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Libra New and Full Moon - Penumbral Eclipse 2013

Friday Oct 4,  5:34 PM Pacific, New Moon at 11 Libra 56

Equidistant patterns are considered potent!  This New Moon has several all in a stack!  I have removed other aspects so you can see it clearly.  The base is the New Moon opposite Uranus in T Square with Pluto (red lines) at the point, the apex!  Since Pluto is midpoint the Saturn trine Chiron (blue line), the green sextiles are formed to its sides.  The purple lines are the equidistant inconjuncts, Saturn inconjunct Uranus, and our New Moon inconjunct Chiron!  To add a little intensity, there is a three planet stellium (group) in Scorpio plus the North Node!

DEGREES:  The New Moon is just past the 9 and 10 degree planets, carrying the Light forward at 11 degrees.  The Sun moves a degree a day, so if you allow a 5 degree range, it will be in the mix starting Sep 26!  The Moon travels a degree every 2 hours, so it adds its action starting about 3 AM on the 4th (Pacific).  In the course of those degrees it will activate Mercury, the Moon’s North Node, Pluto, Chiron, Saturn and Uranus in that order.  if you have planets or chart factors from 7 to 12 degrees, they will be activated.

The Libra Sun/Moon opposite Uranus in Aries makes for an uneasy mix of wanting a relationship or to heck with all relationships!  Libra is usually nice about it, but Uranus and Aries want independence, and take off without warning, no discussion, freedom and independence happily side by side.  They don’t know where they are going, they are simply in motion to see what they can see!  Libra may plead and cajole, but likely to no avail.  You just can’t own a free Spirit.

The Moon/Sun in Libra have just passed the Square to Pluto in Capricorn.  Being cardinal signs of getting things started, and Pluto the ruler of the next sign Scorpio, putting heads together and merging finances to get a job done can be worth the partnership.  If there is a slippage of funds, however, there may be enemies and lawsuits.  Funds are super important to this chart since there are 3 planets, Mercury, Saturn and Venus, and the Moon’s Node in Scorpio, Pluto’s sign!  Saturn and the North Node are considered karmic factors.  The past, history of performance, and future expectation work well if skills are brought forward to rebuild.  Dharma – your Soul’s work, facing one’s fears, making a real commitment, eases the way.  Venus is just about to leave Scorpio, so it’s a good time to show your love while you still have the chance – call back people who need to be recognized or thanked.  Make the donation.  Check on your taxes.  Tell your Honey how much you love them.  Go to dinner with people who celebrate you.  What ends well starts the new cycle well.  See more about Saturn’s Oct 2 & 4 aspects!

The New Moon is just past an inconjunct with Chiron in Pisces.  It helps to know sensitive, vulnerable spots in relationships.  Walk by gently.  Appreciate the incredible awareness, the spontaneous creativity that can surge forward.  Know where the wounds are; seek a new balance.  Restore justice to what was diminished or left invisibly along the wayside.  Make a channel for teaching to come through.  A slight tweak can make all the difference.

Libra New Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

Oct 18, 4:38 PM Pacific, FULL Moon, Penumbral Eclipse at 25 Aries 45

In the US, the eclipse will already be in progress when we have Moonrise….  It will be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the southern half of the Moon.

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three celestial bodies do not form a perfectly straight line. The Moon then travels through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow (penumbra). This means that all of the Moon’s visible surface still receives some direct sunlight – but the Earth obscures parts of the Sun, as seen from the Moon.

Our first fall eclipse, but last Lunar Eclipse of the year, stands alone by degrees, making no close connections with other planets.  It has a wide connection with Jupiter, but the Sun passed that connection six days ago, and the Moon almost 11 hours previously.  At 25+ degrees, it is finishing up Libra, spreading its wings for further flight.

Since there are shadows on both the Sun and Moon, we have opportunity to be aware of subtle forms within forms.  Relationship tonalities that we had inklings of are now confirmed as something remarkable, that we can deal with on more equal terms.  Being present and accounted for may have surprising results.  Watch how the shadows move to see the form behind them!  Watch to the side rather than in the direct line of sight.  Mother Moon in Aries will have feminine shadows, perhaps revealing needs to start fresh, having done deeds of leadership that always did point the direction she’s taking now.  Father Sun in Libra may have some unrealized connections that need to come forth, alliances from the realm of magic, or that need to be swept off the communal table, released back to the ethers from whence they came!  Together, intuitive, sleekly dressed Moon may offer up an initiation, taking steps into the ceremony, hand on elegant Father Sun’s hand, stepping proudly into the Light.  This may be the time to invite men to the women’s circle, a time of balance, recognition of the gifts of both – the finest each can offer.

The other strong aspect, at 2 degrees, is the Virgo Mars opposite Pisces Neptune (in its own sign!).  The Moon is in Mars’ sign Aries, so the opposition is linked to the Eclipse in Spirit.  Mars has this terrific healthy action plan – the right foods, sequences of patterns.  Financially it insists on organizing the coin, for trainings, buys of qualified items at best times, sensible medical care.  It negotiates helpful services – maintenance, bookkeeping, animal care.  Neptune is usually pliable, makes sensitive intuitive observations, believes in your cause.  Neptune invites you to the yoga class, meditation, a vacation!  It sets up the entertainment at the spa – music, films.  It is magical with night lighting!  If you haven’t been to sea, surfing, fishing or a cruise may be enjoyable.  Trust Mars in Virgo to find the best, cheapest tickets!  You can afford to do something new with special people – business partners or your marriage Sweetie!

Libra Full Moon Eclipse 2013 Astrology Chart


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2013 New and Full Harvest Moons!

Virgo New Moon Sep 5, 2013 at 4:36 AM Pacific, 13 Degrees Virgo   

Other than Pluto midpoint Saturn and Chiron until Oct 2, this New Moon has no major transit patterns.  But, sweet Venus and jumping Jupiter!

The Moon and Sun are sextile Jupiter in Cancer!  That’s far and away good luck!  Virgo is noted for serious considerations of all things technical, and every tiny piece must be in precision.  They are food nuts – gotta be pure, excellent quality.  They know which herbs restore you to prime body chemistry.  And it has to be a deal!  A good price is half the healing!

Jupiter is naturally robust, cheerful and long lived.  Granted, in Cancer, it could have exaggerated feelings, but it’s headed in the right direction!  What Virgo worries about, Jupiter in Cancer says, aw heck, forget the diet for the moment, Sweetie, let’s have a scone and some latte!  Live a little, let’s get on the road, we’ll stop at a diner, we’ll get dinner and desert!  Apple or cherry pie?  À la mode?  Cancer wants to feed you up, and for the life of you, you say yes!  It helps to just relax once in awhile.

Jupiter is quite intuitive in Cancer, and sees the big picture.  It sees why the Virgo is doing the puzzle, what fits where, where that takes you long term.  Excellent planning opportunity.  Put the cards on the table, move them around, wait a bit, then do it again.  Wonderful results.  Cancer wants a long term education and Jupiter is University bound!  Virgo wants hands on experience to go with that, always improving, and is a superlative mentor with the right student.  Specialty schools are perfect!

Virgo is not as religiously inclined, but does respect integrity, purity, proper ethics, to help one another.  Jupiter is a natural teacher, and in Cancer may home school the kids.  Virgo can provide data, facts and figures, to support the learning process.  Virgo is good with budgeting which soothes Cancer’s financial insecurities.  Virgo keeps the reigns on Jupiter’s inclination that all will be well no matter how much I spend.

Mercury in Virgo Semi-Sextile Venus in Libra!  Though a really minor aspect, I’ve seen semi-sextiles work remarkably in corporate charts.  Both planets are in the 2nd of one of their two signs!  Communication are just blessed, in this instance money is made through words and good deeds.  Virgo is your craft, your expertise, how you keep your daily existence flowing.  Virgo and Libra are both intricate – Virgo with pets, plants and things, Libra with people, the delicacy of connections.  Venus softens the rough edges and demands of Virgo as long as lazy selfishness doesn’t creep in.  Then Virgo gets really cranky, because they like to work and it you don’t keep up, they feel contempt and put upon.  At which point, time for a new partner; your paces and places are different.  When it works well, Venus loves what Virgo works hard for, Venus putting on lovely finishing touches!  Take it to the bank!

Mars in Leo is happily frisky trining Uranus in Aries, Mars’ sign, but, square Saturn in Scorpio, feels like old fuddy duddy Saturn is arms crossed standing right in the middle of the friggin’ Path.  But try to listen.  You may not agree, but there may be good advice you can apply in another situation.  In truth, you really may be going too fast and have missed something?  There’s always a reason.  Saturn is the Guardian, so get over it about the conservative stuff, rules and regs, see how you can use it to your advantage in a good way.  If it can’t be fixed, move on with kind respect.  Sometimes the only way is your way.

Virgo New Moon Sep 5, 2013 Astrology Chart

Virgo Harvest Full Moon, Sep 19, 2013 at 
26 Pisces 41 – 4:13 AM Pacific! 

At 26 degrees, our Harvest Moon is a stand alone, not tied to any other planets.  But it is importantly the day before the Saturn sextile Pluto the next day at 10:18 PM Pacific, and only three days before Fall Equinox!

The Sun strengthens Virgo, a sometimes frail, fragile, susceptible sign.  A strong Virgo knows their facts, has an excellently adaptable routine, through efficiency gets a prodigious amount done in spite of not being so physically strong.  Heavy sports are often overtaxing; walking is quite enjoyable.  They are dedicated workers with an array of skills, from maid to bookkeeper, to nurse!  They render worthy services.

The Moon in Pisces, across the sky from the Sun, is gentle and nurturing, a tsunami for a cause, willing to sacrifice.  It is so intuitive, at times there is psychic injury when they know what you think about them, really, and the pain of others is felt as if it is their own.  They know only too well, we are all one.  With those insights, more precise work can be done for healing and change.  They are more willing to party and go to the spa on the islands than Virgo, and are consummate performers – music, images, film, theatre their loves.  They can take you to another realm.

Allowing 5 degrees, Sep 14, Venus joins the Pluto midpoint Saturn/Chiron pattern! 

  • Sep 16, Saturn conjuncts the Moon’s North node.
  • Sep 18 Venus conjuncts the Node and Saturn, and sextiles Pluto!
  • Last, Sep 20, it trines Chiron, completing the set.

On the Harvest Full Moon, Saturn is at the same degree as the Moon’s North Node, a double karmic encounter.  Saturn wants to ‘make it so,’ and the North Node is a little shy, wanting, but a little scared too.  Scorpio is a formidable sign, and if you screw up, there be consequences.  Could be now, could lay in wait for later.  Venus has just gone over them, the 18th, the day before the Full Moon, being the big day!  Venus is doing a BlessingWay, making the choices look more enticing, sweetening the pot!  How can you resist afterall?  Saturn loves to work and Venus loves to love!  You might get paid for something you love to do for the first time!  What’s not to like?!  As a result of your hard work and courage, the trine with Chiron may bring a ‘marriage’ of sorts, a partnership, a love healing.

These sensible yet fanciful combinations, the Full Moon and the Pluto midpoint, will help us deeply see the needs of our times and each other, specifically to sense the deepest realms of the possibilities of Saturn sextile Pluto.  Saturn, the Builder, our Karmic Mission and Master, wants commitment to the realistic necessities of our times.  In Scorpio it profoundly looks at human rights, particularly financial and sexual – that can be gender issues, gay and lesbian marriage and finances, rape, child and animal abuse.  It looks at matters of fuels, global warming, waters.  The Harvest Moon has insights, offers options, as it is wide across the sky, encompassing the breadth of our work of Service and Spirit.

Pluto, God of the Underworld, knows the dark possibilities, faces what could be.  In Capricorn, realistically it knows that rebuilding, Pluto resurrects, remodeling, is a smart ticket choice.  It looks for tiny openings, slithers into powerful alliances with like minds, shares power and funding, to take the scales off our eyes!  Like the Serpents raised along the Physician’s Staff, we are uplifted to see even greater possibilities.  Stand still a few moments this Moon, and see what your part will be.

Fall Equinox, Sep 22, tips toward the longer nights.  We store the harvest, get out our warmer clothes.  The season of holidays is upon us, winter alliances are formed.  Virgo offers its services, Pisces its dreams, visions to plan by.

Harvest Full Moon Virgo 2013 Astrology Chart

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The Aries Fire Stellium is OVER.  Now as we enter Taurus, the sign of loyalty and steadfastness, what was new, or did you start, during that Aries stellium, that you would like to continue to have in your life?  What value did you bring in that you are happy to maintain?  I have a new student who is new to astrology, and she is taking in the principles amazingly quickly!  I started sharing some more garden space with another community gardener, and intend to grow crops I will harvest to store for winter food.

Wise old Saturn is holding the fort at his 10 degree Libra station (appears to be stationary, still, in the sky) from May 18 to July 8, turning direct (forward) June 12.  Those of you with planets at 8 through 12 degrees will feel the need to enforce or question the rules, make or break commitments, let go or take responsibility, respond to age issues, make career choices, engage in father/ing matters, build for a stable future.  Being overwhelmed burdens the Soul; timing that fits the deed and your needs and your Spirit makes all the difference.  Focus and do your best.  Make yourself proud!

Jupiter is making his last stand in Aries until entering earthy Taurus June 4, starting off a fine Saturday!  That will leave only Uranus in Aries, the lone wolf on its own again, but happily so in a sign of its same spirit, both Uranus and Aries loving freedom and independence!  Jupiter in Aries gives a last chance these 14 days to start what we will, get educated to be encouraged, have confidence, to lead the way, or follow someone we trust well.  It could be more fun than you have ever had before!  Frolicking is good!  Roller skate, hike, ride your bike!  Continue it with Jupiter in Taurus exercise; do the fun kind!  Long horseback rides, mountain walks, walk your dog!  Endurance and strength sports are satisfying.  Long distance and heavy weight.

Jupiter, good luck, fame, huge growth, in attractive Venus ruled Taurus can attract more money than God – they call it a BULL MARKET when the stock market is going UP!  Jupiter in Taurus can keep that money, hordes of it, may travel to the ashram for an extended stay, found a non-profit organic farm, raise horses, buy fine art, start an imported cosmetics franchise, do melting massages at the spa on the train, drive a huge moving truck, give sculpting seminars!  It may get off to a slow start, but once rolling, it just keeps going.  Dedicated, determined, loyal.  Simple, common sense solutions.  Luxurious hair, earthy beauty, natural fabrics, furs.  It looks further ahead than its own two feet, so makes ‘lucky’ choices.  Well grounded, centered, satisfied, peaceful.  Smooth jazz.

Jupiter may, at this time, be even a bit more languid than just the easy-go-flow of Taurus because it is sextile Neptune (only this one time, not the usual 3 times) upon entry into Taurus, makes the exact aspect June 8!  Both are ‘religious’ in that Jupiter rules churches and sets the tenets of faith; Neptune is the Pisces planet, Pisces being the sign of spiritualism, meditation, meeting God on your own terms, often religious diversity.  Jupiter usually calls for adherence to the church’s philosophy, though can be open-minded and take up religious studies.  Pisces, is perhaps more Buddhism oriented, compassionate, yet can believe so passionately as to give one’s life for the cause, a devotee who lives in silence and service in the spiritual abode 24/7.  This aspect offers what works for you, the best of both, in your everyday life.  Jupiter in Taurus loves the armchair more than the airfare.  There better be a good reason to take that trip.  Probably chooses to make oms at home!  Neptune is now in Pisces, its own sign.  It, like Taurus, is usually gentle.  But don’t let this fool you.  Being gentle is one of the greatest powers on earth.  A good teacher can ask clever questions, sneak right up on you and let you think you thought of it yourself!  Feeling and being safe, opens all the gateways for learning.  Your eyes open right up wide with the happiness of the leap – insights, epiphanies, are the order of the day!  Let it be!  Make music!

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Are you still breathing hard from our Leo month?  Take a good deep breath and take it easy, catch up, get steady.  Our Virgo time is going to be completely different!    

It starts on a financial power pattern, Sun trine Pluto, exact on 8.25, the day after the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon.  Keep a poker face, a low profile but very attentive, come from the inside out, with your Virgo ducks in a row, in other words, accountant approved, and your venture will improve or pay off!   Obsession or dedication and loyalty?  Step away if you need to.  Close-to-the-bone intensity may work for you this time.  Both in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, are wanting to do good work – long lasting, meaningful, excellent.    

Virgo, Putting it Together for 2012

Virgo (Image from the Symbalon Deck)

Virgo (Image from the Symbalon Deck)

Fitness.  How do things fit?  Puzzle point in, or puzzle point out?  Where in your day will you get that done?  Is your mind up to the load?  Does your weight/wait make the scale?  How many people will it take to get that job done?  Can you order enough by the time you need it?  Is it handcrafted, high quality, or will a production item work well?  Will the sweet peas be ready for Christmas table vase?  Can you get that all on that computer page?  So many ways fitness matters!  And nobody does it better than the best, Virgo!        

Being taken care of, knowing your health keeper, dog walker, accountant, will be there for you, matters.  Less stress, better quality of life, live longer, love longer.        

Guarding the seeds, purity, keeping the lineage pure, gets potent results, time after time.  Reducing flack makes for a smoother flow, less time taken, better production for effort spent.  Sleep well, with pride in good service.        

Virgo is the mini builder – a builder of gardens, a wood worker specialist, seamstress, exercise/nutrition program consultant, bookkeeping graph maker, contacts data enterer.  They don’t build the house, like Capricorn does; more, they build what goes in the house.  Daily practical intelligence.   

Things that come in sixes?!  Virgo is the 6th sign, snowflakes have 6 sided symmetry, beehive honeycomb – maximum space with the minimum of wax, the scutes of a turtle’s carapace, quartz crystals, carbon, Metatron cube (video), the flower of life.  The sum of the angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees, with each internal angle being 120 degrees, to astrologers, a trine!  A 3 dimensional figure that has 6 square sides is the cube, hexahedron!  Like dice, let’s roll! 

Whatever the angle, Virgo measures it well for a good fit!  True fitness to 2012!

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