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Comet ISON 2013 during Sagittarius and Capricorn!

Astronomy sites say:  Comets are notoriously unpredictable, but it’s safe to say that many are waiting to see if Comet ISON will sizzle … or fizzle.  According to International Astronomical Union predictions, Comet ISON will peak a magnitude –4.5, equivalent to Venus’ brightness, as it skims just 730,000 miles (1.16 million kilometers) from the Sun’s surface November 28 at 11 AM Pacific — that’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  November 28 it can be easily spotted with the naked eye as well as the first week of December when it will be at its peak before making a close approach to Earth on December 26.  In the night sky, ISON will be seen very close to the bright star Spica and the planet Saturn. These bright stars might help you find the comet.

December 2013 is likely to be the best month to see Comet ISON, assuming it has survived its close pass near the sun intact. The comet will be visible both in the evening sky after sunset and in the morning sky before sunrise.  Although little or perhaps nothing of the head will remain, the huge tail will loom in the northeastern sky. Almost evenly illuminated over its length, this rapidly fading appendage could [span] almost a quarter of the heavens as seen under good, dark observing conditions.  Further questions are answered by these Hubble explanations!  Enjoy your viewing!


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