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Mercury - Mercurious!

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Sep 12 Mercury Direct! Now we will recross the area Mercury has gone over twice before, since July 31, from 5 Virgo to 19 Virgo. These Mercury retrograde sequences are a lot like stone turning.  Mercurious….  Things crawl out from under rocks, I swear, and there’s a whole life system under there!  Discovery and refits.  In Virgo’s case it may be backups for your computer, new health info, financial adjustments, housekeeping, gardening, pets, landlord/tenant relationships, a new job, a new way of doing an old job, how you write your book or blog, rewrite your script, music! Now is the time to hone your discovery into your life in a smooth flow. Polish and perfect!  

Virgo is one of Mercury’s signs, the other being Air Sign Gemini, Virgo being the latter of the two signs, Earth, dense and sensible.  Virgos are particular about purity, what the right way of doing things is.  They have attitude.  They care.  They put themselves into things whether they are asked or not.  Actually, they are pretty spunky in their own way!  So, let it rip!  We all have Virgo in our charts, a Virgo 6th house, and we all have Mercury!  It’s not just that you think, Gemini, but that you put things in good order, together in a coherent whole!  That’s the job that spins the wheel!  When the puzzle pieces fit, it’s smooth.  Oh, yeah.  

Mercury has been Retrograde since August 20, plenty of time to upgrade, sort out the various details, get more info.  Now through Sep 27, that special attention will pay off as Mercury reruns the trail  for the 3rd and final fitting.

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Aug 20 Virgo Mercury Retrograde until Sep 12

Mercury, Communications

Time for changes in your system, your health practices, services you render, pet care, arrangements with your landlord/tenants.  Try some new things in your garden, clean up your life.  Be gentle about keeping appointments by keeping people informed when there is a change of schedule.  Don’t be surprised when there are mix ups!  Don’t move unless you have to.  If you do, have options for further change.  Buy returnable items or ones with hefty guarantees.  Get second opinions and if possible, wait until 5 days after Mercury goes direct Sep 12 to make up your mind.   Please see About Mercury Retrograde.

Aug 21 Saturn square Pluto 3rd of three 

All three of these have occurred with Saturn in Libra.  Many will be happy this aspect is done since one of its most difficult possibilities is bankruptcy.  Wise use of funds, applying time to earning income, apprenticing to learn financially rewarding skills, building steadily, protecting oneself from cheats, accepting the reality of what we don’t want to see, extending oneself into relationships that bring power in a good way, are intense challenges.  Achieved feels darn good.  

Please also see Nov 15, 2009 and Jan 31, 2010 

Hooray!!!!  This aspect marks the last of the difficult 2010 aspects that have been associated with major economic shifts that have caused many changes in related issues.  Since there is not a series of easy, classically favorable, aspects until mid 2011, other than personal excellent aspects, change for more easy living is going to take some more time.  All you do now to forward those changes will pay off, so even if the pay off isn’t immediate, stack the deck.  Chance favors the prepared mind – Louis Pasteur.  

That’s why I love astrology!

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Saturn, Planet of Wisdom

This one is different than the first one back on May 22 that was in the Pisces/Virgo axis.  This one is in Aries/Libra.  The insights of Jupiter in Pisces are likely to be fired up with new meaning!  Publicity for an event could make all the difference.  Going someplace new brings in new spirit, playful and purposeful, provocative!  Saturn keeps the temperature just right!  Keeps a good pace, directs energy where it most potent!  Nothing like being on time for your own game! 

Please refer back to May 22 Jupiter Opposite Saturn 

The third, last opposition, will be March 28, 2011, at 14 degrees Aries/Libra!  So get up and get out!   Let go of the old, what’s spent.  Start making new partnerships, partnerships that make sense!  More gets done when we pool our talents.  It’s great to be respected and independent within relationships.  Tell your story, make the bridge, put it to work.  Give your gift; we can use it.

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Leo 2010, A ‘month’ of Power not soon forgotten!!!

Life's Dancer - Beauty and Balance

July 21 Saturn into Libra until Oct 5 2012     

Saturn leads this year’s Leo Time, plus 5 major aspects!  Yesterday Saturn went into Libra until Oct 5, 2012. We have a little over two years to rescind, restore, rebuild, build, restructure, remodel, relationships. It’s a process that can take some time. It may not be just one relationship, but the interweavings of what several relationships, intricately overlaid, entwined, explored, each impinging on others, means to us as we grow in our relationship ability. Core relationships will be at center, coursing through us as archetypes that require loyalty decisions. On the fringes, but no less potent, with be the hit and runs of flash relationships, that enlighten and can change our course in an instant.     

Saturn quests for black & white integrity, Libra seeks beauty and balance. Real and considerate. Hard working and fair. Timely with the right people.  Making time for loving relationships. Professional partnerships.  Serious commitments. The beauty of any age. Fathers as equals.  The usefulness of every culture. Sacred rituals. These are a few principles to consider courting. See the Oct 29 info also.     

Saturn in Libra brings the Cardinal T Square with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, that will be in strong effect for a month, until the Saturn square Pluto Aug 21! ALL the aspects listed here are part of this T Square except the Mercury Retrograde.  Cardinal means getting things started! Lots of new vantage points to come! Keep reading….     

July 24 through Aug 9 is a concentrated time with not a moment’s respite for people whose charts are activated!  The rest of us will hopefully give support and encouragement, keep a steady frame of mind, make sure they take care of themselves, and pick up the slack when they can’t do it all by themselves.     

More to follow as the Leo 2010 dates, Pacific Time, unfold:     

July 24 through Aug 3  Jupiter square Pluto
July 25  Full Moon-Mystic Rectangle
July 26  Saturn opposite Uranus
July 30  Mars enters Libra, joins the T Square
July 31  Mars conjuncts Saturn
Aug  3    Second Jupiter square Pluto
Aug  6    Grand Square, Venus enters the Square, also at the Saturn Libra point!
Aug  9    New Moon
Aug  12  Perseids Meteor Showers!  Enjoy!
Aug  13  Uranus into Pisces
Aug  16  Second Jupiter opposite Saturn
Aug 20 Mercury Retrograde
Aug  21  Last Saturn square Pluto     

To be continued…………….

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July 20 Fifth and last Saturn inconjunct Chiron, at 29 Aquarius     


The day before Saturn enters Libra, it inconjuncts Chiron the last time of five times.  The set started Oct 8, 2008.  The last time was Apr 12, 2010.  All of them have been in Virgo/Aquarius as Saturn has traversed Virgo, a careful and caring time.  Many have been called on to give more than they ever expected or thought they could give.  Many have had to face the worst fears, job and health losses.  Some have lost friends, moved beyond old connections.  Out of it has come a more free, perhaps plenty sober, outlook, adjustments to new ways, even accomplishments, and for many, new friends.  A lot of healing would never have happened had it not been for what seemed like losses at the time.  Stand tall, you made it!      

See also  April 12, 2010 for more info, the 4th of the five inconjuncts….        

July 21 Saturn into Libra until Oct 5 2012     

The Saturn inconjunct Chiron has cleared a lot of debris, healed some long standing matters, making way for cleaner relationships with more truth, clearer mutual purpose, partnerships to be able to discuss their needs as they go.  There are less half truths, accommodating to keep the peace.  There is more loving expression of boundaries, time made and taken to honor each other’s needs.  Lifework now is more suited to our Spirits!  Saturn will be in Libra until Oct 5, 2012.  We have time to learn how to make, improve, restore, and give balance, fairly.  We will get better at crossing divides, sharing culturally, honoring people of all ages. Blessed be.

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Tune in tonight!  Join Cerena and Martha Ghan on Martha’s program Let Us Connect!


Channel 17, 7 to 8 PM, Tuesday June 1!  That’s tonight!

If you aren’t in the Santa Barbara area, join us Live Stream!
  Online, go to Channel 17, click on the show, listed under Watch Us LIVE!  (This only works during the show, not for replays – sorry.)  

Martha and I will again be talking about the Universe, that’s Astro*Logically, of course!  Most particularly we will be talking about Uranus and Jupiter going into Aries and their conjunction June 8!    

The second half of the hour is for your personal call-in questions.  The number to call will be on the screen.  We would love to hear what’s on your mind and in your Spirit!    

There were some technical difficulties on our last show.  Thanks to all of you who tried to call in!  The phone system is working well now, so do call us again!  We will be delighted to hear from you!    

If you miss a show and didn’t record it, connect with Martha or me for DVDs or VHS dubs!  Also, soon, Channel 17 will have High Quality Windows Media, Video, Archives of Santa Barbara Channels Programs!

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Moms through the Generations

A tribute to women, the Feminine, the nurturing part in all of us.  Love to you who never had Mothers, to those of you who have been Mothers in the most difficult circumstances, to those of you who have lost your Mothers, to you who are becoming Mothers, who are Mothers!  Wishing you all strength, that you learn more how to be a better Mom, nurturer.  Wishing protection and encouragement for children.   Please make it a goal to offer your love in the many ways you can.  Please remember that some may be in sorrow missing Moms, lost children.  Please acknowledge their feelings, let them know you care for them and how you admire them, you know they do the best they can, encourage them to keep on.  Thank you to so many of you who have helped me through dark times, times when I have been unknowingly stupid, times when you have given when it cost you, times you blessed us both for sharing! What an extraordinary process everyday Mothering is!  Thank you to all of you who do the monumental 9 months of  intense, up close and personal nurturing, carrying, then who do the many years of beauty and hard  work 24/7.  What a commitment!  Offer some time to your favorite new Mom!      

Be as dedicated to taking good care of yourself, to what’s important in your life.  You hold an important cross point in the weave of all our lives.  More than you realize.      

Astro*Logically, 2010 to 2011 mothering will be challenging for many through August 2010, with 4 more Saturn aspects finishing their cycles and 5 sign changes to go.  Saturn helps make things really work, while the sign changes reach maturity in one sign as they launch into the beginning of another, we’re not always knowing just what is right or what to do!    Oct 8, Venus at 13 Scorpio starts her retrograde until the Nov 18 turn direct at 27 Libra.  Venus seeks what is close to the heart, the most value, redresses old grievances, puts on a better face, revitalizes!    Jupiter in Aries conjunct Uranus starts this June 2010, a wild combo if there ever was one!  Amazing inventions, largest groups ever, spirited ideas with lots of important opinions are just part of what to expect!   February and March 2011 Jupiter finishes squares to Pluto, then the opposition with Saturn.  Tuck it in.  Quite, quite different from the conjunction with Uranus.  It’s the final clearing of old debris – whether in the street, or in your mind or emotions, less and less time to waste.  April 2011, Neptune enters its own sign Pisces for the first time in 168 years!  Dreamer of dreams, psychic beyond realizing, retreats and resorts, meditation versus medication, empathy, the super magical.  Times are unstable now, as they should be, while in a creative continuum.  Keep your eyes wide open!       

 Some of my Mama Earth wishes….      

Solutions.  Earth Day weekend was wonderful, never enough time for me to examine everything!  I’m always interested in the new vehicles, especially the electric bikes and solar cars.  And the new methods of home building fascinate me, including the option of roof gardens.  And I’m in favor of grey water systems and rain harvesting structures.  I’m thinking those should be part of the legal requirements for all new structures – the structural strength to support roof gardens, grey water systems, since here in Santa Barbara we live in a drought area, rain harvesting structures.  All new parking lots and city parks could become the tops of underground water storage.  What would some of your wishes be?      


idamawatu — April 07, 2007 — THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SONG IN AFRICA Original song was by Prince Nico Mbarga (1976)

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