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Are you still breathing hard from our Leo month?  Take a good deep breath and take it easy, catch up, get steady.  Our Virgo time is going to be completely different!    

It starts on a financial power pattern, Sun trine Pluto, exact on 8.25, the day after the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon.  Keep a poker face, a low profile but very attentive, come from the inside out, with your Virgo ducks in a row, in other words, accountant approved, and your venture will improve or pay off!   Obsession or dedication and loyalty?  Step away if you need to.  Close-to-the-bone intensity may work for you this time.  Both in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, are wanting to do good work – long lasting, meaningful, excellent.    

Virgo, Putting it Together for 2012

Virgo (Image from the Symbalon Deck)

Virgo (Image from the Symbalon Deck)

Fitness.  How do things fit?  Puzzle point in, or puzzle point out?  Where in your day will you get that done?  Is your mind up to the load?  Does your weight/wait make the scale?  How many people will it take to get that job done?  Can you order enough by the time you need it?  Is it handcrafted, high quality, or will a production item work well?  Will the sweet peas be ready for Christmas table vase?  Can you get that all on that computer page?  So many ways fitness matters!  And nobody does it better than the best, Virgo!        

Being taken care of, knowing your health keeper, dog walker, accountant, will be there for you, matters.  Less stress, better quality of life, live longer, love longer.        

Guarding the seeds, purity, keeping the lineage pure, gets potent results, time after time.  Reducing flack makes for a smoother flow, less time taken, better production for effort spent.  Sleep well, with pride in good service.        

Virgo is the mini builder – a builder of gardens, a wood worker specialist, seamstress, exercise/nutrition program consultant, bookkeeping graph maker, contacts data enterer.  They don’t build the house, like Capricorn does; more, they build what goes in the house.  Daily practical intelligence.   

Things that come in sixes?!  Virgo is the 6th sign, snowflakes have 6 sided symmetry, beehive honeycomb – maximum space with the minimum of wax, the scutes of a turtle’s carapace, quartz crystals, carbon, Metatron cube (video), the flower of life.  The sum of the angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees, with each internal angle being 120 degrees, to astrologers, a trine!  A 3 dimensional figure that has 6 square sides is the cube, hexahedron!  Like dice, let’s roll! 

Whatever the angle, Virgo measures it well for a good fit!  True fitness to 2012!

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