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Sagittarius 2019-20 Celestial HighLights

Sagittarius, Generous, Blessed!

Sagittarius Kabbalah Birthday Prayer

This prayer was posted by a woman with four planets in Sagittarius, including Jupiter (Sagittarius’ planet), on her birthday on Facebook: 

Kabbalah teaches every year on our birthday we are empowered to send unlimited blessings to those we care for. Right now I tap into this wisdom and consciously surround everyone I know and can possibly think of, with endless light and blessings. I muster everything I have inside my Soul to wrap around the earth and all of her inhabitants, paying special attention to share love with California and the fires burning there. I send Light to surround the oceans and streams and the mountain tops to the very bottom of all valleys. Every flower and blade of grass, every creature in and on the ground in the air and water, every man, woman and child, regardless of religion, belief, or disbelief. I wrap blessings around every heart who hurts and every heart who loves and needs more love to share. Today on my day of birth I proclaim: God bless everyone and everything, no exceptions!! I love getting wiser.

I wish her the same on her Birthday and forever.

Sagittarians do the everyday things. And they do them while they are traveling the Planet. They teach wherever they go. They encourage all just by being in their presence, having their robust Spirit, giving a fine wide smile for no particular reason. Just feels good to be alive.

They help us keep perspective when we are lost in the tunnels of everyday life. They get us outside our usual four walls at home or at work. We get a breath of different air, remember that there is Sun, Moon, clouds or stars. Things used to be different for us and we forget we came such a long way. Sagittarius lifts their chin, stands tall and looks to the future. We link with fellow Soul travelers as we go, and together form a chain of Light, leaving glowing particles along the trail for others to follow.

Faith is a strange and wonderful thing. No logic to it at all. Sometimes there are decrees; other times there are no words, just a knowing. If someone else has lived through tough circumstances, we come to trust it can be done. Sagittarians can pick their way safely against the odds. They dance in the fire, through the dark at times. They are crazy fools that sing to the wolves. And the wolves sing with them. One step at a time, find your own special way. You too will get better at it.

Give gratitude for waking up, for every breath, every being, every touch of Spirit. Do the best you can your way. You are a precious unlimited Soul.

Thank you, Sagittarians, for your holding hands with us at the Table of Life.

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Sagittarius 2019 Celestial Highlights!  

Astronomy Analemma Measures the Length of Days

In December, for the entire globe, a day – one rotation of Earth relative to the noonday sun – is about one-half minute longer than the average 24 hours, as measured by an analemma. We’re closer to the sun on the December solstice than we are at the June solstice. Days are always longer – as measured from one solar noon to the next – than 24 hours around the solstices, and less than 24 hours around the equinoxes. See more!

Thank you always to Doug McClure at EarthSky! As fellow astronomer AstroBob says, We live here – can you believe it?’

Sagittarius 2019 Timeline! 


20  Mercury Direct
22  Happy Sagittarius!
26  New Moon
28  Happy ThanksGiving


02  Jupiter into Capricorn
07  Mercury finishes entire Retrograde Cycle
08  Jupiter Square Chiron
11/12  Full Cold Moon
13  Geminids Meteors Peak
15  Jupiter Trine Uranus
21  Happy Capricorn, Winter Solstice – Yule
25  Merry Christmas, Solar Eclipse New Moon

Sagittarius Overview of Year to Come!

Sagittarius Glorious Rainbow Trees Flowers

It’s time for Sagittarius rainbows! The big Scorpio aspects are done. Mercury is out of Retrograde, and the complete three part Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde cycle will be completely finished Dec 7. As we finish 2019, Jupiter closes the year with two aspects, Dec 8 square Chiron and Dec 15 trine Uranus! For all of 2020, see the 2020 AstroLogical Annual Special Edition Newsletter! 

We are in an impressive sequence of unusual aspects!  

The sequence started with the Oct 30, 2018 Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic at 18 Capricorn! June 16 & 18 2019 Jupiter then Saturn were with Neptune at 18 Pisces. The eleven months of Jupiter/Saturn Neptune aspects finished Nov 8, led up to the Nov 11 Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse of the Sun at 18 Scorpio! And its sister aspect Nov 19 was Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. Those in turn prepare us for the 22 Capricorn Jan 12, 2020 Saturn Conjunct Pluto and the Mar 21 4 Planet Capricorn Stellium, The Crown! at 23-29 Capricorn as Saturn changes signs into Aquarius! April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. As Saturn prepped with demolition, Jupiter will clean out the remaining nest then regroup and prosper. The Nov 12, 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto is at 22 Capricorn, exactly the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto. Jupiter conjunct Pluto follows and is the closest aspect to the 2020 Presidential Elections Nov 3! Important things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Dec 2 Jupiter enters Earth sign Capricorn. Scorpio does good business with Capricorn, and Pluto, Scorpio’s planet is already there making way, securing funds. Jupiter will make their work more fun, faster and the results bigger and better! Capricorn is the law and fearless Scorpios can enforce it. Capricorn can be strict in its interpretations, tends to be old fashioned. Scorpio will either be staunch and protect them, or clean up any abuses of the privileges and see that others are elected. Some things just have to end. Times have changed.

With Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn there will be 3 outer planets in Capricorn until Saturn enters Aquarius March 31, 2020! Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn July 1, 2020, and again, there will be 3 in Capricorn until Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, 2020. Saturn will be in his own, more conservative sign Capricorn for the presidential elections. Jupiter and Saturn are both high mountain lovers, so looks like it’s going to be fun for some! Jupiter will make the travel plans; Cap will build the lodge! Jupiter quickly sees potential, offers encouragement, gathers the backers. Capricorn is ace at putting the right pieces together with terrific timing. Successful champions! The job comes in early, and the results are impressive! See more about Jupiter in Capricorn!

And that brings us to Jan 12, 2020, Saturn conjunct Pluto and Mar 21, The Crown! 

We are building to the 2020 Super Stellium! 3 outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn! New Year Day 2020 opens with 5 planets in Capricorn! Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter conjunct Sun plus Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn! Jan 12 Saturn makes the on average 34 year exact conjunction with Pluto.

The CROWN! March 21 2020 When Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, the three outer planets, along with activator Mars, are in culmination, as close as they will get, all four in a 7 degree Stellium! Pluto will be at 23° when the 4 planet CP stellium forms Mar 21, 2020! Peter Novak has studied outer planet stelliums and found that in the last 2000 years, allowing a 5 degree range, there were only 23 three outer planet stelliums! Yes, if he had allowed 7 degrees, there would be more, but still, they are uncommon. See all about The Crown!

There are extremes of prediction for the January, March 2020 events. End of the world, economic collapse, bankruptcy, death, on one side. On the other is resurrection, astounding long awaited revelations through science, wealth beyond measure, serious gains made with climate control! There will be making messes and cleaning up messes. There can be bitter hate to profound regard. You can see there will be dramatic opposites, prolonged controversy. Many will be airing their dirty linen, like it or not, so keep yours clean.

April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. Whatever demons or glory, tragedies or triumphs formidable Saturn with Pluto shall have faced, Jupiter will optimistically pick up the pieces, repurpose, or create worse! Jupiter can make bad bigger too. If it isn’t worse, Pluto will see the promise of profit financially and spiritually. It will be an explosion of clearing for future works, secrets discovered, major funding attained, ‘keepsakes’ will be in the plans to be built ~ like a mini renaissance, yet more secrets will be made too. Bad will be healed, the rest is hallelujah! LOTS of big news! Super power plays will abound as the Nov 3 Presidential Election approaches.

April 4 and June 29 Jupiter conjuncts Pluto the first and second times. From the second week in March through July, most potently April 4 through June 29, Jupiter closely conjuncts Pluto the entire time! The opposite prediction polarity, compared to the paragraph above, is it can be mass tragedy, even evil personified. More powerful secrets made, concealment and lies to cover. Be ready to help, protect yourself and others until this period passes. Seriously start making alliances with capable and trusted family, friends and associates now. Keep your emergency kit and supplies up to date for on-the-ground environmental conditions likely in your area, have a plan in mind. The aspects will hold, be potent at 21 to 26 Capricorn. If you have factors at or very close to those degrees you may be called into action. Challenges for Aries, Libra and Cancer, Gemini and Leo. More easy for Taurus and Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

The third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto is Nov 12, at 22 Capricorn, the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto! This aspect is the last major aspect link of the whole set that started Oct 30, 2018! It carries the experience of the previous two Jupiter/Pluto aspects, is the upcoming aspect when the Scorpio Presidential Elections are held Nov 3 2020. Again, some things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all in their own signs up to Dec 2, 2019! See Jupiter in Sagittarius That’s a lot of pure strong energy. Jupiter and Neptune are in malleable signs, in astrological terms, mutable. They are flexible, adaptable. Jupiter goes into Capricorn Dec 2. Instead of 3 planets in their own signs, we now have 3 outer planets in ONE sign, Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto! Jupiter in Sagittarius traveled, played, had us consider our principles, educational choices. Saturn in Capricorn stomps his foot and calls for responsibility and to abide by the rules and laws, honor each other, your parents, the boss, elders and ancestors! You have to show him how and why that change you request makes sense. Neptune in Pisces senses our weak spots, and with compassion, converts them to strengths. We become aware of our Soul’s purpose. Saturn is a good balance to those other two wayward wanderers Jupiter and Neptune, enamored in a moment, sometimes for no good reason. They are enjoying the show while Saturn wants to know what’s real, what is doable.

1940/41, 1983, and very briefly in 1998, 3 outer planets were potently together in the same sign but in different signs each time. This time it will be 50 years before three outer planets will be in a same sign again, and it will be potent right from the start! Jupiter conjuncts Pluto and Chiron at 2 and 3 degrees ARIES, March 13, 2070! With stelliums, like these, the planets bring their different talents together, have like mind, and are in Unity of Purpose per the sign they are in!

Two outer planets change sign during Sagittarius’s coming year. Jupiter in Sagittarius enters Capricorn Dec 2. Saturn in Capricorn enters Aquarius Mar 21, 2020, retrogrades back into Capricorn for a review July 1. Jupiter’s sign is where the good fortune is! Be ready to shift certain investments, adjust projects to include new, additional goals. Saturn, quite at home in his own sign, suddenly finds himself on unstable footage in a sign quite unlike himself. Yet, Aquarius carries on the good work for all the world and a wise Saturn has more business than ever! Saturn guiding will make it all the more potent. While Capricorn loves the status and money, be guided by keeping your work true to your heart and in service to all. With earth changes, we will find ourselves working with many others in diverse environments under unusual conditions. Aquarius will expand your business, mission, if you let the changes work for you. Blessed be.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They are will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. In Sagittarius’ coming year they are exact twice in their signs Aries/Taurus at Valentine’s time, Feb 15, and June 10, 2020! See more about Chiron/Uranus

See the last of the 2019 UPDATED Special Annual Edition Newsletter for making the last of this year’s plans! For next year, see the 2020 Edition! Make your changes count.

May your Centaur, Unicorn, Pegasus take you to all the Magical Places! 

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Outer Planet Transits with Sagittarius 2019 – Nov 2020!

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter

Sagittarius Magnificent Black Unicorn with Moon and Stars!

Mythologically Sagittarians were Centaurs, intelligent half Human and super strong half horses! In some stories horses have wings like Pegasus, and Unicorns appeared in early Mesopotamian artworks, and they also were referred to in the ancient myths of India and China! Depending on your point of view, horses have been enslaved by, or have served humankind just about forever. Some say without them civilization wouldn’t have spread to the four directions. Today they are still healers and magical in so many ways. Modern Sagittarians carry us on their backs of Spirit, uplift our vision, are farsighted!

Outer planets are the long term movers. Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year. Uranus orbits at 84 years, and Chiron at 51 years. They are advancing about 4 degrees a year for now. Saturn takes 28/29 years to make its orbit, Jupiter only 12 years, a sign a year! Depending on astrological patterns, some ‘events’ in our lives take many years, where others may happen toot sweet, right on or very near the date the event is exact! Some ‘events’ are not physical, but in our minds or Spirits. No one might ‘see’ them but you. Complex planetary patterns may overlap each other or be singular and direct. Some repeat; others are once in a lifetime. Some people have aspects others never have. Others have had aspects you won’t have until much later. Your astrologer can help you with your personal timing, understanding and strategies.

  1. Pluto, and while in Capricorn, with Saturn and Jupiter will focus Sagittarius powerfully! Pluto is Scorpio’s planet, the sign preceding Sag. Deeper perception catapults Sagittarius into action, to educate and plan their escape, I mean lead us all beyond the old fears, heal to success! Saturn makes sure we stick to the point, secure that future.
  2. Neptune in Pisces brings dreams to further Sag’s exploration. There are so many unknowns, it is confusing and mesmerizing! What Neptune can’t explain he will share in music of many dimensions or with enchanting art that pulls us to levels beyond the usual range of attention.
  3. Uranus in Taurus is fast and slow, more complex than meets the eye. Sagittarius is curious about these newfangled inventions, and wants to see them in common use! Uranus is ahead of his time and Sag has his eye to the future, follows the Stars. Taurus is earthy and Sag takes his cues from the simplicity of nature to find his daytime way safely.
  4. Saturn in Aquarius, Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, planets in fire and air signs, are Sagittarius easy streets. Saturn in Aquarius changes time zones with finesse and Sag is right beside him, checking the luggage and tickets! Fellow teacher Chiron is moving fast in Aries! Sag loves it when they can keep up and contribute as well. Chiron pushes and pesters Sagittarius to teach more about healing, especially emergency procedures. Jupiter is in his own sign Sagittarius, but only a short time, until Dec 2. He feels his horsey oats, and rears high to survey the territory, then takes off, hoofs pounding, breathing fire! You don’t believe me, LOL? Well, try it sometime! It’s quite a show and it’s great to find out you had it in you! Silly? But others will be delighted and possibly join you for the fun of it!

PLUTO is still in Capricorn but is changed. Oct 30, 2018 it made the rare 248 year aspect, Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic and is now below the Ecliptic! The Ecliptic is the Sun’s path around earth! Pluto’s debris was lighted, declared to be outmoded, cleared away. He was not only cleared, but became free to be charged with energy beyond imagination! His healing powers have increased exponentially! He gave that very energy to Sun and the Light itself is now more clear and radiant! So fresh, this is a powerful time for all of us, but especially Capricorns because this HAPPENED IN THEIR SIGN! Those of you with chart factors at or very close to 18 degrees, especially in Scorpio or Capricorn, have also been cleared and infused! Some will go to the Light, others might need some time out to be able to stand up again. None of these factors, Capricorn, Scorpio nor Pluto are light weights. It takes a lot to impress them, and they can withstand high intensity, but this tested even them.

Pluto is moving from 21 to 25 Capricorn during Sagittarius’ year to come. Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, acts according to its being of the sign before Sag. In Capricorn it acts as if it is in the sign after Sagittarius. Their combination represents the sequence of merger, seeking what’s within, then Sagittarius the Seeker without oneself, traveling, learning, teaching, meeting the citizens of the world. Capricorn takes that knowledge and puts it to work using Sag’s good look and spectacular foresight to choose the most favorable pathways. Pluto in Capricorn is so very different than Sagittarius! Pluto is water. Cap is earth. Both can put out fire or things can sizzle, the cauldron can steam or if the fire is potent, the pottery can bake perfectly! After a flood or on a cold winter night, we are so grateful for fire for drying and warmth. Fire is their helpful element, so use is wisely. If it is a destructive wildfire we choose to control it through dousing it and channeling it with fire breaks to where it can’t burn any more. Respect is needed all the way around.

Fire is Spirit. Sagittarius is the last fire sign and has so much energy there is no standing still! They are athletic and love skiing, skating, surfing, speedy races of all kinds. They don’t mind being itinerant and living by their wits, teaching and learning, observing on the fly. Pluto in Capricorn needs to know this or their Sag will simply be gone. Give them the traveling job, send them to teach seminars, gather imports from far reaches, run the travel biz and blog. Put them at the Bed & Breakfast, have them publish the best travel romances, make documentaries of far places! It is much easier to go with them than have nothing without them. Some things just can’t really be controlled! Now all that doesn’t mean Sagittarius doesn’t take pointers. If they love that business enough, they will listen to Pluto’s financial prowess tips. You could send them to school, but it better move right along or Sag will be long gone. They learn really quickly all on their own! Capricorn wants to impose timelines, rules and regs. But suggest to Sag for them to delegate that bit to someone working with them who will do it while checking in with Sag from time to time. Sag may improve on the timing and upgrade the rules to include justice as well. Sag may finish easily way before Capricorn decrees. Be sure to thank your Sagittarian, and take a lesson from them in turn!

NEPTUNE is in his own sign Pisces. He is a water planet in the last water sign, the last sign of the zodiac, seeking a deeper side of life. Neptune is oceanic – is still like glass becalmed, has forever tidal sand polishing cycles, titanic storms, tsunamis! Those of you with chart factors 15 to 20 degrees will be activated with this pure energy!

Neptune travels by water while Sagittarius travels overland by horseback, walking, the bus or train, or high in the sky like the arrow, from airport to airport! It can be from high surf to tall walls, up on magnificent waves to rock climbing with superb vistas, sleeping hanging in the air! Neptune gives Sagittarius a more refined outlook of what we dream. Both are seekers. Sagittarius goes to church. Neptune says check out meditation and ‘see’ God for yourself! There is a call for compassion while Sag is teaching what’s true, good, and right. Neptune softens our opinions, recommends we learn more before making judgments. Contrarily, there is an unknowing that is just as important and valuable as knowing. Rather than just teaching, we see the human before us with fears, longings, with wounds of living. We more sweetly tailor our teaching to fit the Spirit of that Soul, the occasion, the age, the culture. Rather than simply being clever, we become wise with perspective, share faith that we may all carry on together. At times we are swept away, or is that cleansed and swept to the next place that needs us most, or where we can do the most good? Neptune enchants us with music, calls our name on the winds to the shore. Sagittarius may enjoy a little off center jazz. The invitation is made to live the vision that is our life! Instead of being a leader we become a follower who leads.

URANUS, Aquarius’s planet, covers 2 to 10 Taurus! In Taurus it will anchor and build on change worthy ideas that need to be instilled, spread far and wide to create a support network. They need to be cleverly woven into our daily fabric so they become a part of us, so they can effortlessly be carried on. A lot of earth changes we are witnessing are massive, coming suddenly, hot and heavy, cold and wet! The very land is changing, affecting food supplies, water sources, air quality and location choices about where to live. There is a lot of instability financially. We need to have backup funds, supplies, stay flexible. See more about the Aries to Taurus sign change.

Taurus invents simple. To freedom lover Uranus, being in Taurus may feel too slow, too close for comfort, so unexciting. Taurus may freak out, and they rarely do, at the sudden upsets to his routines. Or Uranus being in his sign may be the most fun he’s had in a long time! What was ordinary life suddenly isn’t! There are exotic options free for the taking! Uranus computer types are shocked to find walking barefoot tickles your feet! You become so aware of the charge of earth and life, that Earth herself is so very alive! It’s a whole new dimension compared to that desk chair in the still dead-air recycled plastics scented office! Taurus may never have been bored before and now you are?! What is this feeling?! It could be pretty darn heady at first. Maybe the leap is best now, otherwise you never will! Or maybe you need to stay steady and not get carried away at all. But somehow it seems a time of wild chance that needs to be taken advantage of. Put some fallback funds in a safe place, get yourself a headband and go for it! Yoga was never so good! Supercharged divine body electric!

Sagittarius is inspired by unique new ideas to serve human comfort, renew the planet’s habitability. Sustainability is a real term these days and many are, after fire, flood, or freeze, rebuilding along those lines. Sagittarius sees the need for planning and standing back to see the overview, how we can seamlessly work together for greater results region wide. Teaching includes online network groups including contributors from all over the world. Excellent suggestions are made by people who have already had the experience, by thoughtful people who are standing back and watching the whole thread. Workable preparations are being made well in advance. Inventions for prevention are gratifying. Sagittarius’ curriculum is including how to gather a sustainable emergency food supply and how to quickly restore your soil and grow your own quickly. Many community teams are springing up to plant a meaningful number of trees. Networking makes a difference. Jupiter wants a plentiful new life!

CHIRON will be in Aries through 2027. In Sagittarius’s year, he will cover 1 to 9 Aries, activating any factors you have at or very close in those degrees. Chiron has been and will be traveling very closely to the same degrees as Uranus, the Aquarian planet, but in different signs! This has been going on since 2008 and continues through 2021, 13 years. Chiron has become more future and humanitarian minded and Uranus has taken on some shamanistic qualities. There is a subtle camaraderie with Aquarius. See more. In Aries, the first of the zodiacal signs, Chiron is becoming a more fiery shaman, takes unprecedented healing action, leadership! Uranus’s sign change into Taurus is, grounding the thunder maker. There is a shift in the foundation, now starting to hold steady. When one level stabilizes we are ready for the next shift…

If you have Chiron in these degrees, you will be having your 51+/- year Chiron Return! Wounds and vulnerabilities will be assessed, your teaching skills improved. Updated healing systems will be applied with unbelievable results! Medical teaching will be inspiring, especially about the head, brain and eyes. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business too! In Aries, loving independence, he may start his own business and may be reluctant to marry…

Chiron was mythologically a renowned teacher of healing due to personal experience of healing his own wounds. Sagittarius is a teacher because he likes teaching and will teach anything! As Chiron sweeps by in fiery Aries, the 1 to 9 degree Sagittarians will hear the swish of his fast walking boots, follow his lead, learn quickly along the way! Teaching is now emphasizing healing, healing techniques, how to teach healers to teach their clients and each other. They sense there isn’t much time, so pay unusually focused attention so not to miss a step! Sagittarius learns how a wound can slow our progress, stop us from living a full life, so steps up his speed to seek the source of any failed perspective that can free us. Chiron in Aries demonstrates how to pierce the veil that holds us blind so we can see once again. Sagittarius distracts our attention so we allow it to happen. As with all healers, they heal what they need to heal in themselves by healing others. That is the Chironic story. So it may be Sag himself that is healed!

Chiron is considered to be the #1 planet of marriage, and great in business! Aries and Sagittarians are not famous for marriage. They prefer independence and freedom to roam. Business is another story! Aries loves doing start-ups, consulting, being the first to do new types of business! They are not shy and will enlist you quickly! Sagittarius loves abundance to fund his adventures, and many times his favorite business is adventure! Sports, sports gear and training, resorts, entertaining travel guides and services, the biggest hotels. Education and universities, publishing and promotion can be for all ages, and be just as much for travelers on cruise ships. Some Sagittarians are strictly wild types and prefer the remote spa or surf beach huts and burger shack, locals only. One way or another it is the fun of a lifetime!

SATURN builds from 17 Capricorn to 1 Aquarius!

Saturn is working the mid to last half of his own sign Capricorn! Saturn will be in Capricorn along with Pluto, conjuncts Pluto once, Jan 12, 2020. Many will have more work than anybody should, or you are let go. In the long term that may be a blessing because new work you get suits you far better, or you start your own business!

Saturn Returns happen every 28 to 29 years.
They can bring you to your knees, or make you bring yourself up to your full height, proud of your achievements! The experience you have depends on how Saturn is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Those of you with Saturn 17 – 29 Capricorn have your Saturn Returns now through Mar 21, 2020! There will be more traditional endeavors.

  1. On your first Return – ages 28, 29, you may find yourself having a lot of responsibility at work, getting married, owning your first home, having a baby! Take good care of yourself.
  2. If you are older, on your second Return -58, 59, keep your networks alive. Right housing, parenting, care of precious grandchildren and elders may be challenging new responsibilities. Age and health may become factors, your retirement. Sometimes Saturn brings losses, sadness, delays. Advice from seasoned experts may be just what you need. Training and studies are helpful and the knowledge you carry backs up your reputation. Alliances may be strong and mutually supportive. Give yourself credit for what you have done, the talents you have acquired! It’s a time to honor, be honored!
  3. Around age 87, many are now experiencing their 3rd Saturn Return! Things don’t bother them as much. They enjoy what they want to, sometimes something they always wanted to do! They say what they think. There are losses of friends and loved ones. Health matters more – they are often quite brave. Family can mean a lot or if alone, friends do. or just being quietly alone is peaceful. Age can mean honors, even just for making it that long! Capricorn is the sign of time, elder hood. This is generally a strong time for them.

Saturn in his own sign, Earth sign Capricorn,is a force! Young people conduct themselves seriously and old people are more healthy, younger than others their age, strong and cheerful! Saturn adds to the desire to do good work. Saturn recognizes natural law, so its works stand the test of time. Timing is one of its fortes. Steady production, the right people in the right places at the time, being on time, are all assets. They are not only architects, builders and realtors, but understand science and structures – concrete, stones, glass. They can build roads and railways, bridges, homes, skyscrapers! They can do demolition as well as renovation! Saturn is expert at sustainability and conservation – more done with less effort, use less materials, smaller and stronger, for less cost, build tiny homes communities for homeless and seniors, contribute huge land grants to establish legendary preserves. As seniors they don’t quit. They become mentors, and with experience on their side, use new ideas of the times to start the latest businesses! They may be late starters sometimes, but often their later years are truly golden – art awards, health successes, the happiness of long marriages and plenty of grandkids! See more!

Saturn in Capricorn Earth and Sagittarius fire are perhaps less fun together, but they can get a lot done! Saturn in Cap can be a bit oppressive to a Sagittarian. Saturn may want things done on his timeline, and Sag by nature roams free. If their causes coincide, Saturn can let Sag know how important the structure is, why the deadline is so important, that it affects the outcome crucially. If Saturn is building a school or opening a sports adventure business, an arena or training center, Saturn could ask Sagittarius to do the planning and to act as a consultant for what’s needed to make it super prosperous! Saturn is a super Builder, loves real estate. Sagittarius might be interested in finding grand locations to build a chalet, a mall in a sports area, a special sustainably oriented university, a travelers layover station for glamping. Running a Tour Bus line or doing seasonal tour guiding could be perfect and Saturn would be so pleased with such a fun loving storytelling person! You might find yourself working hard just because it’s fun! Eat right, get your personal exercise, rest well. Might check in with the massage therapist. Make your boss pay for it, LOL!

Aquarian Saturn Returns start March 20 to July 1, 2020 at 0 and 1 Aquarius! Later, the rest of Aquarian Saturn Returns will continue through March 7, 2023. Saturn/Capricorn are of the sign just before Aquarius. Saturn can set the mark. If the goal is amazing enough, all-encompassing enough to challenge Aquarius’s talents, AQ will be on board! He will make computer diagrams, research materials, legends, why it can work now, for years, even centuries. It has not been possible before. Aquarians are delighted to learn new techniques and learn so quickly, you lose little time while they do. In fact, your results may become 10-fold in a lot less time than usual! If you are working on challenging new sustainable options, Aquarius will love this new humanitarian effort. Being on the same page, whatever it is for the two of you, makes for a healthy Spirit and union. Many amazing like minded friendships may come, or if you are overwhelmed or need time to recenter, you may take time away and enjoy being on your own. If you are in business or want to spread the word about a project, your networking can go worldwide through social media! Concentrate on humanitarian and sustainability facets of your ventures and investments.

At first Saturn in Aquarius may put on the brakes. He’s out of his element, things are chaotic. Saturn can lack confidence anytime, but this is over his head. The essence of freedom can’t be conquered or legislated into line. When he gets used to this new dimension, however, bam! He knows Sagittarius is fast, and wants him on his team. Sag doesn’t know whether to stay or run! Aquarius is 100% intriguing, on the cutting edge. Sagittarius is all for progress. Saturn, however, thinks he is running the show but Sag survives easily by only his wits while traveling, has done fine in many challenging, even dangerous situations all alone. Saturn really just wants the job done, no time to lose. Ok, so bottom line is whether Sagittarius thinks the job is ethical to his reasons for being on Earth. If yes, then he will give Saturn what he’s got and abide as possible by Saturn’s demands. Sag may be surprised it isn’t as bad as he thought it would be. It’s not what you do, but how you do it. The job has gotta be right. If Sag is led into a corner, it’s slavery rather than whistling while you work. Stand tall, Sagittarians. There are many wonderful things for you to do. If you love surfing, if you have to, work at the burger shack by the beach! You get my drift…

JUPITER moves from 27 Sagittarius to 27 Capricorn

Jupiter stays big in Sag, his own sign, until moving into Capricorn Dec 2. Jupiter/Sagittarius never fail to impress. He can be a hero, and there are plenty of those at this time. It can be a knowledge or wisdom of an exalted teacher and that might be your local high school teacher. It can be a journey of great beauty or a maximum athletic achievement. A boundless love, a loving kindness, a gift, sharing. All these touch our hearts and make a story to remember. Fortunes gained and lost, wagers won and lost, starting from nothing to making it to the top of the mountain! And if it’s bad, it can be really bad. No thieving or robbing. While traveling and your money is low, no taking something because you ‘need it more than they do.’ Big stories yes, cons no. No ‘accidental’ slander, bearing false witness, prejudice. Stay with respectful truth and honesty. Keep the long term in mind. Keep your higher ethics in place, morality intact; visit the sacred place when you need to. Keep learning in every direction.

Jupiter in Sagittarius gives Sagittarius a big grin and says ‘Let’s go?’ and they are off! Jupiter is in his own sign and this is like fun to the power of 100! Jupiter lives big in Spirit. The learning potential just took a big leap. The travel quotient has risen 10 fold. It’s time for great games, races, getting up on the horse with the flying mane! Discuss philosophy, spiritualism, the future of the Planet. Take a wider look at justice, economics, politics. Think what it might mean to become a candidate. What about human rights. Is living sustainably with clean air and water a human right? Does the Planet have rights? Trees, Rivers, Animals, Birds? Is immigration enriching or stealing heritage? Are we in a time of tipping the scales? Can we even communicate about these things without anger ending the exchange? So many people think Sagittarius is easy, but it is hard work to gain an educated perspective without judgment. The taboo topics when I was growing up were money, sex, death and politics. Sex and death are easier now, but money and politics are perhaps the same as ever. We are still learning and growing. Perhaps we need to make more time for it, and take the time it takes to do it. See more!

Unusual and potent combination! There will be three outer planets in one sign when Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Dec 2 2019. Jupiter fairly streaks through Capricorn, getting to the 27th degree, almost completely through Cap, by May 20, 2020! At that point it retrogrades and continues in Capricorn until Dec 2020. It makes work the most fun it ever was! You could be the visitor who is remembered for all the work you did! You might be a random traveler, a business consultant, the foreigner who was on a mission to help the people. Jupiter will help you jazz up your home, give you such good advice you can’t help doing it! They might volunteer and you join them to make some kind of profound difference. Don’t keep your lucky Jupiter charm. They need to travel, check out the territories spread the news. If you hire them, send them to the training seminars furthest away or send them to teach it! If they have too much routine, they will run away. Poof. Gone. Import/exports they are involved with might work well for you too. Their writings may inspire you to start an outstanding business newsletter or monthly report people count on. Jupiter can overdo, so Cappies beware. Know your personal limits and carefully make small trial investments in great sounding whims. Check things out. If you have doldrums or dours, Jupiter can exaggerate your condition. Yet, Jupiter is a mover, a fire planet that won’t stand still, so in no time at all, Jupiter is likely to cheer you up like a champ. You are encouraged because they act like you can do it, and it’s truth! See more

Jupiter in Capricorn can exaggerate the rules, and they are righteous about it, no mincing words or wants! Sagittarius may be a tad disappointed to find some of his favorite haunts, ways of life become limited or access denied. Maybe there is good reason, or maybe it is a power happy move made just because someone can, or doesn’t like you, or wants control. It may be a sad loss. Or oddly, it could conversely and almost perversely be a way through a situation that unfolds later to be a blessing in disguise. Be a little cautious to give over your power with a habitual smile. They might not have your welfare in their hearts, but they look good to the rest of the world, for now. If you have to, bide your time. Or you may decide not to take it lying down. If Jupiter in Capricorn is on your side in a good way, and you have clean intent, they can help you get over hurdles, escape being imprisoned, help you build your future! You could work together in behalf of others who may have given up. Keep your chin up, look for what’s best, put it into action.

If you have factors in Sagittarius and/or Capricorn in your chart at these degrees, this could be prime time to visit the associated positive areas on your AstroLocality map. See your AstroLocality specialist! Not all map lines are positive; some are positive only at certain portions along their length, some are positive appearing but have other hidden factors.

If your Jupiter is in these degrees in these signs, you will be having your Jupiter Return! They happen every 11/12 years. The experience you have depends on how Jupiter is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Jupiter will bring you big truths or reveal lies. Sometimes it exaggerates your condition, could make it worse, could make it wildly abundantly better! Plans for the future may be magnified, your course changed significantly. Profound circumstances are likely to impinge on special relationships. Long lasting mergers and good marriages are possible.

Have a splendid Year, Sagittarians!

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Any of these outer planet factors may be activating your Sun and/or other factors in your chart. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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See the 2019 UPDATED Special Edition Newsletter for making the last of this year’s plans! For next year, see the 2020 Edition! Make your changes count.


Happy Birthdays, Dear Sagittarians!

Jupiter 79 Moons Aquarius 2020

May your travels take you to the most magical places!


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New Moon!   Four Planets Capricorn, Three in Pisces! Midpoints, Two T Squares!

Full Wolf Moon!   Grand Cardinal Square, 4 Planets in Pisces 4 at 22°!

New Moon!  Four Planets Capricorn, Three in Pisces! Midpoints, Two T Squares!

Wednesday Dec 28, 10:53 PM Pacific at 7 Capricorn 59, the last one of 2016!

Capricorn 2016 New Moon Teton Milky Way Royce Bair

Grand Teton Range, Milky Way, Standing Tree People by amazing photographer Royce Bair

This is our last Moon of 2016, and potent it is! It ends one cycle, begins anew as our year ends and another is immanent. It has two planetary groupings – Capricorn and Pisces, and is nested in the four major aspects ending 2016 that are in only an eight day timeframe on the very day of Saturn square Chiron!

Four planets in Capricorn celebrate our achievements! The New Moon merger of Mother Moon with Father Sun are in the sign of Father Capricorn. This time of year we need Mother Moon’s nurturing at a time she’s really busy and maybe a bit tired. Know she loves you. Take some time out together. Our heavenly Feminine and Masculine forces are united. Practice that unity. Moon is there to nurture and comfort. Sun lights the way. Though days are short for the time being, he is a stalwart champion through many a dark hour.

Mercury at 6° is right with the New Moon at 7°! In Capricorn it calls for respect, long term commitment, a pledge to work honorably for meaningful goals, to hold honor. Paying attention is a prized skill, so potent moments are noted, synthesized, stabilized for continued use. Stillness, a pause, is like frozen magic! It lets us see, hear, in a profound way, to know the true abiding values that take us forward through time. Sign the papers.

Pluto, in Capricorn since 2008, now midway through Capricorn, has cleared many personal faults, changed our economic and political stances, opened doors to many new careers, taken a lot of new looks at parenting and aging. Planetary temperature shifts have brought new thought about agriculture, construction and sustainability. There is a mixture of fate and futility with gathering facts, doing research, and steadily working to turn things around, adopt new potentials!

Three planets in Pisces! From Capricorn Unicorns to SeaGoats to Mermaids this is a magical New Moon!! Mercury Moon and Sun sextile Mars and the Pisces planet Neptune! A five planet earth and water sextile! You can see the ocean from the mystical heights of Capricorn! The mountains guide Piscean sailors along the beautiful coast. Mars in Pisces can be still as a mirror at sea, swoons with waves, rocks in the cradle. Other times he roars, tsunamis to shore, pounding the rocks into grains of sand! He is enchanted by Neptune’s insights as he slithers like a seal through the seaweed, surfs like a dolphin, breaches like a whale! The ocean is like a giant prism, with glimpses of tiny creatures in dappled sunlight slanting down or gliding, guiding up like through a cathedral.

Ah, did I get carried away? Just wanted you to feel it as it lives. Mar in Pisces with Neptune. Pisces is so all seamlessly encompassing we really can feel that all are one. The ocean is a salty cleaning machine. It is mystical on a foggy night. We can sit in the temple so still we hear our breath and heartbeat, feel our life’s pulse. It is humbling to be a part of all Souls. We see what needs doing. Capricorn is the last of the Earth signs, the ultimate pragmatist. Mars will lean his shoulder to the timber of Capricorn’s project, guiding it with his very body to intuitively place it exactly as needed. Miracles really happen and dreams do come true. The high five is a salutation of gratitude.

The Holiday Four

  1. This New Moon follows the Christmas Eve Saturn trine Uranus. They are still quite close by numbers and actively integrating new alignments! Saturn is Capricorn’s planet and Uranus is the planet of the next sign Aquarius. Trines are considered to be the best linkage between planets. Saturn and Uranus are so opposite they often aren’t friends. Saturn is perhaps the most conservative of all the signs. Uranus has no such constraints, cares for no party in particular and doesn’t care what YOU think. Yet scientific Capricorn is likely to be one of the first who supports Aquarian inventions, and sees the value of Aquarian community goals, the internet, and certain philanthropies. Change can become fact.
  2. Jupiter was opposite Uranus only two days before on the 26th! Another major aspect still active! Jupiter in Libra is quite lively lining up the Souls either to oppose you or shake hands across the table! Uranus in Aries couldn’t be more independent spirited, but also is the leader of reform groups or instigators of united efforts of several groups together! Jupiter in Libra pulls in law and justice, speaks widely socially, compares peoples and times anthropologically. The gap may be huge, but so is the reach across the chasm! Mergers for solidarity make sense.
  3. On this very day of our New Moon, Saturn Squares Chiron at 3:06 PM Pacific. There may be, or have been, losses or perceived potential losses of love, life, money, career, health. This aspect has been close for some time, so we already have inklings what needs attention, propping up, to be let go of, worked for. Each thing you take care of is a step, something you won’t need to deal with later. Keep focus on your priorities. Maybe get  plans on your calendar. Saturn in Sagittarius can see a worthy future worth the work. Do it!
  4. The last aspect of 2016! The remaining aspect the what I’m calling the Holiday Four is Jupiter inconjunct Chiron the 31st!  An inconjunct is often a stretch, an off balance reach to the side. It is seductive to those who are curious. It may take you off track, yet give you vital information. You may decide to keep on going on that new road! Jupiter in Libra has met many on their travels, some even intriguing to Chiron, an old Master, in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, not impressed by much. Jupiter, however, ups the ante, smart in Libra, thinks of combinations that change the pace! And likely the place too! Social venues are adjusted, financial options are altered, health is adapted to new circumstances. Stay calm, eyes open, flexible. Check with experts, take your time when you can.

See more about the Holiday Four! Are all big aspects, outer planet to outer planet. It is unusual to have 4 of them happen so closely in time, the 24th, 26, 28 & 31st!

Give yourself credit for all you have achieved in 2016! Thank you for every step you have taken.

Capricorn New Moon Astrology Chart

Capricorn 2016 New Moon Astrology Chart! Last Moon of 2016!

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Full Wolf Moon! – Grand Cardinal Square, 4 Planets in Pisces 4 at 22°!

Thursday January 12, 3:34 AM Pacific, at 22 Cancer 27 

Capricorn, First Full Moon of 2017, Wolf

And we’re off! The first Moon of 2017! Another Capricorn – Pisces time of miracles and magic!

Moon is in her own sign Cancer, tender but strong. She births. She tenderly cares for loved ones and finds ways to feed the multitudes. It is an honor to be her mate. Father Sun is ultimate Father in Capricorn, Father Time. He builds the shelter, protects, works, teaches responsibilities and a moral code.

Full Moons are of opposite signs, major differences, yet as dynamic contributors to a mutual cause, they can work together. Cancer is known for its sensitive emotionalism. It is a bell bellwether to the possibility of upcoming trouble. Capricorn has less sympathy, is more a get it done type, especially in challenging times. Each helps the other. Cancer helps guide through what can be illogical. Capricorn takes charge and gives great hope through its efforts, the smallest steps meaningful. Five days previously, Sun made his annual conjunction with Pluto. The five days previous to that conjunction, Sun intensely considered financial matters, the state of relationships, matters of life, death and healing.

Grand Cardinal Square! Our Full Moon is crossed by Jupiter opposite Uranus spanning Aries to Libra! Aries is fiery Spirit leader; Uranus is an air planet, the Awakener and ChangeMaker! This combination can be sudden, a bit shocking, intriguing, here and gone in a flash, to pop up unexpectedly quickly somewhere else! Jupiter in Libra is fascinated, doesn’t mind the trip, meets these extraordinary Beings along life’s Path. Aries is willing to fight for it, while Libra can be the lawyer, seeking peaceful resolution, but will do what it takes if their back is against the wall. Be cautious of exaggerations, but step up to the plate if it appears to be well founded and you are needed.

Our Cancer Moon might rather stay at home, but if home, or women and children are the issue, it will stand up too. They will take food to the marchers, blankets to the homeless. Capricorn prefers law and order, so has pals at the courthouse and in the police force, but here again, if people are in dire need, they will build those emergency shelters. Having had their own hard times, they have empathy, will teach others how to care for themselves. It’s good for our staunch Cancers and Cappies to meet new people, make extended liaisons community wide, be more informed. It can be a little scary when the new ones are dressed differently, their demeanors are fierce or they appear quickly. It may take awhile to adjust. At times Cancers or Caps may appear slow, but not so, they are taking it in, thoughtfully processing. It’s safer at times to slow things down. All four signs have special things to offer and to integrate can mean a more comprehensive solution!

Three of the Grand Square planets are at 22°, plus Saturn! Chiron is at 21 Pisces, and Uranus is at 20 Aries. That’s a tight pack of six planets! Jupiter inconjuncts Chiron Dec 31, 2016, the last aspect of 2016. Jupiter upps the amps on Chiron’s attention, bringing new insights on how to balance all types of systems in our bodies, minds and Spirit. New types of relationships are offered extending our network beyond what we thought possible! This aspect stays alive while Mars conjuncts Chiron Jan 16, then inconjuncts Jupiter Jan 17.Saturn trines Uranus Christmas Eve, Dec 24th. Working friendships have been a blessing. Support has come from surprising places. Keep these connections alive and well. Saturn is same degree sextile Jupiter, very, very close Dec 28 and 29, yet doesn’t make the exact aspect until Aug 27! This is a great planning aspect, and it’s a pleasure to get things done! Saturn in Sagittarius squares Chiron Dec 28, has been taking its toll – many Souls taking the Long Journey. Grieving is still fresh for many. See the Holiday Four.

FOUR planets in Pisces, two pairings! Moon is leaving a trine with Mars and Chiron. Moon has leant her nurturing to further rouse Mars’ compassion in Pisces, Chiron’s dedication to teaching and healing. Mars left sextile Pluto on the 10th, steadied and productive by Pluto in Capricorn’s strength and focus. Mars conjuncts Chiron Jan 16. This will perhaps cause wounds to our feet or our Soul. But Mars also may also give new insights that quicken healing! Fevers or fighting, cuts or rashes, punctures, stings. If you are seaside or on a boat, in the spa or bathtub, be a tad cautious. You may be inspired to take up art, magic, a special new line of work may come involving teaching. A soulful relationship may come your way, especially with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces!

Venus and Neptune in Pisces make love and beauty. They can be comforting when your Soul is in danger. Self indulgence, addiction, is a danger if extreme, and holidays can bring up deep rooted family issues that need soothing. Be wise with your time. Know your limits, others’ limits. Be safe emotionally, stay away from hot topics, leave before regretful escalation, make visits brief. Eat right, be well rested. Take good care of yourself, be wise to getting support for yourself, make that call. Love may win, but sometimes it takes time, and you may not even be the one to bring changes to fruition. Teachers and healers know you can’t heal everyone every time. Often there is no failure at all. Turn your Spirit to creating music, going to sea, swimming, serving in kindness, spirituality. When you are up, support others in their time of need.

Venus conjuncts Neptune at 1:54 PM Pacific. That would be a gentile time to have a warmer daytime gathering, a Circle, to celebrate the Full Moon.

Mental transition! Mercury leaves Sagittarius, enters Capricorn at 6:04 AM Pacific, 2.5 hours after the Full Moon! While in Sagittarius, raise your eyes to see as far as you can see. Lift up your plans, expand your ideas. For some of us that will be pre Sunrise, for others of you it will be later on in the morning. You can be present for this shift. In Capricorn, our minds will twitch into gear and choices will be made how to expeditiously make those plans come true! Make notes, get goals down on your calendar!

Let your Wolf come out to play! Take a good bite of life in your New Year!


Capricorn Full Wolf Moon Astrology Chart!

xCapricorn 2017 First Moon of the New Year, Full Wolf Moon Astrology Chart!


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The first New Moon of 2017 is Friday January 27, 4:07 PM Pacific at 8 Aquarius 15

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See the 2017 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you….

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