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Venus Mercury Retrograde Zion Angel's Landing Walters Wiggles

Switchbacks at Utah’s Zion National Park, Angel’s Landing, Walter’s Wiggles! If we are going to do two retrogrades in a row, and overlapping – both at once for a week, whether descending or ascending, we might as well do it elegantly in great Beauty!

March 20 Note: Venus has been retrograde since March 4. Mercury starts Rx during Aries, April 9. Venus goes direct April 15. The DOUBLE RX is April 9 to 15!

April 19 Note: Venus is now direct, moving forward since April 15, finishing her whole cycle May 18. Mercury is retrograde April 9 to May 3. For perspective I’m leaving the Venus retrograde information since it happened first and overlapped with Mercury retrograde, flavoring Mercury retrograde! Plan ahead for Mercury station conjunct Uranus April 27 to May 9!

For your advance planning ~~~ trips, moves, weddings, significant purchases, remodels, elective surgeries, investments, taxes, job changes or reviews. Venus involves your love life, money and values, art and beauty. Mercury typically has to do with signing papers, snafus of all sorts, appointments, mind changes, reversals, breakdowns, electronic failures. Retrogrades have three parts. First is the time the planet goes forward. Next is the retrograde period when it goes back over that same ground. Third is when it turns Direct, forward, and goes over the same ground the third time. Often, having a change of direction, extra work to accommodate the changes, delays, drives us crazy. Given time, from the different vantage points, and as other planets move along, we see the values in these adjustments. Without switchbacks or retrogrades, sometimes we might never reach higher ground had these events not have happened. New vantage points show us how to incorporate new facets in our lives.

Venus Retrograde

Venus sweetens from 13 Aries 8 back to 28 Pisces 54! The whole three part cycle starts Jan 30, finishes May 18 with Venus Rx Mar 4 to April 15.

Venus does make beauty and kindness, money and love. Retrogrades make changes, omits, misunderstandings, mistakes, adjustments.

Venus in Pisces dreams, commiserates and blesses, is music, magic and miracles, lives for the beauty of Soul. Your understandings, beliefs and desires will shift, can even take 180 different positions and return back to your original position even wiser! The idea is to flow with the tide, rise and fall with the swells of life. Be as whole as you can, make Magic as your insights and visions carry you forward. Pisces can be a gentle sign, or the deluge of a tsunami! If things come too fast it could be scary confusion, feeling lost. Lay back on sugar and carbs. Avoid overindulging in social drugs, alcohol; arrange to have a trusted friend to see you safely home. Water sports and businesses, especially related to the ocean, can make significant changes, select new teachers.

Venus in Aries wants what it wants, now, and takes the action needed to get it! They love being first, prize being leaders, are quick super athletes, are great dancers, put in stunning performances! During the Rx you may find your style changing as to how you do these things! The warning is not to overdo it, be careful not to hurt your head or eyes. Sweet hot sex if you’re lucky! But have that sex with your established partner. Many don’t recommend first time sex during Venus Rxs. There is a quality of rebellion and you could get in trouble with dares. You may not get away with it this time, so please be careful, and try not to break the law in front of the officer!

Aries is often impetuous, but most astrologers would not pick anytime during Venus (love and marriage) Retrograde to get married, elope. Only if the compatibility charts were exceptional, both parties have exceptional progression and transit aspects at that time, and the marriage chart is chosen for the best aspects it can have that also are in splendid harmony with both birth charts. Otherwise, some unions are karmic and will be as they are.

Mercury Double Retrograde!

DURING Venus Retrograde, Mercury starts its Rx cycle, and part of its Retrograde time is during the Venus Rx time! So we have a double Rx April 9 to 15! This is a wee bit of a complicated time with two overlapping cycles and Venus and Mercury each changing signs as well. Mercury will move through 24 Aries 15 to 4 Taurus 50. Mercury is Rx April 9 to May 3.  It makes sense to see your astrologer for details about how this activates your personal chart.

At the time of the double Rx, Venus will be in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus. The degrees are not close, so they will be operating independently of each other. That means in two different houses of your personal chart, possibly even four houses, will be activated. They may act together for you depending on the personal linkage of your planets.

Mercury in Aries is quick to see what’s happening, often distracted, maybe jumps to conclusions, or it’s all in your head. Its speed can save lives, tilt the world in a new direction, blitz by old hurdles! It can be impatient, angry, get down to head butting! Get going or get outta my way, but mainly it just wants to do things! It is a leader that inspires confidence! New projects may finally be undertaken, or fail because they are ahead of their time, there are more considerations than realized. Plant your seeds then plant more seeds! Caution signing papers, even if an expert advises it. This is likely not the time to be impetuous. If you are never impetuous, maybe you should give it a try! Do your best.

In Aries it is very likely not the time to do electional face surgery, elope, buy a new car or mechanical items. If you can wait, fix the furnace or air conditioner later. Be careful about head bumps, your brain/skull, eyes. Put in fire alarms well before the retrograde.

Mercury in Taurus takes its time, maybe too much time, but is the most stable of these four combinations. Sometimes it resists change and is thrown off by shifts in routine. Yet, if Taurus has become tired without realizing, changes may be just what the Dr ordered! Your land may change, your garden, your flowers, trees – earthy things. Taurus is your neck, throat and thyroid. If there are any questions, have a checkup in advance, especially if singing or entertainment is important to you. In general, Taurus is ownership and a solid untouchable bank account, but what we want may surprisingly change during this Rx. A generous gift may be expected and you might have a dilemma about what, how much, or whether to give.

If you make investments, do only test amounts during both retrogrades because Venus (money) is Taurus’s planet. Your thinking about what is attractive can easily change. Not a time to buy a new wardrobe, furnish your home, do a remodel or buy a comfortable car. Whatever you buy, get receipts, buy from well standing companies with excellent return policies, get the warranty. If you sign papers include a review clause so it can be changed, canceled or extended within a reasonable time. You set the time for your next job review time.

Complete Venus & Mercury Retrograde Timetable

Jan 30 Venus starts Rx cycle
Feb  3 Venus Aries
Mar 4 Venus Rx
xxx18 Mercury conjunct Venus – words of appreciation, noticing beauty

xxx19 Happy Aries!
xxx25 Sun conjunct Venus – big hearted Love
xxx27 Mercury starts Rx cycle
xxx29 Mercury trine Saturn – recognition of job well done, on time, keeps a level head
xxx31 Mercury Taurus
Apr  2 Venus Pisces – dreams can come true
xxxx8 Venus square Saturn – less than hoped for
xxxx9 Mercury RxDOUBLE Rx starts
xxx10 Full Pink Moon
xxx15 Venus Direct (forward) last day of Double Rx
xxx16 Venus sextile Mars – opportunity for a fresh start

xxx19 Happy Taurus! Sun conjunct Mercury – bright words!
xxx20 Mercury Aries
xxx21 Venus Rx square Saturn – reconsider values, high priced or a super bargain
xxx24 Mercury Rx trine Saturn – wise choice
xxx28 Venus Aries
xxx28 Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus – Surprise! Brilliant!
May 3 Mercury Direct (forward)
xxxx9 Mercury conjunct Uranus – terrific idea! Friend, join community assn.
xxx10 Full Flower Moon, Wesak – Buddha’s Birthday Celebration!
xxx11 Mercury trine Saturn third time – venture is secure
xxx15 Mercury Taurus
xxx18 Venus cycle finishes

xxx20 Happy Gemini!
xxx21 Mercury cycle finishes

Mercury trines Saturn three times. Logical and sensible, productive, excellence.

Venus squares Saturn twice. There are costs and the budget may not be enough. Love is not what it used to be or expectations are too high. Out of work partners may not be chosen.

Mercury stations with Uranus April 27 to May 9! Super intelligence, a friend returns and leaves again.

Plan what you can, the Creator will do the rest. Good luck and Grace be with you.

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Mercury Retrograde Taurus while Mars Retrograde 2016 Road Sign S Curve

June 20, 2016 note: Mars continues Retrograde until June 29, three days after Jupiter trines Pluto. Some energies won’t be released until Mars has gone forward a few days after the 29th.

Mars started the first of its three Retrograde phases on Feb 18! Mars type things started since then until the retrograde April 17 will be reviewed during his retrograde April 17 to June 29. The third phase starts June 29, when Mars directs – moves forward again, until the finish August 22. Mars moves about twice as slow as Mercury, taking 2 years to circle Earth, while Mercury goes with the Sun once a year. So the Mars Rx period is longer, will be 2 months, 12 days!

The first pass is new ground. The reverse period, the Retrograde, things are covered in reverse order, reviewed, changed. The third pass is when the answers fall into place, mature decisions are made, last chances for finetuning course corrections.

The retrograde will span from 8 Sagittarius to 23 Scorpio.

Sex & Love

In Scorpio a fervent time, powerfully potent. Scorpio will generally love you forever, but Mars is less patient. For your own goodness they will prod you to take better care of yourself, mend relationships with other. It can be an obsessive combination, and you may have to take serious measures to depart if they get mean. If a new, fresh love, it may rock your socks, be tantric fusion! Just be careful about starting your new intimacy during the retrograde period, especially if it is an affair on one or both of your parts. There are likely to be sad consequences. If you are single be super careful. If with your very own Honey, what a great time to try out some new experiences! If you break up during the Rx, you are likely to get back together, so if you are serious about it, wait until Mars goes direct, then if you still want to, make your move. Be gentle and kind as possible in all circumstances.

In Sagittarius a runaway adventure! A high % of love ’em and leave ’em, but sometimes so worth the hit and run! Take a vacation with your Sweetie, just don’t take your most valuable luggage during the retrograde. Things get lost, so valuables stay with you on the flight. This wonderful exploration could be to a meaningful sacred site, an altar, to see the oracle about your love life, or off to a school or a visit with a teacher. Don’t believe everything you see or hear, or promises made. Evolution is the always change, and trumps any human thinking. What we thought we wanted changes with the perspective of time and circumstance, and though at first we are a bit undone, in the long term things are better!

Health & Healing

In Scorpio This is one of Scorpio’s prime businesses. They are super therapists whether it is mind or body. They have powerful mojo. If you find the healer uses too much force or intimidation for you, stop the program. If you had a super healer it may be time to return for another round. Good healers always know more about you than you do. They have the intuition, skills, experience that can do the best for you. From midwife to Hospice, let these Beings be there for you. Scorpio specially has to do with our intestines and sexual organs. Less food that over taxes our system. Food and exercise that keeps our body at optimum. Take good care of yourself. It’s another way of loving others.

In Sagittarius Sometimes we forget to play. Our Spirit needs relief from serious concerns. Do some things you forgot you love to do. Literally get away. You and your body forget you had aches and pains. If you are about to publish, perhaps immersing yourself in your text or images will take your mind elsewhere. Or go see a healer that has inspired you or the good people you trust, possibly has helped you before. Try something new. Be with the Truth. If you have been procrastinating, in denial, get with a strong friend, talk about what you are scared of, make your plan, take it a step at a time, have your friend be with you to help you get started. We all need help at times. You would do it for them. Sag is hips, thighs, sciatic nerve. These are what let us propel us through our lives. Be ready to happily make adjustments to your exercise, physical therapy programs. Together we can do this.

Career & Business

In Scorpio Financial relics will be summarily dismissed and replaced – not without resistance, but it will happen! Mars likes things done directly, right at the heart of the matter, with the least fuss. Let go of excess procedures, lighten the load, save time and money. Try some new ventures and keep tabs on things yourself, delegate when you find someone capable and trustworthy. Check on security matters frequently during the retrograde. Get proper lighting and make backups. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the job or make the contact or partnership you expected, or the pay you hoped for. A better choice or deal may be in the offing after the retrograde. If you must have a review during this period, negotiate another after the retrograde. (See your astrologer for good dates!)

In Sagittarius Travelers will change course several times, planners be ready for revisions! What you teach may true one day, new info the next! You might reprint old texts, but do better to wait on your new publishing, a better title, a better cover to come. Caution about religious organizations. The management may change or they aren’t as suited as first thought. Your company may decide to go back to meeting at a previous place. Selecting your courses or place of continuing education will be more sure later on. Keep your options as open as possible.

Mars Retrograde Timeline

Feb 18 Mars started Phase 1

Mar 5 Mars into Sagittarius

Mar 19 Sun into Aries, Mars’ sign. Into Taurus April 19.
Mar 21 Mercury into Aries, Mars’ sign. Into Taurus April 5. From Mar 22 until April 19 there will be 3 planets in Aries! 

April 5 Venus into Aries, Mars’ sign. April 29 Taurus.
April 12 Venus in Aries trine Mars

April 17 Mars RETROGRADE 8 Sag to 23 Scorpio

April 28 Mercury RETROGRADE 23 to 14 Taurus DURING the Mars Rx! It’s a double retrograde!

May 9 2016 TRANSIT OF MERCURY Rx in Taurus, 7.5 hour ECLIPSE across the Sun, 8:12 AM Pacific at 19 Taurus 25! On the average, there are only 13 transits of Mercury each century. The last planetary Solar Eclipse we had was Venus Retrograde in Gemini June 5, 2012. The last Mercury eclipse was Nov 8, 2006 at 16 Scorpio. The May Mercury eclipses are about half as frequent as November transits, but are bigger because Mercury is Aphelion, farthest from the sun. They occur at Mercury’s South Node. See More & the Chart!

May 22 Mercury DIRECT
May 22 The same day Mercury Directs, goes forward, Mars is at the Rx midpoint; Mars is always opposite the Sun at its Rx midpoint! This time the Sun is in Mercury’s sign Gemini at 1 Gemini/Sagittarius 47! Mars and Sun, two fiery planets will be facing off. The Sun is Light and rules the Heart, the sense of our core Self. Mars is Fire personified, lives for action! It is the candle flame of ignition when we need inspiration. It quickens our reaction time, is a spontaneous and cleverly innovative problem solver! It is the Seed of Spring, the Initiator, Leader! If you happen to be in the flock-of-lambs dept, not to worry, you will become a fine ram or ewe!

May 27 Mars Rx back into Scorpio

June 18  Mars Rx inconjunct Uranus  – 23 SC 51 Rx. Disturbances in the valence through July 13!
June 29
 MARS DIRECT at 23 Scorpio 3.9!

July 13 Mars direct inconjunct Uranus – 24 SC 25

Aug 2 Mars Sagittarius

Aug 10 Mercury starts Retrograde Phase 1 in Virgo

Aug 22 Mars 3rd phase finishes at 8 Sag, Sun into Virgo

Aug 30, eight days later, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo


Though Mercury starts its Retrograde at 23 Taurus, and Mars goes Direct (forward) at the opposite point, 23 Scorpio, they are never in opposition while both are retrograde due to the differences in their timing. But that 23 degree point becomes a sensitive point, since the degree positions when planets turn Retrograde or Direct, called a Station, are held for many days in the sky.

Feb 18 Mars already crossed 23 Scorpio
Apr 28 Mercury Rx at 23 Taurus
June  7 Mercury completes the Rx cycle at 23 Taurus
Jun 29 Mars Direct at 23 Scorpio

Passing it back and forth, who’s across the table, crossfire, differences, independence, separation, negotiation, complementary efforts, exciting joint advocacy, cooperation, will all be part of our considerations. Mercury is mind and communications. Mars is action inspired by Mercury’s inspired quick thinking – even in Taurus, or perhaps especially in Taurus, because Taurus has ruminated on matters, coming up with amazing common sense solutions, worthy of Mars’ actions! A retrograde in Taurus releases long held consciousness. Sensing and trusting fundamental value, Mars doesn’t hesitate to inaugurate a powerful trial in Scorpio, a cautious yet astute sign, to see if further sharing/teaching is feasible in Sagittarius.

More than concurrent retrogrades, the profound 7.5 hour TRANSIT OF MERCURY Rx Eclipse across the Sun, Mercury Direct at the Mars Rx midpoint opposite Sun in Gemini – Mercury’s sign, and the 23 degree connections, these two Retrogrades are powerful and specially linked.

Enjoy your hunt, the Quest, the depths and the heights, meeting new people!

See Double Retrograde! Mercury & Mars Rx Together!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you….

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Full Moon Aries Libra Eclipse 2014

March 30 at 11:45 AM Pacific! It’s at 9 Aries 59

See  FULL Moon

Aries is an energetic sign, new moons usually not so much, but this one is likely to be spectacular, zig zag electric! It is right at the point of the 3 outer planet TSquare. It is the last New Moon before the upcoming April 20 to 23 Cardinal Grand Square! Get things battened down, put the lids on tight, or release what needs to be FREE! Time for Agni Yoga, the Breath of Fire! If you can’t stop it, get on it and ride it!

Aries rules the head! Get your cranial bones in order. Nerve centers are here; keep them free of debris thinking, available for clean decisions. Your face is a major communications device. Let it be in alignment with your thinking and your thinking be pure White Light. Hear the sounds of Spirit, the needs behind the words being spoken. Headaches, flare ups of sinusitis, tooth and gums may need attention signaling dietary changes needed. Have care about accidents or injuries to your head and face. Be mindful when and how you say things.

Moon, Sun, and Uranus are squaring Pluto!

  • Moon square Pluto – Moon is close kin with Pluto, both water planets. Moon nurtures, so Pluto tells secrets feeling safe, protected by the infinite Mother. If Mother gets stifling, snoopy, Pluto retreats. Learn and respect your proper ‘distance.’ Moon can be scared Pluto will be sneaky and undermine the home. Either one can be fearful or greedy about money. Both of them generally like to make it grow. Know where the monies are and keep all paperwork up to date.
  • Sun square Pluto – Sun and Pluto rule signs that challenge each other, Leo and Scorpio. Sun loves that bold light of day; Pluto is more underground, private. Sun likes to spend Pluto’s money, and often Pluto doesn’t mind. They enjoy making it, and supporting a sincere bright light. Each is possessive in their own way. Flirty Sun has that sparkle in their eye; Pluto can glower when thwarted. Pluto has natural charisma they can’t help; Sun is ferocious if you mess with their partner.
  • Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – This aspect has been challenging (Aries) the whole world since 2010. Economic downfall has changed us all. Lost jobs, homes. Dramatic weather – Fukushima, ravenous fires, southern snow, western water shortages. The Internet (Uranus), the great educator, has revealed information, secrets (Pluto) leveled the playing field. Entire nations are changing. Shocking statistics are clearing our thinking to what’s real (Capricorn). Let’s get with it.

Moon Sun, and Uranus are squaring Jupiter!

  • Moon square Jupiter – More is better or not. Housework? Not. Travel? Yes! Moon nurtures, though in Aries, the trick is to nurture yourself. Independence is cherished. Yet still, who doesn’t appreciate a little comforting from time to time? And Jupiter expands, loves plentiful joyous abundance! Cancer can be a homebody, even timid, conservative as their Mothers, so Jupiter scares them a bit by asking them to frolic! They both love education! Cancer is a knowledge sponge forever, and Jupiter when not teaching, is writing the tome, or at least the travel blog, leading the tour!
  • Sun square Jupiter – Both fire planets, what one doesn’t do or dare, the other will! Racing, sports, gambling, horses, spending, could get way out of hand! But it sure was fun! Sun gets into its ego about opinions, and no planet out does Jupiter for opinions! And Jupiter has a Higher Source to validate it, been everywhere, so they know. Sun has merely made up its own mind. Both are generously spirited. Sun gives with all its heart and radiance. Jupiter is so lucky, and just knows there is more where that came from! These two are teachers too. Both speak with authority, and are dramatic storytellers.
  • Uranus square Jupiter – Jupiter is the faster moving planet, so brings its broad vision, warmth, easy going style, to planetary matters. Jupiter’s self righteous quality can stir the masses, to stand like Jupiter believes they can, for things they have been too frightened to stand for before. This can be frighteningly radical fanaticism to long needed change that has taken hundreds of years to come by. Jupiter makes a serious connection like this to Uranus every 3+ years, but not like this one, while Uranus and another outer planet are lined up as well. This is a time of PLANETARY INITIATION.

The only other immediately upcoming aspect in the New Moon chart is Mercury trining Saturn. Mercury carries the Word of the TimeLord Saturn. Saturn makes commitment, Soul agreement to the mission. Certain promises will be kept. Things that no longer serve will drop from priority as more important and timely needs become apparent. Loyalty prevails, all have a part.

All of this is in preparation for the April Cardinal Grand Square. The highlighted factor this time is the New Moon conjunct Uranus, the planet at the point of the three outer planet TSquare! That planet acts as seeker and sniffer, curiously extending from the two base planets, in this case the Jupiter opposition Pluto axis. It also acts as sender and emissary, transmitting the base knowledge beyond its usual grounds, pressing its imprint simply because it exists. Other times it is receiver, even against its will, yet, there it is, learning, shaken, excited, changed forevermore.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, evolution, genius, inventor. It is a quivery planet of Aquarius whose symbol is the symbol of electricity. Learning to wield this force, as giver and receiver, is a major tool in the modern citizen’s toolbox. Learning how to radically and instantly change directions keeps us out of the bullet’s path and into magical places and forces. We find other amazing Beings on unpredictable Paths, seemingly unguided, yet that electricity symbol also goes straight ahead! Uranus was also the god Ouranos, the god of the Heavens, the Stars, ALL the Suns! Even on a moonless night there is starlight. It’s not ever truly dark even when there be clouds….

Aries 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart

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April 15 at 0:42 AM Pacific – 25 Libra 16
That’s April 14th in Hawaii

YES! Our first eclipse of 2014’s four, is fully visible from almost all of North America!

Just six days before the Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23, this is the immediately preceding Lunar event. The Lunar Eclipse stands planetarily alone in this chart at 25 degrees, but it is within 3 degrees of the north/south node axis, 2 degrees of fixed star Spica, and one off from the Galactic Center at 26 degrees. It is independent of the Grand Square taking place at 13 degrees though the Grand Square is potently part of this chart.

These are the Nodes of the Moon, more intense, more pure perhaps, that they along the Eclipse axis. Sun is holding the fort at the South Node, Dragon’s Tail, considered a place of the Past, unfinished business when a planet is in the same sign. The Sun is the full strength Light of our sky, most able to withstand a relapse, a fall back. The Warrior has already proven himself. No longer needing to do battle, he is the King. Full Moons are always a requestioning our masculine/feminine balance as they go through each sign. Moon herself is at the North Node, Dragon’s Head. She is considered to rule our Past, past lives, maternal ancestors. She has skills that require no thought whatsoever. Many consider the North Node to be a place where we have some fear as we venture into uncharted territory. Who better than Moon, the Great Mother, to hold our hand as we meet the new levels, people of unknown ways and powers? She is intuitive, comforting, considerate of all, guide and guardian.

April 14, the day before our eclipse, Mercury goes through the outer planet Grand Square points! He squares Jupiter 11:32 AM Pacific, conjuncts the T point Uranus 4:15 PM, squares Pluto 9:12 PM. Be open to a wider range of information; allow a break down of communications so everyone can get away to think. Don’t expect a clean decision. Let time find its own way. This may be light bulb time, pure genius! The ideas, answers so radical they are hard to accept, or you have been waiting all your life for this! Some things you may need to guard, to copyright, patent. Others are simply too private. People might literally think you are crazy, don’t even comprehend. Have good sense about who you tell what; keep the cloaking device handy. Probably not the best time to make financial or partnership contracts, wills. Things are not as they seem, and they won’t be for awhile. There could be extreme points of view that may open your eyes. You had no idea.

It’s a dry run. If dispassionate logical curious Mercury can navigate it, investigates the nooks and crannies, we can get a more intimate feel for it, be a tad more prepared. We can get a dialogue going with ourself and others. We can negotiate more of what we need in advance, help put more puzzle pieces in place for a quicker fit as we progress the next nine days.

Mars is still Retrograde in Libra! You can see in the chart it is already making the Cardinal Grand Square. At 16 degrees it is only 3 degrees from 13, the degree of the exact Grand Square. As Mercury brings things to mind, considers pros and cons, Mars is willing to take action! It might be with a placard at the protest, advocating for education or rights. There may be a restlessness, wanting to free range and never return. Oh, wait, but there are some good friends and certain commitments that are good to do, maybe some kids that love us. Take a midnight walk or ride or two and talk with your ancestors. Be cautious about taking unnecessary risks just to prove a point that is already true. Check in with your accountant if you feel a lie or a cheat coming on, face it now. Ask your questions, get the proof. If your lover isn’t happy, what’s up? Share the responsibility. Yes, there are hurt frightened broken people stumbling around out there unable to do the right thing. You don’t have to be their victim. Protect yourself, forgive as you can – yourself and them. Don’t expect one talk to be it. It’s going to take some time and many talks. Go easy. People are usually more tender than they appear. Especially the tough looking ones. They think they have a lot to protect. Maybe they do.

Fixed Star Spica, the brightest star in constellation Virgo, considered the most benefic of all the fixed stars, is 2 degrees west of the Eclipsed Moon, at 23 Libra! Spica will be blue while the Moon is crimson. Per Astrotheme: ‘Spica, the Ear of the Wheat [Virgin’s Spike], gives a taste for the countryside, or for arts related to products of the earth. It endows with sculpture talents, as well as an inclination for agriculture and cooking. It brings success, riches, love for the arts and science, erudition, and precision.’ Kenneth Johnson says ‘Hindu tradition asserts that natives of Spica are elegant, charming, charismatic, sensual, seductive, creative, clever, and excellent conversationalists, though with a tendency to be self-centered or shallow.’ In horary astrology, old traditional astrology, ‘Spica is traditionally considered as an oasis of good fortune in the otherwise parched path (Via Combusta) from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio.’ From July 25th, 2012 until January 2014, Spica was in a series of 21 occultations [eclipses] by our Moon. Fully Spica infused, our Moon is traveling on, though still in the glow.

Libra is a masculine air sign ruled by feminine Venus. Spica is associated with Virgo the Virgin, feminine. The Moon is feminine. Mars is the masculine principle, these days Venus’s champion in Libra. Mars started in Libra Dec 7, 2013, continues through July 25, 2014, seven plus months, an unusually long time due to its retrograde. We are in a blending time, asserting the masculine more gracefully, lovingly, standing up for the feminine. Spica adds good fortune. Ballet. Divine dance. Blessed be!

The GALACTIC CENTER is at 26 Sagittarius. The Full Moon Sun is trine the GC. The Libra Moon sextiles it. The Galactic Center is considered a Galaxy Gateway, a point of exchange and huge infusion! Aries is undaunted! This is the volume they live for! And, Exchange is the word, because Mars, Aries’ planet in Libra, is ready to spring to connect, negotiate smoothly, move the goods and people along as they arrive on the Starships! Integration goes well. Sagittarius sees through the wormhole and slithers past the problems to a satisfying outcome.

Aries 2014 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Chart

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Pisces Moon Music

NEW MOON Feb 28, 11:59 PM Pacific at 10 Pisces 39!
March 1 for Mountain, Central and Eastern zones

See  FULL Moon

Mercury shall have just barely gone Direct (out of Retrograde) at 6 AM Pacific. The New Moon is at the mid of Mercury’s Station, Mercury appearing not to be moving at all. Be prepared for a holding pattern that starts 3 days before the New Moon until 3 days after. Take it in. Concentrate, focus, absorb, understand. As Mercury turns, lean forward, act on your insights. Mercury in Aquarius assesses the quality of your connection, who you are connected with, whether the connection serves your community as well as celebrating you! It wants a lively exchange, a willingness to try cutting edge possibilities, and to think for oneself. Right alliances make a difference. Wild and crazy is entertaining, but also consciously seek the ones with mojo and ability to get results!

This New Moon has a huge water emphasis. Sun, Moon, Chiron, Neptune in Pisces, Neptune in its own sign. Jupiter in Cancer. Water is known for emotions, sometimes rampaging, other times calm as a glassy lake on a windless day. Calm is an emotion too. Water is ever observant,  often silently, with deep insight. Because they see the nuances afoot, they are good at reading cycles and outcomes, turns of directions, instantly.

The Moon conjuncts Neptune, the planet of Pisces 3:17 PM Pacific. Artist or mediator, surfer or savior, take some time out for contemplation of your intent, your place among us. Retune to your Source. This is a once-a-month aspect, but this time happens to precede the New Moon, so it’s a refinement preparing you for the New Moon’s finishing her cycle, beginning anew refreshed. You may find yourself entering a spiritual practice, or taking time out to rest, for a walk on the beach, a swim. Tune up your studio, get out the art and beauty supplies, turn on the sound, make a film!

Good Fortune! Preceding our New Moon, during the day of, first Sun then Moon make the trine with Jupiter! Sun at 8:05 PM, Moon at 11:44 PM, just 15 minutes before our New Moon! Sun and Moon are referred to as the Lights. Jupiter amplifies, turns up the optimism, and is considered Lucky, and trines are considered to be blessings in action! Sun in Pisces with Jupiter in Cancer, reads like a fairy tale. Pisces is dreamer, maker of music, mediates with the possibilities of your very Soul. The Sun in Pisces lights places that have lain dormant, shy of discordancy, yet stirred in spite of itself, enchanted by Circe’s call. Armed with holy herbs, rescue yourself, enjoy what’s naturally yours.

Jupiter in Cancer makes the journey home worthwhile. There are tales to tell, volumes of learning to be cherished that are magnificent in perspective to the Past. Illustrate, photograph, write, publish that book! Mothers may be exalted, children protected. Schisms may become mergers as the option for forgiveness is possible.

Moon in Pisces Pisces is one in of the most sensitive signs the Moon can be in. Every nuance is recorded. What seems like low volume to others, may be high volume to them. What is missed by others is 100% apparent to them. They can be guardians, Watchers of the Keep, noting shadows within shadows. Listen to them. Fine tuning is their forte. They can predict from the slightest twitch in the Universe. They can be the kindest, compassionate beyond words, unless you commit a mortal sin. Then they can become a tidal wave of reform for the underdog who can’t speak for themselves. Repent. Sincerely. Make amends. They do believe in mercy, and can be nurturing when you need it most.

Uranus in Aries is the 4th planet strongly involved, semi sextile the New Moon in exact degree! Though a semi sextile is considered a minor aspect, I have seen them be powerful involving health and wealth. Jupiter squared Uranus exactly Feb 25, 3 days before our New Moon, and is in a continuous close square until April 20. What’s in this New Moon will ride with it. Challenges in friendships and family, abrupt changes involving lots of people, weather.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron Feb 26 to Mar 3. Chiron sextiled Pluto in Capricorn exactly also on Feb 25, for the 5th and last time. At this time it’s personal. Put your heart into your healing. Work your life in a good way. Pay attention to those Pisces intuitions. Admit false premises and get beyond them. Be guided by heroes and heroines!

This Moon has so many important aspects preceding it, and within hours, on March 1 Mars retrogrades at 8:24 AM Pacific! Mars, as is Mercury, is in Station – virtually standing still from our point of view on Earth. With both Mercury and Mars in stations, there may be a lot of inner action rather than striding forward, and New Moons are naturally more quiet dark nights. Don’t be afraid to hold your horses if you aren’t quite sure of your direction yet. Mars is in Libra square Libra’s ruler Venus, now in Capricorn. Assess the Balance. Consider the consequences of forcing through versus reasonable responsibility, respect for the time it really takes. As well as lobbying for what you want, in behalf of others perhaps, give them also a chance to come to you. Bide your time. Build your strengths. Keep house. Be poised. Open some doors, graciously extend some invitations.

Pisces 2014 NEW MOON Astrology Chart

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FULL MOON March 16 at 10:08 AM Pacific – 26 Virgo 02 

Mars is now Retrograde in Libra going all the way back to the 9th degree! It will have an extended and powerful 13 day engagement in the Cardinal Grand Square culminating April 20/21, continuing through 22/23. See the red triangle? Mars will fill the 4th point. April 22, Mars will make the square to Jupiter, with ALL the 4 planets at the corners of the Grand Square at 13 degrees. The 13th degree can be potent, considered a ‘critical’ degree by many astrologers. It represents gateways, not necessarily bad luck at all. Sometimes things come to a head, there is a crisis, a significant change. In this case, being in a challenging configuration, it would be hard to separate the cause, the critical degree or the troublemaker Grand Square. Cardinal signs are noted for taking action, so one way or another, don’t expect to be placidly standing around if your chart has factors close to or at the 13th degree. What you bring to this Full Moon will be part of your contribution to April events.

Mars is significant in this Full Moon because it is at the same degree as the Full Moon, 26, and 26 is the degree of the Galactic Center! Mars is semi-sextile Mama Moon in Virgo, trying to politely push her along to get things done, free some of her time to socialize with new people, find new solutions, unclutter the pathways. Mars is inconjunct askew from Father Sun in Pisces. Pisces can shrink back from abrupt action, yet understands Mars may be well intended. Perhaps it is just the inspiration and encouragement needed when in the right dose. Pisces is a believer, and Mars is a champion! For the same cause, they can change the world!

The GALACTIC CENTER is at 26 Sagittarius, at potent cross axis with the Full Moon. In mutable signs, they consider possibilities, are genius at adapting to circumstance. Modifications save the day. The Galactic Center is considered a Galaxy Gateway, a point of exchange and huge infusion! Keep an open mind. They will say it can’t be done, but mutables are made for surprises! Virgo gathers the pieces, will refine the details that make the difference. Sagittarius sees through the wormhole and slithers past the problems to a satisfying outcome. Lucky, that. Pisces never doubts; they always knew. And that Mars in Libra hanging about brings good people to the mix. They have just the right challenging questions that make it not only successfully life changing, but so lovely you are thankful too! Pure magic! Since Mercury trined Mars the 14th (Friday), you may have already spoken with a potential partner, probably on the 12th.

Venus in Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries though in different degrees, are in a concurrent set offering intriguingly remarkable options. Might seem odd at first, but tweak them a bit and see what shakes! They won’t be GrandMa’s solutions! You will have to prove their feasibility to Virgo, and favor the budget. Pisces sees through glitter, so the intention must be pure, for the good of all. Jupiter in Cancer enjoys shaping the dough, playing with cycles of shape-shifting. Move things around, there may be a good fit, brighter days.

Pisces 2014 FULL MOON Astrology Chart

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Aquarius Full Moon - Canadian Geese at Christchurch New Zealand
From Christchurch New Zealand, this artist captures lovely magical images!

January has TWO New Moons, the first was in Capricorn on NEW YEAR’s Day, JAN 1! The second is Jan 30
at 10 Aquarius 55, the day before Chinese New Year’s Day! So both January New Moons fall at a New Year! The second is also the day before Venus turns direct, and Jupiter makes its 2nd opposition Pluto!

Both Aquarius Moons are during a retrograde. Venus is potently poised in station retrograde/direct during the New Moon; Mercury is retrograde with the Full Moon!

February’s FULL Moon will be on Valentine’s Day!

NEW MOON Jan 30, 1:38 PM Pacific at 10 AQ 55

January’s second New Moon is intricately tied to two major outer planet backdrop patterns – Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Cardinal TSquare and the Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto Wedge Pattern. The common factor between them is the JUPITER OPPOSITE PLUTO, the most important because it is exact the second time the day after the New Moon, Jan 31 at 1:36 AM Pacific! That time of day means, in the Americas, the most daytime potency is actually the day of our New Moon!

The New Moon is tucked in at the Midpoint between the Venus Rx and Pluto conjunction and Chiron sextile! New Moons are lightless, but not without presence in their union! They are gentle in this connection but both powerful ‘beings!’ Father/Mother, male/female, expressive/receptive. In Aquarius there is a need for detachment yet a gathering of Souls. Freedom, letting go of what you can’t own, and a need for communing, acknowledgment. They speak to the hardworking Capricorn Venus/Pluto lovers and money makers. There is need for co-contribution in healing, building. If one counsels, the other must admit their part and work on that. No blame, no shame, only learning, commitment to dedicated practice of new ways, shedding the skins, layers, of the old. The New Moon speaks to Chiron in Pisces. The business of the Soul is also being co-created. Like a teabag in the cup, we have immersion, sometimes it feels like we can’t get out. But being wholly IN, our fine flavor is released, merged with our surroundings, we get it. There are hurts and fears. Some are broken not fixable. Others may be soothed and we grow through them like when the farmers threw dirt on the donkey in the well to bury him, he just kept stepping up until he trotted away! Pisces mixed with Capricorn knows some things take longer, even years, and we know the wait is worth it. Aquarius by nature throws in a bit of snap! It makes us know we are still very much alive and kicking! Wanting freedom, it gets to it! Plus, this New Moon is sextile Uranus, the ruler of its own sign, Aquarius!

The New Moon is inconjunct Jupiter a runaway planet in stay-at-home sign Cancer! Diversions can be healthy, a temporary break, a relief from pressure! It can be a foray to encounter broader perceptions, a greater range of opportunities and possibilities! Sometimes we don’t know how good we have it until we get off track. But whatever we do with this, we are fractionally or marginally changed, which ultimately changes the whole picture in time. And it works both ways. External unplanned events impinge on us. Jupiter is information of a larger nature, educational, from another locale. In Cancer it often involves women, cycles, our emotions. Since a New Moon is concluding one cycle, founding the one to come, the information may be just what we need to faithfully step into our new realm.

Venus still retrograde conjunct Pluto – almost! Since Venus is already beyond Pluto’s degree and will turn direct, forward, the next day, 12:49 PM Pacific, Jan 31, it’s a blush, a hover, not quite a kiss. Lover’s not keepers? In Capricorn there is a demand for decency though Venus with Pluto can temporarily bless the illicit alliance. Venus retrograde, and about to turn direct, with the direction change, means things don’t stabilize. Sad to say, what was exciting and provocative becomes tired or tarnished, perhaps a bygone. Or, it simply just isn’t the same anymore. In relationships promises aren’t made or can’t be kept, at least not as originally hoped for. Same in business. This aspect requires tending, staying with it as it goes through the stages, reversions and revelations. It can make you tired, but the best chance of survival is acknowledging, taking care of the deepest matters, loving and respecting your way through. Venus recognizes core material that is well worth the effort for long term results, or knows realistically when it isn’t happening and it’s time to turn its back. Let old patterns crumble, do reasonable grieving, get a grip, lift your head, square your shoulders and move into the fields of even greater delight! You deserve good love, and good finances. Remember, leaving a situation is often a wise choice. You are a good person learning how to make good choices, and wise people change as theirs and others’ astrology changes. Caution about burning bridges – retrogrades are not the time to make ‘decisions,’ in this case about love, art, what you want, and money! Wait for a week or two after Venus goes Direct on Jan 31. If you still feel the same way then, enact your decision, though I have to warn you, Mercury retrogrades (more mind changes) Feb 6 to Feb 28…. Good luck and good love to you.

SIGN CHANGE and RETROGRADE  Mercury goes into Pisces at 6:29 AM Jan 31, but Mercury is at 29 Aquarius during our Full Moon! When a planet is at the last degree of a sign, people often feel they are at the end of their rope! It’s done, it’s gotta be done. There is a culmination, satisfaction of a foundation well-built if we are successful. We are both excited and fearful moving over a cusp, on to a new level, new ground, new situations! We may blunder around a bit at first, but that goes with the territory! In this case we are finishing Aquarius – builder of networks, lover of friends. We arranged certain freedoms, got our computers and electronics up to par! Songwriter, banker, genius, wizard, hang glider, Batman! Live up to your wild Self! That’s so when Mercury goes into Pisces, the next sign, you can dream up the Magic! Logic and intuition! Super sensitive Pisces senses the not-quite-rights and refines our choices. It loosens our grip, sees the problems of any kind of addictions, opens gateways to possibilities we had never thought of, maybe a whole new life!

Because Mercury retrogrades Feb 6, and returns into Aquarius Feb 12, the venture into Pisces is a preview of dreams that can come to be. Back in Aquarius, Mercury sees what needs adjusting so when it returns to Pisces, the Aquarius foundation is the best possible. Networks and support need to be strong to achieve the Pisces visions and dedication.

Aquarius 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart

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FULL MOON Feb 14 3:53 PM Pacific at 26 LE 13 

We have a LEO LOVER’S MOON on Valentine’s Day! Venus now moving forward, no longer retrograde, allows certain relationship and financial matters that started back in November to be completed through March 4. You can be moving forward with some decisions on beauty selections, renovations, real estate, diets.

But do remember, Mercury is now Retrograde! In the time since our New Moon, Mercury took a peek in Pisces from Jan 30 to Feb 12. At our Full Moon it is at 28 Aquarius on its way back to 18 AQ. There will be mind changes for people whose charts that affects! All is in progress, but know that things will take more time as revisions and improvements are made. Friends will come and go. Professional, financial, and personal community affiliations will be adjusted to be more close to your true intentions. Though perhaps tiresome, you will be happy in the long run for the changes you make. Think more worldly, in terms of greater effect. Allow a certain radical insight to take root in your consciousness. Give it a safe spot so it can grow cleanly; baby it a bit so it can become strong enough to stand in peace and kindness. Find supportive connections, an environment where it is well received!

The outer planet Cardinal TSquare and Wedge are still afoot. They are not at all tied to the Full Moon at 26 degrees, but they are operating strongly concurrently.

Our Valentine’s Full Moon is spiced by Mars at 26 Libra! They too are in a Wedge Pattern, the Sun trining Mars, and Moon sextile Mars, two favorable aspects in traditional astrology! The pattern is extremely close, only 3 minutes of space apart! Mars with Sun, both in Air Signs, want to partner and group up! Mars, in Libra longer than usual due to its retrograde this year, initiates new associations, new ways of partnering! It refreshes your independence within relationships, and lets some go, passes other by, with little hesitation! New blood, new fuel, inspired! You get good with yourself, entering groups with power of your own. If they don’t treat you right, you are on your way, next! Your body does the talking, no standing still!  Dramatic romantic Moon in Leo with Mars brings a big heart and cheers you on in the Full Spirit of the Light! Dancing in the Dark takes on new meaning! Just by moving, your body begs you to see how unique you are, wondrous. You may have forgotten how good that feels! Wild and unusual sex might be in order! Set up your new studio – skylights, creative space! Speak publicly, share the Word. Run like the wind, pass the baton!

The GALACTIC CENTER is at 26 Sagittarius, the midpoint between the Sun Mars trine, and is trine the Moon! Again, all favorable aspects! The Galactic Center is considered a Galaxy Gateway, a point of exchange and huge infusion! Sagittarius is the sign of what is considered to be the most lucky planet, Jupiter! Jupiter is the traveler both on the ground and of the learning mind! This Sun and Mars are frisky together, willing to do different, and they get away with it! It may be heavenly, uncanny, somewhat ahead of its time, but amazingly doable! Keep account of the ideas you have because they may become astonishing solutions! Mother Moon in Leo of generosity, will see these ideas are tenderly nurtured to full flight! Her radiant Light will show the World what can be done! Love it uP!

Aquarius 2014 Full Moon Astrology Chart

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Feb 5 to Mar 21 is the 44 DAY Magical PISCES STELLIUM!

We are building up to 6/7 Planets in Pisces! This is the only time in 2013 we have that many planets in one sign! Star Light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…..

Feb 5 Mercury enters Pisces starting with 4 planets in Pisces (that’s including Chiron) Mull it over….
Feb 18 the Sun enters Pisces – now 5 – Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Mars. The Lights are ON!
Mercury Retrogrades Feb 23, so it doesn’t leave the Stellium.
Feb 25 Venus enters Pisces 6:05 PM Pacific making 6 planets in Pisces! Venus in Pisces is considered a Soul Mate placement. Blessings.
Mar 10/11 The Moon joins the Pisces 6 Planet Stellium, making it an impressive 7! The Moon in Pisces can be hugely emotional, confused, may be precisely tuned like nothing you ever saw before.
Mar 11 NEW MOON 21 Pisces 24 at 12:51 PM Pacific It is in the last sign of the zodiac, the last Moon of the zodiacal year, it promises special new beginnings!
• The 12th, Mars and Moon both leave, Mars entering its own sign Aries, bringing it back to only 5 planets in Pisces! These 5 continue in Pisces until the Sun enters Aries Mar 20, leaving 4. The next day, Mar 21, Venus enters Aries, bringing it down to a mere 3 planets in Pisces. Done.

Here is the New Moon Stellium chart at Santa Barbara CA!

Magical PISCES STELLIUM Astrology Chart, New Moon Santa Barbara CA, Mar 11, 2013!

Mercury is RETROGRADE in an applying (active) 1 MINUTE semisextile with Uranus in Aries!
There will be changes within changes. Pisces and Uranus both are unstable, shifting factors, curious and creative! Pisces, a water sign, shape shifts to fit the spot, rules the oceans and their tides. As things change, so does Pisces, seeming to see psychically as they go, ever instantly responding to environment. Always important to be with good people in places of Light and cheer. Uranus, so intelligent, easily bored, is seeking change for all beings, is concerned for their needs. Whether with friends or an international project, they are constantly getting input, restructuring to proceed for the highest good for all as possible. Aries is a rights fighter, champion for the underdog! Change, evolution, it is. Mercury squares Jupiter in Gemini which has trillions of ideas, all of them brilliant, of course! Lots of offerings here. Get educated, explore your options, wait ’til Mercury goes a few days past going Direct on Mar 17, then see what shakes! If you still want it, go for it!

Jupiter is Yod, forming a ‘V’ formation, with Saturn and Pluto. (Purple dashed lines) Jupiter holds a key position in this chart, and was the old ruler of Pisces, so is associated with the Stellium too! Jupiter in Gemini can be like a comet streaking with bazillions of particles streaming behind! Pluto and Saturn, in each other’s signs, Capricorn and Scorpio, agree there needs to be a focus and timely plan rather than a runaway flinging bits with abandon! Yet peripheral seeds take hold, diversity adds surprisingly fortunate contributions. It’s just a matter of observation, inviting new brethren to the table, rejoicing in creating a new synchronicity, abundantly festing on the new order! Ignore no one, leave no one behind!

For, my students, and those of you a little more deeply into Astrology, note the Magi symmetrical pattern, Mighty Green Fortress, formed off the Jupiter inconjunct Pluto! Jupiter squares Neptune, Mercury and Chiron/sextiles Uranus. Pluto is in its ongoing square with Uranus/sextiles Mercury and Chiron. Mercury and Uranus tightly semisextile each other linking all the points from the inconjunct.

Children born with this Stellium will be true Piscean specialists! Offer them beauty, exquisite sounds, allow magical playmates, sail the sea in the pea green boat, share mysteries of the Universe! Work with images, explore beliefs, soak in spas – at least the back yard wading pool! They may be more gentle and sensitive than the average, be the canary in the mine, can take on the nature of their surroundings. Keep the place clean, well-lighted, keep company with healthy people. Tell your Pisces how they are wonderful, don’t let them drift away….protect them, give them quiet time but not for too long, don’t let them isolate; let them know you have confidence in them. Trust their judgment of people. They probably know more than you do.

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