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Mercury Retrograde 2019 Scorpio Snake River Tetons

An S curve (‘retrograde’) along the mighty Snake River! Exceptional image of the Snake River and the Grand Tetons by Vern Clevenger!

The Snake River is a major river of the greater Pacific Northwest region in the United States. At 1,078 miles long, it is the largest tributary of the Columbia River, in turn the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean. There are three water signs, Cancer – creeks, Scorpio – mighty rivers, Pisces – oceans of the world. Scorpio also rules reptiles and the hisssss factor, Snakes! And as the 8th sign, figure 8s, the Mobius loop!

Scorpio is big rivers that require a bridge to cross. I usually think of them as the freight and passenger carrying commercial rivers, like the Mississippi in the US, the Nile and Congo, the Amazon, China’s Yangtze, the largest river in Asia. In July 2019, Bangladesh’s top court granted all the country’s rivers the same legal rights as humans, same as New Zealand’s Whanganui River. Rivers are vital to life.

Some rivers are more gentle than others; there are dangerous rapids and magnificent views as we paddle slowly, maybe silently. Some have dramatic seasonal changes, dry or floods. There are areas of little or huge population concentrations at certain locations. Mercury in Scorpio enjoys solitude and intensity. Turnings will keep them engaged in maneuvering and wondering what’s next. They are scuba diving or paddleboarding for all they’re worth down the rapids!

The Mercury retrograde cycle offers a taste of three phases in its retrograde direction shifts. Those shifts bring visual changes as the planets progress with it. First, we’re on fresh ground, curious, Mercury views the possibilities. Second is the Rx period when it goes ‘back’ over the part leading up to the Rx. We see things from an opposite point of view and the planets around us are moving to new positions, people are changing. Adjustments and revisions are made. Third and last is the part when Mercury turns Direct, ‘forward’ again, covering that same ground the third time! We work toward resolution, establishment of successful new ground. We tidy up, polish things up, complete and present it to the world! We get three chances, thank goodness!

This is the last of 2019’s three predominantly water sign Retrograde cycles.

Phase 1 starts Oct 11 2019. Mercury retrogrades Halloween, Oct 31! He turns direct, forward Nov 20 and finishes the three phases Dec 7. It starts at 11 Scorpio 35, retrogrades at 27 Scorpio 28. Goes back to 11/35, turns forward to the peak position 27/28.


11  Scorpio Mercury Retrograde cycle starts
13  Full Hunter’s Moon
31  Halloween, Mercury Retrograde

8    Saturn sextile Neptune
11 Transit of Mercury retrograde eclipse
12 Full Beaver Moon
19  Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center
20  Mercury Direct

Mercury is the planet of the Mind, thinking, our attention, our breath, how we learn to learn, communication skills, gathering data, a hand shake, the laying on of hands. All of these are essential. Scorpio concerns our deeper thoughts, the causes underlying our symptoms, our reasons for choosing to live. It too wants to communicate, like a therapist, healer shaman, to remove the pain under the crust of suffering. Sexuality, sexual organs and eliminatory matters may concern us. Obsessions and compulsions, extremes of behavior can be a challenge. Scorpio cares so deeply, till death do us part. Monies matter. Incorporating, merging funds can make so many more things possible. Scorpio is a super strong sign, can endure extremes, heals miraculously, practically comes back from death to renewed life!

Every Retrograde is unique! As time goes on, the planetary backdrop changes. Context shifts. This Retrograde is especially important because Saturn and Scorpio’s planet Pluto have been traveling along together and will conjunct not too long from now, Jan 12, 2020! What ‘soil’ we turn now will affect our thinking about how we want to manifest that conjunction in our own lives. See more

Most important are any major outer planetary combinations that happen just before, during or immediately after a retrograde cycle. The planetary connections Mercury makes during the retrograde cycle, especially the ones that repeat, flavor the cycle. And, of course, the connections Mercury makes, or doesn’t, with your chart factor in personally! See your astrologer!

This time is super unique! There are THREE planetary events, two of them major, during the retrograde!

  • Nov 8 Saturn sextiles Neptune. This is the last of a six aspect set that started Jan 2019! Saturn wants to make Neptune’s dream come true, to harness Neptune visions, convert them to reality! See more!
  • Nov 11, eleven, eleven, is the Transit of Mercury retrograde eclipse! Mercury crosses the face of Sun, receiving a huge infusion from Sun, our local Star! The infusion comes in the form of LIGHT, enlightenment, if you will. Mercury himself will be lighted up, his ideas become brighter, the dross will be burned away. It will be an ultimate mindfulness! See more  Nov 12 Full Beaver Moon! 
  • Nov 19 is the amazing sister aspect, Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center, the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, all the stars we know! Jupiter, our biggest planet, will do the job. In this case, the infusion is invisible to us, but is monumental nonetheless! It happens every 12 years, but coupled with the Transit of Mercury, this is a whole lot of STAR energy all at once! I think of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot as the third eye of our solar system, another Seer, perceiver, like Mercury. In fact they rule opposite signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Jupiter is thought of as higher education, purpose and meaning, faith and trust in the future, our Path in life. An infusion here has great meaning. It happens when Mercury is in STATION – maximum absorption, and Jupiter is in his own sign Sagittarius, doubling the potency!! See more

    The Stations! A Station is the four days before and four days after Mercury turns directions, retrograde or forward/direct. It is a pause when Mercury literally appears to stand still in the sky for 8 days! Stations help us slow down, be still to receive, focus, take time to think, anchor important ideas we want to keep. Nov 19 is right in the eight day Mercury direct station, right before Mercury turns direct on the 20th!

Mercury makes three repeated aspects during its retrograde cycle.

  • Oct 13 it starts with sextile Saturn. Focused on sensible ideas, time well spent, consulting with professionals, the project is established. Rx Nov 13, last Nov 29.
  • Oct 15 Mercury trines Neptune! Believe it! Neptune has extraordinary insight and visions. Mercury puts the words to them and spreads the word. It’s logical and magical! Rx Nov 13, last Nov 28.
  • Oct 19 Mercury sextiles Pluto! Mercury takes a look into the power zone! It follows the money, finds out what’s deeply important – life or death, seeks crucial healing insights. Is it a mate or a merger? Rx Nov 9, last Dec 2.

In addition to the sky aspects, look in your own chart to see where 11 to 27 Scorpio fall, what house/s are involved. The matters of those houses are the place/s the Mercury in Scorpio retrograde will apply. Also check out how Scorpio sits in your chart – we all have Scorpio. When in the same or close degrees to that 11 – 27, it has challenge type connections with your factors in other fixed signs, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, fire sign Aries, and air sign Gemini. Things go more smoothly with other water signs Cancer and Pisces, earth signs Virgo and Capricorn.

About Retrogrades!  

The wild dynamics of retrograde cycles are, as viewed from Earth, they go forward, backward, then forward over the same ground three, if outer planets sometime five, times! During that time, all the other planets are moving too, so even when a retrograde is going ‘backward,’ they are ALL going forward! It’s illogical, but it happens. Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year. Mercury actually spends little time retrograde. In fact, only 15% of the population is born during Mercury retrograde! The good part is where people have retrograde planets they often have a special skill. The most successful Corporations often have a lot of retrograde planets – they keep working it until they are best, and they keep working it as time goes on. They keep up! The special communication skills of Mercury retrograde depend on which sign, house and planets Mercury connects with in your chart. Check out your own chart and the charts of babies born during Mercury retrograde!

Whether doing Scorpio water sports or business, working with important water resources, restoring riparian habitat, what a journey! If you are traveling, what amazing beauty lies around each new bend. Different directions, different views. What’s behind is out of sight, a memory; what’s ahead is a mystery! Inward river bends give us time to pause, hold steady, slow down. Outward river bends extend our vision of potentials. Being with water shows us natural flow, keeps our Spirit fluid, makes us aware of deeper channels within us. Each turn gives us time to think, recalibrate, prepare for the next stretch. It’s important that there are changes, reversals, old ideas that clogged things up are left behind, revelations occur, new ideas are teased into action! Scorpio can feel clean again, refreshed. Potential is remembered and we are rededicated.

Classic Mercury Rx is don’t sign those papers, or do everything to make it possible for that to happen so it doesn’t fall through. Escrows can fall through. Use experienced brokers. People don’t return your calls. The dog ate it. Your computer has a snit. Or you do, LOL! You lose your cell. You get lost, turned around. Rule is be sure purchases are from reputable firms that have reliable returns/guarantees/warranties. Be sure the company is legitimate before you deal. Date and sign any contract changes and make sure they do too. Get/make copies, save and backup. Generally, you avoid making significant purchases/decisions especially of matters specific to the sign/s involved.

Scorpio rules homes medical matters, renovations, plumbing, marriage/divorces/custody, wills, mortgages, loans, grants, corporations. If you must make arrangements during the Rx, review it after the cycle is finished and see if you still feel the same way. Wait to purchase that motorcycle, scuba gear, dive equipment, a water related item or vehicle or a  boat, super expensive wine or sunglasses. Get the insurance. Scorpio is an intimate sign. Likely better to wait to share secrets, have first time sex until at least the retrograde is over. Projects, certain alliances, or therapies may depend on confidentiality. Oh, and things lost previously are sometimes are found, or if lost this retrograde, are found during the next retrograde!

Do check with your astrologer for your good dates and times of day to make the best of it!

Speak good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds. Pay it forward.

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See the 2019 UPDATED Special Edition Newsletter for making the last of this year’s plans! Soon the 2020 Edition will be out! Make your changes count.

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….


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