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Awesome Chocolate Vanilla Swirl! by Joits on Flickr

This Venus Retrograde has been a little bit like a double dip ice cream cone!  She was in dark chocolate Scorpio at her Retrograde point, now she will be in white vanilla Libra at her Direct point!  A little like yin and yang!  First you’re under covers, then you’re peeking out to see who’s there!

Nov 7 to Nov 29 Venus is back in Libra, her own Sign, making her Station.  Nov 15 to 22nd Venus ‘stands still’ 8 lovely days, poised at 27 degrees, holding point, at focus, steeping in a concentration of beauty.  Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows.  The Universe is helping us learn how to focus well, on what’s good, what works, what we want to create to come, hope.  This 27th degree is important because so many of our outer planets have been at the 26th degree 2009 and 2010, the degree of the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius).  Venus, in her own sign Libra, implies balance is needed, integrity to oneself and respect of others, are part of our passage to the Sun of all Suns, Center of the Heart!  

Whether the good fight is you struggling with yourself, or the power of choosing who to be in relationship with, how to right fractious parts of your relationships – personal or business, friends or lovers, be in clarity.  Waiting has valor, but be conscious in that choice, set a time to reappraise.  Clearing the air has valor.  Many a time things have worked out better than our highest expectations.  Hold that thought for all.  Admit your own mistakes, open your ears to respectfully hear, deliberately up your compassion amps.  And, yes, sadly, some things just can’t be fixed; let it go, move on in a good way.  And sometimes we mistake fixing the other(s), when it simply isn’t a fit.  They are who they are.  That organic part of a person isn’t going to change.  Accept the way it is, or make some new connections.  Each of you will be relieved, and more productive than spending your time in fruitless requesting.  Indeed, that takes practice to learn how to see how it really is.  But if  your requests don’t bring an eager and happy response, perhaps that’s a big clue….

So back to Center, then Nov 18, Venus turns Direct, slowly, moves forward again, gathering speed, to complete her entire cycle Dec 20, to take what was learned, to spread like ripples from the pebble in the pond.  What were queries become knowledge.   Dec 20, take stock of what you have achieved, give yourself a little gold star, take your new Self into more equitable, loving and powerful places!

If you care to review Venus Retrograde, please click here!

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!  Beauty be.

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Libra, Isis, Angel on Earth

Beautiful image from Moer Foundation

Symbols say so much. Whether Quan Yin or Isis, some say they are Angels on Earth. Look at Isis, goddess of Light, marital harmony, and magic, for our Libra symbol. Wings outstretched, she welcomes all, has compassion for all, equality and balance. The Sun above her head is the Sun symbolized at its set, the rise in the top line of the Libra symbol. The two lines represent ‘As above, so below.’ The partnering of the lower and upper worlds. So we have balance in all directions, side to side among us, below and above, spirit and mind with matter.

Or you can think of the Libra symbol as the scales.  The lower line is the earth the scales are standing on, grounded on this plane, connected in a good way to Mother Earth.  The scales themselves, with the ‘rise’ of the center post, the upper line, with the pans at either side. 

Or you can think of the upper line as representing a person holding the scales.  Their head, the higher consciousness that weighs what we think, is the rise point on the upper line, our arms outstretched holding the pans of life on either side. 

Since Libra, the Fall Equinox, signifies coming into the darker time of our year, resources deep within us, many times the Libra symbol is made with a dark background. Some make the symbol orange or gold to signify the sunset glow, fall, harvest, pumpkins, Halloween – the link between the living and our ancestors! 

Look at the symbols of all the signs to learn more of their beauty. 

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