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Mercury - Mercurious!

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Sep 12 Mercury Direct! Now we will recross the area Mercury has gone over twice before, since July 31, from 5 Virgo to 19 Virgo. These Mercury retrograde sequences are a lot like stone turning.  Mercurious….  Things crawl out from under rocks, I swear, and there’s a whole life system under there!  Discovery and refits.  In Virgo’s case it may be backups for your computer, new health info, financial adjustments, housekeeping, gardening, pets, landlord/tenant relationships, a new job, a new way of doing an old job, how you write your book or blog, rewrite your script, music! Now is the time to hone your discovery into your life in a smooth flow. Polish and perfect!  

Virgo is one of Mercury’s signs, the other being Air Sign Gemini, Virgo being the latter of the two signs, Earth, dense and sensible.  Virgos are particular about purity, what the right way of doing things is.  They have attitude.  They care.  They put themselves into things whether they are asked or not.  Actually, they are pretty spunky in their own way!  So, let it rip!  We all have Virgo in our charts, a Virgo 6th house, and we all have Mercury!  It’s not just that you think, Gemini, but that you put things in good order, together in a coherent whole!  That’s the job that spins the wheel!  When the puzzle pieces fit, it’s smooth.  Oh, yeah.  

Mercury has been Retrograde since August 20, plenty of time to upgrade, sort out the various details, get more info.  Now through Sep 27, that special attention will pay off as Mercury reruns the trail  for the 3rd and final fitting.

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Jupiter Rainbow Arrow Arc - Pisces Magic!

Mighty Jupiter, Pisces Magic!

Sep 8 New Moon at 15 Virgo 41, starts the day off  while softly sleeping, very early, 3:30 AM Pacific. This new beginning mid Virgo stills our attention for first Venus entering Scorpio at 8.45 AM, then Jupiter entering Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, at 9.51 PM. A New Moon ends a cycle as three new ones begin – its own, Venus’s, and Jupiter’s.  All this while Mercury is still Retrograde!  It is a time needing protection in its inexperience, needing nurturing to take root. In ongoing life Virgo needs to be encouraged. Go lightly on criticisms, especially internal criticisms that have no other balancing voice when no one else knows we are thinking that way. Be careful of yourself!         

Once a year every year, Venus in Scorpio wants a depth of sharing, an internal strength to weather the storms, a rich storage, a fallback position.  Venus can add beauty to things that can be used again, to people who can be seen in a new light or given a new life’s chance, see value in what has been cast aside. Transformation can be as simple as a smile, or the recovery of a lost Soul.  Loving strength, redemption and forgiveness may be needed since Jupiter in Pisces can be saint or sinner!   Venus in Scorpio is the perfect timely accompiament as Jupiter launches into Pisces.     

Jupiter in Pisces is once every 12 years, but this time it is in Pisces only for a final review, until Jan 22. Then, in 4 months, 13 days, it streaks through Aries, until it jumps into Taurus June 4, 2011!  Because of retrograding, going ‘backwards,’ at a sign change area, it has been showing us Pisces/Aries sequences, connections, how to pass the baton from one to the other. Pisces swims, surfs and sails; Aries rides the bike, drives the car! Both pretty fast in their own way.  Think of it as part of a triathlete event! Jupiter has its own athleticism, skating, skiing, horse racing, are a few. So, with Jupiter in Pisces, put a centaur with a fish! Throw in some mermaids and high jumping dolphins, along with doggies running up the beach!         

Pisces and Jupiter both wonder what it all means. Jupiter is organized religion while Pisces is meditation and intuition, direct links to Spirit, miracles! Jupiter wants to teach the faith, share the perspective, travel and tell the story! Pisces gets accused of being in la la land, while Jupiter can have trouble with the truth, tell lies. And sometimes that’s ok. Relax. Both can be lazy, and Pisces, oops, has addictions. Ok, so it isn’t a perfect world. But we are all here together, one day at a time, human, learning and loving together. They can dedicate their whole lives to life saving causes.  Both can be generous, Jupiter overdoing it. Do what you can and take care of yourself. Get good at giving without giving yourself away, without burnout. While Jupiter in Pisces is often contemplation, Jupiter in Aries is max action!         

While Jupiter is in Pisces, gather yourself, get ready to ride, get steady on your cosmic surfboard!  Not only to get ready for Aries, but because Sep 18, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus again!  From this time on, there will be no major transit to transit outer planet aspects until the third and last Jupiter conjunct Uranus on Jan 4, 2011!

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These two events are going to take us to new ground, and quickly!
We are on the brink! Uranus is has just gone into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and now Jupiter is just about to jump in with it, giving it a boost!   

Discovery of Jupiter's Ring!


June 5 Jupiter enters Aries also, on an 11 to 12 year cycle!     

In old-fashioned astrology, Jupiter is the good luck charm! So Uranus, that has entered Aries only a few days before on the May 27 Full Moon, gets launched in good warp speed! 84 years ago, Uranus entered Aries before. Been a long time. It stays about 7 years per sign, so this lucky launch with Jupiter is important, setting the tone for favorable function, expanding into realms unthought-of, just like the inventions of cars and computers! Uranus is mega info from research to media, Jupiter is publishing, great learning! We will see great strides in alternative energies related to electricity and expansion principles. In this next year some amazing new learning techniques will be explored for all kinds of special learning situations. Since Uranus is author/inventor, and Aries is new, Jupiter a willing storyteller, we are likely to hear outrageous things! Some will be amazing truth, some of it a blunt force! We just bypassed Grace, who needs it?! Things are going at the speed o’ light! Others will appear to be truth and will be just as unbelievable as they really are! No lack of entertainment! Bet electric (Uranus) bicycles (Aries) become a hot item (with Jupiter – travel)! Fantastic do-it-yourself techniques will pop up, though, with Uranus also in Aries, it may be with friends, like barn raisings! With Jupiter, a willing traveler, in Aries of new beginnings, there’s no telling where this new hope and confidence will take us!     

June 5 also starts the 3 day ‘hot period’ before the June 8 Jupiter Uranus conjunction, a Tuesday morning, at 4:25 AM Pacific. Perhaps set some time aside to note some new goals, enter steps you will take toward them on your calendar. You could take some time, at that very early AM, to soak in some of its energy, send love and healing around the world on wings of joy and beauty!     

June 8, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, first of 3! Super electric and no going back! This conjunction will be in Aries, the last two will be in Pisces. The last two times this conjunction occurred in Aries, Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, then in 1969 we landed on the Moon! Jupiter is long distance travel, and Uranus is flight, the heavens! Do look to see where this conjunction occurs in your chart since it will launch 12 and 42 year cycles! What in your life would these flights symbolize for you?! These planets are still currently in the sign Pisces, of dreams and visions, beliefs, giving one’s life to serve in a good way. Do what would make a difference to yourself. Start right where you are, on your own two feet, with your own two hands.

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