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Wishing you a Magical Yule, Winter Solstice!

Magic is afoot!  This Winter Solstice moment, 3:39 PM Pacific, is preceded by the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 0:13 AM! 

TOTAL Lunar Eclipse VISIBLE just after midnight on the US westcoast – are you going to stay up to see it and wish the new year in?!  Many Earth Religion peoples will be doing just that!  Rain is forecast for some areas, but celebrate as you will – meditation, hot chocolate and a fire….  The Eclipse will be at 29 Gemini 21 with the Sun opposite in Sagittarius, an axis of mind and purpose.  How we think, what we think, what we pay attention to, how we gather information, how we express it, all affect outcome!  How we are able to learn limits or expands our range of effectiveness and sharing with others.  Without enough information and exchange of ideas, right on down the line, everyone loses.  If our attention wanders, we lose connection.  People feel that loss and wonder about your or their self esteem.  Our style of idea gathering taints or tantalizes, making people not or want to share with us again.  Our sharing style chokes the network, or invites joy and excitement of exchange!  You see?  And this is only the Gemini side of the Eclipse!

Sagittarius needs to know, so much, to have a fully informed, broad perspective, to choose the Living Truth, that changes as we grow!  Faith can be a fickle feature, because she too is a living thing!  Faith doesn’t just happen.  Faith is experienced, a product of a history of good choices, some your own, some of the people you trust.  Good choices may not make you wealthy, but they are true to you and your heart and Soul.  How you stand with you matters.  Without all the information, one makes choices that are short of the mark, never quite satisfying because something always feels awry, can’t quite put your finger on it.  So put those Geminis, or the Gemini part of yourself, to work.  Listen to them intently, help them focus where you need the info.  If it doesn’t feel like you have enough yet to make your decisions, send them out to bird dog more!  Then make wise choices for the Path you are traveling, the message you choose to publish.  Be continually wise, change when the input changes.  Expansion and growth are a powerful postures of a fully living Sagittarian!  It seems like luck, but forever the scanning observer in their far reaching adventures, it’s their kind of brilliance that saves them!

Yule, Winter Solstice is a grand time to snuggle, but keep your eyes wide open for the possibilities that grow from the root dark in Winter’s Night.  Many a profound insight springs from the eternal internal, a mere candle flicker only glimpsed, sometimes during a whimper.  We might be sad, we might feel like steel, but it comes.  The underworld has always been well respected, often feared, a testing place of Spirit, yet we come back more powerful, even if only quietly.  Power may be barking or whispering, yet it works.  This year, as since 2008, Pluto is near the 0 Capricorn Winter Solstice degree.  Pluto is the God of the Underworld, so this life and death, sharing and healing planet makes it all the more meaningful.  As many are suffering from financial losses, a time of sharing and creative healing springs, as the serpents on the Physician’s staff of Life, raising the Phoenix from its own ashes!   The Sun is always there, it’s just short days.  It may seem thinner, the light laid low across our skies, but still, it is there.  Never been anything wrong with slowing down, resting, noticing more of what is between the molecules.

The last degrees of a sign are always endings and beginnings.  The Eclipse is at 29 degrees, the last, and Solstice is 0 degrees, the first.  May your endings end well and beginnings be even better!  I wish you peaceful days.  I pray you take time to tell your love, appreciate the special in others, what’s good in you.  Happy Yule, Winter Solstice – Mama Earth’s New Year, and Eclipse!

Winter Solstice Day, Dec 21, I will post an overview of 2011!  There is much to come!

Sneak Preview! On April 29th through May 1st, 2011, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, 6 planets, will all be ON FIRE in Aries!  Unbelievable passion, magic of Spirit!  Your Mother is impatient, your pen is pissed and potent, your Lover is sweet HOT, careful not to run the red light, exercise is a no-brainer, the mighty Truth stands on its hind legs and bites, change is electrifying and defying, a challenge to be alone together!!!!

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Awesome Chocolate Vanilla Swirl! by Joits on Flickr

This Venus Retrograde has been a little bit like a double dip ice cream cone!  She was in dark chocolate Scorpio at her Retrograde point, now she will be in white vanilla Libra at her Direct point!  A little like yin and yang!  First you’re under covers, then you’re peeking out to see who’s there!

Nov 7 to Nov 29 Venus is back in Libra, her own Sign, making her Station.  Nov 15 to 22nd Venus ‘stands still’ 8 lovely days, poised at 27 degrees, holding point, at focus, steeping in a concentration of beauty.  Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows.  The Universe is helping us learn how to focus well, on what’s good, what works, what we want to create to come, hope.  This 27th degree is important because so many of our outer planets have been at the 26th degree 2009 and 2010, the degree of the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius).  Venus, in her own sign Libra, implies balance is needed, integrity to oneself and respect of others, are part of our passage to the Sun of all Suns, Center of the Heart!  

Whether the good fight is you struggling with yourself, or the power of choosing who to be in relationship with, how to right fractious parts of your relationships – personal or business, friends or lovers, be in clarity.  Waiting has valor, but be conscious in that choice, set a time to reappraise.  Clearing the air has valor.  Many a time things have worked out better than our highest expectations.  Hold that thought for all.  Admit your own mistakes, open your ears to respectfully hear, deliberately up your compassion amps.  And, yes, sadly, some things just can’t be fixed; let it go, move on in a good way.  And sometimes we mistake fixing the other(s), when it simply isn’t a fit.  They are who they are.  That organic part of a person isn’t going to change.  Accept the way it is, or make some new connections.  Each of you will be relieved, and more productive than spending your time in fruitless requesting.  Indeed, that takes practice to learn how to see how it really is.  But if  your requests don’t bring an eager and happy response, perhaps that’s a big clue….

So back to Center, then Nov 18, Venus turns Direct, slowly, moves forward again, gathering speed, to complete her entire cycle Dec 20, to take what was learned, to spread like ripples from the pebble in the pond.  What were queries become knowledge.   Dec 20, take stock of what you have achieved, give yourself a little gold star, take your new Self into more equitable, loving and powerful places!

If you care to review Venus Retrograde, please click here!

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!  Beauty be.

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