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Saturn turned direct, forward, June 12, but is still holding a one degree orb, range, to his 10 degree Libra station (appears to be stationary, still, in the sky) until July 8.  As said last month, ‘those of you with planets at 8 through 12 degrees will feel the need to enforce or question the rules, make or break commitments, let go or take responsibility, respond to age issues, make career choices, engage in father/ing matters, build for a stable future.  Being overwhelmed burdens the Soul; timing that fits the deed and your needs and your Spirit makes all the difference.  Focus and do your best.  Make yourself proud!  Now’s the time to turn around, take it forward!’

Jupiter is now well founded in Taurus, up to 3 degrees, working its way to the Retrograde station at 10 degrees!  Familiar degree?!  It will be stationary at 10 degrees from Aug 15 to Sep 14.  To me this is significant because this is the other sign VENUS rules.  Libra, and Taurus.  It will hold this 150 degrees, quincunx, inconjunct, away from the 10 degree Libra position that Saturn is now holding.  Taurus and Libra both have to do with love and beauty.  Taurus is of money and worldly goods, a lovely body to sculpt, earth herself.  Libra is of marriage love, grace, and etiquette, fine arts, exquisite landscapes.  Saturn in Libra has called us to build this Libran beauty into our lives, each our own way, to take time for grace, allow a patina of maturity, respect.  Jupiter in Taurus invites a recognition and acceptance of organic, intrinsic being, what is, basic values.  It senses a solid step in the ‘right’ direction.  It sees a broader beauty that comes from simple peace.  Yoga.  As Swami Krishnananda says, it is ‘a perceptional change, and not merely an act of doing something with your body.’

In this case, in the sequence of time, Libra has been first, Taurus will follow.  That’s in reverse of zodiacal order.  So humans and their personal balance, and their balance among our peers comes first.  How we treat our self, each other.  If we don’t treat ourselves well and have bank of grace with some to spare, giveaway, how will we be magnetic and attract beauty, with the financial poise that brings peace?  Sometimes a perfect storm clears the path; other times, a gentle fearless course, a smile at your enemy, dispels the battle, quells the defenses.  Through the lovingness of another (Libra), a courtship of Spirit, we are blessed with seeing, feeling, we are so very ok to BE our Self, just the way we are (Taurus).  Divine.

Fascinating combination, Jupiter in Taurus.  In Taurus Jupiter is grounded, toned down, less needing to wander off, pleased with where it has landed, becomes more the observer, offers options for expansion.  Taurus is jazzed up with Jupiter on its turf, gets curious with the ‘what ifs,’ is a wee bit more motivated, less its predictable self, dabbles in foreign affairs.  The rolling stone gathers no moss.

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Taurus, 2012 Peace Walk

Taurus is the soil of our Earth, a safe, secure, fertile, nurturing holding place where Aries seed ideas can grow well. Taurus is like an old she-bear. In winter, Bear hugs the Earth, grounding, connecting with Earth rhythms. In Spring she lumbers along, walking like a tree, that’s, at times, standing still like a tree, rooted, centered, tall, observing, sniffing the wind, contemplating what’s valuable. She’s the Pause, giving time for Geminis to catch their breath, think what to say, spread the good word.  

Strength. It takes a kind of strength to stand still, be poised in the balance, to know who you are, to take the time it takes, support others as they pass through your life, have peace in every step. A lot of times we forget the Path is how we get there, not just the destination. The quality of the journey affects the outcome. Be mindful of your steps. Protect your seedlings, be gentle with scared co-walkers. Once the foundation is established, let momentum build. Check your map frequently to be sure your bus is on course; make sensible adjustments. Do what you can, then let God. Things are coming our way as much as we are going toward them. Give them time to arrive. They are coming as fast as they can.  

2012 is only 21 months away. Bare your feet, feel your walk, sense your destination. Lay down, roll on your back, stick your feet up in the air, count your toes! Sit frequently, like the Buddha, ground yourself. Open your eyes, see the beauty, be the perfect fit in your special body, doing what only you can do. Your passion is radiant; what you share is magnetic. Many will join your good walk.  

Emeralds in the Meadow!


Sweet image by Kristin Corinne Loy

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