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Aug 20 Virgo Mercury Retrograde until Sep 12

Mercury, Communications

Time for changes in your system, your health practices, services you render, pet care, arrangements with your landlord/tenants.  Try some new things in your garden, clean up your life.  Be gentle about keeping appointments by keeping people informed when there is a change of schedule.  Don’t be surprised when there are mix ups!  Don’t move unless you have to.  If you do, have options for further change.  Buy returnable items or ones with hefty guarantees.  Get second opinions and if possible, wait until 5 days after Mercury goes direct Sep 12 to make up your mind.   Please see About Mercury Retrograde.

Aug 21 Saturn square Pluto 3rd of three 

All three of these have occurred with Saturn in Libra.  Many will be happy this aspect is done since one of its most difficult possibilities is bankruptcy.  Wise use of funds, applying time to earning income, apprenticing to learn financially rewarding skills, building steadily, protecting oneself from cheats, accepting the reality of what we don’t want to see, extending oneself into relationships that bring power in a good way, are intense challenges.  Achieved feels darn good.  

Please also see Nov 15, 2009 and Jan 31, 2010 

Hooray!!!!  This aspect marks the last of the difficult 2010 aspects that have been associated with major economic shifts that have caused many changes in related issues.  Since there is not a series of easy, classically favorable, aspects until mid 2011, other than personal excellent aspects, change for more easy living is going to take some more time.  All you do now to forward those changes will pay off, so even if the pay off isn’t immediate, stack the deck.  Chance favors the prepared mind – Louis Pasteur.  

That’s why I love astrology!

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