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Aquarius New Moon Feb 8/9!

Six months 4 degree sequence, Capricorn Outer Planets Stellium, Rare Bundle Chart! Chinese New Year next day in the US!

Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon!

Bucket Chart with Moon Leo Handle! Preparing the way for Jupiter Sextile Neptune! Venus is frisky with Shaman Chiron and wild card Uranus!


Aquarius New Moon!

Friday January 24 New Moon at 1:42 PM, 4 Aquarius 22 the day before Chinese New Year!

Six months 4 degree sequence, Capricorn Outer Planets Stellium, Rare Bundle Chart! Chinese New Year next day in the US!

Aquarius 2020 New Moon Milky Way Bungle Bungles Australia

Milky Way over the Bungle Bungles at Purnululu National Park, East Kimberley of western Australia. The traditional owners of the area are the KarjaganuJaru peoples. 

This is the first New Moon of 2020 and the day before Chinese New Year in the US!! Let the beginnings begin!

It includes our New Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius, the fourth of a SIX months sequence of New Moons all at 4 degrees! 2019 Oct, Nov, Dec and 2020 Jan, Feb, Mar New Moons are all at 4 degrees! The signs are Scorpio, Sag, Cap, AQ, Pisces and Aries. All these Moons are sequentially resonant to each other! If you have factors at 4 degrees or very close to that, let’s say up to 2 to 3 degrees, in your astrology chart, they will be activated over and over. Each Moon being in a different Sign, your chart will be activated from different angles each time, some more favorably than others. Plan out the rest of these months with a goal in mind. Be prepared, do favorable things at each Moon Sign! Check out my write-ups, and those particular Moon write-ups online to get more perspective. 

Our New Moon chart happens to be one of those rare concentrated Bundle charts having all the planets in just over 120 degrees! Mars, the planet of new beginnings, is the engine at the beginning of the Bundle. In Sagittarius he leads with information, tons of energy, makes plans that change a mile a minute as he explores the territory!

Uranus in Taurus is leading the way scanning ahead for safe and sensible openings to use going into new lands. He’s using a solidarity probe to find stable ground to support collective efforts that Moon & Sun and Venus are creating! They just passed a challenging aspect to him, bringing him up to date on feminine and community needs, the heart of changes to come.

They also just checked in with Chiron in Aries, and are inspired by new healing techniques, teaching in new things in new ways, being out in front with clever business consulting that is impressively fast to implement! Chiron in Aries expects us to heal ourselves and keep up with local happenings! 

Those three planets in Aquarius are concerned for the people. Each one of us has an offering that counts and Mercury of communications is in step with Mars, wanting to get the word out to the maximum number of people! Collaboration, finding ways to ignite action anywhere from your next door neighbor, the prof at the university, to the most remote locations. All Souls on Deck!

There are still THREE outer planets in Capricorn anchoring and building from a solid foundation! They are the mountaineers of Spirit! Jupiter is Sagittarius’s planet, having a connection with Mars. In fact, as they passed, Jupiter was just at the midpoint between Mercury and Mars! He encouraged them to go big with their ideas! Jupiter has a great window to the Universe, broadens our senses, possibilities light the way, flourish with potential! Expansion exceeds expectations! Ideas are gathered worldwide, coordinated in a timely fashion with excellent results!

Venus is snuggled with old Neptune, God of the Sea, in Pisces, his own sign! It’s Soul love, but she’s square Mars in Sagittarius the wanderer so will love Neptune while she is there, but leave him. His transmission to her is an imprint in her Spirit, a bit hypnotic, kinda under his spell! She may have a longing for things s/he have dreamed of. Music and Beauty. She senses that part of her is and only ever will be, for herself, the necessities of her life. She can be self indulgent, and in Pisces, so much she can lose herself. Another part of her senses the sadness of all that has ever been lost, the suffering of helpless Beings. She is willing to sacrifice her own in their behalf. Neptune has always been so and knows there needs to be a balance. Some for me, so much for them. Mars is still over there not waiting so patiently, wanting the Truth. So choices must be made or possibly lose an opportunity. Or, never mind, who wants that opportunity?! Never!

Venus in this placement with Neptune means Mercury is also at a midpoint between them and Jupiter! Jupiter and Neptune are about to make their first of three juicy sextiles Feb 20! They are dreaming of huge possibilities, traveling at Soul level, looking for Spiritual Truth beyond daily life. We are part of this greater world too! Neptune, the sea, has great tides, planetary currents, storms and healing calm. Seaside rest, exhilarating sports, silence and solitude at sea. Jupiter has work to do, a business to run, meaningful education to share. He travels forever and everywhere to find answers to profound questions leaving no stone unturned. Mercury has a complex array of cosmic ideas from many levels to try to articulate in a way that intrigues the most hardened minds. Just the quirky way he says them may catch people’s radar.  

These five planets are working together! Mars at 14, Jupiter at 12, Mercury at 13, Venus & Neptune at 13 and 16. Three of them are every day planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus, hanging out with the big guys. The chain is electric with pulses between them, giving them the opportunity to work together though in four different signs, Sag, Cap, AQ and Pisces, the last four signs of the Zodiac! Get ‘er done, kids!

Pluto and Saturn are still tightly meshed, though their exact conjunction was Jan 12. They are still working as one and both are also moving on… Pluto has done his best to remove obstacles, cleanse debris that collected, renovate what can be saved, resurrect to new promise. Saturn, powerfully in his own sign, has seen what can be done and is a dedicated assistant. He will carry his toolbox of wisdom forward, working skillfully toward sustainability, an exponential example for all to see. He will take charge and be a model of our times. He has a lot to do between now and his sign change into Aquarius March 21!

Some things are still in recovery from Saturn and Pluto’s grip. It has been and is an honorable time even when painful. We are humbled, learn to maintain our lives in better ways. We get good at it and in the long term it may literally save our lives…or someone else’s. Some of us have helped ourselves by asking for help. Others can have sensible tips for us. Knowing that support is out there makes us know we are not the only one or all alone. Someone cares for us, even if it is a stranger. Hat’s off to you! One day at a time and be proud of it. Pay it forward when you can.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They are will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus 

This will be a time of lightening our perceptions after many intense months. 

Thank you, Aquarians for getting us back into Friendship mode. Together we will heal and make steady progress!

Aquarius New Moon Astrology Chart!
Aquarius 2020 New Moon Astrology Chart!

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Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon!

Saturday February 8 at 11:33 PM Pacific. For the US east of Pacific time it will be on February 9th! 20 Leo – Aquarius 00

Bucket Chart with Moon Leo Handle! Preparing the way for Jupiter Sextile Neptune! Venus is frisky with Shaman Chiron and wild card Uranus!

Aquarius 2020 Full Moon & Shrooms

What snow, LOL?! If you are out at night in equatorial latitudes your Full Moon could look like this…

Mama Moon is in Father Sun’s Sign Leo, and opposite wild Sun in Aquarius. The dance could be pretty lively, colorful and a little out of this world! She has traveled out of the tight grouping of the other planets forming what is known as a Bucket chart. She is the ‘handle’ planet. We could think of her as the bright bold explorer, a she seeker, out to meet others, hold them in her heart to bring them home to her friends. She can transmit in behalf of the ones left behind. She can be the receiver transmitting answers and new info back to the others.

Her transmissions and findings will most activate factors in the chart at the same or close to the degree she is. In this case she   

  • Trines Mars in Sagittarius! He may be at the university lectern or church podium and ask for more brilliant ways to teach. She, in a teaching sign herself, may connect him with new students from southern areas who have experiences that open gateways in his thinking.

    Mars is semisextile Saturn, giving him a nudge, pressing Saturn to take a look at the new ideas some of these talented students are proposing. Mars wants Saturn to build them and make them available to all as models of new sustainable structures. 

    Saturn passed Pluto Jan 12 and few have forgotten. Saturn knows what needs rebuilding. Pluto has helped clear the way so Saturn has a clear shot. Bodies are being healed. Finances are adjusting. Rules and laws are being upgraded, changes being fought for. Climate factors are requiring sustainable choices. Human and animal rights are so needed. From prevention to consequence, it’s a long continuum and all are symbolically connected. We breathe the same air. What is happening to one happens to us all.
  • Moon and Father Sun are wanting dramatic, even shocking ideas that get the Spirit moving. She may carry the blueprint of his inventions to others in great need. He is waiting for updates and further requests. We have the Light on both sides, Leo at hers, Sun at his! Part of the challenge is how to transmit all that Light without blowing out the camera, being overwhelming. Send invitations in advance!
  • Mother Moon has just passed her inconjunct (150 degrees) of Neptune. She longed to steep at the spa, but it might not have been in the cards this time. But they shared a hug, he reminded her to take time for herself from her busy schedule. He asked her to cast about for more attunement, that he be in precise spiritual harmony with the dreams of humanity, the Great Spirit. She has perhaps, seen some flickers, like the aurora borealis, how it comes in sheets and waves, and sent him images that open his dear heart even more…

    Jupiter and Neptune are very soon, Feb 20, to be at their exact sextile! They are only a few degrees apart even now, so tuning up the fiddles and contemplating the possibilities! Jupiter in Capricorn is terrific at composing and Neptune is the music Shaman. Happy harmony while working makes the time go quickly and the build is a beauty. Neptune had dreams about it! 

There is an early degree set of planets. Sweetie Venus is newly frisky in Aries, happy to see shamanic Chiron again. They are both spiritual first responders in this combination. She wants the same healing and teaching he does. She feels her beauty in motion, attracting others quickly. She wants change and she wants it now. Chiron has been busy, and she is asking him to up the amps! She may show him some ways to present his talents more amiably. Oddly, taking that moment of grace may save time and get better results! Getting some exercise doing what you love, is great healing. Every once in a while a good shout, kick in the buns, are the jump start into new territory! Chiron knows when she is being selfish, moi?!, and silly. He shows her a thing or two from his experience. He lives there in Aries all year. She is dearly welcome, but only comes by once a year. 

Venus semisextiles Uranus in Taurus. She may barely be a blink in his radar, but one of her signs is Taurus! Uranus is a rebel, forever wanting freedom. Independent Aries will never be tamed! She has his eye. They may have a quick chat. They are both fast. On her way she has been observing him, offers some suggestions. She’s a great consultant. He will take time with those ideas, implement some of them, smooth them out for a perfect fit. She will marvel at his low level sizzling electric attention and his remarkable patience at the same time. It soothes her that he is up on things and trusts his instincts to wait for his perceptions to fall into place.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. See more about Chiron/Uranus  

Mercury at 8 Pisces stands alone though is making his way to sextile Jupiter soon. A keen observer both mentally/logically and in Pisces psychically and spiritually, his mind will be like a vault of treasures being held for the right time of release. Jupiter will be absolutely delighted. Mercury is already in the first phase of it’s three part retrograde cycle that started Feb 2.  See more  Mercury is in progress mulling over the connections, the levels of potential expression. The information will come to Jupiter in smart sharp form, ready to go! Jupiter sees where they fit in the greater picture and drops them succinctly right into a working place that needed expansion! Been waiting for that missing piece! As Mercury progresses through his retrograde cycle, it will be further adjusted and finalized at the end of March.

Thank you, Aquarians for keeping us part of the greater world, being the leader of Change!

Leo – Aquarius Full Snow Moon Astrology Chart!

Aquarius 2020 Full Snow Moon Astrology Chart

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Next is the Sunday February 23 New Moon at 7:32 AM, 4 Pisces 29!

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