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Taurus, 2012 Peace Walk

Taurus is the soil of our Earth, a safe, secure, fertile, nurturing holding place where Aries seed ideas can grow well. Taurus is like an old she-bear. In winter, Bear hugs the Earth, grounding, connecting with Earth rhythms. In Spring she lumbers along, walking like a tree, that’s, at times, standing still like a tree, rooted, centered, tall, observing, sniffing the wind, contemplating what’s valuable. She’s the Pause, giving time for Geminis to catch their breath, think what to say, spread the good word.  

Strength. It takes a kind of strength to stand still, be poised in the balance, to know who you are, to take the time it takes, support others as they pass through your life, have peace in every step. A lot of times we forget the Path is how we get there, not just the destination. The quality of the journey affects the outcome. Be mindful of your steps. Protect your seedlings, be gentle with scared co-walkers. Once the foundation is established, let momentum build. Check your map frequently to be sure your bus is on course; make sensible adjustments. Do what you can, then let God. Things are coming our way as much as we are going toward them. Give them time to arrive. They are coming as fast as they can.  

2012 is only 21 months away. Bare your feet, feel your walk, sense your destination. Lay down, roll on your back, stick your feet up in the air, count your toes! Sit frequently, like the Buddha, ground yourself. Open your eyes, see the beauty, be the perfect fit in your special body, doing what only you can do. Your passion is radiant; what you share is magnetic. Many will join your good walk.  

Emeralds in the Meadow!


Sweet image by Kristin Corinne Loy

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First, Happy New Moon!  5:29 AM Pacific, 24 degrees Aries    

April 17 to May 11    

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   Mercury Retrograde in Taurus!  Mind over matter!   Or, Jewels in the meadow!    

Mercury is now   s l o w i n g   way down now for its Retrograde turn ‘backwards,’ and Taurus is known to take its own deliberate, observant, and thoughtful time.     

Time to turn your soil, review some very personal and organic thinking, what touches you!  Your body beautiful, Mama Earth, your money, meaningful peace. There’s good reason to ask, what’s in it for me?  You are an intelligent animal, with quality survival # 1 on the list.  Your good survival affects all of us.  If you aren’t happy, neither is a place in us that wants that happiness for you.  What’s tough for Taurus is the ability to survive discomfort.  They don’t like discomfort, so tackling an uncomfortable problem is not a first choice!  The problem isn’t always easy to make go away nor is it easy to change your settings.  But, may we ask you what you need to make that change or new agreement work for you?  It may be surprisingly simple, even enjoyable!    

I offer you a cute example.  A woman was scared because of her husband’s driving.  She requested he slow down; that was ok with him but he kept forgetting.  They talked some more and decided she would use a code word, Alfred, Alfred the limousine chauffeur!  This delightfully appealed to our driver.  He puffed up, thinking of squiring his lady-love around, her feeling relaxed and comfortable, arriving in fine fashion, being her hero.  They joked that it was Alfred with perks since they are husband and wife!  It was a loving reminder, because he really wanted to protect and take good care of his dear lady.    

Use this Retrograde to get practical answers to some long-standing affairs.  Really stand outside yourself because long-standing things are often so a part of ourselves we don’t even see them, or the extent of their hold on us – they are invisibly in our skin, yet naked for others to see!  Ask a trusted friend to tell you what they hear you complain about or are uncomfortable with.  Pervasive subtle things, that are important, that we may be afraid to deal with, can deplete our energy without our realizing, as we worry and worry, or deny and deny.  Exhausting habits of chronic worrying and denying are hard work and add up.  Be good to yourself.  It starts with you, and you ARE a good person, stronger than you realize.  Get stable, secure.  Being able to do that, to model that process, is a gift to all of us!  And it is attractive!    

The general thinking on Mercury Retrogrades is wait to start new projects because there is so much change of mind during the retrograde it costs more than it is worth.  Be peaceful with waiting, grateful to mull things over.  Use your energy to greater avail as things fall in place when Mercury goes direct – in this case after May 11.  Good things are worth the wait and the work.    

Contact me to find out what areas of your personal chart this is activating, how you can put it to good use for yourself.    

Taurus Gemstone - Green as the fields of May meadows!

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