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Grand Square Brussels' Grand Place Flower Carpet

Let your Grand Square grow as vibrantly as the flower carpet that graces the central square of Brussels’ Grand Place!

March 20 update note – I consider this set to be so important. The Cardinal Grand Square signs, Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn, are the signs of the quarters of the year, each inaugurating new seasons. Aries is the first of all the signs, the sign of Initiation, leadership. Mars, it’s planet, fills the fourth point, actually making the Grand Square! Uranus, the planet of awakening and r/evolution, humanity, is in ARIES,  Mars is Aries’ RULER!!! I see this time as a PLANETARY INITIATION, especially since one of the aspects, Uranus square Pluto, transformation, is in an unprecedented 7 times sequence that started in 2010, and, we have THREE outer planets, of 12, 84, and 248 year cycles, lined up at the SAME DEGREE  on the same day! 

This current potent set started back in January….

Allowing a 5 degree range, Jupiter retrograded in Cancer opened the year starting a Wedge pattern (opposition base with a trine/sextile third point planet) Jan 6, and activated the Uranus square Pluto for an extended time! It was opposite Pluto at 12 degrees Jan 31, trine Chiron at 11 degrees Feb 5. Chiron held the energy as it sextiled Pluto at 13 degrees, the 5th of five times, Feb 25.  That same day, Jupiter having been slowly retrograding, for the 2nd time, and intensely in a same degree station, squared Uranus at 10 degrees, turned direct only 5 days later, makes the 3rd, last of 3 squares to Uranus April 20 at 13 degrees! It opposes Pluto at 3:58 PM Pacific! It is making a 5 minute, not degrees (60 minutes in a degree), exact outer planet T Square with the Uranus/Pluto square all day the 20th! April 21, Uranus squares Pluto the 5th of the seven times. You see how tight this pattern is. Plus, April 8, Mars retrograde in Libra has come back, forming a 13 day Grand Cardinal Square! April 20/21, Mars now at 14 Libra, is the pepper in the pot, making it a hot one degree CARDINAL GRAND SQUARE! And it isn’t over until Mars finishes on the 23rd. This one won’t be swept under the rug! In order:

  • Jan 31 and Feb 5 Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto Wedge was first – Secrets will out, healing will happen, plans will be made. Businesses are adjusting, new opportunities available. Move and learn with the new times! The past is the past; create new patterns, practice, practice, practice, and stick to them! Step up to the plate, you can do it!
  • Feb 25 Chiron sextile Pluto – Perfect time to let go of fear of power and success, betrayals, jealousy, spite, scorn, revenge. Time to let go of denial, do honest business with yourself and others. Capricorn and Pisces combine realism and intuition. Choices can be dead on accurate with no wasted time!
  • Feb 25 to April 20 Jupiter square Uranus – You could run away, far, far away, but it won’t get the job done.  Not usually. But if necessary to save yourself until you are stronger, do it. You may lose some friends and find others in unexpected places. Shed alliances that are no longer working. You have been growing; live your new status!
  • April 20, 21  The 13 Day Cardinal Grand Square culminates – The 20th the 3 outer planets are all at 13 degrees, Jupiter squares Uranus 0: 25 AM Pacific, opposes Pluto at 4:05 PM. The Moon in Capricorn mows through all 4 planets in just under one and a half hours, from 5:27 PM Pacific through 6:56 PM Pacific! The 21st Uranus caps it with the square to Pluto 11:38 AM. Tense, explosive. Remarkable, resourceful, remorseful perhaps. The temptation is to exaggerate, and that may be temporarily necessary to make your point, get people to think. If you get heated, take time out immediately. Don’t say or do something that can’t be taken back. With Pluto in the mix there may be no forgiveness this lifetime!  Some will want their way and appear to use any means to get it. Others will show extraordinary kindness in the face of great difficulty. This Grand Cross involves personal and home and family matters, marriage type relationships and career/business. There will be a lot on our plates. Be informed. Take your best stuff to the negotiating table. Put yourself in the other person’s place, but stand your ground. If negotiating can’t work, let it go with what Grace you can muster. Avoid blaming; do your part. Get what you can get in a good way, or don’t do it, because if you do, know there will be a price down the road.
  • April 22, 23  Because Mars is Retrograde, the square intensely continues through the 23rd.The 22nd, Mars squares Jupiter, a mighty froth ensues, and some truths are heard with exclamation points! Genuine action is called for. The 23rd, Mars powers into the Uranus square Pluto, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto! No peace for the wicked! No stone is left unturned. The 18th to the 23rd are the most intense, times to be cautious and careful. Unless absolutely necessary for defense in life threatening situations or to prevent abuse, leave confrontations to more calm times. You could be charged with something that was done to you!  Though Mars can be a defender, champion and first responder, it can also be bullets, knives, fire and fists. Give more space when you are driving or don’t drive. Leave a heated scene immediately. Be safe and cautious about sex – no rape, no illicit sex, protect yourself from disease and especially if you don’t want children at this time. See? Be careful, please. Please.

This mighty Grand Square is at 13 degrees. The Cardinal 13th degree can be potent! It is considered a ‘critical’ degree by many astrologers. It represents gateways, not necessarily bad luck at all. Sometimes things come to a head, there is a crisis, a significant change. In this case, being in a challenging configuration, it would be hard to separate the cause, the critical degree or the troublemaker Grand Square. Cardinal signs are noted for taking action, so one way or another, don’t expect to be placidly standing around if your chart has factors close to or at the 13th degree.

We will be working this Grand Square for months, some parts of it we have already worked for years! It is an initiation process of the four Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. These signs are the classic basic framework of the heavens, Sunrise – Sunset, Midnight – High Noon. They symbolize the axes of the most crucial relationships we have – Self and Others/Marriage, and of Home/Family and Career out in the world. This planetary line-up is unusual because three outer planets are in the SAME DEGREE equally spaced. It is potently activated by Mars Retrograde at the 4th point. If you don’t have planets at 12 to 18 degrees, you may not be affected at all, or be a watcher of the crises as they come and go, being helpful as you can. Planets you do have within those degrees will be activated in various ways. This is a rare adventure worth your time and attention! No, it won’t all be easy, but you will be glad for the results in time. If you hadn’t _____, you wouldn’t have _____! Blessings on your way.

Here is the Grand Square (red square lines) chart on April 17th with Venus conjunct Chiron in the mix! At this moment she trines Jupiter exactly, sextiles Pluto, semi sextiles Uranus, all at 13 degrees! Carefully played, and choosing investments relative to this chart, plus having some good aspects in and transits to your own chart, in spite of the Grand Square, this could be a money maker! Good luck!

April 20 2014 Grand Cardinal Square Venus Astrology Chart

Here is the Grand Square chart April 20, when the Moon makes her last Grand Square aspect, square Mars retrograde at 6:56 PM Pacific.

Cardinal Grand Square 2014 Moon's last aspect  square Mars

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Shamanic Trance Drum,  Amazonian Ayahuasca Art

Shamanic Trance Drum,  Amazonian Ayahuasca Art

We are infinite and limitless….Allowing a 5 degree range, Jupiter retrograde in Cancer opens 2014 starting a Wedge pattern, an opposition base with a trine/sextile third point planet.  Dec 31, 2013 it starts opposition Pluto in Capricorn, and activates the Uranus square Pluto for an extended time!.   It will be exact opposition Pluto at 12 degrees Jan 31, trine Chiron in Pisces at 11 degrees Feb 5.  Chiron holds the energy as it sextiles Pluto at 13 degrees, the 5th of five times, until Feb 25. The hip bone connects to the thigh bone and the Big Wheel keeps on turning!

Two Retrogrades!

  1. All the time Jupiter is moving into the exact opposition with Pluto, Venus is retrograde, turning direct the same day as the opposition is exact, Jan 31. AND, it is Chinese New Year day! Retrogrades make for continued changes. With Venus it is changes of what we want or hold dear or valuable or beautiful.  Let it all happen and grow. Let the flower bloom to fullness!  While retrograde a planet seems to go ‘backward,’ over the same ground it previously covered. This second time it deepens our perspectives, refines to truer values. It gives another chance to go for what we really wanted all along.  We gather courage to let ourselves want more.  As the planet appears to go backward, time is also going forward! More information is being created in the world, learned, revelations open doorways.  The possibilities of opportunities are greater than ever!
  2. In the last days of the Wedge, the time of Jupiter trine Chiron, Mercury is stilling, in station, to go retrograde the day after Jupiter’s trine to Chiron! The trine is Feb 5, Mercury Rx Feb 6. Astronomically, it appears Mercury is standing still. In our terms, it is holding the Word of the Light, focused, poised, contemplative, steeping in its thoughts, becoming potent.  It has reached a peak in Pisces – intuitive, compassionate, mystically creative. It will drop back to 18 Aquarius, reconsidering the exciting, genius ideas it contemplated while the Wedge pattern has been afoot!  But it’s still not time to take your ideas to the bank.  Let Mercury finish this process, start unfolding a few days after it turns Direct Feb 28, and after Feb 25, when Chiron finishes the complete Wedge sequence sextiling Pluto.

Healing Time!  Jupiter teaches at university level, is famous for having well being – is generous in a robust longevity!  Chiron is referred to as the wounded, healer, teacher. Pluto faces loss, the dangers of pain. It is the therapist who comforts psychological agonies.  It engages in shamanic practices, visits the Underworld, and is thought to be the Cleaner, plus capable of performing psychic surgeries in South America! This planetary pattern will cross lines of old fears, be drawn to explain mysteries.  Stuck patterns may be released!  Unknown strengths will arise. It’s a perfect time to seek local healing help, do shamanic training and journeys, enjoy education of all kinds. Choose for the long-term.

Business  Jupiter has huge ideas, from in here to across continents! Worldwide, practices and ethics can stand a boost. Sharing and assimilating changes everything! Cleverly conducted, imports, exports can flourish. Pluto looks for funding or takes it away if that is called for. They are astute in recognizing false premises, raconteurs, saboteurs! Pluto has deep talks with the accountant and combines the real facts with their own private knowings, coming out on top of the game. No cheating, stealing, or, should I say it, it is a possible time to take the money and run! Keep your eyes on the ones you most suspect and the ones you least suspect! Chiron is also thought to be business and marriage. In biz, that is alliances that heal the coffers, adding assets that up your game. In Pisces that could include a caring gesture – a child care center since Jupiter in Cancer is pushing it, a better employee education and seminars program, a lunch time rest and recreation area, better benefits, a fine documentary of your business, creating a flash mob, prescribing a fantasy, making an unbelievable commercial!  WestJet Christmas Miracle

Relationships  Seek, but be careful and get to know them the prescribed period of time! Could be a genuine keeper, or a clever opportunist. Give your mate lots of credit for their powers.  You had good reason to be attracted. Thank them for what they do for you.  Those foibles really are endearing. Take responsibility for your part, what you need to get better at. Practice. Pay attention to Father/Mother matters. If you suspect poor health, for either of you, take care of it now. And no hanky panky – this is a likely time of discovery.

Personally  Look for learning possibilities. Get a certificate.  Up your skills. Learn how to build; study architecture; do some archaeology. Take a mini vacation to a profound place of your ancestors, or the cooking school! Think about how you would spruce up the kitchen, but don’t do it until the 3 Planet Retrograde series is over May 19, 2014, and you have good aspects too! Do a tad of volunteering; the world needs you. 

There are Limitless Possibilities. You are the Infinite Creator!

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