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Astrology Health Reading - Be well!

For Astrologers:  Special notes on looking at a friend’s or loved one’s astrology when they have an illness….

You can look at their natal chart for susceptibilities, weaknesses.  Look at their ASC, 6th House, Saturn, whatever house/planet(s) rules what the illness is, difficult major aspects, aspect patterns.

Progressed Moon and transits are what trigger the weak spots in a chart.  So do a comparison of the natal and the transits at the time of the ONSET of the problem.  Get the time as closely as you can.  Remarkably and naturally, another person who comes into our life, acting as a ‘transit,’ can trigger health episodes.  Who you keep company with is important.  Just like we can have allergies to pets, I think we have ‘allergies,’ some more severe than others, to some people.  For an illness that doesn’t go away, compare your client’s chart with live-in loved ones to see if there is activation of sensitive health points.

Remember that outer planets move very slowly, for example Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year, so their effect is long term – they are not triggers.  Often it is the combined effect of Saturn and the faster moving ‘daily’ planets, Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, that show up in ’emergency’ charts, that trigger episodes.

Sometimes illness is what it means to that person.  For example, at the extreme, death can show up involving Mercury because communications are broken, or as Jupiter because there is a funeral, or as Mars if it is angry or violent, or Venus if comfortable and at peace at home with friends/loved ones.  Sometimes you have to query the sick person to see what the illness means to them.  If you can’t query them, you need to read in reverse.  Simply read what IS THERE, that IS the answer, even if you don’t understand it yet.

Not only are you looking at what the aspects are, but since you know this person, what you can gently offer as ideas for healing the cause of the symptoms.  A weakness is something that is with us all the time, so what is that about?  The first need is for you to be the Seer, then to diagnose, and prescribe.  The client has to choose to do the healing, but it is your job to look at the chart to see how to inspire the choice to heal.

  • Venus/2nd Cusp Sign – What/who do they love, value?
  • Jupiter/9th Cusp Sign – What signs are their future indicators in?  What do they wish the world would know?
  • Mercury/3rd Cusp Sign – What do they think about?
  • Mars/1st Cusp – What does their body like to do?
  • Saturn/10th – What are their long term commitments?

Many times, a person will listen to you when they are ill, when they would never listen to you at other times.  Take advantage of the opportunity.

Clearly, your chart compared to the client’s comes into play when it’s a friend or one of your family, especially your Mercuries, how you communicate.  Do a comparison of yours and their charts.  If you have a negative judgment of them, they know it. It will be more difficult because it hurts them to be judged, especially when they don’t feel well and are more sensitive than usual.  They have to recover from your judgment, as well as their own pain.  It doubles their work, and delays the whole process.  Remember, it is that person’s karmic/spiritual Soul choice to take on the lessons they bravely came into this life to learn.  Clear your mind; BE only the healer.  See how the Mercuries interact, if at all.  If they don’t interact, see if you can find someone who has a good connection with them to act as a go between.

Look to see how you can use what Mercury connections you do have in good ways.

  • Saturn connections might like the straight facts, a small task to do. Jupiter might like a clever parable, a good card game.
  • Mercury could like a list of remedies, a good book, their laptop, a pet visit, while Neptune may need a lot of compassion and commiserating, real solitude, or favorite music.
  • Mars would like to know when they will be up and running again, get to the point – no lectures, and Venus needs a comfy bed, wants clean, fresh good looking clothes, their hair done, someone to talk with and flowers, please!
  • The Sun would like a well-lighted room, appreciation, some entertainment, while Pluto may need darkness, privacy, be enduring more pain than you realize.  Don’t overstay just because they are listening.
  • Talk baby talk with the Moon and let them cry.  Bring them favorite foods and their children to hug.  Old movies.
  • Uranus would like to hear about their friends, love it if you sneak in something forbidden.  Camaraderie counts.

Whatever sign their Mercury is in, try to think like that, as they would.  What would THEY want, and how would they like to hear about things?  Be like the salesperson – what’s in it for your client/customer?  You are ‘selling’ your ideas to THEM, not to yourself!  They aren’t you and they don’t want to be like you, they want to be and are themselves.  Healing modes per Sign

INTEGRITY  It takes strength and self discipline to do your work as an astrologer.  You are walking a fine line when you do astrology for friends and loved ones.  That’s why it’s not recommended for doctors to have their family as patients.  So remember, you have certain ‘blind’ spots when it comes to them.  In those cases, it is always good to have 2nd and 3rd opinions from other astrologers.  Yet, cosmically, who do your friends and family feel safest with when they need to hear hard facts, even if it’s your best enemy?  Who knows them better?  You see the dilemmas.  If you need to bow out, do so as soon as you can so someone else can come in and do the work.  Blessed be.

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This Jupiter in Taurus is very happy with Mama Moon’s Sun sign Cancer.  Taurus is the food producer farmer, Cancer makes sure there is plenty of water, Mama Earth’s milk.  Jupiter is fast and expansionary, unusually big!  Earthy Taurus is steady fertile growth gaining momentum, rich in organic soil nutrients, gains a pleasing shape.  Cancer is regular care and feeding.  Crops may grow faster this year, a great volume, tasty, award winning!  This is a year it is worth taking a gardening class, cooking class!  Take time to team up with a Cancer to preserve the abundant harvest!  Freeze, dehydrate for snacks and winter stews, can.

Jupiter likes stretching its mind and body, likes on-the-spot teaching.  Cancers are forever students, sponges, often with photographic memories.  And they like photography, water colors, preserving the memory for all to see.  Family photo albums can go back for generations.  Genealogy tells the story of the women and children, the matriarchs & patriarchs that made your family what it is today.  Jupiter loves stories, tomes!  Write your memoirs with anecdotes about all your relations, sketch, illustrate, add their favorite recipes.  And keepsakes of events – tickets, napkins, a scrap of lace.

Skirts.  Cumberbunds.  Home knit wraps, caps.  Aprons.  Quilts, doilies, towels, curtains, potholders.  Baby blankies and slings.  Hankies.  These are down home traditional textiles dear to a Cancer’s heart.  Wonderful gifts to make or receive!  Jupiter in Taurus loves useful items that give comfort from kitchen to bedroom, against the skin.  Plenty and generosity.

Taurus and Cancer are both food junkies, don’t want the food to run out, love growing food, lots of it!  Jupiter has a big appetite!  Won’t you please have some more?  And they need to watch their weight.  Taurus simply loves the taste and texture.  Jupiter likes something a little foreign, maybe ceremonial.  Cancer is usually traditional, loves ice cream and creamy foods, and often has a wee bit of a sensitive tummy, so be careful with the spices.

This year would be a grand time to publish a recipe book, put up an urban homestead blog, do a little importing and exporting gourmet foods!

Happy Birthdays and Summer Solstice, Cancers!
Thank you for nurturing that precious child within us!

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A handsome Cancer who has not taken a back seat!!!!  Born June 30, 1985….

Michael Phelps, 16 times Olympic swimmer gold medalist, broke Mark Spitz’s records that had stood for 36 years, won 8 gold in Beijing 2008!  Per WikipediA FYI:  A few physical attributes particularly suit Phelps to swimming: his long, thin torso offers low drag; his arms span 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm)—disproportionate to his height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)—and act as long, propulsive “paddles”; his relatively short legs lower drag, and perhaps add the speed enhancement of a hydrofoil; his size 14 feet provide the effect of flippers; and his hypermobile ankles he can extend beyond the pointe of a ballet dancer, enabling him to whip his feet as if they were fins for maximum thrust through the water!

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PART 2, Your 2011 Astrology Highlights! 

Retrogrades, Chiron’s New Pattern, Six Eclipses, Occultations, Planetary Extremes, Super Moons, Moon Void of Course, Chinese Year of the Rabbit!

Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar, be aware of, plan ahead for! So, with your appointment book/calendar in hand….

Retrogrades Few  The usual outer planet retrogrades, no Mars or Venus retrogrades, Mercury 3 times as usual – Mar 30 to April 23 in Aries, Aug 2 to 26 in Leo/Virgo, and Nov 23 to Dec 13 in Sagittarius.

Chiron’s new pattern, retrograde degrees start overlapping each other. That means sometimes a planet in your chart may be activated 5 times rather than only the 3 times as in the past. The only other planets that do this are Pluto and Neptune. So their activations can, at times, be dense, and intense, repetitive, taking 3 years – the year before they are exact and the 2 years they are exact. If they activate planets in very close degrees, more than one planet at a time, in your chart, it can be intense indeed, complicated, at those times. If they activate a string of planets in your chart one after another, issues can cascade, one to the next, for years and years. You live through things longer than you would ever have thought possible. These are those lawsuits that go on and on, health matters that frazzle your Spirit, children that don’t get over things and have trouble growing up, couples that fight for years never-ending. If you are in such a sequence, get support, see your part in things, get informed, take especially good care of yourself. Call me for a reading, I’ll check for you.

SIX Eclipses in a year happens every 4.5 years or so, and we have a Unique Dark Moon!  Four of the six 2011 eclipses are Metonic returns of the eclipses of 1992, repeating on the same dates and degrees. The other two repeat the date and degrees of the New Moons! While many eclipses repeat at 19-year intervals, some do not. Eclipse Frequency

Jan 4 Solar Eclipse, New Moon 13 Capricorn, same day as Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces!
June 1 Solar Eclipse, New Moon 11 Gemini
   Jupiter enters Taurus, sextiles Neptune between the 6.1 and 6.15 eclipses, all of them preceding Summer Solstice!
June 15 TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon 24 Sagittarius
July 1 Solar Eclipse New Moon 9 Cancer
July Two New Moons, July 1 & July 30! Call the second New Moon of July what you will! Dark Moon, Black Moon, Secret Moon, Spinner’s Moon, Finder’s Moon. The second one of the month is considered especially potent for magical practice.
Two eclipses during Mercury Retrograde! 
      Nov 23 Mercury Rx
      Nov 24 Solar Eclipse, New Moon 2 Sagittarius, on ThanksGiving Day!

      Dec 6 Jupiter sextile Chiron 2nd time
      Dec 10 TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon 18 Gemini
      Dec 13 Mercury Direct

Occultations are Eclipses, just not Moon/Sun Combos! They occur when planets are lined up both horizontally and vertically, exactly in conjunction in the line of sight! Some years they happen again and again, often to the same planet. 2011 there are only 3, all formed by the Moon to different planets – 6.30 Venus, 7.27 Mars, 10.27 Mercury.

Planetary Extremes, March Lineup!
Jan 3 Perihelion, Earth closest Sun; July 4 Aphelion Earth farthest from Sun.
Mar 9 Mars Perihelion, every 2 years
Mar 16  Mercury Perihelion, annual
Mar 17 Jupiter Perihelion, every 12 years!  This is the big one that is super charging 2011, the Aries Stellium!  Click here for more!
Mar 19 closest Perigee, Moon to earth; Apr 2 is the furthest Apogee, Moon’s distance from Earth. Quakes, volcanic eruptions, major storms, high tides are often at perigees. Apogees can be calm to the point of malaise.

6 Super Moons, one Extreme, 100% +

Feb 18, 2011 | 00.36 AM   |  Full Moon | 29 Leo
Mar 19, 2011 | 11.10 PM  | Full Moon | 28 Virgo  | Extreme, closest Perigee, to Earth. Jupiter perihelion March 17.
Apr 17, 2011  |   7.44 PM  |  Full Moon | 27 Libra
Sep 27, 2011 |   4.09 AM  | New Moon | 04 Libra
Oct 26, 2011  | 12.56 PM  | New Moon | 03 Scorpio
Nov 24, 2011  |  10.10 PM | New Moon | 02 Sagittarius | Partial Eclipse, ThanksGiving Day

Moon Void of Course April 4 to Aug 4, as Neptune enters Pisces, no outer planets, that’s Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, and Jupiter, will be in late degrees, all are in new signs! That means the Moon will often have long Void of Course times when no planets are in late degrees of any of the signs. From the time a planet makes its last major aspect, a conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition, until it enters a new sign, is the time it is Void of Course, VC. The general interpretation is nothing will come of anything started during VC time. You go shopping for an item that is regular stock, and they are out of it that day! Sometimes it’s a good thing nothing comes of your effort, better left unsaid, so to speak, or, oops, thank God you didn’t do that! But not a preferred time for the interview for the job you really want. Yet, another interpretation is there is nothing to stop the matter, it’s a done deal. If the Moon’s last aspect was classically favorable, I would lean toward declaring a positive outcome for action taken. Generally, I would postpone if possible.

Feb 3 starts the Chinese Year of the Rabbit!

See above or click here for Part 1!

Sign Changes, Jupiter Transits, Stelliums – Planets in the Same Sign, 56 day Super Aries Stellium, Bowls!_______________________________________________________________________________________

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