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Virgo 2019-20 Celestial HighLights

Virgo, Smart with a Heart! 

Virgo HERO Philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss

October 2018, in an open letter published in the New York Times, 83-year-old Virgo Hansjörg Wyss said a BILLION dollars would be released over the next ten years to fund efforts aimed at creating protected areas for wildlife and improving management of existing ones. The goal of the foundation is to keep about 30% of the earth in its natural state until 2030!

Some of our most brilliant humans are Virgos. Virgo, being a health oriented sign, it’s no surprise that in 1977, Wyss founded and became president of Synthes USA, the U.S. division of Switzerland-based Synthes medical device manufacturer making internal screws and plates for broken bones. We see from his chart that he loves that work, Venus in Virgo is retrograding back to opposite Saturn, bones and metal, the mechanics of building. That Saturn is in Pisces, the sign of compassion for things broken. In addition, Hansjörg has Neptune, the Pisces planet, in Virgo, wanting to give compassionate care.

Hansjörg did that work for 30 years. He made a lot of money. Jupiter in Scorpio is lucky with big money and so is Sun sextile Pluto! As of August 2019, net worth 6.2B. In his NY Times letter he said “This money will support locally led conservation efforts around the world, push for increased global targets for land and ocean protection, seek to raise public awareness about the importance of this effort, and fund scientific studies to identify the best strategies to reach our target.” He’s still working. Virgos are top organizers, researchers, and are not quitters.

Hansjörg’s Venus is also trining Uranus, the inventor, evolutionist, philanthropist. According to Forbes, Wyss is “among the most philanthropic people in the world”. Between 2004 and 2008, Businessweek estimated that Wyss personally donated nearly $277 million. His giving has increased since the sale of Synthes in 2012 and in 2013 he signed The Giving Pledge, agreeing to give away the majority of his fortune. The assets of his charitable foundations equal nearly $2 billion. As of 2017, Wyss and the Wyss Foundation have donated more than $350 million to environmental protection, including conservation of national forests and other public lands in the Western United States. He lives in Wilson, Wyoming, a modern cowboy!

Hansjörg’s Jupiter in Scorpio is relentless for education in behalf of ‘saving lives,’ the life of the planet. He has Mars in Sagittarius, a visionary fighter for long term success! He fights for our future! Sagittarius is Jupiter’s sign, so these two are always working together. They are his raison d’etre.

No matter what time of day he was born, his Moon is in Gemini – another Mercury sign, the sign opposite Sagittarius. Gemini will spread the word to anyone who will listen, right at hand, while that Mars is far reaching and wants to get to the point. Hansjörg has a way of delivering his message with care, his feelings and message are seen as genuine. Mother Moon is his ally. She in turn trines, the most successful combination, Mercury, Virgo’s planet! His Mercury is in Libra, the ambassador seeking collaboration and justice.

See more about this man. With his Sun sextile Pluto in Cancer, he’s got our Mother, Mother Earth, in his heart.

The AstroLogical Chart of Virgo HERO philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss!
Birth time Unknown, calculated for Noon, 0 Aries Ascendant selected

Happy Birthday, Hansjörg!

Virgo Hansjörg Wyss Astrology Chart

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Virgo 2019 Celestial Highlights!  

Virgo 2019 Sagittarius Teapot Saturn Jupiter Galactic Center!

Chart via AstroBob. As Bob says We live here – can you believe it?’

You can look toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy, aka the Galactic Center! It’s located in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius the Archer, which happens to contain a famous asterism – or noticeable pattern of stars – called the Teapot. In 2019, the Teapot is found in between two bright planets, Saturn to the east and Jupiter to the west, and it is to the left/west of Scorpio if you know your constellations.

We can’t really see the galactic center. It’s heavily veiled by intervening stars, star clusters and nebulae (vast clouds of gas and dust). The center of our Milky Way looms some 26,000 light-years away. But we can gaze toward this direction in space, and – if your sky is dark enough – it’s a sight to behold! The current astrological position is 27° Sagittarius.

Thank you always to Doug McClure at EarthSky!

Virgo 2019 Timeline! 


23  Happy Virgo!
30  New SuperMoon, Black Moon for some!


2    Labor Day
8    Moon occults Saturn and Pluto
13  Full Harvest Micro Moon
21  Jupiter square Neptune
23  Fall Equinox, Happy Libra!

Virgo Overview of Year to Come!

Virgo Amazing Quilts of Velda Newman Colossal Beauty

May colossal creation and beauty reign! The amazing quilts of Velda Newman! Stand in awe. 2010 Zinnia: Two years to complete, measures more than 17 1/2 feet wide, over 7 feet tall! Extraordinarily it is hand stitched and hand quilted! Worth every penny of the $70,000 asking price!

Mercury, Virgo’s planet, has completely finished the recent retrograde cycle and starts Virgo’s new year on new ground!

June 16 and 18 Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune were together again, closely and retrograde this time. The first set was at 14 degrees. In June they were at 18 degrees. Jupiter is challenging us to expand our vision in the square, to seek a greater truth. Saturn said I see the part of this that has value, how can we make that happen? They have continued closely in degrees. Jupiter makes his final aspect Sep 21, Saturn Nov 8. After the Sep aspect they part company, but both the Sep and Nov aspects are at 16 degrees!  So it goes 14, 18, 16 degrees. If you have chart factors at 15,16, 17 degrees you will be connected to all three sets!

Nov 8 concludes the six aspects with Neptune, all happening while Jupiter is in its own sign Sagittarius! At that time it will be exactly a year ago, Nov 8, 2018, that Jupiter went into his own sign Sagittarius. These aspects with Neptune, the Dreamer, have opened our senses, making us aware of new dreams and beliefs, how to make them come true! Times have changed!

We are in an impressive sequence of unusual aspects that started with the Oct 30, 2018 Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic! at 18 Capricorn! June 16 & 18 2019 Jupiter then Saturn were with Neptune at 18 Pisces. The nine months of Jupiter/Saturn Neptune aspects lead up to the Nov 11 Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse of the Sun at 18 Scorpio! And its sister aspect Nov 19 is Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center! at 27 Sagittarius. Those in turn prepare us for the 22 Capricorn Jan 12, 2020 Saturn Conjunct Pluto and the Mar 21 4 Planet Capricorn Stellium, The Crown! at 23-29 Capricorn as Saturn changes signs! April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. As Saturn conjunct Pluto prepped with demolition, Jupiter with Pluto will clean out the remaining nest then regroup and prosper. The Nov 12, 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto is at 22 Capricorn, exactly the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto. Jupiter conjunct Pluto follows and is the closest aspect to the 2020 Presidential Elections Nov 3! Important things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Mercury acted as witness to the Ecliptic event and observer, documentarian of what he saw at that time and the results in the year following. Conjunct the Sun, the retrograde Transit of Mercury Eclipse, Mercury will be empowered by solar light, to express himself in the most radiant manner possible! People will listen. Mercury is the information gatherer, messenger. Mercury is strengthened to receive then report on Jupiter at the GALACTIC CENTER! He puts it in perspective, knows the meaning, intention, long term purpose! Mercury is the neighbor you know; Jupiter is, in this case, the galactic traveler, a fascinating impressive stranger!

Pluto was at the Ecliptic at 18 Capricorn 58 Rx. The Transit Mercury Eclipse will be sextile (opportunity) at 18 Scorpio 55 Rx. Mercury will move back to 11 SC 43 Rx when at the Galactic Center. Notice these are all retrograde. Retrograde means you have been there before and you will be again afterwards. It’s a 3 part cycle. Three chances. It’s good to get it right!

By November 8, 2019, all SIX of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s 2019’s outer planet aspects shall have been formed with Neptune in Pisces! Jupiter square Neptune, challenges, stirs up our dreams, makes us face misfortunes. At times we are discouraged, overwhelmed, or Pandora’s box opens and we are over the top with wishes, crazy for believing in such miracles! Yet there it is, we want to try! Be inspired, break free from old fears! Saturn sextile Neptune is a peerless appraiser, even ‘sees’ what is not visible! If he’s behind you, he is determined to get the job done. Inimitable! Forget sleeping in, get up and get going, one step at a time if necessary, but do it! Those SIX aspects finish just before the Nov 11, eleven, eleven, Transit of Mercury Retrograde Eclipse and its sister aspect Nov 19 Jupiter at the Galactic Center. Our Neptune imagination is being primed, tested, found strong and receptive!

These profound events will be during Sun in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. The transmissions are taken in deeply, churned like good butter. Since Mercury is mind, Jupiter meaning, we may not witness physical change, especially with such an aspect as exotic and from so far away as the Galactic Center, but our Soul doesn’t miss a trick! Changes will seem to unfold for no reason and one day we realize there has become a difference.

Virgo will be delighted with the Dec 2 entry of Jupiter into Earth sign Capricorn. Mercury, Virgo’s planet, likes facts and figures and a cool logical research backed Capricorn scenario! Virgo likes excellence of production, no wasted time, that Capricorn is good at. Sharing awards is an honor and pleasure! With Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn there will be 3 outer planets in Capricorn until Saturn enters Aquarius March 31, 2020! Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn July 1, 2020, and again, there will be 3 in Capricorn until Saturn makes his final shift into Aquarius Dec 16, 2020. Saturn will be in his own, more conservative sign Capricorn for the presidential elections. Jupiter and Saturn are both high mountain lovers, so looks like it’s going to be fun for some! Jupiter will make the travel plans; Cap will build the lodge! Jupiter quickly sees potential, offers encouragement, gathers the backers. Capricorn is ace at putting the right pieces together with terrific timing. Successful champions! The job comes in early, and the results are impressive! See more about Jupiter in Capricorn!

And that brings us to Jan 12, 2020, Saturn conjunct Pluto and Mar 21, The Crown! 

We are building to the 2020 Super Stellium! 3 outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn! New Year Day opens with 5 planets in Capricorn! Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter conjunct Sun plus Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn! Jan 12 Saturn makes the on average 34 year exact conjunction with Pluto.

The CROWN! March 21 2020 When Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, the three outer planets, along with activator Mars, are in culmination, as close as they will get, all four in a 7 degree Stellium! Pluto will be at 23° when the 4 planet CP stellium forms Mar 21, 2020! Peter Novak has studied outer planet stelliums and found that in the last 2000 years, allowing a 5 degree range, there were only 23 three outer planet stelliums! Yes, if he had allowed 7 degrees, there would be more, but still, they are uncommon. See all about it

There are extremes of prediction for the January, March 2020 events. End of the world, economic collapse, bankruptcy, death, on one side. On the other is resurrection, astounding long awaited revelations through science, wealth beyond measure, serious gains made with climate control! There will be making messes and cleaning up messes. There can be bitter hate to profound regard. You can see there will be dramatic opposites, prolonged controversy. Many will be airing their dirty linen, like it or not, so keep yours clean.

April 4, 2020 starts a three time Jupiter conjunct Pluto sequence. Whatever demons or glory, tragedies or triumphs formidable Saturn with Pluto shall have faced, Jupiter will optimistically pick up the pieces, repurpose, or create worse! Jupiter can make bigger bad. If it isn’t worse, Pluto will see the promise of profit financially and spiritually. It will be an explosion of clearing for future works, secrets discovered, major funding attained, ‘keepsakes’ will be in the plans to be built ~ like a mini renaissance, yet more secrets will be made too. Bad will be healed, the rest is hallelujah! LOTS of big news! Super power plays will abound as the Nov 3 Presidential Election approaches.

April 4 and June 29 Jupiter conjuncts Pluto the first and second times. From the second week in March through July, most potently April 4 through June 29, Jupiter closely conjuncts Pluto the entire time! The opposite prediction polarity, compared to the paragraph above, is it can be mass tragedy, even evil personified. More powerful secrets made, concealment and lies to cover. Be ready to help, protect yourself and others until this period passes. Seriously start making alliances with capable and trusted family, friends and associates now. Keep your emergency kit and supplies up to date for on-the-ground environmental conditions likely in your area, have a plan in mind. The aspects will hold be potent at 21 to 26 Capricorn. If you have factors at or very close to those degrees you may be called into action. Challenges for Aries, Libra and Cancer, Gemini and Leo. More easy for Taurus and Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

The third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto is Nov 12, at 22 Capricorn, the same degree and sign as the Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto! This aspect is the last major aspect link of the whole set that started Oct 30, 2018! It carries the experience of the previous two Jupiter/Pluto aspects, is the upcoming aspect when the Presidential Elections are held Nov 3 2020. Again, some things that happen on or about Jan 12, 2020 will be on the table at election time.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all in their own signs up to Dec 2, 2019! See Jupiter in Sagittarius That’s a lot of pure strong energy. Jupiter and Neptune are in malleable signs, in astrological terms, mutable. They are flexible, adaptable. Jupiter goes into Capricorn Dec 2. Instead of 3 planets in their own signs, we now have 3 outer planets in ONE sign, Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto! Jupiter in Sagittarius traveled, played, had us consider our principles, educational choices. Saturn in Capricorn stomps his foot and calls for responsibility and to abide by the rules and laws, honor each other, your parents, the boss, elders and ancestors! You have to show him how and why that change you request makes sense. Neptune in Pisces senses our weak spots, and with compassion, converts them to strengths. We become aware of our Soul’s purpose. Saturn is a good balance to those other two wayward wanderers Jupiter and Neptune, enamored in a moment, sometimes for no good reason. They are enjoying the show while he wants to know what’s real, what is doable.

1940/41, 1983, and very briefly in 1998, 3 outer planets were potently together in different signs. But this time it will be 50 years before three outer planets will be in a same sign again, and it will be potent right from the start! Jupiter conjuncts Pluto and Chiron at 2 and 3 degrees ARIES, March 13, 2070! With stelliums, like these, the planets bring their different talents together, have like mind, and are in Unity of Purpose per the sign they are in!

Two outer planets change sign during Virgo’s coming year. Jupiter in Sagittarius enters Capricorn Dec 2. Saturn in Capricorn enters Aquarius Mar 21, 2020, retrogrades back into Capricorn for a review July 1. Jupiter’s sign is where the good fortune is! Be ready to shift certain investments, adjust projects to new, additional goals. Saturn, quite at home in his own sign, suddenly finds himself on unstable footage in a sign quite unlike himself. Yet, Aquarius carries on the good work for all the world and Saturn has more business than ever! Saturn guiding will make it all the more potent. While Capricorn loves the status and money, be guided by keeping your work in service to all. With earth changes, we will find ourselves working with many others in diverse environments under unusual conditions. Aquarius will expand your business, mission, if you let the change work for you. Blessed be.

Chiron in Aries & Uranus in Taurus continue humming along in their semisextile. They are will be completing their 13 years long journey together in 2021. For now they are closely together in the background…a small but potent aspect. Uranus is becoming more Shamanic. Chiron is acquiring a more humanistic range of healing and teaching. In Virgo’s coming year they are exact twice in their signs Aries/Taurus at Valentine’s time, Feb 15, and June 10, 2020! See more about Chiron/Uranus

See the 2019 UPDATED Special Annual Edition Newsletter for making next year’s plans! Make your changes count.

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Outer Planet Transits with Virgo 2019 – August 2020!

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter

Virgo Chinese Dongyang Wood Carving

Chinese Dongyang wood carving, sculpting, the epitome of elegance and handmade beauty. Contemporary Virgo lives may be full of creative fascinations! Consummate artists of Intricacy – wood cabinets, intricate boxes, hobby horses, shelving, carving. Stunning art weaving, quilts, puzzles and pieces and tiles. Renowned jewelries. Designer clothing! Their gifts to us are beyond measure! May your everyday life be filled with incredible 3 Dimensional beauty… Be the curator?

Outer planets are the long term movers. Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year. Uranus orbits at 84 years, and Chiron at 51 years. They are advancing about 4 degrees a year for now. Saturn takes 28/29 years to make its orbit, Jupiter only 12 years, a sign a year! Depending on astrological patterns, some ‘events’ in our lives take many years, where others may happen toot sweet, right on or very near the date the event is exact! Some ‘events’ are not physical, but in our minds or Spirits. No one might ‘see’ them but you. Complex planetary patterns may overlap each other or be singular and direct. Some repeat; others are once in a lifetime. Some people have aspects others never have. Others have had aspects you won’t have until much later. Your astrologer can help you with your personal timing, understanding and strategies.

  1. Uranus, Pluto, and while in Capricorn, Saturn and Jupiter will be favorable to Virgo.
  2. Neptune is opposite, either exclusive or inclusive. Differences may be too much or there is natural collaboration and sharing.
  3. Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries will Yod Virgo, requiring adjustments. Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Virgo making a T point with Virgo and Neptune in Virgo’s opposite, Pisces. There will be adjustments in beliefs, dissolutions, breakthroughs and possible up leveling to higher ground.

PLUTO is still in Capricorn but is changed. Oct 30, 2018 it made the rare 248 year aspect, Pluto conjunct the Ecliptic and is now below the Ecliptic! The Ecliptic is the Sun’s path around earth! Pluto’s debris was lighted, declared to be outmoded, cleared away. He was not only cleared, but became free to be charged with energy beyond imagination! His healing powers have increased exponentially! He gave that very energy to Sun and the Light itself is now more clear and radiant! So fresh, this is a powerful time for all of us, but especially Capricorns because this HAPPENED IN THEIR SIGN! Those of you with chart factors at or very close to 18 degrees, especially in Scorpio or Capricorn, have also been cleared and infused! Some will go to the Light, others might need some time out to be able to stand up again. None of these factors, Capricorn, Scorpio nor Pluto are light weights. It takes a lot to impress them, and they can withstand high intensity, but this tested even them.

Pluto is moving from 20 to 25 Capricorn during Virgo’s year to come. Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, in Capricorn is in itself a harmonious sextile aspect, an earth and water mix. A darn good business person estimating time and money to the inch! Those of you with chart factors from 0 to 23 degrees, especially in Capricorn, already know Pluto quite personally. Pluto moves about 3 degrees/year, so some of this has been years ago, for others quite fresh. For some it has been a sequence if you have several factors in these degrees in a row. Pluto plunders, saves, cures, goes to extremes. Pluto ends relationships abruptly forever or loves and endures great trials and stands by you until the end. Money is made and lost, made again. Powerful charismatic careers have been possible. There have been threats, some deaths, mighty healing and miraculous survival. Pluto raises the Kundalini, our life force! Powerful!

Virgo the Virgin and Pluto the Tantric Master may share extraordinary experiences of the ecstatic kind! At the workplace they are likely to be all business, and in time discover they like each other more than coworkers! Virgo and Pluto are definitely concerned with monies. Virgo wants value, efficient organization and regulation. Pluto opts for seeking further funding. Capricorn wants the job to come in on time. Virgo can be excellent with human resources, putting the right people at the right jobs. Virgo and Pluto both want clean working conditions and are both healers. Virgo goes for remedies, while Pluto is the shamanic therapist. They both clean up messes, physical, emotional and mental and spiritual. Capricorn knows healthy people are more productive. Well working long term professional alliances are possible. Virgos will be more potent this year. If you are blessed by their advice about your health, listen!

NEPTUNE is in his own sign Pisces. He is a water planet in the last water sign, the last sign of the zodiac, seeking a deeper side of life. Neptune is oceanic – is still like glass becalmed, has forever tidal sand polishing cycles, titanic storms, tsunamis! Those of you with chart factors 15 to 20 degrees will be activated with this pure energy! Neptune and Virgo are of opposite deportment. Pisces has no particular boundaries, no wave in the ocean the same, mists and molecules in random unpredictable inexplicable distribution. Virgo works the accountant’s books, every number in its own right square box per the formula. Yet, Neptune can intuit Virgo’s next move, and Virgo can assess Neptune’s impact. Each is uncanny in its awareness and accuracy but for completely different reasons and means. Neptune is so haunting or connected that Virgo writes the music, note by precious note, so to share this beauty with others. Virgo is the epitome of documentaries and arranging the order of documents! Neptune in Pisces lends the magic, otherwise it might be a bit dry. But if you put a Virgin to work, how juicy can it be, LOL?!

URANUS, Aquarius’s planet, covers 2 to 10 Taurus! In Taurus it will anchor and build on change worthy ideas that need to be instilled, spread far and wide to create a support network. They need to be cleverly woven into our daily fabric so they become a part of us, so they can effortlessly be carried on. A lot of earth changes we are witnessing are massive, coming suddenly, hot and heavy. The very land is changing, affecting food supplies, water sources and location choices about where to live. There is a lot of instability financially. We need to have backup funds, supplies, stay flexible. See more about the Aries to Taurus sign change.

Taurus invents simple. To freedom lover Uranus, being in Taurus may feel too slow, too close for comfort, so unexciting. Taurus may freak out, and they rarely do, at the sudden upsets to his routines. Or Uranus being in his sign may be the most fun he’s had in a long time! What was ordinary life suddenly isn’t! There are exotic options free for the taking! Uranus himself is shocked to find walking barefoot tickles your feet, you become so aware of the charge of earth and life, that Earth herself is so very alive! It’s a whole new dimension compared to that desk chair in the still dead-air plastics scented office! Taurus may never have been bored before and now you are?! What is this feeling?! It could be pretty darn heady at first. Maybe the leap is best now, otherwise you never will! Or maybe you need to stay steady and not get carried away at all. But somehow it seems a time of wild chance that needs to be taken advantage of. Put some fallback funds in a safe place, get yourself a headband and go for it! Yoga was never so good! Supercharged divine body electric!

Virgo has thought many of these changes have long been needed, likes a great reorg! The latest technology, faster more accurate results. New friends with more expertise that go for the most exciting results ever! These are challenges that Virgo can get behind! That doesn’t mean it will all be easy. At first everything is an annoying mess and things take longer. A tight reign must be held, priorities managed, people checked on and kept in check! Days could be long and tiring. Must watch your health. Get rest, eat well and keep some regular basics in place. There will be some losses as old friends fade away, but relief as tedious connections are released as well. Not a lot of time for romance, and it may not stick anyway though it could be great with a sensible friend! Great goals, working together, but those Uranian characters often move on to the next place that needs some adjustments. You might go with them and you might not. Virgo is an adaptable sign, but not like Uranus. Taurus may do a little grounding, but the itch to be on the cutting edge for humanity is always there and that often means not staying home. Virgo might end up arranging the itinerary, and that may be just fine for both.

CHIRON will be in Aries through 2027. In Virgo’s year, he will cover 1 to 9 Aries, activating any factors you have in those degrees. Chiron has been and will be traveling very closely to the same degrees as Uranus, the Aquarian planet, but in different signs! This has been going on since 2008 and continues through 2021, 13 years. Chiron has become more future minded and Uranus has taken on some shamanistic qualities. There is a subtle camaraderie with Aquarius. See more In Aries, is the first of the zodiacal signs, Chiron is becoming a more fiery shaman, takes unprecedented healing action! Uranus’s sign change into Taurus is, grounding the thunder maker. There is a shift in the foundation, now starting to hold steady.

If you have Chiron in these degrees, you will be having your 51+/- year Chiron Return! Wounds and vulnerabilities will be assessed, your teaching skills improved. Updated healing systems will be applied with unbelievable results! Medical teaching will be inspiring, especially about the head, brain and eyes. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business too! In Aries, may start his own business and, loving independence, may be reluctant to marry…

Chiron in Aries may come in good will; Virgo has mixed feelings. Like with Uranus there is the upgrade factor, new systems that work better.  Chiron is feeling his oats. Due to his mythical unhealable injuries, he has often held the back seat, and now, in Aries, it’s his turn to stand up! Chiron is trying on some new healing ingredients and techniques. Virgo is forever the caregiver, nurse, dietitian, looking for the best cures, techniques, foods for improved health. Virgo cares for all, from babes to elders. Aries loves the babies, so things might get tilted that way for a while. Virgo is ever careful and wants to see it work before making new recommendations. Chiron is hot and ready, maybe a little too fast for Virgo’s favor, but she does pay attention to the new ideas and business skills offered, especially if they are more efficient. Your income could improve. Chiron is quick in Aries, a great consultant, but he’s on his own timetable, not ours, so document the info he gives right away. He will soon be gone. Virgo will be glad for the more relaxed pace and miss him too. The best he offered does work. While he’s here, Chiron can do a successful startup so quickly you can hardly believe it! If he remains in leadership, it may be just challenging enough for him to opt to stay, opening branches, a franchise – always something new! Don’t be surprised if he opens further and different types of businesses as time goes on! Be cautious of marriage offers. Aries loves a romantic challenge, but may suddenly lose interest when he thinks you have been conquered and he might lose his independence. Oops. If you are looking for long term, Chiron may not be the one while in Aries. Aries may promise, but not be able to do it.

SATURN builds from 13 Capricorn to 1 Aquarius!

Saturn is working the mid to last half of his own sign Capricorn! Saturn will be in Capricorn along with Pluto, conjuncts Pluto once, Jan 12, 2020. Many will have more work than anybody should, or you are let go. In the long term that may be a blessing because new work you get suits you far better, or you start your own business!

Saturn Returns happen every 28 to 29 years. They can bring you to your knees, or make you bring yourself up to your full height, proud of your achievements! The experience you have depends on how Saturn is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Those of you with Saturn 13 – 29 Capricorn have your Saturn Returns now through Mar 21, 2020! There will be more traditional endeavors.

  1. On your first Return – ages 28, 29, you may find yourself having a lot of responsibility at work, getting married, owning your first home, having a baby! Take good care of yourself.
  2. If you are older, on your second Return -58, 59, keep your networks alive. Right housing, parenting, care of precious grandchildren and elders may be challenging new responsibilities. Age and health may become factors, your retirement. Sometimes Saturn brings losses, sadness, delays. Advice from seasoned experts may be just what you need. Training and studies are helpful and the knowledge you carry backs up your reputation. Alliances may be strong and mutually supportive. Give yourself credit for what you have done, the talents you have acquired! It’s a time to honor, be honored!
  3. Around age 87, many are now experiencing their 3rd Saturn Return! Things don’t bother them as much. They enjoy what they want to, sometimes something they always wanted to do! They say what they think. There are losses of friends and loved ones. Health matters more – they are often quite brave. Family can mean a lot or if alone, friends do. or just being quietly alone is peaceful. Age can mean honors, even just for making it that long! Capricorn is the sign of time, elder hood. This is generally a strong time for them.

Saturn in his own sign, Earth sign Capricorn, is a force! Young people conduct themselves seriously and old people are more healthy, younger than others their age, strong and cheerful! Saturn adds to the desire to do good work. Saturn recognizes natural law, so its works stand the test of time. Timing is one of its fortes. Steady production, the right people in the right places at the time, being on time, are all assets. They are not only architects, builders and realtors, but understand science and structures – concrete, stones, glass. They can build roads and railways, bridges, homes, skyscrapers! They can do demolition as well as renovation! Saturn is expert at sustainability and conservation – more done with less effort, use less materials, smaller and stronger, for less cost, build tiny homes communities for homeless and seniors, contribute huge land grants to establish legendary preserves. As seniors they don’t quit. They become mentors, and with experience on their side, use new ideas of the times to start the latest businesses! They may be late starters sometimes, but often their later years are truly golden – art awards, health successes, the happiness of long marriages and plenty of grandkids! See more!

Virgo is quite in favor of Capricorn expectations. They are glad for Capricorn’s appreciation of their hard work, and respect the function of being on time, working overtime when needed. Capricorn helps them develop more streamlined skills, be more aware of priorities, be able to compromise some details for the deadline and still have a great product. Delegating is not an easy job for Virgo, yet Capricorn shows them how it is a skill to let another learn, how to choose what things others can do for them when time is short. Capricorn rules elders that can be very productive due to the accume of their life experience. Cap will want Virgo to help them have better health and stay strong in these later years, feel worthy and appreciated. Cap expects obedience at times. But if things are not ‘proper,’ a seemingly meek Virgo can dig those heels in and give you the reasons why. And they are usually right. Both these signs like order, and can work seamlessly shoulder to shoulder. Great partners, both for business and marriage! As Earth signs, neither minds getting a little dirty if need be.

Aquarian Saturn Returns start March 20 to July 1, 2020 at 0 and 1 Aquarius! Later, the rest of Aquarian Saturn Returns will continue through March 7, 2023. Saturn/Capricorn are of the sign just before Aquarius. Saturn can set the mark. If the goal is amazing enough, all-encompassing enough to challenge Aquarius’s talents, AQ will be on board! He will make computer diagrams, research materials, legends, why it can work now, for years, even centuries, it has not been possible before. Aquarians are delighted to learn new techniques and learn so quickly, you lose little time while they do. In fact, your results may become 10-fold in a lot less time than usual! If you are working on challenging new sustainable options, Aquarius will love this new humanitarian effort. Being on the same page, whatever it is for the two of you, makes for a healthy Spirit and union. Many amazing like minded friendships may come, or if you are overwhelmed or need time to recenter, you may take time away and enjoy being on your own. If you are in business or want to spread the word about a project, your networking can go worldwide through social media! Concentrate on humanitarian and sustainability facets of your ventures and investments.

The Aquarian part of Saturn in Aquarius is much like the Uranus/Virgo combination. Virgos are always looking for a better more productive way. We are blessed by their keen alertness in this regard. Though Virgos are generally quite organized, they don’t mind a temporary shakeup for technology that will do a good job, keep quality, increase returns. Saturn may at first find it a bit of a challenge to manage the first months in Aquarius because they are so unlike. Saturn wants structure and Aquarius is the rampant researcher, freedom lover evolutionist! Virgo may argue to let him explore for a time, and may be a bit frustrated when Saturn argues with himself about how useful those explorations could be. He could be on top of a gold mine, or left hanging in the breeze. Saturn himself might not seem as trustworthy in Aquarius. Aquarius has always been the unpredictable Spirit and Saturn is usually like clockwork. Virgo certainly cannot count on him now like when he was in his own sign Capricorn. What routine?! Regardless, stones will be turned, some with startling results. Virgo could write some fascinating documentaries about these new developments! Romance will likely wait.

JUPITER moves from 14 Sagittarius to 27 Capricorn

Jupiter stays in Sag, his own sign, until moving into Capricorn Dec 2. Jupiter/Sagittarius never fail to impress. He can be a hero, and there are plenty of those at this time. It can be a knowledge or wisdom of an exalted teacher and that might be your local high school teacher. It can be a journey of great beauty or a maximum athletic achievement. A boundless love, a loving kindness, a gift, sharing. All these touch our hearts and make a story to remember. Fortunes gained and lost, wagers won and lost, starting from nothing to making it to the top of the mountain! And if it’s bad, it can be really bad. No thieving or robbing. While traveling and your money is low, no taking something because you need it ‘more than they do.’ Big stories yes, cons no. No ‘accidental’ slander, bearing false witness, prejudice. Stay with respectful truth and honesty. Keep the long term in mind. Keep your higher ethics in place, morality intact; visit the sacred place when you need to. Keep learning in every direction.

Jupiter in Sag with Virgo is a wee challenge, or should I say a big challenge?! Jupiter is big and fiery, takes over when he rolls through. He’s not in the least concerned about the small daily matters and is looking for faith, not numbers! Of themselves, the Virgo numbers might be true enough, but Jupiter is looking at what they mean in the big scheme of things. How important are they really? And, of course, to some, at certain times, those numbers are everything. Virgo is pushed to look at when to apply them and when not to. Oh, heck, or maybe Virgo would just like to run away with this stranger for a while. Sometimes you just need to let the work go and get some really fresh aire! Will anyone miss you? Yes, sometimes. Other times they just hire another human who may do the job better than you did. And that’s ok; it can be a relief to know that. You may have a greater purpose than you realized. Jupiter may have some plans that he desperately needs your expertise for, something so important it changes your life. You may find yourself organizing a school that teaches people about health and well being of Spirit. You may look further ahead than you ever realized was possible, and all your life before you were just cautious and careful, being tidy. Now you may not even know where you will wake up the next day if you take on Jupiter’s work. You will not be bored. See more!

Jupiter in Capricorn  Jupiter fairly streaks through Capricorn, getting to the 27th degree, almost completely through Cap, by May 20, 2020! At that point it retrogrades and continues in Capricorn until Dec 2020. It makes work the most fun it ever was! You could be the visitor who is remembered for all the work you did! You might be a random traveler, a business consultant, the foreigner who was on a mission to help the people. Jupiter will help you jazz up your home, give you such good advice you can’t help doing it! They might volunteer and you join them to make some kind of profound difference. Don’t keep your lucky Jupiter charm. They need to travel, check out the territories spread the news. If you hire them, send them to the training seminars furthest away or send them to teach it! If they have too much routine, they will run away. Poof. Gone. Import/exports they are involved with might work well for you too. Their writings may inspire you to start an outstanding business newsletter or monthly report people count on. Jupiter can overdo, so Cappies beware. Know your personal limits and carefully make small trial investments in great sounding whims. Check things out. If you have had doldrums, Jupiter can cheer you up like a champ. You are encouraged because they act like you can do it, and it’s truth! See more 

Jupiter in Capricorn can exaggerate the rules, which Virgo is mostly ok with. Jupiter may also expand the rules – give more leeway, make more rules, be practically religious about enforcing the rules. Virgo definitely has their very own ideas about how the details of new laws should be, who they should be applied to, how they are applied and when. Jupiter is often sure he’s right, and Virgo thinks she’s right. Jupiter may have some ideas that are more all encompassing, and Virgo needs to think that over. She’s been used to things the way they have always been. If workers are treated more justly, paid more fairly, it’s a go. If there is gender, sexual, racial or religious interference, she may be concerned about equal rights – a worker is a worker, has the skills they have. Educational requirements may change. That could mean more skilled workers, or eliminate jobs for people that have done well with no credentials. Perhaps that would spur them on to open their own businesses? Pros and cons of relationships formed at this time will require some thought. Give it plenty of time to prove itself. The tendency will be to overwork during Jupiter in Capricorn. Hopefully it will be something that pleases you and there are very happy rewards!

If you have factors in Sagittarius and/or Capricorn in your chart at these degrees, this could be prime time to visit the positive areas on your AstroLocality map. See your AstroLocality specialist! Not all map lines are positive; some are positive only at certain portions along their length, some are positive appearing but have other hidden factors.

If your Jupiter is in these degrees in these signs, you will be having your Jupiter Return! They happen every 11/12 years. The experience you have depends on how Jupiter is situated in your chart and how other current planetary positions apply to your chart or don’t. Check with your astrologer. Jupiter will bring you big truths or reveal lies. Sometimes it exaggerates your condition, could make it worse, could make it wildly abundantly better! Plans for the future may be magnified, your course changed significantly. Profound circumstances are likely to impinge on special relationships. Long lasting mergers and good marriages are possible.

Happy Birthdays, Virgos! May your every step be Blessed with Pure Beauty!

Any of these outer planet factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….   

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Happy Birthdays, Virgos!

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