  Planets in this arrangement have an intricate synchrony, and function as if they are in two places at once!   In Mercury and Jupiter’s case, communication will be enhanced 10 fold, meaning both in sheer volume of the Word that goes out, but also in the understanding of the diversity of the purpose of the Portal!

Here’s how the VENUS Yod Kite looks in the DAWN Mayan Alignment Portal chart!

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Merlin the Magician - There's more than meet the eye here...Yods are natural dowsing devices!

Yods are when planets make ‘Y’ formations, not uncommon. But, Outer Planet Yods are rare, usually made by Jupiter since it moves the fastest. Our Dec 2012 Yod is being made by Jupiter opposite the Saturn sextile Pluto midpoint! Since it happens at the time of year when the Sun and it’s companions travel through Sagittarius, we have, even more rare, 3 Yod Kites, Arrowheads – they are called by different names! One after the other, Sun, Mercury and Venus add their voices to this Yod – Light, the Word, and Love!

I often think of a Yod as standing at the planet at the yod point, observing my left and right options, keeping both doors open, awareness on each peripherally attending front, enhancing my choice of action.  Generally energy is thought to be focused at the point of the yod like in dowsing, but in dowsing, the perspective is reversed!  You hold power by hanging onto the Y legs, to let energy flow through the Y focal point, to seek what you are looking for, invaluable water, oil, a lost item.  Reverse it a step further!  Instead, send!  Use it as a powerful gathering of your right and left brain energies, combined, doubled masculine and feminine power, focused powerfully through a narrow channel, important information can be broadcast where you point it!  Be the Magician of all talents!

Data from Planetary-Aspects.com: During the twelve years 2007 through 2018 there are only eleven yod kites. There are none in the years 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016 through 2018. In 2007 there was one yod kite (February 12-14), in 2010 there were six, in 2012 there will be three (all in December), and in 2015 there will be one (May 19-22). In these twelve years yod kites were present on forty days, so during this period the probability of a yod kite being present on a given date is less than 1%.

Since yods are composed of linked inconjuncts (quincunxes), 150 degrees, they are focused at the planet at the point, in this case, Jupiter – from broad spectrum to focus, faith, true meaning. Inconjuncts are just one off from oppositions, so slightly askew, peripheral, often intuitive to nuances. It’s what you don’t ‘see’ that is very nearby, nagging maybe, likely not settled, don wanna do. When we let things slip by us, not paying full attention, there is often a price to be paid later. If you do pay attention, through your awareness, adjustments can be made, saving the day! They require making some time for them, and sticking to it even if uncomfortable. And, sometimes it means mind your own business, don’t take on more than makes sense! In some ways, they aren’t a natural flow. In this Yod, Jupiter is in airy mutable Gemini, full of flex and ideas! The others, opening and closing, are hard working redeemer Saturn in fixed Scorpio water and private Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, in cardinal serious Capricorn, rock solid earth, neither of which wants to be disturbed. Saturn and Pluto in each other’s signs sort of form an unspoken intricate pact, making it hard for a mere Gemini to make a dent! But keep talking! In this case sheer volume may make the difference, find the keyhole. Absorption and percolation can take time. Let it brew but keep a very careful watch. You see the dilemmas.

1. Nov 30 – Dec 2  5 Planet  Sun Yod Kite – Saturn/Venus, Pluto/Mars, Jupiter. Sun is at Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Complex pattern with a lot of options and needs.  Who you are matters!  Stand tall.  Let Light in.
2. Dec 15 – 17  Mercury Yod Kite moves into the midpoint of the Yod between Saturn and Pluto, strongest on the 17th at 8 and 9 degrees. Venus enters Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter takes up the crusade of Saturn’s ploddings and Pluto’s plotting! Course correction or distraction that may save the day after all!? Talk it through, get the tickets, have fun!
3. Dec 1 to 22 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to the closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree.
4. Dec 20 – 22  Venus Yod Kite It’s as the Dec 17 set, but VENUS is now at the midpoint! This one is special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment Portal! It IS VENUS, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. On Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus transit occurred!!!! Take a little trip, take a long trip, make it beautiful, Love it uP! Renew your vows. Give Gratitude.
5. Dec 25 – 29 Christmas Day, Kwanzaa   5 Planet Sun & Moon Yod– Saturn, Sun/Pluto, Moon/Jupiter. The Yod continues with the Sun until the annual Sun conjunction Pluto Dec 30!  Sacred, ancient and proud, power and glory, Love and Light!

Remember to use your Yods fully and magically!  Practice.  Stand at the Y point and look along the sides; stand at the side planet points, and receive from or send through the Point planet.  Hold the Y legs, focus and let energy flow through the open channel – either to seek or to send!  If your channel is messed up, get with it.  Clear it, work on being able to open and close it as you choose.  When you have yods, yod kites, in your personal chart, they are a lucky tool to have.  Few people have them.

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GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse 6:46 AM Full Moon
6 Gemini/Sagittarius 47

This Eclipse has fancy configures!  It forms a 6 planet Yod Kite, a T square with Chiron, and Mama Moon is conjuncting Jupiter!

The Eclipse Yod Kite puts the Sun at the Midpoint between the Saturn/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, followed by the Pluto/Mars conjunction in Capricorn!  Both Venus and Mars have just recently made the conjunctions, so the energy each has made is mature and is being integrated into our new standing.  Venus has blessed Saturn who can at times be a little gruff, rough and tough.  Venus has put in her two cents to be sure we are working hard at what we love versus doing it because we can and should.  Mars hasn’t let Pluto molder in the deep dark, but has been pushing to bring our powers forward and act with and through them, rather than harboring our fears of success.  That backdrop will empower the Full Moon, lending more confidence.  Being in Gemini/Sagittarius, will give us awareness, the willingness to speak and share, go from information to presentation, with long term wholeness in mind!  Bring on those roller blades!  Moon is staying in tune with Saturn, keeping watch, staying keen to appropriate censoring, giving gratitude and blessings, seeing what has special meaning to important partners.  With Pluto, she will also have option to see silent profound motives, and how to tease them forward, away from chronic past life fears.  A few words may motivate the courage of the day, just enough to turn the tide!

Moon is coming into stronger and stronger positive Spirit, throughout the day following the eclipse, the conjunction with Jupiter at 5:04 PM Pacific.  That in itself is an interesting feature because it is a little eclipse of its own, called an Occultation, meaning Moon and Jupiter are now too in direct alignment!  It strengthens and emphasizes their merger, and since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, merges the Gemini/Sagittarius axis all day long!  To me, that means the energy symbolized by the Full Moon is held in actuality long after the Full Moon itself!  Jupiter’s energy will be flowing directly through the Moon, giving good luck feelings, faith in the future, a longing to be meaningful.  There may be dancing in the streets!  That will be 8 PM Eastern – watch the news!  Some say the Moon is bigger to us, and closer, blocks Jupiter, but they are living molecular masses, transmitters, if you will, directly to us!

Chiron in Pisces is in a 1 degree T with Moon and Sun.  The factor at the T point, Chiron, is emphasized, the energy of the pair forming the base, Sun & Moon, flows through the point.  Gemini Moon has lots on its mind, chock full of tidbits!  Sun in Sagittarius can’t wait to start lining things up in its story telling quiver of arrows!  It wants to see where it is all going, put on the 7 league boots and go!  Planning is right up its alley since staying right here is out of the question.  Map time, but in this case, make your own!  Chiron, the funnel, is finely tuned in Pisces, ever so sensitive, intuitive.  The Empath is fully activated, the Compass of Spirit seeking the special right place to apply healing and wisdom.  It knows when a course correction is needed, knows where it is needed most.  Sun in Sagittarius is magnificently radiant, teaches.  Moon in Gemini gathers and gives information freely, spreads the Word.  Chiron, is healer/teacher also, endures some pain of its own yet still gives.  See your counselor, coach, teacher, healer.  Get clear and get going!  Take a look back at the July 24, 2012 Jupiter square Chiron for further insights.  Jupiter will be strongly square Chiron 2 more times, continuously from Dec 5, 2012 through Mar 26, 2013 with exact aspects Jan 14, and Mar 26, 2013!

Wed Dec 13, New Moon at 0:42 AM Pacific  21 Gemini 45

The same energy of the T is also in the New Moon since Mercury, by then in Sagittarius, is coming in to form a T with Chiron and Jupiter!  Mercury will be where the Sun was, Jupiter where the Moon and it were, Chiron as it was.  Mercury is Gemini’s planet, so again, we have the symbolic merger of Gemini/Sagittarius, the Word and its meaning.  The New Moon, by its nature, is a stilling time, distilling.  As there is less energy, we see what is most important, necessary to not neglect.  As energy quietens, we can see without so much distraction.  We can quietly get more done, no fanfare, just getting things done.  There is an inward turning, a potency, in spite of outward appearances.  Mercury square Chiron in Pisces will be having more awareness of the importance of the power of our discomforts, decisions made from that place.  Some will hold us back, others will move us because we’ve had enough of the old ways.  Mercury in Sagittarius can be super optimistic, but the reality of the possibility of Chiron in Pisces feeling lost and hopeless, may be a nonstarter.  How to talk to that?  Blunt or gentle?  Teasing or tantalizing?  Scaring or inviting?  Or, a ‘Get over it!’  Mercury in Sag can make good assessments.  Going to need that skill.  Mercury in Sagittarius will be opposite Sag’s planet Jupiter, now traveling in Gemini!  When they are in each other’s signs like that, it’s called a Mutual Reception, and they can act as one or interchangeably so it is thought!  Mercury/Gemini can flood the field with options, certainly one will appeal!  Jupiter/Sagittarius is looking for the Path, the one with the happy footprints on it!  There be choices, and Evolution doesn’t ever stand still!  It’s going to be hard for Chiron not to see the possibilities with so much interest and clever potentials!  Have fun!

I find semisextiles have potency.  This New Moon will be just 1 degree beyond a connection with Mars, the Leader, Initiator!  Nope, the best option is to take a chance, just big enough to see a difference.  Even a slight improvement is all it takes for a new beginning.  The low flame of the fiery Sag New Moon will take you there….

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