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Virgo Turkish Art Plate Kusadasi
Whether rugs, plates or tile work, Turkey, a Virgo country, has the finest intricate designs and craftsmanship! The plate above is at the Kusadasi market. 

Jupiter starts its once every 12 years trek in Virgo Aug 11. Always about a year in a sign, he finishes Virgo and enters Libra September 9, 2016. Those of you with Jupiter in Virgo will be having your Jupiter Returns! If your Jupiter is 13 to 23 Virgo, transiting Jupiter will cross your natal Jupiter three times in its retrograde cycle! Depending on how your Jupiter is situated with the other factors in your personal chart, and how other transiting factors are activating your chart, it can bring super good luck!

Jupiter makes its first aspect in Virgo Sep 16, opposite Neptune in Pisces one time only. To me it is as if Jupiter is checking in with Neptune to see what dreams could come true! I see it as a spiritual courtesy, an introductory handshake, and Jupiter is on its way to get it done!

In its year through Virgo, Jupiter makes no conjunctions or sextiles. Coming right up Oct 11, it mega trines Pluto! It inconjuncts Uranus. It squares Saturn next spring. It opposes Chiron. Most of those aspects happen 3 times, for a total of 12. The last aspect it makes in Virgo is the last inconjunct with Uranus the Awakener. It leaves the eyes wide open!

Though abundant Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius, a sign square to Virgo, Jupiter does very well in Virgo! Virgo is the Queen of Details and the more the merrier! She wants quality in the organization and happily organizes; Jupiter puts the light on things, gives the big picture, so the details are in perfect placement within the whole! Jupiter puts fun in the work and is happy to travel around to get the exotic materials to spice up the presentation! Jupiter, in fact, is delighted to show your work in all its stages, impressing others with your more than adequate services. It prepares the press, can easily show why yours is the best quality and that it has durability as well as being easy to use, and at the right price!

Jupiter loves planning, and travel, and Virgo guides the budget so you all can get to the most places for the least price! Carefully chosen (by AstroLocality), the places are superb gateways to insights that open further doors. There is a combination of love and learning. Virgos want to serve, and Jupiter wants to enjoy every moment from sunup to sundown and then some! Virgos want to know how it works and Jupiter loves a good story. Putting them together makes people inspired by what you have done! It’s virtual magic!

Teaching patterns are flexible and show people how to learn as well as what to learn. How to think makes everyone a creator! Coaching is automatic! Vital little steps are the precious beginnings of lifelong Paths. Practicing what makes you happy keeps you healthy and wisdom grows.

Health is highlighted! Jupiter may temporarily bring flare ups that require more care, especially if things have been neglected. New ways of healthcare may become available, or you learn a lot more, are more effective, problem solved! Or health may be superb! Virgo specializes in nursing, herbs, vitamins, diet. Schedules are mostly kept. Exercise is specific to the individual. Recovery from illness is steady. Body and mind, attitude, make a difference. A lot of the remedies are from foreign places, Jupiter dancing in excitement reading the labels! Keeping things Virgo clean and bright with lots of fresh breezes, and a lovely Jupiter view clear our mind and keep us extending our vision. Doing favorite things engages our attention to creating and crafting. Grow a mighty organic veggie garden!

All kinds of service industries will have the potential to expand! Bookkeeping, landscaping, pet care, cleaning, housekeeping, caregivers, maintenance, nanny, are a few. If you want more business, ask for it. Improve your skills. Jupiter loves learning; Virgo loves trainings. Ask for higher wages and benefits. Apply for the work you would love the most. Get your own life in order by using professional services. Write a training manual.

Landlords may purchase out of state or foreign properties, or cater to exchange students. Good time to hire apartment managers, give trainings. Tenants might enjoy a lease option to buy! You might offer property management services.

Jupiter is publishing; Virgo is the number one sign of authors! Jupiter will be in Virgo until Sep 9, 2016. Time to put the fingers to the keyboard! Get your material organized. Pay attention to what is popular that you like too! How tos are terrific, and how to do it yourselfs! Or write an accurately detailed historical novel, or a futuristic humorous love story with an uncommonly charming rascally villain and a delightfully naive heroine! Blog, blog, blog! Jupiter will speed your perspective and you will get it done in no time. Plan on publishing sooner than later. Jupiter can be the procrastinator, but if the goal is more delicious than the distraction, it focuses singlemindedly! Let’s do it!

Virgo is the only sign with a feminine symbol, the Virgin. As Goddess Persephone, she symbolizes Purity, the best within us. She is young, fresh, tempting and tempted. As Persephone’s Mother Demeter, she is wizened Crone, Goddess of Harvest and fulfillment, strengthened by life’s experiences. Whether you are protector or child, we thank you for your caring, willingness to work life.

Jupiter will be at your side, at times naughty and playful, at times loud with stories, disrupting with no thought to apologize. But he brings lots of good intentions and just plain joy! He’s robust, handsome and rather fearless, a bit silly, doesn’t always care where he’s going just as long as he’s going anywhere! Like no matter where you go, there you are. He will sweep you along, infuse you with magical herbal scents, take you on a rocket ride, and land properly among the veggie garden faeries!

The possibilities are limitless.

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Full Moon, 'Moonlit Garden Gate, Provence, France'The May 18 chart below is to show you an equidistant planetary pattern called a Trapezoid, an Iron Butterfly.  In this case, the four planets in the Butterfly are all at 11 degrees.  Exact planet connections often have extra potency; if equidistant, even more!  Saturn is added because not only is it in midpoint between Moon and Pluto, but is in Mutual Reception with Pluto, they are in each other’s signs.  In horary astrology practice, they may be read in each other’s places.  This chart time is chosen because it is the first exact aspect of the Moon to the eleven degree planets.

The Butterfly sides are the two red squares. One of them is our THIRD Uranus Square Pluto, the other is the Moon square Venus.

Uranus Square Pluto exact May 20, the third time, has been ongoing since 2010.  It happens seven times, the last one March 16, 2015.

This is a potent aspect, been in action since 2010.  It has had staggering effects on our global economy.  Old time regimes have fallen, undergone terrific changes.  Occupy Wall Street, rebellions and civil wars, nuclear matters are of concern.  Julian Assange’s huge Wikileaks exposé rattled cages.  The miraculous Chilean Miners’ rescue touched us, while the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami damaging the Fukushima nuclear plant scared the hell out of us.  Osama Bin Laden’s Death is a mystery.  We have had powerful weather events and changes.  And Pope Benedict has become Pope Francis, the first non European Pope.  Sadly, on the dark side, the injuries and murders at Newtown/Sandy Hook, and now the beloved Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon.  The first 20 miles of the marathon were dedicated to the first-graders who were killed at Sandy Hook, and the final six were dedicated to the six educators who were murdered. Newtown families were seated in the VIP section right by where the explosions went off.  None were harmed.

Scale this all down, and we have our local front.  Relationships, finances, aging issues – currently Social Security, physical and mental health matters.  All of these are Uranian and Plutonian connected.  Pluto rules corporate to marital and personal monies, political terror, extremes of force, sexual abuse as well as ecstasy, death, research – especially medical, vaccines, rebuilding from rubble and dregs, an uncanny power to survive and heal.  Uranus portends changes of Fate itself, unexpected alliances, group action, outrage for freedom, insanity to genius, evolution to air flight, awakening, earthquakes and explosions, rifts in the ethers, incredible electronics, the Internet.  Both planets rule bombs – Uranian and Plutonian.  Best to let things flow, get your troubles out in the open, pay attention to your surroundings, and your intuition.

Moon Square Venus – This is an aspect of merely a few hours.  You may not get what you want, but it is important to want, to be inspired.  Go lovingly and mind your manners.  Take your time or time out.  Venus is in Gemini and would like to tell you about it.  Moon is in Virgo wondering if what you are saying is really important, or thinking of changes that could be made to make it better.  Try to listen with your heart first, offer your ideas for changes later.

The Butterfly base is a sextile, the green line, between Venus and Uranus.  This aspect is only May 16 to 18. What you want might be unusual, unique, daring, a fast flash!  See if your wish is still in your mind a few days later.  If so, see which of your friends would like to form an alliance and go for it together!  Could be some surprising results!

The Butterfly top is blue line, Moon trine Pluto.  Moon aspects are only a few hours, but this can be intense.  Virgo wants it right, so does Pluto the perfectionist.  In Capricorn, Pluto has a relentless drive, or severe depression.  Either way, discomfort motivates, and drive gets you there.  Pluto collects and gathers potent connections, so contributions are coming, pieces falling into place, the structure built.  Virgo sees the flaws, so pay attention those few hours it is there.  Fix the leaks.  It will pay off down the road, whether it is structural, organizational, or financial, or all of the above – Virgos are accountants, you know.

The Moon inconjuncts Uranus (purple line left to upper right) – Mother Moon is conservative, even prudy, in Virgo.  Don’t cross her, she’s grumpy sometimes, and not always polite.  Uranus in Aries throws caution to the winds, but Virgo does have her way.  Uranus always wonders if they themselves might have gone too far this time, so measures itself with Virgos.  Which way IS the wind blowing?!  If Uranus is too scattered, it can be a relief to be reined in a bit.  You don’t have to admit it, of course.  :)

Venus inconjuncts Pluto (purple line right to upper left).  May 16 to 18.  Venus in Gemini is butterfly because it flits – but when did you ever hear a butterfly talking (Gemini)?!  Pluto is butterfly because it is silent and goes through all those underground mortifications, I mean morphology, sometimes pretty ugly in fact, yet beauty reigns, and Pluto can be extraordinarily seductive!  In Capricorn?  What’s all this silly talk about butterflies?  This 2 to 3 day aspect is important because it adds a blessing, a grace to the proceedings.  Inscrutable Pluto can erupt in Cap, be a bit billy goat gruff.  Good to have a solid product, but it needs to sell itself too, so Venus considers design, color, textures, user friendliness.  It helps you see true value for time spent.

Saturn caps the Iron Butterfly!  It is midpoint between Moon and Pluto (top green lines)!  Saturn lends a sober perspective that cuts to the chase.  It doesn’t mince words, and saves time.  Moon in Virgo can natter on, details that don’t really matter, when Saturn will just get it out the door.  Pluto and Virgo can fuss over financing when Saturn just reduces costs, cuts a frivolous feature, and gets the job done.  It works out after all!  Saturn in Scorpio is pretty savvy and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, unless they are insecure and worry about structural safety to excess.  In which case, take the hammer and 4 X 4 away from them and do it yourself, with the 2 X 4, for less cost.  Moon & Saturn can be great builders together, best materials for the best price, job comes in on time, and a beauty to boot!  Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs.  They understand each other.  Here’s what that puppy is worth, and it will be a piece of cake to renovate, flip, make the money!  Make the appraisal, take inventory and get to it!

It won’t be easy for everyone.  To those of you in continuous suffering, in dire circumstances, our hearts are with you.  Please don’t give up.

May 18 2013 Iron Butterfly with Saturn Astrology Chart

There are other configurations in the chart, but I wanted to show you this pattern.
The lovely image above, ‘Moonlit Garden Gate, Provence, France’

Remember, as always, if the degrees of these happenings aren’t connected with your personal chart, they may not activate you as they would others whose charts are connected.

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Sai(nts) Baba Gone and Sinners, Osama bin Laden Death Chart

Sathya Sai Baba is gone, tornadoes came to Alabama, William & Kate had their Royal Wedding, and the beatification of John Paul II happened! 

Bin Laden’s assassination has brought extremes of thinking and further stirred an already boiling world-wide pot!  Pluto in Capricorn has brought changes in long time regimes, and isn’t quitting.  Though  bin Laden didn’t ‘rule’ for a long time, he made world-wide impact as being thought to be the power behind the 911 attack, being so immune to capture, and simply being tall among men, confirmed 6′ 4″ tall.  Uranus, planet of surprises, in fiery Aries, is coming closer and closer into its square (challenge) with Pluto, of death and healing, and will continue to be in this square until Mar 16, 2015, making 7 exact aspects!  This aspect will continue to topple governments and powerful leaders.  And, the Phoenix will rise from its own ashes.

Deciphering the moment of death is a challenge in this kind of situation.  LivingMoonAstrology.com says ‘The American commando stormed the suburban home where Bin Laden was living on May 2, 2011, at around 1 am local time, according to a witness [Sohaib Athar] twitting the events in real time.’  Wikipedia says ‘ At approximately 1:00 a.m. local time (20:00, May 1 UTC), the SEALs breached the compound’s walls using explosives and attacked the compound’s structures and the compound’s guards opened fire.’  Also, ‘”The encounter with bin Laden lasted only seconds,” according to Politico, and took place during “the last five or 10 minutes” of the raid.’  CNN reported ‘A firefight was under way for most of the 40 [38] minutes that U.S. Special Operations forces were in the compound, as the team encountered resistance from bin Laden and three other men, a senior defense official said.  The official said the forces had to fight their way through the first floor of the three-story building, where two adult males lived.  Bin Laden and his family lived on the second and third floors, and they were cleared last, with bin Laden killed in the last five or 10 minutes of the siege, the official said.’  But, the  HeraldNews.SunTime.com says ‘But bin Laden refused to give himself up. That’s when he was shot in a bedroom — only minutes into the raid — ending a 10-year manhunt.’   Wiki further says ‘The raid was intended to take 30 minutes. All told, the time between the team’s entry in and exit from the compound was 38 minutes.  Time in the compound was split into exchanging gunfire with the defenders and searching the compound for information.’

Maybe it took them 10 minutes to have his wife ID him, do the photo ID comparisons, body bag him and transport him to the helicopter and leave?  That puts us back to 1:28 AM.  I put up a chart for May 2, 2011, at 1:28 AM in Abbottabud, Pakistan.

Death of Osama bin Laden Astrology Chart

Bin Laden’s death chart Moon is at 25 Aries.  It connects with 4 factors in bin Laden’s Mar 10, 1957 sunrise birth chart [birth time unknown].  1) It same degree semi sextiles his sunrise Mars (with South Node) at 25 Taurus – didn’t surrender.  Mars is the planet of Aries, so this is a stronger semi sextile than usual.  2) The Moon trines his Pluto at 28 Leo, forming a Grand Trine – smooth flowing, with the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius!  He was a man connected with the destinies of nations, even when he was in a cave!  Perhaps it was good it went quickly.  I think there will be more to the story in time.  Perhaps good will come of it in as yet unforeseeable ways.  3) It inconjuncts his Jupiter 27 Virgo that squares the Galactic Center, schisms between religions, family and funerals – he was hated by many, ‘buried’ at sea, and his son was killed.  4) It sextiles his sunrise Moon 27 Gemini, which was opposite the Galactic Center.  It was through his courier, Gemini, to his home, Moon, that revealed his location.  In some charts the Moon rules the People, in others it is the women and children, your family and home.  Certainly, we are hearing amazing points of view about the event.  The Moon is a fast moving factor, so it wouldn’t be expected, but in both charts, the Royal Wedding and this one, the Moons are connected with the Galactic Center, making international news.  Both of these events then, are connected with the Mayan Sacred Tree/Crossroads of Dec 21, 2012 calendar end/turnover, since the Sacred Tree center occurs only 6 degrees of the Galactic Center!

The six planet Aries stellium is formidable.  This is not a peacemaking combination, but a charging war!  Osama was shot twice, and it was done.  The whole operation took only 38 minutes.  The Aries Moon is Void of Course like in William & Kate’s Royal Wedding chart!  Astrologers would rarely choose a VOC Moon for an event, yet here again, we have a successful enterprise.  None of the horary astrology ‘exception’ rules apply to this chart as they did in William & Kate’s, but six planets in Aries?!  That could ram through just about anything!  And once a Taurus gets moving….  True, there is the other Void of Course caveat.  Compared to ‘nothing will come of it’ – that would be good if there are no further attacks/retaliations on America, ‘there’s nothing to stop it’ was exactly what happened!  Perhaps it’s a bit like the retrograde rule – if you are experienced with a matter, you will usually succeed during a retrograde.

Specifically, Mars doubly powerful in its own sign, conjunct lucky Jupiter, is like a powerhouse!  Mars is fast, fervent, focused, loves machines and weapons and fights, is especially courageous if the underdog.  They did lose that helicopter though.  Uranus of flight in a breaking square with Pluto endings.  Then they killed the helicopter with an explosion, Uranus, to obliterate it for security reasons, Pluto and Pluto.  That Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries has only happened two times before since 1900, Jan 6, 1940, and June 16, 1975.  This one was the day after the Royal Wedding, and the day of bin Laden’s assassination!

The Sun is at 11 degrees Taurus, in a life force breaking square with the Ascendant 15 degrees Aquarius.  In a manner, the bird is set free.  Taurus may be too slow and low in the chart to recover from this rift in the organization.  The Royal Wedding chart Sun also squares the Ascendant but in different signs!  The Ascendant/Descendants are reversed!  Theirs is 5 Leo Ascending while bin Laden’s death chart is 15 Aquarius Ascending.  I said, ‘With the Sun square the Ascendant, how you appear to others, they may not always look good.’   The Sun is leaving the sextile with Chiron, marriage, and the trine with Pluto, wealth.  No more.  And the Sun has moved up to inconjunct Saturn, another kind of life force weakening/breaking aspect, often not good for your health.  I said, ‘Sun inconjunct Saturn, can be sad news at times.’

Venus and Mercury have moved just beyond the opposition with Saturn in Libra that was in the Royal Wedding chart making communications an issue, or perhaps creating and keeping a bridge of connection.  In this case it is good there was no connection; he never saw them coming!  Mercury has moved into conjunction with Jupiter, so the news is BIG!

Why the burial at sea?  Neptune the planet of the sea is in its own sign Pisces now, the sign of the sea.  29 Pisces is on the 2nd cusp, the part of the chart that has to do with one’s body.  29 Pisces is the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac, conjunct the 7 Weeping Sisters, the Pleiades.  The End.  Osama, himself a Pisces, has gone ‘home.’  Saturn is in the 8th of death, and rules the 12th of end of Spirit.  The usual options were blocked.  The ritual performed was probably the best they could do to show respect to a formidable warrior, stop further damage.  Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign, suggests a death of necessity, to end the past with a significant message.  Perhaps enough time has passed that he won’t be made a martyr.

Wishing you peace and healing no matter what your circumstances are. I had a friend who was in the towers, survived 911, but her Spirit was struck. I pray, in time, losses and revenge will dissolve to forgiveness. Blessed be.

April 1998 in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden, Pisces born March 10, 1957

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Sendai, Japan Quake – Tsunami March 11, 2011

Today, March 11, Uranus (quakes) gave it a last kick at the 29th, last degree and last day of Pisces (ocean), before going into Aries, by shaking us with the Sendai, Japan Quake!  9.0 made it the largest earthquake to hit Japan and the fifth largest in the world since records began in 1900.  Google Person Finder for Sendai Quake, click here

Uranus is the planet of quakes, electricity.  It and Neptune, planet of the ocean, tsunamis, have been traveling closely together in late degrees since April 2009.  Neptune just entered its last degree, the 29th degree, March 5.  The 29th degree classically is thought of as at the end of your rope, sometimes the last chance, endings, fatalities, completions, maturity, a done deal, little can be done about what was, and you are on the brink of imminent irrevocable change. 

This quake chart, just off coast of Sendai, Japan, has Uranus and Neptune both at 29 degrees, in each other’s signs!   Neptune is in the 7th house of relationships;  Uranus is in the 8th house, the house of death and transformation.  Aquarius is the 7th house cusp sign, and the sign Uranus rules.  Aquarius has to do with awakening, sometimes shocks, always change, making friends with people often very unlike us.  It also has to do with worldwide networking, the internet.  Early warnings were rapidly sent to the Pacific rim coastal areas. 

Uranus is still T square, the Moon’s Nodes!  This is significant because the Moon is Queen of the tides!  Ocillations, waves, undulations, are both Lunar and Uranian!  Uranus is the planet of Aquarius.  Think of the Aquarian symbol.  Electrical, sound, light, waves.  T squares are challenges, breakages in patterns, impediments, pressures.  The nodes are now at 28 degrees.  Uranus at 29, just nudged them over the line.

Charts of major events are always a conglomerate of aspects that have reached a threshold.  Some of the aspects are background, have stirred the pot before the event occurs.  Long term, slower aspects show potential.  Others, often fast moving aspects, are triggers and the event at core, very close to exact.  Then there are the aspects still building, indicating the aftermath, how the matter is handled. 

Recently we have had Jupiter square Pluto, Feb 25, and we are building to giant Jupiter’s Mar 17 perihelion (closest to Sun in 12 years and moving twice as fast as usual!) AND Mar 28, Jupiter opposite Rock of Gibraltar, hold-on-forever, concentrated, containing, Saturn!  In this chart they are in a wide T square, the Jupiter Pluto combo still smoldering, Jupiter already encountering the Saturn wall, making pressure.  This is all kinds of push/pull!  Jupiter simply has mass, can be a righteous bully, wants to move and does.  Pluto has power, and plenty of it, often unseen, a force to be reckoned with.  Saturn is stone cold, not giving in, will outwait you.  I’m dramatizing here to give you a sense of the symbolic stresses in play.   Jupiter at its time closest the sun, as it does once every 12 years, is more empowered than usual!

Just 2 days ago, March 9 Mars just had its 2 year perihelion!  It is at 12 degrees Pisces, midpoint (equidistantly between) Venus 10 Aquarius and Jupiter 10 Aries!  Mars rules Aries, so adds to Jupiter’s already amped energy!  Venus in Aquarius, sextile Jupiter, considered a protective aspect, perhaps mitigated circumstances, less were killed.  Some quakes and tsunamis have taken many more people.

The Moon, 0 degrees Gemini, square Chiron, 2 degrees Pisces, was the closest difficult aspect in time, with Moon sextile Mercury also at 2 degrees, in Aries.  The Moon can apply to the masses, the people, homes and businesses.  Chiron can be a wound, often rather fateful, unavoidable, even unfixable.  Pisces is the ocean, so a tidal sweeping, some never to return or be found, unknowns.   

Our hearts go to those who have lost so much, many not even having a place to sleep, no possessions left.  Economic recovery is one thing, loss of loved ones goes deeper.  Wounds can be life changing, and the Chironic symbolism is played out to entirety.  Wounded, healer, teacher.

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Time to take up the fight in a good way.

Uranus will be the second outer planet, Jupiter was first, now in Aries, ready to rocket!  Uranus will be the spice of the 56 day Aries Stellium (4 to 6 planets) March 21 to May 15!  Cautions for Libra, Cancer, Capricorns born early in their signs.  Full steam ahead for Aries, Leos and Sagittarians!

The last time it started March 31, 1927 until Mar 28, 1935.  That era started with the completion of Charles Lindbergh’s solo transatlantic flight May 21, 1927! Uranus rules flight! Lindbergh was a Feb 2, 1902 Aquarian, a lifelong aviation advocate. He also had Mars (the planet of Aries), common to be first and solo, in Aquarius, the sign of flight! The Lindy Hop, a jitterbug dance of great vitality, neatly fit the exact time period, 1927 to 1935! The combo of electric Uranus and max action Aries could be considered a bit frenetic, high energy to say the least, faster than greased lightning! Genius mechanics! Vehicles will change completely in the next 7, 8 years! There will be record setting bicycle enthusiasts, electric bikes will take their niche! Instead of ride your bike, it will be fly your bike!

Uranus has to do with masses of people all over the world, networking. Aries is the individual, Uranus is the exotic version! Surprising people could come into the Light as leaders of this new time. Uranus is awakening, change, evolution, revolution, the internet! I think we will see a whole nother generation of computer integration for citizens across the globe. Uranus rules space. It would be no surprise to see private citizens finally making that first trip into the ethers! The word friends will take on new meaning.

In combination with Pluto in Capricorn, old organizations, governments, will be brought to their knees, some by lack of funds and reorg, others by downright fall from power. Change will sweep through their systems, initial errors made, until things settle. Pluto in Cap will try to keep the status quo, but the upcoming seven time square from Uranus in Aries (this fall to March 2015), rights and freedom of the Individual will prevail because old Pluto is slow, slower spirited still in Capricorn, and the internet is now bigger than any single government. In this case, resistance only makes the fight more hot. People in 3rd world countries are now hand cranking computers to see what’s what! Whether it is political power outages or electrical, be prepared for system disruptions, personal to planetary.

Power up, folks! Goggles on, get on board, and hang on tight! It’s gonna be the ride of a lifetime!  It’s 8 years’ worth, until March 2019!

Another take on Uranus into Aries

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Moon Magic!

Three Signs to Eclipse Magic!  

July 9 Mercury from Cancer to Leo  Communications right from the heart!  In Cancer we were paying attention to our loved ones that are family in our hearts, our children, the feminine, matters of home, the meaningful support that buoys us in times of need.  Leo puts emphasis on who we are as individuals, the differences that make us each special, our gifts of unique expression, coming of age, exuberant celebration, athleticism, prowess that defends our homestead, being right with ourselves.    

July 10 Venus from Leo to Virgo  Loving caretaking of all kinds!  As Venus leaves Leo, the third sign in this Mercury/Venus change, is Virgo.  Who’s going to tend everything?  Make sure things are in order, do the daily work, keep us clean and in good health?  Good techniques, practice and skill are time savers that free us to share socially in the next sign Libra.  So do the best job you can do, sign up for seminars, skill building classes.  There will be products to share, skills to prosper with, as we join up in partnerships of all kinds.  Virgo is a productive sign, loves to work, loves excellence.  

July 11, the Eclipse at 19 Cancer  Nurturing, homemaking, feeding, time for loved ones and the Soul!  Take some quiet time, cook together, snuggle, invite a few friends to dinner for organic veggies from your garden. Share sweet gifts, sing a love song, pamper your pet, and yourself! How about an afternoon at your favorite spa? 

We come right back to the sign Cancer but with the passage into Leo, then Virgo, as part of the lens we are looking through.  Cancer is a water sign, considered deep in that it is concerned with core connections with family, our feelings, our roots, our culture.  Things that are so primal a part of us that we take them as truth we don’t question, for granted, that we can’t always see in perspective.  A Solar Eclipse is thought to ‘turn out the lights’ so we are free to see deeper, to see what is in the dark, what is more felt than thought.  If we have forgotten who we are, the business we are about, it reminds us, refocuses, makes more potent.  In any case, we can use the time of the Eclipse, 12:04 PM Pacific, as a touchstone, a marker to make decisions that will call us, with deep regard, to care for others, as we would care for our own.

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