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Mercury Retrograde Cancer Leo 2019 Trollstigen, Troll's Ladder Norway

Norway’s west coast – the Trollstigen Pass Road, Troll’s Ladder, famous with 11 hairpin bends! Thank goodness Mercury RXs have only two hairpins!

Some retrogrades are more dangerous than others. If you like fast driving like some Leos do, it’s by choice, exhilarating. Cancers prefer comfort rather than fear. They will be saving money driving the camper while the Leos are deliciously extravagantly in the convertible Jaguar or traveling in a humongous luxury motor home!

2019’s second of 3 retrogrades starts in Cancer, retrogrades in Leo – Mother Moon and Father Sun’s signs. It goes back into Cancer then into Leo for the final lap. Cancer might drive like their mothers, while Leo drives for the prize money! Well, this time we get a double drive in two signs. They will definitely feel different. The transition from one to the other may be the actual challenge. We are left in the sign of our Self, our own radiance, Leo, the sign of the Heart. They are lovers, creative, generous. They intend to be teachers, whether the musician in the spotlight or in the classroom. The Cancers will allow themselves a little more spice! All said and done, the Leos will be glad to go home and be fed. Showing off is hard work, LOL!

About Retrogrades!  

Whether hiking or driving magnificent mountain switchbacks, what a journey! What amazing beauty lies around each new bend. Different directions, different views. What’s behind is out of sight, a memory; what’s ahead is a mystery! Inward bends give us time to pause, hold steady, slow down. Promontories give us visions of the future, longings for more! Each gives us time to think, recalibrate, prepare for the next stretch. It’s important that there are changes, reversals, old ideas that clogged things up are left behind, revelations occur, new ideas teased into action! Cancers like the new stove; Leos like their new buggy.

Every Retrograde is unique, per the signs, their planets, the connections made with other planets during their retrograde cycle, and, of course, the connections it makes, or doesn’t, with your personal chart! Mercury Retrogrades have three part cycles. First is the part leading up to the Retrograde station. We’re on fresh ground, curious. Second is the Rx period when it goes ‘back’ over the part leading up to the Rx. We see things from an opposite point of view and the planets around us are moving to new positions, people are changing. Adjustments are made. Third and last is the part when Mercury turns Direct, ‘forward’ again, covering that same ground the third time! We get three chances. At first we get all things in order we possibly can. Second changes and revisions are made. Third, we tidy up, polish things up, complete and present it to the world!

Cancers need to build their courage. Paired with Leo ups the odds of bravery! Cancer, a cardinal get started sign, is a bit conservative, protecting home and hearth, but can be quick to get things moving when they make up their mind. Leos are what is called a fixed sign, accused of being stubborn, and they are full of Light, so people admire them. They get away with keeping the old show that has always worked before. But times do change. They need at least three times to take it in. Letting go of the good old times is tough. But show them better and they are good to go! They will tell you it was their idea. And it was! They thought it over and decided to accept it! Just give them a little time, a lot of appreciation, and they will be with you shortly!

Cancer matters include food, where and how you live, your family, how you are feeling these days. All the daily goods, clothing, how the car works, whether you have enough money, a job that you like. It can be corporate or at the local Ma & Pa. How the kids are doing, or your parents, are high on your list, if not the highest. Food availability may change, the house may need some immediate fixing during a retrograde, Rx. Your route to work shifts. The stock market goes up and down; you may decide to shift your investments, but know that they will shift again after the Rx. The family may go through some ups and downs, especially with a mother or daughter. A surprise pregnancy and then you aren’t? Wait to propose or choose a wedding date or place. The choice of a school may get strong priority, or whether to go at all. Studying. Where to live and with whom.

Mercury in Cancer is a bit at odds with itself. Mercury is logical; Cancer is intuitive. But Mercury helps Cancer put their experiences into words, explain what happened, tell what they ‘saw,’ have amazing recall or remember from long ago. Could be time to write a memoir, discuss feminine family mores, talk/listen with your teenage child, tell people what you have been wanting and why. Cancers sometimes don’t speak up for themselves because how can they tell us where they got those ideas? Parents told them to stop telling stories about imaginary playmates when they were little, yet they could have sold millions of their writings! As it is, being acutely aware of cycles, they are great stock traders, especially of commodities, life’s daily goods. A lot of famous people have Mercury in Cancer – it is their link to the people!

Leo is teenage time, becoming your full glorious Self! Love is always in their heart, from little children to oneself, a romantic relationship that may not result in marriage. Cancer has children, but sometimes Leos spend their life as a step parent teaching other people’s children, and/or at school. Leos are bigger than life and have the hair to prove it! Performance, on stage, or that grand car, their athletic prowess, showing their colors, are part of their fabric. They work hard to be the best. They have a natural attractive presence, a big smile, are generously spirited. You know when they walk in the room. Are they happy? This retrograde will sort out some of the answers. It’s grand to be admired, but are you loved? Do you have the money to support your lifestyle. Shall you accept that position of status or do you long to do what is in your heart? Is there some more learning to be done to make you feel good about your own expertise. Should you take over and open your own shop? It likely won’t be a finger snap, but you will get headed to what’s better for you. Could be a great stepping stone.

Mercury in Leo likes it there! Leo loves being brilliant and mesmerizing their audience! They have a lot to say anywhere, anytime, to anyone who will listen! They are inspirational and people really listen. Leo will tell them how they got started, from nothing to somewhere. They will offer help and connections, ideas. They use colorful phrases and their body language is vibrant, their hair gleams and their spirits soar. You can tell they are passionate and they want you to have the glow too! They are wizards at teaching. They urge you to do it your way, do what’s in your heart with your own natural talents and assets! Success! They are profound lovers and can tell you stories that make you cry then clap your hands for happy! Just go easy while Mercury is retrograde, LOL!

The Stations! A Station is the pause at the retrograde and direct turns. Mercury literally appears to stand still for 8 days! We mull it over, focus, anchor what we want to keep. The Rx, turn back station is early at 4 Leo on July 7. It is the point furthest forward, a Leo preview of things possible to come! Four days before and after, we will mull over money, love, learning and giving, what’s in our heart to do. Mercury returns to Cancer July 19. Cancer sees what Leo has to offer, prepares for that potential. It sees what Leo needs to have stable support for his work and starts making adjustments so he won’t fail. The Direct, turn forward station is back at 23 Cancer 56 July 31. Four days before and after, Cancer will steady up matters at that point, making ready to embark on the journey to offer Leo what she can – cookies, cribs, her family’s expertise, the reservoirs of her extensive memory, plenty of hugs.

Look in your own chart to see where 23 Cancer to 4 Leo span, what house/s it is in. The matters of that/those houses are the place/s the Mercury Cancer/Leo apply to.

Mercury itself is communications, logic. It speaks/listens, is quicksilver distracted, yet intent when interested. It has to do with our lungs and breath, how we touch one another’s Spirits either with hands or words. We can be angry, comforting, whisper, hypnotize, sing lullabies to the baby, chat the neighborhood gossip, share vital life changing information.

Classic Mercury Rx is don’t sign those papers, or do everything to make it possible for that to happen so it doesn’t fall through. Escrows can fall through. Use experienced brokers. People don’t return your calls. The dog ate it. Your computer has a snit. Or you do, LOL! You lose your cell. Rule is be sure purchases are from reputable firms that have reliable returns/guarantees/warranties. Be sure the company is legitimate before you deal. Sign any contract changes and make sure they do too. Get/make copies, save and backup. Generally, you avoid making significant purchases/decisions especially of matters specific to the sign/s involved. In this case, Cancer rules homes, so you might wait to buy/sell a home. Leos might wait to buy a luxury car. Oh, and things get lost, sometimes found at the next retrograde! Do check with your astrologer for your good dates and times of day to make the best of it!

Aspects formed during Mercury in Cancer/Leo Retrograde. See the Timetable below.

There are only 3 and they each are formed only once.

  1. July 8 Mercury retrograde in Leo station conjuncts mighty Mars! Three days before, three days after! Could win the award, even several! Great show, grand performance, great race! Take your mind for a walk! See what is special about the love you see in action, how first responders save the day – an accident, a fire, a weather disaster, a lost pet, a heroic wilderness rescue. How are you the hero of your own life?! The heart we have is so very special. Love is beyond understanding at times. It’s sacred, reverent, almost hurts! The love for a child, the teacher for her students, precious performances as we learn to sing or make music, fresh starts taking pure courage, the 75 year marriage, an elder person holding our hand as they leave this dimension. We are phenomenal creatures. Superb leadership will always be in Love, a cat with nine lives!
  2. July 24 Mercury retrograde in Cancer conjuncts delectable Venus! Tasty, but don’t expect the meal to be precisely what you ordered, or the recipe to work out perfectly. Could be better the way it happens! No proposals with this one. A profession of love maybe, but it’s not likely to be a permanent thing you hoped for or would like long term. Still can be sweet. Give appreciations. If you are an artist, play with your medium, your colors. See if there is a message in your work. Write some music. Talk with your family, but expect everything to change. It’s not a time of stability; let go of expectations. Shift your thinking into exploration mode. Venus and Cancer are both feminine, so call a woman you haven’t spoken with for a while. Take a good look at your kitchen and the food you eat. See if you can do some updating so your meals are easier and more to your liking. Revise your diet a tad. If you have any doubts about your health, consider who you would like to see about that. If it’s cosmetic or not urgent, do wait until Mercury goes direct. You may have some good ideas about financial matters. See your astrologer for your best times.
  3. August 16 Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus! This aspect is exact the day after the whole retrograde cycle ends, but will be in effect the 14th and 15th. Be careful. Mercury gets impatient and Uranus can be fast while Taurus gets in your way. Just when you thought you passed them, they pass you, again, speeding! Maybe just get off the road and wait for a while or take another route. Better than getting in an accident or stuck in traffic brought to a standstill because they did. Be careful when you are backing up. Now, Mercury is a clever planet, and Leo has so much light he sees what others can’t! Uranus is impressed by this unusual phenomena, so may be very curious about it. It won’t be normal business. Either there will be a breakthrough or no amount of communicating will get the job done. Leo feels darn bad when they can’t do it. Or Uranus may miss the fact that Leo, though flamboyant at times, self-aggrandizing in manner, usually really wants to share something valuable. It may be just Leo’s style or he’s a bit unsure, so covers with distracting behavior. Try to listen to what is being said, versus how it’s said. Leo and Uranus are kinda opposite because Uranus is the planet of Leo’s opposite, Aquarius. Just stand a little further apart. This can be done – carefully. If Uranus pulls back too much it looks like he doesn’t care; Leo will pack up and leave thinking Uranus isn’t interested. Keep eye contact and tell Leo you are wanting to hear the rest.


20  Mercury Retrograde starts into the three part cycle in Cancer
21  Happy Cancer, Summer Solstice!
26  Mercury in Leo


2    Solar Eclipse New Moon
7    Mercury Retrogrades in Leo
16  Capricorn-Cancer Lunar Eclipse Full Buck Moon
Moon Occults Saturn and Pluto
19  Mercury Retrograde back in Cancer
22  Happy Sun in Leo!
31 Mercury Direct – turns forward


11  Mercury back in Leo
15  Mercury finishes entire cycle!

The Mercury Retrograde Part 1 hosts the Solar Eclipse New Moon. It is Retrograde during the entire important Capricorn-Cancer Lunar Triple Eclipse Full Buck Moon sequence. See all about that!

Cancer and Leo are both proactive signs! Make notes, find the best connections and ways! You got this!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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