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Happy Holidays and a Powerful 2020 to You!

Jupiter 79 Moons Aquarius 2020

There are 79 known moons of Jupiter! The most massive of the moons are the four Galilean moons.  

Here is your link to the 2020 Annual Special Edition Newsletter!

The Content’s titles are astrological sounding, but they are written for non astrologers and astrologers alike! They have dates info you need to know, and explanations on what they are about and how you can use them well! See the entire Newsletter, and once you get there, read it all – it may take more than one sitting- or select what catches your eye by the links in the Contents list! Or you might select per the dates that are at times you expect important events in your life or you are making plans for!

Plan ahead for your important life events; select good dates for your plans! Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar so you will have plenty of time to prepare! The Special Edition is generally about more long term aspects. AstroLogical factors activate each person’s chart differently, so see your astrologer for your personal exact dates and time of day, and for fine tuning with the faster moving inner planets, inner planet retrogrades, and the Moon! Be it surgery, trip timing, important meetings, special events or marriage, select dates for the most marvelous results!

Be sure to save the Special Edition in your AstroLogical folder! Copy, backup, and refer to it as the year unfolds.

Stand true and steady, plan well! 2020 has some powerful aspects, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct mighty Pluto, the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Winter Solstice, and more plus the Presidential Election! See about unique planetary configurations, stelliums, retrogrades, eclipses, sign changes, event charts, the Chinese year and some astronomy dates!

Wishing you a Magical New Year!


♦♦ So very sorry to announce that
 Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer calendar is no longer in production. This year I am switching to Llewellyn’s 2020 Daily Planetary Guide. In Santa Barbara I support my local Santa Barbara area metaphysical store, Paradise Found! Please support your local store or buy direct from Llewellyn. There are wall and appt calendars available. Happy 2020!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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Uranus Rings Rolls on Side Color Filters 2019

Uranus rolls on its rings and, like Venus, turns retrograde! This 2019 image uses color filters.

For you Astrology Lovers, this Uranian sequence is irresistible to write about! Uranus is THE planet of astrology, rules electronics of all kinds, networking, humanity, evolution, genius and insanity, sudden changes. But this time, with trines, things will come a bit easier. Organize for positive change! Take advantage of this time, and have fun!

August 26 to September 1, a seven day sequence of trines are formed to Uranus in Taurus by all five of the inner planets in Virgo! See more about Uranus in Taurus!

♦   26 at 8:37 AM Pacific Venus trine Uranus  Love of Stars, computers, the Future of the world(s), sweetest friends, making money, blessed change, evolutionary Grace. Great new associates! Get an astrology reading!

♦   28 at 3:51 AM Pacific Mars trine Uranus  Greased lightning! Starting something REALLY New! Innovative group leader takes the risk! New friend, new love!

♦   29 at 8:13 PM Pacific Sun trine Uranus  The Lights are ON! Sun is Solar; Uranus is Lightning! Now I see… Humanity is tingling, personal awakening is happening! Most unusual, personally intriguing, intriguing person. Get an astrology reading!

♦   30 Moon trine Uranus, 3:09 AM Pacific, only 28 minutes before the New SuperMoon! Strange, but I like it. Online buy newfangled kitchen electronics. A rare recipe; cooking class. Family, culture is changing. An odd investment works. A friend comes home.

Moon conjunctions the 30th!
Moon to Sun – Virgo New SuperMoon 3:37 AM Pacific!  Feeling the Light of your Well Being
Moon to Mars – Feeling your passion, itching to get moving!
Moon to Venus – Feeling your Beauty, making your home sweet and pretty! Uh, self indulgence…nutritious breakfast treats!

The August 30 New SuperMoon, the closest of our three SuperMoons in a row, will have all five inner planets in Virgo, a five planet last of summer, back to school, stellium! The Stellium starts late afternoon the 29th Pacific time. Soon as Moon leaves Virgo, the 31st at 4:08 PM Pacific, to enter Libra, it becomes a four planet stellium! That will hold until Mercury and Venus enter Libra early the 14th, then, poof, it’s over! That’s a lot of Virgo for 16 days! At the SuperMoon it will be a tight line up at 2, 6, 6, 7 and 11 degrees!

♦   Sep 1 at 7:10 AM Pacific Mercury trine Uranus  Genius communications! Electric attention! Hearing in a totally new way. Laying on of hands. Enlightenment! Talk with your bestie! Get an astrology reading!

Somewhere along the line you might opt to buy some significant new electronics, an electric car, an airplane or join a community or professional association, an international organization, or an advocacy group. Support an invention or research project.

PLAN AHEAD! See your astrologer to see if the timing is right for you or not. If it is, choose your special date and time that day to take action!

If you decide to make a purchase, get a good return/refund receipt – Jupiter is squaring Neptune again!


August 30 FIVE Planet Virgo Stellium New SuperMoon Astrology Chart!

Virgo 2019 New SuperMoon Stellium Astrology Chart!

Any of these outer planet factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….    

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See the 2019 UPDATED Special Edition Newsletter for making next year’s plans! Make your changes count.

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