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Leo is the sign of the generous heart!

Let yourself love yourself. You are FINE just the way you are!

Let your love be as sweet as before when you ever thought you had been hurt.

As abiding as night and day, morning and evening.

Let your love sparkle like everything you wished your first date
had ever been; as you wish your marriage, a marriage, could be, in
all radiant sharing of the best you each have to give!

Let your love be as pure and trusting as your innocent child’s love is for you.

Love others more than you think they deserve.

Love is your gift when people are down, old, disenfranchised, speak another language.

Give your smile even if it isn’t returned – remember, it wasn’t for you, it was for them.

Let love be your Thank You note.

Wherever you are, may your beauty shine among the stars!

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