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Venus Libra Divine Feminine Grand Square Cross Aug 2013

Aug 21, the last day of Leo, Jupiter in Cancer finished and started!  It made the last aspect of the TSquare it has been traveling through since July 17, with its square to Uranus in Aries.  And it made the last aspect of the Grand Water Trine, to Chiron in Pisces.  Yet both of these aspects are the firsts of three.  Jupiter will square Uranus two more times, Feb and April 2014.  Jupiter will trine Chiron Feb 2014 at almost 12 degrees and, last time, in May 2014 at 17 degrees.

Aug 25 we do and don’t have another Star of David, Grand Sextile, Hexagon! 
Yes, all the Water and Earth signs have planets in them.  But the degree connections between them don’t meet my specs.  If you use a 5 degree range, to show the Star lines drawn in, the Moon, has to be at 6+ degrees Taurus to sextile Jupiter, which has now moved ahead to 12 degrees.  This is important because this is the only way the Moon fills the 6th point to make the Star at all!  In the Star of July 29, the Moon immediately connected to every planet in the Star, all the aspects activated and applying (upcoming)!  In this one, several aspects have passed by the time Mama Moon connects with Jupiter.  The Moon shall have already made her trine to Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and the sextile to Neptune in Pisces.  Which really doesn’t matter because Jupiter is at 11/12 degrees while the Sun and Mercury are at 2 and 3 degrees, just too far away from each other to make that 6th sextile, point of the Star.  That is more range than I use for active aspects.  So, by my standards, no, we don’t have a 2nd Star of David.

What we do have is Venus, in one of its own signs, Libra, continuing the TSquare that Jupiter finished the 21st, making a Cardinal Grand Cross/Square, that starts Aug 20, culminates the 27th!

Venus adds desire!  In Libra, it quickly, on balance, evaluates the worth of the results of the TSquare, instigates new action (cardinal signs) on point, carries the energy forward a few more days, makes sure important liaisons to get the job done are made.  If the TSquare released raw results, Venus insists on more elegance, mercy.  Just because things didn’t go our way, it doesn’t mean what happened won’t pay off in time.  You weren’t wrong, just breaking through, maybe a bit of a rough ride.  This period would not be a traditional wedding choice.  But do shake the tree!  Nothing like a little chaos to make Magic!

  • Using a 5 degree range, it started Aug 20th, coming into range to square Pluto in Capricorn, exact Aug 24 at 2:59 AM Pacific.  Since it is mid of night, the strongest effect is essentially on the 23rd.  Consider who you do it with, how much you earn, whether it pleases you.  Take it easy on sugars.  Face it about the need to heal – bodily, emotionally, mentally.  Take time to socialize with people you trust and who are succeeding in a good way.  Share secrets and revelations sometime after the 27th.  Now could be too much too soon.  Obliterated or insightful.  Things need to be not just functional, but pretty too.  Wait on beauty treatments; you may never be quite pleased with that choice.  Financial differences of opinion likely.
  • FYI Aug 25 there are 4 factors at 11 Degrees – Venus, Lilith, Chiron, and Uranus!  Lilith, just with Jupiter, is retrograde square Uranus!  Outrageous Lilith with unpredictable Uranus!  More about women and the rights of the People.  Shadows.  Dark in the Light; Light in the Dark.
  • Aug 26 Venus opposes Uranus in Aries.  Unique but acceptable.  Attractively wild and free.  Sporadic gains, but generally upward.  Beauty and the Beastie!  Shockingly rude or grace beyond belief!  Separated from your friends, possible breakups.  Wait to talk until times are more stable a few days after the 27th.  Build a bridge to the group you would like to serve with.  Give a smile to a stranger, even if you don’t get your way.  Odd.  Don’t take the plane?  Distractions – pay attention where you are going.  A one woman adventure or millions at one.
  • Aug 27, Venus finishes the Grand Cross with its square to Jupiter in Cancer.  A lot to lose, a lot to gain.  It was just too much.  The cost, too much to do, too big a ceremony.  You didn’t want to go there, but were intrigued.  It wasn’t fun, but you learned.  You had to surrender your plans, another direction, another meaning.  Wait to re/decorate, buy materials.  Diversified or one pointed.  Ethical differences.  Faithless or faithful.
  • On the 27th Mars leaves Cancer, enters Leo!  Out of the house, no more cheffing, off to exercise, the games, the party!  Everything has been reassessed, now it’s time to take action, and do it your way!

Venus in Libra searches for peace, beauty in every breath every moment of every relationship.  It seeks pure values.  Be true.

This Grand Cross is part of the Leo Full Blue Moon!

Image called Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine by Lila Violet – Available for purchase!

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2013 Leo Super Full Moon and New Moon!

Moonday July 22, ZERO Degree Leo/Aquarius SUPER FULL MOON at 11:15 AM Pacific 

A lot happens before this Super Moon that is the backdrop for it and part of its Newness! 

  • Rare Jupiter Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune July 17 to 19!  The major results from this trine will give fullness and confidence, a foundation for further esteemed ventures!
  • Mars is keeping the rare trine going through July 20 and 22.  It trines Neptune, then Saturn the 20th, conjuncts Jupiter the 22nd.  Magic is afoot!
  • Mercury Retrograde Directs on the 20th – we are beginning to open forward again.  Stay thoughtful, pay attention, dance to the music!

Now, here, the day of our Full Moon, there is the every 26 to 27 months Mars conjunct Jupiter, and THREE Sign changes!

Mars is still fresh from its near midnight conjunction, merger, with Jupiter!  Jupiter is known for growth and expansion!  Add Mars, not shy at all, and there is an enormous energy boost!  In water sign Cancer, they may enjoy splashy summer water sports the most!  Mars is quite willing to take up Jupiter’s stand for proper ethics, especially for women, children, our homes.  This time is ripe for starting new projects, travels with first timers, new friends, to new places!  There is much to be gained from investing in coaching, trying out different teaching and training styles.  Promote your business or event!  Offer your leadership in your specialty!  At the very personal level, know there will be some hot opinions, religious and political passion and fury, and if you are lucky, hot sex!

5:41 am, Venus enters Virgo!  Venus in Virgo until Aug 16, makes beauty in all the right places!  Every detail enhances the next!  It’s worth the money.  Now that Mercury is direct, pick out your colors, styles, placements.  Relandscape with water-saver plants, catch up on your bookkeeping, decide on your healthcare, select your new pet, negotiate with your tenant/landlord, co-worker!  Go on your diet, buy your work and back to school clothes.  Sign up for specialty training with an expert whose good works you see.  Start your new job!

8:56 AM the Sun enters Leo!  It’s time to be the Star!  :)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _  _ _ _ _ _ _
Finally, on the very day of the Sun entering Leo, only 8 minutes of a degree after the Moon enters Aquarius, the stage has been fully set, at 11:15 AM Pacific, we get our FULL MOON!!

Since it is at primal ZERO degrees, it represents new beginnings as well as the completion or peak of cycle that a Full Moon represents.  Venus, also at Zero degrees on the same day blesses the new contributions!  Leo wants it to come from the heart, and Venus has been in Leo before Virgo, so we are well primed!  The Moon at zero Aquarius is a little wild and out of its ken, but ever the observer, soaks up odd out ideas, just like gravy with a warm piece of fragrant bread!  She recognizes when people are a bit out of bounds and need a little extra TLC.  And to Moon, who loves family, Aquarius is just another great big family, the family of man!  Leo, happy to be there, cheers and wagers on its champion!

Two strong aspects with billy goat Saturn!  Both are adding their ‘she’ instincts.  Venus sweetens the day, wiggles close on the merit of the proven virtues of her offer.  Saturn in Scorpio is hell-bent on saving the day, no frivolous wasted time or effort, coming out on top.  There can be a tad of desperation, but the achievement is solid.  The obsession can pay off, surprisingly attractive results after all.  Moon, ruler of Saturn’s opposite sign Cancer, has a challenge on her hands.  She is both soft, compared to do-it-by-the-book Saturn, and devilishly unpredictable in Aquarius!  She moves fast, and Saturn hangs on tighter, being one who proves value through time.  She is whimsical, cycling about in a tizzy at times, or so it seems to Saturn.  It is her accurate intuition that gives her credibility after all.  Nothing beats it.  It’s free, and saves time.  Saturn approved!  Since Moon is in league with Venus, both at zero degrees, Moon can be guided by how earth Virgo Venus couches her practical ideas.  Saturn, an earth planet, values this sensible proposal.

Venus makes two more strong aspects!  She is coming along after the Jupiter trine Neptune, herself opposite Neptune.  The promise of the dream coming true is set, but for just now, it may seem out of reach until after the exact opposition July 26, and after the Mars opposite Pluto, and Sun square Saturn are complete July 27.  Then it may be clear sailing with Venus sextiling Jupiter July 28, trining Pluto July 30!  These two combinations can be loving, lucky and wealthy!   Don’t stop.  Work this sequence to its success!

This is 2013’s third and last Super Full Moon, in Aquarius – Sign of awakening, change!  The Lights are ON!  Full Moons bring culmination and release, like taking a huge lungful, holding it, then the big sigh and relaxation.  You’ve done your best, maxed out, the infusion complete.  What will be, will be.

Leo Full Moon 2013 Astrology Chart


Tuesday NEW MOON, Aug 6, 14 Leo at 2:51 PM Pacific 

Our Leo New Moon is the day before Jupiter is opposite Pluto!  Jupiter opposite Pluto is the first exact part of the outer planet Cardinal TSquare, the second part being Jupiter’s square to Uranus Aug 21!  Since the outer planets move slowly, the challenging T is in effect the whole time, in fact, it started July 17!  New Moon’s take us down deep, to the bottom of the cycle when the lights are out, the sky is darkest.  So this one in Leo, the sign of the SUN, Light personified, is a bit different.  There is Light in the form of a bright Presence.  Spirit walks.  Love abides.  The Stars are the Lights of many Suns, and they are brightest to us when it’s darkest!  They have always guided the mariners, and hope IS eternal.  This deep place of the Soul is in perfect harmony with Jupiter the Wayshower offering a way out from Pluto’s darkest Places.  And many times, the Dark is our best friend.  We are safe, quiet, comforted.  We hear things we didn’t pay attention to before.  We settle and divine what’s clear to do next.  Once revealed, Leo stands strong to carry it, Jupiter takes it on the road!

The outer planet Grand Water Trine is waning, but not entirely finished – Jupiter is still trine Chiron and the North Node.  4 Planets and the Nodes are interacting – Saturn and North Node in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer.  And they are interacting with the other planets in close degrees!  This is a fiery New Moon, but the chart has a lot of Water!  Both are highly intuitive in their own ways!  Fire is a first and fast responder, quick on its feet!  Leo is totally engaged when teaching and performing, gauging audience response, making course corrections instantly.  It senses the essence of relationships – romance or long-lasting, the quality of a liaison.  Water signs sense your feelings – Cancer knows past and familial ties, Scorpio knows how mates and money matters need healing, Pisces knows the nature of sorrows and the dreams to come.

This New Moon is forging on into new territory.  It is leaving the square with the nodes, the inconjunct to Chiron, and trine with Uranus, those all being at 12 degrees.  The nodes span Taurus, what we owned before, and Scorpio, what we could share with others, our mates.  Letting go of our own, to share, isn’t always easy.  Saturn is with the North Node setting the limits, maybe making the prenups.  Leo is often sooo generous, the Moon in Leo would give everything to nurture the love, so a balance is struck between Leo and Saturn – not too much, not stingy either.  There is a decision whether to be Leo lovers or Scorpio mates.  It’s tempting to step outside your relationship, but at what price?  The Jupiter trine the Node, hopes for honesty, forthright business, plans for happiness.  The Leo Moon/Sun just leaving Uranus in Aries, has had a taste of freedom, and it tastes good.  Aries is impetuous, but also rules purity, besides red, white is one of its colors.  Be clean.  Take care of one situation before leaping to another.  New is not the only criteria.  The inconjunct with Chiron calls for healing, then moving on in a good way.  Blessed be.

Leo New Moon 2013 Astrology Chart

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Jupiter Uranus Pluto T Square

July 17 to Aug 21  Jupiter in Cancer forms 2013’s second outer planet major aspect of 2013, the T Square with the Uranus square Pluto!  It forms the exact opposition with Pluto Aug 7, then the exact square with Uranus Aug 21!  Since these are slow moving planets, the T is continuous.

The rare outer planet Grand Trine during Cancer has led us right into the outer planet T Square of the Year! This is an uncertain time, but full of magic, and oh, so beautiful!  Jupiter in Cancer brings the Mother Light of Heaven, along with the Plutonian nameless shadows, a deepening of Being.  Uranus makes it intriguing to feel life on your skin!

Jupiter ups the amps.  It makes things big enough to see, wants the Truth, and is silly optimistic enough to think it can deal with it!  :)  Unless you are experienced in the field, overspending will likely not pay off no matter how good it looks. Plan ahead for possible big expenses.  Check references, tell the truth. Travel may be too costly but necessary, and the destination not worth the effort unless you need a break!  Maybe you need to cut loose, takes $ to make $!  Sure enough, you made that mess (or were likely a part of making it), you likely can fix it since you ‘know’ it.  Not to fear!  Get on your 7 league boots, mop up, jump high, see long, and get going!  Feelings (Cancer) are a lot like intuition, though sometimes hail from your Past.  Understand what you can; replace old tired worn tracks with new memories!  Bless yourself and live sweet.

Uranus, at the T point, is friends, the ones you do or don’t have any longer, hooray, and they can help or hinder.  Good chance more people will know what’s going on with you than you wish, yet some wild card terrific ideas can come from them, even your sworn ‘enemies!’  Uranus is the awakener, change maker.  Let it rip!  If you join an organization, let it be one that takes you on the tide, free, and healing.  Uranus (free) is in Aries (independent) now, so there is more inclination to be your own friend rather than rely on others, yet when you admire another person’s new perspective (Jupiter), it sets you free, and if you meet a person who makes primordial transformation a way of life, you see freedom sprung from its shackles!  Uranus loves the frisson of that electric moment!

Pluto in Capricorn is often the obsessions we don’t even admit to ourselves.  Clues –  The devil made me do it!  I don’t know why I did that.  I knew I shouldn’t do that.  I couldn’t help myself.  Get the drift?  Take a good look at those areas.  We all have Scorpio, Pluto, an 8th house – compulsion ingredients.  They can be big, bad, innocuous.  Or maybe they add up over time.  Maybe you need a new attitude, have a broader outlook like Jupiter can have.  Perhaps your body needs some different more effective care.  See the specialist, the intense passionate one that can inspire you past your imprisoning opinions.  Let Jupiter educate you.  What have you got to lose?!  If you are going to spend your money, make it count toward a better future. with an expert who knows the way and has a solid track record.  Continue with your research but don’t expect an end-all answer. Things are progressing even if you don’t see it yet. Do corrections, updates, clean up and follow ups after this aspect is over. It may clear the path in fortunate ways you never expected.

Cardinal!  This has more meaning in context of its fellows, Fixed and Mutable!  Fixed is still and standing.  Mutable is adaptable and in change mode.  Cardinal signs get things started!  Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn!  They are action signs when they are happy.  Aries kicks off the whole zodiac!  Cancer makes a nest and has babies – new starts!  Libra easily makes new relationships and alliances.  Capricorn does business, the boss of everything!  :)  This T doesn’t have Libra, but the others hold the 3 of 4 points, with focus on Uranus in Aries at the T point.  The Awakener is on Fire!

Natural Factors!  As stated below with the Grand Cross, there have been, and will be more weather or other extremes, quakes, floods, fire, winds, freezes.  Choose where you live sensibly, factor in for global warming.  Be prepared; do due diligence with your maintenance.

July 20 to July 31 Mars Adds Its Zest to the TSquare 

Mars, in Cancer with Jupiter, is the ‘Do it!’ planet!  It is action, leadership, the first ONE!  Jupiter philosophizing gives you good reason, but may not quite tip the scales to plunge on in, but Mars will get you through the gate!  Put on your red shoes and that cape you always wanted to wear, and super through!  Mars is up for a good clean fight if that’s what it takes.  Bravery counts.  Pluto can be sneaky, but Mars is skinny quick!  Done in a flash!  Ha!  See?  We didn’t die!  Uranus may want to consult with friends, or adds lightning to the laser!  They may not stay friends with Mars types, each is so independent, but they have mutual admiration, a combination of intelligence so fast you didn’t see it!  Downright marvelously dangerous together!

Not a planet of allegiance, yet will champion a cause, Mars is with Jupiter in this TSquare.  Jupiter is a promoter, and Mars likes that forward motion.  If Mars gets with the right program, training, purpose, teacher, it will be a lucky venture!  Jupiter naturally exudes and inspires confidence, does what’s fun or does it in a way that’s fun, reaches further than the immediate space.  Jupiter can give a focus for the long term.  Mars will be so excited to do more than ever before!  The point is to choose your allies and direction well!  Take a chance!  Even if it isn’t perfect, you get in the swing of it, be better next time!

A word of caution!  Mars and Jupiter both often think they are invincible and love to stretch their wings!  Overdoing it sometimes just doesn’t pay.  Dares, provoking the big guy, running the light, not paying attention, getting too pissed (forgive me) – either with spirits or anger, are times to back off.  That often takes more personal strength, especially when you are in a situation you aren’t used to, with people who don’t know and support you.  Take extra good care of yourselves, please.

Down the Road  Dec 14 to 31  Mars in Libra will make its final TSquare of 2013 with the Uranus square Pluto, finishing the year Dec 31 with Mars striking a potent 6 planets Grand Cross!  More later on….

Second & Third Outer Planet, Jupiter Cardinal Ts for 3 Months

SECOND Jan 17 to Feb 25, 2014  The second set is in reverse order, while Jupiter is Retrograde.  Jupiter first opposes Pluto Jan 31 at 12 degrees, then squares Uranus Feb 25, 2014 at 10 degrees.  Though a month apart by date, they are less than 3 degrees apart the whole time.  If you allow a 5 degree effectiveness range, Jupiter is strongly with both Uranus and Pluto starting Jan 17.

THIRD  Continuous until April 21, 2014  Because Jupiter is slowing to turn direct (forward) Mar 5, it stays in close range, less than 4 degrees, in this TSquare continuously until it forms the third set!  It culminates in an intense two day affair, a very tight less than one degree formation!  It squares Uranus and opposes Pluto on the same day, April 20, 2014, followed by the 5th of the 7 Uranus Pluto squares April 21!  This is the completion, the maximization, of Jupiter’s engagement with, contribution to, the Uranus Pluto square.  The Uranus Pluto square occurs two more times, 6th on Dec 14, 2014, 7th and last, Mar 16, 2015.

GRAND CROSS – April 9 to April 23, 2014  In addition to these 3 outer planets being in T, this 3rd time, Mars Retrograde in Libra is in the picture filling the 4th sign position, Libra, making the outer planet TSquare a Grand Square, Grand Cross!  Allowing 5 degrees of range, Mars potently enters the frame April 9, 2014.  It squares Jupiter April 22, opposes Uranus and squares Pluto Apr 23!  Major geophysical events often occur the two days after strong aspect formations like these, so the 24th and 25th.  Mars can spark fires.  Uranus rules air flight, electricity and lightning, wind and earthquakes.  Pluto in Capricorn can bring snow and ice extremes.  Jupiter in Cancer can tsunami your life, flood your street!  Precautions are warranted.  Be up-to-date on maintenances.  Err to the more sensible side.  The reality of global warming may show itself to you and alter your long term plans.  Pick homes with a water supply but without flood potential.  Since Mars is slow in Retrograde, it holds a close position in square with Pluto, turns direct May 19, making the final exact square with Pluto June14, 2014.  This is like peat moss burning.

Mars in Libra is like an opposition all its own since Mars is associated with Aries, the sign opposite Libra.  Mars helps Libra stand up.  Libra helps Mars get some suave!  Mars can be rowdy and growl; Libra is ever so polite at the opera.  Mars whistles as they ride their bike; Libra intricately plays in the symphony with its fellows.  In the rest of the Grand Cross, Mars and Uranus may agree to disagree, yet intrigue each other.  Mars is upfront, Pluto says none of your business, but I would love it if you get this job done quick for me!  Mars and Jupiter are willing to go just about anywhere, taking their chances – Mars daring and brave, Jupiter, usually lucky, just has to see new places.  Mars is spontaneous; Jupiter likes a plan and a purpose, but it doesn’t take much to get them going!

What you do now has effect two more times, and, because they are all connected, through June 2014!  What you do now, how you do it, is the way it all starts.  Stay clear and clean as you can.  There be fallout if it goes awry.  There will be payoff in a good way if you break through and rebuild.  Keep notes during this first set.  Refer back to them before the next set start.  The second and third sets will give opportunity to make course corrections, enhance what you started, grow it bigger and better.  You can secure it, have, at your finger tips, the use of the life tools you have learned.

The last time we had what’s called an ‘in sign’ TSquare with outer planets, was 1993, if you use Chiron.  It was quite different, in fixed signs – Saturn in Aquarius opposed Chiron in Leo, squared Pluto in its own sign Scorpio.  This was happening as Bill Clinton took office – romance, secrets, shame.  The next outer planet T (within a 5 degree range, all coming to exact, not separating) is July 2026, Jupiter in Leo square Chiron in Taurus, opposite Pluto in Aquarius!  Whatever it be, it will be dramatic, hot, maybe earth shaking!

Within this T, is the July 29 GRAND SEXTILE, STAR OF DAVID!  Read about it!

Stand tall, live deep, love well!

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Venus Transit/Eclipse Chart – 15 Gemini, June 5, 2012!

North American observers can see it the afternoon of June 5, 2012

I’m writing to you well in advance about this event because I think it is important and it precedes the 2012 Mayan calendar event by only a few months.  I am wanting you to hold it in your consciousness, every day be readying yourself for it, put it in your practice.  Be thinking how you can get others ready.  If I could, I would have you see it as sort of like a Soul bath.  You would lay in your lawn chair, facing the Sun, and vision yourself soaking up everything there is to receive, being bathed in loving Light.  You don’t even have to know what that is.  I believe it will come.  Clean your receptors, open your heart.  Those of you who know astrology, study how it will be placed in your chart.  I’m starting to talk about it with every client.

Venus Transits come in pairs spaced eight years apart, but the time between pairs is 122 years, then 105 years. Due to this pattern, only six Venus transits have been seen since the invention of the telescope.  The 2004 Venus Transit was the first of our latest pair. Before that, the most recent transit had been in 1882—which means no living people on Earth had seen a Venus transit when the 2004 event occurred.  Some speculate this rare Transit was one of the reasons the Mayans chose 2012 as their 26,000 year cycle end/start date.

—Image courtesy NASA

The Venus eclipses have been in the first 15 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius since 60 AD!  The previous June 8, 2004 Venus Transit was at 17 Gemini, square Jupiter, widely square Moon/Uranus, trine Neptune and opposite Pluto (a loose Mutable Grand Cross involving 7 planets).  Mutable signs call for diversity, adaptability.  The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is mind and meaning, communications near and far, from here to the University.  The Virgo/Pisces axis is service and devotion, working hard and dreamtime magic, healers of body and Soul.

This Venus retrograde conjuncts/eclipses the Sun at 15 degrees airy space-in-the-mind Gemini, both of them square Mars at 16 degrees  get-the-job-done Virgo.  Venus in Gemini is loving communications, appreciations, expressing affection, valuing diversity of thinking.  Square Mars in Virgo calls for that desire being thought about to be put into action, to break through from pleasure to leadership on a daily basis.  Virgo tends the fort, wants all to be healthy, not too much sugar!   Jupiter is at 28 degrees, finishing Taurus about to enter Gemini, just one degree from the Pleiades.  Mercury is at 27 Gemini, in a one degree semi sextile with this Jupiter.  There will be a lot to say, some of it profound, about the goings on, because this 27 Gemini position is powerfully positioned exactly opposite the GALACTIC CENTER, downloading the information to the people!  This is important because the Mayan Calendar turnover at the Sacred Tree, Crossroads of Dec 21, 2012, occurs only 6 degrees from the Galactic Center!  The Moon is conjunct Pluto, sextile Chiron, square Uranus.  This Moon position highlights Pluto; Pluto at this degree becomes part of the Jupiter three planet 8 degree YOD in the Dec 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar turnover!  All will not go as planned, surprises in the offing, some left behind, inevitable deep-rooted change due to fathers, sadly, something to ‘weep’ about, a longed for professional matter at stake.  Some things, though much talked about, must be done alone, yet profoundly affect our mates, or we are affected by them….

Venus Transit chart, June 5, 2012, 5:09 PM Pacific, Santa Barbara CA

Due to the huge size difference, no way can Venus ‘eclipse’ the Sun – we call it a Venus Transit.  In images it is a mere black dot in a sea of yellow fire as it crosses the face of the Sun!  I think of it as a voyage, pilgrimage, a rite of passage, across this magnificent space being.  It is a merger, an immersion, being imbued, saturated, infused, with the brightest Light our Solar System, our neighborhood in the galaxy, has to offer!  And it is lined right up with US!  Whew!  This is the Kleig Light of Heaven, from our Heart of Light, transmitted, telegraphed, filtered, amped, a direct shot!  Do you think flowers in bloom at that time will have more powerful pollen, seeds, essences?!  Not one pore of Venus will be left untouched.  If your love went cold, those with planets touched by this aspect, will be warmed right back up, solar charged!  You may feel you have plenty to give, more than ever!  Venus matters ‘enlightened’ will involve beauty, the arts, money, attractiveness, our values, love, kindness, graciousness, giving.  Perhaps you will be ‘weeping’ for JOY!

In Gemini, the Word, all those matters will be spoken of, listened for, written up!  Start your blog!  Multifaceted ideas will spring forth, diversity rules!  Marketing and advertising will be blessed with connecting people who love what is being sold.  Contracts will be better for all involved.  How we learn, pay attention, will improve, education be more cherished.  Learning a second language will be more valuable not only to improve memory, but to make special connections with people that used to be out of reach.  Touch healing, massage will flourish.  Sports like tennis, running, may make new records!  Very true, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Words of praise and appreciation make all the difference.  Love formula – 5 praise to 1 criticism.  What we think – what we focus our attention on, how we think – half full/half empty, matters.  Profoundly.

Venus rules first Taurus, Earth, then Libra, Air.  Taurus has a sensual beauty, rules celebrities and common sense, the monies at hand, the sitting Buddha, Earth, our self esteem.  Libra rules classic beauty, the fine arts, etiquette, Kwan Yin, balance, our adult peer relationships, marriage, how we see our value among our peers, legal proceedings.  We all have both signs in our charts.  Find out where they are in your chart, then read the Venus Transit into those houses, and which house the exact Transit is in, to see what and where you personally are activated.

Those of you with birthdates from the 2nd to the 8th of the month, and/or have planets from 12 to 19 degrees of any sign, will be the most affected by the Venus Transit.  Most air and fire signs will be comfortable with it, may flourish.  Other mutable signs, Virgo and Pisces at square, Sagittarius opposite, may be put off by all the ‘meaningless’ chit chat, may not even hear of it, or be surprised by, perhaps at first annoyed by, new ideas that seemed hidden!  Earth signs want to keep their routine, but there will surely be disruptions.  Water signs, though intrigued, may duck under to see what is happening below the surface and to rest their ears.

A client asked me …will all these changes be for the good?  In some ways the World is already better as people seek new solutions (energy production, government).  Any change proves there CAN be change.  With a lot of old world regimes toppling, there will be chaos and clumsy reform that may take years to settle.  That’s normal.  Change of such magnitude takes time.  Flooding with education and information (Gemini) are imperative.  Giving alternate solutions gives choice (Gemini).  Some of those people have been ‘asleep’ for a long time.  Breaking with tradition and psychological habit is scary.  So change itself, though a relief for some, is part of what can stall the very things it is looking toward.  Encouragement and less poverty, the ability to provide for themselves, create a security base that allow the luxury of a more positive choice.  One of the maxims of natural cycles is it is always darkest before the Light.  Now is the time to stay steady – get us through and beyond the chrysalis of this stage.  Though a chrysalis is a hardened shell, to protect the pupa of the butterfly, it is often seen twitching with life when touched….

This Venus Transit comes before the Dec 21, Winter Solstice, 2012 Mayan calendar end/turnover, giving us LOVE first to cap the final achievements.  We finish the final days before the Calendar ends with more GRACE.  This sets the foundation for a sweeter start of the next cycle, the BLESSINGS to come in the new times!

Let love light the dark way, return to the Light, see the Light.  Merge with, emerge from, the Heart of Light, it’s a free ride!  Reverence to all Beings.  Namaste.  Or as the Mayans say, “In Lak’ech” – I am Another Yourself [Gemini, the Twins]. 

Gemini, Sign of the Hands, the Honored Sign of Transference of the Venus Transit June 5, 2012

Please do see more, about the Jupiter Gemini Connection to the eclipse in the months that follow!

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American Red Cross founder, Swiss Jean-Henri Dunant, was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.

ARIES is the first sign of Astrology’s first cross of the 3 Grand Crosses of Matter. Its cross is the Cardinal, as in the red bird, Cross. It’s four points are first, itself, Aries, Mars, the Warrior, Protector, Rescuer, Initiator. Opposite is Libra, Venus, the Beloved, partnerships of all kinds, equality, balance, respect, fairness both in beauty and in Spirit. The vertical axis is of Cancer, Moon, at the South, warm at home’s hearth, Mom’s nurturing. Opposite is Capricorn, Saturn, of the North, hard at work out in the world, building, fortifying, at times scrabbling for a toehold, maintaining.

The symbol of the American Red Cross, is red on white, Aries’s two colors! It was founded in Switzerland, a politically neutral country, for humanitarian purposes, to help soldiers. It was brought to the United States by Clara Barton after the Civil War. The symbol was chosen in gratitude to the Swiss founder, Jean Henri Dunant, using the reversed colors of their flag.

The Cardinal Cross is truly a cross of Matter. Without life, it doesn’t matter. Aries gives us that option for life and inspiration. Once gathered up, we can go home, be cared for, be loved, find productive outlet for our creative ability. Bravery and physical prowess are standard equipment for Aries. Standing up to a bully, in behalf of the underdog, when the odds are stacked pretty high, is merely a challenge. They wink at you over their shoulder as they lean right into the fray! Follow tight through the crowd, you’ll make it to the other side, or be first in line at the grocery store!

Ok, so not all Aries are that gallant. In fact there are some complaints they only think of themselves. And that may be true. Yet, we can learn to balance ourselves more appropriately. Take courage, say NO once in awhile. Say YES when you want it. Stand up. You can. Even if you fumble or are wrong. You can sort things out. At least you got started. Do you need to apologize? Would your Aries friend? Probably not. Should you apologize for just being yourself? Probably not.

In this time of needing great courage, stay steady in the Light. If you need help, be wise, ask for it. If you can give help, do it the ways you have that are so special to give, exactly as you can. I wish you and your loved ones the very best, with every breath.

In Dedication, and in Gratitude, to all those in Japan who are risking their lives to make things safe for us. They are Angels of a kind, heroes and heroines for sure.

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