Virgo Full Harvest SuperMoon Tree Heart
Falling for You! By artist Jerry McElroy. Of Native American descent, he has close ties with the land and Native peoples.

The Virgo New and Full Moons and the Libra New Moon, are all part of the Jupiter YOD and super trine with Uranus Sep 25! Please see all about that!

NEW MOON, Mars Conjunct Saturn!
August 25 at 7:13 AM Pacific ~ 2 VI 19

See  FULL Harvest SuperMoon

The 2 degree New Moon makes no major 3 degree or less aspects, though it isn’t far from opposition Neptune, divinely placed in its own sign Pisces. MagicLand is in full view, just gotta make the crossing!

What is exciting, are the SIX planets at 16 and 17 degrees – at 16: Chiron, Uranus and Venus, and at 17: Mars, Saturn and Mercury!

The aspect of the Jupiter sequence most closely held by the New Moon, is exact just the day before! You can’t visually see it, but it is still in effect during our New Moon. It is Jupiter exact at the opposite midpoint of Pluto and Neptune! Jupiter has made this unusual series of 8 aspects, with Neptune and Pluto within a strict 5 degree sextile, every 12 years since Mar 1951 at 18 Pisces. Then in May 1963 at 11 Aries, Oct ’63 at 13 Aries, Feb ’64 at 15 Aries. May ’76 at 12 Taurus, May ’89 at 12 Gemini. Now after a period of time, skipping Cancer, Neptune and Pluto are again within 5 degrees of each other, we have the next to last Jupiter midpoint to them Aug 24 at 8 Leo! Aug 2027 is the last one, at 5 Virgo. It has covered a period of 76 years. Some of us shall have lived through the entire set! See Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, Dreams Come True! and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto!

The New Moon is immediately preceded by, that very morning, 3 favorable aspects!

  • Mercury in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio. Talking and walking, there is lightning fast agreement on what to do. Some questions are answered by watching rather than asking.
  • Venus trine Uranus. Venus is within one degree of where Jupiter will be when Jupiter forms the super trine with Uranus Sep 25! It sweetens the spot for Jupiter! Venus in Leo generously adds grace, makes it bright and attractive! Take a heart touching gift. Let your appreciation shine and bless the coming arena. Share with your most potent friends, and do it quickly! They’re not just standing around! Art for Change. Love for freedom and r/evolution, nothing less! Extraordinary, exotic, electric, extreme creator, intelligence on fire! Leave the lazy fan and the chocolates behind, get on top!
  • And Mercury sextile Saturn. At the same time it could be a great deal on last year’s model, maybe a car, especially electronics! Escrow may close. Practical information from experts and seniors. May be a well earned award. Productive. Keep records, write it down now. Find the key!
Our Virgo new beginning is followed by some serious aspects! Though they are spread along the week, they are all in effect at the New Moon. Saturn is aspected twice; Venus makes two aspects.
  • 12:30 PM Pacific the same day: Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio at 17 degrees. The last times Mars conjuncted Saturn in Scorpio were 1-1-1954 and 2-14-84. It is on a 28-30 year cycle, and won’t again until 9-15-2042, then 10-14-2072! However, it does conjunct Saturn, in whatever sign Saturn is in, every two years. If you have planets 15 to 19 degrees, you may be strongly activated. Check with your astrologer to see where the conjunction will be occurring in your chart, which house, realm of life responds.This dance started within 5 degrees Aug 16th. When it’s up and running, it is super productive, outstanding award winning accomplishments, Dharmic action! When not, it’s so blocked you can’t see daylight. Argh. It may be a required forced march, relentless and exhausting, not enough time to get it all done. This is the peak, so hang in. Be as honorable as you can. What you do, or don’t, possibly Karmic action, may have longer term consequences than you expected, for better or worse. Some may feel you have usurped your bounds, others may criticize for your getting no further than you did, you were irresponsible. Remember, it’s you in your body, not theirs. Do your best, measure against yourself, not their expectations. Timing may be a tad critical or downright criminal! Pick your battles. Wait for positive potent moments, put your energy where it will do the most good. Delays are natural, will be part of the process. Sometimes they save us from acting too fast. Poise is what we hope for, that we will have long term success. Well worth the effort. Turn the key of Life!
  • 11:22 AM Tuesday: Venus square Saturn. You may not feel like working. It may seem you aren’t appreciated no matter how hard you do work, it’s just not worth it. Scorpio isn’t usually very vocal with praise, often absorbed in their own work. Maybe you don’t like that work. Leo likes up and about; Saturn in Scorpio is down dog dedicated. Aha! Let’s break through, plant some seeds, ask for what you now see you would like! It may seem like they don’t hear you, yet they may surprise you. They WERE listening! Post some images around you that remind you of what you are seeking. Hang out with others excited about what you do, and will pay the same or more for doing it with them! Raise your rates soon. If you have been too flighty, or me, me, me, then get down yourself!
  • 8:46 AM Wed: Venus square Mars. Again, make sure what you want and what you are doing are in sync. Temporarily you may feel awkward. Getting what you want takes extra effort. Getting to the gym is out of the question. Leo may be unsure what untalkative Scorpio wants. Sometimes Scorpios don’t know either! With no feedback, or when Venus in Leo doesn’t feel wanted or attractive, it’s hard to feel proud and get going. Leo can help with getting some Light into the crevices. Venus sweetly assures, praises, gives Scorpio time to think, comes back to see if there has been a melting, revelation seepage. Sometimes its a matter of deduction from that point. The Gate is opened. Treat it kindly.
  • 7:33 AM Friday: Sun opposite Neptune. Sun in Virgo can do with a little distance from Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces, it’s planet Neptune. Partly it’s the need to feel secure that they won’t get lost themselves. Pisces/Neptune are famous for their foggy soggy ways. Virgo is a clean machine, generally try to be well organized. That is their intuitive way. Being able to observe from afar gives Virgos the best vantage point to get perspective. They can better choose exactly which part of that dream of Pisces’ that they are willing to work for. Virgo offers the best personal health available, essential to thinking clearly, working effectively. Pisces gives them the hope and inspiration that makes them know why those picky details are perfect to do! Pisces forgives when things aren’t perfect, or unfinished, when the Universe takes a big turn! Virgo offers any services it can; Neptune/Pisces keeps it Magical!
Virgo comes at the time of year when our work pays off with harvests. Virgo, that part of our chart, takes care of our daily living, whether it be health or daily maintenance. Nutrition, paperwork, bookkeeping, landscaping, nursing, are all essential to the smooth flow of our lives. Tending our pets, landlord/tenant relationships, housekeeping, washing dishes and laundry have to happen. New ways to store our foods for winter, household tips, better eating for our health, getting help with our work or documents, are all kinds of ways life can flow more smoothly. Doing work we love lets us enjoy life and live longer! Renew your contract with yourself! Implement your better choices. Whenever you think of Virgo, think Harvest!

Virgo 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart

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Sep 8 at 6:38 PM Pacific ~ 16 Pisces 19

Last of the three-in-a-row SuperMoons! Bigger and brighter! Appears red through ‘any sultry haze.’

Importantly, our Harvest Moon is just before the September 11 to 20 Jupiter YOD! In that period, Jupiter is within 3 degrees of both Pluto and Chiron. It is exactly opposite their midpoint Sep 14! Inconjuncts/YODS are marvelous aspects that allow a release of pressure. There is opportunity to slip aside to explore and assess possibilities that may have seemed impossible before, or even forbidden!

Full Moons have a way of bursting at the seams! There is Light at Night! You could be seen or in shadow. There’s maximum reach into magical dimensions. This one takes that Virgo Sun right out of her chemise! Pisces can have the most extraordinary experiences without ever leaving their meditation pillow! An extraordinary concert works too!

Missy Moon has just been with Chiron, so she is full of profound insights about healing and relationships. Venus is now in Virgo too. The New Moon was opposite Neptune, now Venus is. She could use some of that super feminine mystic quality. Compassion and Beauty, work of the Spirit. Not a bad combination! Don’t be surprised to be set up with a blind date that works! If you are keeping house, put on your favorite maid or slave outfit! Or pretend you are at school in your schoolgirl/boy uniform. Be gentle with the ruler, you hear?

Saturn in Scorpio is as obsessed as always, is keeping timely tabs on expenses, funding, deadlines, a combination of perfection versus utility, getting paid on time. Moon and Chiron don’t mind, they are happily in trine to old Father Time. Mama and Master are in agreement over necessities, part monetary, part magic. Long awaited monies may come from surprising sources after all! They may celebrate each step of the way, a merry crew, a grand finale expected, then all escape together after the project is done!

Uranus in Aries is going a bit crazy with all that work ethic going on. Jupiter in Leo, coming into its super trine with Uranus, agrees, they need to let off steam, be silly and laugh! They are happy someone else is working. They might pitch in, especially if it was their idea in the first place! Let them be the collaborating consultants and they will be clever beyond words! Fame is lovely.

Sep 5, Jupiter inconjuncted Pluto. Secrets may still be being tracked, coming to light. Some are still being manufactured as we speak. A Full Moon reaches into very dark places, and Pisces into the finest tinyness, where things were thought to be invisible. If a secret is a necessity, guard it very carefulIy. If you need to save a life, don’t hesitate, speak up! Jupiter can sometimes be unkind, without even realizing what they did, not knowing the consequences the Truth would have. Too much, too soon, too, too, too. Pluto, and inconjuncts, can sometimes sidestep the felony. Pluto and Pisces can mask, retreat, protect. They can also heal a deep injury, a contamination of Spirit. There are times it is best to relinquish a frozen hold, let go the stone of sorrow, despair of worry, nettles of hate. Jupiter may rudely laugh, but after a stunned moment, you may find yourself gladly laughing right along with them! What was I thinking?!? You are probably stronger than you realize!

The harvest of this Moon prepares us for the 5 day later Sep 14 Jupiter exact opposite Midpoint of Pluto and Chiron! It tunes us in to paying attention to fleeting thoughts, subcurrent themes, refines perception. Venus and Mercury are in each other’s signs, called mutual reception, each pointing the same direction! Super intelligent chess player Mercury in Libra square Pluto tries to balance Pluto’s dark in/attentions. There really is no escape from its seeing, level below level. It names the powerful achievements made that might have gone by unnoticed behind their shields. Though challenging, possibly dangerous, Mercury secures a living breathing link to Pluto’s vast storehouse of ideas. Liaisons are made with beauty seekers bridging the way. Pure, deeper motives, beyond the veils, below the fear, are drawn from the Well. We transform, release the primal pungent fragrance of Life!

Virgo 2014 Full Harvest SuperMoon Astrology Chart

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Jupiter Yod Pluto/Chiron, super trine Uranus to follow!
Inspiring Darkside of the Moon Space Art by boobooi

Sep 22 note: The August/Sep Jupiter set is culminating! Jupiter inconjuncted Pluto, the YOD is done. We are in the last 2 days of Jupiter inconjunct Chiron exact on the New Moon the 23rd! At the same time, Jupiter is making the first of three super trines with Uranus, the first exact Sep 25! Moon in Sagittarius jumps in to make a quickie Grand Fire Trine with them Sep 29! 


Inconjuncts, Yod, Midpoints!
Jupiter’s Timeline, the Pluto/Chiron YOD
Jupiter Super Trine Uranus!!!X

Inconjuncts, Yod, Midpoints!

2015 will be quite different than the intensity of 2014’s major outer planet patterns, the Grand Cardinal Cross and Grand Water Trine. There are no such big patterns like those, though we do have two repeats of the upcoming September 2014 Jupiter YOD Chiron & Pluto, trine Uranus pattern. This pattern is part symmetrical and part not! The first repeat happens Feb and March 2015. This makes it specially significant, because it is the planetary condition immediately preceding the March 16, 2015 Uranus square Pluto. That Mar 16 square is the final aspect, the assault or Planetary Initiation depending on where you stand with it, the unprecedented seventh of seven times that has been with us since 2010! We are SO up for the finishing of this pattern, its maturity, finally.

Plan ahead for end of August/Sep Jupiter inconjuncts, with Pluto then Chiron, then trine Uranus. They are so close in degrees, 11,14, and 15, that when Jupiter is in the degrees between them, they make a Yod, a Y, while concurrently making the first of the three Jupiter trines with Uranus!

Inconjuncts are to the side, compared with oppositions that are straight across the table. Inconjuncts, also called quincunxes, are for awareness, slightly askew, allow tweaking the finer points, are sometimes a diversion, an exploratory that could lead life in a whole nother direction! From the ‘starting’ planet, the faster moving one, inconjuncts can be to the relative Virgo position to the right, or the Scorpio position to the left, health and wealth. In this Yod, planets to both sides, Pluto is in the Virgo spot; Chiron is in the Scorpio spot. All of these signs and planets are considered healers. Virgo holds the time honored herbalist/midwife lineage. Pluto/Scorpio are psychic surgeons, therapists, hospice workers. Chiron tends long term Soul wounds of suffering, seeks remedies and teaches at every opportunity, both patients and students. You see why this YOD is so important.

From the material point of view, Virgo is the bookkeeper/accountant, tending your monies. Pluto/Scorpio is corporations, major finances of all kinds from student loans to mortgages, taxes and inheritances, funding. By many, Chiron is considered an adept in partnerships and business! Either way, health or business, likely both, this is a potent YOD!

Jupiter adds his charm, optimism, perspective, planning talents! Pluto and Chiron are not considered speedy planets, so Jupiter’s fire picks up the pace! Old-timers may feel pushed, but it could be good.

YOD! The inconjuncts that form the Yod work both outgoing and incoming. They fan out, spreading the word, are inquisitive, sensing the perimeters. Doors are opened in unexpected quadrants. The adventurer receives information, and is infused with what was not exactly expected. Venturing off can be a ploy to escape, a possibly negative distraction, a time out, or an enriching game changer! It is often temporarily unsettling until adjustments are made.

Jupiter forms two important Midpoints, to Neptune/Pluto, and to Pluto/Chiron. Pluto is the common factor. No matter how many degrees apart midpoints are they are potent! The equidistant link between the planets gives an exact connection of transference, neither overshadowing or being upstaged by the other. For a moment there is an equanimity, a poised recognition of the essence of their purposes. The understanding that is possible, can find poignant solutions if not fraught with demands of external perversions of others. The web is momentary, but a glimpse may be all that is needed to instill curiosity, imprint the possibilities. Seemingly out of the blue, major change can occur in seconds!

Aug 24 Jupiter exact at the opposite midpoint of Pluto and Neptune! Jupiter has made this unusual series of 8 aspects, with slow moving Neptune and Pluto within a strict 5 degree sextile, every 12 years since Mar 1951 at 18 Pisces. Then in May 1963 at 11 Aries, Oct ’63 at 13 Aries, Feb ’64 at 15 Aries. May ’76 at 12 Taurus, May ’89 at 12 Gemini. Now after a period of time, skipping Cancer, Neptune and Pluto are again within 5 degrees of each other, we have the next to last Jupiter midpoint to them Aug 24 at 8 Leo! Aug 2027 is the last one, at 5 Virgo. It has covered a period of 76 years. Some of us shall have lived through the entire set! See Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, Dreams Come True! and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto!

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Jupiter’s Timeline, the Pluto/Chiron YOD

Jupiter starts the YOD process allowing a 3 degree range, August 22, the first day of Virgo!

Aug 14        Jupiter inconjuncted Neptune in Pisces This preceding aspect heightened Neptune’s sensitivity, allowed the vision to expand and include ideas of other cultures!

Aug  24           Jupiter exact opposite midpoint Pluto/Neptune, 8 Leo 44, equidistant from both
Aug  25           NEW MOON, Mars conjunct Saturn

Sep    5           Jupiter exact inconjunct Pluto 11 degrees
Sep    8           FULL HARVEST SUPERMOON!
Sep 11 – 20  JUPITER YOD ~ is within 3 degrees of both Pluto and Chiron
Sep 14           Jupiter exact opposite midpoint Pluto/Chiron, 13 Leo 2, equidistant from both
Sep  23           Jupiter exact inconjunct Chiron 14 degrees, Libra NEW MOON!

Sep 25         JUPITER TRINE URANUS 15 degrees

The Sep 11 – 20  JUPITER YOD
  • Sep 5 Jupiter inconjunct Pluto  Jupiter ventures into dangerous territory. Big spirited in LEO, its reputation likely precedes it, so may be well received as the bearer of good tidings. One of Jupiter’s gifts, especially in LEO, is optimism and ability to see bigger and better ways to do things, so Pluto may offer a collaboration or merger. Pluto may resist if Jupiter starts delving into secrets, but the secrets may hold the key to ultimate success. Going to be a dance to establish trust. Pluto is in Capricorn these days, so start early, because Cap needs proof over time, for ‘young’ Jupiter to be accepted. Once the liaison is achieved, the good business of life can be sorted. There will be substantial adjustments to the old ways. Jupiter in Leo loves to teach and travel, so the perfect one to do seminars at all the branch offices.At a personal level, there may be a mega questioning of all the sacred rules. Authority may lose the battle to personal preference, a new religion. If the Spirit has been lost or forgotten, it may return home for stabilizing comfort. Any inappropriate behaviors of couples, with children or animals, finances, may be discovered and justice possibly meted out. Stay clean. Father’s, both parental and spiritual, may find themselves rethinking their vows and responsibilities. Timing changes. Careers may be askew, while opened to further options.
  • Sep 23 Jupiter inconjunct Chiron in Pisces  Jupiter and Chiron know how to teach! LEO has heart and generosity and Pisces has compassion, or needs some. LEO, the sign of the Sun, Lights the Way. Chiron can be the wounded or the healer, sometimes both. Jupiter searches for perspective, how to do the ‘right’ thing. It hopes to establish faith, and give insights as well as be an Oracle. This combination is likely to bring unexpected miracles! When you thought there was no hope, the miracle becomes available. But you have to look for it.Jupiter in LEO can have an incredibly focused beam, burns away, vaporizes along held untruth that has resulted in poor health. It can be a beacon to follow to the specific help needed to break the old invisible chain of fear.  There is never a time when more Light isn’t needed, so be sure to rest up at Chiron’s spa. Take a little hike, getamani/pedi, with your favorite colors! Check out business schools, do some practice interviews. The Traveler might find just the spot to hang their hat for a while.

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    Jupiter Super Trine Uranus!!!

    Sep 25 Jupiter in Leo super trine Uranus in Aries! Fire signs HOT! Leo is big, Jupiter is bigger, Uranus is worldwide! Fame for change!! Some children born at this time may be well known, could be super intelligent, exponentially exceeding past generations. These youngsters of the Future, as well as of computers and social networking, will carry the Light! Cutting edge schools may be funded, teachings daringly carried to the most remote areas.

    Leo is solar fire! Uranus is in Aries is sizzling white Lightning electric fire! Leo is the sign or our star, the Sun; Uranus is the heavens! How far can we go?! We may see privatized space ventures take a giant leap! Back here, solar panels and wind machines are on! Electric/solar hybrid vehicles will be more plentiful than ever, and amazingly prices might just come down even as demand goes up.

    Though traveling is likely to flourish remarkably especially air and bike travel, love and friendship will still be the core at heart. Perfect time to go in groups! This trine might even bring some successful innovative heart research to light. Leo and Aries both enjoy athletics, so those who can, may lose some unwanted weight!

    There is an element of separation, letting go, even as unity, harmony. is possible. Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius, Uranus’s sign. Leo likes personal and loves being adored; Uranus likes freedom and is easily a loner enjoying their own idiosyncrasies. A certain distance as well as steady recognition of each’s good qualities will go well. Leo and Aquarius are both ‘fixed’ signs. Leo likes its comforts, lazy as big cat at times, loves to be made over and tended tenderly. Aquarius can’t even breathe without the option to be and do as it likes when it likes. Uranus in Aries of independence even more so! You want me to wait on you? Really? Jupiter gets jammed up sometimes with its opinions, and Leo gloriously magnifies those ideas. Ok, better get out the wide angle lens, or your Uranian friend may feel unheard, get really bored and vanish to other realms. Love that Leo best you can, and give each other plenty of room, no demanding, no crowding, no preaching. Ask questions, keep the mind turning, listen with your heart. Share and share your new discoveries together.

    FIERY! Jupiter in LEO, and Uranus in ARIES, fiery signs, will power up the LIGHT! Leo is Heart energy, Uranus electricity turns the Lights ON, and Aries is Spirit, rules the head, where all the controls of perception are – third eye/sight, hearing, tasting, scent, where all the cosmic orders are given to our body, where our animal instincts of the medulla oblongata are! Love and action! Arrow to the mark, make it an Ace, a glorious symphony!

    With the Uranus square Pluto having obliterated a lot of social structure as we have known it, finances, homes, jobs, since 2010, vast openings have been created! This year’s April Cardinal Grand Square crumpled any last resistance for many. We are on Thresholds of deep change. It is fertile time to keep a strong hold on our dreams and visions, to stand for world change with every breath we take.

    How we handle this configuration now, five months before the February 2015 set that immediately precedes the last Uranus square Pluto in March 2015, has a lot to do with the outcomes. It won’t be completely done until the last repeat of the Yod/trine pattern in May and June 2015. At that time the final seeds of the square are disseminated, adjustments made, changes incorporated. Keep the doors open and the Lights on!

    See the 2014 Special Edition info  Inconjuncts and Midpoints Aug-Sep

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Astrological Sign Virgo Goddess

Every single day these Earth Angel LightWorkers keep the Planet tidied up. That feather duster is busy smoothing the way. The Light literally shines brighter. We see the beauty of lovely flowers along our way, we smile for the bees and are grateful for Life. Their touch on a fevered brow, and a brew of good herbs changes our day. They help us minute by minute.

Surely there must be pixies at the office! That Virgo came in early, or stayed a little bit late, again. Things are organized and the day goes smoother. The recycling is working, the vending machines have better quality food, the chairs are better for your body, the air is cleaner, that program is up and running again. Reports and bookkeeping are up to date. Did you stop by and thank them? Oh, and then they go home and keep the diary up to date, and write a few pages for their blog.

Nannies are invaluable. They schedule, teach manners, rules and safety, keep your kids clean, shop one day, and go to the play place the next! Tending, nursing the wee ones, is second nature to them. They put the keys where you can find them, and remind you what’s needed next, it’s on the list on the fridge in case you forget. So reassuring to know you are all in good hands. if you are raising little Virgos, give them plenty of praise and things to do they can do well. Self esteem, right at the beginning, is super important for Virgos.

Your precious Sweetie gets top scores for having your back. The car is gassed, batteries charged, garden fertilizer stacked right where it is needed, clean bathroom and kitchen. Clothes are perfectly cared for, organic fruit treats in your lunch, easy homemade freezer dinners for emergencies. Totally trip ready to every detail and on time! They pester you regularly to take good care of yourself, get that overdue checkup, take your vitamins. They lover you like no other! Technically excellent, but they aren’t called Virgins for nothing either! Tempting and sweet as innocent fresh lilacs, but a little coy and seductive too! :) How can you resist?!

Many become tender compassionate caretakers. Others age gracefully, wisdom at their fingertips. Even in those picky grumpy moments, they care. They have thought life through. Simple common sense, easy living. Less work hours, maybe some specialized charity work or mentoring. Less material goods to take care of, reduced usage of utilities, low maintenance friendships. Often, later in life, they don’t mind solitary spiritual practice. All good.

Purity in every breath. Being a quality human. Loving as unconditionally as a pet loves us. Tedious tasks, to the finest detail, get done. Asking little, giving more. With certainty, Virgos know life can be better and they never stop trying.

Happy Burning Man, Back to School, Labor Day & Summer’s End!

Virgo 2014 Highlights!  

Virgo opens with Mars conjunct Saturn. They have been in a 5 degree range conjunct since Aug 16, to be exact New Moon day, Aug 25. August/Sep Jupiter inconjuncts, with Pluto then Chiron. They are so close they make a Yod, a Y, at the same time Jupiter makes the first of three super trines with Uranus!  Please see all about it in the entire VIRGO Newsletter!

Please see Special Edition 2014! for the rest of the year’s major Astro*Logical aspects!

Virgo Rachael Ray has seven planets in Virgo!

SUPER VIRGO Rachael Ray, SEVEN planets in Virgo! Born Aug 25, 1968, Sicilian Mama and Welsh, Scottish, and French Papa. What an accomplished woman! Per Wikipedia: American television personality, business woman, celebrity chef and author. She hosts the syndicated daily talk and lifestyle program Rachael Ray, and three Food Network series, (30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and $40 a Day). Ray wrote cookbooks based on the 30 Minute Meals concept, and launched a magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, in 2006. Ray’s television shows have won three Daytime Emmy Awards.

This woman has staying power. Rachael Ray was renewed for another two years in October 2013, bringing the series through the 2015–16 season and its tenth season! She is a business woman! Products, including dog food made from her own recipe, endorsements, her other recipes. Rachael’s own nonprofit is called Yum-O! Its mission is to “empower kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking. This is achieved by teaching families to cook, feeding hungry kids, and funding cooking education”.

Virgo lives for healthy nutrition. Rachael says of Latina cookbook author Daisy Martinez, “She can’t tell you about a recipe without telling you why you would want to make it, which is so much more important to me than learning a technique.”

Happy Birthdays, Virgo Artisans!

Virgos are famed artisans, woodworkers - cabinets, furniture, boats!
Powassan, Ontario, Canada, in 1921, B. Giesler and Sons Boat Builders was founded. By the 1950 ‘s, along with Barney’s four sons and a staff of experienced boat builders, they built over 400 boats per year. To this day, all of them are built with western cedar planks, copper nails, and a pride in quality. “We don’t just build them pretty, we build them pretty good!” Fine image by Canadian photographer Michael de Morée

Whether it be a life saving boat, a fine musical instrument, or kitchen cabinets, Virgos we thank you for your design intelligence every day in every way in our lives! We couldn’t do it without you.

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours. Appointments as possible at your convenience, email Cerena@ItsAstroLogical.com For Birthdays, or anytime needed! Gift Certificates always.

Need to find your BIRTH TIME?!  Vital Records US & International

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See the 2014 Special Edition Newsletter for Planetary Patterns to come!

Cancer Robin Williams Scorpio ASC

This is truly sad news. Robin Williams has passed. Rest in peace, dear One.

His birth time is known, so if you would like to see his birth chart, it’s below…Scorpio ASC, Sun Cancer, Moon Pisces, triple water.

Death by asphyxia, suicide. Reports say he was battling depression recently. Saturn the planet of sadness is in Virgo, sometimes thinking the worst, self critical. It is also a hard working combination and in good aspect, sextile, with his Sun. So many years of profound achievement and touching so many Souls right to the Core. Saturn squared Chiron in Sagittarius, the wounded healer, optimism versus hopelessness. As a Cancer sensitive, he knew the full range of emotions.

His Moon, the planet of Cancer, was in the sign Pisces, spiritual, psychic, empath, and addict of one sort or another, all rolled into one. As he said, ‘It was just there.’

Such a crazy guy, his trademark. So weird, so funny. He dared to act out what we only know is inside us too. Venus in Virgo, the details that made it all real, was in great aspect with his Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer. He was strange in good ways, and made fun so cleverly of our foibles and downright idiocy at times! We could laugh and let off steam together, thankful we weren’t exposed. He legitimized some of our unordained behaviors. He let us live life a little bigger, with a wild smile on our face!

With Mercury just past Pluto in Leo, he dramatized the secrets we carried, penetrated our defenses. He pulled down the shades! What a rogue and merry man! So we forgave him and laughed with him when he was laughing at us!

Mars squared Neptune, in its own house, the 12th. That is a classic do-it-yourself death. Also square Jupiter, a Cardinal T Square, his imaginations were sometimes amplified. And he caused his own funeral. He skipped out on the long-life journey, had enough. I hope you don’t mind my speaking plainly. This kind of death, cardinal signs, is often a sudden type, many times not planned at all, reacts to an accumulation of factors. We had just had the Full Moon at 18 degrees Leo/Aquarius the day before. That happened exactly on his 18 Leo Pluto, the planet of Death.

We look at factors in charts, especially of our loved ones, with the hope of allaying such circumstances when challenging times come. But there are balance points too, and sometimes we touch our fate. Robin did 63 years of exceptional giving. He changed our thinking, he opened our hearts. To me, he qualifies as a Great Soul.

Robert Williams’ natal/birth Chart:

Cancer Robin Williams Astrology Chart

For those of you doing charting, so far we know he died before noon, Aug 11, 2014, at home in Tiburon. I’ll update this as more information is released.  

You may notice I’m using the 0 degree Scorpio ASC chart. Until July 1, 1959, except during WWII, Illinois birth times were recorded in Central STANDARD time. Naturally, that didn’t always happen and the public clock time in use was recorded. In this case, I am going with that, Central Daylight time. It fits the circumstances of his death to the degree. The 8th house of death cusp, dividing line, is 29 Taurus, the degree of the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters, something to weep about. Taurus rules the neck, death can be by strangulation or hanging. In this case, he died by self hanging. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is sextile Mars, the do-it-yourself planet, in Cancer, at home, and, sadly, he succeeded. The 29th degree, the last degree of a Sign, is also called the Anaretic Degree, or karmic degree. It has to do with the apex of success as well as leavings and endings.

Pisces Neptune Listening Adam Scott Miller
In honor of Neptune, Listening by Australian Visionary Artist Adam Scott Miller

Aug 14, Jupiter inconjuncts Neptune, a one time engagement, Jupiter’s first major aspect in Leo! It opens up the soft spot before the Sep inconjuncts and trine! Letting go becomes easier, the path is cleared. It’s like grease for the adjustments to come, so change can slither right in. Magical answers sought. Incoming accepted.

It may start with Neptune’s down home denial. Nope, not mine, I don’t believe that, not on my page. But Jupiter teases and tangos until your angle changes and you see it! You are somehow standing right in it, and you are ok, wondering what to do next! Jupiter is right there with their never-to-be-questioned answer! :) And it’s fun!

Fear is a very good reason to avoid both bad and good! Oh, God, what would happen if that box was opened? Put on your coping feather cape, learn how to comfort yourself and self soothe. Baby steps are 100% acceptable. Confident Jupiter is a good pal to walk through the gate with you.

Jupiter exaggerates, and in Leo totally enjoys melodrama! But they make things ridiculously big, and sometimes we have to laugh at this caricature of life. And there may be real catastrophic events, losses, a full on maelstrom. Or it feels that way to us. Neptune in its own sign Pisces, is very sensitive. What bothers others not at all, Pisces cries for, imagines worse. But Neptune also dreams the magic, has visions of beauty and spiritual purpose. They are magnanimously compassionate, believers of the first order. Miracles happen! Jupiter pushes them to see the purpose they came here for! Being so optimistic, Jupiter is a believer too!

When Neptune is up, feeling good and alive with the dreams, Jupiter can join up and amplify that magic right over the top! Education for the cause, event planning, tours! It can be inspiring music, colossal art, major ocean voyages, a chance change of spiritual wisdom. Jupiter, with its books at the temple, thinks it is the teacher, but Neptune, in meditation, subtly morphs and the Listener often becomes the Master!

Soft doesn’t mean weak. It means you have the strength to be gentle, the refined attention to be super perceptive, and have the Wisdom of Spirit to back it up. Jupiter wants the Truth, and Neptune carries the Dream. The Sacred Portal is YOU. Take your conscious dream with you as you go into the Sep YOD, and super Jupiter trine Uranus. Stay focused so you become famous in a good way for your true wishes and purpose.

Third UPDATE! The Grand Water Trine has happened. We are now in the period of the final aspect that concludes the set, Saturn trine Chiron through August 5!

 May 2014 Grand Water Trine - Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn Astrology Chart

The Grand Water Trine started May 4, 2013 if you allow 5 degrees range for outer planets to have effect with each other in trines. The first Saturn trine Chiron was Nov 16, 2012. Aug 5 will be the 5th and last time! In this last lap, Saturn has been, is holding this backdrop trine in one degree continuously June 12, 2014 through Aug 5, 2014, to complete the total of five !

The Water Sign Backdrop  Water Signs start with Cancer, mountain rivulets, creeks, lakes and ponds, shore side houseboats. Scorpio is the mighty rivers, the arteries of a nation, trade along their banks. Pisces is surfing the massive world oceans, harbor communities, huge cruise ships, fishing industries. We start with nurturing at Mom’s breast, warm and snugly, and move toward worldwide assimilation, a gathering of Souls.
  • Earthy Saturn is in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio is considered a tough placement. Hard on love, finances, sometimes even health. But it also matter of factly takes charge of things people are afraid of. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and they do, and well! Kudos. Saturn builds, Scorpio resurrects, restores, heals. What looked impossible, is transformed, and like a renovation, becomes quite valuable. Time may or may not be on your side, but use it wisely as you can. The payoff may not be immediate or what it should be, but wait for it, your efforts will have their rewards in the long term, best as they can be. Establish your foundation securely. Call on the Great Guardian for protection.
  • Chiron in Pisces is at times a suffering, but also healing. Just being able to name our pain gives us a chance to put it in the light of day, inquire about, hire, get the help we need. We earn our stripes through experience, become the compassionate teacher. The Magi astrologers claim Chiron is the #1 marriage factor in astrology. In Pisces, it would be more a union of Souls, a spiritual SoulMate. And as we bring our arts and talents to the table, it is more than camaraderie; it has business partnership potential as well!Chiron can be the deeper wound(s) we carry, healing of a spiritual nature in Pisces, and teaching at more subtle levels. It calls for letting go of cultural ways, and instead, having kindness to all beings – human or animal. We are in a time of making the planet more aware of atrocities of all kinds. Awareness is a beginning. Offering alternatives, something better than what was, is a step.  Along the line we will reach a Tipping Point. Live clean. Seeing is believing.  In your way, keep showing people how, why, how far you have come. It is time for Soul Retrieval.

What wise powers. Saturn keeps focus on the goal, works hard keeping priorities, stays on time, is good at waiting, keeps the money where it does the most good. Very productive. Spiritually accurate. Chiron sees possible problems, and knows how to minimize the rifts and unify through natural mutual purpose. It’s a combo of grit and magic!The degrees this sequence has covered are 4, 11 & 10, 18 & 17. It has activated 3 different areas of your chart if you have planets at all the degrees, or only the ones you do have planets at that match the trine degrees. Some people won’t be activated at all, but many will at one time and not another – getting their turn! More people than usual will be learning the same things, yet may not even know each other or connect to the same circles. Spirit has come at this from different angles, literally, covering a lot of ground.

Take care of what was. Do some things you have been neglecting that will give you long term healing. Take care of something that has been nagging you for a long time. Free yourself from old bonds. Work for peace of Spirit. Blessed be.

Be sure long term projects are water oriented and in harmony with Saturn and Chiron. Be sure the transit planets are in harmony with your personal chart planets. See your astrologer to get the complete picture! 

Wash your Spirit clean. Be released, refreshed and flowing. Give gratitude for the blessings to come!

Magnificent! Union by Master digital artist Android Jones

In Libra, taking initiative in relationships, actively peacekeeping, inspiring others through respect and equality are traits we have been building. Fighting fair and negotiating keep things on an even keel. A legal representative can save us from so much stress and blunders, when a matter is really just business. They know how to do it and do it for a living. Independence from non working relationships, partnerships, sometimes takes strength and courage, but so worth it. When we disengage, it takes time to grieve, restore self esteem, and is doable. We are better at seeing the warning flags and stepping away when it is not a good connection for us.

Mars is a natural first responder. If an emergency occurs, quick action can prevent further difficulty and save a situation from failure. Let yourself establish new connections at a higher level, and insert new intelligence to uplevel from your current place. If you have been missing beauty in your life, take better care of your body. Get some pretties for your home, paint the place! What you see is what you be! Sign up for an art or dance class!

All these good things will set the way for you to delve more deeply when Mars goes into Scorpio, the sign of Mystery! When we are rooting around in the underpinnings of the Universe, it’s good to have supportive friends and visual talismans that remind us we have good power and can make uplifting choices. That’s true in times we do the hard work of healing too. Healing takes strength at many levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Libra can make liaisons level to level, so Scorpio can cleanse attitudes that build blockages, literal chemicals that stall our progress.

We may have financial options revealed that without good relationships we would have never heard of. Support from our connections encourage us to make our life better when we feel intimidated. And Scorpio can offer more than we ever dreamt of! It helps us through dark times, fear of success, or simply ‘growing up’ to a better life!

Mars in Scorpio is marvelously intense! Just ask anyone born with it about that category of their life! Mars can have mixed feelings being in Scorpio. Mars is famous for being direct, but in Scorpio is called on to be devious at times, for better or worse. It learns more self mastery in Scorpio. Instead of a quickie, its tantric sex and recognition of the sacred feminine. Mars here takes a few more moments to assess the reasons behind the situation. It is aware of more dimensions of personal power, some ominous, some bravely healing. Rather than sending them packing, or leaving them behind, they might gather the troublemakers in for a spirit talk, a healing of all, including the healer!

Mars in Scorpio enjoys poking around where others fear to tread. They take a deep drink at the well. Death is no stranger. Danger they can handle. It is courted for thrill and curiosity. They can find out what’s wrong when no one else could, be it in your body or bookkeeping! They often walk behind the scenes, quiet heroes that would be there for you in a heartbeat. Both Mars and Scorpio are warriors, the therapist that battles for your very Soul, the unseen deadly ninja that protects you, the astute financial adviser that saves you in a nick of time. Silence, privacy, confidentiality can be powerful virtues, though personally you may wonder where you stand with them. If they are hanging out with you at all, you have passed some kind of safety test. At worst they are tolerating you; at best you have gotten under their skin in a good way for keeps.

Scorpio is a ‘fixed’ sign, one that stays with what it says. They simply won’t be pushed off center. If you do push, they might appear threatening, act like they agree and go on as they are, or flat out ignore you like a pesky fly. Do be a tad careful. Scorpio isn’t called the scorpion for nothing! This dedication isn’t of Mars’ nature, so there will be moments of its instant fiery nature. Know that you might be swatted and put in your place, enough that it takes your breath away. If you are mean, don’t expect to get away with it forever. They have their own moments, and know what mean is all about. Retaliation is not one of their virtues. They can be patient literally for years, but they are human and there are limits. Just sayin’.

Given a good cause to campaign for, there can be mighty results. Give major praise to these obsessed beasts. They are spiritual animals who give their lives that transformation happens in this lifetime! If you are considering a relationship, do plan to be on board with the challenge offered. They deserve and need a mate of that caliber. Though they can look formidable and forever capable, they need a deep support to do this strenuous work. If you have a child with this placement, happens every two years, offer them compelling projects. Introduce them to the most scrupulous people you know, the ones that are getting things done in a good way. Don’t be afraid to share your child. They know things you don’t and never will, plus, heck, you can’t do it ALL yourself. Engage them in sacred talk about the Great Mysteries to open their thinking.

It took 7 months of Libra to prep us for this Scorpio time! Let’s make it count! For many, this 2 months of Scorpio will be too short! Mars goes into Sagittarius Sep 13! 

Power up, cherish, and embed these formidable qualities. Sharing is one of the deepest generosities of Scorpio. They enfold you, forgive your petty foibles, give you a spiritual steam cleaning, love you like no other! You will never be the same again. Think of pure butterfly beauty.

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