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Full Moon, 'Moonlit Garden Gate, Provence, France'The May 18 chart below is to show you an equidistant planetary pattern called a Trapezoid, an Iron Butterfly.  In this case, the four planets in the Butterfly are all at 11 degrees.  Exact planet connections often have extra potency; if equidistant, even more!  Saturn is added because not only is it in midpoint between Moon and Pluto, but is in Mutual Reception with Pluto, they are in each other’s signs.  In horary astrology practice, they may be read in each other’s places.  This chart time is chosen because it is the first exact aspect of the Moon to the eleven degree planets.

The Butterfly sides are the two red squares. One of them is our THIRD Uranus Square Pluto, the other is the Moon square Venus.

Uranus Square Pluto exact May 20, the third time, has been ongoing since 2010.  It happens seven times, the last one March 16, 2015.

This is a potent aspect, been in action since 2010.  It has had staggering effects on our global economy.  Old time regimes have fallen, undergone terrific changes.  Occupy Wall Street, rebellions and civil wars, nuclear matters are of concern.  Julian Assange’s huge Wikileaks exposé rattled cages.  The miraculous Chilean Miners’ rescue touched us, while the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami damaging the Fukushima nuclear plant scared the hell out of us.  Osama Bin Laden’s Death is a mystery.  We have had powerful weather events and changes.  And Pope Benedict has become Pope Francis, the first non European Pope.  Sadly, on the dark side, the injuries and murders at Newtown/Sandy Hook, and now the beloved Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon.  The first 20 miles of the marathon were dedicated to the first-graders who were killed at Sandy Hook, and the final six were dedicated to the six educators who were murdered. Newtown families were seated in the VIP section right by where the explosions went off.  None were harmed.

Scale this all down, and we have our local front.  Relationships, finances, aging issues – currently Social Security, physical and mental health matters.  All of these are Uranian and Plutonian connected.  Pluto rules corporate to marital and personal monies, political terror, extremes of force, sexual abuse as well as ecstasy, death, research – especially medical, vaccines, rebuilding from rubble and dregs, an uncanny power to survive and heal.  Uranus portends changes of Fate itself, unexpected alliances, group action, outrage for freedom, insanity to genius, evolution to air flight, awakening, earthquakes and explosions, rifts in the ethers, incredible electronics, the Internet.  Both planets rule bombs – Uranian and Plutonian.  Best to let things flow, get your troubles out in the open, pay attention to your surroundings, and your intuition.

Moon Square Venus – This is an aspect of merely a few hours.  You may not get what you want, but it is important to want, to be inspired.  Go lovingly and mind your manners.  Take your time or time out.  Venus is in Gemini and would like to tell you about it.  Moon is in Virgo wondering if what you are saying is really important, or thinking of changes that could be made to make it better.  Try to listen with your heart first, offer your ideas for changes later.

The Butterfly base is a sextile, the green line, between Venus and Uranus.  This aspect is only May 16 to 18. What you want might be unusual, unique, daring, a fast flash!  See if your wish is still in your mind a few days later.  If so, see which of your friends would like to form an alliance and go for it together!  Could be some surprising results!

The Butterfly top is blue line, Moon trine Pluto.  Moon aspects are only a few hours, but this can be intense.  Virgo wants it right, so does Pluto the perfectionist.  In Capricorn, Pluto has a relentless drive, or severe depression.  Either way, discomfort motivates, and drive gets you there.  Pluto collects and gathers potent connections, so contributions are coming, pieces falling into place, the structure built.  Virgo sees the flaws, so pay attention those few hours it is there.  Fix the leaks.  It will pay off down the road, whether it is structural, organizational, or financial, or all of the above – Virgos are accountants, you know.

The Moon inconjuncts Uranus (purple line left to upper right) – Mother Moon is conservative, even prudy, in Virgo.  Don’t cross her, she’s grumpy sometimes, and not always polite.  Uranus in Aries throws caution to the winds, but Virgo does have her way.  Uranus always wonders if they themselves might have gone too far this time, so measures itself with Virgos.  Which way IS the wind blowing?!  If Uranus is too scattered, it can be a relief to be reined in a bit.  You don’t have to admit it, of course.  :)

Venus inconjuncts Pluto (purple line right to upper left).  May 16 to 18.  Venus in Gemini is butterfly because it flits – but when did you ever hear a butterfly talking (Gemini)?!  Pluto is butterfly because it is silent and goes through all those underground mortifications, I mean morphology, sometimes pretty ugly in fact, yet beauty reigns, and Pluto can be extraordinarily seductive!  In Capricorn?  What’s all this silly talk about butterflies?  This 2 to 3 day aspect is important because it adds a blessing, a grace to the proceedings.  Inscrutable Pluto can erupt in Cap, be a bit billy goat gruff.  Good to have a solid product, but it needs to sell itself too, so Venus considers design, color, textures, user friendliness.  It helps you see true value for time spent.

Saturn caps the Iron Butterfly!  It is midpoint between Moon and Pluto (top green lines)!  Saturn lends a sober perspective that cuts to the chase.  It doesn’t mince words, and saves time.  Moon in Virgo can natter on, details that don’t really matter, when Saturn will just get it out the door.  Pluto and Virgo can fuss over financing when Saturn just reduces costs, cuts a frivolous feature, and gets the job done.  It works out after all!  Saturn in Scorpio is pretty savvy and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, unless they are insecure and worry about structural safety to excess.  In which case, take the hammer and 4 X 4 away from them and do it yourself, with the 2 X 4, for less cost.  Moon & Saturn can be great builders together, best materials for the best price, job comes in on time, and a beauty to boot!  Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs.  They understand each other.  Here’s what that puppy is worth, and it will be a piece of cake to renovate, flip, make the money!  Make the appraisal, take inventory and get to it!

It won’t be easy for everyone.  To those of you in continuous suffering, in dire circumstances, our hearts are with you.  Please don’t give up.

May 18 2013 Iron Butterfly with Saturn Astrology Chart

There are other configurations in the chart, but I wanted to show you this pattern.
The lovely image above, ‘Moonlit Garden Gate, Provence, France’

Remember, as always, if the degrees of these happenings aren’t connected with your personal chart, they may not activate you as they would others whose charts are connected.

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