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Venus Libra Divine Feminine Grand Square Cross Aug 2013

Aug 21, the last day of Leo, Jupiter in Cancer finished and started!  It made the last aspect of the TSquare it has been traveling through since July 17, with its square to Uranus in Aries.  And it made the last aspect of the Grand Water Trine, to Chiron in Pisces.  Yet both of these aspects are the firsts of three.  Jupiter will square Uranus two more times, Feb and April 2014.  Jupiter will trine Chiron Feb 2014 at almost 12 degrees and, last time, in May 2014 at 17 degrees.

Aug 25 we do and don’t have another Star of David, Grand Sextile, Hexagon! 
Yes, all the Water and Earth signs have planets in them.  But the degree connections between them don’t meet my specs.  If you use a 5 degree range, to show the Star lines drawn in, the Moon, has to be at 6+ degrees Taurus to sextile Jupiter, which has now moved ahead to 12 degrees.  This is important because this is the only way the Moon fills the 6th point to make the Star at all!  In the Star of July 29, the Moon immediately connected to every planet in the Star, all the aspects activated and applying (upcoming)!  In this one, several aspects have passed by the time Mama Moon connects with Jupiter.  The Moon shall have already made her trine to Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and the sextile to Neptune in Pisces.  Which really doesn’t matter because Jupiter is at 11/12 degrees while the Sun and Mercury are at 2 and 3 degrees, just too far away from each other to make that 6th sextile, point of the Star.  That is more range than I use for active aspects.  So, by my standards, no, we don’t have a 2nd Star of David.

What we do have is Venus, in one of its own signs, Libra, continuing the TSquare that Jupiter finished the 21st, making a Cardinal Grand Cross/Square, that starts Aug 20, culminates the 27th!

Venus adds desire!  In Libra, it quickly, on balance, evaluates the worth of the results of the TSquare, instigates new action (cardinal signs) on point, carries the energy forward a few more days, makes sure important liaisons to get the job done are made.  If the TSquare released raw results, Venus insists on more elegance, mercy.  Just because things didn’t go our way, it doesn’t mean what happened won’t pay off in time.  You weren’t wrong, just breaking through, maybe a bit of a rough ride.  This period would not be a traditional wedding choice.  But do shake the tree!  Nothing like a little chaos to make Magic!

  • Using a 5 degree range, it started Aug 20th, coming into range to square Pluto in Capricorn, exact Aug 24 at 2:59 AM Pacific.  Since it is mid of night, the strongest effect is essentially on the 23rd.  Consider who you do it with, how much you earn, whether it pleases you.  Take it easy on sugars.  Face it about the need to heal – bodily, emotionally, mentally.  Take time to socialize with people you trust and who are succeeding in a good way.  Share secrets and revelations sometime after the 27th.  Now could be too much too soon.  Obliterated or insightful.  Things need to be not just functional, but pretty too.  Wait on beauty treatments; you may never be quite pleased with that choice.  Financial differences of opinion likely.
  • FYI Aug 25 there are 4 factors at 11 Degrees – Venus, Lilith, Chiron, and Uranus!  Lilith, just with Jupiter, is retrograde square Uranus!  Outrageous Lilith with unpredictable Uranus!  More about women and the rights of the People.  Shadows.  Dark in the Light; Light in the Dark.
  • Aug 26 Venus opposes Uranus in Aries.  Unique but acceptable.  Attractively wild and free.  Sporadic gains, but generally upward.  Beauty and the Beastie!  Shockingly rude or grace beyond belief!  Separated from your friends, possible breakups.  Wait to talk until times are more stable a few days after the 27th.  Build a bridge to the group you would like to serve with.  Give a smile to a stranger, even if you don’t get your way.  Odd.  Don’t take the plane?  Distractions – pay attention where you are going.  A one woman adventure or millions at one.
  • Aug 27, Venus finishes the Grand Cross with its square to Jupiter in Cancer.  A lot to lose, a lot to gain.  It was just too much.  The cost, too much to do, too big a ceremony.  You didn’t want to go there, but were intrigued.  It wasn’t fun, but you learned.  You had to surrender your plans, another direction, another meaning.  Wait to re/decorate, buy materials.  Diversified or one pointed.  Ethical differences.  Faithless or faithful.
  • On the 27th Mars leaves Cancer, enters Leo!  Out of the house, no more cheffing, off to exercise, the games, the party!  Everything has been reassessed, now it’s time to take action, and do it your way!

Venus in Libra searches for peace, beauty in every breath every moment of every relationship.  It seeks pure values.  Be true.

This Grand Cross is part of the Leo Full Blue Moon!

Image called Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine by Lila Violet – Available for purchase!

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2013 Grand Sextile, Star of David Astrological Chart - Lucky Moon Jupiter

This chart is for the exact Moon Sextile Jupiter at 12:12 PM Pacific.

6 Sides – follow the longer green lines, or the 2 big blue triangles!! A Hexagram! Beehives, turtle back patterns, snowflakes, the Giant’s Causeway – some call it the Wisdom Portal! Per Astrology all hexs have a Mercury (mind) association, the points are at 60 degree intervals, Mercury is the Planet of Gemini, Gemini starts at the 60th zodiacal degree.  Almost invariably, a Grand Sextile is formed when Mama Moon fills the 6th point and this one is no exception!  

Allowing a 5 degree orb (range), the Moon in Taurus sextiles Jupiter in Cancer starting at 2:21 AM Pacific, activating the strong Grand Sextile!  ALL the planets are linked one after another from 4 to 17 degrees, in Earth and Water signs!  There are the standard double trines, kites, mystic/golden rectangles, oppositions, more, and, in this case, a ton of squares, the red lines, challenges to planets at sextile midpoints! The emphasis with Sextiles is communications!

The first big blue trine/triangle is Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter/Mars at 4, 5, and 7/9 degrees.  Please see Jupiter Outer Planet Grand Trine of the Year! for more on this ‘Making the impossible, possible!’ rare Grand Trine!

The second big blue is Mama Moon, Venus and Pluto, at 7, 8, 9 degrees.  You see how all these degrees are 5 and less degrees apart!  These planets comprise the core Grand Sextile!  Moon and Venus are both feminine, mothers and lovers!  They can be soft and sweet, but also fierce protecting their loved ones!

  • Moon in Taurus wants stability, safety, steady income.  In one of Venus’s signs, she wants beauty, to be appreciated, has deep values.  Her body is important, usually physically strong.  Her love of outdoors, our Earth, often makes for a gardener providing food for the table.  Patient support of children is deeply appreciated.
  • Venus in Virgo loves the work, doesn’t mind the weeding.  She is wanting clean health, natural beauty, proper excellent quality foods.  She will keep you organized, increasing your productivity and effectiveness.  Little things do make a difference.  Both Taurus and Virgo like pets.  Taurus owns the property; Virgo is the manager.  Tauruses are famous for enjoying their comfort.  Virgos are natural worker bees, doing all kinds of services, having an array of skills.  Ask for the job.
  • In harmony with Pluto in Capricorn, they just might get the funding they have been looking for!  Common sense will make the right professional connections, and select a wise choice of well funded partners, both in business and love.  Health and living decisions about seniors will be loving and practical, peaceful, a relief.  Affection and kindness count.  No sneakies trying to get them to do what you want.  People know if they are being manipulated or trying to be tricked.  It just feels off, unsettling; then they get the grumpies.  So be upfront.  It will likely work out quite well, or at least you will know where you stand.

Mother Moon sextiles Jupiter exactly at 12:12 PM Pacific, a great lucky, abundant, positive aspect!  Moon then trines Venus in Virgo, beauty, health and money, exactly at 2:48 PM Pacific!  The period between is THE lucky window!   Venus is between her July 28 sextile Jupiter of easy abundance, and her 30th trine Pluto in Capricorn of wealth won of persistence, very favorably linking the Jupiter opposition Pluto, offering a tasty merger.  Partner up with prenups, or negotiate your divorce for the best for all.  The Sun in Leo is in close semisextile with Jupiter, and at the midpoint between Venus and Jupiter, charming, very lucky, vibrant! It’s ready to travel and have fun no matter what!

The Grand Sextile runs all day, until Mother Moon makes her last exact aspect, a sextile with Chiron in Pisces, at 10:53 PM Pacific.  Both Moon and Sun are in what we call ‘fixed’ signs, so expect what you start to stand the test of time.  There will be trials due to the squares, but there is such a number of traditionally positive aspects, the squares will be worth the work they will bring .  Best to see how it all sits with your natal chart – see an astrologer you trust to give you realistic pros and cons.  If you don’t have planets at those degrees, it may not affect you at all!  For those of you it does, it may be worth taking the grand chance!!!  Good luck to you all!

Saturn’s Star of David – North Polar Region!

Saturn has a built-in hexagram, Grand Sextile, if you will!  To astrologers, Saturn represents hard workers, strong structures, guardianship, age, archetypes, is a Wisdom Portal.

Saturn's Hexagon North Polar Region

This is a true color view of Saturn’s north polar region, taken by Cassini’s Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) on June 26, 2013, the day after Jupiter entered Cancer. You can see Saturn’s beautiful hexagon in the center.

Image Credit: NASA / JPL / SSI / composite by Val Klavans  The images were taken using the CL1, RED, BL1 and GRN filters.

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