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He’s here!  On our Super Full Moon, last day of Cancer, first day of LEO!  He’s a Cancer!  Born just before the sign change, 29 Cancer 59, the very last minute of Cancer!!!!  8 pounds, 6 ounces.  No name announced yet.


Born just before the Full Moon, Moon in late degrees of Capricorn!  Sometimes weak when younger, super strong as get older.  Serious, scientific, a builder.  Look wise before their time.

He is Scorpio rising/Ascendant.  May be private, astute judge of character, interested in what makes life tick.  Passionate, perfectionist.  Finances matter.

Cancer Stellium (4 planets in Cancer) in the Scorpio House, so like a double Scorpio!  Mom is super important, both as nurturer, and with Mars in Cancer, someone to test his independence with.  Highly intuitive.

Venus newly in Virgo, ZERO degrees!  There is a fresh innocence, a purity, and a love of fine detail and patterns.  Wants to work, to put things together.  Enjoys quality and appreciates excellence of the production process, efficiency.  Organic foods, herbal healing may play a part in good health.  With Venus sextile Saturn, Father, he’s going to look up to his Dad as a strong role model.

Pluto in the 2nd House, Neptune in Pisces, Pisces on 4th.  Martial arts, scuba diving, and music may bring sweet satisfaction – physical exertion and relaxation.

Super Full Moon!  What I said about the Super Full Moon will also be true for his chart.

Kate and Prince William's Baby Boy Astrological Chart!

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About.com says: Lions are the only cat species that forms social groups, called prides. A pride of lions typically includes about five females and two males and their young.  Prides are often described as matriarchal because more females belong to a pride.  They remain long-term members of the pride because they live longer than male lions.

Though we think of Leo as a creature of hot summer, lions/Leos, don’t start their hunting until dusk, enjoying the cooler time of day.  After all, they do have their fur coats on, and like to sleep 20 out of 24 hours.  Lazy?  No, good.  They are great hunters, and take care of business powerfully and swiftly!  They work efficiently in teams, and, indeed, enjoy great social play time whether it’s daytime or a nighttime party!  They do take pride in their looks, their fab hair especially, and their finery whether it be the latest fashion or a fine home with a sweeping view.  Often Leo homes will be on a bit higher ground, or have a balcony of sorts, for them to hold court from!

Leo women love receiving little gifts, or big gifts, being courted and cared for tenderly and romantically.  But make no mistake, they can call the shots with no qualms, be in charge, be teachers, physicians, lead with their athletic prowess!  Treat your handsome Leo guy like the prince he is, and he will roll over and purr!  He is grateful for your recognition and appreciation!  He may flirt, can’t help it, but you’re his one and only!

Leo children need lots of praise and affection, be let to try out their capabilities.  Give them lots to do interspersed with play and snuggly quiet rest time.  They need cheerful playmates and examples of positive social skills.  They can be selfish if fearful, generous if they have good self esteem, trust their own abilities, feel well-loved.

Big hearted, it is grand to be loved by a fiery Leo!

Now for some odd Leo stats from Britain, Security Gripes:

Leos total 19% of the imprisoned population for crimes of violence.  (Woops)
Leos total 9% of the population in mental institutes.
Leos total 17% of the armed forces.
Leos are the least represented sign in the world of art.  (How can that be?)
Leos are more represented in the security world than any other sign.
Leos are least prone to blackmail than any other sign.

Happy Birthdays, Leos!

Leo’s heroine this year is from the past!

She is the fabulous Aug 7, 1884 Billie Burke, who performed Glinda, the good witch of the North, Wizard of OZ (also Leo, premiered Aug 15, 1939)! She said: I am constantly amazed when I talk to young people to learn how much they know about sex and how little about soap. :) She was Ziegfeld’s (Follies) wife, and has a filmography list like you wouldn’t believe!  See her chart and a bit about it!

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