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He’s here!  On our Super Full Moon, last day of Cancer, first day of LEO!  He’s a Cancer!  Born just before the sign change, 29 Cancer 59, the very last minute of Cancer!!!!  8 pounds, 6 ounces.  No name announced yet.


Born just before the Full Moon, Moon in late degrees of Capricorn!  Sometimes weak when younger, super strong as get older.  Serious, scientific, a builder.  Look wise before their time.

He is Scorpio rising/Ascendant.  May be private, astute judge of character, interested in what makes life tick.  Passionate, perfectionist.  Finances matter.

Cancer Stellium (4 planets in Cancer) in the Scorpio House, so like a double Scorpio!  Mom is super important, both as nurturer, and with Mars in Cancer, someone to test his independence with.  Highly intuitive.

Venus newly in Virgo, ZERO degrees!  There is a fresh innocence, a purity, and a love of fine detail and patterns.  Wants to work, to put things together.  Enjoys quality and appreciates excellence of the production process, efficiency.  Organic foods, herbal healing may play a part in good health.  With Venus sextile Saturn, Father, he’s going to look up to his Dad as a strong role model.

Pluto in the 2nd House, Neptune in Pisces, Pisces on 4th.  Martial arts, scuba diving, and music may bring sweet satisfaction – physical exertion and relaxation.

Super Full Moon!  What I said about the Super Full Moon will also be true for his chart.

Kate and Prince William's Baby Boy Astrological Chart!

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