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Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter!

Born July 23, 1989, Daniel Radcliffe, has 4 planets in Leo!  Aka Harry Potter, in 2009, he was the world’s richest star under the age of 21.  He will be 22 this year.  Daniel supports a Children’s Hospice, and though heterosexual, speaks out for gay rights.  He has won numerous awards, his Saturn Neptune conjunction in Capricorn perfect for such a wizard!  

JK Rowling is a July 31, 1965, and, per a very careful astrological read of the first book, US astrologer Barbara Schermer determined Harry Potter is July 31, 1980 – making Daniel, JK and Harry, all Leos!   

Leo, Bright Lights to 2012!

Whether night or day, Leos themselves light the way!  They catch your eye, often their hair is radiant, you feel their presence when they walk into the room!  Color makes a difference to them, and speaks their hearts and moods.  Notice when and where they wear bright color, what they are doing.  That’s probably what makes them happiest!  Sports are a pleasure, each person, team, having their own colors!  Education, performance, inspiration, open heartedness, generosity, show their gratitude for LIFE!  Working with young people gives a way for their gifts to be carried on, make the world a better place.    

The beginning of 2012 is only 1½ years from now!  What we offer, each person specially like no other, what we hold dear in our hearts, how we give as we can, bring color and light into the lives of others, will make a difference as we make this journey together.  Notice the efforts people make, tell them how it touches your Spirit, that you are honored to be with them, every day.  Feel the beat of your heart, the wind on your skin, the moonlight between your toes, sunlight in your hair, beauty in your eyes, the smile your lips make!  Give thanks for the Great Mystery.  Love on you just the way you are, now and always. Act as if you are, because surely you can be!  We are the 2012 shift!

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