Taurus Full Flower Moon Vietnam

April 28 at 11:14 PM Pacific! It’s at 8 Taurus 52 

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This is our second eclipse of 2014′s four, our first Solar Eclipse! Astronomically an anannular eclipse is when a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon. But NASA says ‘This particular eclipse is rather unusual because the central axis of the Moon’s antumbral shadow misses Earth entirely while the shadow edge grazes the planet. Classified as a non-central annular eclipse, such events are rare. Out of the 3,956 annular eclipses occurring during the 5,000-year period -2000 to +3000, only 68 of them or 1.7% are non-central.’ It won’t be visible at all to the Americas.

Earth, Moon, then Sun, are lined up, but not quite. It’s not a pat hand. There’s an aside, a slight hint, an almost. Off kilter, there is a curiosity, a priming of future consideration, perhaps a seed of longing starts. With both Moon and Sun together in Taurus, the desire may grow stronger over time. Taurus is fertile and loyal, steady, even determined. When it sees an intrinsic worth, beauty being born, it dedicates itself to providing what’s needed, a constant tending even if gains are slow. There is a touching tenderness and patience. At times, the Master is surpassed and left behind. Be ready for that.

Taurus rules our body in general, our neck and throat, the timbre of our voice in particular. Many Tauruses have the endurance to be celebrities, are incredibly attractive, and have lovely voices! With few exceptions, they love being touched, pet, and if it’s right, kiss them on the neck, and they are yours! At a deeper level, Taurus seeks true lasting value. Many understand the simple naturalness of things, take the good with the bad, equally, time for all seasons. One way or another, they are in beauty industries, making life good, and comfortable too.

This Eclipse is at 8 degrees Taurus. Eight is a mystical number, the Infinity Degree. There is no end, but there is a center. Two loops are joined, there is exchange of separate integrities. Each impinges on the other, each moving forward, dependent to a degree on the other’s progress. In some instances it is like being ‘one.’ Our Soul chooses its bindings. When we see ‘interlocked’ Souls, much spiritual work is being done, for we always are conscious of the other persons’ doings. We must constantly consider them and we see them considering us. It can go from hate to celebration, back and forth, until we get it.

Moon and Sun have most recently sextiled Neptune at 7 Pisces. Neptune is in its own sign, oceanic Pisces. It is amorphous, ungovernable. There are constant tides yet it is unpredictable. There are vast uninterrupted distances, unseeable depths, creatures of dreams. It can be deafeningly quiet, or roaring with a tsunami storm! If Pisces is the sea, then Taurus is perhaps the sandy shoreline. Earth and water are mingled, moving together as one, one supporting, the other shapeshifting. Earth lifts up, water only goes so far. Taurus stabilizes; Neptune dissolves then puts it back, resculpting the line. Neither really minds, it’s natural, cleansing and creative….

Mars, still retrograde, goes back to 9 Libra, staying there from May 8, turning direct the last day of Taurus, May 19, going to 10 Libra June 1. It will reactivate two of the outer Cardinal Grand Square planets, square Pluto June 14, oppose Uranus June 25. It doesn’t catch up fast enough to square Jupiter while Jupiter is still in Cancer. Grand Square reminders will be felt those two periods in June. Keep your mind and actions clean. Stand up for yourself in a good way.

Mars figures in this chart because it is inconjunct Mercury, and Mercury is with the Eclipse, within one degree of where the Cardinal Grand Square was. It is carrying the story forward, patiently exploring and collecting further data, sorting its importance. Mercury pays attention, thinks things over. Mars in Libra wants fair play in relationships, to have equality, to take action to that effect. Mars has a hard time waiting, but Mercury in Taurus offers simple but valuable ideas that calms Mars. It knows that it is worth the wait for all the facts to be in and have good timing to deliver. If Mercury is too, too slow, Mars may spring, and what will be, will be!

The most intense time of the  big Cardinal Grand Square is over. We are working our way down to this New Moon/Eclipse stillness, after what has been a furor for some. Letting the dust settle, there is a recentering, letting things relax and fall into a new more workable order. An abiding peace is possible.


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May 14 at 12:16 PM Pacific – 23 Scorpio 55 

You will be able to see Moon with Saturn at Moonrise, though it was earlier in the day that Mother Moon made her own little eclipse by lining up between Earth and Saturn. That’s called an Occultation. It can be thought of as Moon being go-between, sender of info to space, receiver being infused. Moon and Saturn are of opposite signs Cancer and Capricorn, Mother, Father. One is emotional, the other scientific. One nurtures, the other is the authority, disciplinarian. Many single parents today play both roles by necessity. Sweet lullabies at bedtime, guardian and breadwinner by day.

Saturn and Moon both have flavors of the Past, whether reincarnation memories, karmic commitments, cultural patterns of our ancestors. Having consciousness of our place in our relationships, our need to be our unique Self, and the same need in others, helps us weave a new bigger, more generous community of alliances. Time and age change things, and one day we see that change in ourselves. We became another person. Our children become different than we are. Evolution is natural and inevitable.

Insight from the Occultation will guide us to a possibly profound experience of holding on while letting go at the Full Moon moments. Taurus and Scorpio are what we call Fixed Signs. They stabilize, but at times stay long after they should have let go. There are things we must cherish rightfully and hold fast, not neglect. Others have outgrown their time, and our tired place there is perhaps hindering further growth. This will be a time to assess that condition as concerns parents, children, bonded relationships.

Wesak, Spiritual sustainability. In our mind’s eye, we think of Buddha sitting, not standing, or in a crowd of people, lecturing or laying on of hands. It’s our simple personal connection with Spirit that is being courted. Simple, in the sitting, perhaps, though who know what our monkey mind conjures in there. But lining up those chakras in a balanced vertical flow, lighting them up, is a powerful achievement. Think of Enlightenment as a verb! It’s not just a single moment, but a turned on living entity! Once the Lights are on, there is no going back. In Nepal, Buddha’s birthplace, this Full Moon, called Wesak, is celebrated as the Buddha’s Birthday.

A little story for you from Wiki: It is said that the Buddha originally followed the way of asceticism to attain enlightenment sooner, as was thought by many at that time. He sat for a prolonged time with inadequate food and water, which caused his body to shrivel so as to be indistinguishable from the bark of the tree that he was sitting under. Seeing the weak Siddhartha Gautama, a girl named Sujata placed a bowl of milk in front of him as an offering. Realising that without food one can do nothing, the Buddha refrained from harming his own body. ~ Please be good to yours, in all ways.

Fixed Star Spica is connected even more closely with this Full Moon than it was with last month’s Lunar Eclipse! It is at 23 Libra, the SAME DEGREE AS THE FULL MOON AXIS! If you can see her, she will be the blue star, the brightest star in constellation Virgo, considered the most benefic of all the fixed stars. Per Astrotheme: ‘Spica, the Ear of the Wheat [Virgin's Spike], gives a taste for the countryside, or for arts related to products of the earth. It endows with sculpture talents, as well as an inclination for agriculture and cooking. It brings success, riches, love for the arts and science, erudition, and precision.’ Kenneth Johnson says ‘Hindu tradition asserts that natives of Spica are elegant, charming, charismatic, sensual, seductive, creative, clever, and excellent conversationalists, though with a tendency to be self-centered or shallow.’ In horary astrology, old traditional astrology, ‘Spica is traditionally considered as an oasis of good fortune in the otherwise parched path (Via Combusta) from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio.’ From July 25th, 2012 until January 2014, Spica was in a series of 21 occultations [eclipses] by our Moon. Fully Spica infused, our Moon is traveling on, though still in the glow.

JUPITER TRINE CHIRON is the most long term aspect of the day and is the first of the two aspects forming the Grand Water Trine! Jupiter is teacher, traveler, wayshower, oracle. The Pilgrimage has been troubled these last few years, but we are finding our way, opening to new channels. Chiron was the leader of the centaurs, Jupiter’s horsey pals. He knew a good time, but also suffered, wounded. Not forgiven, he had to learn how to do with what he had. He bestowed his healing teachings on Aesculapius, the Greek Medicine God. To this day we use Aesculapius’ serpent entwined staff as a symbol of uplifted energy. May you find your way too, whether you walk with Buddha or the Greek Gods, or both!

Venus and Mars are graced in Mutual Reception, in each other’s signs. May 11 Pacific zone, they opposed each other, linking their energies. Venus and Libra are known for not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings and at times being indecisive. Mars and Aries have no such failing. They are quick to take a stand and let the chips fall where they may. Venus asks for a gentler manner, mercy and kindness, while Mars pushes us to get on with it soonest for the best of all!

Though that culmination of energy has passed, Venus has carried it forward with her to the degree of April’s Cardinal Grand Square/Cross! She is now conjunct Uranus, the core planet of that Cross! The Cross lives yet! Mars stokes the fires; Venus adorns the changes with her blessings. We want the future’s offerings! Freedom is a mighty attractive commodity! We have the option to connect with spirited new friends who cheer us on. We feel able to change, comforted when old doubts seem to bar our way, new beginnings are actually made as we surge over the brink! Might be a tad clumsy at first, or off kilter, but the imbalance is exactly what’s needed to notice what’s new and aside, available for the remix. We’re delighted how we surprise ourselves!

Mercury too is potently in close degrees with Uranus and Pluto, the core planets of April’s Cardinal Grand Square. Mercury and Venus are making exact aspects the day of and day after the Full Moon. 

Full Moon day, Venus and Uranus are square Pluto, Venus making the exact square 10:47 AM Pacific, before the Full Moon. Venus and Pluto rule Libra and Scorpio, relationship signs. Libra is social, considerate, multi-cultural. Scorpio has its secrets, is deeply intimate, prefers behind the scenes business negotiations. Both Venus and Pluto rule money. Venus is your own; Pluto is what you share with your mate, or the mortgage you hold together with the bank. Financial matters and the state of your Union are under scrutiny, tests of trust.

  • 5.15.14 Venus is conjunct the outer planet Uranus, that was at the T point of the 3 outer planets in the Cardinal Grand Square of April 20 to 23. Uranus loves freedom, change, difference. In Aries, just multiply that! Are you free to be in a relationship? Has it been a long time? Are you bound by hypnotic or necessary conditions? Is your community supportive, new friends going to last? Take it easy, don’t burn any bridges just yet, unless you have been building courage and you are finally doing what you should have! If you will be going to a place that will be hard to live up to or maintain, be sure to get a support team out there ahead of you, a safety net you can depend on.
  • 5.15.14 Mercury sextiles Venus and Uranus in the afternoon. There are opportunities to talk things up! Do some networking, marketing. Chance some exciting new connections! Let people know some of your new ideas. If they are inventions, protect them first, because they are good ones! Mercury is in one of its own signs, Gemini, so some of the ideas may be about communications itself! Venus is valuable. Uranus is on fire, genius, is a hot new computer, and in Aries, has mechanics that makes things work like a flash! And it’s light weight.
  • 5.15.14 Near Midnight, Moon, now in Sagittarius, trines Uranus! You can see it is a Uranian day! Moon is intuitive, whimsical, pure Child, the Queen of the Tides of Time! Uranus is the planet of awakening, evolution, the Master of Unpredictable. What amazing ideas, possibilities! Moon on the far side of the Sun, is loose, and now in Sagittarius, ready to travel. Uranus rules the heavens. No telling how far they will go! Here on Earth, it is a grand time to lay out some plans. The Full Moon bloomed like a wide open flower, spread her wings and flew low over the great river. She could smell the water, hear its song, see the lights. She followed the channel, then crossed huge meadows and over tall trees, could see the deer….

Mars is in station, at 9 degrees Libra, turning direct in 5 days, May 19. Stationary is still, in a holding pattern, release is immanent. Poise is a sublime talent. Allow that pause, learn the nature of the threshold to be crossed. In Libra there is a focus on balance, knowing spiritual law, the skill of letting respectful differences coexist. There is time to get acquainted. No starting blocks this time. Be ready to take off at a dog trot, less work, more savoring what’s good in our alliances along the way.

Taurus/Scorpio 2014 Full Moon WESAK

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May 5 Taurus, double Aquarian, Henry Cavill Superman
May 5 Taurus Henry Cavill’s chart just begs to be talked about! He’s a double Aquarian, Ascendant and Moon, with a fame making Jupiter Uranus conjunction at the top of his chart – all are associated with flight! He has Superman Leo, sign of heroes and athleticism, on his Descendant. Venus, of the Law of Attraction and money, trines his mega wealth planet Pluto! He was born during Mercury Retrograde, but that hasn’t stopped him! As a child he was way overweight, but that didn’t stop him either! His Taurus Sun Mars conjunction has brought him strength and grit, and with a lot of hard work, a stunning body! British, Henry is the first foreign actor to portray Superman. The current release date for the next adventure, upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman, is April 29, 2016 in the UK. If you were gifting Henry on his 31st birthday, you would be asked to donate to the Arthritis Foundation. Love, strength, and beauty to you all!

Taurus 2014 Highlights!  

This will be a Taurus to remember, especially for those of you born April 29 to May 5! Taurus starts with the culmination of the mega Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23! Mars Retrograde holds THE significant position because it fills the fourth point, and links to Uranus, the planet of awakening and r/evolution, humanity, that sits at the midpoint of the three outer planets involved. Uranus is in ARIES; Mars is its RULER!!! Mars is still retrograde in Libra, all during Taurus, and will be until May 19, the day before the Sun goes into Gemini. April 20 Jupiter makes its 3rd, last, Jupiter square Uranus, part of the Cardinal Grand Square, and is opposite PlutoUranus square Pluto makes the 5th of its seven squares April 21. Our first 2014 SOLAR ECLIPSE is April 28, and WESAK, the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon, is May 14. On that same day, Jupiter trines Chiron; 10 days later, May 24, Jupiter trines Saturn, forming the outer planet GRAND WATER TRINE of the year! Please see Special Edition 2014! for more Astro*Logical events! 

Taurus, Everlasting Beauty, Natural Alchemist!

Taurus, Natural Beauty, Mother Earth

Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth. Our connection, body to earth, is fairy magical! Each link in the web makes us whole, centered, at Peace!

Soil.  Gardening for food and beauty. Soil under your nails, between your toes, that smudge on your cheek. Earth shaping for water capturing, or the mud bath with the clay facial. Sculpting clay, marble, or your body for beauty. Lifting those weights! The chemistry, minerals, of our bodies for strong bones and great nails!

Plants. Scents – wines to be tasted and perfumes to float your Soul. Fresh organic nutrition and healing herbal salves. The beauty of a 1000 rose petals in your bath, spread over your bed, the bouquet of your garden. Sweet honey from the bees. Timeless trees that witness our progress. For fires for survival, the timbers in our sheltering homes, saving shade. 

Land Animals that grace us. The gentleness of cattle. Mother’s milk. The power of the bull and oxen. The fur and hides that kept us warm for centuries. The delightful wee ones like hamsters, the loyal and joyous love of our dogs, a snuggling dreaming kitty beside us. They teach us patience, how to be good stewards of kith and kin, all beings. 

Silence. Sitting like a Buddha relaxes your muscles and mind. Blood flow increases to your brain. Your body rests. We can hear our forever Self. Move it with some deep breathing, flowing yoga. Or dance so sensuously that your body knows exactly who you are.

Patience. An invisible talent, be able and willing to wait. Tauruses know things out there are coming their way, just as we are moving toward others. All in the right time.

Be in nature. A walk through the flowers in the meadow, with birdsong. No matter if it is a quiet overcast day or brilliant with sunshine, sunrise or sunset. We see life, hope, understand seasons, ebb and flow of all beings, intertwined cycles. We get our perspective back with the crickets on a warm summer afternoon, with the stars in the great distance of the heavens of many galaxies. 

Touch. Whether massage or laying on of hands healing, reaching out to someone or making love, connects us, heart to heart. We feel loved and we flourish. We are reassured, restored, when we doubt ourselves and our ability to give is increased. 

Voice! A chant, monotonous, melodic, continuous, mindless until we surrender. A spiritual discourse. The cradle-side lullaby. The work song of camaraderie in the field. It’s how you say it. Kindly, admiringly, non-threatening, a gentle invitation, a question, a non demanding request. 

Be steady in the Light. Build and practice your beauty in all ways every day. Exercise it moment to moment. Natural charm comes without you realizing.  An unthinking magnetism happens. You will find people wanting to be with you, listening to your Spirit. 

Beauty be.

Happy Birthdays, Tauruses!

Taurus Buddha Wesak Full Flower Moon

May your Spirit be grounded, your strength fully Enlightened!

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Libra.Scorpio Cusp Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus conjunct Mars.

Libra/Scorpio Cusp Irish Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus, ruler of Libra, conjunct Mars.

2014 started with a back-to-back series of retrogrades involving Venus, Mercury, Mars. We are now in the third part of the series, Mars retrograde through May 19, 2014. Read More!  Please also see Fall-Winter 2013-14 Mercury, Venus, Mars Retrogrades

March 1 Mars Retrograded in Libra the day after Mercury directed Feb 28! Mercury in Aquarius electrified the connections; Mars is taking action on them, warms the Spirit! In Libra balancing, equalizing, evening the playing field. Mars in Libra fights for rights, cultural integration, beauty. Mars leads, cajoles, grumbles, fights, seduces, threatens, has courage, inspires! He invites you to take a first step, but if you don’t get going will quickly leave you in the dust for more return on the effort. If you don’t see it now, they will find someone who does. They might come back to see if you are ready yet, but don’t count on it. Your job will be to catch up! No sleeping dogs! This is a time for vigorous relationships, forays into new business options, restoring balance to your health that you may be a worthy partner! The first relationship is you with yourself. Do your part. When you are ready, seek spirited companions who want what you want, who celebrate you for exactly who you are! But, truly don’t expect them to be just like you! You will each give your part gloriously independently!

This Mars retrograde is important like no other because it is going back to fill the fourth point of the extraordinary Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23. This is not just any Grand Square, because it is formed by three outer planets! They are taking position at the 13th degrees of Aries (Mars’ sign), Cancer and Capricorn. Mars, the LightBearer, The Flame, The Torch, will be at 13 degrees of Libra. The Initiation will cross activate since Mars naturally rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Mars is independent while Libra wants to partner. Uranus in Aries can be contradictory in that Aries is one person, the Hero, versus Uranus that can be all of Humanity. Or is that One for All and All for One?! Jupiter in Cancer is at cross purposes when one wants to stay home and the other likes an extended trip as far away as possible. Many a daring move will be made. Pluto in Capricorn insists on restoration or demolition of the rules. No mercy. What’s a good Capricorn to do?! Everything is perfectly out of control!

In daily affairs, Mars involves sex, hot immediate sex. An old lover may temporarily put some fire in your belly! Your vehicle may need a swift fix – heater, ignition, starters, filters, timing. Be cautious about buying a new car; get the best warranty. Revise your exercise regime until it suits, and keep adjusting it as you get better at it. Take another look at what makes you lose it. Is that attitude working for you, giving you peace? Is it about time you stood up, or have you been predictably hair trigger grouchy? Is an old injury causing you pain out of the blue? Time for a new look at the old devil. Go for the cause this time. What was the first time it ever happened to you, and what caused that?!  Things have changed, it may be time to renew a contract, an acquaintance. Take action on a situation that has been on the back burner. Fire and heat are the Mars mediums. Be sure your home and landscape are fire safe. Double check heaters, vents, attics weather stripping. Cosmetic surgeries are better left until later. Remodel only as you can afford. Just know it may cost more and take more time than you hoped. You could wait, do it later. Have all changes dated and signed or you may find yourself in court.

Libra requests Grace. May the action taken make you want to be a part of it. It must hold promise of blessings to come, beauty to embrace. May there be the surprise and delight at being the first of their kind, with courage and conviction! Strike a new type of balance, a pound of feathers, a pound of red rose petals. Perhaps venturing to the West will hold more answers than anticipated. Whether divorce or happiness, a marriage on the margins, relationships change. Cosmetics make magic. Theater, fine arts and symphonies are exhilarating. You may delight in learning from a first time partnership whether personal or business.

Buy a grand beautiful hat, cap, gown or cape; walk the tightrope, cross the divide, merry be!

Full Moon Aries Libra Eclipse 2014

March 30 at 11:45 AM Pacific! It’s at 9 Aries 59

See  FULL Moon

Aries is an energetic sign, new moons usually not so much, but this one is likely to be spectacular, zig zag electric! It is right at the point of the 3 outer planet TSquare. It is the last New Moon before the upcoming April 20 to 23 Cardinal Grand Square! Get things battened down, put the lids on tight, or release what needs to be FREE! Time for Agni Yoga, the Breath of Fire! If you can’t stop it, get on it and ride it!

Aries rules the head! Get your cranial bones in order. Nerve centers are here; keep them free of debris thinking, available for clean decisions. Your face is a major communications device. Let it be in alignment with your thinking and your thinking be pure White Light. Hear the sounds of Spirit, the needs behind the words being spoken. Headaches, flare ups of sinusitis, tooth and gums may need attention signaling dietary changes needed. Have care about accidents or injuries to your head and face. Be mindful when and how you say things.

Moon, Sun, and Uranus are squaring Pluto!

  • Moon square Pluto – Moon is close kin with Pluto, both water planets. Moon nurtures, so Pluto tells secrets feeling safe, protected by the infinite Mother. If Mother gets stifling, snoopy, Pluto retreats. Learn and respect your proper ‘distance.’ Moon can be scared Pluto will be sneaky and undermine the home. Either one can be fearful or greedy about money. Both of them generally like to make it grow. Know where the monies are and keep all paperwork up to date.
  • Sun square Pluto – Sun and Pluto rule signs that challenge each other, Leo and Scorpio. Sun loves that bold light of day; Pluto is more underground, private. Sun likes to spend Pluto’s money, and often Pluto doesn’t mind. They enjoy making it, and supporting a sincere bright light. Each is possessive in their own way. Flirty Sun has that sparkle in their eye; Pluto can glower when thwarted. Pluto has natural charisma they can’t help; Sun is ferocious if you mess with their partner.
  • Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – This aspect has been challenging (Aries) the whole world since 2010. Economic downfall has changed us all. Lost jobs, homes. Dramatic weather - Fukushima, ravenous fires, southern snow, western water shortages. The Internet (Uranus), the great educator, has revealed information, secrets (Pluto) leveled the playing field. Entire nations are changing. Shocking statistics are clearing our thinking to what’s real (Capricorn). Let’s get with it.

Moon Sun, and Uranus are squaring Jupiter!

  • Moon square Jupiter – More is better or not. Housework? Not. Travel? Yes! Moon nurtures, though in Aries, the trick is to nurture yourself. Independence is cherished. Yet still, who doesn’t appreciate a little comforting from time to time? And Jupiter expands, loves plentiful joyous abundance! Cancer can be a homebody, even timid, conservative as their Mothers, so Jupiter scares them a bit by asking them to frolic! They both love education! Cancer is a knowledge sponge forever, and Jupiter when not teaching, is writing the tome, or at least the travel blog, leading the tour!
  • Sun square Jupiter – Both fire planets, what one doesn’t do or dare, the other will! Racing, sports, gambling, horses, spending, could get way out of hand! But it sure was fun! Sun gets into its ego about opinions, and no planet out does Jupiter for opinions! And Jupiter has a Higher Source to validate it, been everywhere, so they know. Sun has merely made up its own mind. Both are generously spirited. Sun gives with all its heart and radiance. Jupiter is so lucky, and just knows there is more where that came from! These two are teachers too. Both speak with authority, and are dramatic storytellers.
  • Uranus square Jupiter – Jupiter is the faster moving planet, so brings its broad vision, warmth, easy going style, to planetary matters. Jupiter’s self righteous quality can stir the masses, to stand like Jupiter believes they can, for things they have been too frightened to stand for before. This can be frighteningly radical fanaticism to long needed change that has taken hundreds of years to come by. Jupiter makes a serious connection like this to Uranus every 3+ years, but not like this one, while Uranus and another outer planet are lined up as well. This is a time of PLANETARY INITIATION.

The only other immediately upcoming aspect in the New Moon chart is Mercury trining Saturn. Mercury carries the Word of the TimeLord Saturn. Saturn makes commitment, Soul agreement to the mission. Certain promises will be kept. Things that no longer serve will drop from priority as more important and timely needs become apparent. Loyalty prevails, all have a part.

All of this is in preparation for the April Cardinal Grand Square. The highlighted factor this time is the New Moon conjunct Uranus, the planet at the point of the three outer planet TSquare! That planet acts as seeker and sniffer, curiously extending from the two base planets, in this case the Jupiter opposition Pluto axis. It also acts as sender and emissary, transmitting the base knowledge beyond its usual grounds, pressing its imprint simply because it exists. Other times it is receiver, even against its will, yet, there it is, learning, shaken, excited, changed forevermore.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, evolution, genius, inventor. It is a quivery planet of Aquarius whose symbol is the symbol of electricity. Learning to wield this force, as giver and receiver, is a major tool in the modern citizen’s toolbox. Learning how to radically and instantly change directions keeps us out of the bullet’s path and into magical places and forces. We find other amazing Beings on unpredictable Paths, seemingly unguided, yet that electricity symbol also goes straight ahead! Uranus was also the god Ouranos, the god of the Heavens, the Stars, ALL the Suns! Even on a moonless night there is starlight. It’s not ever truly dark even when there be clouds….

Aries 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart

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April 15 at 0:42 AM Pacific – 25 Libra 16
That’s April 14th in Hawaii

YES! Our first eclipse of 2014′s four, is fully visible from almost all of North America!

Just six days before the Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23, this is the immediately preceding Lunar event. The Lunar Eclipse stands planetarily alone in this chart at 25 degrees, but it is within 3 degrees of the north/south node axis, 2 degrees of fixed star Spica, and one off from the Galactic Center at 26 degrees. It is independent of the Grand Square taking place at 13 degrees though the Grand Square is potently part of this chart.

These are the Nodes of the Moon, more intense, more pure perhaps, that they along the Eclipse axis. Sun is holding the fort at the South Node, Dragon’s Tail, considered a place of the Past, unfinished business when a planet is in the same sign. The Sun is the full strength Light of our sky, most able to withstand a relapse, a fall back. The Warrior has already proven himself. No longer needing to do battle, he is the King. Full Moons are always a requestioning our masculine/feminine balance as they go through each sign. Moon herself is at the North Node, Dragon’s Head. She is considered to rule our Past, past lives, maternal ancestors. She has skills that require no thought whatsoever. Many consider the North Node to be a place where we have some fear as we venture into uncharted territory. Who better than Moon, the Great Mother, to hold our hand as we meet the new levels, people of unknown ways and powers? She is intuitive, comforting, considerate of all, guide and guardian.

April 14, the day before our eclipse, Mercury goes through the outer planet Grand Square points! He squares Jupiter 11:32 AM Pacific, conjuncts the T point Uranus 4:15 PM, squares Pluto 9:12 PM. Be open to a wider range of information; allow a break down of communications so everyone can get away to think. Don’t expect a clean decision. Let time find its own way. This may be light bulb time, pure genius! The ideas, answers so radical they are hard to accept, or you have been waiting all your life for this! Some things you may need to guard, to copyright, patent. Others are simply too private. People might literally think you are crazy, don’t even comprehend. Have good sense about who you tell what; keep the cloaking device handy. Probably not the best time to make financial or partnership contracts, wills. Things are not as they seem, and they won’t be for awhile. There could be extreme points of view that may open your eyes. You had no idea.

It’s a dry run. If dispassionate logical curious Mercury can navigate it, investigates the nooks and crannies, we can get a more intimate feel for it, be a tad more prepared. We can get a dialogue going with ourself and others. We can negotiate more of what we need in advance, help put more puzzle pieces in place for a quicker fit as we progress the next nine days.

Mars is still Retrograde in Libra! You can see in the chart it is already making the Cardinal Grand Square. At 16 degrees it is only 3 degrees from 13, the degree of the exact Grand Square. As Mercury brings things to mind, considers pros and cons, Mars is willing to take action! It might be with a placard at the protest, advocating for education or rights. There may be a restlessness, wanting to free range and never return. Oh, wait, but there are some good friends and certain commitments that are good to do, maybe some kids that love us. Take a midnight walk or ride or two and talk with your ancestors. Be cautious about taking unnecessary risks just to prove a point that is already true. Check in with your accountant if you feel a lie or a cheat coming on, face it now. Ask your questions, get the proof. If your lover isn’t happy, what’s up? Share the responsibility. Yes, there are hurt frightened broken people stumbling around out there unable to do the right thing. You don’t have to be their victim. Protect yourself, forgive as you can – yourself and them. Don’t expect one talk to be it. It’s going to take some time and many talks. Go easy. People are usually more tender than they appear. Especially the tough looking ones. They think they have a lot to protect. Maybe they do.

Fixed Star Spica, the brightest star in constellation Virgo, considered the most benefic of all the fixed stars, is 2 degrees west of the Eclipsed Moon, at 23 Libra! Spica will be blue while the Moon is crimson. Per Astrotheme: ‘Spica, the Ear of the Wheat [Virgin's Spike], gives a taste for the countryside, or for arts related to products of the earth. It endows with sculpture talents, as well as an inclination for agriculture and cooking. It brings success, riches, love for the arts and science, erudition, and precision.’ Kenneth Johnson says ‘Hindu tradition asserts that natives of Spica are elegant, charming, charismatic, sensual, seductive, creative, clever, and excellent conversationalists, though with a tendency to be self-centered or shallow.’ In horary astrology, old traditional astrology, ‘Spica is traditionally considered as an oasis of good fortune in the otherwise parched path (Via Combusta) from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio.’ From July 25th, 2012 until January 2014, Spica was in a series of 21 occultations [eclipses] by our Moon. Fully Spica infused, our Moon is traveling on, though still in the glow.

Libra is a masculine air sign ruled by feminine Venus. Spica is associated with Virgo the Virgin, feminine. The Moon is feminine. Mars is the masculine principle, these days Venus’s champion in Libra. Mars started in Libra Dec 7, 2013, continues through July 25, 2014, seven plus months, an unusually long time due to its retrograde. We are in a blending time, asserting the masculine more gracefully, lovingly, standing up for the feminine. Spica adds good fortune. Ballet. Divine dance. Blessed be!

The GALACTIC CENTER is at 26 Sagittarius. The Full Moon Sun is trine the GC. The Libra Moon sextiles it. The Galactic Center is considered a Galaxy Gateway, a point of exchange and huge infusion! Aries is undaunted! This is the volume they live for! And, Exchange is the word, because Mars, Aries’ planet in Libra, is ready to spring to connect, negotiate smoothly, move the goods and people along as they arrive on the Starships! Integration goes well. Sagittarius sees through the wormhole and slithers past the problems to a satisfying outcome.

Aries 2014 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Chart

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Robin Williams and Sarah Gellar. He has Jupiter in Aries conjunct her Venus.
Robin Williams and Sarah Gellar both have Moons in Pisces, one degree apart, two old Souls traveling together. He has Jupiter in Aries conjunct her Venus.

#Buffy Time for a little Aries mischief! Presenting Ms Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze, born April 14, 1977, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer! Fresh sweet Aries face, innocence yet warrioress! Really, don’t mess with her, she is a first Dan black belt in taekwondo. Gellar has four tattoos. She has a symbol for integrity on her lower back; the symbol for patience/perseverance and a cherry blossom on her ankles and two dragonflies on her back.

For a bad girl, she’s really good. Gellar is an active advocate for various charities, including breast cancer research, Project Angel Food, Habitat for Humanity and CARE. Sarah is Aquarius Rising with Moon & Mars in Pisces. Venus in Aries gives the love of a fight for the underdog, against the odds. Jupiter in Gemini gives a terrific way with words and she has done voices for many parts. She started as a model, now she produces in addition to her acting. Sarah is currently playing Robin Williams’ daughter in the television series The Crazy Ones, about an eccentric advertising genius. They are hoping for a second season. With two children to inspire her, Feb 27 she said the reason why she’s joining the Independent Spirit Awards yellow carpet is to encourage others to share their stories on sustainable living and how to make the world a better place.

Aries 2014 Highlights!  

Mars is THE significant planet not only because it is the ruler of Aries, but because it fills the fourth spot to make the Cardinal Grand Square April 20 to 23! In that Grand Square, Uranus, the planet of awakening and r/evolution, humanity, is in ARIES, Mars its RULER too!!!   Mars is still retrograde in Libra, and will be until May 19, all through Aries and Taurus. This is the third part of the 3 planet series of back to back retrogrades – Venus, Mercury, Mars! Feb 25 Jupiter squared Uranus the 2nd time, and Jupiter is holding the square continuously until the 3rd and last time April 20, part of the Cardinal Grand Square. Jupiter is opposite Pluto at the end of Aries, exact April 20. Uranus square Pluto continues as a backdrop aspect throughout Aries, making its 5th of the seven squares April 21. Please see Special Edition 2014! for the year’s major Astro*Logical aspects!

Aries, Ever Young!
Dawn Reignites the Fire Every Day!

Aries Sunrise Yoga, New Dawn

Whether you sit, stand or just stop a few seconds while you are walking, steep in that pure Aries moment, Sunrise. Breathe it in, deeply, smile as you breathe out. It might be by the ocean, over the mountains, over the sink through your kitchen window. Out of the Void, darkness, with raised arms, palms open, and an open heart, be infused with radiance, then go on into your new day of Light.

We think of Aries as being on the fast track, but it starts with that poised presence at the threshold, the suspenseful moment of dawn’s fire.  It’s first Light, the Light we can see to walk by, know where to go. There is a reverence, grateful renewal of devotion, an infusion, a merger of power, at-one-ment with the solar battery.

Aries represents the beginning. The sacrificial lamb was symbolically left on the sunrise altar, the luminous Leader ram goes forth. It might take all day and into the night, many nights, but the Lantern of Light in our hearts is carried, the candle flame shows the way. We go one by one, or many together, in a vigil of Peace or burn-it-down purifying Revolution. Ashes are great fertilizer.

Purification is one of Aries’ specialties. We have an amazing symbol of it in the iconic Burning Man celebration in the, of course, August desert – home of heat and sun on fire! There is dancing, literally playing with fire, getting acquainted with the fire that impassions each other’s Souls. In cold desert nights, fire does as has always been, gives heat, a place to cook food, protection, a gathering place, a source of generational stories, survival.

Fire is a crucible, melting, merging metals. What’s different becomes a union, a whole new element or Being. Fire’s alchemy is a transformation. Aries is Ignition!

[FYI: Mar 1NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported Burning Man's 24th year 38,000 X $380 tickets sold out in 44 minutes. That's $14,440,000. Non-profit or not, that's a LOT of $. Tickets are being resold for up to $1000, and a last-minute sale by the organizers in August, called the OMG Sale, makes another 1,000 tickets available with registration starting at the end of July - no price stated. Oh, and this year, to reduce traffic, road damage and because of greater pressure from the Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Department of Transportation, the event is requiring $40 vehicle passes.]

Happy Birthdays, Indomitable Ariens!

Aries - Red Hat Society

At Hats Fashion: ‘Sue Ellen fell in love with a Jenny Joseph poem entitled “Warning”, which illustrates an elderly woman’s promise to revel in her old age by revisiting her youth, indulging in sweet treats and spending her daily allowance on satin sandals.’ The Red Hat Society is now open to women of all ages! Yes! [Aries rules hats, and red!]

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, Call 805-898-7888, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

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See the entire Aries 2014 Newsletter!
See the 2014 Special Edition Newsletter for Planetary Patterns to come!

Pisces Moon Music

NEW MOON Feb 28, 11:59 PM Pacific at 10 Pisces 39!
March 1 for Mountain, Central and Eastern zones

See  FULL Moon

Mercury shall have just barely gone Direct (out of Retrograde) at 6 AM Pacific. The New Moon is at the mid of Mercury’s Station, Mercury appearing not to be moving at all. Be prepared for a holding pattern that starts 3 days before the New Moon until 3 days after. Take it in. Concentrate, focus, absorb, understand. As Mercury turns, lean forward, act on your insights. Mercury in Aquarius assesses the quality of your connection, who you are connected with, whether the connection serves your community as well as celebrating you! It wants a lively exchange, a willingness to try cutting edge possibilities, and to think for oneself. Right alliances make a difference. Wild and crazy is entertaining, but also consciously seek the ones with mojo and ability to get results!

This New Moon has a huge water emphasis. Sun, Moon, Chiron, Neptune in Pisces, Neptune in its own sign. Jupiter in Cancer. Water is known for emotions, sometimes rampaging, other times calm as a glassy lake on a windless day. Calm is an emotion too. Water is ever observant,  often silently, with deep insight. Because they see the nuances afoot, they are good at reading cycles and outcomes, turns of directions, instantly.

The Moon conjuncts Neptune, the planet of Pisces 3:17 PM Pacific. Artist or mediator, surfer or savior, take some time out for contemplation of your intent, your place among us. Retune to your Source. This is a once-a-month aspect, but this time happens to precede the New Moon, so it’s a refinement preparing you for the New Moon’s finishing her cycle, beginning anew refreshed. You may find yourself entering a spiritual practice, or taking time out to rest, for a walk on the beach, a swim. Tune up your studio, get out the art and beauty supplies, turn on the sound, make a film!

Good Fortune! Preceding our New Moon, during the day of, first Sun then Moon make the trine with Jupiter! Sun at 8:05 PM, Moon at 11:44 PM, just 15 minutes before our New Moon! Sun and Moon are referred to as the Lights. Jupiter amplifies, turns up the optimism, and is considered Lucky, and trines are considered to be blessings in action! Sun in Pisces with Jupiter in Cancer, reads like a fairy tale. Pisces is dreamer, maker of music, mediates with the possibilities of your very Soul. The Sun in Pisces lights places that have lain dormant, shy of discordancy, yet stirred in spite of itself, enchanted by Circe’s call. Armed with holy herbs, rescue yourself, enjoy what’s naturally yours.

Jupiter in Cancer makes the journey home worthwhile. There are tales to tell, volumes of learning to be cherished that are magnificent in perspective to the Past. Illustrate, photograph, write, publish that book! Mothers may be exalted, children protected. Schisms may become mergers as the option for forgiveness is possible.

Moon in Pisces Pisces is one in of the most sensitive signs the Moon can be in. Every nuance is recorded. What seems like low volume to others, may be high volume to them. What is missed by others is 100% apparent to them. They can be guardians, Watchers of the Keep, noting shadows within shadows. Listen to them. Fine tuning is their forte. They can predict from the slightest twitch in the Universe. They can be the kindest, compassionate beyond words, unless you commit a mortal sin. Then they can become a tidal wave of reform for the underdog who can’t speak for themselves. Repent. Sincerely. Make amends. They do believe in mercy, and can be nurturing when you need it most.

Uranus in Aries is the 4th planet strongly involved, semi sextile the New Moon in exact degree! Though a semi sextile is considered a minor aspect, I have seen them be powerful involving health and wealth. Jupiter squared Uranus exactly Feb 25, 3 days before our New Moon, and is in a continuous close square until April 20. What’s in this New Moon will ride with it. Challenges in friendships and family, abrupt changes involving lots of people, weather.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron Feb 26 to Mar 3. Chiron sextiled Pluto in Capricorn exactly also on Feb 25, for the 5th and last time. At this time it’s personal. Put your heart into your healing. Work your life in a good way. Pay attention to those Pisces intuitions. Admit false premises and get beyond them. Be guided by heroes and heroines!

This Moon has so many important aspects preceding it, and within hours, on March 1 Mars retrogrades at 8:24 AM Pacific! Mars, as is Mercury, is in Station – virtually standing still from our point of view on Earth. With both Mercury and Mars in stations, there may be a lot of inner action rather than striding forward, and New Moons are naturally more quiet dark nights. Don’t be afraid to hold your horses if you aren’t quite sure of your direction yet. Mars is in Libra square Libra’s ruler Venus, now in Capricorn. Assess the Balance. Consider the consequences of forcing through versus reasonable responsibility, respect for the time it really takes. As well as lobbying for what you want, in behalf of others perhaps, give them also a chance to come to you. Bide your time. Build your strengths. Keep house. Be poised. Open some doors, graciously extend some invitations.

Pisces 2014 NEW MOON Astrology Chart

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FULL MOON March 16 at 10:08 AM Pacific – 26 Virgo 02 

Mars is now Retrograde in Libra going all the way back to the 9th degree! It will have an extended and powerful 13 day engagement in the Cardinal Grand Square culminating April 20/21, continuing through 22/23. See the red triangle? Mars will fill the 4th point. April 22, Mars will make the square to Jupiter, with ALL the 4 planets at the corners of the Grand Square at 13 degrees. The 13th degree can be potent, considered a ‘critical’ degree by many astrologers. It represents gateways, not necessarily bad luck at all. Sometimes things come to a head, there is a crisis, a significant change. In this case, being in a challenging configuration, it would be hard to separate the cause, the critical degree or the troublemaker Grand Square. Cardinal signs are noted for taking action, so one way or another, don’t expect to be placidly standing around if your chart has factors close to or at the 13th degree. What you bring to this Full Moon will be part of your contribution to April events.

Mars is significant in this Full Moon because it is at the same degree as the Full Moon, 26, and 26 is the degree of the Galactic Center! Mars is semi-sextile Mama Moon in Virgo, trying to politely push her along to get things done, free some of her time to socialize with new people, find new solutions, unclutter the pathways. Mars is inconjunct askew from Father Sun in Pisces. Pisces can shrink back from abrupt action, yet understands Mars may be well intended. Perhaps it is just the inspiration and encouragement needed when in the right dose. Pisces is a believer, and Mars is a champion! For the same cause, they can change the world!

The GALACTIC CENTER is at 26 Sagittarius, at potent cross axis with the Full Moon. In mutable signs, they consider possibilities, are genius at adapting to circumstance. Modifications save the day. The Galactic Center is considered a Galaxy Gateway, a point of exchange and huge infusion! Keep an open mind. They will say it can’t be done, but mutables are made for surprises! Virgo gathers the pieces, will refine the details that make the difference. Sagittarius sees through the wormhole and slithers past the problems to a satisfying outcome. Lucky, that. Pisces never doubts; they always knew. And that Mars in Libra hanging about brings good people to the mix. They have just the right challenging questions that make it not only successfully life changing, but so lovely you are thankful too! Pure magic! Since Mercury trined Mars the 14th (Friday), you may have already spoken with a potential partner, probably on the 12th.

Venus in Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries though in different degrees, are in a concurrent set offering intriguingly remarkable options. Might seem odd at first, but tweak them a bit and see what shakes! They won’t be GrandMa’s solutions! You will have to prove their feasibility to Virgo, and favor the budget. Pisces sees through glitter, so the intention must be pure, for the good of all. Jupiter in Cancer enjoys shaping the dough, playing with cycles of shape-shifting. Move things around, there may be a good fit, brighter days.

Pisces 2014 FULL MOON Astrology Chart

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Pisces - Jon Bon Jovi has Moon Capricorn (builders), 4 planets Aquarius (humanity), Sun and Venus in Pisces!

Jon Bon Jovi, Mar 2, 1962 Pisces, is the first Founding Ambassador of the Habitat for Humanity Ambassador program. No surprise. He has Moon Capricorn (builders), 4 planets Aquarius (humanity), Sun and Venus in Pisces (compassion for the underdog). And, he is the lead singer and namesake for the rock band Bon Jovi! Bon Jovi is one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, having sold more than 130 million records worldwide, and performed more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans. Bon Jovi’s charitable works focus on the issue of homelessness and include the creation of the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation; the launch of a limited edition outerwear collection with Kenneth Cole New York (with proceeds benefiting HELP USA); partnering with Project H.O.M.E. in Philadelphia; and a sustained partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Jon says ‘From their relief efforts in the wake of the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, to the thousands of houses they construct around the world, Habitat for Humanity builds homes, lives, and dreams. Handing over the keys to the families who have worked to earn them has afforded me some of the proudest, most uplifting moments of my life.’ His chart. Bless him.

Pisces 2014 Highlights!  

Pisces sees Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius finish on our Feb 28 New Moon, Mars in Libra retrograde the next day, March 1! This is part of the 3 planet series of back to back retrogrades – Venus, Mercury, Mars, that continues through May 19, 2014! Feb 25 we see two outer planet aspects on the same day! Chiron sextiles Pluto the 5th and last time, while Jupiter squares Uranus the 2nd time. Jupiter holds the square continuously until the 3rd and last time April 20. The 5th of the seven Uranus square Plutos continues as a backdrop aspect throughout Pisces. Please see Special Edition 2014! for the year’s Astro*Logical aspects!

Pisces, the Angel of the Sea of Life!

Pisces - Artist Antony Gormley,Jupiter in Pisces, Moon opposite Neptune, most famous for Angel of the North.
Antony Gormley, Jupiter in Pisces, Moon opposite Neptune, most famous for Angel of the North.

We all wander, sometimes anonymously, in this Sea of Life. Sometimes we are in the shallows, others times we have no idea where shore is, maybe it is gone, forever. Light comes and goes, in time dark as welcome as the other. Magical or mortifying, it transforms us, drop by drop, until our Spirit is cleanly surrendered.

Lost and Found, abandoned only to be Saved. Life is often PROfound, alongside merciless ridiculousness. Have mercy on our Soul! We touch each other in a moment’s chance meeting at the bus stop. We visit Sacred places. All in a day’s work for a Pisces.

Sound, imagery, dance. From buoy bells to rock and roll, from atrocity to repentance, from exhaustion to fervor, we share this enchanting evolution, sometimes alone on an island, sometimes in a massive dense school of fishes swishing along, silvery, as one. Our faith in each other carries us on.

Union of Souls. There comes a time when we know what the other is thinking. Our other Self. The One that is longing for what was the unconscious dream. Special Beings come into our life and things turn. We catch up with ourselves. We recognize the purity within. A synchronicity, now to next, shows us the sparkling passageway. Out of the cave, out of the tunnel, into a glorious iridescence.

Evolution will always throw her challenges as we learn the new steps, how to synthesize the new with the old. Sometimes we regress, review, and just like a Retrograde, we are still always going forward in time. It’s only an illusion. Breathe deep, open your mind, love with all your Spirit. You find the Way, the Way finds you.

Live in the Vision.

Happy Birthdays, Immortal Pisceans!

Pisces Primordial, Immortal

We ARE the Primordial Beings of the Web of the Living Universe!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, Call 805-898-7888, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

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See the entire Pisces 2014 Newsletter!
See the 2014 Special Edition Newsletter for Planetary Patterns to come!


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