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Taurus 2020 Balcony Italian Woman Accordion Singing C-19

Venus is love and affection; Gemini is Communications. Italians have made world news during Covid-19 singing and making music from their balconies. Some are known performers, making beauty for all! Bless them, how prezioso. Grazie from all of us in the world! We send our love to you. Volare from the balconies! 

► Leo brings the end of the Venus/Mercury sequence. Finish up what you have been working on since it all started in April! The next Double Retrograde sequence starts July 25, includes Mars and Mercury, finishes Jan 2, 2021!

► During Cancer: June 24 the Double Rx ends with Venus turning forward! 6.29 Jupiter Rx conjuncts Pluto. 7.1 Saturn back into his sign Capricorn during Mercury Rx.

► 5.20.20 Update: May is the 2nd month of the Double Retrograde process, June coming right along. Stay tuned in and use it deliberately. Stay on your long term purpose.

At this time, our communications mean so much. We wish it could be in person hugs, but we wait and find other ways to make our feelings clear by respecting distance – now another form of communication.

Venus, besides being in Gemini, is the planet of two signs, Taurus and Libra. Taurus says these are inalienable organic rights. Venus is blessed with clever in Libra and may be the attorney who stands up for those rights. Venus presents with beauty and dignity, shows the attractiveness and value, the wealth, common respect for all.

Venus in Gemini started her Retrograde CYCLE April 9 and doesn’t complete the entire cycle until July 28, so most of her process will be during the Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. She will be finding grace in communications. Jupiter wants Truth while Pluto opts for privacy. There will be some challenging delicate moments. Venus loving kindness will make all the difference.

Mother’s Day experiences happen during the Venus Rx Station – the time Venus appears to be standing still in the sky. Our Mother Love will be reassessed in view of C-19 experiences. How have we done as Mothers, children? Will we connect in a more meaningful way? What will make us all, men and women, be better spiritual Mother’s to our planet?

Stations bring special emphasis! A Station is when a planet literally appears to stand still in the sky at the retrograde and direct turning points. Mercury has four days before and four days after the turns. Venus takes a bit longer and the number of days varies. Stations help us slow down. They are a pause when we are able to be still to receive, focus, take time to think, anchor important ideas we want to keep. The longer the station the more its strength.

Venus covers 5 to 21 Gemini 50 retrograde May 12 to June 24. Her 12 day 1° Rx station at 20/21 Gemini is from May 5 to 19. Her 16 day 1° Direct station at 5/6 Gemini is from June 16 to July 1.

Mercury covers 5 to 14 Cancer retrograde June 17 to July 12. His 8 day Rx station at 14 Cancer is June 14 to 21. His 8 day Direct station is at 5 Cancer from July 8 to 15.

If you have factors in your chart at or very close to those degrees, you will be activated, especially at the station degrees. Check in with your astrologer if you have significant plans at those times.

Plan ahead for what you want to be done, as much as possible, well before those times. Gemini is communications, speaking venues, scheduling, gear needed for that, phones, computers. Take care of your hands, lungs and breath. Cancer is business matters, your community, things at home especially in the kitchen and sleeping quarters, relationships with women and children, take care of your cat and your breasts/stomach. Get images you need, take care of your photography/albums.

Double Retrograde! This Venus Rx is especially important and complex for two reasons! 1) Because Mercury has an entire Retrograde cycle concurrently WITHIN the Venus Rx cycle! They will both be Rx together from June 17 to 24! Mercury Mind and Venus Matter will be atwiggle! 2) The brew will be especially stirred because Venus is in Gemini, one of Mercury’s signs! Mercury has ideas by the zillions on any normal day. But Venus wants to know what they are worth and who said so!

Plus, there are THREE important planetary events during and following the Venus/Mercury retrograde! 

Most important are any major outer planet combinations that happen just before, during or immediately after a retrograde cycle. The planetary connections Venus or Mercury make during the retrograde cycle, especially the ones that repeat, indicate part of its purpose. Venus and Mercury help prepare us for planetary aspects that follow, whether the aspects are in the sky or in your personal chart. And, of course, the connections Venus and Mercury make, or don’t, with your chart factor in personally! See your astrologer if you need help with this!

1. The first is the ongoing Jupiter conjunct Pluto. This Venus Retrograde cycle is wholly concurrent with that period! The second exact Jupiter conjunct Pluto is June 29 just after Venus turns Direct June 24. As we have already seen, the conjunction can make you millions or make a huge mistake and lose a few. It can exaggerate your difficult condition or expand a good thing beyond your wildest dreams! It can be sadly obsessive, exceptionally cruel, or a healer with the most extraordinary abilities comes your way. In the US the particular importance of this aspect will be at the US Presidential Elections November 3. Its third aspect, the mature aspect, will be Nov 12 just after the election, in other words, THE aspect of the Elections, exactly at the same degree and sign as the recent Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto!

The April 4 Jupiter conjunct Pluto was the aspect being felt at the end of the Feb/March Mercury Rx cycle. Now it is the trigger aspect starting at the beginning of the Venus Retrograde Cycle! It will be what we are thinking about throughout the Venus/Mercury retrogrades!

Venus in Gemini is blessed and skilled at communication. Leaving no stone unturned, she will access diverse sources, gather information, reassess the value of what she learns as an entirety. Like with Mercury, Gemini’s planet, we have a good chance of learning a lot. Mercury in Cancer literally looks at the underbelly, what people -especially women – feel, what they need, how they sit in our community, how our culture is doing. What kind of history are we making? Recovery is not enough. They want more and what is best for our and our children’s future.

2. Jupiter Sextile Neptune  June 13 Jupiter Rx in Capricorn is back to 5° sextile Neptune in Pisces. July 1 it is back to 3°, getting closer and closer until the conjunction July 27. This is a super magical aspect riding in the background. Jupiter is judge; Capricorn is spiritual law. Neptune in Pisces is the visionary business of all. Many of us are rethinking what is really important, what we would like to renovate, what to build for a more sustainable future. We are more aware of Planetary kinship, a spiritual consensus more important than government, power and profits alone. Jupiter sees the extraordinary potential, can map it out in realistic terms and Capricorn has the expertise to make it so! True Believers unite!

Jupiter makes its 2nd and 3rd aspects July 27 and Oct 12. The day Jupiter makes that second July 27 aspect is right between the very last days of the Mercury and Venus Rx cycles July 25 and 28. Mercury in Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite, has been watching keenly, feeling the progress – lacks and successes. Mercury, so aware of the importance of Neptune’s insights and visions, spreads the word of the upcoming possibilities. The information and insights Mercury and Venus glean will be passed on to the Jupiter/Neptune archives for up leveling. From then on, Jupiter and Neptune stay close to 2 degrees or less until the third and last aspect Oct 12, so the aspect is virtually continuous for that period and a little before and after. The third Jupiter/Neptune aspect is at 18 Capricorn 45, conjunct the important Oct 30 2018 Pluto/Ecliptic degree! In turn, the Oct 12 2020 aspect is the closest preceding aspect to the Nov 3 Presidential Election. What Mercury and Venus learn now is significant because it will be telegraphed right down the line. Pay attention and don’t forget. Make notes, document, review at future times.

3. While Saturn is in Aquarius it squares Uranus in Taurus from 5° or less starting from the March 21 entry time until May 1. At that point Saturn slows to retrograde while Uranus continues forward. It doesn’t make the three actual squares until 2021! Saturn puts the brakes on change that is too rapid or not natural. He stopped the airlines due to the pandemic, is limiting friendships and networks, looking for better long term ways to build our new future!  

July 1 Saturn Rx leaves Aquarius, goes back into his own sign Capricorn! The entire first part and the retrograde part of the Venus Rx cycle are entirely during Saturn in Aquarius. Just six days after Venus turns direct, Saturn goes back into Capricorn to rebuild now that there are new specs. Mercury is still Rx at that time, so still has questions, like ‘How is this shift going to work out?’ Mercury in Cancer has practically photographic memory, so easily digs back to see what differences occur. It can see what failed and how it failed and guide us to help prevent that happening again.  Saturn in Aquarius   Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn’s sign change has more significance than at first glance. In Aquarius it starts a long chain of Aquarian/Uranian aspects through Feb 2022. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 7 2023, just days before Pluto’s sign change into Aquarius March 23, 2023! In AQ it prepares us for Pluto’s sign change!

Venus Mercury Retrograde Timeline  Pertinent aspects of interest are added as well. Use the color coding ~ it will help you find things quickly.


04 through June 29, plus July! Jupiter conjunct Pluto first and second aspects
09 Venus starts Rx Cycle
10 Venus sextile Chiron, Mercury into Aries

19 Sun Taurus
22 Earth Day Taurus New Moon
27 Mercury Taurus


03 Venus square Neptune Pisces
07 Mercury sextile Neptune
10 Mother’s Day
11 Mercury joins Venus in Gemini
12 Mars Pisces, Venus Retrograde

20 Sun Gemini, Venus Rx Square Neptune
22 Mercury conjunct Venus Rx, square Neptune, Gemini New Moon
28 Mercury Cancer


02 Venus Rx square Mars, **Mercury starts Retrograde Cycle during Venus Retrograde
03 Sun conjunct Venus Rx
05 Mercury sextile Uranus, square Chiron, Full Strawberry Moon – Lunar Eclipse
06 Sun square Mars
11 Sun square Neptune, Venus Rx sextile Chiron
13 Mars conjunct Neptune. Jupiter Rx is back to within 5° sextile Neptune, July 1 it is back to 3°, getting closer and closer until the conjunction July 27.
17 **Mercury retrograde STARTS Week Long DOUBLE RETROGRADE

20/21 Sun Cancer – Summer Solstice, New Moon Solar Eclipse
21 Father’s Day
27 Mars Aries own sign
30 Sun square Chiron, Mercury Rx and Sun sextile Uranus


01 Mercury Rx square ChironSATURN RETROGRADES BACK INTO CAPRICORN during Mercury RX
04/5 Full Buck Moon – Lunar Eclipse
05 Sun conjunct Fixed Star Sirius
08 Mercury Rx square Mars
10 Venus sextile Chiron
12 Sun trine NeptuneMercury DIRECT – forward!
14 Mars conjunct Chiron
20 2nd Cancer New Moon
21 Mercury square Chiron

22 Sun Leo, Mercury sextile Uranus
25 Mercury Cycle ends!
27 JUPITER RX SEXTILE NEPTUNE, Venus square Neptune
28 Venus Cycle ends!

Venus retrograde cycles are longer than Mercury’s, so we are traversing a 4 months period. 

Venus makes two repeated planetary aspects during its retrograde cycle, April 9 to July 28. Three times each it sextiles Chiron and squares Neptune. With Chiron favorably, communications are good for healing, business and marriage depending on how it fits with your personal chart. The squares with Neptune aren’t sure. There could be mix ups, lost papers or people. It could bring broken dreams, encounters with addiction, or more kindness than you have ever seen or known. Venus in Gemini can have so much data that it doesn’t settle well at first, is overwhelming, or Venus seems selfish or glib. Relationships are reevaluated. Sources of income will change.

Everyone calm down, talk about it, go away and think about it, come back to it. Probably good to wait until both retrogrades are well over. See how things are after the dust settles. Most astrologers wouldn’t suggest marrying with both of these particular planets retrograde. Mercury is contracts; Venus is love and regard. Not good to be changing your mind on those after the contract is made. It’s good if you have a revelation and save yourself from yourself before the contract is made! Business can be tweaked or just let go. Healing can bring reform and change that keeps changing, hopefully for the better. It is not a spiritual problem if you disengage from that particular healer/teacher or healing modality. Learning never stops.

Eight aspects are made to Chiron in Aries, good with Venus, some challenging, some inspiring and empowering! Look into new ways of teaching and healing, doing business that has never been done before. Scout things during the retrogrades. If you still feel the same way after the retrogrades, see if anyone would like to partner up and give it a go! There will be many opportunities!

Nine aspects are being made to Neptune in its own sign Pisces! Some will be challenges, others will get Neptune up and going walkabout, but the big one is the July 27 Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, powerful good fortune and focus, sextile Neptune of dreams and visions to come true! Jupiter retrograde has come back to see how things are doing, what has changed, what can make it better than was thought before. Jupiter will tweak a few things. It won’t be entirely finished, but will be put back on track, centered for the future on or about Oct 12. Get on it! Believe!

Between Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars, half the signs will be being covered, from Aquarius to Leo! You can follow them per planet along the Timeline. 

In the Feb/March Mercury Rx it sextiled Uranus from Pisces to Taurus expressing its dreams that Taurus could be alert to secure them. This time Mercury sextiles from Cancer back to Taurus. Uranus in Taurus likes to take sensible chances and often surprises us with how well it works though we thought it was a long shot. Cancer is a good trader, senses the mood of the people, knows when things are hot and cold, whether they feel safe or not. It instinctively assesses a person’s capability. Cancer is a great business sign, especially for families and women, working at home or with items for our homes. They are aware of seasonal changes, the tides of time. We are now ripe for innovative planetary wide new businesses. Cancer likes to Mother, so will love helping get new startups going! Those that focus on community, sustainability will go the furthest. Though Cancer can be old fashioned, when they make up their mind to change, it happens quickly! Solid new Uranian friends will speed things along fluidly! 


Venus with Aldebaran at 9 Gemini 47. Robson gives a mixed review of Aldebaran. ‘It gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also danger of violence and sickness. With Venus: Honor through literature, music or art, creative abilities, favorable for health and marriage.’

Venus with Rigel at 16 Gemini 50. Robson gives a more favorable account than his usual: ‘It gives benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability.’ With Venus: Honors or favors in middle life, good and influential marriage especially if female.’

Mercury makes its Retrograde Station at 14 Cancer 45, conjunct the powerful Fixed Star Sirius at 14 Cancer 05! The planetary turns in the retrograde cycles are important because they appear to be standing still for many days from the point of view of Earth. Mercury stations are 8 days, 4 before, 4 after. There is steeping, focus, incorporating and stabilizing what’s deemed to be a keeper. Sirius, the Dog-star, is the brightest star in the night sky, called the Prince of Princes! Robson says the Mercury/Sirius combination can bring ‘Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident.’ UK astrologer Deborah Houlding says ‘…with its quick reaction, high energy and impetuous nature, in many respects fits the profile of ‘the puppy’, one of the titles by which it was traditionally known.’ At another level, Michael, the Archangel of the powerful First Ray, a brilliant blue, is associated with Sirius.

Aldebaran and Sirius are both Behenian fixed stars. Aldebaran is associated with Mars and VENUS. Sirius is with Jupiter, fame and fortune! Per Wiki: The Behenian fixed Stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Their name derives from Arabic bahman, “root,” as each was considered a source of astrological power for one or more planets.

Mercury Retrograde DNA!

About Retrogrades!  

Retrogrades are fascinatingly complex! The wild dynamics of retrograde cycles are, as viewed from Earth, that a planet appears to go forward, backward, then forward over the same ground three times, and if outer planets sometimes five, times! During that time, all the other planets are moving too, so even when a retrograde planet is going ‘backward’ over the same area, they are ALL going forward, even the retrograde planet! It’s illogical, but that’s what happens. Venus retrogrades about every 19 months for only about 40 days. Only 7–8% of the population has it in their natal chart. Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year, every 6 years 4 times. Mercury actually spends little time retrograde. In fact, only 18% of the population is born during Mercury retrograde! Mars retrogrades every 25/26 months for 60-80 days.

The good part is where people have retrograde planets they often have a special skill. The most successful Corporations often have a lot of retrograde planets – they keep working it until they are best, and they keep working it as time goes on. They go back, keep up, update! The type of special communication skills of Mercury retrograde depend on which sign, house and planets Mercury connects with in your chart and what type of connections are made. Check out the planets of your own chart and charts of babies born during retrogrades!

Venus makes beauty wherever she goes, whenever possible. She loves her possessions whether lovely things or sweet people. Venus is gifted with social skills, to cross boundaries of different cultures, faiths, skin color, genders, sexuality, financial standing, eccentricity. Sometimes she has low self esteem, out of fear can be selfish. Usually she is kindly and giving. Balance is best. She’s often exceptionally attractive and in love with love. Charm.

Mercury is the planet of the Mind, thinking, our attention, our breath and lungs, how we learn to learn, communication skills, gathering data, a hand shake, the laying on of hands. All of these are essential. Every Retrograde is unique by sign and where it happens in your chart! As time goes on the planetary backdrop changes. Context shifts. Retrogrades, like any other astro phenomena, evolve.

What a journey! If you are traveling, what amazing beauty lies around each new bend. Different directions, different views. Maybe what’s behind is out of sight, a memory; what’s ahead is a mystery! Inward turns, like retrograde, give us time to pause, hold steady, slow down. Outward bends like turning forward/Direct, extend our vision of potentials. This pair, being with air and water, shows us natural flow, keeps our Spirit fluid, makes us aware of deeper channels within us. Each turn, that Station, gives us time to think, recalibrate, prepare for the next stretch. It’s important that there are changes, reversals, old ideas that clogged things up are left behind, revelations have room to occur, new ideas are teased into action! Potential is remembered and we are rededicated.

Classic Mercury Rx is don’t sign those papers about issues of the sign(s) Mercury is retrograde in! Or, do everything to make it possible so it doesn’t fall through. Escrows can fall through. Use experienced brokers who can get it done no matter what. People don’t return your calls. The dog ate it. Your computer has a snit. Or you do, LOL! You lose your cell. You get lost, turned around. Rule is be sure purchases are from reputable firms that have reliable returns/guarantees/warranties. Be sure the company is legitimate before you deal. Date and sign any contract changes and make sure they do too. Get/make copies, save and backup. Generally, you avoid making significant purchases/decisions especially of matters specific to the sign/s involved.

This VENUS Retrograde is in GEMINI, Mercury’s sign, so it will be a lot like Mercury Retrograde. Venus flavoring Gemini will bring a longing for poetic exchanges, a genteel sharing. Venus loves touch and in Gemini signs up for a massage series (with your mask on, of course). Pretty up! Make up, clothes, add some new colors! Your posture, demeanor. Some voice training? Look like what you want to become to be! Gemini may try on a few roles, so give it some time to feel it. Is it what you really want or is it a step in the right direction? Write a few stories, make up a new resume, a fantastic name for your new business, advertise about what’s new. Let it change, morph, come by happenstance. Follow what’s in your spirit! Talk with your neighbors and sibs! Extend the loop to Soul Brothers and Sisters, kindred beings.

Our values, Venus, are significantly changing. Many are spending time at home, rethinking their choices in view of what’s deeply important from the context of life and death. Many are wanting to make their life count, to heal the planet to be a better place for our loved ones, children, young people, elders. Venus retrograde in Gemini will look at many facets as it considers all the angles. It may seem selfish to dwell on oneself so, but Gemini knows we all breathe the same air and we are all spiritually connected. In a sense, are all One. Each of our personal choices affects the web of life of all.

Wait on cosmetic body work or on starting long term dental work. Wait on redecorating, buying a new wardrobe, changing your company logo. You may decide to postpone Engagements and Marriages. It may be wise to wait until things have cleared a bit after the virus and the new economics many are facing. Many new businesses will be starting! Or it may be a special time to preciously hold each other to our hearts and together help each other through this difficult time into amazing new beginnings.

Clearly life doesn’t stop during retrogrades, and not all people’s charts are connected to all retrogrades. If your chart is connected to any given one, you will need to do your best and what you can. You can’t explain this to all people, maybe not your boss or even a good friend. Astrology? You’re nuts! Ok so there are times to find ways to stall or not connect, delay. You can estimate the possibilities of others not bringing certain papers to the meeting and bring them yourself, save the day! You can ask for a review of the current decisions 4 days or more after Mercury goes Direct/forward. If there are important must do meetings, Dr’s appts, call in advance to verify that the date and right time are on their calendars or yours! C-19 has changed a lot of longstanding appts. Don’t be surprised if the part didn’t come for your vehicle repair. Verify it is ordered, being sent to the correct address, the expected arrival date!

Document your work and events daily, save ALL emails and backup safely off the premises. No giving your passwords to anyone. If all goes well, fine. If not, all the pertinent information you need is available.

If you have other favorable prevailing aspects, especially with outer planets, then it is likely changes will ultimately be to your benefit. Do check with your astrologer for your good dates and times of day to make the best of it!

Be of good cheer, Things are going to be ok! Tutto Andra Bene!

Tutto Andra Bene. Everything will be OK.

Speak good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds. Pay it forward.

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Updated 6.3.20

Any of these outer planet factors may be activating your Sun and/or other factors in your chart. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologers for the whole picture! May it go well with you….    

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Wesak Full Flower Moon!
Venus Grand Water Trine, TWO Fixed Stars are on the Full Moon axis! 

New Moon – Two T Squares, Uranus and Chiron!


Wesak Full Flower Moon!

Venus Grand Water Trine, TWO Fixed Stars are on the Full Moon axis!

Tuesday May 29 at 7:19 AM Pacific, 8 Sagittarius/Gemini 10

Gemini Full Flower Moon 2018

The Buddha’s Birthday, Wesak, celebration date is different in different countries. The United Nations will celebrate it May 29 in 2018! Please join a celebration in your area as fits your beliefs.

The second retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces is followed by our Wesak Full Flower Moon spanning Sagittarius to Gemini. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s planet, is thought to be fame and fortune, expansion and growth. It’s good faith, optimism and often great luck! Travel, education, teaching and speaking often go with the territory. Imports/exports. Fun and funny, great stories, publishing. Big dogs and horses, gambling on anything! Robust health, vigorous sports, resorts businesses! Put that all with psychic believer and dreamer Neptune, in its own sign Pisces and you may have the longest ocean cruise, a huge fan following at your concert, an epic movie! Your life may be taking a spiritual turn into exotic places, both on earth and in your mind. Love may be lighter and deeper at the same time.

This Full Moon, the trine is especially blessed since Venus is joining them, making a Grand Water Trine! She is coming in at 11 Cancer and will trine Jupiter then Neptune exactly June 1 and 2! Jupiter can be an over honest good-time Charlie, yet in Scorpio sees deeply into our psyches, our deepest hurts and greatest powers. And makes us laugh anyway. Neptune in his own sign Pisces can seem oblivious, oozing along with no particular preference, but when on his feet, the whole Universe is tuned in and turned ON! He makes music beyond words that calls to every molecule in your body! You want to save the World. Venus in Cancer loves oh, so tenderly and is aware of every nuance of feelings. She has the softest touch, cradles you in her arms. She both prepares you to face your demons and comforts you when you have. She assists with memories, the subtle notes that call your Soul. She makes you care again and, after any crying is done, has the business skills to put you on the map! Jupiter has the funding, and Neptune has the Spirit!

The sacred journey is being planned; multilingual Gemini is spreading the Word! The recent Jupiter/Neptune trine, May 25 Pacific, was at 16 degrees, and stays close in degrees until the third and last one Aug 19, 2018 at 15 degrees. Though not in close degrees with the Full Moon, this Full Moon is the first within this span of Jupiter and Neptune traveling together. This is a period of possible dreams come true! Do some serious thinking May 29 through June 2 about what you would like to see happen. Set up the steps to be taken. Let it develop and grow. See more!

Gemini and Sagittarius, mind and meaning! 

Moon in Sagittarius runs away from home – and sometimes the grass really is greener! Already the little explorer instinctively knows there is much to observe, learned, find the greater meaning of. Philosophy and ethics are important. There is confidence and with big natural smiles they attract the help they need and travel in safety spinning memorably tall tales along the way. A broad perspective brings wisdom and justice. They are great athletes and winning gamblers! Their mothers may read to them from the very beginning, homeschooling no surprise.

Sun in Gemini is a strong quick thinker, speaks the words of the heart! Geminis cheer us to expand our thinking. Fathers have a special way of taking our hand, walking us along, listening to us. There is a radar for sincerity, knows when we are afraid, or in pain. In his huge capacity of experience, he is there when we go awry and lose our center amongst the amazing array of information we encounter. He shares his facts and covers the bases, is multifaceted, sometimes ambidextrous. There are so many possibilities! He is highly aware how important touch is, holds us close, yet encourages us to think for ourselves, shine our own light as we venture forth.

In the immediate background, the North Node and Saturn are at 7 degrees, the Full Moon just past them at 8 degrees. The North Node in Leo sextiles the Gemini Sun, trines the Moon. Both of those are classically positive aspects, opportunities for the Sun as the Node in the Sun’s sign Leo lights the way with courage and even bigger thinking! Makes you feel good to be your most glorious self! The Node invites the Sagittarius Moon to step forward as a coach with leadership stories based on personal experience. Nothing like real stories to inspire us to take that chance. If we fail at first, we know we can try again with a slightly different tilt! Gemini knows there are endless options; evolution is happening every moment!

Mercury is at 29 Taurus, the last degree, about to go 0 Gemini! All last degree points have a sense of maturity, finality, ending, hopefulness that the foundation is strong, ready for the next step of the journey. 29 Taurus is a little more serious being at the degree of the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters. Also it rules the throat and strangling and hanging are not so good an ending. So be clear about how your life is heading. If you start feeling suffocated, at the end of your rope, time to realign! Prepare for stable background work that will hold the promise of your future.

Gemini, the next sign, is the Sun’s sign this Full Moon, and Mercury is Gemini’s planet, so this Mercurial transition is important. Mercury is semisextile the wild card Uranus, then sextile Chiron. Mercury and Uranus both have to do with communications. Mercury is your personal thinking. Uranus is collective thinking – humanity, the Internet! Uranus is now in Taurus, so we think of Gaia, the environment of our bodies and Souls. It helps to keep us grounded as evolution is speeded up. Chiron offers opportunities to access healing informations, teaching options, business connections, meeting fast thinkers like himself! Stand up with both eyes open! As one teacher said, Where your focus goesyour energy flows. Another way of thinking of this is Mind over Matter!

TWO Fixed Stars are on the Full Moon axis! One person summarizes, ‘The eastern royal star Aldebaran, the star of illumination, is directly across the zodiac from Antares, the star of anger, pride and revenge. This is the only exact opposition of two major stars!’ They are also two of the four Archangel stars, the four Royal Stars of Persia, the Four Guardians of Heaven. Ferocity required! In about 4 hours the Moon will be opposite Aldebaran at 9 Gemini 47 and in less than 2 days, the Sun will conjunct Aldebaran, the most famous of the four Archangel stars, represents St Michael! Aldebaran is God’s military commander and opposite his nemesis Antares at 9 Sagittarius 46! Antares is the Watcher of the West, guardian of the doors to the underworld at the heart of the Scorpion constellation. Shiver.

Robson says Aldebaran, in the constellation Taurus, gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also danger of violence and sickness. Researcher Ebertin says Catastrophe by weather conditions, floods, shipwrecks. Acknowledged and leading position, but will make enemies through whom danger will threaten. Extraordinary energy. Bernadette Brady says you will face moral dilemmas that challenge your integrity. Avoid temptation to compromise.

Antares is said to make people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make dare-devils, especially if tied up with the MC, Ascendant, Sun or Jupiter. According to tradition, Antares is of violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death, either in battle or by process of law. On the other hand, danger may come about by fire, weapons or machinery. Antares is also said to be unfortunate for the eyes, if in conjunction with the Ascendant, Moon or Sun and this has proven to be the case by later researchers. Clearly, this is a ‘be careful’ star.

IN THE BACKGROUND! Oct 30 Pluto conjuncts the Ecliptic! Yes, that is months away, but Pluto is on a 248 year orbit, slow moving, so very in effect right now! Pluto rules extremes. The words Life & Death say it all. Bankrupt or Wealthy. Alone or solidly together. Sexual or never been kissed, ever. We’ve had huge political, economic, civil rights and environmental changes, with more to come.

Blessed be, you and the Buddha. May your MoonLight be flowerful!


Wesak Full Flower Moon Sagittarius/Gemini Astrology Chart! 

Gemini 2018 Wesak Full Flower Moon Astrology Chart

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NEW MOON – Two T Squares, Uranus and Chiron!

Wednesday June 13 at 12:43 PM Pacific, 22 Gemini 44

Gemini New Moon A Dark Sky studded with Stars Dark Purple Roses and Dewdrops

A dark New Moon sky studded with stars is similar to these dark purple Roses with galaxies of dewdrops.

This will make the last of 6 lunar events in a row that we have had planets at 29 degrees, the last degree of their signs. Both in Aries it was Chiron at 29 degrees Pisces. In Taurus it was Uranus at 29 Aries, then Mars 29 Capricorn. The May 29 Gemini Full Moon it was Mercury at 29 Taurus, and now it’s Venus at 29 Cancer! Finishings it has been, on the brink of new beginnings. In order, Chiron, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, Venus.

Venus at 29 Cancer sums up Mother’s love, our role as a child. She started out as but a baby girl herself. Her own Mother did as best she could. Maybe she was unable and let others do what they could. Maybe she came from a long line of dedicated capable loving Mothers who passed on that heritage and that baby girl became a wonderful Mother too. Zodiacally our charts may be easy with our Mums, partially or wholly challenging, or we were just born to do destiny on our own, Mum supplying the birth. Venus in Cancer can give a child a profound love and admiration for our Mum, or a knowing that we must love ourselves as we are even if Mum doesn’t. Venus in Cancer can give an abiding love for femininity, women, the Matriarchy, our home and community, culinary prowess, instinctual nurturing, Mother Moon! This is an important primordial placement for self-esteem, for a good quality of life.

Furthermore, Venus links to both T Square points! She squares Uranus, trines Chiron! See more below…

Moon and Sun are at 22 Gemini 44! Love those double numbers! So apropos for Gemini, sign of the Twins! I’m always in awe of this Moon/Sun merger! Bright as Sun is, Moon is there to shelter and nurture! Sun reminds her to take some time for herself and brightens her day! Moon in Gemini is careful with her words, has a lot she has collected to say. Mercury is in Moon’s sign Cancer, as Moon is in Mercury’s sign Gemini, mutual reception. Touching family memories are shared, more images taken for the album. Mercury remembers the dates and details, who was where, when and why, family lineage, making Moon quite happy to have the whole story. Venus in Cancer too, remembers sweet anecdotes of gatherings and who brought that delicious food and recipe! Sun is gallant and heroic with his words. He inspires all with his dramatic experiences and reenactments. The whole combination is heartfelt.

Moon and Sun recently inconjuncted Pluto in Capricorn, but make no close upcoming aspects to any planet. Darker factors of the past may need a warm gathering to heal difficulties that have lingered. And it’s good to get clear that was then, this is now. Don’t let emotional or psychic hangovers tarnish the goodness we have now. We have outgrown many old fears and built a more sturdy mindfulness now. If it isn’t much better now, see to it.

Two T Squares!

A T Square has a baseline of two or more planets opposite each other with another planet or planets equidistantly placed between them at approximately 90 degrees, the midpoint. It’s the very function of equidistance that gives additional potency! The Midpoint factor receives equally, no value difference. So the two powers merge without prejudice – neither submerged nor overshadowed by the other. The Magi astrologers say the midpoint is a fusion or melding together of the baseline planets’ symbolisms. If there is a planet(s) at the midpoint that energy activates the point planet and the point planet radiates to the baseline planets! Potency! Two expert sources are Reinhold Ebertin, German midpoint master – dead on interpretations, and the Magi Society astrologers. Learn more about midpoints at Cafe Astrology.

Any two planet(s) make two midpoints, one on either side of their baseline. There can be a planet there or not. Since they can be on either side of the baseline, there is a completely different sequence of signs. For example, our fixed T Square has Uranus in Taurus at its T point, making the sign sequence Aquarius, Taurus, Leo. If instead the T point planet(s) was in Scorpio, the sign sequence would be Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, a very different tone! And though there happens to be no planet there, that midpoint in Scorpio is still a sensitive point. One of your Scorpio planets might fill that spot.

The midpoint planet(s) can act as sender of the collective energy of the base group. It can act as a probe, the rep of the base group. It can seek fertile territory, as a ‘dowser,’ seek information sources to receive from, channel home to the people, act as a collector. It probably can do both simultaneously. As soon as information is received, it changes the substance of the search! The search instantly has greater capacity, becomes new and scans wider and further! It’s a living process.

In everyday traditional astrology oppositions have their maximum differences, the widest possibilities of reach. Squares break things down, break up, and break through. The mid planet(s), the planet(s) at the T point, interrupt the status quo the two opposite points may have settled at. There can be a surge of energy as we let go! Grabbing new ground makes sense. Jam the wedge in and keep the gates open. Take a good look and see if you want to go there, where you want to go. Get up and ride!

One T is the predominantly fixed T Square spanning the Nodes Aquarius to Leo, Venus at 29 Cancer at the North Node, Mars at the South Node in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus at the point. Fixed signs are meant to anchor and stabilize important factors in our lives. They often stand true as ones we can depend on when life is chaotic.

Venus makes the link that makes the T Square. She is at 29 Cancer, the powerful last degree of the sign! Cancer is a cardinal sign, all the rest of the factors in the T are in fixed signs Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Cardinal signs get things started and keep them moving! Fixed signs stabilize the achievement. Venus enters Leo 2 hours after the New Moon; Leo holds the Light forever in his heart! In Leo she makes the exact square to Uranus the day after the New Moon.

Venus in Cancer loves her nest, her family’s culture, tradition, homespun art. She stands for women, children, the young, the feminine. Uranus needs freedom, is avant garde, the Awakener before his time, concerned for humanity at large, planetary matters. His friends and associates, international gatherings are where his attention is. The internet is his tool of choice. In Taurus he’s a little more calm about it, and has some unexpected patience, but change there will be. The homestead, the animals, food sources, clothing – elemental commodities, our bodies. The definition of Beauty will change. We will be attracted for different reasons than before and want different things. As an ally, Venus will lend her Grace, give the personal caring human touch when Uranus doesn’t seem to care. Uranus likely sees how important her presence is, even more than she does, though he may not say so because so much is on his mind. Be good if he would let us know where we stand with each other… He’s so erratic, Venus may find it hard to find a moment to give praise for his works. Take some time for personal exchanges. Things will go better for it.

The North/South Node on the Leo/Aquarius axis is the baseline of the T. They are always retrograde, so they are going back to meet Venus, and they too will be squaring Uranus shortly. Venus will be at the North Node, the node that we are working to strengthen, to balance with the South Node of the past. The south in Aquarius means we worked with powerful groups of people before. The north, supported by Venus’s blessing, in Leo helps us keep our own counsel, regardless what a group wants us to think. We must stay with our heart, be good in our own personal way, put our stamp on it that others may recognize that special Light! Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of unique, so there is harmony. Him in Taurus may seem oh, so, slow, to that S Node in Aquarius, but too fast, getting before our time, has prices to pay too. Take it easy, find your rhythm and right timing.

The North Node and Saturn at 6 degrees are separating from an inconjunct. Saturn in his own sign Capricorn is another calming planet that develops self-discipline. The node considered Saturn’s guidance at its neighboring sign to the S node. Saturn wants to use the past with moderation to achieve the work of the heart at the N node.

Mars in Aquarius was just activating the retrograde South Node and is well past the square with Uranus, the planet of Aquarius! Mars has a bold presence that isn’t usually easily dismissed or quickly forgotten! He moves swiftly to take action that makes change that can’t be undone so the initiation of the process is assured. We may have hoped for such a thing to happen for a long time. It may not start as we anticipated, so you gotta be fast on your feet and leave that delete button alone! Give it a chance, wait to see what happens and what might come of it!

The other is a cardinal T Square formed by baseline planets Mercury in Cancer opposite Saturn in his own sign Capricorn. Chiron takes the point in Aries! If we have Uranian change, we need a healer and teacher to let go the past and open us to future potential! Cardinal signs get us started and keep us in motion. Sometimes they have the ideas that we need the fixed signs to anchor and nurture in place. Other times they sweep in, clear the debris of old thinking, give away the old stuff in the garage, make new arrangements, inspire us to work updated ventures!

Mercury in Cancer questions you gently, but reminds you to take responsibility to self-nurture and kindly speak to help others. You know how Cancers are accused of being crabby, or a little shrill. Well that happens to the best of us at times. We sometimes forget how others are so sensitive even if they seem not to be. Mercury can give instructions about caregiving, mothering, how to listen to your parents and understand they have feelings too. If you ask a Mercury in Cancer what they think they will say, I feel… It’s good to have both logic and sensitivity. Mercury in Cancer may do a lot more listening than you would expect, even be a bit shy.

Oh contraire with Saturn in his own sign Capricorn. He wants to get things done in the least time with the least effort at the least expense. He is Father to Cancer the Mother though she may be the one he bows to! Moms are the cosmic authority no amount of credentials apply to! But who pays the rent?! Saturn gathers us up, goes over the project, makes assignments per our individual skills, checks on our work. He makes sure the client is kept in the loop and secures further work, makes follow ups. And pays our wages. He’s a terrific role model for the youngers, and often makes arrangements for our eldears. (My word.)

Chiron gives us the boot! Aries is no sleeping dog! Woof! Walkies?! You bet! More like at a run. He darts back and forth between Cancer and Capricorn! Cancer is at home but needs to get out and about, inspire the kids! Capricorn, a traditionalist, needs to be shown the new ways quickly, showing how they make a better product, working procedures, more profit. Chiron is good at business and Aries is the leader consultant! Chiron is the healer and teaches how to live well. Old wounds are tended lovingly or lovingly impatiently because he knows we can do it. So we get up and go! And, in Aries, we just plumb leave them behind, even forgot them! Relationships sure take a turn for the better as we are able to put more positive energy in the present than in the sadness of past losses! Aries is the hero, our inspiration, activation, the first! We can do it!

There are three factors linking the two Ts! The Ts are working together!!!

  1. Venus links to both T Square points! She squares Uranus, trines Chiron! Square Uranus she pleads with him to spare the innocent. His job is big, to affect vast numbers of people at once, and sometimes there are casualties. He does what he must. But leader to leader, there are considerations in the grand scheme of things. Kindness can make THE difference. She trines Chiron, but out of sign, Cancer to Aries, water to fire! Aries may make a run for it, being allergic to someone asking him to wait. His kind of responsibility is to be there first, help instantly. She may think he should be more kind, follow up, but he’s wise to know himself and have someone else do that follow up part. She herself is about to go into Leo, the next fire sign, and they will be more easy together, though Aries sometimes thinks Venus is just too soft, and in Leo perhaps a bit lazy, spoiled, selfish. Could be true, but ultimately she finds she can give and is a loving teacher with all kinds of heart! Together they can be magnificent! From a Cancer foodie to an athlete!
  2. As Venus comes forward, the Leo North Node, the N Node always retrograde, is going back to trine Chiron. N Nodes are the new territory, compared to the S Node representing what we did so well we did it bad or overdid it. Seeking a better balance, it is scary to leave an old familiar way. We could make a fool of ourselves, be clumsy, a bit awkward. And what Leo ever wanted that?! Humbling, I say, especially since a few days ago the S Node was with Mars in Aquarius, gleefully up to his old tricks with the gang! But it does feel good to be on his own in Leo, just be himself with no expectations or feeling obliged to the group. Do something, do nothing. Deep breath and be happy.
  3. Mercury, in the cardinal T square, just made a sextile with Uranus, the point of the fixed T Square, tying the two T Squares together. Sextiles connect mixed but favorable elements, in this case earth and water. Earth channels let water flow. Uranus is the most long term factor active in this chart. Both planets have to do with mind signs, Gemini, what’s in our head, and Uranus higher mind of collective humanity, genius and evolution, awakening! Mercury has the information, Uranus has the friends to carry it all over the world! Internet.

Saturn is retrograding back to square Chiron, but Chiron retrogrades before Saturn gets there. They do get close and the sniff factor is there, but no consummation. The worst fears make you take notice, but won’t happen, but they do indicate what could. There may be business and relationship difficulties that need attention. Health troubles are possible. Could be delays. Saturn is working hard in his sign, and Chiron has some new solutions. Give them a listen. Things don’t have to get dire to make excellent changes. See what you can do. You’ve been warned.

Jupiter trine Neptune continues…. Jupiter is retrograde, in close aspect until the third and last trine Aug 19. Jupiter is thought to be fame and fortune, expansion and growth. It’s good faith, optimism and often great luck! Travel, education, teaching and speaking are Jupiter super talents. Imports/exports. Fun and funny, great stories, publishing. Big dogs and horses, gambling on anything! Robust health, vigorous sports, resorts businesses! Put that all with Neptune in its own sign Pisces and you may have the longest ocean cruise, a huge fan following at your concert, an epic movie! Your life may take a spiritual turn into exotic places, both on earth and in your mind. Love may be lighter and deeper at the same time. See more, plan ahead, take the chance!

IN THE BACKGROUND! Oct 30 Pluto conjuncts the Ecliptic! Yes, that is months away, but Pluto is on a 248 year orbit, slow moving, so very in effect right now! Pluto rules extremes. The words Life & Death say it all. Bankrupt or Wealthy. Alone or solidly together. Sexual or never been kissed, ever. We’ve had huge political, economic, civil rights and environmental changes, with more to come.

Use these powerful T Squares standing up! Uranus is the ChangeMaker, Chiron is the Healer/Teacher. Sounds perfect!

New Moon – Two T Squares, Uranus and Chiron, Astrology Chart

Gemini 2018 New Moon Astrology Chart

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The next Full Moon is June 27 at 9:53 PM Pacific, 6 Capricorn/Cancer 28



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Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what’s happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don’t, activate your personal chart! May it go very well with you….

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