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Aquarius glorious Sunrise/Sunset.  Jupiter super trine Uranus!

 June 21 Notes:  The very next day after Cancer starts is the final JUPITER TRINE URANUS! This is a superstar aspect, fame and fortune in the good old fashioned fortune telling kind of way! In Leo and Aries, it is a total cause to celebrate for fire and air signs!

♦♦ June 30 is the final Jupiter inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. These are the final two exact aspects of the entire 4-planet set we have been having. However, though it is fading, we are continuously in the auspice of the glorious Jupiter trine Uranus until July 21! 

Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus! Yod, Inconjuncts, Trine!

We are still in the midst of this four planet pattern, 2015’s biggest, involving Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Pluto and Chiron, YOD, while super trine Uranus in Aries! It is happening both before and after the Uranus square Pluto culmination March 16. Jupiter with Pluto and Uranus are in continuous connection throughout! Jupiter is with Chiron and Uranus again in June and since Chiron and Uranus are traveling closely by degrees, it continues to make close connections with them through 2019, skips 2020, then does again 2021!

The first pass, Jupiter retrograde is making its second yod, the first was Sep 9 through 23, 2014, with Chiron and Pluto. This time it is also trining Uranus, Uranus being the culprit squaring Pluto! So Pluto is being aspected by TWO outer planets during Uranus’s final square to it. This set of aspects is significant because they are holding the pattern continuously from before to after the Uranus square Pluto culmination aspect.

Pluto/Scorpio The second pass is not in reverse order, either. Due to planetary motion, rather than the Jupiter trine Uranus that preceded the Uranus square Pluto, instead the square is followed by Jupiter inconjunct Pluto, holding Pluto to the flame! Not only that, the next event is Saturn retrograde back into Pluto’s sign Scorpio June 14, for further cleanup, letting go, healing, reorganizing and renewing careers and commitments of all kinds.

June 22 Jupiter trines Uranus and June 30 inconjuncts Chiron the final third times and concludes the four planet pattern that started in September.

Here is the upcoming timeline of the exact aspects. The second column designates whether it is the first, second or third time the aspect happens. The last column is the degree and sign the faster moving planet is at, in this case, Jupiter.

Jupiter Chiron Pluto Yod, super Trine Uranus AstroLogical Transit Timeline 2015

Jupiter YOD Chiron and Pluto!

A Yod is formed by one planet being inconjunct, at about 150 degrees of two other planets and them about 60 degrees apart from each other. In other words, one planet making two different inconjuncts at the same time. Inconjuncts by themselves are a bit off center, the intention to skew the shape of things so you find information that changes your direction slightly, tunes it. It may enhance what is well in place. Since a Yod has an inconjunct to each side, there is a symmetry, support from both sides. The supports are not the same though, so it may feel a bit odd, yet there is more intelligence, like different kinds of radar, scanning as you walk your Path. The planet at the point is key. It leads the way, probing, discovering, forging, OR the two other planets are in front, seeking the best doable path and opportunities, while the planet at the point trails behind guarding, motivating, safely carrying the treasure.

You can see there are all kinds of combinations possible, and directions can reverse in a heartbeat! Truly dynamic, maximum resourcefulness!

♦ Jupiter Inconjunct Chiron

  • Feb 1 Jupiter starts 3 degrees of inconjunct Chiron in Pisces, exact Feb 17 (day before 2nd Aquarius New Moon!), leaves 3 degrees Mar 7.
  • June 13 Jupiter reenters a 3 degree range, is exact June 30, leaves 3 degrees July 15. This aspect sets the boundaries of the set, the start, and concludes the entire set.

Jupiter and Chiron have traveled many of the same paths together and both have Centaur connections. Jupiter is the planet of Sagittarius, sign of the Centaurs. Chiron was a Centaur, their leader! Jupiter and Chiron are both teachers, are good at business when they settle for it, unless it goes with them, a traveling business. The inconjunct adjustments that take place here are matters of principle. Jupiter in Leo can seem to over do it, while Chiron in Pisces may be over at the monastery doing without, unless they are down at the music festival or concert too! Jupiter and Leo love spending and gambling, certain all will be well. Pisces doesn’t always care about worldly things, yet Chiron is great at business and loves a romantic marriage. And, of course, Jupiter loves ceremony and Leo all the grand trappings! A few discussions may be in order, with a few roars tolerated, and some pitiful pouting at the Pisces end of things. Take breaks for tea and embracing. Compliment each other on your superb antics!

Feb 7 to Mar 7 Jupiter/Chiron/Pluto YOD! All three planets are within a continuous 3 degree YOD! The date all three are the very closest is Feb 22 at 1 AM.  Yods are like stretchers! They tug at the sides of things, like a child tugging your skirt. Nothing is quite straight boringly forward. It might nag a bit. Peripheral vision enhances the depth of your perception, catching little details that have bearing on, and enrich what’s in front of you. There is more collaboration potential as you gather in the bystanders who weren’t doing much anyway, perhaps just blundering along rather aimlessly. With you they find what they were looking for too. So blessed you invited them, both them and you! Have a keen awareness, your world is expanding!

Jupiter, the planet at the YOD point, is the key! It acts as the focal point of the informations Chiron and Pluto have available at the time, and sends it on into the world, flavored by its own type of transmission. Jupiter makes it bigger, more generous, confident, playful, full of options! That’s outgoing. As incoming receiver, it sweeps for ideas from the world at large and telegraphs them to Chiron and Pluto. As an optimistic planet, it raises the ante. By nature it is a planet capable of intense focus, so can make its point impressively! Sometimes it appears to be running away, but maybe it’s taking the lead! Keep up!

Jupiter is midpoint Chiron/Pluto, so there is equal transference. On the exact midpoint date, Feb 22, what isn’t equal is that Jupiter is past the exact inconjunct with Chiron, so that becomes the background, the matters of the past, what was, motivations from the recent experience. Jupiter is approaching, coming to, the inconjunct with Pluto. So the transference comes from Chiron to Pluto! Jupiter’s encounter with Chiron flavors how it speaks to Pluto. Perhaps more gently. Centaur Chiron was an adept healer/teacher. He suffered an incurable wound, speaks from experience. Pluto in Capricorn is more likely to listen to casual Jupiter, sensing a slight shift in Jupiter’s demeanor due to Chiron’s what could be rather serious information. Pluto also an intense healer, may not care for Jupiter’s blunt demeanor, and in Leo, seeming self interest, and at times unnecessary drama, yet respects the reality and finds a way to use the information.

Jupiter/Pluto Dates  Feb 7 Jupiter starts 3 degrees of inconjunct Pluto, exact Feb 27, stays within 3 degrees until exact again May 21, then tapers off, leaves the 3 degree range June 9.

Jupiter to Pluto can act as a siphon, letting the top off the pressures of Pluto in Capricorn, all its expectations and commitments. A silly joke can break the spell and get people back to thinking rather than obsessing. Things get brighter; there is a leading out, away from past pessimisms, despairing cynicisms. Jupiter seeks the root, and Truthteller that Jupiter is, Pluto can’t entirely hide all its secrets. Pain is cleared, a bright new long journey begins, ascends from those ashes. Jupiter often fears no evil, but believe me, it will be a little more sober and wiser, more considerate for having been singed by Pluto’s lava. Pain is pain and needs respect or it can bite. Even rapscallion Centaurs (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, sign of Centaurs) need to know their limits, and sometimes that is a relief. They don’t have to work so hard proving themselves, acting happy every living moment. Equanimity.

Letting go of ego, some projects, maybe retiring, could be under consideration. Adjust your finances to meet current needs. Do work that makes your Soul happy. Make your will. Accept what’s yours, make realistic commitments. Definitely make time for exercise and play adventures! Leo and Capricorn are both Father related, Father Sun, Father Time. Get more clearly connected with your patriarchal history, your Dad, being a Dad. Make loving choices.


A glorious fiery combination, it is also continuous throughout! It starts the trine within 5 degrees Feb 1, is exact March 3 but stays within 5 degrees continuously until the next exact trine June 22, leaving the 5 degree range July 21!

Jupiter in Leo magnanimously casts its blessing to Uranus, the planet making all hell break loose. Thank goodness it’s loose. Letting go every which way. Less complacency. Not always comfortable, but lighter later! Jupiter, planet of the Centaurs, has always loved a good joke, a tall story and lots of mischief! As teachers they are often impeccable, goodness intended, and life changers by the batch (of students)! As travelers, they explore the furthest reaches, old paradigms long forgotten, exchanged for intercultural integration. Abundance flows as growth is embraced.

Uranus brightly in Aries couldn’t be happier! It shimmies like a sparkler firecracker! It loves freedom, cross pollination, bizarre and alien welcome! The old chains of fear and abuse, theft and poverty, racial and religious prejudice, need to be irreparably broken. Gatherings of Souls are called for. Diversity and Oneness. Communities need to take a stand. Research, electronics are pathways to a better way for all. Surprising truths come to light. Perspectives shift.

FAME! This is a super business aspect for spreading the word about what you do! Jupiter is the luckiest of all the planets, has trusted confidence, the best intentions, tons of optimism! Uranus is downright planetary! The fame is unbeatable! Jupiter makes the wildest ideas look Good to the greatest number of people possible! And it’s fun doing it!

Planets and factors in your chart from 13 to 17 degrees will be most likely potently activated by the February/March aspects.

From weather to rights, it takes many aspects, looking at what matters from different vantage points and timing combinations, to make the sweeping changes we are able to be a part of on the planet today. Secure them and make them whole. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

See more, lots more, about this 4 planet set!

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In view of the current Uranus, planet of Freedom, in Aries, square with Pluto in Capricorn, I choose this talk if you would like to hear him.

Thich Nhat Hanh is now in hospital. The Sisters ask that you sit, peacefully for Thay, as they are doing, and send him your love. Also, that you might like to chant for him (you could do it along with the monks and nuns) this Avalokiteshvara Chant: The clip is 3 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfaXNGJiUc. He was said to be in a coma/unconscious state, but a later post says he is responsive! Please see more details and future announcements at www.plumvillage.org

He was born October 11, 1926 in Tha Tien, Quang Ngai province, Vietnam. Now 88 years, he became a Buddhist monk at 16. Saturn in Scorpio, a planet and sign of endings and healings combination, is just past its third return in his chart. 8 is the number of Scorpio, 88 is a Master number. He has served an honorable lifetime, healing, changing, teaching, guiding, mastering how to be a Master.

Thay, as he is affectionately called, has his Moon in Sagittarius I believe. It could be in Scorpio, but Sag fits him. He is a teacher, a traveler, spiritualist. We think of the Moon as a place we have come from in past lives, an accumulation of talent per the sign it is in. He is an adept. The moon shows what our home is like and where it is. His is far from where he was born, now at Plum Village in France, a teaching community he founded.

His Sun is Libra, seeking a balance of cultures, beings, within oneself. His Venus is there too, looking for grace in all places, beauty in all souls, sweetness, kindness.

We don’t know his Ascendant or which houses his planets are in because his birth time is unknown.

Jupiter in Aquarius indicates his world travel, the sharing of wisdom planet wide. It points to the wide range of his thinking. Personally I enjoy his walking meditation concept since in time it became difficult for me to sit. Jupiter in Aquarius trine (the most favorable aspect) his Sun also shows his fame.

Mercury in Scorpio shows a depth of thought beyond average, acute perception. His Mercury is opposite Chiron in Taurus, wounded healer teacher. He requests mindfulness, unstinting awareness that results in seeing one’s own and the needs of others in context of each other.

Mars is in Taurus, a combination of being Steady in the Light, continued good works, divine patience, a strength beyond what is expected, peace in motion. It is square Jupiter, simplicity taking on Goliath, the glorified perversities of a commercial world. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy flying. Powerfully, it sextiles Pluto in Cancer, the planet of finances, the deepest relationships of all, in the sign of nurturing unconditionally. Plum Village has been internationally funded, giving shelter, safety, solitude, to people from all over the world.

Saturn trines Uranus in Pisces and squares the ruler of Pisces, Neptune. He has the support of so many people and challenges the world’s spiritualism. A small nonthreatening man, but powerful nonetheless. It is not always easy for him seeing the blind cruelties that exist. He takes on mere mortal complacency.

With love, we always learn from the charts of others, especially those whose lives are documented. May you be inspired.

Sagittarius Oct 11, 1926 Thich Nhat Hahn, Spiritual Master

We salute you, bow in Spirit, thank you for your service on this planet, Thich Nhat Hanh. Please hold him peacefully in your good thoughts.

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Jupiter Yod Pluto/Chiron, super trine Uranus to follow!
Inspiring Darkside of the Moon Space Art by boobooi

Sep 22 note: The August/Sep Jupiter set is culminating! Jupiter inconjuncted Pluto, the YOD is done. We are in the last 2 days of Jupiter inconjunct Chiron exact on the New Moon the 23rd! At the same time, Jupiter is making the first of three super trines with Uranus, the first exact Sep 25! Moon in Sagittarius jumps in to make a quickie Grand Fire Trine with them Sep 29! 

Inconjuncts, Yod, Midpoints!
Jupiter’s Timeline, the Pluto/Chiron YOD
Jupiter Super Trine Uranus!!!

Inconjuncts, Yod, Midpoints!

2015 will be quite different than the intensity of 2014’s major outer planet patterns, the Grand Cardinal Cross and Grand Water Trine. There are no such big patterns like those, though we do have two repeats of the upcoming September 2014 Jupiter YOD Chiron & Pluto, trine Uranus pattern. This pattern is part symmetrical and part not! The first repeat happens Feb and March 2015. This makes it specially significant, because it is the planetary condition immediately preceding the March 16, 2015 Uranus square Pluto. That Mar 16 square is the final aspect, the assault or Planetary Initiation depending on where you stand with it, the unprecedented seventh of seven times that has been with us since 2010! We are SO up for the finishing of this pattern, its maturity, finally.

Plan ahead for end of August/Sep Jupiter inconjuncts, with Pluto then Chiron, then trine Uranus. They are so close in degrees, 11,14, and 15, that when Jupiter is in the degrees between them, they make a Yod, a Y, while concurrently making the first of the three Jupiter trines with Uranus!

Inconjuncts are to the side, compared with oppositions that are straight across the table. Inconjuncts, also called quincunxes, are for awareness, slightly askew, allow tweaking the finer points, are sometimes a diversion, an exploratory that could lead life in a whole nother direction! From the ‘starting’ planet, the faster moving one, inconjuncts can be to the relative Virgo position to the right, or the Scorpio position to the left, health and wealth. In this Yod, planets to both sides, Pluto is in the Virgo spot; Chiron is in the Scorpio spot. All of these signs and planets are considered healers. Virgo holds the time honored herbalist/midwife lineage. Pluto/Scorpio are psychic surgeons, therapists, hospice workers. Chiron tends long term Soul wounds of suffering, seeks remedies and teaches at every opportunity, both patients and students. You see why this YOD is so important.

From the material point of view, Virgo is the bookkeeper/accountant, tending your monies. Pluto/Scorpio is corporations, major finances of all kinds from student loans to mortgages, taxes and inheritances, funding. By many, Chiron is considered an adept in partnerships and business! Either way, health or business, likely both, this is a potent YOD!

Jupiter adds his charm, optimism, perspective, planning talents! Pluto and Chiron are not considered speedy planets, so Jupiter’s fire picks up the pace! Old-timers may feel pushed, but it could be good.

YOD! The inconjuncts that form the Yod work both outgoing and incoming. They fan out, spreading the word, are inquisitive, sensing the perimeters. Doors are opened in unexpected quadrants. The adventurer receives information, and is infused with what was not exactly expected. Venturing off can be a ploy to escape, a possibly negative distraction, a time out, or an enriching game changer! It is often temporarily unsettling until adjustments are made.

Jupiter forms two important Midpoints, to Neptune/Pluto, and to Pluto/Chiron. Pluto is the common factor. No matter how many degrees apart midpoints are they are potent! The equidistant link between the planets gives an exact connection of transference, neither overshadowing or being upstaged by the other. For a moment there is an equanimity, a poised recognition of the essence of their purposes. The understanding that is possible, can find poignant solutions if not fraught with demands of external perversions of others. The web is momentary, but a glimpse may be all that is needed to instill curiosity, imprint the possibilities. Seemingly out of the blue, major change can occur in seconds!

Aug 24 Jupiter exact at the opposite midpoint of Pluto and Neptune! Jupiter has made this unusual series of 8 aspects, with slow moving Neptune and Pluto within a strict 5 degree sextile, every 12 years since Mar 1951 at 18 Pisces. Then in May 1963 at 11 Aries, Oct ’63 at 13 Aries, Feb ’64 at 15 Aries. May ’76 at 12 Taurus, May ’89 at 12 Gemini. Now after a period of time, skipping Cancer, Neptune and Pluto are again within 5 degrees of each other, we have the next to last Jupiter midpoint to them Aug 24 at 8 Leo! Aug 2027 is the last one, at 5 Virgo. It has covered a period of 76 years. Some of us shall have lived through the entire set! See Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, Dreams Come True! and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto!

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Jupiter’s Timeline, the Pluto/Chiron YOD

Jupiter starts the YOD process allowing a 3 degree range, August 22, the first day of Virgo!

Aug 14        Jupiter inconjuncted Neptune in Pisces This preceding aspect heightened Neptune’s sensitivity, allowed the vision to expand and include ideas of other cultures!

Aug  24           Jupiter exact opposite midpoint Pluto/Neptune, 8 Leo 44, equidistant from both
Aug  25           NEW MOON, Mars conjunct Saturn

Sep    5           Jupiter exact inconjunct Pluto 11 degrees
Sep    8           FULL HARVEST SUPERMOON!
Sep 11 – 20  JUPITER YOD ~ is within 3 degrees of both Pluto and Chiron
Sep 14           Jupiter exact opposite midpoint Pluto/Chiron, 13 Leo 2, equidistant from both
Sep  23           Jupiter exact inconjunct Chiron 14 degrees, Libra NEW MOON!

Sep 25         JUPITER TRINE URANUS 15 degrees

The Sep 11 – 20  JUPITER YOD
  • Sep 5 Jupiter inconjunct Pluto  Jupiter ventures into dangerous territory. Big spirited in LEO, its reputation likely precedes it, so may be well received as the bearer of good tidings. One of Jupiter’s gifts, especially in LEO, is optimism and ability to see bigger and better ways to do things, so Pluto may offer a collaboration or merger. Pluto may resist if Jupiter starts delving into secrets, but the secrets may hold the key to ultimate success. Going to be a dance to establish trust. Pluto is in Capricorn these days, so start early, because Cap needs proof over time, for ‘young’ Jupiter to be accepted. Once the liaison is achieved, the good business of life can be sorted. There will be substantial adjustments to the old ways. Jupiter in Leo loves to teach and travel, so the perfect one to do seminars at all the branch offices.At a personal level, there may be a mega questioning of all the sacred rules. Authority may lose the battle to personal preference, a new religion. If the Spirit has been lost or forgotten, it may return home for stabilizing comfort. Any inappropriate behaviors of couples, with children or animals, finances, may be discovered and justice possibly meted out. Stay clean. Father’s, both parental and spiritual, may find themselves rethinking their vows and responsibilities. Timing changes. Careers may be askew, while opened to further options.
  • Sep 23 Jupiter inconjunct Chiron in Pisces  Jupiter and Chiron know how to teach! LEO has heart and generosity and Pisces has compassion, or needs some. LEO, the sign of the Sun, Lights the Way. Chiron can be the wounded or the healer, sometimes both. Jupiter searches for perspective, how to do the ‘right’ thing. It hopes to establish faith, and give insights as well as be an Oracle. This combination is likely to bring unexpected miracles! When you thought there was no hope, the miracle becomes available. But you have to look for it.Jupiter in LEO can have an incredibly focused beam, burns away, vaporizes along held untruth that has resulted in poor health. It can be a beacon to follow to the specific help needed to break the old invisible chain of fear.  There is never a time when more Light isn’t needed, so be sure to rest up at Chiron’s spa. Take a little hike, getamani/pedi, with your favorite colors! Check out business schools, do some practice interviews. The Traveler might find just the spot to hang their hat for a while.

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    Jupiter Super Trine Uranus!!!

    Sep 25 Jupiter in Leo super trine Uranus in Aries! Fire signs HOT! Leo is big, Jupiter is bigger, Uranus is worldwide! Fame for change!! Some children born at this time may be well known, could be super intelligent, exponentially exceeding past generations. These youngsters of the Future, as well as of computers and social networking, will carry the Light! Cutting edge schools may be funded, teachings daringly carried to the most remote areas.

    Leo is solar fire! Uranus is in Aries is sizzling white Lightning electric fire! Leo is the sign or our star, the Sun; Uranus is the heavens! How far can we go?! We may see privatized space ventures take a giant leap! Back here, solar panels and wind machines are on! Electric/solar hybrid vehicles will be more plentiful than ever, and amazingly prices might just come down even as demand goes up.

    Though traveling is likely to flourish remarkably especially air and bike travel, love and friendship will still be the core at heart. Perfect time to go in groups! This trine might even bring some successful innovative heart research to light. Leo and Aries both enjoy athletics, so those who can, may lose some unwanted weight!

    There is an element of separation, letting go, even as unity, harmony is possible. Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius, Uranus’s sign. Leo likes personal and loves being adored; Uranus likes freedom and is easily a loner enjoying their own idiosyncrasies. A certain distance as well as steady recognition of each’s good qualities will go well. Leo and Aquarius are both ‘fixed’ signs. Leo likes its comforts, lazy as big cat at times, loves to be made over and tended tenderly. Aquarius can’t even breathe without the option to be and do as it likes when it likes. Uranus in Aries of independence even more so! You want me to wait on you? Really? Jupiter gets jammed up sometimes with its opinions, and Leo gloriously magnifies those ideas. Ok, better get out the wide angle lens, or your Uranian friend may feel unheard, get really bored and vanish to other realms. Love that Leo best you can, and give each other plenty of room, no demanding, no crowding, no preaching. Ask questions, keep the mind turning, listen with your heart. Share and share your new discoveries together.

    FIERY! Jupiter in LEO, and Uranus in ARIES, fiery signs, will power up the LIGHT! Leo is Heart energy, Uranus electricity turns the Lights ON, and Aries is Spirit, rules the head, where all the controls of perception are – third eye/sight, hearing, tasting, scent, where all the cosmic orders are given to our body, where our animal instincts of the medulla oblongata are! Love and action! Arrow to the mark, make it an Ace, a glorious symphony!

    With the Uranus square Pluto having obliterated a lot of social structure as we have known it, finances, homes, jobs, since 2010, vast openings have been created! This year’s April Cardinal Grand Square crumpled any last resistance for many. We are on Thresholds of deep change. It is fertile time to keep a strong hold on our dreams and visions, to stand for world change with every breath we take.

    How we handle this configuration now, five months before the February 2015 set that immediately precedes the last Uranus square Pluto in March 2015, has a lot to do with the outcomes. It won’t be completely done until the last repeat of the Yod/trine pattern in May and June 2015. At that time the final seeds of the square are disseminated, adjustments made, changes incorporated. Keep the doors open and the Lights on!

    See the 2014 Special Edition info  Inconjuncts and Midpoints Aug-Sep

    If you have landed here during 2015, please see the current Jupiter YOD/Super TRINE

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Libra.Scorpio Cusp Katie McGrath
Libra/Scorpio Cusp Irish Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus conjunct Mars.

THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS OF MARS IN LIBRA! Your intentions, what you are going to do, and who you want to do it with can be of lifelong importance! Libra can be an astute partner picker when motivated. Take advantage of that!

Mars has been In Libra since Dec 7, 2013! Mars has attempted to balance, equalize, even the playing field. He has fought for rights, cultural integration, beauty. Mars has led, cajoled, grumbled, fought, seduced, threatened, courageously inspired! He invited you to take a first step, but if you didn’t get going quickly, left you in the dust for more return on the effort. Maybe he found someone who got it asap. He might have come back to see if you were ready yet, but maybe not. Your job would have been to catch up! No sleeping dogs!

It’s been a time for vigorous relationships, forays into new business options, restoring balance to your health that you may be a worthy partner! The first relationship is with yourself. Hopefully, you have done your part when you were ready. You sought spirited companions who want what you want, who celebrate you for exactly who you are! Keep doing that! You can’t expect them to be just like you, but you will each give your expertise gloriously independently!

This last Mars retrograde, that seemed to go on forever for some, played its all important part, making the fourth point of the extraordinary Cardinal Grand Square we had April 20 to 23. This was not just any Grand Square, because it was formed by three outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto! Mars, the LightBearer, The Flame, The Torch, challengingly cross activated the Initiation. Mars naturally rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Mars is independent while Libra wants to partner. Many a more daring move was made and still may be!

The core part of the Grand Square, Uranus square Pluto, stays with us continuously through March 2015. As Mars finishes Libra, it will reactivate that square again. The week before June 25, it is opposite Uranus in Aries, Mars’ sign! That will bring back some memories.

Mars/Uranus is a classic ‘What happened?!’ Could be what you did, or what they did, or both. It may be intriguing or downright offensive. Innocence is at stake, or a world weary newcomer is temporarily fascinating, until you get to know them, or they simply wander away before that can ever happen. One way or another, however, they will leave their mark, just like a lightning strike, you are both changed forever, no matter how casual the encounter seemed to be, whether they seemed affected or not. Remember your intentions and stay true to them.

If you have had some sexual matters, they may work out after all. You may have lost a little time on your weight loss/exercise regime. Get back in the game. Getting busy again will take some of the grump out of your day. Stand up, take frequent little walks, shake it loose. Do things in a new way so as not to reinjure yourself. You may be finding it easier to say some things that have been needed to have been said. Practice in your mirror or with a supportive friend. Take a look around your home. Get free! Move the no longer used stuff on out of your life. Check fire safety.

Mars in Libra appreciates support, reassurances in relationships. It considers what’s right and in courage stands up in its alliances. It may be threatened, and have to bide its time to wait for risk to diminish. Time brings more Light to situations and often the truth will come without your doing anything. Perhaps you have had to learn some legal things and find other ways to take care of yourself than you expected. Libra is social, an expert at taking care of each other. There is no sacrifice of the independence Mars enjoys. Libra can see our blind spots, negotiate in our behalf without all the emotions. Libra can bring things to the best justice possible, secure your rights! Working together makes good sense. You will have more independence than ever, well supported, in a good way.

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Gemini Twin Mothers and their Babies, 1937

These twin Moms had their babies on the same day in 1937! Gemini connections are precious, and Cancer love and family are what it’s all about!

Right now we are in the Gemini portion of this Retrograde cycle. The entire Retrograde cycle finishes July 16.

Mercury retrograded while just barely into Cancer, at 3 Cancer, back on June 7! We had that sneak preview in Cancer, showing us what we are working toward. June 17 until July 12, Mercury is back in Gemini taking care of unfinished business, but from the Cancerian perspective. Our mind pays more attention to communications matters involving home, family, feminine, investments. Logic and feelings have the opportunity to work together. July 1 Mercury is in Station and turns Direct (forward) at 24 Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini, the Twins, is in one of its own signs! Spirit knows, there are at least two sides to everything, but usually there is an exciting plethora! Intentions, what comes our way and becomes a necessity, or something we want to learn about, may take priority. How you think, your manner of attention, what you see that attracts your passion, matters. You can decide what you prefer to give your precious mind energy to, and keep grooming it, just like returning again and again to an image, a thought, a mantra, in meditation. Though, we have to admit, distraction is fine entertainment, and often leads us to something even more wonderful! What can I say?! I love stepping stones.

Now, while Mercury is Rx in Gemini, June 17 to July 1, is a truly classic Mercury Rx with Mercury being in the sign of paperwork, appointments, communications in general. He said, she said. Confirm appointments; wait to sign papers if possible. Unless you are super experienced, wait on escrows, vehicle purchases, and get the insurances, warranties. Wait on elective surgeries especially if they are Gemini related parts of the body (check with your astrologer). Moving expenses could triple since you might have to move again for some reason. Job changes won’t turn out as expected, could even be for the better, but if your heart is set on what you apply for…. Use this time wisely by reviewing and allowing the changes. Underneath it all, revise and update your communications skills. Invaluable.

Mercury Direct returns into Cancer, the Mother, July 12. The whole cycle finishes July 16. In just those first 4 to 5 days, we more acutely notice our feelings, how we interact verbally with our family, especially brothers and sisters. At home, check the vents, and neighbors may be on our mind more than usual. How we remember important things and how and what we study can make major changes in our lives. Our interactions with supportive women, communication aware of feminine styles can help us bond well and get good business done. Pay attention to every day commodities, supplies, keeps things running smoothly and investments humming. Keeping natural cycles in mind frees us from worry as we anticipate and take advantage of them. Work, rest, pleasure. And just like with Mercury in Gemini, in Cancer, the mind can be groomed to stay steady in emotional situations. It can learn self soothing, comforting, reassuring skills.

Phase 3, July 1 to July 16Mercury is Direct! It goes over the same degrees the third time. Things get sorted out, finessed, come to fruit. For some the Rx may have been a bit of a struggle; for others it will be more than smooth, each change a payoff. Challenge signs with Gemini are Virgo/Pisces and Sagittarius. Plus signs are Libra/Aquarius and fire signs Aries, Leo. Also, it depends on what other aspects and planets are active your chart. Phase 3 is the time to open the doors and windows, let the fresh air sweep clean. Be blessed by the changes, make your adaptations, move the puzzle pieces. Reaffirm your connections; let people know what’s up now that things have changed. Move it forward!


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Nancy Reagan, four planets in Cancer, with President Obama

In Reagan Red, Nancy is still powerful at 92! Here, in 2009, Obama signed the “Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act” which was intended to honor the former US President Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthday in 2011. Nancy quipped “Oh, you’re a lefty (he’s left handed).” Obama chuckled at the double entendre and replied, “Yes, I’m a lefty.”

I will always have a soft spot for Cancer Nancy Reagan born July 6, 1921. My Venus exactly conjuncts her Sun.

She has four planets in Cancer, Pluto, Mars, Sun, and Mercury, a powerful combination. She was First Lady both as wife of the Governor of California, then the US President. At 92, she still survives her husband. She established the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs in his honor! There was scandal when it was discovered she used astrology, but you can guess my thinking, good on her! Turns out Nancy’s Venus trines my Jupiter, a favorable aspect. I admire her efforts through the years to educate people and the ‘Just Say NO’ campaign that hoped to help against drugs. Her Moon is in Leo, a bright sign, and she has lovely Libra rising – loved fashion! She has always been a gracious presence, and stood strong for her husband in a good way. Many thought she really was the one acting as President when he had Alzheimer’s, and it was well known she influenced his decisions before that.

Nancy was adopted. She acted in 11 films, met President Reagan who was then the President of the Screen Actors Guild. Her relationship with him was mutually devoted and romantic. Charlton Heston called it “the greatest love affair in the history of the American Presidency.” She is a breast cancer/mastectomy survivor. She had contentious relationships with her two children, and two stepchildren though admirably they all eventually made peace. Not easy.

She now still lives in the home they retired to, the wealthy East Gate Old Bel Air neighborhood of Bel Air, Los Angeles CA, and campaigns with and for other GOP wives. And, Nancy revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that Michelle Obama had telephoned her for advice on living and entertaining in the White House.

Cancer 2014 Highlights!  

Keep watch on your socks in the laundry, Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini until July1. Saturn remains in its continuous close trine with Chiron through August 5! The morning of July 14 is dancing with a Moon, Venus, Mars Grand Air Trine! July 16 Jupiter jumps into Leo the first time, a grand Sign for a grand Planet! Mars is finishing his last days in Libra, been there since Dec 7, 2013, goes into Scorpio, July 25.

Please see Special Edition 2014! for the rest of the year’s major Astro*Logical aspects!

Cancer, the Hope of New Life

Cancer, Sign of Moms and  Babies, Adorable!

Clever, lovingly sneaky, Mischief and Magic!

Water signs hold particular distinctions. Cancer, the first water sign, is at the very bottom of the natural zodiacal wheel. Motherhood, nurturing, is the reason why we do a lot of things in our lives. Survival is virtually an instinct. Two of the three Air, and Water Signs, Scorpio and Pisces, are what we call ‘above the horizon.’ Symbolically, though these two water signs often prefer privacy and solitude, above the horizon means they are out in the world of people. Scorpio makes relationships for intimacy and is famed for corporate mergers, financial success. Pisces is the Crusader, leading, sacrificing, for beliefs, ideals, helps those who suffer. They are in the world with every fiber of their being. And Pisces, the last water sign, the last sign of the Zodiac, carries the hope of the last chance!

It begins in the Womb, a beautiful rich place. Good foods, exercise, no substances. Live your life as if you were carrying a baby. It’s that Sacred. Tummy rubs, songs and humming, laying down to a peaceful sleep. Birthing sets us free! Baby from Mama, Mama from Baby! We scream, laugh, feel protective, get tired, but mostly LOVE. Our little ones walk, fall, go to school, leave home, fall in love, live as citizens in the world, taking a good part of us with them. Culture, beliefs, dreams, heritage, is once again created, carried forward.

Precious memories, albums, commemorative quilts, family gatherings, pets, the home we lived in, all remind us of what is good in life, what we want for all people. Whether it is the men building the barn, making a cradle for the babies, barbecuing for us at special events, or women sewing, canning the gardens’ surplus, patching up cuts and kissing bruises, nurturing is the gift.

That feminine part of ourselves, is a fierce and gentle place. Everyone’s chart, man or woman, has Cancer somewhere, and the Moon, Cancer’s planet, is in every person’s chart.  We seek shelter, we line it with soft down or leaves or furry animal skins. These days it might be those high count cotton or fuzzy flannel sheets. Snuggling is the word, like puppy piles. We are seductive lovers, hold babies close to our hearts.

Even Cancer businesses are caring, home and family associated. From market investments to your geneology, the family’s antiques, to bed and breakfasts. Cheffing, growing super foods, milk and dairy products, everyday items to specialties. Restaurant ownership, franchises. Schools, care centers of all kinds, child services. Home builders and repair services, especially kitchen related. The clothing that houses your body. Photographers that record our life events, artists that paint the memories.

Cancer carries the weight! They carry the hope of new life, raising the children of the future, of living in plenitude and gratitude. Blessed be.

Happy Birthdays, Adorable Cancers!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

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See the entire Cancer 2014 Newsletter!
See the 2014 Special Edition Newsletter for Planetary Patterns to come!

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Gemini Twin Mothers and their Babies, 1937

These twin Moms had their babies on the same day in 1937! Gemini connections are precious, and Cancer love and family are what it’s all about!

May 23 we start in the first phase of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. What we do in this fist of the three phases sets the issues of concern throughout. The entire cycle finishes July 16.

Mercury in Gemini, the Twins, is in one of its own signs! Spirit knows, there are at least two sides to everything, but usually there is an exciting plethora! Intentions, what comes our way and becomes a necessity, or something we want to learn about, may take priority. How you think, your manner of attention, what you see that attracts your passion, matters. You can decide what you prefer to give your precious mind energy to, and keep grooming it, just like returning again and again to an image, a thought, a mantra, in meditation. Though, we have to admit, distraction is fine entertainment, and often leads us to something even more wonderful! What can I say?! I love stepping stones.

Mercury in Cancer, the Mother, May 29 notices our feelings, how we interact verbally with our family, especially brothers and sisters. Our home, check the vents, and neighbors may be on our mind more than usual. How we remember important things and how and what we study can make major changes in our lives. Our interactions with supportive women, communication aware of feminine styles can help us bond well and get good business done. Paying attention to every day commodities, supplies, keeps things running smoothly and investments humming. Keeping natural cycles in mind frees us from worry as we anticipate and take advantage of them. Work, rest, pleasure. And just like with Mercury in Gemini, in Cancer, the mind can be groomed to stay steady in emotional situations. It can learn self soothing, comforting, reassuring skills.

Mercury retrogrades while just barely into Cancer, at 3 Cancer June 7! So that’s our time frame for the first phase, May 23 to June 7. May 29 until he retrogrades back into Gemini June 17, Mercury is in Cancer. We have that sneak preview in Cancer, showing us what we are working toward. June 17 until July 12, Mercury is back in Gemini taking care of unfinished business there, but from the Cancerian perspective. Our mind pays more attention to communications matters involving home, family, feminine, investments. Logic and feelings have the opportunity to work together.

Phase 2, June 7 to July 1Mercury is Retrograde. He turns Direct at 24 Gemini. The time Mercury is Rx in Gemini, June 17 to July 1, will be a truly classic Mercury Rx with Mercury being in his own sign of paperwork, appointments, communications in general. He said, she said. Confirm appointments; wait to sign papers if possible. Unless you are super experienced, wait on escrows, vehicle purchases, and get the insurances, warranties. Wait on elective surgeries especially if they are Gemini related parts of the body (check with your astrologer). Moving expenses could triple since you might have to move again for some reason. Job changes won’t turn out as expected, could even be for the better, but if your heart is set on what you apply for…. Use this time wisely by reviewing and allowing the changes. Underneath it all, revise and update your communications skills. Invaluable.

Phase 3, July 1 to July 16Mercury Direct! It goes over the same degrees the third time. Things get sorted out, finessed, come to fruit. For some the Rx may have been a bit of a struggle; for others it will be more than smooth, each change a payoff. Challenge signs with Gemini are Virgo/Pisces and Sagittarius. Plus signs are Libra/Aquarius and fire signs Aries, Leo. Also, it depends on what other aspects and planets are active your chart. But now, is the time to open the doors and windows, let the fresh air sweep clean. Be blessed by the changes, make your adaptations, move the puzzle pieces. Reaffirm your connections; let people know what’s up now. Move it forward!

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Famous Geminis - Prince, Lima, Depp, Portman
From left: Prince, Adriana Lima, Johnny Depp and pregnant Natalie Portman. (Source: Bauer Griffin | Getty Images) I chuckled at what was written about them: 

You Never Know Which Twin You’ll Get

‘Geminians are known for their duplicitous nature. It’s not that they’re deceptive, it’s just that there’s usually two distinct sides to their personalities. In Johnny Depp‘s case maybe more than two. They’re also known for being very adaptable and find changes come easier to them than to other folks, which is especially true of Prince.’

Prince, June 7, 1958. Musician, Actor, Director. Vegetarian, supports educational and aids foundations, Urban Farm and more!

Adriana Lima, June 12, 1981. Brazilian Portuguese, Model, actress. Adriana does charitable work helping an orphanage in Salvador and a hospital in Istanbul for children fighting leukemia.

Johnny Depp, June 9, 1963, Musician, Actor, Producer. Johnny has a soft spot for kids and animals and supports numerous charities.
Natalie Portman, also June 9, but in 1981, same year as Adriana, only 3 days apart! Dual citizenship US & Israeli. Actress. Vegetarian animal rights activist, supports antipoverty/microfinance, women/children, same sex marriage.
Gemini Heroes and Heroines we can be proud of!

Gemini 2014 Highlights!  

Mars in Libra turned Direct, forward, yesterday, the last day of Taurus. As we move into Gemini, the Grand Water Trine continues throughout until June 12. The first trine of the Grand Water Trine was May 14, Jupiter trine Chiron. Mercury starts the first of the retrograde phases May 23, with the second trine of the Grand Water Trine the next day, May 24th,  Jupiter trine Saturn. It is shortly followed by Gemini’s New Moon May 28. The third and final part of the Grand Trine is Saturn trine Chiron, on the Gemini Full Moon  June 12!  Please see Special Edition 2014! for the year’s major Astro*Logical aspects!

Gemini in Its Infinite Imagination and Wisdom!

Gemini in Its Infinite Imagination and Wisdom!

Holy Daydreams and Stardust! Yes, there are epiphanies and leaps of faith, but most learning takes its sweet daily time. Just make it sweet while you go. It takes righteous time for all life’s facets to be absorbed, in their unfolding and infinite mixtures of miraculous juxtapositions, in relativity to the Great Universe!  There are beginnings of understanding, middle maturity moments, potent poised pauses, grand finales! Each has an important part in the continuity and wholeness of understanding. Make each of your links strong and pure, have exciting capacity to do its part. Maybe there is no such thing as ‘learning’ a lesson, but only the evolution and growth of a concept, a living being of it’s own wiggly kind.  Just look at the planets – they are never collectively in the same place twice!!! Every moment is a choice snowflake of Time.

But, really, never think you aren’t making good time. Never apologize for ‘repeating ‘ a lesson, picking the same kind of partner, again. You are doing just fine, on God’s time, perfecting your Being while sharing yours. Gemini is the duplicity and multiplicity of what’s good golden rows of corn! You learn what you learn when you learn it, one kernel at a time, or a whole row at once! And sometimes that takes many lifetimes! 

Whether it is the Infinity of a Circle, figure eight, or never ending time, the quality of our connections makes all the difference. Were our words kind, did we touch with our heart behind it, was our breath even and mindful, did we use our dreams as our guide? Do we choose to serve with our words, is our intention the highest good for all? Do we adapt as we learn, making growth tenfold and moving the Universe forward in good speed? Are we inclusive, able to perceive and merge masculine and feminine polarities for the greater good? Pay keen attention to how your mind works. Stay connected with your Higher Self.

Gemini is a blogger’s paradise! You write, write some more, and keep on writing, hour after hour, day after day! Gemini conjures magic in the mind, ideas imploding like radiant star bursts! Images abound and expand to a mighty fever of rich exploration. And it just keeps going, one teaser after another! Things Gemini brings, names, out of the ethers become real! They become a way of life, create culture, move generations from one to the next. Gemini is the Mistress and Minister of healing talismans. Energy exudes from Gemini fingertips. Palms up or palms down, facing front or to the side, they direct the traffic of the Cosmos.

It’s a complex and intricate way of living. Nary a word goes by that isn’t noted in the Soul or by the stars in the Infinite Heavens.

Happy Birthdays, Gemini Darlings!

Gemini often has Twins Babies!

Geminis, do you KNOW how much we love you?!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours.

Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

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See the entire Gemini 2014 Newsletter!
See the 2014 Special Edition Newsletter for Planetary Patterns to come!

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Butterfly Kisses Woman by Artist luciole
Butterfly Kisses Woman by Artist luciole

Retrogrades are an elegant form of changing your perspective!

Dec 21, Capricorn Day, Winter Solstice Day, Yule to many, starts a series of virtually back to back Retrogrades beginning with Venus! Jan 31, 2013, she directs, turns forward, on Chinese New Year Day, the same day as Jupiter opposes Pluto the second time of three. What you want motivates the set.

Feb 6 to 28, Mercury is next. He retrogrades from 3 Pisces back to 18 Aquarius. We have the qualities of the two signs to consider, as well as the nature of their connection with each other. Air signs are thought to be thinkers, ones who make connections.  Water signs follow air signs, bringing a nurturing quality that keeps those ideas and connections alive and thriving!

Mar 1 to May 19, Mars retrogrades in Libra, making his stay in Libra more than 6 months, from Dec 7, 2013 to July 25, 2014!

Such a continuous sequence will likely try our patience. Or, knowing it’s coming, be ready to ride!  Segue is the dance or it will be a bit of a bumpy ride. Invite and celebrate changes when you can. Look for values at every turn. Small test trials will save time in the long run. Be prepared to integrate as you go. Have flexible employees or put them in charge for this period of time. Keep current with regular council meetings; listen to everybody, especially the quiet ones, especially the accountant! Let go of resistance when possible. Think sequentially. Blessings in advance!

Venus, Mercury, Mars  That’s the planetary sequence. Love leads. Mind mediates. Max action finishes. In very simple terms, what do you want, let people know, take action!  With lovers it might go like this: be attracted, love me; chat me up/get to know me; let’s get up close and personal!  That could be quite reasonable over 6 months+ that Mars is in Libra.  In business: check out this project I’ve always wanted to do, costs and possible returns over what period of time; a flurry of research yielding mixed but intriguing results; let’s get started though all the info isn’t in yet, it looks to be worth a chance, let’s get some contributing partners with solid connections. Pay close attention to your own intuitive thinking about this sequence.

The signs are Capricorn, Pisces/Aquarius, and Libra.

  • Venus is conservative, determined, in Capricorn, yet at times shy and afraid of being unworthy. Capricorn is usually unruffled, but at others, depressed with a low threshold and need for more rest.  Human. Entice them with what has true value and that they personally love. Venus in the last of the Earth signs knows intrinsic timeless beauty and can create it!
  • Mercury is softened in its square and opposite sign Pisces. Mercury, generally a linear thinker, can be seemingly useless in imaginative Pisces, but being relaxed, at rest, it is free to roam the ethers. Pisces is highly amorphic, a wandering observer, unfocused, so often sees a greater picture, images upon images overlaying time, visionary. It perceives fleeting connections of fragile natures. It puts things together that the average thinker would never see.
  • Mercury is at home, genius, in Aquarius, the last of the air signs. It is also incredibly imaginative as in Pisces, but more creator, inventor! It links disparate factors, rearranges, delights in waking up the sleeping masses! It’s the #1 Sign of different, oblique. Its talent with computers and programs is legendary, and its capacity to link humans worldwide is a boon to humankind! Flight is one of its mediums.
  • Mars in Libra happens only once every 2 years. In the old days, Libra was the Alchemist, dross to gold! We seek what’s beautiful, what glows in the dust and cobwebs of human imperfection. It responds to opportunities of a moment. We generally think in terms of seeking balance, gracefulness. But in fighting, the winner is often the one who forces imbalance! Let your stance be alive, spiritually nimble. Recover, dance, as you are swept off your spot, quickly adapt to the new one!

Retrograde is an astronomical term for review!  Quite naturally, as we recross previous ground, we see our misses, mistakes, have gotten new informations and, of course, we sensibly update! Better and better. Though we are happy with results, those of us that like our routines, go a little crazy, and sometimes we lose it when we get overwhelmed, when too much different happens day after day. Some of us lose sleep and get downright cranky. Delegate if you can, but check in frequently, especially when they are just getting started. It’s amazing how much can happen in a short time of misunderstanding, right?!

As always, in retrograde sequences, consider the financial consequences if you change your mind. Is it returnable, undoable? Is it insured? Get signatures every step of the way, dated signatures on all changes. If you decide to give the bull a retrograde ride, start a project in this time, will your budget allow the time it will take, and the inevitable changes? Do you accept that?

Please also see Fall-Winter 2013-14 Mercury, Venus, Mars Retrogrades

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2014 AstroLogical Highlights!    

Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar, be aware of, plan ahead for! Powerful events! So, with your appointment book/calendar in hand….

Chinese Year of the Green Wood Horse
Comet!  209P / LINEAR

Planetary Backdrop

Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!
Wedge to April Cardinal Grand Square
Grand Water Trine May-June
Inconjuncts and Midpoints Aug-Sep

Two Sign Changes into Fire Signs Leo and Sagittarius
Retrogrades – Start with 3 Planet Back-to-Back Series!
Stelliums – Powerful Gatherings of Planets

GrandMother Moon – Eclipses and Otherwise

January 31 starts the Chinese New Year of the Green Wood HORSE!  

2014 Chinese Year Green Wood Horse

There are flying horses, race horses, service horses, riding horses, horse heroes!  Human Horses are active and energetic, have plenty of sex-appeal, lots of heart, and know how to dress. Horses love to be in the crowd.  They are quick witted, born to race or travel, leave home young.  Read more at Chinese-Astrology.co.UK, about other Wood Horse years, frank to-the-point compatibility!  Gong xi fa cai!                              

The special astronomical treat of 2014 will be Comet 209P / Linear!

Comet 209P-LINEAR May 24 2014

May 24, 2014  Comet 209P / LINEAR – Possible Meteor Storm!  Russian astronomer, Mikhail Maslov, believes Earth will pass through the tail of Comet 209P / LINEAR between 7:00 and 8:00 UT on May 24, 2014. It could result in a meteor storm producing between 100 and 400 meteors an hour. Viewing conditions will be particularly good in Canada and the United States – the sky will be dark, the Moon a few days from new. Circle this date on your calendar.

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Planetary Backdrop 

Uranus square Pluto Continues…. May 27, 2010 to March 16, 2015  The major outer planet shake-up combo, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, continues throughout 2014, finishing Mar 16, 2015.  Two exact aspects are formed in 2014.  These two are five and six of the seven, April 21 and December 14, at 13 and 12 degrees.  We are almost done with them, just a little more than a year to go. Time to finesse financial affairs. The series has been as low as at 6 degrees; the last aspect, Mar 16.2015, will be at 15 degrees.  At one time or another it has probably activated something in your chart.  Or maybe it hasn’t yet and will these last times.

There will be several planetary challenge activations of the square as the Sun, Mercury and Venus go through Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, making their annual circuit, and as Mars challenges from Libra and Capricorn on its two year circuit.  Planets in your charts from 7 to 15 degrees in those Cardinal signs will be strongly affected as the transit planets go through.

Aspects Tallies  Per the classical major aspects of astrology, of 22 aspects, there were 12 favorable aspects and 10 difficult aspects in 2013.  2014 will have 16, 7 favorable, 9 difficult.  2015 has 13, 3 favorable, 10 difficult and of 16 in 2016 the ratio is 3:13!  I’m encouraging my business clients to get stable and well founded before 2015 and 2016, be ready to hold the fort and ride the waves.  Be in jobs and businesses or investments that thrive in hard times and in recovery.  Things happening since 2010, and now, are not over and done with.
2014 brings two outer planet sign changes.  Jupiter leaves Cancer and jumps into fiery Leo, telling taller tales than usual! performance ratings will be high!  For the majority of the year, Saturn, the TimeKeeper, stays in the comfort of dark Scorpio where it tends to finances and healing.  Dec 23 it moves into Sagittarius, to get out into the world and travel a bit. Actually, the Goat doesn’t mind those mountains a bit! It is surefooted and frugal by nature.

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Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!

NEW Year’s Day 2014 opens with a Capricorn NEW Moon that has a 5 planet Capricorn Stellium!  That’s double New!  Capricorn focus and intentions are on work, fathering, building, climbing.  Solidarity, conservation, protection, right timing.  Bending the knees, but not burdened.  Archetypes, archaeology, human and spiritual law.  Profound tests, responsible leadership, senior wisdom.

Wedge to Cardinal Grand Square

Allowing a 5 degree range, Jupiter retrograde in Cancer opens the year starting a Wedge pattern (opposition base with a trine/sextile third point planet) Jan 6, and activating the Uranus square Pluto for an extended time!  It will be opposite Pluto at 12 degrees Jan 31, trine Chiron at 11 degrees Feb 5.  Chiron holds the energy as it sextiles Pluto at 13 degrees, the 5th of five times, Feb 25.   That same day, Jupiter having been slowly retrograding, for the 2nd time, and intensely in a same degree station, squares Uranus at 10 degrees, turns direct only 5 days later, makes the 3rd, last of 3 squares to Uranus April 20 at 13 degrees!  It opposes Pluto at 3:58 PM Pacific!  It is making a 5 minute, not degrees (60 minutes in a degree), exact outer planet T Square with the Uranus/Pluto square all day the 20th!  April 21, Uranus squares Pluto the 5th of the seven times.  You see how tight this pattern is.  Plus, April 8, Mars retrograde in Libra has come back, forming a 12 day Grand Cardinal Square!  April 20/21, Mars now at 14 Libra, is the pepper in the pot, making it a hot one degree CARDINAL GRAND SQUARE!  This one won’t be swept under the rug!  In order: 

  • Jan 31 and Feb 5 Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto Wedge is first – Secrets will out, healing will happen, plans will be made.  Step up to the plate, you can do it! 
  • Feb 25 Chiron sextile Pluto – Fear of power and success, betrayals, jealousy, spite, scorn, revenge, have a chance to be let go.  Time to let go of denial, do honest business with yourself and others.
  • Feb 25 to April 20 Jupiter square Uranus – You could run away, far, far away, but it won’t get the job done.  Not usually.  But if necessary to save yourself until you are stronger, do it.  You may lose some friends and find others in unexpected places.  Shed the alliances that are no longer working.
  • April 20, 21 Cardinal Grand Square culminates – The temptation is to exaggerate, and that may be temporarily necessary to make your point, get people to think.  If you get heated, take time out immediately.  Don’t say or do something that can’t be taken back.  With Pluto in the mix there may be no forgiveness this lifetime!  Some will want their way and appear to use any means to get it.  Others will show extraordinary kindness in the face of great difficulty.  This Grand Cross involves personal and home and family matters, marriage type relationships and business.  There will be a lot on our plates.  Be informed.  Take your best stuff to the negotiating table.  Put yourself in the other person’s place, but stand your ground.  If negotiating can’t work, let it go with what Grace you can muster.  Avoid blaming; do your part.  Get what you can get in a good way, or don’t do it.  But if you do, know there will be a price down the road.

Here is the Grand Square (red square lines) chart on the 17th with Venus in the mix! She trines Jupiter, sextiles Pluto, semi sextiles Uranus, all at 13 degrees!  Carefully played, and choosing investments relative to this chart, plus having some good aspects in and to your own chart, in spite of the Grand Square, this could be a money maker! Good luck!

April 20 2014 Grand Cardinal Square Venus Astrology Chart

Also along this outer planet T Square trail is the sizzling electric Mar 30, 2014 Aries NEW MOON!  It is a double three planet stellium chart – three planets in Pisces, three in Aries!  The New Moon is at the cardinal signs T point of the Jupiter opposite Pluto – see the red triangle?!  The New Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and Lightning, a Wildcard!  There will be lively Uranus in Aries challenges in spite of momentary New Moon blahs.  Perhaps the vibrancy will be within.  Friendships will end and begin. You will likely have concern about finances, but be too busy or not have the patience to deal with them. Oddly, they might lie still, barely simmering, maybe the lull before the storm! Hopefully the promise is renewal. Sudden changes may unsettle, but be for the best in the long run.  Be careful with electrics, fires, weapons and planes.  Be cautious of too much trust or way too little, overdoing your exercise, over eating or not eating at all.  It may seem like a dash in a moment, but there could be unexpected long term consequences.  There could be courageous breakthroughs, or entirely missing the boat.  You can see this is a perverse set!  Bottom line is use your intuition in the moment. Don’t start something you can’t finish or will regret later – no tantrums. It is just as honorable to let go, not participate, though your feelings may go crazy wanting to stand up and shout! Be willing to move on.  To thine own Self be true.

Aries New Moon TSquare 2014 Astrology Chart

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May and June Jupiter links
Chiron and Saturn in a GRAND Water TRINE!

Jupiter comes into a 5 degree range May 3, May 14 exactly trines Chiron, the last time of three. May 24 Jupiter has moved forward totrine Saturn, the last time of three. May 20 is the closest configuration of all three at 18 Cancer 17.  June 12 Saturn trines Chiron, the 4th of five times, which carries on continuously within a degree until the final 5th of five aspects, Aug 5, completing the entire set.

This is the culmination of Jupiter’s tines to Chiron and Saturn! It is a marvelous business trine!  Jupiter is generally prosperous, has terrific ideas. Saturn is the guiding light, stabilizes, is the Builder. They are so happy together toward the same goals! Chiron is uncannily aware of pitfalls, and knows how to heal the problems, tends and perseveres, keeps the troops in good shape. At the personal level, it’s a great time to see your healers.

This could be a good marriage time, but there are details, so get practical astrological advice, and be sure things are marvelous to your chart as well. If it’s good, you will have a solid relationship, each contributing.  It may be a romance of seasoned partners, professionals, educators. Travel and different cultures could spice things up. There will be touching understandings, a deepening beyond words. Congratulations if this is your time!

This IS a WATER trine.  It’s steamy if with fire, hot tubs, or puts out fire. Sizzle then fizzle. Earth provides a good old barefooted play in the mud, or reroutes the creek. Water flows downhill, the course of least resistance – follow them! Install a pond on your property and stock it! Or get that soothing fish tank!  Air and water are San Francisco-foggy – lost, passing like ships in the night, or magic and mystic though softened and soggy. Water with water is immersion and baptism, totally merging, no need to speak. Follow the currents….

July 16 Jupiter leaves Cancer, enters LEO!  See Sign Changes

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Aug, Sep Jupiter Makes Three Inconjuncts 

  • Aug 14 to Neptune in Pisces – Allow the vision to expand and include ideas of other cultures
  • Aug 24 is when Jupiter is at the exact opposite midpoint between Pluto and Neptune, 8 Leo 44
  • Sep 5 to Pluto in Capricorn – Seek the unmitigated Truth and have fun doing it!  Funding may be right around the corner, literally!
  • Sep 14 is when Jupiter is at the exact opposite midpoint between Pluto and Chiron, 13 Leo 2
  • Sep 23 to Chiron in Pisces – When you thought there was no hope, the miracle becomes available.  But you have to look.

Inconjuncts are oblique aspects, when planets are 150 degrees of each other. They are to the side, just off center. There is extra perception as the environment is scanned, resulting in more accurate choices in context of the greater whole. When the wild ball comes at you, you can duck.  When you are alert to business or equipment advances, you can prepare to benefit from the upgrades, stepping into opportunities gracefully, with less cost.

Equidistant aspects are considered to be potent! Midpoints are not as commonly used in the US as they are in Europe, but they are even more powerful factors when triggered by a third planet! Since we have four planets in this sequence, there are two healthy midpoints, Aug 24, and Sep 14.  As the planets are moving these dates are when each of the three points are perfectly equidistant!

Jupiter and Neptune both like going places.  Jupiter is the traveler, body and mind, seeking right action, a broader perspective through learning.  Neptune travels in Spirit, meditation/mindlessness – another form of mind, seeking connection with the Soul, often crossing oceans to do it!  Jupiter expands, revels robustly! Races, rides horses, skis, skates while Pisces swims, rides the surf, sails!  But Neptune/Pisces sometimes sits until they become invisible even to themselves.  Jupiter can cheer up a laggard Neptune, give them ideas that the Neptune then drops into the subconscious to dream about.  Neptune sees the nuances and makes subtle coarse corrections that save the day!

With Pluto, Jupiter may have to dance quickly; the snake will strike if you tamper with it too much.  Better to tone it down a bit and match pace while prodding the reptile.  Yet Pluto is astute, especially in Capricorn, and sees the value of what’s being offered, even if they don’t use it the way Jupiter thinks they should.  There’s always a reason for our connections.  Pluto can take a wildly optimistic idea of Jupiter’s, distill it to core potential, sort out how to make it happen, profit from the results. We marvel at what they see and do. So if it seems like they are skeptical and didn’t really hear you, wait and see anyway.  Check back.  Think more on it yourself and bring more of your ideas back to the table too!

Jupiter is so well intended and healthy, usually, and Chiron is teacher/healer too, but some of their grace comes from having suffered.  Jupiter’s way is to educate you, get you moving, stretching your muscles to get you to reach for it!  Chiron is more quiet, serious, perhaps.  Daily it tends the sick, observes, works with deeper consciousness, sometimes at Death’s door.  In Pisces it doesn’t leap to conclusions, but flows here and there seeing context, primordial wounding. Sometimes it is important not to stress the patient/client/friend before they are ready. The body can’t heal if we don’t let it. Some things can’t be fixed, or it may take many lifetimes. They understand that and give comfort as can be done. When they can, they will meet you in the dreamtime. If you get bogged down, forget your direction, as healer or client, Jupiter will come by, snorting fire, and blow life right back into you! If Jupiter is the lame horse, take yourself to the healer! Chiron will scold you a tad as they kindly tend you.

Dec 14 brings the last exciting aspect of the year. It is the sixth, NEXT TO LAST, Uranus square Pluto!  Since it is in a retrograde to direct station, the aspect is held closely FOR 3 MONTHS, at about 1 degree, continuously until the final seventh aspect March 16, 2015!

Dec 23!  Saturn enters SAGITTARIUS!  See Sign Changes

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Two Sign Changes, Fire Signs Leo & Sagittarius!

Beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales - Grace and Strength
Budweiser’s beautiful brutes lead with amazing grace and strength!

2014’s sign changes go well with the Chinese Year of the Horse!  Leo loves horse races/polo, and Sagittarius rules large animals, horses!

July 16 Lucky Jupiter leaves Cancer, enters Leo, the sign of GOLD!  Jupiter loves races, stretching its Pegasus wings!  Time to travel in style to all the hot places!  Leo is athletic and Jupiter loves games; both love to win!  Both like to share and teach.  Speeches will be peppered with personal anecdotes, stories will be inspirational!  Start an athletic school, a training center, do coaching!  The meaning of life is important from the rights of the tiniest beings to fanatic believers.  It will be the time for super heroes!  Market graphs may have quite highs and lows!  Climate changes may seem to speed up, especially the melting part.  Drought, fires, water could be serious matters.  We may need water consolation as well as conservation.  Be plenty mindful where you choose to live for an extended time, like where you retire.  Learn to use the land well and how to generate your own climate, food and power as much as possible, or link up with people who can do that.  Permaculture skills will prove to be valuable.  Invest wisely for your future, your children’s future.  Against a serious economic backdrop, we are kicking it up a bit!  Entertainment will be glorious. Overconfidence will make big spending, gambling, tempting.  Know that Jupiter takes about a year through each sign.  Keep your long term investments trim, choose the medium home versus the luxury home or apt., eat less ice cream!  :)  You can always go bigger later if things stay up for you!  Jupiter’s next sign will be Virgo, starting Aug 11, 2015.  Then we will be trimming the fat, possibly have dry times. In the meantime, stay cool (it’s gonna be hot), stay true, have a great time!

Last time Jupiter was in Leo was Aug 2002 to Aug 2003.  Iraq was fought and conquered.  Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.  In the wake of the Sep 11, 2001 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security, the largest U.S. government reorganization since the creation of the Department of Defense in 1947, was created.  Annika Sörenstam became the first woman to play the PGA Tour in 58 years.  In Mexico, the last ‘old style’ Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line.  The summer of 2003 was among the warmest in the last three centuries!  It was the first time temps over 100 degrees, highest ever, were recorded in the UK. France, hit hardest, had seven days of 104 degree temps, resulting in 14,802 heat-related deaths (mostly among the elderly); and there was a severe heat wave across Pakistan and India that peaked at 122 degrees!  Leo, Martha Stewart, was indicted.

Dec 23 Saturn enters Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius!  While Jupiter has been partying in Leo since July, Saturn has been finishing Scorpio.  Saturn in financial Scorpio sees what it has to pay for.  Romantic relationships will either fizzle as the party charm wears off and accountability happens, or things will take root with the spending level as it is.  Saturn in Sagittarius now knows what to plan for, all the way out to longevity and Social Security.  It is intent on education backed up by what has happened in the Past, statistics and research that point key directions.  Travel will be only as essential.  It may not be the time to start a travel business or import/export, unless it is for everyday items at the best price.  Rocks, walls, borders, glass, ice, may come to some sort of prominence.  Saturn and Sagittarius are quite acquainted since Sagittarius comes first, then Capricorn, Saturn’s sign in zodiacal order.  Sag loves its freedom, roams the world and places of expansion and learning.  Saturn gets back and does business, as their Father did.  This is the combination of both of those. The responsibility Saturn takes prospers from the perspectives it gained while traveling.  It builds well situated on the land, strong from the foundation to the roof, using perfect slopes and slants for rain or snow, sustainable for hard times.  It always builds a back door, when possible, a well structured-cellar.  Doubter, seasoned life walker, faith healer, all have valuable points of view.  Fearful or friendly, stay as open as possible to opportunities that may take you further than you ever expected.  It could be the Gateway of a lifetime! 

Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio June 14, 2015 to Sep 17, 2015, be in Sag two plus years, until it enters its own sign Capricorn, Dec 19, 2017.

Saturn was last in Sagittarius 27-29 years ago Nov ’85 to Feb ’88 and June to Nov ’88.  Windows 1.01 was first released on Nov 20, 1985, just three days after Saturn entered Sag.  The first international version 1.02, was released May 1986.

1986:  The first PC virus, Brain, starts to spread.  Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates 73 seconds after launch, killing the crew of 7 astronauts, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe.  Halley’s Comet reaches its perihelion, the closest point to the Sun!  Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Hands Across America: At least 5,000,000 people form a human chain from New York City to Long Beach, California, to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness.  The Oprah Winfrey Show premieres.
1987:  Harmonic Convergence!  Oct 19 Black Monday: Stock market levels fall sharply on Wall Street and around the world.  Thomas Knoll and John Knoll develop the first version of Photoshop.
1988:  NASA scientist James Hansen testifies to the Senate that man-made global warming had begun.   Al Qaeda is formed by Osama Bin Laden.  The Iran–Iraq War ends, with an estimated one million lives lost.

Horses! We ride; they serve. In times past they did work we couldn’t do ourselves. They have long been a symbol of going places on the winds of the Four Directions, whether of seasonal necessity, or simply wandering the beauty of our planet. Today, they are serving in a new way, as therapeutic beings. The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.), a federally-registered nonprofit, was formed in 1969 for individuals with special needs.

There are Horses, and there are Horses! In these two new signs, take yourself places. Whether you are magnificent in your harness, possibly incredibly well cared for, or are roaming free, make it glorious! Take excellent care of yourself; you are a good animal too. Strut your stuff and get your bookings! See what’s next, what it’s all about! Call on the thunder of a Clydesdale; run like a racehorse, your hair flying! Enjoy the safety of your Circles and set yourself free!

Carousel Horses by Magical artist Anne Wipf - Freedom!
Magical Carousel Horses by amazing artist Anne Wipf – she calls it Freedom!

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2014 starts with back-to-back series of retrogrades involving Venus, Mercury and Mars. The series goes through May 19, 2014. Read More!

Mercury  2014 has its standard 3 Mercury Rx, each of them straddling water and air signs, Pisces/Aquarius, Cancer/Gemini, then Scorpio/Libra. Air signs are thought to be thinkers, ones who make connections.  Water signs bring a nurturing quality that keep those ideas and connections alive and thriving!
Venus directs Jan 31, 2014, finishing the Capricorn retrograde it started Winter Solstice, Capricorn day, Dec 21, 2013!
Mars  No 2014 retrograde.

Stelliums – Powerful Gatherings of Planets

The most simple definition of stellium is 3 or more planets in the same sign! Use these for sign specific emphasis, concentrated focus and as areas of expertise. The House/s where they occur in your chart is what you apply your focus to! Many planets in one sign give you many ways, options, to approach a specific area! You might be out of touch with other things, but leave that to people with that kind of emphasis. Simply let others know that’s not your department!

4 Planet Stelliums:

  • Dec 21, Winter Solstice Day, when the Sun entered Capricorn, we started the stellium with four planets, Sun, Mercury Venus and Pluto.  Dec 31, the Moon joins making it five in Cap!  Jan 2 we go back to four until Mercury leaves into Aquarius Jan 11.
  • Oct 22 – 23 Moon, Mercury retrograde, Venus, Sun in Libra!
  • Oct 23 Scorpio starts with a stunning New Moon conjunct Venus – Moon, Sun, Venus all at ZERO degrees at 2:58 PM Pacific!  New Moon, New Sign, New degree!  Saturn 22 Scorpio is the fourth planet.
  • Nov 8 Mercury starts a second Scorpio stellium that goes 5 days until Venus leaves into Sagittarius Nov 16!  Mercury, Sun, Venus, Saturn.
  • Nov 20 – 22 we get a third Scorpio stellium formed as the Moon goes through Scorpio!
5 Planet Stelliums:  Dec 21, Winter Solstice, starts the last and only 5 planet stellium of 2014 in Capricorn!  The New Moon leads the way from ZERO Capricorn!  The stellium continues with 4 planets, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, after the Moon leaves, starting New Year 2015!  Jan 3 Venus enters Aquarius, leaving only three planets.

6/7 Planet Stelliums:  None in 2014.  Then next 6 planet stellium is Jan 16, 2018, at another New Moon!  It starts with 5 planets Jan 10, has 6 Jan 14 to 17, then is back to 4 on the 18th as two planets leave.

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GrandMother Moon – Eclipses and Otherwise!

Moon - GrandMother

This beautiful image, GrandMother Moon, is by artist Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass! Please see her work at Fine Art America.

 Date & Time (Pacific)    Degree & Sign    Eclipse Type, Visibility 

Apr 14       0:42 AM                  25 Scorpio 15            Total Lunar Eclipse, [FM] WESAK
Apr 15 in zones west of Pacific      Almost fully visible from North America!

Apr 28      11:14 PM                     8 Taurus 51                 Annular Solar Eclipse [NM]
Apr 29 in zones east of Pacific

Oct 8         3:50 AM                       15 Aries 5                    Total Lunar Eclipse [FM]
       Fully visible from Western North America (and Alaska and Hawaii)
Observers in Eastern North America will only be able to see
part of the eclipse before the Moon sets below the horizon.

Oct 23        2:56 PM                     0 Scorpio 24                Partial Solar Eclipse [NM]
                                                                       Much of North America!

January has TWO New Moons, the first is in Capricorn on NEW YEAR’s Day, JAN 1! The second is Jan 30 at 10 Aquarius 55, the day before Chinese New Year’s Day! So both January New Moons fall at a New Year! The 2nd is also the day before Venus turns direct, and Jupiter makes its 2nd opposition Jupiter!

February’s FULL Moon will be on Valentine’s Day!

February’s NEW Moon will be at 11:59 PM Pacific on the 28th.  Other lower US zones will have no February New Moon!  Theirs will be on March 1!  For them, March will have TWO New Moons!

Five New Moons in a row, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, are all at ZERO degrees!  We are truly starting new at each Sign change!  From then on, they are at the last degrees of their signs, finishing each sign with a lunar touchdown before the new signs start.

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In Scorpio, Saturn will continue to guard us; Jupiter will continue to flourish in Cancer then Leo.  We will have a Wedge pattern that becomes a Grand Square in April, a Grand Water Trine in May/June, and an inconjunct series in August/September. And we get to see a few good eclipses!  May your 2014 travels take you exactly where you want to go and may every step be wild and magical!  Blessed be!  See 2012 Worldwide New Year images!

If I don’t see you over the holidays, I’ll see you NEXT YEAR!

Iconic New Year Fireworks at London's Eye!
Iconic New Year Fireworks at London’s Eye!

With abiding love and gratitude to you all, Happy Holidays and 2014!

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