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Gemini 2019 Celestial HighLights

The Magic of Multidimensional Gemini!

Gemini the Web of Souls in Communication

Gemini: The Web of Souls in Communion 

Stream of Consciousness. Seeing with the Third Eye. Connections a mile a minute! It can be chatter or natter or lead you to a place you forgot you were going to and all of a sudden you are there! There are diversions, excursions, conversions and reformations at the unknown destination that becomes what it all started for. The loops are better than an entire carnival of rides all while you are standing in the same place! In the fastest synapses you’ve traveled 1000s of miles, through centuries of adventure, at no cost but a bit of your time and attention. You may be confused, dazzled, delighted all at once. Ah, now you get it – you too are experiencing Multidimensionality! In Gemini’s company you have a symbolic ‘seeing eye guide dog.’ What they see, you see. With Gemini it is like living several lifetimes in one, sometimes as if in more than one person, in the treasured dualities of Earth and Heaven! The more they talk, the more you see.

Profound silent listening. There are so many extraordinary ways to be entertained. People watching. Humans are fascinating. A trifecta of talent. Gotta see how that was done. Information so well delivered on such an important topic you are enthralled and want to sign up! A heartfelt demonstration of faith and courage, or an instant lifesaving response that leaves you overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. Geminis have listening ears that give them the tonal quality of what’s happening and they give it the keenest attention. Later they share it well, in detailed accuracy right down to the feelings and mannerisms of the participants. For a few minutes you become one with the experience as if it happened to you!

Mimic and Mime. You can see yourself. To be recognized by such a quick intelligence is to know your valued place among us. Gemini’s rendition of us may be funny, a caricature, respectfully honorable, or an unquestionable portrayal. They can do various renditions of facets of how various people may see, yet all be of the same person! It makes us be more self aware, think of what we show, how we carry ourselves, whether we are succeeding in becoming the person we hoped to be. When we see it done of someone else, we become aware of how much more there is of them than we realized. Or we see that person as they truly are. Sometimes we stand corrected, are more appreciative of them. One way or another, we are illuminated, be it our self or them.

Adaptational. A morph a minute. Gemini responds like air blowing across a field of grass! There is a sway with the dance of the breeze. There are moments of upright stillness. Warm sun on our face, clearheaded. Sometimes you can almost watch the movie by watching Gemini’s face change! You can often tell when a change is coming. They ‘read’ things very quickly and go with the flow. They are intelligent and clever, adapt quickly to whole sets of ideas at once. They adjust the parts and pieces, and, behold, a whole new working order! You may have to guard against distractions…

The Breath of Life – deeply drinking a breath, a sigh, a gasp! The sound of your voice, soothing to inspirational. The runner cruising at a comfortable pace, or breathing with all their might, first to the finish line! The friction of a raspy curse. The exhilaration of a change of heart. The tingle of a fright! Gemini is vivid with boundless expression! They make us feel alive even when we disagree or are dying, LOL! How dare them! But we thank God for their wanton wandering, laughing for no reason, their stunning perceptions, the symbols they evoke and invoke!

A Touch of the Heart. Words or hands, a healer. Words can be a kick in the buns that translates to ‘I know you can do this, I love you, get going!’ A lover caressing you with their sensuous touch, electric. A healer doing laying on of hands without even touching you, simply an energy in person or from far away. A quizzical invitation, an expression that sweeps you into a new realm, keen for the latest encounters! If you are a baby, it may be blowing bubbles, motorboat, on your little tummy. If you are old, in the cradle of transition, it can be someone gently holding your hand, looking lovingly into your eyes, the last connection you ever feel.

Though so fantastically different we are all the same. We just express ourselves uniquely, parts of a grand interwoven pattern of the Universe. We are forever bonded with each other in spiritual Union. When the chain is broken we all feel it, know it, somehow. We feel that loss. We instinctively try to close the gap, reestablish the flow, improve the exchange. Miracles happen in the stratosphere as new consciousness is embraced.

Offhand, I’d say you get your money’s worth! Gemini uses all forms of communications possible in every magical moment! And, well, for no charge at all, one thing leads to another…

Be Blessed and Gifted.

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Gemini 2019 Celestial Highlights!  

Astronomy 6.16.19 Gemini Strawberry Moon Jupiter Antares

June 16 to 18 Full Strawberry Moon with Jupiter, Antares, then Saturn!

On both June 16 and 17, 2019, the moon will appear full to the eye as it shines close to the king planet Jupiter all night long. The crest of the moon’s full phase comes at a specific instant, though – the instant the moon and sun are most opposite each other on our sky’s dome for this month – and that moment happens on June 17, 2019, at 1:31AM Pacific. For the most of us in the North America, that means the moon turns full in the wee hours before sunrise on Monday, June 17.

JUNE 10 Jupiter at opposition! The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. A medium-sized telescope should be able to show you some of the details in Jupiter’s cloud bands. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter’s four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet. Happy viewing and have fun!

Thank you always to Doug McClure at EarthSky!

Gemini 2019 Timeline! Lots to celebrate! 


21  Happy Gemini!
27  Memorial Day


3    New Moon
16  Father’s Day
16  Jupiter Square Neptune
17  Full Strawberry Moon
18  Saturn sextile Neptune
21  Happy Cancer, Summer Solstice!

Gemini Overview of Year to Come!

An impressive sequence of unusual aspects started with the Oct 30, 2018 Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic! at 18 Capricorn! June 16 & 18 2019 Jupiter and Saturn with Neptune are at 18 Pisces. The ten months of Jupiter/Saturn Neptune aspects lead up to the Nov 11 Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse of the Sun at 18 Scorpio! And its sister aspect Nov 19 is Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center! at 27 Sagittarius. Those in turn prepare us for the 22 Capricorn Jan 12, 2020 Saturn Conjunct Pluto and the Mar 21 4 Planet Capricorn Stellium, The Crown! at 23-29 Capricorn as Saturn changes signs! Saturn conjunct Pluto is precisely linked to the powerful aspect, Jupiter conjunct Pluto at the same degree and sign, the aspect most close to the 2020 Presidential Elections. Some things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Mercury acted as witness to the Ecliptic event and observer, documentarian of what he saw at that time and the results in the year following. Conjunct the Sun, the Transit of Mercury Eclipse, Mercury will be empowered by solar light, to express himself in the most radiant manner possible! People will listen. Mercury is the information gatherer, messenger. Mercury is strengthened to receive then report on Jupiter at the GALACTIC CENTER! He puts it in perspective, knows the meaning, intention, long term purpose! Mercury is the neighbor you know; Jupiter is, in this case, the galactic traveler, a fascinating impressive stranger!

Pluto was at the Ecliptic at 18 Capricorn 58 Rx. The Transit Mercury Eclipse will be sextile (opportunity) at 18 Scorpio 55 Rx. Mercury will move back to 11 SC 43 Rx when at the Galactic Center. Notice these are all Rx, retrograde. Retrograde means you have been there before and you will be again afterwards. It’s a 3 part cycle. Three chances. It’s good to get it right!

By November 8, 2019, all SIX of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s 2019’s outer planet aspects shall have been formed with Neptune in Pisces! Jupiter square Neptune, challenges, stirs up our dreams, makes us face misfortunes. At times we are discouraged, overwhelmed, or Pandora’s box opens and we are over the top with wishes, crazy for believing in such miracles! Yet there it is, we want to try! Be inspired, break free from old fears! Saturn sextile Neptune is a peerless appraiser, even ‘sees’ what is not visible! If he’s behind you, he is determined to get the job done. Inimitable! Forget sleeping in, get up and get going, one step at a time if necessary, but do it! Those SIX aspects finish just before the Nov 11, eleven, eleven, Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse and its sister aspect Nov 19 Jupiter at the Galactic Center. Our Neptune imagination is being primed, tested, found strong and receptive!

These profound events will be during Sun in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. The transmissions are taken in deeply, churned like good butter. Since Mercury is mind, Jupiter meaning, we may not witness physical change, especially with such an aspect as exotic and from so far away as the Galactic Center, but our Soul doesn’t miss a trick! Changes will seem to unfold for no reason and one day we realize there has become a difference.

Gemini, the sensitive inquisitor, is curious about the Dec 2 entry of Jupiter into Earth sign Capricorn. Gemini will document the shift, how it’s effects feather out among us. With Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn there will be 3 outer planets in Capricorn until Saturn enters Aquarius March 31, 2020! Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn July 1, 2020, and again, there will be 3 in Capricorn until Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, 2020. Saturn will be in his own, more conservative sign Capricorn for the presidential elections. Jupiter and Saturn are both high mountain lovers, so looks like it’s going to be fun for some! Jupiter will make the travel plans; Cap will build the lodge! Jupiter quickly sees potential, offers encouragement, gathers the backers. Capricorn is ace at putting the right pieces together with terrific timing. Successful champions! The job comes in early, and the results are impressive! See more about Jupiter in Capricorn!

And that brings us to Jan 12, 2020, Saturn conjunct Pluto and Mar 21, The Crown! 

We are building to the 2020 Super Stellium! 3 outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn! New Year Day opens with 5 planets in Capricorn! Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter conjunct Sun plus Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn! Jan 12 Saturn makes the on average 34 year exact conjunction with Pluto.

The CROWN! March 21 2020 When Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, the three outer planets, along with Mars, are in culmination, as close as they will get, all four in a 7 degree Stellium! Peter Novak has studied outer planet stelliums and found that in the last 2000 years, allowing a 5 degree range, there were only 23 three outer planet stelliums! Yes, if he had allowed 7 degrees, there would be more, but still, they are uncommon. See all about it

After Saturn conjunct Pluto, April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. Whatever demons or glory, tragedies or triumphs formidable Saturn shall have faced, Jupiter will optimistically pick up the pieces, repurpose. Pluto will see the promise of profit financially and spiritually. It will be an explosion of clearing for future works, secrets discovered, major funding attained, ‘keepsakes’ will be in the plans to be built ~ like a mini renaissance. Bad will be healed, the rest is hallelujah! LOTS of big news! Super power plays will abound as the Nov 3 Presidential Election approaches.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all in their own signs up to Dec 2, 2019! See Jupiter in Sagittarius That’s a lot of pure strong energy. Jupiter and Neptune are in malleable signs, in astrological terms, mutable. They are flexible, adaptable. Jupiter goes into Capricorn Dec 2. Saturn in Capricorn stomps his foot and calls for responsibility and to abide by the rules and laws, honor each other, your parents, the boss, elders and ancestors! You have to show him how and why that change makes sense. He’s a good balance to those other two wayward wanderers enamored in a moment, sometimes for no good reason. They are enjoying the show while he wants to know what’s real, what is doable. Neptune in Pisces senses our weak spots, and with compassion, converts them to strengths. We become aware of our Soul’s purpose.

Continuing abiding Aspect: Chiron & Uranus continue in their 13 years long journey closely together in the background… In Gemini’s coming year they are exact twice in their new signs Aries/Taurus – June 30, 2019 and at Valentine’s time, Feb 15, 2020! See more about Chiron/Uranus

See the 2019 UPDATED Special Annual Edition Newsletter for making next year’s plans! Make your changes count.

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Outer Planet Transits with Gemini 2019 – May 2020!

Gemini Word News Media Credibility

Gemini is a Vital Sign! Gemini gets the Word going. Accuracy, ethics, interests of the Heart, our futures, are all lived by what we know. Geminis are leaders of their times, day by day taking us along with them, weaving our thoughts into a fine and clever life, helping us dodge bullets! We so need them in these critical times of climate and political adjustments.


Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter

Outer planets are the long term movers. Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year. Uranus orbits at 84 years, and Chiron at 51 years, are advancing about 4 degrees a year for now. Saturn takes 28/29 years to make its orbit, Jupiter only 12 years, a sign a year! Depending on astrological patterns, some ‘events’ in our lives take many years, where others may happen toot sweet, right on or very near the date the event is exact! Some ‘events’ are not physical, but in our minds or Spirits. No one might ‘see’ them but you. Complex planetary patterns may overlap each other or be singular and direct. Some repeat; others are once in a lifetime. Some people have aspects others never have. Others have had aspects you won’t have until much later. Your astrologer can help you with your personal timing, understanding and strategies.

PLUTO is still in Capricorn but is changed. Oct 30, 2018 it made the rare 248 year aspect, Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic and is now below the Ecliptic! The Ecliptic is the Sun’s path around earth! Pluto’s debris was lighted, declared to be outmoded, cleared away. He was not only cleared, but became free to be charged with energy beyond imagination! His healing powers have increased exponentially! He gave that very energy to Sun and the Light itself is now more clear and radiant! So fresh, this is a powerful time for all of us, but especially Capricorns because this HAPPENED IN THEIR SIGN! Those of you with chart factors at or very close to 18 degrees, especially in Scorpio or Capricorn, have also been cleared and infused! Some will go to the Light, others might need some time out to be able to stand up again. None of these factors, Capricorn, Scorpio nor Pluto are light weights. It takes a lot to impress them, and they can withstand high intensity, but this tested even them.

Pluto is moving from 20 to 25 Capricorn during Gemini’s year to come. Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, in Capricorn is in a harmonious sextile aspect, an earth and water mix. A darn good business person estimating time and money to the inch! Those of you with chart factors from 0 to 21 degrees, especially in Capricorn, already know Pluto quite personally. Pluto moves about 3 degrees/year, so some of this has been years ago, for others quite fresh. For some it has been a sequence if you have several factors in these degrees in a row. Pluto plunders, saves, cures, goes to extremes. Pluto ends relationships abruptly forever or loves and endures great trials and stands by you until the end. Money is made and lost, made again. Powerful charismatic careers have been possible. There have been threats, some deaths, mighty healing and miraculous survival. Pluto raises the Kundalini, our life force! Powerful!

Pluto in Cap can seem like a shadow to Gemini, put a fear in the mix that dampens the dance. Gemini is usually fairly neutral, just gathers the facts. But Pluto has secrets and Capricorn is their guardian – no trespassing. Makes Gemini all the more curious. But, do be careful. This might be the time to leave the Dragon alone. He can smell you, knows you are there. What Gemini does find out may never make the news, for several reasons. And maybe that’s the right of it all. Not everything should be public. There is a timeliness that may not have arrived yet. Better later, sometimes never. Pluto in Capricorn also sees certain finalities and imbues Gemini with some ideas that are uncomfortable, but it is time for the Truth to out, to build a new outcome. Pluto may end up protecting Gemini! Pluto’s business ideas may change Gemini’s life, give early retirement, and even a wealthy life. Listen well, consider having collaborators. With some adjustments, could be remarkable results! Good luck.

NEPTUNE is in his own sign Pisces. He is a water planet in the last water sign, the last sign, seeking a deeper side of life. Neptune is oceanic – is still like glass becalmed, has forever tidal sand polishing cycles, titanic storms, tsunamis! Those of you with chart factors 15 to 20 degrees will be activated with this pure energy! Gemini may at times find Neptune impossible to fathom. Neptune may tell dream story illustrations that are symbolic. He may show feelings Gemini is not used to having or considering. Gemini is a keen observer and may learn of Neptune’s skills by an osmosis of sorts. At times if feels like Neptune may be probing Gemini’s mind. How can anyone be psychic, so psychic?! Yet it happens and Gemini is opened to a whole new world. It’s not just facts anymore, but the added dimension of empathy too. The facts mean something to people, are symbols of life’s experiences. Again, the old adage, it’s not what you say but how you say it. It needs to come from the heart. And Justice is not always the best reason. We think we know, but in Evolution’s book there is always more.

URANUS, Aquarius’s planet, covers 2 to 7 Taurus! In Taurus it will anchor and build on change worthy ideas that need to be instilled, spread far and wide to create a support network. They need to be cleverly woven into our daily fabric so they become a part of us, so they can effortlessly be carried on. See more about the Aries to Taurus sign change.

Taurus invents simple. To freedom lover Uranus being in Taurus may feel too slow, too close for comfort, so unexciting. Yet  to Taurus, Uranus being in his sign may be the most fun he’s had in a long time! What was ordinary life suddenly isn’t! There are exotic options free for the taking! Uranus himself is shocked to find walking barefoot tickles your feet, you become so aware of the charge of earth and life, that Earth herself is so very alive! It’s a whole new dimension compared to that desk chair in the still dead air scented office! Taurus may never have been bored before and now you are?! What is this feeling?! It could be pretty darn heady at first. Maybe the leap is best now, otherwise you never will! Or maybe you need to stay steady and not get carried away at all. But somehow it seems a time of wild chance that needs to be taken advantage of. Put some fallback funds in a safe place, get yourself a headband and go for it! Yoga was never so good! Supercharged divine body electric!

Gemini marvels at the speed Taurus is making changes. Unprecedented! Gemini is delighted with Earth progress, climate work. Private citizens are making news by securing and protecting vast tracts of land, animals, bees, the research that is being sponsored to find the best ways to do the caring for it. These stimulate Gemini’s mind to seek the very latest, they update Gemini’s very genes! Gemini is in the local intelligence business and now finds himself inspired by how the whole planet is becoming local! Sharing skills across the world creates a mighty potential that Gemini finds exhilarating! Taurus sets the foundation, the springboard Gemini can work from securely!

CHIRON will be in Aries through 2027. In Gemini’s year, he will cover 1 to 8 Aries, activating any factors you have in those degrees. Chiron has been and will be traveling very closely to the same degrees as Uranus, the Aquarian planet, but in different signs! This has been going on since 2008 and continues through 2021, 13 years. Chiron has become more Aquarian-like and Uranus has taken on some shamanistic qualities. There is a subtle camaraderie with Aquarius. See more Aries is the first of the zodiacal signs, takes action! Uranus’s sign change into Taurus has made a shift in the foundation, now is starting to hold steady.

If you have Chiron in these degrees, you will be having your 51+/- year Chiron Return! Wounds and vulnerabilities will be assessed, your teaching skills improved. Updated healing systems will be applied with unbelievable results! Medical teaching will be inspiring, especially about the head, brain and eyes. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business too!

Chiron in Aries quickly gives Gemini a lot to think about! He teaches Gemini about how mind works, perception. He inspires Gemini to take action. If you think it, do it, do it yourself! Be first and foremost. Gemini leads with information of possibilities, the news! Every day news sets our intention. We adjust to the quality and Spirit of it! Chiron sees to it that it is healing and helping, teaching us to step into our potential, not at some vague time in the future, but right now! Gemini attention is vital to foresee and make the adjustments in thinking to make it unfold without delay. Any wounds that occur along the way need maximum healing in minimum time. Make sure transportation is working optimally.

SATURN builds from 13 Capricorn to 1 Aquarius!

Saturn is working the last half of his own sign Capricorn! Saturn will be in Capricorn along with Pluto, conjuncts Pluto once, Jan 12, 2020. Many will have more work than anybody should, or you are let go. In the long term that may be a blessing because new work you get suits you far better, or you start your own business!

Saturn Returns happen every 28 to 29 years. They can bring you to your knees, or make you bring yourself up to your full height, proud of your achievements! Now, in its own sign, it is truly full height! Those of you with Saturn 13 to 29 Capricorn will be having your Capricorn Saturn Returns now through March 21, 2020! There will be more traditional endeavors.

  1. On your first Return – ages 28, 29, you may find yourself having a lot of responsibility at work, getting married, owning your first home, having a baby! Take good care of yourself.
  2. If you are older, on your second Return -58, 59, keep your networks alive. Right housing, parenting, care of precious grandchildren and elders may be challenging new responsibilities. Age and health may become factors, your retirement. Sometimes Saturn brings losses, sadness, delays. Advice from seasoned experts may be just what you need. Training and studies are helpful and the knowledge you carry backs up your reputation. Alliances may be strong and mutually supportive. Give yourself credit for what you have done, the talents you have acquired! It’s a time to honor, be honored!
  3. Around age 87, many are now experiencing their 3rd Saturn Return! Things don’t bother them as much. They enjoy what they want to, sometimes something they always wanted to do! They say what they think. There are losses of friends and loved ones. Health matters more – they are often quite brave. Family can mean a lot or if alone, friends do. Age can mean honors, even just for making it that long! Capricorn is the sign of time, elder hood. This is generally a strong time for them.

Saturn in its own sign, Earth sign Capricorn, is a force! Young people conduct themselves seriously and old people are more healthy, younger than others their age, strong and cheerful! Saturn adds to the desire to do good work. Saturn recognizes natural law, so its works stand the test of time. Timing is one of its fortes. Steady production, the right people in the right places at the time, being on time, are all assets. They are not only architects, builders and realtors, but understand science and structures – concrete, stones, glass. They can build roads and railways, bridges, homes, skyscrapers! They can do demolition as well as renovation! Saturn is expert at sustainability and conservation – more done with less effort, use less materials, smaller and stronger, for less cost, build tiny homes communities for homeless and seniors, contribute huge land grants to establish legendary preserves. As seniors they don’t quit. They become mentors, and with experience on their side, use new ideas of the times to start the latest businesses! They may be late starters sometimes, but often their later years are truly golden – art awards, health successes, the happiness of long marriages and plenty of grandkids!

Gemini may find a renowned mentor in Saturn/Capricorn. Saturn may be intimidating and demanding, especially about following the rules. He wants Gemini to be responsible to the facts, and give them proper due. Gemini may at times find this all a bit stuffy, but admires Saturn’s dedication. Gemini may frequently need a good breath of fresh air to keep things balanced and keep his own free style, off on just the hint of a scent of an intrigue to be assessed. But he will find himself getting more done under Saturn’s firm hand. Even a younger Saturnian has an elder quality. Gemini may see the need to plan ahead for some things, retirement, elderhood. In fact, may find himself being a temporary caregiver for awhile. That glimpse into purposeful caring can give a lot of insight. Gemini may find himself being a little more sober and focused for awhile, get more done in shorter time. Rather than the shotgun approach, scattered attention, his research is more precise and brings excellent results as well.

Returns March 20 to April 19, 2020 are at 0 and 1 Aquarius! Saturn/Capricorn are of the sign just before Aquarius. Saturn can set the mark. If the goal is amazing enough, all-encompassing enough to challenge Aquarius’s talents, AQ will be on board! He will make computer diagrams, research materials, legends, why it can work now, for years, even centuries, it has not been possible before. Aquarians are delighted to learn new techniques and learn so quickly, you lose little time while they do. In fact, your results may become 10-fold in a lot less time than usual! If you are working on challenging new sustainable options, Aquarius will love this new humanitarian effort. Being on the same page, whatever it is for the two of you, makes for a healthy Spirit and union. Many amazing like minded friendships may come, or if you are overwhelmed or need time to recenter, you may take time away and enjoy being on your own. If you are in business or want to spread the word about a project, your networking can go worldwide through social media! Concentrate on humanitarian and sustainability facets of your ventures and investments.

Gemini still feels the Saturn hand in things, but in Aquarius it is lighter and at times Saturn laughs and it’s a frolic! Who would have thought?! Saturn can be a real comedian! He’s been there and knows the problems. Aquarius is off in space or kinky crazy, usually a bit of both. If the humanitarian side comes through, it’s big potatoes time! Guided by Saturn’s business skills, it’s networking to the max. Gemini is totally onboard with this. Watching the big guys do their stuff is impressive and Gemini uses their model on his side of the table, the ‘hood and with siblings! Saturn in Aquarius works planetary media, expecting Gemini to get those stories out as fast as they are made. Saturn takes charge of current evolution, the science of gathering Souls to make necessary change just as fast as possible. The climate isn’t waiting for anyone, so Gemini is pressed into service checking data, connecting at local levels, arranging exchanges and discussions of techniques. Aquarius introduces Gemini to history makers! Wanting to serve them well, Gemini improves his skills, seeks the most potent media places to plant their stories that the information can spread quickly. It invites others to keep the stories and sharing going.

JUPITER moves from 14 Sagittarius to 27 Capricorn

Jupiter stays in Sag until moving into Capricorn Dec 2. Jupiter/Sagittarius never fails to impress. It can be a hero, and there are plenty of those at this time. It can be a knowledge or wisdom of an exalted teacher and that might be your local high school teacher. It can be a journey of great beauty or a maximum athletic achievement. A boundless love, a loving kindness, a gift, sharing. All these touch our hearts and make a story to remember. Fortunes gained and lost, wagers won and lost, starting from nothing to making it to the top of the mountain! And if it’s bad, it can be really bad. No thieving or robbing. While traveling and your money is low, no taking something because you need it ‘more than they do.’ Big stories yes, cons no. No ‘accidental’ slander, bearing false witness, prejudice. Stay with respectful truth and honesty. Keep the long term in mind. Keep your higher ethics in place, morality intact; visit the sacred place when you need to. Keep learning in every direction.

Jupiter in Sag and Gemini have much in common. Jupiter is university level education; Gemini is learning how to learn. Jupiter travels worldwide while Gemini is handshaking the locals. Jupiter seeks meaning while Gemini gathers the information. So Jupiter may tease Gemini into thinking more about why to gather certain info, who to get it from, check its integrity. The info might go public, into a textbook, guide life’s travelers. Is it for time out entertainment or timely to save the planet? Accuracy could be crucial. Does it have a spark of the exotic that catches our attention, is it funny even if serious? Gemini is a multi talented, multi level sign, and can do it while connecting a whole community in united action in as little as a few days! Gemini has a 1000 bits at his fingertips, each one a conversation starter! He breathes it in and speaks it out!

Jupiter in Capricorn fairly streaks through Capricorn, getting to the 27th degree, almost completely through Cap, by May 20, 2020! It makes work the most fun it ever was! You could be the visitor who is remembered for all the work you did! You might be a random traveler, a business consultant, the foreigner who was on a mission to help the people. Jupiter will help you jazz up your home, give you such good advice you can’t help doing it! They might volunteer and you join them to make some kind of profound difference. Don’t keep your lucky Jupiter charm. They need to travel, check out the territories. If you hire them, send them to the training seminars furthest away or send them to teach it! If they have too much routine, they will run away. Poof. Gone. Import/exports they are involved with might work well for you too. Their writings may inspire you to start an outstanding business newsletter or monthly report people count on. Jupiter can overdo, so Cappies beware. Know your personal limits and don’t invest on great sounding whims. Check things out. If you have had doldrums, Jupiter can cheer you up like a champ. You are encouraged because they act like you can do it, and it’s truth! See more 

Jupiter in Capricorn can exaggerate the rules, but he and Gemini will likely work something out since Gemini is such a clever asset. Jupiter has big ideas, could be a bit demanding and feel it is his right to demand hard work for important purposes. Gemini wasn’t exactly born to be a drudge, but will stay with things he’s interested in until his body gives out. You just can’t live on mind and air alone. Jupiter has that great big smile, you know – happy to know you, and people can’t resist doing what they can for him. Jupiter often has great success, so it’s worth the effort, and Jupiter is working for more to come! This is just the foundation investment for the future. Gemini will do his best if their goals are the same. Gemini has a way with media and Jupiter in Capricorn may bring it up to a greater height! But Gemini can’t be owned. Even success can be boring. He sees another thing that may be valuable and pursues it in a flash. Sometimes he scores and that intuition is right on. Perhaps hire him as a consultant…one who comes and goes. Jupiter needs to leave plenty of air space or the butterfly will be gone and no matter how impressive, you will be forgotten. Gemini is sometimes impressed by credentials, sometimes not. However, Jupiter did get a lot done in a short time, and Gemini will remember how that was done.

If you have factors in Sagittarius and/or Capricorn in your chart at these degrees, this could be prime time to visit the positive areas where they are on your AstroLocality map. See your AstroLocality specialist! Not all map lines are positive; some are positive only at certain portions along their length, some are positive appearing but have other hidden factors.

If your Jupiter is in these degrees in these signs, you will be having your Jupiter Return! They happen every 11/12 years. The experience you have depends on how Jupiter is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Jupiter will bring you big truths or reveal lies. Sometimes it exaggerates your condition, could make it worse, could make it wildly abundantly better! Plans for the future may be magnified, your course changed significantly. Profound circumstances are likely to impinge on special relationships. Long lasting mergers and good marriages are possible.

Happy Birthdays, Geminis! Lead on!

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Any of these outer planet factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….  

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Happy Birthdays, Gemini!

Gemini Wildflower Bouquet Grasses

Wishing you a new year of sweet connections!

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See the entire Gemini 2019 Newsletter!  Be up on the latest!  SUBSCRIBE to the Newsletter!

See the 2019 UPDATED Special Edition Newsletter for making next year’s plans! Make your changes count. 

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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