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Jupiter Trine Saturn, Last Outer Planet Aspect 2013!

Frodo and Bilbo of Hobbit fame, discussing the Universe!

Image at Mechtild’s, A Sanctuary for Tolkien Fanatics Who Aren’t Ready to be Cured

Nov 16, Jupiter and Saturn started into close range of each other. By Twelve, Twelve, Dec 12, they are exactly trine for the second time!  More youthful Jupiter cheers up old Saturn.  Truly, because Jupiter can expand the potential, bring more workers than usual, good ones too! Jupiter can make the work fun, and have far reaching effects as he tells your story and spreads the good Word!  Jupiter makes further plans with more confidence than Saturn usually dares.  Just be sure those bills can be paid!  :)  But, hey, it’s so worth that look into the future. The program can be stepped up.  It’s possible to incorporate foreign elements, connect with new sectors of trade.  The education program may get off to a great start, and production thrives as people are excited to learn more when they see the resulting success.  Add in an athletic program so everyone gets a good midday workout!  Plan work parties, or travel and seminars.  Get people moving!  Let your determination take wing like Pegasus!

Lend a helping hand where you can!  Jupiter knows through travel and connections, strong bonds may be forged and what one couldn’t do alone, is totally possible together.  Saturn is a hard worker, and can use the help. Jupiter keeps the ethics on track, preferably no greed or hoarding.  They keep their sights on Saturn’s goal when Saturn gets too tired to carry the burden and loses focus. Jupiter, the Centaur planet, currently in Cancer, offers an abundance of nurturing we may have missed out on long ago.  Say Yes and Thank You. Take the gamble to let love in.

Saturn, in the intrepid healer sign Scorpio, may in turn offer a quieter place to rest, restore the bolder, save-the-world teacher Jupiter, whose lantern occasionally gets dim from all that thundering around.  Saturn helps to steady the rudder, avoid the rocks and monsters (it knows where they are), and can make do with what is really there, clean things up ’til they are better than new! Wise Saturn helps guide our efforts by placing them for the most potent effect. Guide and Guardian, we get there, perhaps a tad tattered, but it was a helluva adventure!

The next day…….

Happy Friday December 13th, Moon in Earthy Taurus!

Freya Norse Goddess, Friday 13th

Magicians, Priestesses, Earthlings, for some, it will be a LUCKY winter day!  The very day after the 12:12 Jupiter trine Saturn, in the morning of Friday the 13th, 8:58 AM Pacific, the Moon will trine Pluto in Capricorn.  There may be a close call, but healing also.  Make a decision toward financial sustainability.  All the rest of the day, the Taurus Moon will be building to a sextile – opportunity – with Jupiter in Cancer (11:52 PM, almost midnight, Pacific)!  You may be grateful for the loyalty and patience of a loved one, or you may give it yourself.  Jupiter may take you out of the house, away from the farm, off to a new school that will have a lasting effect on your life!  Choose adept Guides, sign up for the total package!  Enjoy pre-holiday, and some long term, planning.  Be more generous, ask for more.  Have a great weekend with your Sweetie on Saturday (get a massage), and when you get back home on Sunday, tell your friends all about it!  Safe travels, steadfastly study for exams!  You can do it!

Prior to the 13th century, 13 was considered a very lucky number, symbolizing renewal, rebirth – the passage of time and the hope of things to come.  It was associated with the feminine (women’s cycles are in keeping with the lunar cycles of the year – 13 in all).  The word Friday is of Norse origin, derived from the goddess of fertility and sex, Freyja.  Happy Freyja Day!

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In response to the recent sensational articles about your possibly being a different sign, for example the Fox News article, let me tell you, you may be and always have been, and you are still what you always were!  Here’s how it goes…. 

Circles within Circles, Many Layers

There are TWO astrological systems.

One is based on the seasons, earth centered, what we predominantly use in the Western world today, called Tropical (Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn).  The other is based on constellations, stars, and is called Sidereal, primarily used in Eastern cultures.  Some feel seasonal Tropical astrology rules more mundane earthly matters and Sidereal is more spiritually oriented.  Both are correct working systems and describe the same things in the sky, just called by different names, in different terms. 

Sometimes they correspond exactly!  As stated at WikipediA, here are the technical details that make it so – ‘As the Earth spins on its axis, it “wobbles” like a top, causing the vernal equinox to move gradually backwards against the star background, (a phenomenon known as the Precession of the equinoxes) at a rate of about 30 degrees (one Zodiacal sign length) every 2,160 years. Thus the two zodiacs would be aligned only once every 26,000 years and were aligned about 2,000 years ago when the zodiac was originally established.’  Because astronomers study stars, they agree with Siderealists; we are that sign.  So, there are two different systems, one astronomical, one seasonal, both astrological.  At this time, there is a 25.5 degree variance, that’s why most people are one sign (a ‘month’) off whichever system you prefer to use.  For example, a Leo in Tropical may be a Cancer in Sidereal.  In my case, I am a Leo in both systems since I was born in late Tropical Leo.  But other planets in my chart do change ‘signs.’  This is nothing new, it has always been this way, but from time to time, someone thinks they have made a great discovery!  And it makes provocative news!

Since astrology is based on observational relationships, a lot of the descriptions in one system are like the descriptions of the other – ie Sidereal Cancer is described as a lot like Tropical Leo.  Makes sense since they are describing the same thing in the heavens, the same time of year the Sun passes through that constellation, same kind of weather for the farmer’s crops, how much clothes you wear.  Personally, I don’t care what you call them, or what system you use, as long as you do it well.  In time, research will level the playing field.  Now that we are recording birth times, research can be more comprehensive, factors can be isolated for accuracy of results. 

At one time there were as many as 18 signs in use, and at another as few as 6, with other variations in between.  Dividing the sky and the year is an arbitrary thing. Different cultures through time have used entirely different stars in totally different ‘constellations.’  We use the ones used by the Greeks and Romans. And since they were established, about 2000 years ago, stars have moved!  What we see in the sky now is not the same as what they saw!  In the recent articles, some are suggesting we add a 13th sign, Ophiuchus (Oh-fee-YOU-cuss), the snake holder – a constellation that has always been there, of course!  It’s also called Serpentarius – does that remind you of Scorpio (associated with snakes) and Sagittarius?  It would be between them!  See the proposed calendar dates.  Why, why not?  It’s so much fun to tinker with things!  To have 12 signs was chosen to  work well with our 12 months calendar even though they don’t correspond by dates.  It would be so cool if they did, don’t you think?! 

In addition to astronomy, mathematics plays a big part in how astrologers ‘divide’ the sky.  For a detailed historical accounting of the development of mathematics correlated with astronomy/astrology, of chart division, read R W Holden’s Elements of House Division, if you can locate one. 

Some people swear by one or the other system, Tropical, Sidereal; some use both and feel each one works better for particular things.  If you have time, check it out!  Most Westerners have their Tropical charts.  If you want, I would be honored to do your Sidereal chart, only $5.  I don’t to the interpretation, but you can enjoy pursuing it on your own once you have your chart!  I use the Fagan-Allen version, but can do Lahiri, DeLuce, Raman, Krishnamurti, Usha-Shashi, Djwhal Kuhl, Sri Yukteswar, JN Bhasin, Larry Ely, Takra I or II, Sundara Rajan, or Shill Pond versions!  You mean there are variations on the variations?!  But of course!

I love it how people, who don’t believe in signs, are defending their signs, saying it’s really them, and they don’t want to change to that other sign, yuk!  That’s pretty funny, and totally endearing!  What’s cool is they really do ‘know’ themselves. 

Stay true!

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