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Happy New Year! Woman Rose Card Mailbox South Africa

Live gloriously, do it your way, no matter where you are – she’s in South Africa! May there be plenty of sweet surprises!

Here is your link to the 2018 Special Annual Edition!

The Contents titles are astrological sounding, but they are written up for non astrologers and astrologers alike! They have dates info you need to know, explanations on what they are about and how you can use them well! See the entire Newsletter, and once you get there, read it all – it may take more than one sitting- or select what catches your eye by the links in the Contents list! Or you might select per the dates that are at times you expect important events in your life!

Plan ahead for those important life events; select good dates for your plans! Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar so you will have plenty of time to prepare! These are generally more long term aspects. Faster moving inner planets, inner planet retrogrades, and the Moon definitely refine your date choices.

Remember, these factors activate each person’s chart differently. See your astrologer to work out your personal details and precise dates. Select the very best dates be it surgery, trip timing, important special events, marriage! Plan for the most marvelous results!

Be sure to save the Special Edition in your AstroLogical folder! Copy, backup, and refer to it as the year unfolds. Here are the 2018 Contents:

Chinese Year of the Brown Earth DOG!
Astronomical Treats of 2018!

Planetary Backdrop – FIVE Sign Changes!  Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter!
   Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!
Jupiter Sextile Pluto Investing!!
Jupiter TRINE Neptune, Dreams Come True!
Pluto Conjuncts the Golden Ecliptic, is at its South Node!!!
Jupiter Trine Chiron Only Once
Jupiter inconjunct Uranus in Aries – Let it Go
Chiron semi-sextile Uranus since Nov 2008! 13 years!

FIVE Retrogrades – Mercury predominantly in Fire Signs, Venus & Mars
Stelliums – Powerful Gatherings of Planets
GrandMother Moon – Eclipses, Occultations, Void of Course, New & Full Moons!

Thank you for being your very special self ~
Wishing you a superb New Year!

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Please, always remember these planetary combinations, transits, are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you….


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Astrology Health Reading - Be well!

For Astrologers:  Special notes on looking at a friend’s or loved one’s astrology when they have an illness….

You can look at their natal chart for susceptibilities, weaknesses.  Look at their ASC, 6th House, Saturn, whatever house/planet(s) rules what the illness is, difficult major aspects, aspect patterns.

Progressed Moon and transits are what trigger the weak spots in a chart.  So do a comparison of the natal and the transits at the time of the ONSET of the problem.  Get the time as closely as you can.  Remarkably and naturally, another person who comes into our life, acting as a ‘transit,’ can trigger health episodes.  Who you keep company with is important.  Just like we can have allergies to pets, I think we have ‘allergies,’ some more severe than others, to some people.  For an illness that doesn’t go away, compare your client’s chart with live-in loved ones to see if there is activation of sensitive health points.

Remember that outer planets move very slowly, for example Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year, so their effect is long term – they are not triggers.  Often it is the combined effect of Saturn and the faster moving ‘daily’ planets, Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, that show up in ’emergency’ charts, that trigger episodes.

Sometimes illness is what it means to that person.  For example, at the extreme, death can show up involving Mercury because communications are broken, or as Jupiter because there is a funeral, or as Mars if it is angry or violent, or Venus if comfortable and at peace at home with friends/loved ones.  Sometimes you have to query the sick person to see what the illness means to them.  If you can’t query them, you need to read in reverse.  Simply read what IS THERE, that IS the answer, even if you don’t understand it yet.

Not only are you looking at what the aspects are, but since you know this person, what you can gently offer as ideas for healing the cause of the symptoms.  A weakness is something that is with us all the time, so what is that about?  The first need is for you to be the Seer, then to diagnose, and prescribe.  The client has to choose to do the healing, but it is your job to look at the chart to see how to inspire the choice to heal.

  • Venus/2nd Cusp Sign – What/who do they love, value?
  • Jupiter/9th Cusp Sign – What signs are their future indicators in?  What do they wish the world would know?
  • Mercury/3rd Cusp Sign – What do they think about?
  • Mars/1st Cusp – What does their body like to do?
  • Saturn/10th – What are their long term commitments?

Many times, a person will listen to you when they are ill, when they would never listen to you at other times.  Take advantage of the opportunity.

Clearly, your chart compared to the client’s comes into play when it’s a friend or one of your family, especially your Mercuries, how you communicate.  Do a comparison of yours and their charts.  If you have a negative judgment of them, they know it. It will be more difficult because it hurts them to be judged, especially when they don’t feel well and are more sensitive than usual.  They have to recover from your judgment, as well as their own pain.  It doubles their work, and delays the whole process.  Remember, it is that person’s karmic/spiritual Soul choice to take on the lessons they bravely came into this life to learn.  Clear your mind; BE only the healer.  See how the Mercuries interact, if at all.  If they don’t interact, see if you can find someone who has a good connection with them to act as a go between.

Look to see how you can use what Mercury connections you do have in good ways.

  • Saturn connections might like the straight facts, a small task to do. Jupiter might like a clever parable, a good card game.
  • Mercury could like a list of remedies, a good book, their laptop, a pet visit, while Neptune may need a lot of compassion and commiserating, real solitude, or favorite music.
  • Mars would like to know when they will be up and running again, get to the point – no lectures, and Venus needs a comfy bed, wants clean, fresh good looking clothes, their hair done, someone to talk with and flowers, please!
  • The Sun would like a well-lighted room, appreciation, some entertainment, while Pluto may need darkness, privacy, be enduring more pain than you realize.  Don’t overstay just because they are listening.
  • Talk baby talk with the Moon and let them cry.  Bring them favorite foods and their children to hug.  Old movies.
  • Uranus would like to hear about their friends, love it if you sneak in something forbidden.  Camaraderie counts.

Whatever sign their Mercury is in, try to think like that, as they would.  What would THEY want, and how would they like to hear about things?  Be like the salesperson – what’s in it for your client/customer?  You are ‘selling’ your ideas to THEM, not to yourself!  They aren’t you and they don’t want to be like you, they want to be and are themselves.  Healing modes per Sign

INTEGRITY  It takes strength and self discipline to do your work as an astrologer.  You are walking a fine line when you do astrology for friends and loved ones.  That’s why it’s not recommended for doctors to have their family as patients.  So remember, you have certain ‘blind’ spots when it comes to them.  In those cases, it is always good to have 2nd and 3rd opinions from other astrologers.  Yet, cosmically, who do your friends and family feel safest with when they need to hear hard facts, even if it’s your best enemy?  Who knows them better?  You see the dilemmas.  If you need to bow out, do so as soon as you can so someone else can come in and do the work.  Blessed be.

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Happy Birthdays, Beautiful Virgos!

Virgo Chandra Wilson aka Dr Miranda Bailey

Virgos are health oriented, so it is no surprise our Aug 27 heroine Chandra Wilson plays a Dr on the wildly popular Grey’s Anatomy. The part of Dr. Bailey, supervisor to the hospital interns, had been written for a petite, Caucasian blonde, but Wilson, a full-figured African-American woman, gave such an impressive audition that the show’s producers decided to give her the part!  Here she has the sweet look Virgos are known for; on Grey’s she can be the picky, bitchy character from time to time, that wants only the very best!  Actress, director, single Mom of 3 children.  With her Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio, she is a loving philanthropist – for breast cancer, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Mitochondrial Disease, college scholarships, for actors, the Red Cross, a shelter that assists the homeless and battered women.  She has so much to her credit.  God bless.

Virgo, The Puzzle Magician!

Mercury is Virgo’s planet.  It rules Gemini as well.  Both are wordsmiths.  Geminis are terrific with spoken words, sales.  Virgos are the number one sign of the written word, authors!  Both are thinkers.  Gemini thinks a mile-a-minute, connecting the dots, carrying the message from one to the next.  Virgos make sure the pieces fit, the parts becoming a meaningful whole!

We each have Virgo in one to two places in our charts as signs usually straddle house demarcations!  That place in our charts is where we are the specialist, have unique concern for well-being.  Or that part of our chart is where our health is affected, where we need to reduce stress, worry.  Get out your chart, and your loved ones’, see where Virgo falls in yours and theirs.  See if there are any planets in Virgo as well.  You can get your free chart at Astro.com even if you don’t have your birth time (just enter noon).

The Ascendant, First House:  We lead with the fine points, emphasizing how each part affects the whole.  Our health is generally more tender, but we may bully through, standing long after others have fallen, due to our diligent, proactive attention to health matters, a model for all!  ‘Intelligence’ matters.  We want to be thought of as smarter than the average cat, and are disappointed when people don’t take advantage of our well tested offerings.

Second House:  We have reliable sources of income, and know where every bit is coming from.  Well done, each part supports the other.  We tend the garden of veggies and herbs that serve so well and inexpensively.  Simplicity counts, though innate intricacy is a patient fabric, a sensible web of life.  Desires are for low maintenance, time saving devices, especially at the spa!

Third House:  Our mind is busy in every direction, but Virgo, the Director, groups the categories, decides which is worthwhile, gets to the point, collects the evidence, I mean information, and arrives at a fine conclusion!  The ultimate is how your mind works!  This Virgo place has superior connections to tap, for superlative results!

Fourth House:  Home care is on the agenda.  Raising children cleanly, healthily, with an opportunity to learn the trade of their Spirit, is top of the list!  There can be a deep thoughtfulness about women’s roles, how they feel, how that affects them and their health.  Sometimes there is emotionalism right alongside logic.  Learn how to use them together.

Fifth House:  This is a fired up Virgo!  They are passionate about the individual’s right to select what works for each of them specifically!  No two people are just alike whether it’s health or learning styles.  Creativity often is in patterns – maybe it’s building a fine stage with an exquisite lighting and computer array!  Acting your part is perfectly and delicately nuanced.  Documentaries, educational. are best entertainment!

Sixth House:  This is Virgo’s natural house, it being the 6th sign.  Plenty of thinking about thinking.  It doubles the concerns about health.  Relationships with landlords, co-workers, employees, pets, are important.  They are sensitive to Divine Order and daily routine!   Excellence of service makes a huge difference, whether they are giving or getting it.  They will help you if they humanly can.

Seventh House:  Unlike the Second House, another Venus ruled house, the resource of the 7th is our relationships with people, where in the 2nd, it is goods, our possessions.  Virgo here is quite selective, and you have to ‘prove ‘ your worth, be productive.  Pros and Cons lists are common.  Legal matters may take a lot of time.  We’re talking fine art, not crafts, or very fine crafts – quality to be famous for!

Eighth House:  The web behind the scenes is a delicious maze!  It’s Virgo’s glory to untangle, reweave, repair, upgrade!  It’s important to set some limits, or the job will never be done!  It might be money tracking, a more mysterious twist to the tale, research, finding out about someone!  The library is full, and they can read all night!  As analyst and healer they won’t give up.  They may be non-sexual or tantric masters!

Ninth House:  Here is the graph maker’s position.  Comparison of large databanks helps find the meaning of, relativity of factors!  Trends point directions so no time is lost; attention can be applied succinctly. Education will be remarkably fulfilling.  Focused knowledge will increase enjoyable longevity.  Articulate presentations will be inspiring for whatever cause you have in mind, religious or secular.  Religious studies intrigue.  Travel may be tiring, but what amazing places you will choose!

Tenth House:  This can be your choice of work/career or your role as the boss!  It may be hard to settle on a choice, or you may be so dedicated it’s hard to get you home to family!  You may suffer at the hands of a super fastidious boss, or guard yourself from being one.  Health professions, service industries, property maintenance, construction details, animal care, author, are possibilities.  Balance the time it takes to be better and best with getting the job done on time, even if you are your own boss!

Eleventh House:  Unique talents, maybe even an Astrologer!  Friends are unusual, or you are picky and friendless, maybe they wear you out.  Friends could be ones you share causes with, local or from all over the world!  You may be an internet adept, an extraordinary gardener!  You are less likely than many others to fall prey to major losses from seductive schemes because you like to try them for yourself on a small scale first.  Surprisingly you might know a lot about money industries, benefits, banking.  Things you know could change the world!

Twelfth House:  Sinner or Savior, people believe you!  Spiritually you can have your ducks in a row!  Or, you need more care than most, being the delicate creature you are.  You can be uncertain of your ‘facts,’ awash in myriads of worries, seem at the mercy of imagination, with details that don’t gel.  But you can dream or intuit your way through the time tunnels and come out relatively unscathed, miraculously saved, from yourself and others, a wise healer.  This is the musicians’ combination, an oceanic traveler who guides our Soul, a true Visionary!

Together we conquer the Vastitudes!  Hallelujah!  Praise be!

Happy Birthdays, Virgos!

Thank you to all of you for the love you give, the work you do,
your support of me, the healing you send to all. 

Virgo Book of Dreams      

May all your dreams come true!  

ancer, Summer’s Sweet Virgo - Book of DreamsVirgo - Book of Dreams

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Happy Birthdays, Beautiful Leos!

Born Aug 6, Golden haired Leo supermodel Marisa Lee Miller of Victoria Secret Angel fame, was chosen to wear the 2009 “Fantasy Bra,” a harlequin design featuring 2,300 white, champagne, and cognac diamonds, and a 16-carat heart-shaped brown-yellow diamond pendant for a $3-million value and 150 total carats.

Aug 6 Leo SuperModel Marisa Miller has Sun sextile Pluto, wealth, and 4 planets in Virgo, accounting!

And she is a business woman – has Sun sextile Pluto, wealth, and 4 planets in Virgo, accounting!  In a July 2010 interview with Forbes, Miller stated that because the fashion industry had changed, with celebrities supplanting models on magazine covers and in campaigns, supermodels have to become brands to be successful.  For that reason, she shifted focus to consumer products reflective of her personality.  Marisa loves surfing, supports the Surfrider Foundation, and rides a Harley Nightster!  She is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society; proceeds from her online store are donated to the charity.  She is also an ambassador for the USO; she visits military bases and receives frequent fan mail from American troops worldwide.  No surprise.  Congratulations to her for joining the ranks of Motherhood!  Her son, Gavin Lee Guess, was born December 14, 2012, a little Sagittarian!

LEO the Light, the Sun’s Own Sign!

There is the brilliance of Gold, the Heart of Light, Light in Dark Places.  There is the Light of knowledge, to be Enlightened!  Leo the Lion has a big job giving their Being, their Spirit, wherever and whenever they can.  Center stage is just the venue.  Though often shy, still, people call on them to perform.  They just have such a Presence, they are ‘recognized’ and called forth.  As they get steady in their expertise, they get Steady in the Light.

A healthy Leo has prowess, is athletic, unless there are other contradictory factors in their chart, or temporary troubles.  They express with style, a flair, that inspires!  As a fire sign, they are born leaders you can be proud of.  Give them the how-to leadership and coaching books as soon as they ask for them.  They are exciting teachers, often getting students and audiences fired up to immediately get into action!

They will romance you until you tingle with happiness!  They will hug you close and purr until you melt in their arms.  Bring them flowers and gifts to show your appreciation and they will melt in yours!  Check out their Marriages and Divorces by Sun Signs!  There are surprising differences from traditional theory!

Though generally robust, when ill they make terrible patients, whining, freaked out, wanting to be waited on, or wanting to get up too soon.  They suffer from hurt paws.  Familiar?!  LOL!  Thank the stars their illnesses are usually quick and gone, though intense while they have them.  Vulnerable points are the spine, their backs, their heart…and their hair is a Leo vital organ!  Good quality right food is important, and four shampoos to feed their lovely hair is minimal.

Good careers and lots of money does make them happy.  They like to be generous to friends, and want only the best, frequently are over spenders.  And they are known to gamble.  A good accountant, investor friend or advisor, can make a great difference in the success of their lives.  That person needs to be reliable, someone they can respect and will listen to, and can stand their ground when the lion roars!

Have patience when they are young and exuberant!  They will grow and bloom with praises for what they do right.  Ask them what their ideas are.  They notice cause and effect, are quite responsive and creative!  Color is their medium.

Let a sweet Leo Light your way! 

Leo Sunflower with Wings!

       •*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•
      . . . •*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*• . . .
……………………….´ •.¸.•´……………………

     Let your hearts take wing

ancer, Summer’s Sweet

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Happy Birthdays, Ariens!

Aries Celine Dion is a double Aries, Sun & Moon, plus Moon is conjunct Mars, Aries's planet!

May I present our Aries Heroine, classy lady Céline Dion!  The youngest of 14 children, she was born Mar 30, 1968, a double Aries, Sun & Moon, plus Moon is conjunct Mars, Aries’s planet!  She shares Mar 30 with artists van Gogh and Goya, celebs Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, and Warren Beatty.  Mariah Carey’s birthday is just 3 days before, Mar 27.  There are several unusual features to Celine’s chart.  She has a distinct ‘Seesaw’ formation, planets in groupings on opposite sides of her chart.  There are two tight formations – 3 Outer planets are at 26 degrees and two planets are at 29.  The Moon is one of the 29ers and is Void of Course – nothing to stop her!  Dion has actively supported many charity organizations, health and educational campaigns worldwide. She has promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, joined a number of other celebrities, athletes, and politicians to support “World Children’s Day”.  During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dion donated $1 million to the victims of the storm.  You can tell she has Leo Rising!  Leos have HAIR!

Aries – the Celestial Mechanic!

The major long term aspect that is continuing throughout 2013 is the Uranus square PlutoMay 20 and Nov 1 it will make the 3rd and 4th exact aspects, but is in close active aspect all year.  Aries’ place is to keep the square warm and kicking, be proactive, offer new solutions, push until heard.  That means hone your communication leadership skills, use your instant intuition for openings.  Even if your idea isn’t used, it may be a critical factor as a catalyst to inspire great new steps.  Aries reminds Uranus not to necessarily prize freedom over the working mechanics of the Universe.  Aries makes the engine hum, speeds up the delivery!  Pluto in Capricorn can hang on for dear life, protecting, defending, the way it’s always been.  Aries gives more options.  If they work together, at least try out some alternatives, they could incorporate potently for a markedly better future.

Relationships may be a tad unorthodox, more styles coming into acceptance.  Couples may make different arrangements with each other, specific to them, non-traditional.  They may have different understandings, accepting their needs for time apart, allowing/acknowledging cycles of on again, off again, without the fear that their relationship is over.  Others may find this crazy, unacceptable, and it will require a true clarity to know whether it is denial, not really a relationship, or true for both people.  Fidelity will need clear discussion.  If there is a lack of social skills, or inability for closeness, escapism, rebelliousness only to hurt others, rethink your motives.  I wish you true success bucking the status quo in a good way.

Psychological health may take priority.  Underpinnings are crucial; you’ve either got it or you’ve lost it!  If you’ve lost it, you aren’t really independent, but at the mercy of your issue.  See your therapist or a trusted friend, talk it through.  Once you’ve made up your mind to deal, take the sword of courage, clear the cobwebs.  It likely won’t take long.  Independence takes precedence.  Being First is really living!

Jupiter will be in Cancer June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014.  Cancer loves to have family, the Clan, in a simple traditional way, taking care of each other.  Aries may be happy to live alone, but look longingly at the family album as well.  Sometimes families are too nested, circles within circles.  Aries may cause the circles to bump into each other and a spiral activated, a catapult to the outside, above and beyond!  Just don’t forget the way back in!  Whatever new and wonderful is invited in, things will never be the same again!  It can be refreshing, exhilarating!  Trust your Aries loved ones to lead you to the next delicious step!  Never forget.  They ARE the Flame!  They carry the Spirit!

2013’s Aries finishes the Jupiter square Chiron March 26, Saturn inconjuncts Uranus the 2nd time April 12, we are in the Aries Stellium until April 19!   Please see the entire Aries Newsletter!

Happy Birthdays, Ariens!

Aries, the Circle of FIRE!

Divine Spirit of Life, Sacred Fire


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See the entire Aries 2013 Newsletter!  See the 2013 Special Edition!

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GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

March 27, FULL MOON 6 Libra 52, at 2:27 AM Pacific

This is a Moon of exceptional beauty!  Moon herself is in Libra of fine arts, subtle colors, exploring relationships of races, religion, ages, interspecies.  She mediates at markers that show the way, that follow the constellation of connections, crossing the bridges.  Sun, on the other side of the zodiac in Aries, is between Venus and Uranus! Venus is Libra’s planet, beauty, in Aries, poetry in motion quickly attracting the newcomers, blessing the possible unions.  Uranus is split second quick to see where we fit, each of us having an offering that no other can give.  From partnership, we spontaneously evolve to a group of like-minded potential, the whole greater than the sum of the parts!  Who doesn’t fit is immediately known and they are free to move on to a better connection.

Other than the Full Moon itself, the closest aspect bond is the 20 minute (of space) conjunction of Venus and Sun.  Venus is Love and Sun is Self, and Aries is our individuality.  To feel good in our hearts about ourselves and our actions makes life exuberant and exultant!  Our vitality abounds!  Self-esteem is so important, and it starts with our children and our own childhood.  Aries has to do with babies, innocence.  Take precious moments to hold your little ones.  Give them smiles and laughs of joy.  Give that Grace of a warm smile to a perfect stranger!  I’ve seen instant amazing transformations with that one simple gesture!

The other two planets most closely involved are Neptune and Mercury in Pisces.  Neptune rules Pisces, the sign before Aries.  They are SO different.  Watery Neptune/Pisces are backseat, precursors, the understanding and empathy that inspires the Aries Crusader!  Pisces knows the problem, walks in and through Spirit; Aries is the fiery Champion of Spirit, looking for Victory, willing to ram a hole through the wall to make a break from helplessness!  Neptune loves music; Aries loves marches!  When the Saints (Pisces), go marching in…., that’s their song!  Someone has to tell the story so others can follow!  That’s where Mercury come in.  Mercury pays attention, documents, thinks, writes the lyrics.  Mercury holds our hand, navigating through the rubble, walks us to a safe place.  Or they are at the info center, connecting the dots and placing people where they will do best.  A few words of sweet direction can change your life!

This Full Moon is part of the Aries Stellium!     

Aries 2013 Full Moon Astrolgy Chart - Sun Venus Conjunciton    

April 10, NEW MOON 20 Aries 41, 2:35 AM Pacific 

Our Aries New Moon, new, new beginnings, will be in the hot starter blocks of the tightly knit firey Aries Stellium!  Not only are New Moons New, but Aries is the First Sign of the Zodiac, NEW!  Five planets will be in ARIES, Moon and Sun, Uranus, Mars, Aries’ own planet, and Venus.  Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus are all within 4 degrees!  Potent!  One push of the button and you get all four!  Though standing alone, Uranus leads the Aries way singing cicada warm night songs, opening enchanted doorways to new worlds, befriending exotic accomplices!  There is a purity of action with Mars in its own sign.  Nothing is conditional, it’s a clean shot, maybe great sex!  Venus runs the Blessingway here, a ballet of divine performance.  Moon brings the fast foods, gives the blankets a quick tug in the morning, and is off to take care of the babies!  Sun brings a big heart and the Light of Courage, instant generosity, radiant vitality!

If there’s to be trouble, it will be quick.  The Moon is emotional, Aries has a short fuse.  Or, the Moon is too laid back and throws a conservative curve of no response when you thought they would be at your side.  The kids could have stood up for the point of view just at the wrong time with the wrong people.  Ok, have to soothe that mess over.  Sometimes Venus has a giant case of the I wants, and Aries wants it now!  Willing to fight for it, or push for you to run the errand, can fire up all kinds of tension.  Why, why me?!  Mars can get furious and be certain it is fighting the demons for you, the Champion and valiant Hero!  Innocence and good intentions may not help with the law.  Uranus can go totally eccentric, and right on down to lockup.  As they recommend in anger management, stay away from anticipated hot spots, triggers, limit your time with people that set you off.  As AA says, HALT – let it all go when you are hungry, angry, lonely, tired.  And some add horny to that.  Bad sex, with the wrong person, can lead to all sorts of regret for a long time.  No need to take on a dare, prove your prowess.  Sometimes it takes more strength to leave it alone.

There are no other planets in aspect with the Moon/Sun.  Jupiter, at 13 degrees, is slipping out of the 9th degree – Saturn inconjunct Uranus, and 11th degree Chiron sextile Pluto, sets.

See more about the Aries Stellium!  Stand true. Hang out where the good future is happening. Take on challenges that take you forward. Aries is the Diamond on the cutting edge! 

Aries 2013 New Moon Astrology Chart - 5 Planet Stellium!

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Happy Birthdays, Pisceans!

John Steinbeck, Feb 27, 1902, was born the same day as Elizabeth Taylor, both of them Sun and Mars in Pisces and Moons in Scorpio.

John Steinbeck, Feb 27, 1902, was born the same day as Elizabeth Taylor, both of them Sun and Mars in Pisces and Moons in Scorpio. He had a lot of planets in writing signs and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1940, and 22 years later, the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1962. Very different than the Academy Awards. Though a famous actress, people felt sorry for Taylor with her 8 marriages and many illnesses; Steinbeck felt sorry for the poor, the working man. In 1939, Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck’s courageous, passionate, most famous novel “was a phenomenon on the scale of a national event. It was publicly banned and burned by citizens, it was debated on national talk radio; but above all, it was read.” In 1998, the Modern Library ranked The Grapes of Wrath tenth on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. Live your passion, and keep the Faith!

Never to be Underestimated, ALWAYS to be Adored!!

Mama Nature may have no mercy. Tides happen, if only tsunamis could be captured. Surfing is exultant; being at sea with nothing but you and the vastitudes is the finest surrender, entire peace. You can walk out of an ashram, there are people around, but being far out at sea, it’s just you and…. For many modern folk, meditation is a good second. Solitude, a valued and needed Pisces state, gives opportunity to rest, restore equilibrium, tune back in with accuracy. Saints through the centuries have often reported more – a becoming one with the great Spirit, an ecstasy, love beyond words, a state of adoration. A Pisces with a cause simply can’t be held back. Spirit wins. There is a profound giving, every breath. Dreams guide the way. Often it is inspired by an adored loved ones needs.

Local Pisceans may be found working for a nonprofit, the Church, the yoga shop, a bar, any naval installation, the coast guard. They might own the aquarium store with specialty in salt water fish, the seafood restaurant, the winery. Hangouts might be the harbor, water sports shops. They are often passionate about footwear – from surf booties to hiking boots to elegant heels and hose! Helping institutions call to them – schools, hospitals, even prisons.

There is a fine balance to be mastered – whether to be the victim, addict, or to conquer the beast and serve with all your Soul. The battle is not always won, so please be kind. For some people to barely maintain indicates huge success. The compassion and insights of suffering often lead to macabre and grim humor, but it indicates a deep understanding, a capacity to be there. Walking on the edge of the abyss and to not be taken, recovery if you fell, show immense strength. The ones who need our love the most are often the least attractive.

Try to muster courage and adore your Pisces children. Their withdrawal, seeming over sensitivity, is not a rejection of you, but maybe you do need to modify the intensity of your approach. They often have extra sensitive hearing and being louder – voice or actions – only shuts them down. Be extra mindful of praise they need for what they are proud of, not just what they do that makes you feel pride for you. Let them have quiet time, but not isolate. Help them see what they can do. Some of them swim like little fish! Others love their camera, their computer. Help them be with others, mentors, that will encourage and celebrate their abilities including being psychic! If this was never done for you, do it for yourself! Your contributions to art, music, sheer beauty, makes our hearts sing!

Now, for your undying interest in relationships! Scorpio mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs and found statistically significant results! His studies have been reasonably criticized, so more work needs to be done. But I have found that even improperly executed research often has kernels of truth in it. So, this is for your consideration, to inspire your thoughtfulness….

Pisces men most frequently marry and are least likely to divorce Scorpio women. They are least likely to marry Virgos and Libras. As for who they are most likely to divorce, there was no statistically significant result for any sign.

Pisces women are also more likely to marry Scorpio men than those of any other sign, while avoiding Sagittarians most often. Capricorn is the sign most likely to last the distance, with a lower-than-average divorce rate. There was no statistically significant result for which sign Pisces women are most likely to divorce. See more and about Your Sign

2013’s Pisces has the continuing Jupiter square Chiron, we are in the 44 day Pisces Stellium, Mercury Retrogrades Feb 23, and Pisces is topped off with the Mars activating the Uranus square Pluto by conjuncting Uranus!  Immerse yourself in this Pisces implosion!  More awareness, deeper attention, power through INtention.  Please see the entire Pisces Newsletter!

Pisces, Magical Sign of Mysticism and Spiritual Mindfulness!

The way we evolve together makes us something more….


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