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In view of the current Uranus, planet of Freedom, in Aries, square with Pluto in Capricorn, I choose this talk if you would like to hear him.

Thich Nhat Hanh is now in hospital. The Sisters ask that you sit, peacefully for Thay, as they are doing, and send him your love. Also, that you might like to chant for him (you could do it along with the monks and nuns) this Avalokiteshvara Chant: The clip is 3 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfaXNGJiUc. He was said to be in a coma/unconscious state, but a later post says he is responsive! Please see more details and future announcements at www.plumvillage.org

He was born October 11, 1926 in Tha Tien, Quang Ngai province, Vietnam. Now 88 years, he became a Buddhist monk at 16. Saturn in Scorpio, a planet and sign of endings and healings combination, is just past its third return in his chart. 8 is the number of Scorpio, 88 is a Master number. He has served an honorable lifetime, healing, changing, teaching, guiding, mastering how to be a Master.

Thay, as he is affectionately called, has his Moon in Sagittarius I believe. It could be in Scorpio, but Sag fits him. He is a teacher, a traveler, spiritualist. We think of the Moon as a place we have come from in past lives, an accumulation of talent per the sign it is in. He is an adept. The moon shows what our home is like and where it is. His is far from where he was born, now at Plum Village in France, a teaching community he founded.

His Sun is Libra, seeking a balance of cultures, beings, within oneself. His Venus is there too, looking for grace in all places, beauty in all souls, sweetness, kindness.

We don’t know his Ascendant or which houses his planets are in because his birth time is unknown.

Jupiter in Aquarius indicates his world travel, the sharing of wisdom planet wide. It points to the wide range of his thinking. Personally I enjoy his walking meditation concept since in time it became difficult for me to sit. Jupiter in Aquarius trine (the most favorable aspect) his Sun also shows his fame.

Mercury in Scorpio shows a depth of thought beyond average, acute perception. His Mercury is opposite Chiron in Taurus, wounded healer teacher. He requests mindfulness, unstinting awareness that results in seeing one’s own and the needs of others in context of each other.

Mars is in Taurus, a combination of being Steady in the Light, continued good works, divine patience, a strength beyond what is expected, peace in motion. It is square Jupiter, simplicity taking on Goliath, the glorified perversities of a commercial world. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy flying. Powerfully, it sextiles Pluto in Cancer, the planet of finances, the deepest relationships of all, in the sign of nurturing unconditionally. Plum Village has been internationally funded, giving shelter, safety, solitude, to people from all over the world.

Saturn trines Uranus in Pisces and squares the ruler of Pisces, Neptune. He has the support of so many people and challenges the world’s spiritualism. A small nonthreatening man, but powerful nonetheless. It is not always easy for him seeing the blind cruelties that exist. He takes on mere mortal complacency.

With love, we always learn from the charts of others, especially those whose lives are documented. May you be inspired.

Sagittarius Oct 11, 1926 Thich Nhat Hahn, Spiritual Master

We salute you, bow in Spirit, thank you for your service on this planet, Thich Nhat Hanh. Please hold him peacefully in your good thoughts.

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Cancer Robin Williams Scorpio ASC

This is truly sad news. Robin Williams has passed. Rest in peace, dear One.

His birth time is known, so if you would like to see his birth chart, it’s below…Scorpio ASC, Sun Cancer, Moon Pisces, triple water.

Death by asphyxia, suicide. Reports say he was battling depression recently. Saturn the planet of sadness is in Virgo, sometimes thinking the worst, self critical. It is also a hard working combination and in good aspect, sextile, with his Sun. So many years of profound achievement and touching so many Souls right to the Core. Saturn squared Chiron in Sagittarius, the wounded healer, optimism versus hopelessness. As a Cancer sensitive, he knew the full range of emotions.

His Moon, the planet of Cancer, was in the sign Pisces, spiritual, psychic, empath, and addict of one sort or another, all rolled into one. As he said, ‘It was just there.’

Such a crazy guy, his trademark. So weird, so funny. He dared to act out what we only know is inside us too. Venus in Virgo, the details that made it all real, was in great aspect with his Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer. He was strange in good ways, and made fun so cleverly of our foibles and downright idiocy at times! We could laugh and let off steam together, thankful we weren’t exposed. He legitimized some of our unordained behaviors. He let us live life a little bigger, with a wild smile on our face!

With Mercury just past Pluto in Leo, he dramatized the secrets we carried, penetrated our defenses. He pulled down the shades! What a rogue and merry man! So we forgave him and laughed with him when he was laughing at us!

Mars squared Neptune, in its own house, the 12th. That is a classic do-it-yourself death. Also square Jupiter, a Cardinal T Square, his imaginations were sometimes amplified. And he caused his own funeral. He skipped out on the long-life journey, had enough. I hope you don’t mind my speaking plainly. This kind of death, cardinal signs, is often a sudden type, many times not planned at all, reacts to an accumulation of factors. We had just had the Full Moon at 18 degrees Leo/Aquarius the day before. That happened exactly on his 18 Leo Pluto, the planet of Death.

We look at factors in charts, especially of our loved ones, with the hope of allaying such circumstances when challenging times come. But there are balance points too, and sometimes we touch our fate. Robin did 63 years of exceptional giving. He changed our thinking, he opened our hearts. To me, he qualifies as a Great Soul.

Robert Williams’ natal/birth Chart:

Cancer Robin Williams Astrology Chart

For those of you doing charting, so far we know he died before noon, Aug 11, 2014, at home in Tiburon. I’ll update this as more information is released.  

You may notice I’m using the 0 degree Scorpio ASC chart. Until July 1, 1959, except during WWII, Illinois birth times were recorded in Central STANDARD time. Naturally, that didn’t always happen and the public clock time in use was recorded. In this case, I am going with that, Central Daylight time. It fits the circumstances of his death to the degree. The 8th house of death cusp, dividing line, is 29 Taurus, the degree of the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters, something to weep about. Taurus rules the neck, death can be by strangulation or hanging. In this case, he died by self hanging. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is sextile Mars, the do-it-yourself planet, in Cancer, at home, and, sadly, he succeeded. The 29th degree, the last degree of a Sign, is also called the Anaretic Degree, or karmic degree. It has to do with the apex of success as well as leavings and endings.

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Aries is the ram and lamb; Taurus is the bull, cattle for meat, cows for milk.  Gemini is the first ‘human’ sign, the Twins, an air sign ruling the lungs, our very breath of life, the same breath we use to communicate the Word.  Gemini is also the hands we reach out with to touch heal one another, a handshake, an honoring acknowledgement.  Without communication we wither.  Feeling unheard, unaccepted, so alone, we can just die.  At the least, we stop talking.

In some ways we are all ‘Another yourself.’  We all have all the signs, planets and houses.  There is a harmonic, an understanding, if we know where to look for it.  I believe it is true that Souls are at different levels, making communications impossible if the gap is too large, yet the harmonic is still there.  One of the two can see it, perhaps lay a path of opportunity.  I believe sometimes spirits can be so broken as to be irreparable.  A seasoned teacher/healer learns when to let go and move on to help who can be helped.  We are called because we sense the harmonic, a place in our self that needed a similar healing, even just a simple recognition of suffering, that makes us yearn to put in a seed of change, a comforting touch.  Such it is when we perceive ‘I am another yourself.’

Chatting  you up is often so not casual or frivolous as many think.  It’s a fine diversion, an invitation to change your focus, a time placeholder until your thoughts get in order.  It’s often quite calming.

Geminis are fabulous at keeping us informed moment to moment, current affairs right here in the ‘hood!  Magazines, blogs, the news, newsletters, the letter from your GrandMa, over your fence to the neighbors,  coupons in the mail, your local errands!  Get tickets for two!

Sibs, of course.  Another form of ‘twins’ ‘cause they are in your tribe.  Even though they don’t agree with you, they came from where you came from, and they ‘get’ it.

Sports involving twosomes – tennis is a favorite, an on your feet whole body exchange.  Just like a twin, you must mirror, can even anticipate, the other’s action to do well in the game.  Twins in practice!

Pets come in twosomes – they need someone of their kind to talk/play with, to fully grow.

Contracts are one of Gemini’s specialties.  And calligraphy.  Might as well pretty it up, written words flow just like a living voice!

Wherever Gemini is, there will be curiosity and change as ideas are explored!  Diversity is their gift, adaptability their Ace!  Offer your Gemini children many
opportunities to strengthen their mind muscle to make good choices!  They are not your clone, their planets have moved further ahead than where yours were when you were born, but they still have all those same signs, planets and houses, just in different places.  That crosses all generations.  Take special time with them to understand, for they are the latest version of another yourself.

On another note, how Gemini can a day get?!

Last night, May 19, I went to see the Premiere of Identical, a movie about identical twin boys, one sweet spirited, the other ‘evil’ – a killer who kills to ‘protect’ his twin.  Earlier in the day I had a client who has recently had a facelift.  Isn’t she still ‘identical’ to herself?  Yet, she is ‘facing’ a difficult family situation where she is about to set lifelong needed boundaries, is putting a new ‘face’ on her affairs in other realms of her life as well, including doing some remodeling!  Got me to thinking.  Gemini, to its great credit and advantage, is two-faced, two people, male/female.  Gemini has double the options, and keeps multiplying!  We can be face to face, face off, or have your back, eyes in the back of your head, aware of the many facets of a situation!

Gemini Donald Trump

Gemini, June 14, 1946, Donald Trump, has been in the news lately as a presidential candidate who dropped out!  Trump is a TV Celebrity, real estate mogul.  Bill Gates is at $56B, Warren Buffett at $50B, DT a mere $2.7B per Forbes!  The announcement occurred with Jupiter square his natal Venus, Sun moving in to square his Mars, Chiron with Mars moving in to Yod his natal Neptune, hence the mysteries regarding his dealings, and a lost dream.  Trump has a mixed financial reputation as does June 5, 1951 Suze Orman, another famous Gemini in the money world.

Happy Birthdays, Geminis!

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Sai Baba – Astrological Birth and Death Charts

Scorpio - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Easter.  Today, that day of Resurrection, is the day the Great Master, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, chose to leave his earthly body.  What a message.  We are born again.

Here is the chart of his birth.  What is most unique is that he never left India to bring his message to the world.  At 84, he was revered by millions worldwide, with ashrams in over 126 countries.  Devotees included high-placed politicians, movie stars, world-class athletes and industrialists.  Over my lifetime, I have had friends who were with him when he performed some of his miracles.  I am a believer, and am sad at his passing, blessed that he lived, for my friends’ miracles were real to me and changed me too.

Sai Baba – Scorpio Sun & Ascendant, Moon Cancer

Saturn was next to his Sun in Scorpio when he was born, made him like a Capricorn as well as a Scorpio.  One of Saturn/Capricorn, abilities is apporting – the ability to materialize things out of thin air.  My friends saw him make roses appear in his hands, and the sacred ritual ash, Vibuthi, for their foreheads.  With Saturn at Baba’s Ascendant and Sun, he was a hard worker, and likely life was not always easy.  He never married or had children.  They say we teach what we need to learn.  Baba’s Venus and Mercury were in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Aquarius, a love of spiritual teaching and people of all places.  His Mars was in Taurus, an enduring warrior devoted to his purpose, a founder.  His Moon in Cancer gave him a love of home, so he built an ashram, a spiritual home for people to come live and learn with him.  Crowning his chart is Neptune in Leo, at 26 degrees in a positive exact trine with wth Galactic Center, 26 Sagittarius!  Spirituality fit for a king, major fame, though most Scorpios like to operate from behind the scenes.  Another thing that brought this man forward was that four of his planets, Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury were all in his first house, the Aries house, making him sacrifice his privacy for leadership!  Or you could say he led from behind since his medium was meditation and spirituality, both invisible!

Baba’s Death Chart, Easter April 24, 2011, Puttaparthy, India at 7.40 AM

It is thought by many that the sign you die in is the one you reincarnate in!  So here he went with Sun and Ascendant in Taurus, the opposite sign of his Sun and Ascendant he had this life, Scorpio!  Pluto and Moon are in Capricorn, the opposite sign they were in this life, Cancer!  In both instances, he has gone the maximum distance, reach, across the zodiac!  He leaves us during a 5 planet Aries Stellium (cluster of 3 or more planets in the same sign), a champion even in death.  The Ascendant of his death chart is 29 degrees Taurus, a classic degree in horary astrology of something to weep about, the degree of the 7 Sisters, the Pleiades.  Indeed.

Death Chart around Birth Chart 

Difficult Aspects
Pluto in Capricorn at his natal South Node – controversy over past leadership/authority/integrity
Neptune/Chiron Pisces square natal Venus/Mercury Sagittarius – unsurety over management of the Satya Sai Central Trust, estimated to be worth over $8.9 billion, or much more, and issues of fake miracles.  No successor has been named to run the trust.  Venus and Mercury are money and naming.  Neptune and Chiron are spiritual business, the unknowable, miracles.
Saturn in Libra and Mercury/Mars/Jupiter in Aries forming a T square natal North Node, Moon, Pluto in Cancer – controversy over sexual abuse of devotees, fake miracles, the June 1993 killings in his bedroom.  Oops.  Saturn can be rather merciless, wants an accounting.  Mercury/Mars/Jupiter search for the truth.  Moon is bedrooms/at home, Pluto is vast sums of $, death, mysteries.

Positive Aspects
Neptune/Chiron Pisces sextile natal Mars in Taurus
– hopefully things will be worked out with the Trust leadership and the good works will continue
Uranus/Venus in Aries trine natal Venus/Mercury in Sagittarius – world love and leadership will network to carry on teaching the message, helping to focus for the June 5, 2012 Venus Transit and Mayan Crossroads/Sacred Tree Dec 21, 2012
Jupiter in Aries sextile natal Jupiter in Aquarius – Jupiter rules fame, orthodox religion, state ceremonies, funeral rituals, truth, teaching, expansion.  Perhaps much more will come to light about Baba’s life in the next few years.  However that may shake out, he brought millions of people planet wide to spiritual insights and practice.  Millions of people in conscious practice are needed to keep the balance in a frightened world.  They will carry the power of the tipping point to a better life.

Steady in the Light and your Practice.  In Love, Cerena

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