Third UPDATE! The Grand Water Trine has happened. We are now in the period of the final aspect that concludes the set, Saturn trine Chiron through August 5!

 May 2014 Grand Water Trine - Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn Astrology Chart

The Grand Water Trine started May 4, 2013 if you allow 5 degrees range for outer planets to have effect with each other in trines. The first Saturn trine Chiron was Nov 16, 2012. Aug 5 will be the 5th and last time! In this last lap, Saturn has been, is holding this backdrop trine in one degree continuously June 12, 2014 through Aug 5, 2014, to complete the total of five !

The Water Sign Backdrop  Water Signs start with Cancer, mountain rivulets, creeks, lakes and ponds, shore side houseboats. Scorpio is the mighty rivers, the arteries of a nation, trade along their banks. Pisces is surfing the massive world oceans, harbor communities, huge cruise ships, fishing industries. We start with nurturing at Mom’s breast, warm and snugly, and move toward worldwide assimilation, a gathering of Souls.
  • Earthy Saturn is in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio is considered a tough placement. Hard on love, finances, sometimes even health. But it also matter of factly takes charge of things people are afraid of. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and they do, and well! Kudos. Saturn builds, Scorpio resurrects, restores, heals. What looked impossible, is transformed, and like a renovation, becomes quite valuable. Time may or may not be on your side, but use it wisely as you can. The payoff may not be immediate or what it should be, but wait for it, your efforts will have their rewards in the long term, best as they can be. Establish your foundation securely. Call on the Great Guardian for protection.
  • Chiron in Pisces is at times a suffering, but also healing. Just being able to name our pain gives us a chance to put it in the light of day, inquire about, hire, get the help we need. We earn our stripes through experience, become the compassionate teacher. The Magi astrologers claim Chiron is the #1 marriage factor in astrology. In Pisces, it would be more a union of Souls, a spiritual SoulMate. And as we bring our arts and talents to the table, it is more than camaraderie; it has business partnership potential as well!Chiron can be the deeper wound(s) we carry, healing of a spiritual nature in Pisces, and teaching at more subtle levels. It calls for letting go of cultural ways, and instead, having kindness to all beings – human or animal. We are in a time of making the planet more aware of atrocities of all kinds. Awareness is a beginning. Offering alternatives, something better than what was, is a step.  Along the line we will reach a Tipping Point. Live clean. Seeing is believing.  In your way, keep showing people how, why, how far you have come. It is time for Soul Retrieval.

What wise powers. Saturn keeps focus on the goal, works hard keeping priorities, stays on time, is good at waiting, keeps the money where it does the most good. Very productive. Spiritually accurate. Chiron sees possible problems, and knows how to minimize the rifts and unify through natural mutual purpose. It’s a combo of grit and magic!The degrees this sequence has covered are 4, 11 & 10, 18 & 17. It has activated 3 different areas of your chart if you have planets at all the degrees, or only the ones you do have planets at that match the trine degrees. Some people won’t be activated at all, but many will at one time and not another – getting their turn! More people than usual will be learning the same things, yet may not even know each other or connect to the same circles. Spirit has come at this from different angles, literally, covering a lot of ground.

Take care of what was. Do some things you have been neglecting that will give you long term healing. Take care of something that has been nagging you for a long time. Free yourself from old bonds. Work for peace of Spirit. Blessed be.

Be sure long term projects are water oriented and in harmony with Saturn and Chiron. Be sure the transit planets are in harmony with your personal chart planets. See your astrologer to get the complete picture! 

Wash your Spirit clean. Be released, refreshed and flowing. Give gratitude for the blessings to come!

Magnificent! Union by Master digital artist Android Jones

In Libra, taking initiative in relationships, actively peacekeeping, inspiring others through respect and equality are traits we have been building. Fighting fair and negotiating keep things on an even keel. A legal representative can save us from so much stress and blunders, when a matter is really just business. They know how to do it and do it for a living. Independence from non working relationships, partnerships, sometimes takes strength and courage, but so worth it. When we disengage, it takes time to grieve, restore self esteem, and is doable. We are better at seeing the warning flags and stepping away when it is not a good connection for us.

Mars is a natural first responder. If an emergency occurs, quick action can prevent further difficulty and save a situation from failure. Let yourself establish new connections at a higher level, and insert new intelligence to uplevel from your current place. If you have been missing beauty in your life, take better care of your body. Get some pretties for your home, paint the place! What you see is what you be! Sign up for an art or dance class!

All these good things will set the way for you to delve more deeply when Mars goes into Scorpio, the sign of Mystery! When we are rooting around in the underpinnings of the Universe, it’s good to have supportive friends and visual talismans that remind us we have good power and can make uplifting choices. That’s true in times we do the hard work of healing too. Healing takes strength at many levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Libra can make liaisons level to level, so Scorpio can cleanse attitudes that build blockages, literal chemicals that stall our progress.

We may have financial options revealed that without good relationships we would have never heard of. Support from our connections encourage us to make our life better when we feel intimidated. And Scorpio can offer more than we ever dreamt of! It helps us through dark times, fear of success, or simply ‘growing up’ to a better life!

Mars in Scorpio is marvelously intense! Just ask anyone born with it about that category of their life! Mars can have mixed feelings being in Scorpio. Mars is famous for being direct, but in Scorpio is called on to be devious at times, for better or worse. It learns more self mastery in Scorpio. Instead of a quickie, its tantric sex and recognition of the sacred feminine. Mars here takes a few more moments to assess the reasons behind the situation. It is aware of more dimensions of personal power, some ominous, some bravely healing. Rather than sending them packing, or leaving them behind, they might gather the troublemakers in for a spirit talk, a healing of all, including the healer!

Mars in Scorpio enjoys poking around where others fear to tread. They take a deep drink at the well. Death is no stranger. Danger they can handle. It is courted for thrill and curiosity. They can find out what’s wrong when no one else could, be it in your body or bookkeeping! They often walk behind the scenes, quiet heroes that would be there for you in a heartbeat. Both Mars and Scorpio are warriors, the therapist that battles for your very Soul, the unseen deadly ninja that protects you, the astute financial adviser that saves you in a nick of time. Silence, privacy, confidentiality can be powerful virtues, though personally you may wonder where you stand with them. If they are hanging out with you at all, you have passed some kind of safety test. At worst they are tolerating you; at best you have gotten under their skin in a good way for keeps.

Scorpio is a ‘fixed’ sign, one that stays with what it says. They simply won’t be pushed off center. If you do push, they might appear threatening, act like they agree and go on as they are, or flat out ignore you like a pesky fly. Do be a tad careful. Scorpio isn’t called the scorpion for nothing! This dedication isn’t of Mars’ nature, so there will be moments of its instant fiery nature. Know that you might be swatted and put in your place, enough that it takes your breath away. If you are mean, don’t expect to get away with it forever. They have their own moments, and know what mean is all about. Retaliation is not one of their virtues. They can be patient literally for years, but they are human and there are limits. Just sayin’.

Given a good cause to campaign for, there can be mighty results. Give major praise to these obsessed beasts. They are spiritual animals who give their lives that transformation happens in this lifetime! If you are considering a relationship, do plan to be on board with the challenge offered. They deserve and need a mate of that caliber. Though they can look formidable and forever capable, they need a deep support to do this strenuous work. If you have a child with this placement, happens every two years, offer them compelling projects. Introduce them to the most scrupulous people you know, the ones that are getting things done in a good way. Don’t be afraid to share your child. They know things you don’t and never will, plus, heck, you can’t do it ALL yourself. Engage them in sacred talk about the Great Mysteries to open their thinking.

It took 7 months of Libra to prep us for this Scorpio time! Let’s make it count! For many, this 2 months of Scorpio will be too short! Mars goes into Sagittarius Sep 13! 

Power up, cherish, and embed these formidable qualities. Sharing is one of the deepest generosities of Scorpio. They enfold you, forgive your petty foibles, give you a spiritual steam cleaning, love you like no other! You will never be the same again. Think of pure butterfly beauty.

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Summer New and Full Moons!

NEW MOON Celebrates Jupiter in LEO!
July 26 at 3:42 PM Pacific! It’s at 3 Leo 52

See  FULL Moon

This will be a grand New Moon, 2nd of three in a row, with the newly minted Jupiter in LEO! Mars has newly joined Saturn in Scorpio as of July 25, the day before! New beginnings are here, and we’re not used to the changes yet, but probably not minding them either. Jupiter is in Leo only once every 12 years, and Mars has had a long 7 month stint in Libra, so many are delighted to move along!

The Sun squared Mars Friday the 18th, so that hot challenge is behind us. The Moon squared Mars, maybe dramatically, 8:29 AM, just hours before the afternoon New Moon. Sometimes that square brings rousing feelings and misadventures. Be careful with knives, fire, or sex :) in the kitchen! It won’t be a morning for sleeping in either! These aspects preceding the New Moon will be motivators for our intentions and planning. We want more vitality, directed potently, safely. We want to let go of past perjuries, hurtful attitudes. Time to clear the deck, upleval our reasoning, exceed our ancestors. Perspective means so much. The education adventure is a big part of the answers.

Building trust, finding faith, courting loving joy are teasers and treasures worth the gamble. Travel about, widen your vision, open your heart. Volunteer to get places you want to go. Listen with big ears, share your story – the true deep one that makes you who you are. But also, no revealing what’s not yours to tell when it involves others.

Backdrop for this New Moon is the 1 degree Saturn, Uranus, Chiron set. Saturn made a very close 8 minutes (of space) inconjunct with Uranus the day before the Sun entered LEO, July 21! They whispered to each other. Though incompatible planets, they are in Mars signs, Aries and Scorpio, so have a guarded, careful camaraderie. Saturn favors a working routine, while Uranus is a born rule breaker! Uranus is in Aries, the upstart and innovator, while Scorpio subtly brings the Lamb to bay, seducing it toward the goal it wants to share. The lamb may be coy, but Scorpio and Saturn are astute at waiting for those perfect moments of capture. Working together could be outstandingly powerful as the old fuddy-duddies tap the excitement of stunning changes!

Saturn, the Master Guide, is also trine Chiron in Pisces, the Healer. Saturn wants to see the vision well done, the very best. Chiron in Pisces knows where the fault lines are, and how to bridge the gaps, fill the Spirit. Saturn helps Chiron focus, while Chiron has insights that take them both to new heights. Relationships can be profound and long lasting.

Aug 1 Venus in Cancer moves in to complete the Grand Water Trine (blue) with Saturn and Chiron! Their work together is blessed, made beautiful and attractive. The value there is nurtured. Grace and a feminine touch buffers any rough edges. Projects emphasized by the New Moon, and of its nature, will bear fruit. Family matters may sync up. This time what your Mother says/said will likely work sweetly!

Leo 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart

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August 10 at 11:09 AM Pacific – 18 Aquarius 02  

Second of three-in-a-row SuperMoons! Bigger and brighter! Appears red through ‘any sultry haze.’

Moon Aquarius and Sun LEO have been kindly kissed and zapped by Uranus, the planet of Aquarius! Many people read the Moon as our past, but Uranus is a planet of the future’s Future! Nothing old or slow about it! Yet Mama Moon is her family’s protector and nurturer, usually conservative. So some blending here, like the new kitchen gadget that saves time and does a good job. That’s ok. LEO enjoys the show, especially if that smoothie is for them!

Another little item is the matter of detachment. Aquarius/Uranus is cool to remote at times. LEO wants justifiable attention, Cancer can’t have you just running off from home. Wait! Wait! Yet there are times home is overwhelming and a getaway is just the right thing to do. And there are times the Lion just has to fend for themselves, besides, fans can be so tiresome…. Just relax and go to the spa. Getting some distance gives you time to just be yourself, think, let go of expectations, refresh.

Uranus in Aries just spritzes and showers Light like a firecracker sparkler! It’s a Light show with a 1000 ideas a second! Excited and infused with this wakes up our synapses and wrinkles the laundry! Gives Zig Zag new meaning! Record your insights, some of them are Divine and in spite of perceived crazy diversity, may clump together with unheard of results!

The Full Moon axis is restrained by Saturn! It was just in an exact serious TSquare, 90 degrees of challenge! The Sun squared Saturn a tiring week’s worth, Aug 3 to Friday the 9th. Either we are worn down and not careful, or defenses are worn down enough so we can finally hear! Moon squared Saturn just 1 1/2 hours before our Full Moon, oh so sadly reminding us of the challenges and likely unfinished business. Even though we are frustrated with being careful, minding our manners is a must, otherwise, there will be a price to pay. Respect is a necessity. Offenses add up. Being flippant or unempathetic about someone else’s feelings may become a scene with painful results. A good laugh with love could be carefully done, and relieve the tension. But do stand up if there is abuse. Get help if you can’t do it alone.

The New Moon Saturn inconjunct Uranus, trine Chiron backdrop is fading but not forgotten! Saturn has been doing its best to harness those Uranian kilowatts! But as we all know, some things just weren’t meant to be completely harnessed. There is always an escapee here or there. Serious Chiron healing has occurred. Saturn has used time well and we are seeing results after all even when we thought we screwed up. Work and business have solid options. Relationships are stabilizing. Health is being tracked with steady improvement likely, or letting go when that time has come.

August 14, the Jupiter inconjunct Neptune is exact. This chart helps illuminate that awareness. Each is going for the far reaches of existence! Jupiter in Leo takes the big journey; Neptune in its own sign Pisces goes as far as the Soul can perceive. They are believers of magnitude. The LEO heart loves its way even when there is great disparity, an unlikely companion, against the odds. Leo’s gift to teach takes others with them on this huge journey of the exploration of the Tree of Life. Pisces knows when it sees a worn out traveler and gathers them to the feet of God and the Angels, leads them to the meditation Ashram to rest and recenter. The Visions are another journey of inspiration, often a lifetime’s worth! As knowledge is gained, adjustments keep us on the spicy course, at the leading edge of Creation!

Leo 2014 Full Red SuperMoon Astrology Chart

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LEO, Radiance from Your Heart

LEO Radiance from Your Heart ~ Holeman
Daniel B Holeman’s visionary art! His Sun & 3 more planets are in his Leo house!

Being in LOVE shows! It might be holding a precious baby, a teacher gently showing the way, or thundering with Spirit. The engagement may be the show of a lifetime, or an unspoken kindness. But the hearts know. It could be dinner with old friends or new friends, lovers hand in hand.

Radiance is healing personified! It is Light for the Way. Radiance can become magnificence, each in our own way. It can warm the Soul of the most jaded Seeker, fearful Hero. Generosity, forgiveness become possible as we understand.

Light frees us from past choices. It illuminates how things have changed, and we can see new options. It may be uncomfortable until we adjust, become more comfortable at the new frequency. Living in more success is challenging. We have to expand our Persona. The Routine as we knew it has vanished!

Think about choosing partners with more health, more heart, more LIFE! How better can YOU be?! LET your life expand, answer the call! In your relationships, all of them, see if there is a way you can invite others to up the amps. Extend your range of relationships. Try new things with new people, a different culture, different age, different faith. Take a course with creative expression a mile long! Stretch your Spirit muscles!

Success just feels good. You have more to offer than you realize. Your ideas are brilliant and vibrant with life, special. If no one else is telling you that, know it for yourself, because, simply, there is no one else like you. And, you are perfect just the way you are. Every moment begets the next. Give it your best shot and keep that heartfelt vision in mind! It’s the Beacon! Keep the best right in front of your eyes. Make no mistakes! If you are easily distracted, put those good images all over the place! They will bring you right back to that beautiful Heart Center of yours.

Health is elemental, Light is fundamental. Choose Radiance every time. Move your molecules, exercise in the Light every day, even if it is Light gray with cloud cover. Up on your hind legs you can see more, breathe more, hear more! When you feel good, you will get out there and get the good stuff right in your grubby little paws! Take good care of your sacred Light body. Feed it the best, give it clothes that make you feel like a billion bucks! Could be sweatshirt & jeans or a suit! Your unique style attracts all the right people. Pamper your fine body with spas, relaxing yoga, and peaceful sleep like a big kitty on the savanna.

Big as the LEO heart is, it is so important to know when it’s not your story, meaning let someone more suited do it. Don’t confuse love and doing what’s true for you. Some people are incredible with elders, children, slow learners, fast changes, repetitive work, tons of responsibility, others aren’t. What’s true for you is your personal valuable Gift to give. No more, no less. You are you. That’s just the Perfect way Spirit made you. You are the only one holding your Point of Light. Let it shine!

2014 Leo is the first in 12 years to have JUPITER IN LEO as well! May Gabriel blow his horn! Jupiter, the great jazz lover Storyteller, celebrates Leo’s exploits with enthusiasm! Another fiery planet, traveler and fellow teacher, Jupiter enjoys leading Leo further than ever before! It’s robust summer fun, big spirited, even spiritual! Many learnings are shared, prodigious creations made, our Hearts expand with joy, faith and hope! Hallelujah!

Leo 2014 Highlights!  

July 16 Jupiter leapt into LEO, a grand Sign for a grand Planet! Using 5 degree orbs/range, Saturn remains in its continuous close trine with Chiron through August 5! This is the last of their 5 trines. Mars is in final days of Libra, been there since Dec 7, 2013, goes into Scorpio, July 25. Sun squares Saturn Aug 3 to 9. Aug 14, Jupiter inconjuncts Neptune, a one time engagement. Mars conjuncts Saturn Aug 16 to 25. Plan ahead for end of August/Sep Jupiter inconjuncts, with Pluto then Chiron. They are so close they make a Yod, a Y, at the same time Jupiter makes the first of three trines with Uranus! Please see all about it in the entire LEO Newsletter!

Please see Special Edition 2014! for the rest of the year’s major Astro*Logical aspects!

LEO Susie King Taylor

Head held high, August 6*, 1848 Susie KING Taylor is our 2014 Leo heroine! I picked her chart for 3 reasons.

First, she was a Leo! She was blessed with Venus conjunct her Sun, so what she proposed from her heart appeared valuable, and people helped her.

Second, she had Jupiter in Leo. Her will to be educated and to educate was exceptional. Jupiter just went into Leo July 17, so we are again in this will to educate period now until Aug 11, 2015, a year!

Third, Susie was born the previous time Uranus conjuncted Pluto, as people born 1965 and 1966 have! Many of them can identify with her. She was remarkable for her time and faced extreme dangers. For most people her color living in danger was everyday business, but she pushed it and change happened.

That conjunction in combination with her Scorpio Moon made her sneaky enough to get an education, in an area where there were harsh laws against the formal education of African Americans. Bless her, she attended two secret schools taught by black women. While with Civil War Union forces, army officers offered to obtain books for her if she would organize a school. She became the first black teacher for freed African American students in Georgia. She taught forty children in day school and “a number of adults who came to me nights, all of them so eager to learn to read, to read above anything else.”

Also life threatening, Susie got involved serving as an Army nurse in the Civil War. She nursed, taught the black soldiers to read and write, and did their laundry. At 15, during the summer of 1863, Susie worked alongside Clara Barton, who later founded the American Red Cross.

Mrs Taylor wrote Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33d United States Colored Troops, Late 1st S.C. Volunteers. She was the only African American woman to publish a memoir of her wartime experiences, and her journal, A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs, is the only known record of a black woman’s achievements during this period. May we all care and share so much.

*Mrs Taylor’s birthdate is given variously as August 5, 6 or 8. The 6th is used the most often, and by Wikipedia, and to me, the chart fits, so I chose August 6, 1848.

Happy Birthdays, Leo LightBeings!

Leo LightBeings! Exquisite art by Christiane Vleugels.
Exquisite beauty by Belgian artist Christiane Vleugels

You brighten our days and warm our hearts….


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Leo Heart Love Fire!

LEO the Lion! Sign of the SUN, Heart, Love, generosity, roars and purrs! 

Jupiter is our planet of Sagittarius, another fire sign. It is considered to be benevolent in the biggest way. Where Leo focuses personally, Jupiter is the traveler, wanting to meet the world. Jupiter is growth oriented, expansive, charming and confident. Perfect to add to Leo!

Jupiter is long lived, has a strong and joyous stride! From a strong place of radiant health and spirit, Leo has a natural profound strength that carries our Light into the world! Jupiter will extend the territory, bring teachings from afar that will keep Leo bright! Leos fling themselves into full bodied sports, a lifelong passion. Jupiter will top off this prowess, bring good luck and winners! Just be a little careful about overconfidence and over doing, injuries. Let your Leos lead you to victory! The Sun WILL shine!

Leo rules coming of age, a time of vibrant self expression, exuberance of being, becoming one’s Self! Being on your own for the first time, gives a sense of giving your part to the world! Jupiter asks the big questions about life, tunes you in to YOU! Jupiter is a Pathfinder, Wayshower, thinks of the plan for the future, the education needed. We change throughout our lifetimes. It may be a career change, or continuing education in a field that always inspires us.

Celebrating coming of age first parties will be bigger than ever! First loves will fill our hearts overflowing! Jupiter playfully awakens us to our hearts, and heartbreaks too. Faith and trust in spite of disappointments are important teachings about sharing our lives with others. Leos come to appreciate the teachings of their imperfect parents. The perspective of self esteem is gained from their parents’ efforts, that they cared even when you were such a difficult treasure. Leos can be quite protective parents, but Jupiter shows them some wander space is necessary too. Teach your kidlets well and let them try things on their own. Leos strive to become the very best, so are impressive role models. Jupiter reminds that is a lot to live up to. Leos would like to impose their formidable Will, but those children are precious just as they are too, each making their own contribution. In fact, those Leo parents are quite proud!

Leos, in spite of their fiery amazing imposing selves, are tenderly romantic, love their dear children, and need appreciation and affection themselves too! In their beginnings they were often shy. Really listen when people tell you what they love about you, let that tank fill up. When scared, they get loud, talk only about themselves, are a bottomless pit of needy attention. A fetal Leo is a tough thing to see. Oh, my weepy baby. Jupiter helps them lift their chin for a farther look, out from themselves. Just that someone is there helps them stand, a little taller. Yep, they screwed up and will probably live and laugh again, it was a bit funny, or they are better than they think and this too will pass. There are myriads of possibilities! Jupiter has contagious optimism! Give those Leos things to create, maybe costumes, that help them learn more about themselves, and see their amazing value. Dance, athleticism, performance, teaching, often help them sing their song!

Leos never stop teaching, performing! Sure, there is some showing off. Why not?! If you’ve got it flaunt it! Even that is inspiration, that someone can feel that good! They give and give and give. If they have money they give it; if they have knowledge they get right up and talk about it. Sometimes it’s hard work to get everything together, show up and give what looked like an effortless presentation. Burnout can be right behind it. Get your foundation strong so you can share the most, inspire many, walk your talk well. Take good care of yourself, take those valuable time-outs along the way.

Jupiter and Leo are both terrific teachers! It’s not just what students learn, but the situation they learn it in! Safety, balanced comforts and challenges, taught in a way that applies to the student! Jupiter in Leo dramatizes their teachings with all their hearts, with stories of heroism, change and excellence, real possibilities at the local level! They create questions, encourage exploration. They talk about what students do in other countries and cultures. They go on tours that surprise and invite! Students will have the courage to really listen!

Leo’s home might have a built-in stage/studio, party bar, giant sports screen, and a stable for the race horses, a pool the size of Kentucky! But bright eyed and snazzy dressers that they are, they were born to get out and PARTY! Ever romantic, get some lovely at home evening clothes for after-party fun. You know what I mean. Have a gourmet ‘breakfast’ stashed in the fridge for easy sleepy fixing later, much later. Remember, Jupiter in Leo only lasts a year, so enjoy every delicious moment! Don’t be surprised if your generous Leo brings you several very romantic gifts in appreciation, Sweetheart.

Spending is just too easy, gambling is tempting! Jupiter and Leo have utmost confidence they can make plenty more money quite quickly and can be self indulgent, so they need to make that money! But they do want money for the kids’ education too, so some is stashed for that. Leos like to live large! Fine clothes, a great car, the pool, a magnificent home, make their hearts sing! Jupiter with its optimism can get you in over your head, or with its amazing luck astoundingly find the way to unbelievable success! Just keep in mind, once Jupiter leaves Leo, it goes into Virgo, and there are bills to pay. Keep things at a level you can pay for later. If it’s still good then, expand more.

Education will thrive, lucky travel will flourish, it’s time to publish! Party large! Theaters, arts are due to be generously funded. Get those pledges now! Some things will be ridiculously dramatic, yet imply a need. Photographers will be in business with huge romantic weddings. And be sure the air conditioner is working, ’cause it’s gonna be HOT! Whatever you do, let it be Grand!

Those of us born between 1937 and 1957, that’s a lot of people, have mighty mini Pluto in Leo! At some time during Jupiter’s Leo passage, it will be right there, conjunct your Pluto! Since Jupiter romps around every 12 years, a lot of us have had our spark plugs changed a few times. Major Pluto events such as this are usually memorable. Pluto rules powerful relationships, both personal and business, mergers and endings. There may be huge financial matters anywhere from inheritances, mortgages, taxes, to grants, dividends. Death may be close by, and so is amazing healing. Sometimes there are extremes we fear we might not survive, yet, letting go of some things, persevering with others, being transformed, we rise above, prevailing against some heavy odds. Eyes open, stay true.

The last time Jupiter was in Leo was the beginning of August 2002 to the end of August 2003. What happened then? What part of your chart and which planets did, will it, most powerfully activate? Conjunctions, when planets are right with one another, are powerful. If you have Leo planets, take a good look. Fame and Fortune Jupiter can bring happy successes! Jupiter also brings the capital T kind of Truth, and in the long term, the best. For me that was a much needed divorce. You may not like it at the time; I didn’t. It may seem like a setback or failure, but later you will be grateful, if bittersweet. If there is unfinished business from that previous time, now is the opening to take care of it. Take your 12 year personal inventory. How have things changed? What have you done? What can you do now to bless your way in this next 12 year cycle? Make a flexible playful plan with lots of Hope in it!

It will be in Leo this time from now to end of August 2015. As Jupiter travels Leo, it will trigger all the planets in your chart one after the other. Lucky as Jupiter is, in Leo it especially challenges the other fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. It favors its own sign Leo and the other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, and the air signs Gemini and Libra. It will Retrograde from 12 to 22 degrees Leo, December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015. If you have planets in those degrees, they will be activated 3 times! See your astrologer for dates and details. Do it proud!

Jupiter into Leo is one of 2014’s two outer planet Sign Changes! See more about both!

Here is a little treat for you subscribers! Mercury has been direct since July 1, time to enjoy yourself now that things have turned around! Take yourself on a morning play date! Mama Moon in Aquarius, sweet Venus in Gemini, and handsome Mars in Libra!

Grand Air Trine July 2014, Moon, Venus, Mars!

See the blue triangle that points toward the top of the chart? That’s the one. The chart is for the Moon’s trine with Mars at 10:37 AM Pacific. It is in strong effect as early as 6:37 AM. Moon trines Venus at 12:23 PM. Have a peppery hot Cajun breakfast and a sweet and fruity Polynesian lunch!

The only caution is Sun is already close, about to square Mars on Friday the 18th. Be careful about sex. Watch where you are stepping, drive a little slower, carefully. Back away from tempers and impetuous actions, weapons, pick your battles. Mind your diet, avoid sunburns and heat exhaustion.

That said, have fun chatting on Monday, get the information you need. Set up some special social time or work with public officials, legal affairs. Make amends, be open to forgiveness, for yourself and others. Select some extraordinary designs, colors, adornments, get your hair cut. Make temporary financial decisions for short term gain. Flirt but wait a week to see if its on. Dance! Get good things done; afterwards, be prepared to hold steady through Friday.

Now, of course, always remember, each of our charts are affected differently. If Air signs agree with you, go for it, but also remember the air sign oppositions with fire signs – Gemini opposite Sagittarius, Libra opposite Aries, Aquarius opposite Leo! This Grand Air Trine is at the 24/25th degree, so planets from 22 to 26 will be activated in your charts.

Good luck!

Libra.Scorpio Cusp Katie McGrath
Libra/Scorpio Cusp Irish Katie McGrath, Morgana of Merlin fame, has Venus conjunct Mars.

THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS OF MARS IN LIBRA! Your intentions, what you are going to do, and who you want to do it with can be of lifelong importance! Libra can be an astute partner picker when motivated. Take advantage of that!

Mars has been In Libra since Dec 7, 2013! Mars has attempted to balance, equalize, even the playing field. He has fought for rights, cultural integration, beauty. Mars has led, cajoled, grumbled, fought, seduced, threatened, courageously inspired! He invited you to take a first step, but if you didn’t get going quickly, left you in the dust for more return on the effort. Maybe he found someone who got it asap. He might have come back to see if you were ready yet, but maybe not. Your job would have been to catch up! No sleeping dogs!

It’s been a time for vigorous relationships, forays into new business options, restoring balance to your health that you may be a worthy partner! The first relationship is with yourself. Hopefully, you have done your part when you were ready. You sought spirited companions who want what you want, who celebrate you for exactly who you are! Keep doing that! You can’t expect them to be just like you, but you will each give your expertise gloriously independently!

This last Mars retrograde, that seemed to go on forever for some, played its all important part, making the fourth point of the extraordinary Cardinal Grand Square we had April 20 to 23. This was not just any Grand Square, because it was formed by three outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto! Mars, the LightBearer, The Flame, The Torch, challengingly cross activated the Initiation. Mars naturally rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Mars is independent while Libra wants to partner. Many a more daring move was made and still may be!

The core part of the Grand Square, Uranus square Pluto, stays with us continuously through March 2015. As Mars finishes Libra, it will reactivate that square again. The week before June 25, it is opposite Uranus in Aries, Mars’ sign! That will bring back some memories.

Mars/Uranus is a classic ‘What happened?!’ Could be what you did, or what they did, or both. It may be intriguing or downright offensive. Innocence is at stake, or a world weary newcomer is temporarily fascinating, until you get to know them, or they simply wander away before that can ever happen. One way or another, however, they will leave their mark, just like a lightning strike, you are both changed forever, no matter how casual the encounter seemed to be, whether they seemed affected or not. Remember your intentions and stay true to them.

If you have had some sexual matters, they may work out after all. You may have lost a little time on your weight loss/exercise regime. Get back in the game. Getting busy again will take some of the grump out of your day. Stand up, take frequent little walks, shake it loose. Do things in a new way so as not to reinjure yourself. You may be finding it easier to say some things that have been needed to have been said. Practice in your mirror or with a supportive friend. Take a look around your home. Get free! Move the no longer used stuff on out of your life. Check fire safety.

Mars in Libra appreciates support, reassurances in relationships. It considers what’s right and in courage stands up in its alliances. It may be threatened, and have to bide its time to wait for risk to diminish. Time brings more Light to situations and often the truth will come without your doing anything. Perhaps you have had to learn some legal things and find other ways to take care of yourself than you expected. Libra is social, an expert at taking care of each other. There is no sacrifice of the independence Mars enjoys. Libra can see our blind spots, negotiate in our behalf without all the emotions. Libra can bring things to the best justice possible, secure your rights! Working together makes good sense. You will have more independence than ever, well supported, in a good way.


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