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Make your Magic, M'Lady!

New Moon Feb 21, Mardi Gras, at 2 Pisces, 2:35 PM Pacific.  I’m wolf howling! 5 planets in Pisces!  Starts with Pisces’ own planet Neptune, then Sun/Moon, Chiron, all in the first five degrees!  Mercury finishes up at 14 Pisces.  If the Spirit doesn’t get you….  Dance, surf, meditate, retreat, lotus flower bath, old movies, music of your choice, make magic!  The New Moon is at the same degree as Uranus in Aries!  What you believe must come to life with electricity, and with Venus in Aries too, pizzazz!  Mercury is within one degree of Venus.  Time for some poetry, insightful storytelling, magnetic miracle advertising.  Make it useful but more bold than ordinary!

Full Moon March 8 at 18 Virgo, 1:39 AM Pacific.  This Full Moon is a stand alone, activating no other planets.  The Moon last passed over Mars in Virgo yesterday afternoon.  Pesky details or glad to get things cleaned up, moved on, organized, at last!  Maybe you were a tad impatient?  Or were you inspired and took the lead after all?!  Balance work and rest.  Get outdoors, seashore time!

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Pisces - Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras!  It’s got everything Pisces – religion, art, music, magic! Romance, mystery, indulgence in the finest, confidants of like Spirit!

Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, is the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. This year it is March 8! Lent is a time of giving up something, a symbolic surrender of your ego that tells you that you have the right to have anything anytime. Oh, really. Ok. So it’s a good exercise for your Soul. It will continue for 46 days until Saturday, the 23rd of April.  Can you do it? I’m going to give it a try, again. I’m not Catholic, so this isn’t natural behavior in my genes. Give it a little thought, make it meaningful to how you are living your life, your intentions.  How will this clear your path, make you happier, more able?!

Lent is very Pisces also. The idea of surrender, giving up, is Pisces through and through. Only this time, you choose it, it is not put upon you, you are NOT the victim! It’s not due to poverty or old time chastity vows, not even something someone told you to do, unless you are Catholic. If no one is telling you to do it, it is a genuine gesture, a truth for yourself.

Repent and do penance.  Admit, make amends, might be another way to phrase this. Let this be a true celebration of your good place among us. You as your pure Self, dedicated to giving the best within you! Take us back into your heart, let us take you into ours.

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